Sectors SciFi Romance Novels Reading Order

Wreck-of-the-Nebula-DreamFinalMedFor the most part these are standalone stories occurring in my futuristic, galaxy-spanning world of the Sectors. When  there are sequels, the spoilers in succeeding books for the first book are as mild as I can make them. Where there is any connection besides the Sectors setting, I’ve grouped the books and put them in my suggested reading order. The stories all occur in the same general time frame, although I’d say the events of  WRECK are the earliest. So here’s my suggested reading order:

Wreck of the Nebula Dream – took place prior to the Star Cruise books, no direct link as far as characters in most of the succeeding books but sister ships

Star Survivor – direct sequel to Wreck, set a few years later. A few of the characters from Wreck do appear as supporting characters. This book focuses on Twilka and Khevan.

Star Cruise: Return Voyage – takes place twenty or so years later and focuses on Gianna. This book would come after Star Cruise Idol’s Curse in the timeline of the Star Cruise series.

Star Cruise: Marooned – the first Star Cruise book, although not set on the big Nebula Zephyr cruise liner. This book is the story of Red and Meg, a couple who sometimes appear as supporting characters in the rest of the Star Cruise novels.

Star Cruise: Outbreak – next book after Marooned. First story set on the Nebula Zephyr itself and features Dr. Emily Shane on her first voyage with the ship, and Jake Dilon, Chief of Security.

Star Cruise A Novella: Stowaway plus Rescue and Golden Token short stories – novella originally released in the Pets In Space anthology, now only available in this volume. Two short stories also set in the Sectors, limited release, previously in anthologies, now only available here. Also includes 3rd short story Star Cruise: Thanksgiving, which was originally published on my blog.

Star Cruise: Songbird – originally appeared in the Pets In Space 2 anthology, now available separately. Occurs on the Nebula Zephyr and some of the previous characters appear. My scifi rock star romance!

Star Cruise: Mystery Dancer – Set on the Nebula Zephyr so a few of the crew appear in supporting roles. Originally in the Pets In Space 3 anthology but now available separately. A scifi take on the Anastasia ‘lost princess’ legend.

Star Cruise: Idol’s Curse – Set on the Nebula Zephyr so a few of the crew appear in supporting roles. Originally in the Pets in Space 4 anthology but now available separately.

As noted above, Star Cruise: Return Voyage takes place after the events of Star Cruise: Idol’s Curse.

Star Cruise Time Loop – set on the Nebula Zephyr so some of the crew appear in supporting roles. A “Groundhog Day in space” type action/adventure/romance which also includes a big budget ‘trideo’ filming on board the ship.

Star Cruise Star Song – set on the Nebula Zephyr so various crew members appear. My second scifi rockstar romance! So much fun to write!

Danger in the Stars – novel telling the story of the empathic sister of Stowaway’s heroine. This book is completely standalone but it probably helps to read Stowaway first.

Two Against the Stars – novel telling the story of a third kidnapped alien empathic woman fighting the Amarotu Combine crime syndicate in the Sectors – a second spinoff from Stowaway but standalone.

The Fated Stars – novel telling the story of a fourth kidnapped alien empath priest and the kickass female mercenary from the Sectors who comes to his aid. This is a standalone but refers to events in the previous three empath stories in passing, in a non-spoilery way.


Escape From Zulaire – completely standalone but occurs in the Sectors


Mission to Mahjundar – standalone but occurs in the Sectors.

Hostage To The Stars – direct sequel to Mission to Mahjundar


Lady of the Star Wind begins in the Sectors and moves to a less high tech setting. Pretty minimal tie in to the Sectors books other than the first chapter.


Trapped on Talonque – completely standalone. Sectors Special Forces soldiers trapped on an alien planet. Has an alien Sleeping Beauty type subplot but is scifi not fantasy.


Colony Under Siege: Interstellar Plague – takes place in the Sectors on a colonzed planet. Not connected to any other story but occurs at roughly the same time as the Star Cruise books. I

Colony on Fire – book two in the series, with the focus on the same main characters.


Sectors New Allies Series – Badari Warriors – This is connected to the Sectors, although the action happens outside the borders. As far as the timeline, to me this series is occurring at roughly the same time as the alien empath stories, like The Fated Stars, but there’s no direct connection to any of the characters from the Sectors novels. This is a true sequential series and the books move through time one after the other. They can be read as standalones but there would be certain spoilers for earlier books. Each book typically has a new hero/heroine but characters from the earlier books are involved. Here’s the page on this blog with all the book details for this series.

There’s also a spinoff Badari Gladiators series, which is separate from the Badari Warriors series arc and there’s no character crossover. This series currently has three books – KYDEN, RENNYR and TALINN.

The Badari Warriors Series:

AYDARR (A Badari Warriors Scifi Romance Novel) – book one in the award winning series.


TIMTUR: THE TEACHER’S ALIEN HEALER – released under the In The Stars Romance label; the events occur between MATEER and JADRIAN