Favorite Scene Friday ESCAPE FROM ZULAIRE #SciFi Romance

One in a continuing series of occasional posts talking about a personal favorite scene from each of my books. It may not be my most favorite scene, since that would probably involve spoilers, but I thought it might be fun.

One of the next books I self published, in 2013, was ESCAPE FROM ZULAIRE, which was a National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award Winner. This scifi romance was loosely inspired by my fascination about what it would be like to be suddenly caught in the wrong place at the wong time when a war breaks out and have to run for your life, having narrow escapes all along the way. I have a lot of favorite scenes in the book but most of them would be spoilers so…here’s a scene from early in the book when Captain Deverane, who has been sent to extract the heroine Andi Markriss from danger tries to persuade her of the peril she’s in.

The scene (edited a little from the published version): 

The Sectors Special Forces captain awaiting Andi in the library stood with his back to the door, hands on his hips, staring at one of Lord Tonkiln’s prized abstract paintings. Well over six feet of hard warrior, he’d rolled his camouflage uniform sleeves up, revealing muscular arms matching the rest of his physique. Andi glimpsed the hint of an intriguing tattoo, a black sword wreathed in comets, on one bicep. His hair was sandy brown, a bit shaggy for military correctness. He tapped the toe of his boot against the expensive mahogany floor. The captain’s whole attitude suggested a man poised for decisive action at a moment’s notice, reinforced by the way he wheeled at the sound of the door opening.

Finally.” His glance at the military chrono on his tanned wrist was an unconscious gesture of annoyance at time forever lost.

Green eyes in a tanned, ruggedly handsome face. Andi’s knees went a little wobbly for a moment. My particular weakness in a man. Classic square jaw, straight nose, high forehead with a small scar on his cheek.

His eyebrows drew together in a frown. “Miss Markriss?”

“Why are you here?” Andi snapped out of her fascination with his features, feeling her cheeks grow hot. Wow, was I blatantly staring or what? “Has something happened to Dave Flintmay, my boss?”

Flashing very white teeth in that tanned face, he smiled at her, but the too-easy grin didn’t reach his tired eyes. “Don’t you people get the news out here? Comlinks broken?”

She blinked, trying to follow this unexpected conversation starter. “What?”

Lady Tonkiln received a stack of messages each morning, from either her husband or friends in the capital. Lysanda also had many messages, filled with inconsequential social gossip. Nothing for Andi, but then, everyone knew she was on an extended vacation from the office. The Loxton operation was on its summer hiatus along with most of Zulaire. “Of course we get news. What does that have to do with anything? Captain, what are you doing here?”

He gestured toward the overstuffed chairs grouped in front of the fireplace. “Would you like to sit?”

“No, thank you, I want to know what’s going on.” She took a deep breath, trying to calm her frayed nerves. Is all this mystery necessary?

“Captain Tom Deverane, Sectors Special Forces.” He walked to the chairs himself. To be polite,  she joined him, shaking his proffered hand before seating herself. “Excuse my dust,” he said. “But I’ve been in the Western Plains and the Abujan mountain range for quite some time now.”

“Why don’t you try telling me something relevant about why you’re here?” Many a slow-moving clerk at the Loxton offices had jumped at that peremptory tone from her.

“I forget you’ve been out of the loop.” Sitting down, Deverane leaned forward, putting his hands on his knees and taking a deep breath. “Two days ago I got urgent orders, relayed from Sector Command, diverting me from my primary mission. The new priority was to come five hundred miles out of our way to extract you for a safe return to the capital city.” From the dry tone in his voice, Andi guessed how little he’d appreciated the change. “Now, if you could get your things together, I’d like to be on our way before dark.”

She blinked. Today? He wants me to leave now? Andi shifted back into the chair’s embrace, crossing her legs. “Get my things—what are you talking about? I’m the guest of Lord Tonkiln’s family, and I’m expected to present a significant gift from Loxton at the reception tonight with due ceremony. I can’t ride off with you on literally a moment’s notice without some compelling reason. Why is your Command issuing orders concerning me anyway?”

The captain got up in one smooth motion, like a great cat uncurling, paced to the fireplace and back, then half sat on the edge of a sturdy table. I bet he’s a person in constant motion—discussing anything in patient detail doesn’t appear to be his style. Well, I’m not one of his soldiers and I don’t take orders from him, so he’d better explain himself.

“Miss Markriss—”

“Call me Andi.” And let’s get this discussion on a less military, more personal level so you stop trying to give me orders.

The quick, meaningless smile crossed his handsome face again, never reaching his eyes. “Andi. In case you haven’t heard, this entire planet is about to be embroiled in a devastating Clan war.”

Andi didn’t hesitate. “Ridiculous. The Obati and the Shenti have been at peace for four hundred years. Everyone has been satisfied with the status quo for four centuries. How long did you say you’ve been on Zulaire, Captain?” She raised her eyebrows, drumming her fingers on the arm of the chair. “You’ve been here—what? Two weeks?”

He drew himself up to his full height, probably a foot taller than she, hands clasped tight behind his back, and glared at her. “I’ve been here long enough to see that this place is approaching critical mass, which apparently escapes your scanners. You’re the only offworlder on Zulaire right now who isn’t military, diplomatic, or mining personnel. And all of them are either safe in the capital or behind the defenses of the West Vialtin mine. Except you.” His index finger stabbed the air in her direction. “Along with my men and me. I intend to correct that situation in short order. Now, if you will please get your things—”

This is ridiculous. Not intimidated but curious, Andi shook her head. “We would have heard something out here. My office would have gotten in touch with me.”

Deverane walked closer, leaned on the table. “Have you received any communications from the office, or anyone since you came out here?”

“No, but it’s the summer slow period. Even the Loxton office is all but closed.” She gave him a challenging glare. “Look, on the basis of what you’ve said so far, I don’t appear to need rescuing. You still haven’t told me anything to justify leaving tonight, missing the reception, insulting my hosts, and driving back to the capital like a prisoner.” Wishing the deep upholstery didn’t make rising such an ungraceful process, Andi left the chair.

“You aren’t getting the picture.” Jaw clenched, he took a few steps to stand next to her. The glare from his green eyes was scorching, and Andi recoiled from the intensity. Apparently taking note of her unease, the captain gentled his voice. “Though why that should surprise me, I don’t know, considering the warnings Lord Tonkiln and the other members of the Coun­cil have ignored.”

“Warnings?” Andi took a step back, crossing her arms over her chest.

“To get their families the hell out of this isolated, inde­fensible spot and into safety at the capital.” Deverane took a deep breath. He walked over to stare at the carvings on the mantel. Andi got the impression from the rigid set of his broad shoulders he was trying to control his temper. After a minute, he came to sit near her again. “I was told your boss made numerous attempts to get in touch with you, right until the moment he and the rest of the Loxton staff took a ship offworld.”

Andi Markriss hasn’t exactly enjoyed being the houseguest of the planetary high-lord, but her company sent her to represent them at a political wedding. When hotshot Sectors Special Forces Captain Tom Deverane barges in on the night of the biggest social event of the summer, Andi isn’t about to offend her high-ranking host on Deverane’s say-so—no matter how sexy he is, or how much he believes they need to leave now.

Deverane was thinking about how to spend his retirement bonus when HQ assigned him one last mission: rescue a civilian woman stranded on a planet on the verge of civil war. Someone has pulled some serious strings to get her plucked out of the hot zone. Deverane’s never met anyone so hard-headed—or so appealing. Suddenly his mission to protect this one woman has become more than just mere orders.

That mission proves more dangerous than he expected when rebel fighters attack the village and raze it to the ground. Deverane escapes with Andi, and on their hazardous journey through the wilderness, Andi finds herself fighting her uncomfortable attraction to the gallant and courageous captain. But Deverane’s not the type to settle down, and running for one’s life doesn’t leave much time to explore a romance.

Then Andi is captured by the rebel fighters, but Deverane has discovered that Zulaire’s so-called civil war is part of a terrifying alien race’s attempt to subjugate the entire Sector. If he pushes on to the capitol Andi will die. Deverane must decide whether to save the woman he loves, or sacrifice her to save Zulaire.

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New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for SEPT 28

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 

‘AB’ denotes audiobook and the Amazon buy link.

(VS Note: I was in the hospital for two days with cardiac related issues – thank you for all the good wishes, positive thoughts and prayers which came in on my social media – they really do help! Obviously I’m always working ahead on this report so I was able to finish up the last outstanding details on Tuesday and here it is for the week! I’m doing much better, just tired and have a few tests to do.)



Spending her inheritance on a luxury cruise is the most reckless thing Hope has ever done, and she’s loving every second of it… right up to the explosion. Now she’s stuck on a strange planet filled with countless dangers and just one chance to survive. The problem? He’s huge, scarred, and the scariest thing on this planet. He’s also the sexiest male she’s ever seen. His protection comes at a price, though. Her. The life she envisioned is gone forever, but she might be on the brink of finding something better… if she can let go of what she wants to embrace what she needs.   Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo 


After the loss of his betrothed, battle-scarred warrior Errik has locked his heart away. All he wants to do is be the fearless, emotionless Vikingr he trained to be. He never wants to love again – until he meets Holly, who knows the pain of loss. But is that shared experience enough to bring them together? And when the future of his species is under threat, will the strain tear them apart or make them stronger?

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Today would go down in history, but not in the way I had hoped. After becoming the first female e-gamer to lead her team to victory, I was sucked into a world that couldn’t be real. Now I’m stuck in this strange jungle with nothing but my phone, hoping to find a way back home. When I’m rescued from a dangerous creature by a plantman, I realize I’m not alone. He teaches me how to survive as a native of this primitive world. The more time we spend together, the more desire I have for my savior. Now I find myself feeling like scattered petals in the wind. Should I continue to search for a way back to my planet—my home? Or should I ground myself with the one who makes my heart bloom?   AmazonKU


She’d made so many mistakes. Taken the wrong choices. Missed the good ones. She couldn’t even blame anyone else. She’d done this to herself. If there was more to life, she’d missed it too. A pity party wasn’t going to help her. But maybe he could…..He’d named himself Fite. She knew they preferred using names that meant something to them. Shortening them to match their Cyborg ID. Fite for Fight. And knew he wasn’t as young as he looked carrying the scars of the battles he’d won. He’d been made to entice, handsome to the extreme, packed muscle with skills that would tempt any female. He was more than 200 years old. A created Cyborg to wage war. And she needed a fighter. But could she take the risk.      Amazon KU


VS Note: Not romance but you know me and dystopian/apocalyptic scifi.

It’s the end of the world. The dead have risen, descending upon the living like a swarm of locusts. A plague released from the bowels of hell. The only thing that stands in their way are the ordinary men and women called upon to survive. Those who find the courage to fight despite their weaknesses and doubts. They are the heroes of the apocalypse.     Amazon KU


No one suspects Zelia is a sorcerer, and that’s exactly how she likes it. Even better, no one suspects she’s human. Masquerading as a goblin Traveler, she roams Reality in her glittering van pulled by her two trusty world walking birds, Warp and Weft. But when a storm of cosmic chaos strands her in an outer thread, the only refuge in sight is the legendary Darkhouse of Doom. Goblin legend says it is cursed; that the appearance of the wandering darkhouse foretells the appearance of world-devouring monsters and the death of all who see it. So, Zelia knocks on the door. Any House in a Storm is a beauty and the beast tale set in an otherworldly, space-traveling darkhouse where nothing is as it seems and no one who enters remains unchanged. While evil exists, there will always be those who fight it.      Amazon KU


Captain Ravenna Joyner has one mission: rescue her missing lover. She’ll ruin every ounce of her credibility to save the one person who made her universe brighter, even partner with a bloodthirsty alien who can’t be trusted. Dravos Trax has one mission: find the missing Space Force vessel Perseus. If he follows through, his prison sentence will be commuted. Only he doesn’t expect to find his mate in a human who is in love with someone else. When the ship is located, the occupants are found dead, including Ravenna’s lover. But, there’s no time to mourn, as the other Space Force Ops commandos betray Dravos and Ravenna to cover up the murders, putting their lives in jeopardy. They’ll have to put aside their fears and stow this simmering passion between them to find a way to gain their freedom. Though the chase for answers only leaves more questions, and the commandos won’t stop until all loose ends are tied.     AmazonKU


Humans made me, enslaved me, and ordered me to do unspeakable things. Years later, the cries of my victims still haunt me. How will I ever forgive myself? Even if I can’t, I have vowed that those responsible will pay. When the daughter of Cybertek’s  CEO conveniently falls into my lap, I know what I must do. Through her, I will have my vengeance. But my boiling rage gives way to something I never expected. Her laugh, her intoxicating scent, and her beauty have me conflicted. Suddenly, I need her as intensely as I need my revenge. Although she is human, a woman I should despise above all others, could she be the antidote to my bitterness? Is it possible to find healing, and the peace I’ve always longed for, in her arms?      Amazon KU


He was done with royal life years ago. One problem… it’s not done with him. Exiled prince turned mercenary, Fin, wants nothing more than to spend his days drinking, fighting and trying to persuade his beautiful crewmate, Red, into his bed. When a summons arrives from his home planet of Navarr, his secret is out. He’s not just any prince, he’s the heir to the throne. He must return home to pay his respects and fight for his crown. But once Warborne, always Warborne, and his crew won’t let him go into a dangerous situation without back up. Just one problem… for Red and Sparky to set foot on Navarr, he has to marry them. As his spouses though, they become prime targets.

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I live without emotion. Yet one touch from my fated mate shatters all my restraint. SOFIA – I did it! I helped cure the virus our enemy used to kill so many humans and Varool. Then I created a new one that will turn the tables on the bugs and win us the war. If we can release it into the heart of the attacking Swarm. Enter Yash. Tall. Aloof. Alien. Gorgeous. He’s even royalty of some sort. It’s not fair that one guy has so much going on, but damned if he doesn’t. The stoic warrior makes me shiver with desire, but he’s never let me close. Now, Yash won’t be able to avoid me. Because there’s only one person who can ensure the bug virus is released right—me. Mr. Ice just got himself a partner. YASH – I am the Varool deadly blade, trained to be the perfect duelist, cold and unflinching. My mission to defeat the insectoids will require the ultimate sacrifice—my life for the future of my people. Until she upends everything. My fated mate’s sweet scent has haunted me for weeks, much as I have fought to resist. Sofia burns bright with brilliance and emotion, tempting me right when I need to be strongest. Because if we succeed, her plan offers everyone that most precious of things—hope.      Amazon KU


After their daring adventures behind enemy lines in France, Loveday Penhale and Celeste Blanchard cannot settle into everyday life at home. Has the Tinkering Prince forgotten them entirely? What of the prize he promised? Then, with the flourish of a royal messenger’s hand, their lives are changed. Not only have they won the prize, they are to join the Prince’s Own Engineers in London! They must overcome many a stone in the path, however—leave all they love, find a suitable house, and worst of all, cope with a chaperone—before they can take their rightful places among the most intelligent and forward-thinking minds in the kingdom. Their goal? To develop an airborne fleet that will end Napoleon’s dreams of conquering England forever. But the saboteur who has been plaguing their efforts for months has not yet been caught. And along with battling for acceptance among the engineers, tiptoeing closer to falling in love, and receiving invitations to Almack’s, they must discover the traitor’s identity … before the Prince Regent steps forward to command the fleet and finds himself playing right into Napoleon’s hands.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


There are two things that define me: my career in science, and my status as a single woman. When people meet Dr. Lola Reyes, they immediately know I’m only interested in the hard facts. But after working for the International Monster Research Association for two years, I’m starting to lose faith in what I do. Yes, I want to continue studying aliens. No, I don’t want to do it in the inhumane manner IMRA seems to do everything. I’m about to quit when I’m assigned to Project Gargoyle. I give in and accept to at least see the subject first. The alien specimen is tall, dark, with horns, wings, and a tail. He is Project Gargoyle because his skin is like hard, unbreakable stone. I look into his eyes, and I know I can’t leave now. He intrigues me. He says he’s a prince from planet Petera, on the run from his brother’s assassins. He also says I’m his fated mate, and if I escape with him, he can take back the throne. Indeed, he intrigues me.      Amazon KU


VS Note: Not romance but a scifi release of note.

A collection of stories from bestselling author Tanya Huff’s Confederation universe, including both previously published and never-before-seen works, and the author’s own wry and insightful commentary. Read on for stories featuring Torin Kerr’s not-quite-standard field promotion to sergeant—just in time to lead a recon team through a captured planet with a secret…A grueling struggle fought from low-tech battlements and city walls, where Torin’s lieutenant has a dangerous taste for heroics…A glimpse under the head plates of Heavy Gunner Deena Harmin, who finds her squad pinned down behind enemy lines and must push the boundaries between human and machine to give them a chance…A colony facing unnatural ruin, where Torin Kerr must choose what to believe—and what to report…Torin, Werst, Ressk, and the rest of the team following the third Peacekeeper book, where the crew faces down a ship that looks like Big Yellow, but heralds a new and even more surprising sentient encounter…Brimming with Huff’s signature mix of grit, loyalty, and enough daring to move planets, each story presents a new window into a universe beloved of thousands, where courage and quick thinking make the difference between survival—and disaster.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


To stay alive, Roklyn buried his emotions. Can he risk everything to trust the ailing Earth girl he’s sworn to protect? Paige – I’ve come to this medical center to save my life. My grumpy but intriguing bodyguard can receive services also, but only if he’s my “mate.” What’s the harm in being generous? Forced to share a bed with the sexy-as-hell alien, I find there’s more to Roklyn than I dreamed possible. Can I entice him to ignore his self-imposed restraints and roll over to my side of the bed? Roklyn – I’ve spent so much time stifling my emotions, I don’t believe I have them anymore. But if that’s true, why am I willing to risk my life to keep her safe? And why, despite my attempts to conquer it, does my body pulse with desire for the strong-willed little Earther?     AmazonKU


She’s KNOT falling for the bad boy billionaire bear! Cassie’s new boss is a huge bear of a guy—literally! He’s a polar bear alien with a barrel chest and thighs so thick they might have their own gravity. But she really shouldn’t be thinking about his gorgeous body. They’ve got nothing in common. He’s a rich alien playboy, she’s just a poor girl trying to get by. She definitely can’t afford to sleep with the boss. Errytt’s been dubbed the wild lordling of Ximia for good reason, but being the heir to an oligarchy isn’t easy. Once again his determination to live fast and hard has gotten him into trouble. Now he has to resurrect a failed family business to prove he can take life more seriously. When Cassie turns up and starts putting his life into shape, he thinks she’s his ticket home. But how is he supposed to avoid another scandal, when all he can think about is biting and claiming his gorgeous human assistant?      Amazon KU


Women who dare to hope on Protheka usually end up dead. I knew I had one of two fates that awaited me as prisoner of the orcs. Be eaten by one of them. Or screwed by all of them. He took me back to his stronghold. Treated me better than I had ever been treated before. But Protheka is a cruel world. Filled with cruel beings. Am I wrong to hope that our bond will see us through our enemies who seek to tear this naga warrior from his mate? Hope may be dangerous, but it’s worth it when it comes to the right person. And Izmah deserves all that I have. Even though I only possess one last thing to give him. My love.      Amazon KU


VS Note: Not listed as a romance but is a scifi release of note.

Chasing the trail of the woman who was once considered her best friend, Kira Forrest returns to the planet of her birth. When a near deadly incident jeopardizes her arrival, Kira will find the secrets she’s worked so hard to hide bubbling to the surface one by one. Her only hope to control her destiny and protect the ones she loves is to embark on a dangerous rite of passage that may require far more of her than she’s willing to pay. For a hidden menace stalks her from the shadows—it’s target those closest to her. With the help of her lover and the allies she’s made, Kira will have to fight for her future—and her past. A reckoning is coming. The Phoenix will have to rise from her ashes to decide once and for all where she belongs.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


He’s the monster who would burn the world for me. I’m the girl who’d let him. Gryn warriors mate hard, everyone knows it. But I don’t want a mate. I want my sister back. I’m not used to asking for help either. But when I run out of ways to find her, it’s Syn I turn to. The alien angel with the dark eyes only for me. He’s the one warrior I shouldn’t trust. I’m the one girl he shouldn’t fall for. But if I’m going to save my sister before our mutual enemies destroy her, he’s the only option I have left. So I set a rule. Just one rule. Don’t. Fall. For. The. Alien.      AmazonKU


They thought they could separate us. . . they were wrong. Gianna is MINE! Gianna: My disfigurements have served me well aboard the Vile One’s Flagship. I appall the most hardened pirate, but when I am tasked with healing the most handsome male I have ever seen, my disfigurements bother me for the first time in my life. I want to be beautiful for HIM, but most of all I want us to escape the Vile Ones. Torrex: The Vile Ones abducted me to take part in their bloody tournament games they call the Ring. But first they have to get me on my feet again. For that they use the most beautiful female I have laid eyes on. Blind to her scars, all I want is to make her MINE and escape with her from the Vile Ones and the fate they have in mind for us.      Amazon KU

MORAL CODE by Lois and Ross Melbourne

VS note: Not a romance but a scifi novel about a strong woman in STEM.

Dr. Keira Stetson has two passions: ethical artificial intelligence—AI with a conscience—and creating technology that improves children’s lives. Trapped in an earthquake-flattened building with a half-dozen panicked five-year-olds, she fears the worst. When billionaire Roy Brandt leverages his mysterious nanite technology to rescue them, she’s both grateful and intrigued. Impressed by his prototype technology but alarmed at its potential for exploitation, Keira merges her company with Brandt’s. The merger gives Keira access to much-needed funds for the development of her own tech, and access to Brandt’s powerful minuscule robots. In turn, she and her AI assistant, Elly, embed Keira’s trademark Moral Operating System in Brandt’s nanite SmartDust to rein in its power. But Brandt’s technology has been kept secret for a reason. Though he’s adamant about using the Dust to improve life, not destroy it, corporate raiders and the military have other ideas. They want to weaponize Brandt’s nanites. Suddenly, everything Keira has worked for is in jeopardy. Exposed to the worst humanity has to offer, she and Elly must fight to use this newfound tech for good and keep it out of the wrong hands…before it’s too late.     Amazon     Kobo


Elli – I thought things were a struggle when my insurance refused to pay for my breast reconstruction surgery. But here I am, crashing my omega-classified ladyparts on a planet that makes me do silly things—like dry-hump the big, scaled, growly police officer who pulls me from the wreck. Until the next ship leaves for Earth, I have to embrace my inner omega. Problem is, I barely even feel like a woman. Rhen – Having a heated Terran female run away from me during her rescue isn’t my favorite way to end my night shift. My growl improves it somewhat, because now she’s rubbing herself on me as I race her to the emergency intake. When she asks me to help her through her approaching heat, I hesitate. How am I supposed to ease Elli’s fears when an injury robbed me of the ability to purr?    AmazonKU


VS note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

It’s an old, familiar story: a young person hears the voice of an angel saying they have been chosen as a warrior to lead their people to victory in a holy war. But Misery Nomaki (she/they) knows they are a fraud. Raised on a remote moon colony, they don’t believe in any kind of god. Their angel is a delusion, brought on by hereditary space exposure. Yet their survival banks on mastering the holy mech they are supposedly destined for, and convincing the Emperor of the Faithful that they are the real deal. The deeper they get into their charade, however, the more they start to doubt their convictions. What if this, all of it, is real? A reimagining of Joan of Arc’s story given a space opera, giant robot twist, the Nullvoid Chronicles is a story about the nature of truth, the power of belief, and the interplay of both in the stories we tell ourselves.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo

LOVE AND DUTY by Catherine Young

Princess Roseli has always known her duty as heir apparent to the Delphian throne was to marry, not for love, but to form political alliances. That doesn’t stop her from wishing she could marry her three lovers, General Tate, Senator Veritas, and Lady Swann. When her mother, the empress, informs her that she is to marry Princess Lucia, a Calliopean admiral, to secure a military treaty between their planets, her greatest concern is how this will change the delicate balance she has established with her lovers. With a rapidly deteriorating political situation and war looming on the horizon, Princess Roseli has little choice but to learn to get along with her stubborn fiancée, especially if they are all to survive the escalating assassination attempts against them.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


He’s not looking for a mate…Dragon lord Storm is under an ultimatum: find a bride or lose his inheritance. But he is no man to be pushed around. When a matchmaker instructs him where to look for his mate, he’s determined to refuse. Unfortunately some orders must be followed. Especially when they come from the king. And when he sets eyes on River, a human woman from a diplomatic delegation, he’s determined to make her his own. It’s a simple enough plan. Until an attack puts River, Storm, and two diplomatic delegations in danger. With only River to rely on, Storm will find exactly what his mate is made of. But can he convince his strong and feisty human to rely on him and accept him as her mate?      Amazon     Kobo


Cass Brennan makes her living scavenging artifacts and searching for her lost parents, while piloting her spacecraft. When she discovers an ancient ship, everyone rushes to steal her prize. Along with her godfather, and Zack Anderson, who she admires for his expertise with engines, gentle manner, and handsome features, Cass refuses to go down without a fight. Zack is on a search also—to find who’s responsible for destroying his family. He doesn’t want to believe the beautiful, brave, and talented woman he’s trying hard not to fall for is the one he seeks. The more he gets to know Cass, the idea of her being a murderer is ridiculous, and he is definitely ready to take the next step in their relationship. Zack and Cass are betrayed and then stranded on an unforgiving planet. While nature’s forces try to kill them, they fight to stay alive.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

THE BARGAIN by Evangeline Anderson

VS Note: A re-release.

Charlie is just trying to survive…After losing her fortune she flees her home planet and hides from her bloodthirsty creditors on a mining colony so horrible its residents just call it Hole. Lynx is a Xorn, one of a feared race of non-humans known for their savage desires. From the first instant he sees Charlie, he knows she is the only woman who can satisfy him. Charlie wants nothing to do with the huge, muscular alien with golden eyes, but in order to survive on Hole she will have to overcome her fear and make a bargain with the fierce Xorn–a bargain of desire, pleasure and pain that will force her to see herself and Lynx in a whole new light and change both their lives forever.

Amazon     Kobo


I never wanted to sell my blood for money. But that’s what I end up doing after an alien merchant abducts me and dumps me on O’nagga Nine. When I run into Baron Vik’tor and he takes a liking to me, it seems like my luck has turned. But the Baron is a powerful man and there are people in his life that want me dead. Will I survive being The Baron’s Bride? Natalie Hale hates her life. You would too if an alien merchant abducted you and then dumped you on a distant planet where it’s so cold even the buildings and infrastructure are made of ice. To survive, Natalie has to sell her blood, which is the only commodity she has. Because the inhabitants of O’nagga Nine, where she’s living, need blood to survive, she manages to make a meager living. But she’s barely scraping by until she literally runs into the Baron. Baron Vik’tor is the richest, most influential man on the planet. He’s also a half-breed—a Naggian/Braxian mix which means he has curling horns, blue tattoos, and a wicked temper whenever he thinks the woman he cares for is threatened. And it just so happens, he cares for Natalie. But Natalie’s personal Pretty Woman scenario can’t last long. The Baron is a powerful man and there are people in his life that don’t like her having influence on him. Some will even stop at nothing to kill her. Can Natalie survive being The Baron’s Bride? You’ll have to read to find out.

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Xenobiologist Juniper Baldwin is facing a career studying bacteria from Mars, but she dreams of complex animals from different planets. When government officials arrive and whisk her away to a secret bunker to study the pets survivors of the space station Shangris brought back from the far reaches of the universe, she happily signs on the dotted line. She knows the beasts are dangerous, but it’s not the creatures who make her want to cower in a corner—it’s the fearsome lot of alien warriors. When the leader tells her they are mates, her legs tell her to run, but her body wants to melt at his touch. Previous boyfriends used her to further their careers, and this warrior wants her to give him a baby. She refuses to be used again. No matter what her traitorous body insists…(more blurn on ebook seller page…) AmazonKU


I must kill the Drux king in order to save my sister. But what happens when his soul binds with mine? After my sister gets abducted by an alien, the only way he’ll release her is if I complete a dangerous mission against his adversary. My task? I have to pose as an omega—whatever that is—and act as bait for Stradus, the alien brute king. That means mating with a devilishly handsome beast of a man who makes me feel things I never felt before. Afterwards, I’m supposed to wait for the opportune time to poison him. The problem? Stradus isn’t the brute others claim him to be. And he loves me enough to topple kingdoms. Everything in me wants to tell Stradus that I’m working for his enemy. But my sister’s life depends on me succeeding in this mission. In short, I’m screwed.   AmazonKU


Beautiful. Rich. Spoiled. Alana was a Princess in every sense of the word. Coming from the wealthy, ruling family on a new planet, it was a bit of a shock to be held to the standards of the rest of the universe, but she was a prize many Coveted. Rough. Harsh. Common. Vax may have been the new Chancellor of Farcon 1, but that didn’t mean he would change. He was still a lowly miner’s son despite his position, and if he wanted to keep the title, he needed to learn a bit of tact. Who better to teach him than an enticing omega Princess? There were certainly plenty of things he’d like to teach her.     Amazon KU


Ilya knows little about the world Before. All his village has left are pictures in books of glittering cities made of glass, of dangerous creatures like bears and wolves that used to haunt more than the forests. Ilya knows little of the wars that forced people to flee the cities and hide. One dusk, when Ilya and his sister are hunting rabbits, a bear, a creature that they were told no longer exists, comes into the glade, and everything Ilya thought he knew about his world begins to disintegrate. Especially everything he thought he knew about Caleb, the mysterious boy none of the villagers can understand. Getting to know Caleb feels secret. But Ilya has too many secrets of his own—he can feel heartbeats, sense the forest, the warmth of all life within it. And Ilya has not always lived in the village…though where he comes from, he does not know.      Amazon KU


The things I do for my family. We were all out of options. My baby niece was going to starve. There was only one way out of this mess: sign up to be an alien’s surrogate. Before I know it, I’m in a strange new world and matched to a golden alien they call an alpha. But that’s not all. Something’s happening to my body. Something I can’t explain…My possessive, over-the-top mate says we’re meant to be together. He gives me endless nights of passion where he fulfills my every wish. And he treats me better than every human man ever has, combined. There’s just one catch: the contract is only for a year. I need to go home to my family, and I’ll never see my baby again. But can I really leave a piece of my heart behind?     Amazon     Kobo


What’s worse than a leg injury during the zombie apocalypse? When that injury belongs to your son.
With the dead closing in, Suki is desperate to get her kids to safety. Luckily, just when all seemed lost, a tall, muscular man in black comes to her rescue. She’s seen people like him before, culling the dead, but being on the side of the living doesn’t make him safe. Unfortunately, with her son’s injury, she has no choice but to accept his help. Even if it means she must make a Desperate Bargain.   AmazonKU


As children, she despised me for being an Alpha. She hid herself from me. When she fled, my dreams were crushed. As a physician, it’s my job to heal the people, patching up the remnants of a regime long collapsed. I didn’t have time to think about the omega that got away. But then her phantom scent teases me, demanding I take notice. Has my love mate finally returned home to me? Or am I finally going crazy from wanting what I can’t have. One thing is for certain, if I find her, she is not leaving my side until she bares my mark and carries my child. I will take her daily if I have to, but she will be mine in every sense of the word. Have your fun while you can, little omega, because once I hunt you down, you will have wished you stayed away.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


On twenty fifth century Earth, I’ve lived a perfect safe life. My off world research trip to the prison colony planet of Gamma Rigel Two was supposed to be a few weeks of interesting study, nothing more. Then I was betrayed by the men on my space shift and abandoned on Gamma Rigel where within minutes I was captured by massive barbarian warriors. A terrible accident? Or an intentional act? And that was just the beginning, because when my Earth origins were revealed, without warning, those who left me behind tried to kill me. I can never go back. Even if I had a way to return to Earth, I know too much. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)      Amazon KU


I’m in desperate need of a husband. How convenient that one just crash-landed in my backyard…Life is hard enough on this planet for a single woman since the war between the humans and the aliens broke out. It’s about to get worse. I’m facing two choices. Either I produce a husband within a year, or I watch the government seize my property and kick me to the curb. Sure, the wounded alien at my door is cocky, hot-headed, and rough around the edges, but he’s sexy and strangely protective. And because he can shape-shift, he might just pass as “husband” material.  The only problem? It’s getting harder to fight the powerful desire pulling me towards him. But if it’s discovered I’m playing house with the enemy, I could end up losing my life.      Amazon KU


Something strange is happening in the woods…If there’s one thing Tabitha Dunn’s followers love, it’s a mystery. For years, she’s built a loyal fan base chasing down answers others have been too afraid to search for. But this time, as she enters the wilderness surrounding alpha territory, the only thing she discovers is trouble. The drums of war are beating…Abducted, imprisoned, and tortured at a young age, Kane is no stranger to the savage cruelty world. It’s hardened him into the alpha he is today. So when he finds a nosy woman poking around the edges of his land, his warrior instincts come to life. Suddenly, he finds himself facing a difficult decision—to crush a potential enemy or to claim her as his own. Once there were boundaries…but now that their chains are broken, these alphas refuse to be contained.      Amazon KU


What’s a girl to do when she’s tapped out the dating pool on Earth? Travel with Gerri to Nova Aurora to meet an amazing shifter man, that’s what! Lexi’s unlucky in love, a magnet for the men at the bottom of the dating barrel. So when Gerri Wilder tells her there’s another possibility: one that includes fated mates, shifters, and going to an alien planet, even the cynical Lexi thinks it might be her only shot at finding something new. Rao is the leader of the Shadowed Rock Pride on Nova Aurora. He never asked to be matched by Gerri, but King Alyx didn’t give him a choice. When he meets Lexi he can’t believe the curvy girl is meant to be his. She’s sweet and sassy and he can’t keep his hands away from her. Lexi thinks Rao is too good to be true. Rao thinks that he doesn’t deserve his own happily ever after and is prepared to be rejected by his fated mate. Can these two broken lovers piece each other’s heart together and become extraordinary together? Or will they both go back to their ordinary lives?      Amazon KU


Fate happens when you’re making other plans… It’s been a long, long time since Beryl Blue left her gruff and sexy Army sergeant Tom “Sully” Sullivan behind in 1943. Two years to be exact. Though her heart still hurts, she knows Sully’s life is at stake if they ever see each other again. She’s moved on with her new life as a time cop in the year 2132 and is even contemplating a new romance, as she vows to put Sully, and the past, behind her. But fate has other ideas. The discovery of an old suitcase leads Beryl to the New England seacoast in the summer of 1946 on a hunt for the man who killed her parents—and straight into Sully’s arms. Sully, the man destined to die, saving her. A scorching heatwave, a jewel heist, explosive secrets from Beryl’s past, and the beautiful new woman in Sully’s life all come into play as Beryl struggles to catch a time-travelling thief, evade a killer, and keep her beloved Sully from falling victim to his destiny.      Amazon      Apple Books     Kobo

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: Next on my backlist would be the spin off Badari Gladiators series and book two is RENNYR! I’always been fascinated by gladiators (think “Last Days of Pompeii” and Spartacus) but these are scifi gladiators!


Rennyr was a genetically engineered senior soldier in his Badari Warrior pack until one day he woke up on a strange planet naked, disoriented and about to be sold into the gladiator arena for the rest of his life. Unscrupulous guards faked his death in the lab where he was created and sold him into slavery in the galaxy’s hinterlands. Kill or be killed is the rule in his new life and a Badari never gives up. He’ll fight to stay alive until the Badari goddess sees fit to decree his death and release him from the wretched existence.

Jaine Mitchel of the Sectors was on her way to an exciting research internship until pirates seized the spaceship on which she was a passenger and took her to feature in a gladiator ‘death match’ in the galactic hinterlands. She has no hope of surviving in the arena until a man she only glimpsed in passing breaks out of his cell and saves her life, declaring her to be his fated mate. Given to Rennyr as his reward for winning the death match, Jaine must share a cell and a bed with the handsome, not human, gladiator and together they have to find a way to survive in this merciless world of violence and death. Their mutual attraction is off the charts. Falling in love is the easy part, finding a way to escape or even to remain together is the challenge. At any time their mutual owner could decide thumbs up or thumbs down on one or both of them, or sell them separately.

Their only hope is a mysterious gladiator master from offworld who may be coming to buy Rennyr. Will he take Jaine as well? Could Rennyr win freedom for them both if he does well enough in the arena? Badari Warriors claim their mates for life and Rennyr has no intention of losing Jaine…RENNYR is an 80K word novel and can be read as a standalone. KYDEN is the first book in the series.

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******************************OKAY, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ONWARD WE GO!**************************************************


VS Note: she’s an autobuy for me and it’s exciting to have a new series. Intriuing premise.

Lady Seliah Phel can’t escape feeling like she’s one of those fairytale princesses awakened from a long slumber—except that her life is no romantic story and there’s no happy ending in sight. Though she has her magic and she’s been rescued from the depths of madness that consumed her since adolescence, Selly finds that the years she lost aren’t so easily recovered. Everyone treats her like the child they remember. To prove something—perhaps only to herself—she’s recklessly volunteered to stave off a host of monsters with only the enigmatically alluring, cuttingly sarcastic, and probably deceitful wizard Jadren El-Adrel for company. Jadren isn’t the heroic type. In fact, he’s not much of anything. Relentlessly groomed into a shadow of a man by his sadistic mother, he’s the perfect spy and tool, with no real will of his own. When he’s stranded in the wilderness with Seliah Phel, he figures the outcome is immaterial. Live or die, it’s all the same to him. But Seliah is a different story and she isn’t like anyone else. Though he reminds himself she’s basically a child in a woman’s body, he finds it increasingly difficult to resist her artless charms and relentless curiosity. As their predicament goes from dire to disastrous, Jadren realizes his many failures have jeopardized Selly’s future, perhaps her very life. Far from home and trapped without resources, Selly has only Jadren to rely upon—the one person she can’t possibly trust. There seems no possibility of rescue from their friends and family back home at House Phel, so Jadren and Selly must work together to survive… if they can.

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Immortal Enforcer Valerian just wants to relax. His last assignment had been more grueling than he’d care to admit, and golf has always helped him unwind. If golf course owner Natalie thinks it’s a little odd for him to tee off at sunset every evening, she’s keeping it to herself. The single mom is sexy as hell, and her little daughter Mia only adds to his delight. He knows Natalie is wary of a relationship of any kind…what will she think when she discovers he’s an Immortal? His best course of action is to woo her the old-fashioned way. But the course of true love never did run smooth—especially for a vampire and a mortal. And when danger stalks Natalie, Valerian realizes he’s playing a game of life and death and if he loses this round, he risks losing her forever.

Amazon      AB      Apple Books     Kobo


With his mother’s life at stake and the entire world threatened by powerful dragons, the sand in the hour glass is running out for Jak Freedar. He and his allies must find the ancient Orbs of Wisdom and hope they hold the solutions to the problems plaguing humanity and the dragons before it’s too late.   AmazonKU


A big hairy man-beast just kidnapped me. After a nasty breakup, all I want is a quiet vacation in the mountains. Just me and a pile of books, a few bottles of wine, and the occasional nature walk. Too bad my Airbnb host failed to disclose there’s a tribe of Sasquatches living nearby. Honestly, what the heck? Now I’m the captive of a giant Sasquatch chief named Brutus. He scares me at first, but I soon learn he’s quite gentle and… cuddly. He also believes I’m his perfect mate and promises he’ll always take care of me. It’s not long before I’m thirsting after his huge muscular bigfoot-bod and second guessing my plans to escape. But if I surrender to temptation, there’s no leaving the mountain. Sasquatches mate for life.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


The moment Madison arrives at the old Colonial in New Hampshire, she knows her past and future are about to merge. The demons she runs from are drawing closer. Yet thanks to a home with an ancient oak tree and a Stonehenge nearby, she might, at last, find sanctuary. Perhaps even clarity about an elusive memory that’s haunted her for as long as she can remember. Or so she thinks until a handsome Irishman shows up at her door and reveals things she could never have anticipated. When Cian, Gaelic King of the Connacht, hears Madison’s calls across time, he has no choice but to go to her. After all, he carries the memory she long forgot. One that begins …(more blurb on ebook sellerr page…0    Amazon     Apple Books


An innocent young man looking for love. A sinful merman king wanting more. Once Erik enters the merking’s court as a concubine, he can never leave. Nevertheless, he’s defenseless against its irresistible pull: legends tell of the steaming royal baths and untamed festivities lasting late into the night. Merking Leomaris is surrounded by beautiful young men. They entertain him, but no one has captured his heart. When Erik appears at his court, Leomaris is enthralled by him and willing to do anything to keep him to himself—even if it means breaking an ancient law.      Amazon KU


Welcome to Golden Hope, where the whole town will cast you under its spell…When Storm makes a surprising discovery in her office, her life flips completely upside-down. It’s not enough that she’s a suspect in the murder, but she knows the killer is coming for her, too. Storm realizes it’s time to bring the Witches Murder Club into the fold before she becomes the next victim. As the past begins to catch up to her, Storm discovers a lot about who she is, and what she believed about her past. As it comes back to haunt her, will Storm get the answers she needs before the killer finds her, too?   AmazonKU


A Forgotten Love. A Hidden Bond. A Love Without Limits. Asia’s memories of true-love are ignited— Can she find her way through the dark abyss that is her mind after the trauma she’s suffered?She’s found a slice of solace after giving birth to her daughter, but her heart yearns for the one thing she fears is lost forever, or maybe never existed. Her mate. Jabari has felt pain and he knows all about loss— But when his mate is taken from him, his dragon will stop at nothing to find her. But first, he has to kill his captors, escape, and regain his strength. He hasn’t shifted in centuries, but he will do whatever it takes to find his truemate. Betrayed and broken— Asia and Jabari have suffered untold horrors. Will they be able to find one another, or will the evil out to destroy them discover their whereabouts before they get a second chance at love?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Beatrice – I can’t believe they roped me into this again. My name is Beatrice Ellis, and I’m an omega. You might have heard of me, actually — I’ve been on a couple seasons of that show Omega Girls. But so far, I haven’t found a pack. Why? Well, lots of reasons, I guess, but most of all, I’m just not willing to settle. I don’t plan to take a bite until someone really changes my mind. So I’m not sure how I let myself get roped into this spin off show. … And that’s a lie. I know why: it’s because I’m still hoping. Still naive enough to think that there might be someone out there who gives me goosebumps. Or maybe even more than one person. So I’m gonna kiss a lot of people. Get ready for that. Lots of make out sessions, lots of over-the-bathing suit action. And I’m going to throw my whole being into this process. Watch out, alphas, here comes Beatrice. Anthony – I can’t believe they roped me into this again. I’m a documentary filmmaker, not a reality tv show producer. Or I was, before…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)     Amazon KU


The Russian Doll is called on for one last case. Voodoo, Hunter and Doll must go undercover in prison and convince a man known only as Glass Eye to give up his informant. Three men go in, and three men will come out. A fact that pulls at a heartless man’s heartstrings with Voodoo falls in love with an innocent man. The biggest question is which three will leave and who will be the one left behind.      Amazon KU


How will it all end? Two new characters are joined by old ones as a ragtag army bands together to stop the final apocalypse. As the ultimate truth about the Echo is revealed, everything these wary allies think they know will be tested—including their loyalty to each other.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Why do it yourself when you can get others to do it for you? I lived by the mantra if you want something done right, do it yourself – until all hell broke loose. I lost the biggest client of my career and ended things with my boyfriend in the same run. Just when I thought life couldn’t get worse, I’m stabbed through the heart and wake up in a literal hell, with a new spouse and his minions to contend with. This prince of Hell is determined to keep me captive until I’ve learned to control my new powers to help him fix his circle so he can assume his rightful place on the throne of Hell as a true son of Satan. Draining Sloth and his men—in more ways than one—is my new personal game. A game I intend to win.      Amazon KU


Creeping in shadows, haunting nightmares, lurking beneath the bed…monsters prowl under the cover of night, waiting until just the right moment to claim and seduce their mates. With teeth and talons, tails and scales, they’ll tear their way into their lover’s hearts…and into yours. Get lost in the dark with demons and devils in this delicious new collection.      Amazon


An ancient evil has woken. A beast with no concept of human morality, risen to destroy and devour until his evil appetites are sated. He lays very particular claim to the one modern people call Maddox. Maker. Lover. Owner. Guardian. Captor. Gideon has been all of these things at one time or another. After centuries of sleep he wakes to find his Maddox playing with humans. It was a habit he used to tolerate, but now he discovers Maddox has taken a mate. A rough criminal with wolf blood. A murderous, rude, ephemeral creature barely deserving of the name beast, or boy, as Maddox calls him. It is all completely unacceptable. When Maddox refuses to discard his boy, he leaves Gideon with no choice. To restore proper order and dignity to his bloodline, Gideon must do one thing: Kill. Will. (And anybody else who gets in the way.)      Amazon KU


Andie – My mate was taken from me and every day that we’re forced to be apart, the burning inferno inside me spreads. My weeks alone are spent learning how to adjust to the magic I’ve stolen back. Power I need to be able to control before I can get to Foster. Then, when I finally make my move, he’s gone. Missing from the pack that was supposed to protect him. Foster – When I find my way back to Andie, she’s not the same mate I left behind. Her guilt controls her actions, but I refuse to let her drown in the remorse. She’s mine and I won’t let anything—even herself—tear us apart again. It’s time to end the chaos around us. To finish what Moira started and show her the mistake she made when she came after my mate.      Amazon KU


VS note: A re-release.

An ancient goddess grows more desperate to escape the bounds that keep her imprisoned. . .A man whose lands have always been fertile and bountiful even in times of strife and drought. . .The woman whose secret could destroy his dreams and force him into the waiting hands of the evil one..Tolan’s family has had a strong bond with the farmlands he tends and he keeps the truth of it secret. For generations, his ancestors worshipped the ancient gods and oversaw their lands. Now, darkness is gathering, and Tolan is drawn into an evil nobleman’s plot to destroy his enemies. When his lover Elethea is targeted, too, he must choose one side or the other. Elethea’s healing skills are known widely, but when the arrival of strangers cause the power in her blood to surge, she discovers it is more than simply knowledge of the healing arts. The only one she cannot seem to heal is herself and her inability to give Tolan the children he needs is keeping her from committing to him and to a future together. Now, as the evil one gathers its minions and threaten all that Tolan and Elethea hold dear, will they choose the side of humanity or choose the enemy who even now holds their future in his hands?      Amazon KU


With all the residents of Little Eerie turned to goblins by an ancient blood curse, Apprentice Wizard Idun Wintermoon and sellsword Liss Forlatt are in a race against time to undo the curse before goblin hunters show up and kill the hapless villagers. To unravel the secret of the blood curse, they’re going to need to get their hands on the blood of a royal. A present day, very much alive royal. And it just might be easier to pull dragon teeth.     Amazon KU


Enemies. So many enemies. When Skylar was attacked and nearly killed by a psychotic witch, she discovers there are several targets on her back. All this time she thought she’d been taken to the Academy of Lost Souls to join the other mages in saving the world. How wrong she was. As the half-blood princess, her throne is up for the taking, and her magic is a desirable prize for any lucky assassin. But, Skylar won’t be taken out so easily. Forgotten abilities are awakened, memories from her ancestors are restored, and she has an important choice to make. Will she honor her soulmate connection, or continue as rivals and enemies? There isn’t much time to decide. The Dark Rites wait for no one.      Amazon KU

HOUSE OF HUNGER by Alexis Henderson

Marion Shaw has been raised in the slums, where want and deprivation are all she know. Despite longing to leave the city and its miseries, she has no real hope of escape until the day she spots a peculiar listing in the newspaper seeking a bloodmaid. Though she knows little about the far north—where wealthy nobles live in luxury and drink the blood of those in their service—Marion applies to the position. In a matter of days, she finds herself the newest bloodmaid at the notorious House of Hunger. There, Marion is swept into a world of dark debauchery. At the center of it all is Countess Lisavet. The countess, who presides over this hedonistic court, is loved and feared in equal measure. She takes a special interest in Marion. Lisavet is magnetic, and Marion is eager to please her new mistress. But when she discovers that the ancient walls of the House of Hunger hide even older secrets, Marion is thrust into a vicious game of cat and mouse. She’ll need to learn the rules of her new home—and fast—or its halls will soon become her grave.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


All it took was one bite. A week ago, I was the perpetual screw up of the Bannister coven and a probationary agent for the Arcane Bureau of Investigation. Somehow, I’ve managed to get myself mated to an Acosta Alpha, pissed off my family, and gotten on the radar of a dark Fae. As much as I’d like to bury my head in the sand, I have a badge to secure—and with a new case on my proverbial desk—a job to do. Because I’m not the first witch that the Fae has tried to steal, but I will definitely be the last. Just as soon as I get this curse under control.      Amazon KU


A mysterious illness plagues one of the elusive lantern dragons and time is ticking for apprentice veterinarian Charlotte to figure out what’s wrong before her light goes out. The Dragon Lantern is book four in the modern fantasy Griffin Sanctuary series. It is packed full of adventure, mythical creatures, and an f/f romantic sub-plot.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


There’s no escaping betrayal. My life once centered around justice. As a trained warrior for the people of Shadow City, I never questioned what I was taught… until now. My preordained mate and I are finally on the same side, with our list of enemies growing. All we have learned has changed our very foundation and put a target on both our backs. A war that has been brewing for over a Millenium is on the horizon. One that could change the course of the Earth forever. It’s up to our friends to find a way to stop it… but Fate has a way of forcing her hand.      Amazon KU


While Kacie and Patrick seem cozy, Crayon wonders if this is the right choice for her master. But no one has time to contemplate for long as the town readies itself for a fan event for a famous but older television show. All the stars are on hand, some happy to be there, some not so much. But when one a ghost from the show’s past appears, several suspects come to the surface. Will Kacie discover the true nature of her “brother?” Or will he remain illusive?      Amazon KU

COMMITTED TO MONSTERS (GHOST CREWS BOOK 5) by Dagmar Avery, Aurora Maris and S A Price

Ksenia Daikos has the life she’s always wanted – a kick ass job, a house in the Hollywood hills and a gargoyle lover that curls her toes every night. Things are perfect and she thinks that life can’t get any better. Until one night she receives a phone call from two friends from college… men she has not seen since before their transition. Men she never thought to see again. Two men that rocked her world one crazy night at the dorms. And now they have a proposition: another night with their favorite female…if she’s willing. Cassius and Isaac were a filthy dream made flesh… two best friends that wanted the same girl – her – as much as they wanted each other. They haven’t been able to get her out of their heads since that one wild night. The dream is her bonded, and theirs forever. Fate has its way, bringing them back together for one fateful night… and Ksenia is not going to make the same mistakes again.        Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Shay Johnson has all the makings of a successful witch. As a junior at T.K. Anderson Magical Magnet School, she’s determined to win the Brockton Scholarship—her ticket into the university of her dreams. Her competition? Ana freaking Álvarez. The key to victory? Impressing Mr. B, drama teacher and head of the scholarship committee. When Mr. B asks Shay to star in this year’s aggressively inclusive musical, she warily agrees, even though she’ll have to put up with Ana playing the other lead. But in rehearsals, Shay realizes Ana is . . . not the despicable witch she’d thought. Perhaps she could be a friend—or more. And Shay could use someone in her corner once she becomes the target of Mr. B’s unwanted attention. When Shay learns she’s not the first witch to experience his inappropriate behavior, she must decide if she’ll come forward. But how can she speak out when her future’s on the line?

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Loki has nothing on a witch when you come for what’s theirs. The cult was around long enough to know this. They want Gemini twins by their side. Oh, they are going to get us—right up in their faces showing them exactly what we are capable of. Kaine wants this done on the up and up with everyone in handcuffs and their day in court. Sorry, not sorry, but we are way past that now. I’ve got one Norse god and two Vikings living in my house. We’re going old school with this.     AmazonKU


Willow and Azíl travel far to try and find a solution for Azíl’s curse. Cinnamon Cocoa and Far To Go is book four of the Cauldron Coffee Shop Series, a witchy modern fantasy romance series with a mysterious teapot, a cursed warlock, and a cheeky cat.

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For as long as I could remember, I’ve been in love with a male that wasn’t mine. I knew I wasn’t his fated mate, either. I just thought… Ryker Wolfson would one day be the Alpha. He couldn’t take a mate until then, and maybe I could get him to choose me. I was wrong. It’s no excuse, but love can make you do some terrible things. Instead of supporting my new Alpha and his intended, I listened to a traitor and I nearly lost everything. When Ryker lifted my exile, allowing me to return to Accalia, I vowed I would make amends and start over. And I did. For a few weeks, I thought things might be different. I thought I might have my chance at forever… and then I was taken captive by the Wicked Wolf of the West. My time in the Wolf District changed me. It broke me. I probably wouldn’t have survived it at all if it wasn’t for Duke. A gentle giant of a delta, I never got the chance to know him. I was obsessed with Ryker, and Duke was just another packmate—until he found me and my wolf locked in a cage and he willingly sacrificed his own freedom to keep me company. Now we’re in Accalia, and the male responsible for my nightmares is dead. Duke has gone back to being a silent shadow who watches me, but I don’t understand why. We’re home again, and while I’m still far from whole, I’m not important enough for my own guard. Not like our new Alpha female. I’m Trish Danvers. I’m no one. Except, it seems, to Duke Conlon.      Amazon KU


Lochlann Wilde walks in the shadow of his father, a legendary summoner who commanded mythical beasts in battle. But Locke isn’t legendary. He’s barely a summoner, never passing his academy’s trial of the elements. And then he accidentally summons a fae prince with a beautiful body and a bad attitude. Sylvain is fiery and ferocious, stronger than anything Locke has ever encountered. And hotter, too. But time is running out. Locke must tame the prince’s wild heart. If he fails his trial, he’ll lose his inheritance and ruin his family’s name. Without Sylvain, Locke could lose his chance to become a true summoner… along with his shot at true love.      AmazonKU      AB


In a world of Balance, debts must be paid and change comes at a cost. Eleya is well versed in the importance of keeping the Balance. To even the scales after her brother loses a fortune he doesn’t have, she approaches the man he owes. Prince Dmir. Dmir doesn’t know what to do with the lady sneaking into his room. She insists on an alternative method to repay her brother’s debt, but Dmir needs that money. He wants to fund Balanced inventions to bring progress to everyone in Plumei. As much as he is tempted to accept Eleya’s salacious proposal, he knows he shouldn’t. But maybe she can help him and work off the debt at the same time. Eleya can’t help but commit fully to the principled, visionary prince once he shows her his plans. She will use all her powers, including a Balance-given ability to recognize the truth, to help him. But she can’t lie—she soon wants more than to repay the debt. She wants the prince himself.      Amazon KU


Beth Moore will do anything to save her sister. She’s the only family she’s got left in this world, and the thought of losing her to cancer is inconceivable. When every treatment and therapy fails, Beth knows that the answer will not come from human medicine. It’s a good thing that hordes of orcs landed in this world years ago, that they have magic, and Beth has something she can trade for it – herself. She offers herself as tribute, joins an institute for orc brides, and then prays that the captain who chooses her will come to care enough about her to save her sister’s life. Uthar the Hunter used to be a raider. Now he is a captain, taking over from the late captain of the horde, who treated him like a son. But he isn’t blood, and when the true son and heir shows up with his own horde, a feud breaks out. In the orc world, a rank is not inherited. One has to prove himself and earn it. Uthar will not step down. He will show everyone that he is a true captain, even if that means he has to take a human bride and put an orc baby in her.      Amazon KU


Anything can happen on Dragon Isle…One dragon. One polar bear. One terrible secret. A dragon and a polar bear shifter weren’t supposed to fall in love, but they did. Years ago, back before anyone was ever going to know, they loved each other. After a terrible breakup that separated them for 15 years, they’re forced to be together once more…But will time be enough to heal these wounds?

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After a horrific time with their first case together, it was understandable that Lucifer and Stefan wanted to take some down time and get to learn more about each other. But on their first day officially back at work, with Monty and Darwin’s new anchor division this time, an ex-friend of Lucifer’s turns up and things quickly go from bad to worse for the fated pair. Borrowed magic, hateful hexes, and even a bomb all quickly culminate to strain Lucifer’s and Stefan’s relationship, especially when Lucifer defaults to his typical arrogant behavior. It doesn’t help that Stefan knows Lucifer is hiding something from him, but he’s not sure if it’s to do with their issues around them or something more personal. When Gaston visits his dreamscape, telling him to get out of bed, Stefan has yet something else to deal with he wasn’t sure would ever happen to him – a new familiar. Maybe Creed can help Stefan and Lucifer decide if the problems they are having are a direct attack on Lucifer, or more efforts by the Brethren to stop them promoting the rights of anchors. This story takes place over the space of a week from the Epilogue of Illuminate. It is not a standalone – you will need to read Illuminate to understand the impact of where Stefan was born, the Technic case, Lucifer’s issues with the twins and the importance of anchors to high magic users.      Amazon


Without mates, shifters in Black Forest Ridge are going feral. My pack and I will share that same fate if we can’t find our destined mates. Imani applied for a position at a B&B. Little does she know that the casting of a mating spell and the secret surging through her veins is what truly lured her here to the Ridge. The instant I met her, I felt the magnetic tug of our mate bond. But her world has been turned upside down, and she’s far from ready to accept her role as my alpha female in Black Forest Ridge. Even if I’m desperate for her to be mine, she doesn’t feel the same pull I do. She needs time to accept she’s mine… and my time is running out. Will I be able to convince her that she’s my fated mate before I lose myself to the feral madness?

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The Dragon King is looking for a wife. This news throws the women in my village into a tizzy. The king will be sending out the royal guard to bring women of childbearing age to his castle in Jade City. There is only one requirement: the woman must carry enough magic to produce an heir for him. I’m a watered-down human with a mere ten percent dragon magic lineage, I know I won’t be chosen, but for some reason the magic sniffers command me to present myself to the king as a possible wife. I’m ready to go to Jade City until my mother tells me a terrifying secret. A secret that could get me killed… by the king himself.      Amazon KU


Psychic caterer Priscilla Malcolm watches in disbelief as a glamorous boutique owner drops dead at her Halloween party. Pris isn’t about to blame her appetizers, even if she knows the death isn’t natural. But when the victim’s ghost attaches to her ghost-busting cousin, Evie, she has no choice except to find out what happened. While Evie’s Sensible Solutions team investigates motives for possible murder, Pris seeks the source of the boutique’s fame in Italy— coincidentally, the home of her nemesis, Dante Ives. Pris’s telepathic skills are limited, but while she searches for a heartless killer, she will need to call on every gift she possesses to deal with the handsome archeologist and the adorable twins his enigmatic ex dumped on him. Knowing his past is the reason Evie is haunted now, Dante must join eccentric Pris and the anarchic Solutions team to solve the murder before Evie becomes the next victim.

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VS note: Blurbs for stories on ebook seller’s page. I like the idea of sound as a story prompt.

A knocking. A ringing. A steady drip-drip-drip. These are the sounds that haunt us. Drive us mad. Draw us in like the songs of sirens, hypnotic and deadly. And we must either give in, or resist with everything we have…and hope it’s enough. Listen: The Sound of Fear offers ten stories written exclusively by trans and nonbinary authors that explore the chilling, perplexing, terrifying nature of sound.

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When Alice was a child, four demonic men and a bloodthirsty Queen held her captive and introduced her to her darkest fears. Now she is all grown up, but the memories of their passionate, inhuman eyes consume her every waking thought. On the eve of Alice’s eighteenth birthday, a mysterious key leads her back down the rabbit hole into a dark and twisty world where the men that once taught her to fear them now have new lessons for her to learn. But Alice is not the same innocent, frightened girl that they previously broke. This time, Rabbit, Hatter, Cheshire, and The Jabberwocky will have to play by her rules. Let the seduction begin.     Amazon KU


I can see the loss in her eyes. The confusion. It’s what I felt when my world was torn away from me when my parents were killed. I thought if I tried hard enough I could help those around me never feel that way. But I was wrong. Gods above, I was wrong.

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Now that the council has been dealt with, things should be coming up roses for Hailey and Jaxon. Dealing with the corruption within the vampire council was supposed to return their lives to normal, but it turns out nothing is normal in the life of a Bond Girl, and it isn’t long before she realizes that downtime isn’t in the cards for her or her new extended family. When Jax gets devastating news, he and Hailey will be in the fight of their lives. It turns out hunters know vampires aren’t extinct, and witches aren’t on their hunting list anymore. And the matriarch of the hunters? She’s fierce, not taking any ish, and wants every last vampire dead. Convincing the hunters not to attack, or figuring out how to be stronger, faster, and deadlier than ever, are the only options Hailey and Jax have. When the council puts a bounty on vampire rogues, Hailey’s who they’ll count on to bring them all in with the help of her trusty friends and brother, who suddenly thinks he’s going to be the best bounty hunter the vampire world has ever seen. Yeah, this is going to go well. If that wasn’t enough, they still have to figure out what to do about Paige and Claudia, Kendra burning the candle at both ends, and Goldie’s missing family. A little shifter has no business being raised by vampires, right? Something clearly has to give, but they’re determined that it won’t be them. After all, they’re a team, and they’re going to face everything together because that’s exactly what teams do.     Amazon KU


Secret Springs historical society manager Hank Vargas has two passions: history and hauntings. By day he’s a mild-mannered historian. By night he hunts ghosts in old buildings and antique hotels. So when all his friends start pairing off, getting married and having babies, Hank throws himself into podcasts and videos of his paranormal investigations as well as scholarly articles about the history of Secret Springs. Soon enough, though, Hank finds out that being a minor local celebrity can have its drawbacks, and one of those is ghost debunker Elliot Graham. Elliot Graham works for a scientific journal, traveling the world and debunking urban legends and ghost stories. A certain Hank Vargas seems like a prime target, especially since the guy appears to think he’s an actual historian as well as a spirit chaser. What Elliot doesn’t expect from Secret Springs is how charming the place is, and how interesting he finds Hank. In a very personal way. When the weather and the ghosts of Secret Springs start giving them more than they bargain for, Hank and Elliot have to put aside their differences and solve a century old mystery. Can they build something lasting together at the same time?   AmazonKU


Being a witch who can shift has its perks—seeing ghosts isn’t one of them. Hell-o, it would’ve been nice if someone had warned me that my ability to shift into a cat enabled me to see ghosts. I spent a good ten minutes explaining my new pet sitting business to a spirit. I thought something was off about her, but I wasn’t expecting that! If only I could understand what she was trying to tell me, because it turns out she was murdered. She’s followed me home until I can figure it out. And now I must care for her familiar until the inconsolable cat is assigned a new witch. Moving the ghost and her keening cat out of my house can’t happen soon enough. When old grudges are revealed, the list of suspects grows. And it includes a young witch at the Home for Wayward Witches, who’s flaunting too much attitude and power. It can’t be her, can it? With a killer on the loose, everyone’s got a finger or paw to point. Since I have both, I’m caught in the middle of this murder mystery. Let’s hope I can solve it before an innocent witch gets accused, or worse, someone else dies.      Amazon KU


A forbidden love. A league of Witches who want equal rights. And a Council hellbent on stopping them. Bella, still the black sheep of the family, has fallen in love with a wolf shifter. Though their love is forbidden, she won’t give him up. Now she’ll have to fight the Council to change the law….or risk death. Her last hope is joining the ‘League of Witches,’ a group of women determined to change the rules to give equal rights to all species. But with equal rights to love come equal rights to live, and the Council won’t allow the shifters or the Fae to step out of place. With the witches on their side, the shifters want to fight, but will this battle to end all wars end Bella and her lover’s lives in the process?      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

SKYDIVE by Roe Horvat

On New Year’s Eve, Lawrie meets a deadly attractive, loaded alpha who’s brilliant in bed and nice to boot. Pity Ernest travels so much and doesn’t do relationships. Lawrie can at least enjoy one wild weekend. Except now it’s the morning after, and things get weird. Very weird. Lawrie’s body has changed overnight, warranting the freakout of a lifetime. Ernest has been looking for his true mate since the eager age of twenty-one. After fifteen years, he’s reconciled himself to restless traveling and hook-ups. The most recent one is a real treat—a certain Lawrence Winchester, a young omega with a sharp wit and an unusually intense scent. The thought of a mate doesn’t even enter Ernest’s head as he drifts through the night in a lusty haze. The morning brings life-altering revelations. Lawrie is the one—the signs are unmistakable. Now how to break it to him gently that he’s stuck with Ernest for the rest of his life and that Ernest is, um, a slightly different species.      Amazon KU

BIG BAD by Lily Anderson

Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Suicide Squad in this adult dark, rompy novel in which the most beloved villains from Buffy must team up to stop the Slayer from ending their evil universe! Demondale, Callifornia, 1999…Like Sunnydale, but whole lot more evil. Step into this alternate reality, where chaos reigns supreme. The Mayor’s sun-shade has created permanent darkness over Sunnydale, fully opening the Hellmouth once and for all. Now the newly christened Demondale has become a safe haven for vampires, beasts, and all types of ruffians. It’s never been better to be bad. Aspiring supervillains (and super nerds) Jonathan and Andrew attempt to hold their own in a town full of monsters, while eleven-hundred-year-old vengeance demon Anya is just looking for something to give her life purpose again, spending her days working at an evil juice bar. But soon word gets out that there’s a new Big Bad on the scene, one more powerful and more destructive than anyone who has come before. She, of course, is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And she’s hell-bent on rooting out all of this reality’s evil by any means necessary. Now Jonathan, Andrew, and Anya must recruit a team of Demondale’s most notorious villains—including Angelus, Spike, Drusilla, and even Ripper the malevolent magic shop owner—in order to save their world. But it’ll be no easy feat to put their pride and differences aside and stop the worst thing that has ever come to town: good. Written by acclaimed author and Buffy super fan Lily Anderson, this novel brings together Buffy’s most devious and beloved villains from the Trio to the Whirlwind to Anya, Glory, and Vampire Willow. This is one apocalypse Buffy fans are not going to want to miss!     Amazon      AB     Kobo


At the lake’s edge, I made my promise. In the forest, I will fall. The curse that haunted Lakesedge Estate has been broken, but at great cost. Violeta Graceling has sacrificed herself to end the Corruption. To escape death, Leta makes a desperate bargain with the Lord Under, one that sees her living at his side in the land of the dead. And though he claims to have given her all he promised, Leta knows this world of souls and mists hides many secrets. When she discovers she is still bound to Rowan, Leta goes to drastic lengths to reforge their connection. But her search for answers, and a path back home, will see her drawn into even more dangerous bargains, and struggling to resist the allure of a new, dark, power in Forestfall by Lyndall Clipstone.

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Cy isn’t the mating kind. Cy Pataki doesn’t get attached. He doesn’t do coddling. And at thirty-two, he’s old enough to know his feelings won’t change. He’s a damn good agent who enjoys his job protecting Crescent City, but to keep it, he must mate the witch his pack lined up for him twenty years ago. David never got a choice…After years of training to be a perfect mate, David Reeds is in a world he doesn’t understand and where none of the rules make sense. Worse, his future mate doesn’t seem to want anything to do with someone so much younger and so very naïve. But, David refuses to disappoint his clan and his mentor. He has his training. He can meet Cy’s every need. Maybe then, Cy will see how well David can fit into his life. …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)   AmazonKU


The one thing you never talk about while you’re in the Scholomance is what you’ll do when you get out. Not even the richest enclaver would tempt fate that way. But it’s all we dream about: the hideously slim chance we’ll survive to make it out the gates and improbably find ourselves with a life ahead of us, a life outside the Scholomance halls. And now the impossible dream has come true. I’m out, we’re all out—and I didn’t even have to turn into a monstrous dark witch to make it happen. So much for my great-grandmother’s prophecy of doom and destruction. I didn’t kill enclavers, I saved them. Me and Orion and our allies. Our graduation plan worked to perfection: We saved everyone and made the world safe for all wizards and brought peace and harmony to all the enclaves everywhere. Ha, only joking! Actually, it’s gone all wrong. Someone else has picked up the project of destroying enclaves in my stead, and probably everyone we saved is about to get killed in the brewing enclave war. And the first thing I’ve got to do now, having miraculously gotten out of the Scholomance, is turn straight around and find a way back in.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Two curses. One prophecy. A reckoning all have feared. And a love more powerful than fate. All hail the king and queen of Hell. Emilia is reeling from a shocking discovery about her sister, Vittoria. But before she faces the demons of her past, Emilia yearns to claim her king, the seductive Prince of Wrath, in the flesh. She doesn’t just desire his body; she wants his heart and soul—but that’s something the enigmatic demon can’t promise her. When a high-ranking member of House Greed is assassinated, damning evidence somehow points to Vittoria as the murderer. Now, Emilia will do anything to get to the bottom of these accusations against the sister she thought she knew. Together, Emilia and Wrath play a sin-fueled game of deception to solve the murder and stop the unrest that’s brewing between witches, demons, shape-shifters, and the most treacherous foes of all: the Feared. Emilia was warned that when it came to the Wicked, nothing was as it seemed. But have the true villains been much closer all along?      Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Gloriously rich and utterly delightful, Miss Peregrine’s Museum of Wonders is an indispensable guide to the peculiar world, perfect for longtime fans and new readers alike. Covering everything from how to blend in with suspicious normals to the most popular time loops to visit as a temporal tourist, this essential volume is ideal for anyone curious about the world of Miss Peregrine: its strange history, curious practices, fascinating places, most famous (and infamous) names, and much more. Written in Miss Peregrine’s inimitable style, it’s also a dramatic expansion of the universe fans have already come to love, introducing countless new peculiars, enemies, time loops, stories, and secrets, in addition to hundreds of never-before-seen vintage found photographs and select illustrations.      Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


~ René ~As the product of a cross species mating, I lived with a foot in two worlds, vampires and gryphons. I had very little patience for either of them. Learning that the prince of gryphons was my mate didn’t make me happy, but I only got one mate. Giving him up wasn’t possible, no matter how many others tried to keep us apart. ~ Alessandro ~As prince of all the gryphons in Italy, I was used to getting my way. People did not say no to me, which made finding my contrary mate all that more intriguing. René had no problem telling me no or disobeying my orders. If I wanted to keep the sexy man—and I did—then I needed to learn how to seduce him over to my way of thinking. It would help if people would stop trying to kill us.       Amazon KU

SECRETS SO DEEP by Ginny Myers Sain

Twelve years ago, Avril’s mother drowned at Whisper Cove theater, just off the rocky Connecticut coastline. It was ruled an accident, but Avril’s never been totally convinced. Local legend claims that the women in the waves—ghosts from old whaling stories—called her mother into the ocean with their whispering. Because, as they say at Whisper Cove, what the sea wants, the sea will have.
While Avril doesn’t believe in ghosts, she knows there are lots of different ways for places, and people, to be haunted. She’s spent the past twelve years trying to make sense of the strange bits and pieces she does remember from the night she lost her mother. Stars falling into the sea. A blinding light. A tight grip on her wrist. The odd sensation of flying. Now, at seventeen, she’s returning to Whisper Cove for the first time, and she might finally unravel the mystery of what really happened. As Avril becomes more involved with camp director Willa and her mysterious son Cole, Whisper Cove reveals itself to her. Distances seem to shift in the strange fog. Echoes of long-past moments bounce off the marsh. And Avril keeps meeting herself—and her dead mother—late at night, at the edge of the ocean. The truth Avril seeks is ready to be discovered. But it will come at a terrible cost.      Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


One life. One choice. One sacrifice. To save those closest to her, Simi traded away everything: her freedom, her family, and the boy she loves. Now she is sworn to serve a new god, watching over the Land of the Dead at the bottom of the ocean. But when signs of demons begin to appear, it’s clear there are deeper consequences of Simi’s trade. These demons spell the world’s ruin . . . and because of Simi, they now have a way into the human realm. With the fate of the world at stake, Simi must break her promise and team up with a scheming trickster of a god. And if they succeed, perhaps Simi can also unbreak her heart along the way, and find herself again.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


At home, my life is amazing, thanks to my boyfriend, Cosmo Ono-Nai, and his wonderful family that I’ve become a part of. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. But work is a different story. All anyone’s talking about is the Red Cloth this, the Red Cloth that. I can’t escape them, and all I really want is to find someplace the witches can’t reach, take my family—my pride—there, and hide them away from the world. But I can’t. I’ll do everything in my power to protect them, and everyone else, from the building threat. There’s this dread building in my chest about what’s to come, and I have a feeling the Red Cloth is planning something big. I only wish I knew what so I could keep Cos, Jude, and the rest of our family safe.      Amazon KU

THE SACRIFICE by Rin Chupeco

Pristine beaches, lush greenery, and perfect weather, the island of Kisapmata would be the vacation destination…if not for the curse. The Filipino locals speak of it in hushed voices and refuse to step foot on the island. They know the lives it has claimed. They won’t be next. A Hollywood film crew won’t be dissuaded. Legend claims a Dreamer god sleeps, waiting to grant unimaginable powers in exchange for eight sacrifices. The producers are determined to document the evidence. And they convince Alon, a local teen, to be their guide. Within minutes of their arrival, a giant sinkhole appears, revealing a giant balete tree with a mummified corpse entwined in its gnarled branches. And the crew start seeing strange visions. Alon knows they are falling victim to the island’s curse. If Alon can’t convince them to leave, there is no telling who will survive. Or how much the Dreamer god will destroy.      Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Since her graduation with two degrees from a tony university, Michelle Margaret Maypo, a curvy and quick-witted young woman approaching her thirties, has been at loose ends. Lovingly known as Shelly to her friends and family, she writes feature articles for the local paper the ‘Cape Coast Crier’ but yearns for more excitement in her life. Mixing business and pleasure, Shelly agrees to a date to the City Zoo where she is to cover the grand reopening. While perusing the grounds, she encounters the incredibly handsome Dr. Gabriel Ramos, zoologist, and Cape Coast Zoo Director. Her date pales in comparison to the virile male. And something about him seems to call to her. Is it Shelly’s imagination or does the smexy veterinarian have a secret? That mystery would just have to wait after she meets some rowdy and precocious apes who set her on a path to her true destiny as an ace PI. Can Shelly trust her natural intuition and fledgling practicing witch skills to take on a very clever killer who has local Police completely stumped?      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Gretchen has spent a lifetime searching for love. Now the only man she wants thinks he’s a Tiger! 
Cut It Out is open for business! Moving to Maverick Point for affordable rents and to be near her bestie was a no brainer. But Gretchen had no idea her first client was going to be six and a half feet of gorgeousness. Hot or not, the man is desperate for a trim and shave. Not a problem. Well, it wouldn’t be, if she could stop staring at all those muscles and focus on his unkempt locks instead. But a girl’s got needs…Reg has been trying to make amends for past mistakes, neglecting other things in the process. Like his hair and beard. Not good for a Tiger chosen to guard the precious Nari of the Maverick Pride. When Uncle Uzzi comes for a consultation, he orders the Tiger to get his overly furry butt to the new salon pronto. Reg isn’t too convinced the Witch knows what he’s doing, until the second he enters the salon and scents his mate. There is just one problem. The sassy stylist doesn’t know a thing about Shifters. Can Reg convince her to be his? He has no choice. This Tiger won’t rest until the fiery little human is purrfectly trapped.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

BURN: THE PHOENIX OMEGA TRILOGY BOOK ONE by Lorelai M Hart and Colbie Dunbar

Sometimes it’s not just bats in the belfry. Omega phoenix shifter Egan has lived his entire life in the same home in the same small town—this life anyway because phoenixes have many. Egan has never traveled beyond the county and, while he’s lonely sometimes, he’s content with his uncomplicated no-fuss existence. Warlock Tamon thought he was escaping his life but found himself driving directly to it instead. Little did he expect that his car would lead him straight to his mate, an omega phoenix. But mating a phoenix shifter isn’t the same as mating a warlock or other shifters. Even taking a human mate would be less complicated, but no one else exists for Tamon once he sees Egan. Tamon’s past catches up with him in the form of his warlock cousin. When the pair invoke powerful enchantments and spells, Egan unleashes his own magic—one he didn’t know he possesses, and that’s when things get really interesting.      Amazon KU


My name is Angel Ryan, a thirty-six-year-old assassin from California, and, as I soon discover, future queen to the four Pirate Kings of Nyxleia. Yeah, apparently a world full of sexy pirates actually exists. And according to the Sea Witch’s prophecy, me becoming their queen will save their seas from dying and islands from sinking. But all that save-the-world BS seems like a lot of work to me. So I tell them to f^ck off. I just want to go back to my life as an assassin and the eventual retirement plan of staying away from people. However, the four pirates don’t give me a choice. They have to teach me to submit and allow them to claim me together, or their kingdoms will fall. I should hate what they do to me. And yet, I can’t help but crave more. Although I still have no desire to become their queen, let alone be a hero.      Amazon KU


The spirits who linger in my store dance the jitterbug, look after the plants, and gossip about long-dead relatives. Even though no one believes me about my mediumistic gifts, it’s my job to aid these lost souls. I can help them, even if I gave up hoping to find someone who understood me long ago. Call me a vintage-items peddler, but it’s my duty to match ghosts—and the objects to which they are attached—with the people who need them. That’s where James comes in. James Herringbone, the high-end antique dealer who looks like he just stepped out of an expensive cologne ad, possesses a pocket watch I desperately need. Until I get it back, the spirit of a flapper girl who haunts my shop will let me have no rest. Talking to James isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean, he is perfection in glasses and a tweed jacket, even if he looks down on junk-item antiquarians like me. But when I try to bargain with James for the pocket watch, things get…complicated. Of course they do. Because this is Chancellor, where magic lives on every corner.       Amazon KU

DRUID’S MOON by Deniz Bevan

Lyne Vanlith, an archaeologist who seeks a logical explanation to any mystery, discovers an ancient Druidic curse on her first dig. When the signs foretold by the curse descend on her, Lyne can’t find a reasonable interpretation. And that’s even before a Beast rescues her from a monstrous sea-creature. She drops a grateful kiss on the snout of the Beast, who transforms into a man, Frederick Cunnick, Baron of Lansladron. Lyne is meant to be Beauty to his Beast—and break the curse forever. Now both spellkeeper and monster are targeting Lyne. She must take up her legendary role, to defeat the curse and save Frederick—and herself. Instead of logic, for the first time, Lyne must trust her heart.

Amazon     Kobo


Death walks beside me. Two weeks ago, I was hired by the Dragon Prince of Zaru to help his brother, the King, deal with their dead. Not that there is an abundance of corpses in their kingdom, but those who die aren’t staying in their graves. As a necromancer, I’m one of the few people on Serai who can put the dead to rest and discover why they are rising. As a Raltven, I’m particularly good at it. Good enough that the King of Zaru sent his brother across the sea to find someone like me. At first sight, desire sparked between Prince Racmar and me. On the way to Zaru, our attraction for each other had grown. Now it’s reached the point of combustion, but I want more than a single night of pleasure from the Prince. To win him, I must play a dangerous game, tantalizing the man without riling the beast inside him. Between Racmar and the dead, I have some serious work to do, and both are presenting unforeseen complications. The reanimated corpses aren’t talking, something both unusual and unfortunate for my investigation. Then there is Prince Racmar who speaks too much, and his words are clawing at my resistance. I don’t know who will break first—the unknown power behind the dead, the Dragon Prince, or me. Death walks beside us Raltven, in our shadow form we are akin to spirits, but if I’m not careful, a spirit is exactly what I will become.      Amazon KU


Thirty years ago the world as we know it was lost. Now humans live like rats, desperate for food and safety, the wall towering before us as a mocking reminder of what happened…But some, some are born into privilege and wealth and I am one of those. I spend my days trying to change the world we live in, fighting for the truth as any good scientist does. However, when I am thrust through the wall I have to fight just to survive. Hurt, alone and scared I run smack into the very creatures we are taught to fear. A monster. But this monster is intent on protecting me, even as I fear him. Together we must delve into the past, to find the truth behind the monster’s creation. The truth behind what happened all those years ago and when we do? It changes my entire future. The world crumbling around me, I cling to the only honest thing I find. Him. But when the humans decide they want their research, and their scientist back, I am ripped from the safety of his arms. Once more fighting to survive, I promise to find the truth, even if it costs me my life. With my monster at my side, I will untangle the lies, I will find the truth and when I do? This whole Monstrous plan will come unravelled.     AmazonKU

A MONSTER’S PREY by Lylah Taylor

He says he can’t let me go… and when he touches me, I forget why I’d want to leave. The streets have become a dangerous place, something to avoid at all costs once the sun goes down. Unable to resist breaking the curfew, Jade finds herself in a vulnerable position. Now she must decide, either help the creature who protected her, or run. She’s supposed to fear him, but there’s an attraction she can’t deny. Fate’s design is cruel, and staying means certain death—but would life be worth living without him?        AmazonKU

CUPID IS A CAT by Lise Gold

American born project manager Nora Bloom enjoys her life in London, but love hasn’t been easy. To stop herself from thinking about her ex for a night, she signs up for a speed-dating event. Not looking for anything other than distraction, she’s surprised when she meets an Israeli woman who leaves a lasting impression on her. London-based diamond dealer Yael Kehim joins her single friend on a speed-dating night. Already casually dating someone, she’s only there for moral support, but after meeting Nora, her mind keeps going back to that night, and she can’t help but wonder what would have happened if she’d made different choices. Cupid reports to The Almighty. Roaming the earth, spreading love, and bringing destined souls together, they take their assignments very seriously. To blend in, they manifest in many different forms, but when morphing into Toby, a cuddly ginger cat, they find a whole new level of joy in their job, and distractions are lurking around every corner. When Nora and Yael finally meet again, strange things start to happen—things that are too bizarre to be coincidental. Is there free will in love? Or is our destiny written in the stars?   AmazonKU


The time has come to obtain the final birthstone of Saddoriel. Reeling from a near-deadly sacrifice, Roh must rally all her strength if she is to take her place upon the throne. But with cyrenkind divided and enemies closing in, the road to Lochloria and beyond is more dangerous than ever. An ancient prophecy looms, loyalties are tested and Roh races against the clock that threatens to undo all she’s fought for. As a centuries-long conflict comes to a head and forces of nature collide, Roh has to decide if there is more than one kind of magic in this world, and whether or not she has the power to harness it. Some bonds will solidify, while others will be fractured forever – but all must take up their swords and face the final battle for a better Saddoriel. Will Roh emerge from the perils victorious, or will the trials claim her at last?      Amazon KU


Beware the Blood Angel…1873 is a year of freedom for Aurelia Steelhaugh, liberty from those seeking to capture or cure her of vampirism. Now, she travels the continent using social engagements and husband-hunting as covers for her clandestine activities. Upon hearing of a village of vampires, she sets out to find her roots, only to discover she’s once again being hunted. Luka Von Kage, eschewing the trappings of his barony, uses the strength of stone to hunt monsters, and he never fails. Now charged with finding the missing Steelhaugh sister, his ship is shot down, landing in a village of the most dangerous creatures he’s ever faced. Among them is the one monster he loves more than life itself…the woman he was sent to find. Together, Aurelia and Luka discover their entwined pasts and a bond that strengthens their powers. But time is short, and they must learn to embrace their heritage and harness their talents or fail. Never before has there been such a unique pairing, and their enemies have no idea what they’ve uncovered. For when night falls, the blood guardian and the stone baron will rise.      Amazon KU

GOD OF SUMMER by Kat Chant

Angus McCraggan sacrificed his life to break the Celtic curse laid upon his people in the Bronze Age. He failed. Millennia later, he returns to modern Ireland to find his people have become feral, vengeful shadows. With his hollow hill now a tourist attraction, he uses his power to keep his past hidden. Until an American calls him out…Since a banshee attacked her as a teen, Erin De Santos has been tormented by dreams of a boy she’s never met. Armed with a new identity, she returns to the Emerald Isle determined to face her nightmare. But her discovery turns fatal. When the banshee strikes again, Angus surrenders his heart—and his hope of freeing his people—to save her. With his life now hers and his curse descending, Erin must make a terrible choice: kill her savior or share his doom.      Amazon     Kobo


Katerina didn’t sign up to be a hero for the vampire family that she never knew she had. But with her mother’s return and the full force of the Hapsbergen clan threatening all those she loves, Katerina must decide to fight her enemy and take her rightful place as the head of the Dallenbach Elder Family or risk losing all those that are dear to her and changing the fate of all Elder family vampires.
When an unforeseen circumstance causes Serena to fall into the hands of those who want her dead, will she survive long enough for Katerina to master her newfound strength and save the woman she loves? Will the ancient feud between the Dallenbachs and Hapsbergens destroy the last of the Vanderens or can the clans finally find peace?      Amazon KU


Jade may have survived her wedding night in the ruthless kingdom of Rewyth, but her battle is far from over. Thrown into yet another new world, Jade is forced to fight between her heart and her intuition as humans and fae pull her in opposite directions. Jade is no longer the only human in sight, yet she finds herself defending the fae more and more. Malachi’s life is thrown into a spiral as he learns more about his father’s lies, his mother’s secrets, and his wife’s destiny. He is willing to protect Jade at all costs, even if she’s in more danger with every passing day. Fighting his instincts as the Prince of Shadows, Malachi is forced to submit to human ruling, following his mother’s plan to unite humans and fae and create peace in the human kingdom of Fearford. Jade and Malachi’s journey continues in Prince of Sins and Shadows as new enemies, ancient prophecies, and mythical creatures threaten them every step of the way. Will their bond defy the true nature of who they really are? Or will they succumb to the strong forces that pull them apart?      Amazon KU


When I turned 40, getting divorced was nowhere on my radar. Neither was getting pregnant with a cursed bear shifter’s baby. Have a divorce party, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. It was, until I ended up in handcuffs. A group of Karens rained on my parade at the winery And in my drunken haze, I mooned every last one of them— Along with the responding officer called in to arrest my ass. Not a good look for a teacher starting off in a new little town. When he cuffed me, I stumbled into his rock-hard body, But he softened up once he brought me down to the station, Taking pity on me and caring for me throughout the night. The charges were dropped the next morning, So he gave me a ride home, and I offered him breakfast. But Landon was hungry for me and jumped right to dessert.
Fast forward to now, when I find out I’m pregnant at 40, But the fun doesn’t end there. Apparently, Landon’s part bear. Oh, and his family? Yeah, they’ve been cursed for generations. Now my unborn child could turn out to be a feral beast— Just like Landon’s brother, who’s now on the hunt for me.   AmazonKU

FAETED UNDER FIRE by Cassidy K O’Connor and Sheri Lyn

A human cop, a paranormal agent, and nine missing kids. Prejudice aside, they have to work together if they want to stop number ten. Tristan James didn’t know he had a latent paranormal gene in his body until he was attacked on the job as an officer with Tampa PD and killed. As a phoenix shifter, he rose from the ashes and came back stronger than ever. Unfortunately, he was no longer human, this meant no job, no home, no friends. New purpose finds him with the help of a paranormal federal agency offering him a job. He has to put his own learned hatreds aside and accept the paranormals he was now one of. Maddox Smith loved his job with the Paranormal Investigative Services. He knew what it was like to have no one looking out for you and that’s what made him a good agent. Someone is taking paranormal kids and he has no leads. When a recently turned human is booted from the police and brought to P.I.S. and partnered with him, Maddox wants nothing to do with him. What had the humans ever done for their kind? Can they forget their biases and solve the case before there’s a tenth?      Amazon KU


Gabriel Sanchez has never wanted women at Outlaw Ridge. An expert tracker and operative, all he cares about is the mission. Women mean mates, and then cubs, and suddenly dedicated, focused soldiers turn into soft sappy romantics and Little League coaches. Not him. No way. Then Madison Fontaine comes to work at Outlaw Ridge, and suddenly all bets are off. Something inside her calls to his wolf—and no matter how much Sanchez might fight it, he can’t seem to stay away. Then he learns that her ruthless, powerful family already has a mate picked out for Madison, and they sure as hell won’t give up a valuable alliance for an outlaw burnout like him. Has the fiercest, grumpiest, most terrifying outlaw of all found a battle he can’t win?      Amazon KU


The night the Prince of the East razed her village, Raina Bloodgood’s life changed forever. Forced into someone else’s war—and into the arms of the Witch Collector, Alexus Thibault—Raina discovered that everything she believed was wrong, and that she was capable of far more than anyone imagined. Now, the Prince of the East has taken the Frost King as a pawn in his war against the Summerlands, causing Alexus’s life to hang in the balance. To thwart the prince’s endgame and prevent the Tiressian empire from returning to an age of gods, Raina, Alexus, and a band of Northlanders race against the sands of time to reach a mystical desert land where merciless assassins lurk around every corner. In the midst of tragedy, Raina and Alexus fight to stay together and alive, all while a nefarious presence follows them straight to the jeweled gates of the Summerland queen’s citadel—the City of Ruin. With much to fear, it’s the terror of a past she shouldn’t remember that Raina cannot cast from her dreams. A past that’s determined to find her. One way or another.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

LOVE AND BONDS by Liz E Cooper

I’m faced with four gorgeous men, handpicked by my late father to be my alpha mates. Sounds great, right? Only one problem, they’re a pack with violent pasts. There’s Kai, the crazy incubus demon with all the sex appeal. Ty, the sweet but morose vampire. Lance, the unfriendly but captivating were-wolf. And their leader, Daniel, the cocky but dangerously handsome fae. Seriously, dad, what were you thinking? I spent my whole life using witch magic to stop the change to omega from happening, but when my father dies, my spells dry up and my heat is coming. Fast. I refuse to be a weak omega who gets abused by an arrogant alpha. However, when I’m forced to fight off increasing attacks from demonic forces, I find myself having to rely on the very men I fear to help find out who’s behind the attacks and stop them. And, as if I didn’t have enough stress, I’m running out of time to make a decision on the alphas. I definitely don’t want my quickly approaching omega heat making the tough call for me. The guys seem kind of trustworthy, but they could also be behind these attacks to push me towards them. Sigh, what’s a gal to do?      Amazon KU


It all starts with a hum, a thrum, a bum bah dum dum. Every year, the ultimate moth rave takes place in the mountains of West Virginia, unbeknownst to most people. To the community of mothpeople who do know about this moth pit, it’s the best kept secret in the country. For Erris, it’s a burden. With expectations of finding a mate, and Erris having little interest in romance, it’s nothing but a tedious chore. Enter Sol, a friend from high school with social anxiety who also wishes for the party to be over. Between the two of them, they might just have a chance at getting their hassling parents off their wings, and as an added bonus, the local toxic pest, Ren. All they have to do is pretend to be together. Easy enough, right? Except in spending time together, Erris and Sol realize something real might be there after all.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

LUCIFER’S BRIDE by Roxie Ray and Skye Wilson

You know the story, love. It’s a tale as old as time itself. Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Girl meets devilishly charming bastard who tempts with her everything she’s ever dreamed of—and the Devil doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. You see, darling, that boy never deserved you to begin with. You, my treasure, you deserved the entire world laid out at your dainty little feet—and so much more. No ungrateful, simple-minded boy could ever give you that. But I could. I will. My Evie. My eternal love. Only creature on God’s green earth, Heaven above it or even Hell below, who could ever stir the flames of desire into my my cold, sinner’s heart. I stole you from that pathetic moron you were calling a fiancé again, it’s true. But after the way he messed you over—frankly, this time, it was like he was asking for it. You were never really his, love…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)   AmazonKU


Temporarily assigned to supervise a team of bioinformaticians, Marcel expects to spend a couple of weeks in the peaceful retreat of Safe Haven, enjoying Oregon Coast’s cool weather and rugged beauty. Things quickly turn chaotic when the retreat’s director receives an email with an encoded message about a potential new threat to the clan. While those in charge of security debate what to do next, Safe Haven’s first ever paranormal retreat is about to begin, and one of the attendees is a mysterious woman who makes Marcel’s heart beat faster whenever she’s near. Is the beautiful mortal his one truelove? Or is she the harbinger of more bad news?      Amazon KU


Ryker did his job as a VC Warrior and did it well. His connection with Bonnie was the reason he ended up working under Sloan Murphy and he had no regrets. Being a Warlock with unique talents made him valuable wherever he went. It also meant that he moved around a lot going to where he was needed most. Because of this Ryker liked to keep to himself, that was until he met a spitfire blonde who talked to chickens. Never had Ryker met anyone quite like Susan Dobbs. She didn’t use her looks to get what she wanted. Instead, she used her voice. Susan was smart, funny and Ryker enjoyed her company. His protective instincts kicked in almost instantly after meeting Susan but learning that she was alone in the world drew him to her in ways that surprised him. It’s not until Susan’s life is put in danger does Ryker realize his true feelings for this woman. Knowing exactly what needs to be done, Ryker prepares for a battle he will not lose. Not even the deepest depths of hell will keep him from finding Susan.      Amazon KU


Brutalized by a false mate. The day my human self died in a watery grave, my inner wolf took over to protect me. For two hundred years, I lived, hunted, and survived as a lone wolf. Then a voice spoke to me through the wildness in my head, calling me to him. A voice I can’t deny. The voice of my true mate. He wants to claim me in the way of our traditions, but I fear him. I was claimed once before by a false mate, and it led to centuries of pain and suffering. I can’t trust this new mate or the modern world he wants me to live in. So I’ll hide behind the protection of my wolf, biding my time until I can escape. Exiled from my homeland. I felt the moment my mate died, like my soul was torn from my body. So when I find her on my doorstep two hundred years later, looking up at me from the crystal blue gaze of her snowy wolf, I’m both shocked and elated. I want to claim my mate, but first I must coax her into turning human again, then heal the trauma that makes her fear me. When I’ve made her mine, I will hunt down the shifter who dared to claim my mate and I will make him pay for every second of her suffering. Then I will return to my people and claim my position as their alpha.   AmazonKU

MAID FOR THE BEAR by Harmony Raines

She’s a forty-something single mom working as a maid. He’s a billionaire bear shifter. Maggie isn’t looking for anything other than a fresh start in a new town after a messy divorce from her cheating husband. Until she meets Quincy, a man who offers her love and loyalty. But she’s heard that before. However, Quincy soon convinces Maggie he is the one for her. More importantly, he is the father her son deserves. But when her ex-husband arrives in Bear Creek, she’s left questioning Quincy’s actions. He’s spent his life building a business empire so that he could give his mate the life she deserves. Only his mate never appeared. As the years passed by his gray hairs appeared at his temples, he’d given up on ever meeting his mate. But when he’s called home to Bear Creek, he finds Maggie and her adorable son at his house. He knows she’s been hurt before. Can Quincy prove to her that he is the one she can trust in? The one who will never let her down. However, when her ex-husband starts meddling in their relationship, Quincy is worried he might be about to experience the midlife crisis from hell – losing his mate.      Amazon KU


Welcome to the Mythical town of Murias – a quaint little town in Cascadia where fairytale creatures quietly live among humans. When a series of unsolved and bizarre murders occurs, it threatens to expose the Mythicals in town. And the timing couldn’t be worse: Murias’s Hunter’s Moon Festival – Cascadia’s largest Mythical event – is less than a week away. Sophie’s unique powers are called into action once more. Marcella, head of the Fae Conclave, has a vested interest in ensuring Murias’s is a success and sends Sophie and Mac to find the murderer. This has the added benefit of getting Sophie out of San Francisco, where a local wolf shifter pack has her in their sights after the death of their alpha. Much to Sophie’s chagrin, the Conclave also wants her to work closely with her newly discovered twin sister Ruby. While Ruby has her own unique supernatural abilities, she is everything that Sophie is not: bubbly, cheerful, and a “reformed” serial killer. At least Sophie gets to bring her fox shifter boyfriend Mac on the trip, meet Mac’s family, and, if all goes well, maybe even experience the Hunter’s Moon Festival. But as always with Sophie, things start to get odd in the town of Murias.   AmazonKU


VS note: Cliffhanger.

Mav – We hit her! Who the fuck was she running from? Two wolves, a vampire and a fae. Then those dreaded words, she’s not breathing. We‘ve come so close, I can’t lose her now before we reconnect. What does this mean for my child, the one I never knew existed? If she survives, how do I explain who she is, what her role is in the prophecy that could bring the end to all supernatural beings. Then there’s the four of them, how did she mate with them as well? They think they can keep her from me but they have another thing coming. Shay – Who are these men who claim to be my mates? They told me of a supernatural world, one I never knew existed. Apparently I should have, since I’m part of a prophecy that could end it all. But how can I do that if I can’t accept what they’re saying about who I truly am. Can I do it in time before he finds me? He only wants to ensure he stays in power.      Amazon KU



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What Is He To You Weekend Writing Warriors

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

I’m now taking excerpts from my recently published book in the award winning Badari Warriors series, REEDE’S MISSION TO THE SECTORS. It can be read as a standalone (mild spoilers for first book, REEDE.)

The excerpt: I’ve gone a short way into the book, when Reede’s ship has been intercepted by a Sectors Border Patrol vessel. Fallyn Damara is Reede’s human mate and a Sectors Survey Scout. The not so warm welcome-to-the-Sectors continues. Reede and Walt are in a guarded conference room and Fallyn is meeting the captain of the ship they’re on. The captain has just asked how many soldiers the Badari can put into the field.

Fallyn made an instant decision and felt the underpinnings of her career shake. “I don’t know, sir. I was taken to the island where the ship was hidden and there was only a minimal force there. Four or five men and a few human techs.” Strictly speaking the statement was true but she was leaving out the entire time she’d spent in Sanctuary Valley, where she’d observed several hundred Badari.

Captain Ballard raked her up and down with a highly critical eye and Fallyn stood unflinching under the scrutiny. “What is this envoy to you?”

“He’s my mate, sir.” She and Reede had decided not to try to hide their relationship, although truthfully she’d argued to keep it quiet but Reede refused to do anything involving even a for-show denial of their mate bond.

“So you’re sleeping with him. “ Now the captain was playing with his coffee mug. “I figured as much. I’d heard the Survey Corps played it fast and loose when it came to fraternization with the natives. There’ll be none of that on my ship. And I’ll be making a note in my report so be sure your own report is full and complete.”

“Mate is their term for a formal union, sir,” she said, stung by his contemptuous attitude. “Envoy Reede and I are committed for life now.”

“Which has no bearing on your status here in the Sectors, except for showing a shocking lack of discipline on your part.” He raised his thick eyebrows. “Unless of course you undertook intimate relations to ferret out classified intel?”

“Sir, Envoy Reede and I are partners.”

VS: But things go from bad to worse all too soon…


Reede’s people sent him to the Sectors on a desperate mission to beg for help against overwhelming odds in their battle to destroy the alien scientists who created them centuries ago. He knew the task wasn’t going to be easy but as a Badari Warrior, he vowed to do his best. When he’s arrested by the border patrol and thrown in the brig, things go from bad to worse. He faces difficult choices ahead and unimaginable obstacles to making his case to the authorities for help.

Fallyn is Reede’s human fated mate but also the active duty military scout who guided him to the Sectors from his own planet. Reede’s choices after his arrest put her in a difficult spot and his actions threaten their mate bond. Will she give up her career to help him and the Badari succeed in making a treaty with the Sectors?

The desperate attempt to find new allies takes Reede and Fallyn on a wild set of adventures across the sprawling interstellar Sectors civilization and places them, their friends and their love in harm’s way.

Amazon     Apple Books     Nook     Kobo     GooglePlay

Favorite Scene Friday WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM “Titanic in space…”

One in a continuing series of occasional posts talking about a personal favorite scene from each of my books. It may not be my most favorite scene, since that would probably involve spoilers, but I thought it might be fun.

My second published book was WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM, my take on “Titanic in space…”. I’ve always been fascinated by the Titanic’s sinking and of course being a scifi person, I wanted to write a version set in the far future, in space, on a luxury liner.

I have so many favorite scenes from this one but the first to come to mind is always the one where the ship has suffered a catastrophe and the hero, Nick Jameson, active duty Special Forces officer, forces his way out of his cabin to find mass chaos going on and no crew in sight. He steps in to get things organized and people to the lifeboats, of which there aren’t enough.

Another reason this scene immediately comes to mind for me is that it was my audition scene for audiobook narrators and when Michael Riffle did his audition, I knew from the first words “Back pressed against the half open door” that he was indeed my ‘Nick’. Michael and I had several great collaborations on audiobooks before I stopped doing them and he pursued other career paths (including being a drummer for a rock band!). Sadly audiobooks are very expensive to produce and don’t earn out, or turn a profit very quickly, plus there are other issues (aren’t there always?) so I gave up on making new ones.

But here’s the scene:

The portal opened sluggishly. He shoved past once there was enough space for his broad shoulders. Back pressed against the half-open door, he stood for a moment, assessing the current situation in the corridor. It now added up to pandemonium in any language. The alarms were continuing to blare, inciting some passengers to panic and immobilizing others. A prerecorded voice urged calm, in flat, female tones, speaking in a rapid rotation of Basic and the five other primary Sector languages.

No one was paying the slightest attention. People ran in both directions, shoving past each other. Some were half dressed, others were burdened with luggage. There were no crew members at all.

Frowning, he waded into the crowd, going to the left and staying as close to the wall as he could. Since a Special Forces team’s survival depended on familiarity with all aspects of their environment, Nick had noted the location of the nearest lifeboat portal relative to his cabin upon arrival the first day. Now he worked his way aft to get there.

With supreme – if sadly misplaced – confidence, the captain of the Nebula Dream had not seen fit to order a lifeboat drill in the first few days of the cruise, not even after the middle of the night engine anomaly. Lack of a drill, which was mandatory per the Interstellar Commerce Commission regulations, was adding to the panic, Nick had no doubt. Most had probably not even paid attention to the short holo on safety the Ship played on first entry in each cabin. Now the civilians were clueless, desperate, and those charged with responsibility for their safety were nowhere to be seen.

As he came up to the lifeboat portal, Nick was astounded to see the light flashing red, indicating the LB had been launched.  What the fuck? There couldn’t possibly have been time since the sirens came on to fully load and deploy a boat, even assuming a full complement of SMT crew had been standing by, waiting to usher passengers on board.

Continuing down the corridor, Nick wondered who took the LB, and how many people had managed to escape with it. He suspected he wouldn’t like the answers much, but he intended to find out, after this was all over. For an event of this magnitude, an ICC investigatory hearing was a foregone con­clusion.

The crowd increased in size, and the screams and yells became more specific, the closer he got to the next LB davit. Since Nick was a tall man, he could see over the heads of most of the crowd. Despite the fact the alarms had been raging for a good five minutes standard now, he could see the indicator light was green; this LB had not even been unlocked.

“No one’s boarded yet?” he said, half to himself.

“Two idiots up there, fighting over who gets on first, and neither one has a clue how to open the damn thing.” A stout woman in a garish pink and orange robe spun to face him, her voice disgusted but shaking, tears glistening in her eyes. “They wouldn’t listen, not to me or anyone. I watched the safety holo my first day on board, so I know how to open the portal, but would they let me try? No, they would not. I got out of the way when they started throwing punches.”

Nick wished for a squad of Space Marines or even one other Special Forces operator.  I could sort this out and get people loading. There was no time to waste. Disasters in space tended to be abrupt, over with in a violent moment. Whatever had happened to the Nebula Dream, it was nothing short of amazing they weren’t all dead already. Can’t push luck too far.

Dear Author Review:

Jayne at DA says, in part:

“…I was 4 chapters into this story when it dawned on me that I was lost in it and totally concentrating on this created world….The details of the doomed Titanic’s fate are cleverly re imagined in a space voyage…the tension builds, then recedes just a little, then increases, then is countered just a bit, then smacks the reader around some more before smacking the characters even worse. And then when I think this must be it, they’re safe, right? they aren’t. Safe that is….”

5 Star Review from Mark at The Masquerade Crew:

“What a rush!

After a little bit of set up, this story won’t let you go. It’s got action, adventure, and a dash of romance. It pays homage to it’s Titanic origins without being cheesy or overdone. The characters are not only believable but different from one another—like real people—which is sometimes hard to achieve. ”

Buy the Book:
Amazon     Apple Books  Barnes & Noble    Google Play   Kobo

Audiobook, narrated by Actor Michael Riffle – Available Now at Amazon and iTunes

The Story

Traveling unexpectedly aboard the luxury liner Nebula Dream on its maiden voyage across the galaxy, Sectors Special Forces Captain Nick Jameson is ready for ten relaxing days, and hoping to forget his last disastrous mission behind enemy lines. He figures he’ll gamble at the casino, take in the shows, maybe even have a shipboard fling with Mara Lyrae, the beautiful but reserved businesswoman he meets.

All his plans vaporize when the ship suffers a wreck of Titanic proportions. Captain and crew abandon ship, leaving the 8000 passengers stranded without enough lifeboats and drifting unarmed in enemy territory. Aided by Mara, Nick must find a way off the doomed ship for himself and several other innocent people before deadly enemy forces reach them or the ship’s malfunctioning engines finish ticking down to self destruction.

But can Nick conquer the demons from his past that tell him he’ll fail these innocent people just as he failed to save his Special Forces team? Will he outpace his own doubts to win this vital race against time?

VS: I wrote two sequels to the novel, following what happened to various survivors after the wreck. I did a lot of research on survivors of the actual Titanic disaster and how their lives went on.


The survivors of a terrible wreck meet again—but this time only one can survive.

The long-awaited sequel to The Wreck of the Nebula Dream

They survived an iconic spaceship wreck together. She never expected to see him again … especially not armed to kill her.

Twilka Zabour is an interstellar celebrity. She built on her notoriety as a carefree Socialite who survived the terrible wreck of the Nebula Dream, and launched a successful design house. But now the man who gave meaning to her life, then left her, is back–this time for the worst of reasons. Will he kill her … or help her survive?

D’nvannae Brother Khevan survived the Nebula Dream in the company of a lovely, warm woman, only to be pulled away from her, back into his solitary life in the service of the Red Lady.  Now Twilka’s within his reach again–for all the wrong reasons. Khevan will do everything within his power to discover why Twilka has been targeted for assassination, and to save her.

But Khevan is not Twilka’s only pursuer. Will allies Nick and Mara Jameson arrive in time to aid the couple, or will Khevan and Twilka’s ingenuity be all that stands between them and death?

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The three books are also available as a box set!

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New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for SEPT 21

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 

‘AB’ denotes audiobook and the Amazon buy link.



He hunted me. He captured me. Now he vows to make me his bride. For three years, I’ve been stuck on this alien planet. Three years of protecting my sister from the brutal Xorian Warlords. Three years, and I never considered what I’d do if one of them chose me. Now I belong to the fearsome leader of the Orakas desert tribe, but I’m not just his prisoner. I’m his Ezarri. His queen. And he says I will warm his bed each and every night.     Amazon KU


This grumpy soldier wants to guard her life, but she only wants to guard her heart. Jace’s glorious career as an Invicta warrior is cut short when he is assigned guard duty for a tiny alien baby. Just because he’s a glorified nanny for the frustratingly irresistible little bundle, doesn’t mean he has forgotten his duty. But when the baby’s adoptive mother shows up, his heart and libido are both thrown into a hurricane of need swirling around the little Terran. Susannah is leaving her home world to find peace and love by adopting a baby. She expects the two will live alone on the frontier, far from any man she could inadvertently fall for and harm with the curse that was placed on her years ago. When she finds out the achingly gorgeous and dead serious guard who delivered the baby will be living with them, she isn’t sure how she can resist their mutual attraction. When strange things begin to happen on her land, she and the burly warrior will have to work together to solve the mystery and keep baby Zeke safe. And every dangerous situation seems to wind her up in his arms.
Jace can tell she’s desperate to resist him. But his frantic need for her weighs more and more heavily on his heart. If they want to start a life together, this serious pair might have to find a way to lighten up.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Can a weary alien warrior and a wary human widow learn to love again? The life of a warrior is all Callum has ever known, but after a long, meaningless war he is tired of fighting. Instead, he chooses to accompany his brothers in arms to a new life on a backwater planet and finds an unexpected peace in the hard work of restoring their isolated ranch. When his former commander finds a bride amongst the human settlers nearby, he has no intention of following in his footsteps. He learned long ago that females could not be trusted – not even the deliciously curvy female with the sad eyes who haunts his dreams. Pearl married young – only to find out that the charming man she married was a monster behind closed doors. Although she stayed with him for the sake of her sister, now that he’s gone she has no intention of becoming involved with another male – not even the big, silent alien warrior who arouses long forgotten feelings. When Pearl is forced to go to Callum for help, the two of them are trapped together. Is the overwhelming attraction between them enough to overcome the wounds of the past? And will an unexpected enemy destroy any chance of a future together?      Amazon KU


If there’s something Ravenna Chastain knows, it’s when to end things. And after she almost winds up the victim of a cult that believes she’s a witch, it’s easy to walk away from her dead-end career, ready for a new start. But where to find a job that would allow her to use her very specialized skill set? The answer is clear: she becomes a matchmaker. But even a successful matchmaker can’t find someone for everyone, and Ravenna considers Ethan Sweetwater her first professional failure. After nine failed dates, Ravenna knows it’s time to cut Ethan loose. But Ethan refuses to be fired as a client—he needs one final date to a business function. Since Ravenna needs a date herself to a family event, they agree to a deal: she will be his (business) date if he will be her (fake) date to her grandparents’ anniversary celebration. What Ethan fails to mention is that attending the business function is a cover for some industrial espionage that he’s doing as a favor to the new Illusion Town Guild boss. Ravenna is happy to help, but their relationship gets even more complicated when things heat up—the chemistry between them is explosive, as explosive as the danger that’s stalking Ravenna. Lucky for her, Ethan isn’t just an engineer—he’s also a Sweetwater, and Sweetwaters are known for hunting down monsters.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


A WOMAN WHO SEES EVERYTHING . . .Few people know the name Vesper Quill. To most folks, I’m just a lowly lab rat who designs brewmakers and other household appliances in the research and development lab at the powerful Kent Corp. But when I point out a design flaw and a safety hazard in the new line of Kent Corp spaceships, everyone knows who I am—and wants to eliminate me. I might be a seer with a photographic memory, but I don’t see the trouble headed my way until it’s too late. Suddenly, I’m surrounded by enemies and fighting for my life. I don’t think things can get any worse until I meet Kyrion Caldaren, an arrogant Regal lord who insists that we have a connection, one that could be the death of us both. A MAN WHO CAN’T FORGET HIS PAST . . .The name Kyrion Caldaren strikes fear in the hearts of people across the Archipelago Galaxy. As the leader of the Arrows, the Imperium’s elite fighting force, I’m used to being a villain, as well as the personal assassin of Lord Callus Holloway. Even the wealthy Regals who live on the planet of Corios are afraid of me. But everything changes when I meet Vesper Quill. I might be a powerful psion with telepathic, telekinetic, and other abilities, but Vesper sees far too many of my secrets. Thanks to an arcane, unwanted quirk of psionic magic, the two of us are forced to work together to unravel a dangerous conspiracy and outwit the deadly enemies who want to bend us to their will.    Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


All Jo ever wanted was to support her coven and use her powers for good, but after she accidentally hurts a member of the clan, she goes into exile while trying to get a grip on her magic. Jo is convinced a little time away from the clan and her nemesis, Tibik, is just what she needs to hone her craft and clear her head. But she soon discovers that Niro’s caves are a bit too crowded for her liking. When Niro’s sister, Alu, shows up unexpectedly for dinner and offers her a place to stay in exchange for a spell that will rid her pet bird of an ancient spirit, Jo jumps at the chance to get a little more space. Not long after Jo arrives at Alu’s cottage, she learns that things are not what they seem, and she must stay in order to protect Alu from dangers that seem to lurk in every corner of the jungle surrounding her home. As Jo and Alu spend more time together, tensions rise, and it becomes harder for them to resist each other. The closer they become, the more they start to wonder if it’s just a crush, or a love that could send them to their knees.      Amazon KU


VS Note:  From AUG 5

A hundred teens. A thousand broken promises. A future built on lies. Fyve and Halo passed The Oasis Trials and boarded the promised ship, alongside a hundred teens carefully chosen by the mythical force known as Terra. They expect to sail to Tomorrow Land—a place where food is plentiful and opportunities abound. What they don’t expect is to meet Terra herself…As danger winds its way through the decaying ship, Fyve and Halo must try to put together the pieces of the most complex puzzle they’ve encountered yet. How is Terra managing to control things that can’t possibly be controlled? Why are people disappearing, and where are they being taken? And what’s in the secret section of the ship that Fyve and Halo were never meant to discover? As the search for tomorrow becomes a quest to make sense of today, Fyve and Halo will need to draw on their strengths to get one step ahead of a power who’s been manipulating them all along.     Amazon KU


Adrian Davis thought getting on a real-life, ‘beam me up, Scotty’, transport pad was adventure enough. Visiting her mother—and the Atlan beast her mom had chosen as a mate—on another planet? Setting foot in an Atlan prison? Completely crazy. Like totally, bat-shit, what-the-hell-was-she-doing-with-her-life crazy. She was supposed to spend a few days wandering around with her twin sister, seeing the sights, expanding her horizons. The trip was supposed to be a much needed break from the hectic schedule she was keeping in school. She was only nineteen. She had plans. Finish college. Medical school. Husband. House. Two-point-five perfect kids and a golden retriever named Buddy. All that changed with one roar of pain. She heard him. A beast. He was out of control, locked behind an impenetrable wall, alone. Suffering the agony of mating fever. Ready to die. Forsaken. Adrian can’t let him go. She will have to fight a centuries old system, warlords on another world, and the beast himself to get what she wants. To save him. To keep him for herself.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


He wakes with fire in his veins, and at first, that pain is all he knows. He is born of obsession, magic, and the storm raging above his creator’s laboratory. They tell him that his name is Davidson, or Davy Dearest, the beloved of the doctor who brought him back to life. He cannot speak when he wakes, but the doctor doesn’t seem to mind. Perhaps because it keeps him from saying that he doesn’t remember a life before waking up. Keeps him from saying that he doesn’t feel anything but fear for the doctor. But the doctor’s assistant, Gio, seems to understand. He’s always there to help, to reteach the things Davidson has forgotten with patience and kindness. But if he really is Davy, love of the doctor’s life, then why is he drawn more and more to the kind, quiet Gio? As clues from Davy Dearest’s life start to pile up, the picture they paint is more grim than he could have imagined, and it sets Davidson and Gio on a dangerous path to freedom and redemption. Lightning Born is an MM horror retelling of Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus, as part of the collaboration Monsters & Mayhem: An MM Horror Collection, adapting some of your favorite classic horror stories with an MM romance twist. It contains themes darker than the average Sam Burns book, including suicide, so take care and keep that in mind before you dive in!      Amazon KU

VEILED IN SHADOW: AN ALIEN MAFIA ROMANCE by Chloe Parker and Clarissa Bright

Can one human woman seduce the most powerful males in the galaxy? I’m about to find out. When the Aelyd mafia took my best friend, I decided to go looking for her. These aliens have been looking for brides – for vessels – and I know she must be in trouble. Now I’ve found myself entangled with three alien crimelords, all of whom want me as their mate. Keon, the Deviant Prince of the Ganivet Family. Atlas, the Ganivet Boss, known as the Untouchable Man. And Corvus, the stoic, deadly assassin playing them both. I’ll have to tread carefully to trap these men in my web, but I’ll do it using my wits, my charm, and my body. And hopefully I won’t get caught myself.    AmazonKU


Scaron – I go out on a hunting expedition and what do I return with? An alien female. I’d toss her out, but…she’s absurdly appealing to me. The longer I allow her to live on my ship, the less I want to kill her. With a looming showdown against our enemy to prepare for, the last thing I need is a female distracting me, but I cannot stay away and I would kill to protect her. Wyn – I’m stranded on this planet and captured by aliens who are battling against enemies who want to kill them for some healing liquid their living ship produces. How did I go from living a quiet life as a medical doctor to this? To top it off, their leader is a red-eyed, dagger-wielding male with a smirk that makes my knees weak and a kiss that sets me on fire. Is he my enemy or the best thing to ever strut into my life? When a terrible attack calls my medical skills into use, Scaron and I must work together to save the lives of his people and defend against an enemy that shocks me to my core. Humans know this planet better than I thought and it will take a united front of allies—who I thought were dead—to escape with our lives.      Amazon KU


From Captive to Consort and Chosen. Lord Teo’s love holds Raphael Lewis of the Mars Colony firmly, giving him everything he’s ever wanted – love, commitment, fidelity. Agreeing to convince the inhabitants of Ta’Kun to accept a compromise from the Chi’NoSa, Raphael is ready to do what he must to heal Ta’Kun, save the Ta’kunisi from destruction, and Lord Teo from disgrace. He did not know he would be repudiated, left defenseless and alone, only to be betrayed for being who he is and what he can give. Raphael’s life is held in the balance between love and loss. Will Teo save Raphael, or will their love become a sacrifice to the Chi’NoSa?      Amazon KU


Davinia – Sell over a million dollars of programmable hover vacs in a month, get a hefty commission check, and win an all-expenses paid trip to Ubaid Space Station. That’s the promise, and I deliver on my end of the bargain. What I get for my trouble is a “supervised” guided tour of the station, surrounded by other humans. I came for the extraterrestrial experience, not the poorly cooked chicken parmesan in the Earth-centric resort restaurant. So, who can blame me if I slip my leash by bribing the tour guide to let me escape yet another mind-numbingly boring museum trip? After an encounter with a gray alien lands me a hot tip on the best place to find excitement on this station, I end up in a bar in the most dangerous sector of the Leisure Ring. I also meet the extraterrestrial of my dreams—at least, he can be for the remainder of my vacation. Yes, he’s an Okihan, known as a “fox-man” to us humans, and yes, he looks very roguish, even with that super fluffy tail of his, but he reassures me that he’s not a pirate. He works for the Cosmic Syndicate, all official-like. He’s charming, rakish, and probably more than a little disreputable, and I might be playing in a much larger sandbox than I’m accustomed to, but I just can’t resist giving in to his flirtation. I came to Ubaid Space Station searching for adventure, and Suda Eran promises to take me on one, but I probably shouldn’t trust him, because the more time I spend with him, the more I realize that he’s already stealing my heart.   AmazonKU


VS Note: Not romance but an LGBTQ+ scifi release of note. Some re-release material mixed with new.

Spaceships, man-eating lesbian mermaids, swords, spears, demons, ghouls, thieves, hitchhikers, and life in the margins. Margaret Killjoy’s stories have appeared for years in the science fiction and fantasy magazines both major and indie. Here, we have collected the best previously published work along with brand new material. Ranging in theme and tone, these imaginative tales bring the reader on a wild and moving ride. They’ll encounter a hacker who programs drones to troll CEOs into quitting; a group of LARPers who decide to live as orcs in the burned forests of Oregon; queer, teen love in a death cult; the terraforming of a climate-changed Earth; polyamorous love on an anarchist tea farm during the apocalypse; and much more. Killjoy writes fearless, mind-expanding fiction that is redefining the genre.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Stone cold monsters have always ruled my world. And now one rules my heart. All my life, an inanimate stone gargoyle has stood watch over my tiny house. His eyes have watched me suffer as I carried the weight of others on my back. And now he has come to life. To kill those who have tormented me. Levias is a gargoyle who has heard my screams of anguish. He’ll do anything to keep me safe. Whether it’s slaughtering my enemies or hiding me away, he won’t hesitate. But there’s one thing he can’t take by force. It’s the one thing he wants more than anything. I know that it’s his anyway. He just needs to ask. And what is it? My heart.      Amazon KU


There are many complications a girl can encounter after a one night stand during a pleasure cruise…
Sleeping with the wrong guy is undoubtedly the most common.
I had no idea what I was doing, of course. Far from being an expert on relationships — casual or otherwise — I actually find the rules of engagement hugely challenging… which is probably how I managed to break them all. Consequence One: I came on too strong and my “moves” seduced an alien warrior into a marathon-level, forbidden horizontal tango that rocked my world to the point of exhaustion. Consequence Two: The scarred, brooding, and oh-so-gorgeous Bezarni warrior — Barrett No-last-names-thanks — then left before I woke up…So he could start his new job as my boss. It happens. I know. It would almost be manageable, except…There’s a war going on and Intergalactic Alliance regulations dictate that we can’t be together — which only complicates things further when fate and the universe have other very saucy ideas. Apparently that one glorious night bound us for life, and the side effects of being Barrett’s mate are terribly… inconvenient. Working under him is torture. All I want to do is get… well, under him. And he knows it — freakin’ telepathic stud. My only comfort is that our bond assures me he feels the same. Every time he lowers his guard to let me in, I know he’s determined to make a life with me regardless of the many obstacles we’ll face.  One epic night, we broke all the rules — and we’re going to have to keep breaking them, no matter the cost. Because I didn’t sleep with the wrong guy…I slept with Mr. Right.      Amazon KU


Commander AJ Norris volunteered to investigate a rogue general mining deadly minerals on Neodyma, expecting to find a civilization frozen in time. Humans who traveled through a portal from Earth millennia ago, taking their ancient way of life with them. She’s confident that with her advanced mental abilities she can handle the primitive inhabitants. Captured sneaking into General Tok’s mountain fortress, AJ discovers mind control doesn’t work on him or his guards. Tok locks her away with the other females in Petra, all of them prisoners in the Lyceum, a harem he provides for his men. But first she’ll be punished in the town square. Atlantean warrior Kaden is in Petra undercover. From the moment the general invites him to witness AJ’s punishment, he’s intrigued. Unlike the meek women in the Lyceum, she’s fearless, facing her sentence defiantly. When Tok gives AJ to him for the night, she tells Kaden a holographic partner has always satisfied her physical needs on Earth. He’s determined to introduce her to the thrill of being in the arms of a real man. Over time the rough warrior wins her respect – and awakens dark desires she never knew she had. Desires he satisfies, leaving her breathless and trembling. When she sees him with another female at the Lyceum, Kaden awakens other feelings she’s never experienced. Jealousy. And heartbreak. She trusted him with the truth about her mission. But can she trust him with her heart?     Amazon KU

MAX (CYBORG RANGERS SERIES BOOK 4) by Clarissa Lake and Christine Myers

Max Steele, a former cyborg marine ranger, returned to Earth with his team to restore law and order to the North American West. He is on his way to Northern California to take over securing order in the San Francisco megalopolis. Although he preferred his rural territory, he knew he wasn’t needed. Max considered himself socially repressed and was not looking forward to dealing with people in the urban ruins. He even worried he would put off his genetic mate if he ever found her. Falyn Wayne is running for her life from four men on her horse Argus. Max sees them from the air and decides to intervene, putting himself between the men and the fleeing woman. Sending them on their way, he finds Falyn standing over her downed horse with a pistol sobbing because it has broken its leg, and she needs to end his suffering. Max stops her, but as he approaches, Falyn shoots him.    AmazonKU


My dreams of marrying a hot alien came true— except the grumpy brute can’t stand me. I am the only one excited —okay, delighted— at finding myself married to a hulking, alien warlord. I’ve always been into scales and tails, and this big green beefcake is right up my alley. Except, he’s not into me. But I want my fun, and that’s the very least I can get out of this arranged marriage. I’m determined to get my way, and I’m sick of being ignored. When my grumpy husband leaves for the capital, I have an evil plan: stow away on his ship and wear him down with my sunny disposition. Except, he’s not going to the capital. He’s scoping out a secret base, and he is furious with me. But when the enemy Roth board our ship, endangering his mission and me, his grouchy front cracks. If we want to survive, he’ll have to realize there’s more to me than sunshine and rainbows. And I’ll have to figure out if I’m brave enough to give him what he wants: love.      Amazon KU

WRETCHED by Yolanda Olson and Emery LeeAnn

One day, we awoke to find that the world had stopped turning and the sky had turned to ash. The streets are quiet, and even the birds have stopped singing. It can’t be just us because we’ve lived through so many more horrors than anything that could possibly be outside of these walls. Being alone would be even crueler than still being with her. We know that there have to be more survivors.
We’ll find them because our supplies are running low. The world may be crumbling down around us, but we’ll do what’s necessary to go on. But how much consumption does it take before we finally free ourselves?      Amazon KU


Hero Chaser isn’t just the name of my signature cocktail, it’s my not so secret identity. While Vanguard City’s supers celebrate victories with a few drinks, I’m plotting conquests like a supervillain. Gotta love a man in nothing but a cape and utility belt. But my carefree life comes to a grinding halt when a huskular teleporter saves my life and has me reconsidering my policy about no second dates. Can one man really be my everything? Especially when I have to share him? I may not get the chance to find out. My boss decides to sell the bar to an arrogant super and there’s a new team of villains terrorizing the Ward. I’m gonna need a stiff drink if I’m gonna survive this. And maybe a stiff…

Amazon KU


I will do whatever it takes to get what I want…and what I want is to avoid going to jail on Earth. So when I learn that Vos Klavoii, the Alien Bride Games Administrator, has a secret he’ll do anything to keep, I decide I will use the information to blackmail my way into the Bride Lottery. Now I just have to find a Khanavai warrior who won’t ask too many questions before agreeing to marry me. The one thing I can’t afford to do is fall in love. If only that giant pink alien will quit snooping around, maybe I’ll be able to keep this con running long enough to get to Khanav Prime–and safety.     AmazonKU


Nin is huge, all-powerful, and determined to claim her. Rae worked for a bosshole at a marketing agency and survived an expensive and crappy divorce. Suddenly a light flashed, and not one but three alien men crashed in her backyard with a mission that both terrifies and intrigues her at the same time. Erion men will bond to their women forever. And once pair bonded, these men don’t let go. Taking her body and claiming her as his mate is not only a desire but his obligation and the only way to survive.


ENGINE NO 9: CLOCKWORK EMPIRE by Samantha Kane and Mari Freeman

VS Note: Steampunk. Not listed as a romance.

Jeremy Smith lost his arm when it was blown off by a scatterbomb in the battle at Antietam. Now he’s known as Ryder, and follows the telegrams across the West, sent blindly to him from desperate people hoping to find justice, or just someone who cares enough to help. Ryder’s got an iron clockwork arm, given to him during the war by the brilliant Mexican doctor Ferdinand Santos. Santos has built Mexico into a world power, controlling territory from Alaska all the way to South America.
Lucy Monroe is descended from an American president. She takes her heritage and her job as a secret agent in the Presidential Auxiliary Service very seriously. Lucy and her team are sent to Sierra Blanca, Texas with one mission: to make sure that Santos’s empire-building stops at the Rocky Mountains. And no one is going to get in her way. Ryder ends up in Sierra Blanca after he receives a mysterious telegram asking for his help. He has no idea who sent it, but somehow he lands right in the middle of a territorial tug-of-war between Santos and the U.S., which is still recovering from the war, just like Ryder is. Lucy doesn’t trust him, and he doesn’t trust her—or her crew of knife-wielding, gun-toting fake waitresses. His old commanding officer arrives in Sierra Blanca, now working for Santos, and dead bodies start piling up. The tensions are high and danger is always nearby, so why is it all he can think of is finding out where Lucy hides all those nifty weapons under her ever-changing disguises? He’s iron-arm deep in clockwork bad guys, murderous waitresses, an irresistible, cantankerous spy, English Navaho airship troopers, and a whole lot of scatterbombs. And he and Lucy are standing right in the center. Good thing they’re both armed and dangerous.

Amazon     Apple Books      Kobo


I was an omega—an anomaly in a world of betas. A throwback, or so the kindly doctor told me. Then she offered me a form of chemical sterilization to take away my ‘unnatural’ urges. I didn’t take her up on the offer, although I was too young to understand at the time. But I didn’t fit in and never would. Until I met William Bremmer and found a connection for the first time in my life. But fate had other plans, and catastrophic circumstances would send me to a primitive, uncivilized land outside the wall. A place I’d secretly fantasized about. A place where all the alphas lived. *Part one of a trilogy. Slow burn with a Cliffhanger ending. Content advisory for trilogy: Extremely dark, graphic content, mind-games and manipulation, SA, violence, and gore. Heroes in this book range from sweet to pitch black.      Amazon KU

UNREAL by Cindy Gunderson

VS Note: Not a romance but scifi with an interesting concept, I thought.

How do you save the world when you can’t see it? Earth was destroyed…In order to survive, some choose to join high-tech communities. Those who didn’t were left to fend for themselves on a hideous and decimated planet. Two separate worlds: the Real and the Unreal. Channel lives in the Unreal. Retinal implants create an augmented reality to hide what humanity did to Earth.
What if those implants are hiding something even more sinister than a ruined climate? What if everything she knows has been a lie? What if Channel’s coding skills are used to keep that deception and illusion alive? For the first time, the world will have a chance to know the truth – if Channel can survive long enough to figure out what is real…And how to save it.      AmazonKU     AB

BRONE by Kelsey Nicole Price

When the Global Allegiance terminated all Cyborgs, rumors were rampant that they still existed, either hidden away with wealthy collectors or—even more scandalous—part of the Cyborg Rebellion. Nara – How the heck had I ended up here? I’m a nerdy red headed scientist that wanted to spend her time figuring out a way to do what only Dr. Shaw had done so far-create cyborgs…spoiler alert-I did.
But all that accomplished was to put a target on my back and put the three newly created cyborgs I love in jeopardy. When the rebellion came knocking I decided to take my chances with them…with him. Brone. The biggest cyborg of them all. And he’s decided I’m his. Beneath his massive size and strength beats the heart of a sweet cyborg who flirts like he was designed for it. But I’m keeping secrets. Ones that could destroy the already battered and weary cyborg rebellion. I only wanted to keep my three cyborgs safe. And maybe have my first kiss with a certain Tank Class. Those chasing me will never stop. I refuse to allow anyone else I care for to get hurt. But what happens if the only choice I have left is to walk away? And can I really leave the rebellion, my cyborgs and the Tank Class I think I could call my own behind?…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)     Amazon KU


VS Note: Not a romance although the main characters are married, but an LGBTQ+ scifi release of note.

Kendra Cassidy thought that by toppling the Solarian Union she could end a bloody war she never wanted. But the Union of Artemis has risen from the ashes, bent on destroying the Terran Federation and slaughtering the rebels on Luna. Vasilia Newling has wiped out one of the four ruling Families, imprisoned another, and declared herself Empress. With a compliant and complicit First Councilor, there’s nobody left to rein in her ambition, or her bloodlust. When the United Earth Government turns against her, Kendra wishes nothing more than to forget it all and flee to the stars with her wife and children. But her allies, her friends, her ohana, need her on Earth, standing up for them. Now everyone Kendra loves is in the path of the firestorm, and she must decide who and what to sacrifice. Aided by her fellow dreamers, Kendra and her Terran Federation struggle to resist the looming threat of the Union. Plots, counterplots, espionage, treachery, all set against a backdrop of personal courage. Both sides know that there is no victory without cost, but who will pay the price?

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Regi and Dante landed on one of the Empire’s border planets while the exalteds try to understand the involvement of the gods. Regi’s people are xenophobic, so he’s determined that his crew will make a good impression. The alternative is unthinkable, especially with so many Kowri suggesting that the gods would rather see the outsiders dead rather than show them respect. Dante wants to avoid the brewing political fight. He has never enjoyed politics—not on Earth, much less around aliens he barely understands. Give him a stable and alien horses to learn to ride instead. But when a certain goddess of poisons is involved, he will be dragged into the conflict whether he wants to be there or not. With Dante’s life in danger, Regi cannot remain neutral. He won’t take a stand on the conflicts between the Coalition and the Empire, but for Dante he will challenge the universe itself.      Amazon     Apple Books      Kobo


Let the good times roll! That’s Ava Martin’s retirement plan at least, until gray aliens abduct her from the middle of the Nevada desert. In her hair rollers no less! Talk about a rude awakening for this UFO skeptic. And her sexy, winged rescuer is no help either; he’s more concerned about obeying orders. Seems like there’s only one way for her to get home—hijack his ship. All in the line of duty. The grays have been a burr in Captain Sovah Raptorclaw’s wing throughout his law-enforcement career, and now they have absconded with half his crew. If only the crazy stopped there. The stunning female he has rescued is from a planet he has never heard of, and she has him breaking every rule to keep her in his life. Together, Ava and Sovah must make a daring rescue, return a cow (and other Earthlings) home, and end the grays’ reign of terror. But, can they do it all without losing each other in the process?

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Of all the things that could have landed in her yard… it had to be him. For most people, finding a half-naked superbeing in their yard might be a dream come true. Unfortunately for Gracie Castro, it’s the exact opposite. Especially when he’s grouchy, rude, and shows no signs of leaving anytime soon.
But when a hero of mankind needs you, you do what you have to. Even if it compromises everything you know. And totally changes your life.      Amazon KU

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: Next on my backlist would be the spin off Badari Gladiators series and book one is KYDEN! I’always been fascinated by gladiators (think “Last Days of Pompeii” and Spartacus) but these are scifi gladiators!


Kyden is the top ranked gladiator in the Five Systems but he’s hardly there by choice. Unscrupulous guards faked his death in the lab where he was created and sold him into slavery in the galaxy’s hinterlands. He has no idea where his home is or how many years have passed since he was condemned to a life of endless combat. Kill or be killed is the rule and a Badari never gives up. He’ll fight to stay alive until the Badari goddess sees fit to decree his death.

Elara Vasclavian is the daughter of a senator, as far removed from the life of a gladiator as a noblewoman can be until through the machinations of a political enemy, she ends up in terrible jeopardy. Abducted and given to a group of drunken gladiators for their amusement the night before the games, Elara vows to put up a fight but there’s no real hope of saving herself. Until Kyden steps in, responding to the goddess’s commandment to protect those who are smaller and weaker. And discovers she’s his fated mate.

Rescued, Elara returns to her life of privilege but she can’t forget the man who saved her life. The gulf between their places in the Five Systems is unbridgeable, no matter how much Kyden longs for even a glimpse of her in the arena audience. No matter how much she feels the pull to be by his side. As matters stand, they cannot be together…Or can they?

KYDEN is the first book in a new series, spun off from my ongoing Badari Warriors series. Kyden is a Generation Five Badari whereas the main characters in the long running series are from a later time and are Generation Eight. This new series stands alone and you don’t have to have read any of the other books to enjoy this one. I couldn’t resist the temptation to tell a few other Badari stories, set in the galaxy’s Hinterlands, and who can resist gladiators?

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Framed for the grisly murder of his shellan, Kane is condemned to the notorious prison camp—unaware of the dark truth behind his arranged mating. Centuries later, when he is horribly burned while attempting to save others, he prays he’ll finally be reunited in the Fade with his mate…not knowing what revelations await him. Nadya is a self-taught nurse who does what she can to ease the suffering of the prisoners. When Kane comes under her care, she cannot help but empathize with his condition for very personal reasons—and as the guards take him away one last time, she fears he is facing a terrible death. After a daring rescue, Kane is offered a treatment that will change his very nature. Choosing life, for the time being, he goes back for the female who took such good care of him—but his duty to Nadya sets him on a collision course with his own past. When long-buried secrets are exposed, his self-destruction is inevitable…unless true love can save his soul.

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Skye Jamenson-Anderson knows the legacy she must live up to. She’s the daughter of warriors and the granddaughter of the late Alphas who sacrificed everything so their den could survive. Though she feels she doesn’t have a place in her Pack, she does everything in her power to keep them and their allies alive—including saving the Aspen Alpha. As Alpha of the Aspen Pack, Chase Leyne knows a thing or two about one’s legacy. He’s the son of a traitor and the most powerful wolf in his territory. He also knows without a doubt that Skye is not his mate. When the two decide to lean on another in every way possible, they both go in knowing nothing forever can come out of it. The enemy is stepping up their game and threaten the stability of the alliance forged in blood. With one bite, Chase and Skye’s world changes, and the one thing that is keeping them apart might be the only promise to save their Packs and their future.       AmazonKU      AB


The war didn’t start with us. But it’ll end with us. It’s time to return to Wraithwood Academy. The trial by fire of the Hells forged us all in new ways, but two things remain certain: I’ll have to face down my father. And when I do, my men will be standing by my side. The knight. The genius. The unlikely lord. The unlikely consigliere. And the only one who can take down a man who’s become a demon: a demon who struggles to become a man. The battle for our future has arrived.     AmazonKU


As soon as the universe offers you something good, it really likes to throw you a curveball. You know, for balance. Man, when were things going to calm down? Ha! Wishful thinking at its finest. After one of our many enemies makes a life-shattering move against us, Tae and I are running for our lives again. The witches are hot on our heels, adding to our myriad of problems. And the drama keeps on piling up. If it wasn’t for Tae Frost, billionaire vampire and my number one obsession, I couldn’t handle any of this. I’d have fallen apart ages ago, handing myself over to the shadows. And there are so many shadows, so many players in this damn game. The lines are blurring, trust a rare commodity nowadays. One day we’ll catch a break, get the chance to kick back and enjoy this thing blooming between us. What did I just say about wishful thinking?      Amazon KU


He’d replaced his childhood ghosts with a lovably neurotic family. The shadows that chased him were finally laid to rest. He’d adopted a son and was about to marry the girl of his dreams. So why did he keep waiting for the other shoe to drop? Probably because it always does. After a prison break from the heart of the Privy Council, the supernatural community is shaken to the core. Despite Carter’s insistence that everything is business as usual, agents are still being targeted, Barnes’ forces are growing, and it’s impossible to know who to trust. In the days leading up to his wedding, Gabriel finds himself questioning all kinds of things he’d believed to be certain. Can a person with his history make a decent father? Can he learn to operate within the same ethical boundaries as the others? Will his compass ever point true north, or will it always be a little skewed? Sometimes happily ever after is only the beginning.     Amazon     Kobo


As the only vampire ever born, and the daughter of two very powerful Chicago vampires, Elisa Sullivan knew her life was going to be…unusual. But she wanted to make her own way in the world, preferably away from her famous family. Then supernatural politics—and perhaps a bit of destiny—intervened, and Elisa had to steady her nerves and sharpen her steel to fight for the city of Chicago. Luckily, Connor Keene, son of the North American Central Pack’s Apex wolf, is right by her side. When Elisa and her Ombudsman colleagues agree to escort a vulnerable supernatural to Chicago, they inadvertently set in motion a scheme of long-awaited magical vengeance. The city may pay an arcane price it can’t afford unless Elisa and her allies rise to the challenge.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Hey, you! Yes, you. Dear Reader, I’m firmly entrenched in a fresh hell. Though it pains me to ask: I need your help. Once upon a time, I was a normal (if sullen) teenage girl. Now, I’m the Queen of freaking Hearts (long story). Like Alice, like those old books, like Wonderland.  Only … this isn’t Wonderland just yet. I’m ruling a nightmare kingdom known as Underland, full of magic, mystery, and some seriously fucked-up baddies. At least I have nine gorgeous husbands (with nine gorgeous … uh, staffs) to rule beside me. But four warring kingdoms, tea laced with hallucinogens, pissed-off angels, and a vampire cult? I’m going to need all the help I can get. That, and a crash course on how to be married to nine dudes. Mad Hatter, March Hare, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, the Duke, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Caterpillar, and the King of Hearts. Wrap your mind around all of those weirdos escorting you to balls, buying you swords, killing assassins trying to gun you down in the market. Yeah, my life is weird, but I own it. I’m here to rule, to make change, to bring prosperity. There are many kings in Underland; there’s only room for one queen.      Amazon KU

FALLING FOR EROS (HELISH BOOK 15) by Charity Parkerson

A bored god meets a bitter human. Love is in the air. When Sean’s grown twins rope him into being their sober driver for the night, Sean is at his lowest. He’s trapped at a college rager and done with everything. Then he sees him and nothing else matters anymore. Himeros only planned to pop down to Earth for one night. Sometimes, the heavens bored him. He never expected to find his fate at a human house party, but there’s no denying what he feels when he spots Sean. Now all he has to do is convince Sean to take a chance on him. That’s nowhere near as easy as it sounds, especially since Eros looks more than half Sean’s age and an ugly divorce has soured Sean’s view of relationships. Luckily, Eros has the power of the universe on his side. That still might not be enough. Falling for Eros is a short addition to Charity Parkerson’s Hellish series, where vampires, werewolves, demons, gods, and all manner of the supernatural live together beneath the noses of humankind. These books are best when read in order.      Amazon KU


A thrall is supposed to be a grateful, willing servant, and constant source for their Vampyre Lord. I am not willing and I despise being in his presence. The days have blurred together ever since he forced his blood down my throat. This is supposed to be illegal in society, but the laws don’t apply to the Vampyre King. It doesn’t matter how much I fight him off and refuse to bend to his will despite his blood running through my veins–it only makes him want me more. Apparently I’m an anomaly. No one has ever refused the call of a Vampyre’s blood. I try to keep my hope alive that someone will step in and right the wrongs of my injustice…But no one does.  There’s nothing I can do to escape this misery. I’m paraded around in front of the King’s Lords at a banquet, freely offered as a source to whoever wants a taste. Until Vampyre Lords from distant lands threaten a war for my release from captivity. While I should fear them, I find myself drawn to them instead. They light the spark of hope within my soul that I thought was long extinguished. Perhaps this isn’t always how my life will be. Perhaps I’ll find my freedom.       Amazon KU


When the moon is high and hearts are prowling, it’s SHIFTER TIME! 16 of your favorite paranormal romance authors bring you stories of fated mates, passionate kisses, and wild loves that last a lifetime—and beyond. From single dad to second-chance loves to “no way in heck!” rejected mates or enemies to lovers, come fly with the dragons and howl with the wolves.      Amazon KU


She shoved him away once, but this Tiger won’t be denied….Every year the Island Stripe Pride hosts a gathering for the other local Shifter groups at their mountain resort in upstate New York. Pride Enforcer Carter Marrow has been asked to organize the enormous event to ensure everything goes harmoniously. When the catering company pulls out, he must find a replacement chef. But there’s only one capable of pulling off that kind of job last minute. And she hates his guts. Antonia Casabella is the one woman in the entire world he swore he’d never speak to again. Is he willing to swallow his pride for the sake of the gathering? Toni spent her youth wasting away the days with the local Tigers in the area. Living near the Island Stripe Mountain Resort, what else was there to do? Though rare in the supernatural world for prey to mix with predator, as the years rolled by Toni found herself wishing to be more than friends with one particular Tiger. Denying her heart was difficult, but she’d had no choice for her father’s sake. After he passed, Toni refused to find a mate among her Flock, finding an outlet for her grief in her work. When Carter suddenly appears looking to hire her for a special event at the resort, she is intrigued. Can this Bunny hold her own against a group of less than friendly Big Cats?

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When Markov finds himself in a life and death situation, can the man who rejected him be his true saviour? Markov Thalassa is stubborn, however even he has his limits when it comes to being rejected. When his brothers need help he contacts the one man he believes can, Cassius his old Shadow Commander. Only things backfire and Markov leaves the security of his family and his ex-teammates, heading straight into the clutches of evil on a quest to help find missing dragon eggs. Shadow Commander, Cassius hides a secret. A secret so big that it means he has to reject his fated mate. Then he finds out his mate is in danger and must make some decisions that could jeopardize everything he works so hard to protect. His world falls apart while he searches for Markov and now he has nothing to lose. But is it too late for forgiveness as the two men fight against the clock to figure out how to keep the Thalassa’s growing family safe from Andromeda – the worst kind of evil. Markov is a paranormal gay romance, with a hard-headed shark who struggles to share and a kraken who decides to shake things up. This is the fourth book in the Tangled Tentacles Series. Each book in this series will deal with a new couple, so while the HEA is guaranteed, the epilogue for each book will lead into the next title.     Amazon     Kobo


Click, Scatter and Walter are being sued by a client for ridding him of a demon possession. Huh? Seems like that would be a good thing, but apparently not. Click enlists her dark witch sister Kayla to represent them. But what’s in it for Kayla? If she wins the lawsuit for them, Click must give up her magic. If she doesn’t win, Kayla must hand over her dark powers. Sounds like Click is going to lose one way or the other. But when a dead body turns up and demon boards are all the rage, this case gets turned on its head.      Amazon KU


He can have my body but never my heart. Sold into a life of subjection, my fate has never been mine to control. I’m a princess in name only, a pawn to be sacrificed when it serves the crown. As word of a coming war spreads throughout the land, the king contracts with a man whose brutal reputation surpasses those coming for the throne. The brute agrees to defend the kingdom, but at a steep price–me. While our union will ensure the safety of my people, I’m not certain of my own. It is rumored that peace and mercy are not familiar words to the man I’m to marry-a man with an angry golden gaze that follows my every move. Against all odds, I find myself drawn to him even as he seems determined to forget I exist. However, the more secrets I unearth, the more my terror grows…not of him…but of what I am willing to become in order to be exactly what he needs: a queen.

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MINERVA – While I prefer simple magics, and hide my more deadly skills, I can defend myself. My gift, shield magic, makes me impervious to dark magic, so my coven sent me to determine what evil lurks inside the Kent coven in the town of Maidstone. I’m to stay with a trusted nonmagical apothecary who has petitioned for entry to the Witches of Windsor. Jonah Allen lives outside of Maidstone. I’ll be safe at his home. I expect to find a bookish man bent over his concoctions, but instead, I find a hulking bear of a man who stimulates more than my intellect…JONAH – Though born to a powerful witch, I have no practical magic. Forced from my birth coven, I use my knowledge of medicines in nature as an apothecary, but living among ordinary people is a foreign, lonely existence. I’ve heard the Windsor coven is more open-minded about membership, and I have nothing to lose by requesting admission. Windsor sends a powerful witch to stay with me while she investigates the local coven. One look at Minerva Honeywell shatters everything I thought I knew about witches. She’s kind and thoughtful, and I’m under her spell from the start. My future in her coven—and in her life—depend on us finding the source of dark magic and keeping it far from Windsor and the king.

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The foreseen four happened. Both “prince” and “mouse” survived the 19th. Now everyone knows Georg’s more than a six-nine (rounded up) scarred cooking mage. He’s a deadly warrior who knows how to use the magickal sword gifted to him by Saint Brunhilde of the Blade. The story about Lord Mouse using parchment magick in the ballroom battle is ridiculous, but he’s the only one with the power to stop the conspirators from draining the magick out of the Gunpowder Treaty. The conspirators’ to-do list for 24 July is therefore focused: (1) Kill Lord Mouse; (2) avoid the Prince; (3) avoid any and all saints, and (4) ensure no more dancing! One last visit to our world of magick and technology, in which there’s a most unusual meeting in the Swiss embassy, a subterfuge goes tragically awry, the Senior Mage takes a train trip carrying a box of Vienna’s finest chocolates, two meetings happen on a theme of “You want me to do what?”, objectivity gets defenestrated whilst planning to stop the murder of Mouse, but it has to be revived and brought back to the meeting; a pair of press releases causes much fuss and furor; a shadow-walker (check the O.M.I. pamphlet if you don’t recall) earns his pay; the future gets fogged again; a series of meetings on a theme of “You can’t be serious” happens; a vase is murdered; and three men risk everything to end the conspiracy once and for all. Plus a glorious HEA with parties all over the hundred-plus islands of the Earldom, celebrating the shared birthday of Georg and David. And a very private and personal HEA for our heroes, the day before, at the Earl-Consort’s vacation home on the Jamaican Sea. You know. The one with the well-warded, no spying or scrying allowed, nude beach, where a Mouse might consort with a Consort.

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Fae Warrior Prince Axel has defeated many flesh and blood demons, but not the darkness haunting his past. His grim memories besiege him whenever Valentine’s fangs get too close to his neck. Which is often, since the vampiress’ iron self-control melts under the alluring call of Axel’s blood. He tempts her as no one has before. So the enemies-turned-friends-and-almost-lovers cling to apprehension-fueled restraint to avoid acknowledging their unstoppable soul-bond. Until their most feared enemy returns to shatter them both, and unleash Valentine’s most savage, lethal side. Driven by pain, Valentine is closer than ever to losing herself under the torment of the beast that made her a monster. But Axel won’t give up on Valentine so easily, not after they have bled and fought for each other. He will use his most forbidden powers to defeat the beast seeking to break Valentine. No one hurts Axel’s soulmate and gets away with it.      Amazon KU


Now that I’m free, I’ll never be coddled again. Even if the smoking hot werewolf king thinks coddling is perfectly acceptable. Because something’s hunting humans in my city. Something that kills like a werewolf, but displays those kills publicly–as if taunting the authorities. Thanks to my spiffy new agreement with the police, it’s my job to figure out just what that something is. But whoever is hunting the good citizens of Durham is also taunting me. When my investigation takes me to the local werewolf pack–and the overprotective male in charge–I know I’m in trouble. Can I solve these murders without losing my freedom… or my life? Or will the creature make me regret ever thinking I was strong enough to be out in the world alone?      Amazon KU

BONE WEAVER by Aden Polydoros

The Kosa empire roils in tension, on the verge of being torn apart by a proletarian revolution between magic-endowed elites and the superstitious lower class, but seventeen-year-old Toma lives blissfully disconnected from the conflict in the empire with her adoptive family of benevolent undead. When she meets Vanya, a charming commoner branded as a witch by his own neighbors, and the dethroned Tsar Mikhail himself, the unlikely trio bonds over trying to restore Mikhail’s magic and protect the empire from the revolutionary leader, Koschei, whose forces have stolen the castle. Vanya has his magic, and Mikhail has his title, but if Toma can’t dig deep and find her power in time, all of their lives will be at Koschei’s mercy.

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Sydney Coleman has it all—until she doesn’t. Fate turns her world upside down and sends her running to a tiny town in Maine. She hopes to make the best of her fresh start, but the powers that be aren’t quite finished…No sooner does she launch her bed and breakfast, than a trio of ghosts oppose her at every turn. They insist she solve the murder of their mistress, but Sydney is desperate for cash. If she can’t book some guests fast, her haunted mansion is utterly doomed. Will Sydney solve the murder and save the manor, or will the mansion claim another life?

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Sydney Coleman is coexisting with her ghostly roommates. But if she hopes to keep the Gothic manor, she has to bring in some cash. Charging for haunted Halloween tours could save them, if it doesn’t kill her first…It’s a pity she didn’t listen when the lordly feline warned her not to toy with the spellbook. Now Sydney’s reliving the same day over and over—and every loop ends with a corpse on the floor and her in handcuffs. Can Sydney unravel the confusing clues, or will time run out?

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A mountain lion, a motorcycle club, and a gut-wrenching tragedy…Melanie Fitzpatrick made a mistake. One that could cost her life and the lives of those she loves. But how was she supposed to know pursuing an adventure with her human biker lover would end in tragedy? Now that she’s all grown up, all she’d wanted was let her inner lioness out to roam. Tate Masterson, the biker known as “Bones,” lives a double life made even more complicated by his love for his now-deceased brother’s woman, Melanie Fitzpatrick. By the Club’s code of ethics, Melanie is totally off limits. So if Bones falls to temptation, he could lose more than just his place within the brotherhood. He could actually lose his life. But while Melanie and Bones are busy worrying that their love is forbidden and deadly in his world, they forget to watch their backs for the danger coming from hers. It turns out, the threats against the Fitzpatricks didn’t end in the barn fire. They’re only now just heating up.   AmazonKU


Beneath the waters by the islands of Gelle-Geu, a star sleeps restlessly. The celebrated new starkeeper Ranra Kekeri, who is preoccupied by the increasing tremors, confronts the problems left behind by her predecessor. Meanwhile, the poet Erígra Lilún, who merely wants to be left alone, is repeatedly asked by their ancestor Semberí to take over the starkeeping helm. Semberí insists upon telling Lilún mysterious tales of the deliverance of the stars by the goddess Bird. When Ranra and Lilún meet, sparks begin to fly. An unforeseen configuration of their magical deepnames illuminates the trouble under the tides. For Ranra and Lilún, their story is just beginning; for the people of Gelle-Geu, it may well be too late to save their home. About the Birdverse: The Birdverse is the creation of fantasy author R. B. Lemberg. It is a complex, culturally diverse world, with a range of LGBTQIA characters and different family configurations. Named after its deity, Bird, Birdverse shorter works have been nominated for the Nebula, Hugo, Tiptree award, and Rhysling awards.      Amazon     Kobo


NO BLURB      Amazon KU

NYMPH’S STORM (PURPLE OASIS BOOK 6) by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape

Weather witch Eva is no stranger to being needed, and she expects no different from her arrival at Purple Oasis. Ford has always preferred trees to people, and now there’s a pretty witch in his field who seems to be getting under his skin at every turn. When a storm comes, the two of them have to figure out how to work together, and uncover something growing between them that neither of them thought was possible.

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The time has come for Ani and Nik to learn about curses…but can they stay out of trouble while doing it? Creator Of The Curse is book 6 in the Apprentice Of Anubis series, a modern fantasy set in an alternative version of London where the Egyptian Empire never fell. It includes a slow burn friends to lovers m/f romance, and a dose of mythology.

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Once upon a time . . . happily ever after turned out differently than expected. In this new, feminist, queer fairy-tale collection, you’ll find the princesses, mermaids, knights, barmaids, children, and wise old women who have been forced to sit on the sidelines in classic stories taking center stage. A gorgeous all-new collection in graphic novel format from a Stonewall Honor-winning author and artist. What if the giant who abducted you was actually thoughtful and kind? What if you didn’t want to marry your handsome, popular, but cold-inside suitor? What if your one true love has all the responsibilities that come with running a kingdom? Award-winning author Melanie Gillman’s phenomenal colored-pencil art creates another “ever after” for the characters who are most worthy of it.

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Escape or die—Larkwood Academy isn’t for the weak. When I first arrived at Larkwood Academy, I was sure someone would rescue me. After months here at the mercy of the guards, the other residents and even the warden, I’ve realized the only person who can save me is myself. In order to escape, I’ve teamed up with three other shades—Wade, a young and carefree void, Knox, an incubus afraid of his own powers and Brax, a berserker who seems to hate me as much as he wants me. Meanwhile, we have to hide our plans from Deacon, a guard who isn’t quite human or shade, and Kit, an adjunct professor with a terrifying power and far too much connection to the warden. Even as I uncover the truths behind the secretive and dangerous North Tower, as the warden takes an ever-increasing interest in me and my powers and as I search desperately for a way out, I realize I’m out of options. Escape or die, and I’m not ready to die.      Amazon KU


VS Note: Also listed in Erotica.

Bears are solitary creatures. Always have been, always will be. So then why is he so drawn to her? Even from a young age, Owen knew his future would be a mostly solitary existence with a few brief encounters, one of which might one day result in a cub he would never watch grow and would never bond with. He’s not a wolf shifter with their fated mates and pack mentality. He’s a bear, and bears live alone. But when he first smells Cordelia during his monthly trip to town, every part of his being craves her, craves her attention and craves keeping her all to himself. He won’t share, something entirely against his nature, but it seems she’s doing a lot to change his very nature. But time is short, and life happens fast, so with winter approaching…She’s perfect. She’s absolutely perfect. From her thick thighs to full chest to belly made for bearing his cubs, she’s perfect. And when the opportunity to keep her comes along…She takes it, and Owen? Well, he’s just a bear doing bear stuff. Like chasing every last drop of honey.      Amazon KU


VS Note: This book doesn’t seem to contain a paranormal element although others in the series do.

I’m tired of living alone. Tired of nothing but the trees keeping me company. There are reasons I live the way I do. Reasons that I broke up with my fiancé – the love of my life – and that I stay on this mountain away from everyone and everything. But one email is about to change it all. I’ve been invited to a secret auction where I can bid on a virgin wife. I have no interest in accepting the invitation until I find out my ex fiancé is one of the women. Can I stand by why other men bid on her? No way. But the fact remains, I’m not the same man I was before the accident. I have to save her… but then I’ll let her go. Until I see her lit up on stage and everything changes. I won’t be letting her go… I’ll do whatever to make her want to stay. The series where the Highest Bidder always wins. Welcome to a one-of-a-kind Auction House where humans, shifters, and aliens bid on love. These ultra-rich men are ready to bring home their virgin prizes. Are you ready to join in and wish you were the one on the auction block?      AmazonKU


VS Note: A re-release “newly revised and edited.”

Farleigh is just an orphanage. At least, that’s what the church would have the people believe, but beautiful orphans Nox and fae-touched Amaris know better. They are commodities for sale, available for purchase by the highest bidder. So when the madame of a notorious brothel in a far-off city offers a king’s ransom to purchase Amaris, Nox ends up taking her place — while Amaris is drawn away to the mountains, home of mysterious assassins. Even as they take up new lives and identities, Nox and Amaris never forget one thing: they will stop at nothing to reunite. But the threat of war looms overhead, and the two are inevitably swept into a conflict between human and fae, magic and mundane. With strange new alliances, untested powers, and a bond that neither time nor distance could possibly break, the fate of the realms lies in the hands of two orphans — and the love they hold for each other.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Zora is a necromancer. Some say she’s gifted, others say she’s cursed, but her abilities always terrify her. Hoping to start a new life, she flees her childhood home and travels to Savannah, but she soon learns that some things can’t be changed. There, she meets an alluring and powerful witch named Birdie. She offers Zora a proposition: she’ll give Zora a place to stay, a job dancing at a magical burlesque club called Nightingale’s, and help controlling her powers if Zora can solve her lover’s murder. Zora accepts Birdie’s offer and is soon drawn into the magical community of Savannah, where rituals and magical fights are performed in grand old homes, potions can make people float on air, and three magical houses vie for dominance. As she tries to put the pieces together and solve the murder, Zora gets caught in the sight of the very forces responsible for the killing. Can she rise up and learn to control her powers and solve the murder or will her fears cause her to lose it all?   Amazon


Lachlan – I was supposed to be a brutal and ruthless ruler of my dragon shifter clan, but I’ve defied the odds to become a calm male who thinks before he acts. I rule my small town fairly, without the bloodshed. The only time I acted with the same selfishness of my parents was when I selected my mate. And for the last four years, I’ve worried I ruined her life. I want to do better, but I don’t know how, and if I don’t figure it out, she’ll be gone. Indy – I know Lachlan didn’t grow up like me. He didn’t have a loving, supportive, and completely smothering family to dote on him. But when he announced he wanted me to be his, I was elated. I had high hopes. And then we just…existed together. A female dragon shifter is rarely short of pride, but if Lachlan doesn’t talk to me, I can’t picture a second chance for us. And when someone tries to kills me, I worry we won’t be able to try.   AmazonKU

THE KISS CURSE: A NOVEL by Erin Sterling

Gwyn Jones is perfectly happy with her life in Graves Glen. She, her mom, and her cousin have formed a new and powerful coven; she’s running a successful witchcraft shop, Something Wicked; and she’s started mentoring some of the younger witches in town. As Halloween approaches, there’s only one problem—Llewellyn “Wells” Penhallow. Wells has come to Graves Glen to re-establish his family’s connection to the town they founded as well as to make a new life for himself after years of being the dutiful son in Wales. When he opens up a shop of his own, Penhallow’s, just across the street from Something Wicked, he quickly learns he’s gotten more than he bargained for in going up against Gwyn. When their professional competition leads to a very personal—and very hot—kiss, both Wells and Gwyn are determined to stay away from each other, convinced the kiss was just a magical fluke. But when a mysterious new coven of witches come to town and Gwyn’s powers begin fading, she and Wells must work together to figure out just what these new witches want and how to restore Gwyn’s magic before it’s too late.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


IN THE BEGINNING, MAN WAS PREY  – WITHOUT THE GODS, THEY’LL BE PREY AGAIN The old gods have fled, and the monsters they had kept at bay for centuries now threaten to drown the city of Valentine, hunting mankind as in ancient times. In the midst of the chaos, a serial killer has begun ritually sacrificing victims, their bodies strewn throughout the city. Lilac Antonis wants to stop the impending destruction of her city by summoning her mother, a blood god—even if she has to slit a few throats to do it. But evading her lover Arcadia and her friends means sneaking, lying, and even spilling the blood of people she loves. Alex and Cecil of Ace Investigations have been tasked with hunting down the killer, but as they close in—not knowing they’re hunting their close friend Lilac—the detectives realize the gods may not have left willingly. As flooding drags this city of cars and neon screaming into the jaws of sea demons and Arcadia struggles to save the people as captain of the evacuation team, Lilac’s ritual killings at last bear fruit, only to reveal her as a small piece in a larger plan. The gods’ protection costs far more than anyone has ever known, and Alex and Cecil are running out of time to discover the true culprit behind the gods’ disappearance before an ancient divine murder plot destroys them all. Set in an alternate reality which updates mythology to near-modern day, No Gods For Drowning is part dark fantasy, part noir detective story, and unlike anything you’ve read before, from an author whose imagination knows no boundaries.     Amazon     Kobo

DAPHNE by Josh Malerman

It’s the last summer for Kit Lamb: The last summer before college. The last summer with her high school basketball team, and with Dana, her best friend. The last summer before her life begins. But the night before the big game, one of the players tells a ghost story about Daphne, a girl who went to their school many years ago and died under mysterious circumstances. Some say she was murdered, others that she died by her own hand. And some say that Daphne is a murderer herself. They also say that Daphne is still out there, obsessed with revenge, and will appear to kill again anytime someone thinks about her. After Kit hears the story, her teammates vanish, one by one, and Kit begins to suspect that the stories about Daphne are real . . . and to fear that her own mind is conjuring the killer. Now it’s a race against time as Kit searches for the truth behind the legend and learns to face her own fears—before the summer of her lifetime becomes the last summer of her life.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


What will they sacrifice to save their kingdom? Their honor? Their love? Their lives? Tessa Cade has gone from masked outlaw to palace advisor, but even with her newfound power, she can’t stop the sickness still raging. And the kingdom’s supply of Moonflower elixir dwindles all the while. Prince Corrick is trying to find a new way to lead, but it isn’t easy to repair the rift between the royals and the people–or the one growing between himself and Tessa. When an emissary from a neighboring kingdom arrives with an intriguing offer, Tessa and Corrick set out on an uncertain journey to find a new source of the lifesaving elixir. But with tensions brewing on deck and the sea swirling below, Tessa and Corrick must decide who they can trust–including each other. But they’re shocked to discover that a craven betrayal may be much closer than they think.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Leviathan Fitness is the favorite place of monsters, muscles, and a tentacled creature who can seduce even the hardest to win over human. When local police chief Reece Rollins decides to sign up for a triathlon– there are two things holding him back. One, his distaste for monsters. Two, his sub-par swimming skills. At the urging of his sister’s wolven mate, Reece joins Leviathan Fitness to train in the gym’s olympic size swimming pool. After running into Reece at the pool, Cyrus offers to help Reece get ready to win the race. New feelings arise from the depths as Reece and Cyrus learn that monsters and humans go together, tentacle in hand. The only question is- can these two hold on to their new found love despite their differences?     Amazon KU


Give in to this irresistible paranormal romance anthology filled with tales of the mortal and the monstrous. In Eternally Yours, fifteen of today’s bestselling writers explore love in its many forms . . .
Contributors include Kalynn Bayron, Kendare Blake, Kat Cho, Melissa de la Cruz, Hafsah Faizal, Sarah Gailey, Chloe Gong, Alexis Henderson, Adib Khorram, Anna-Marie McLemore, Casey McQuiston, Sandhya Menon, Akshaya Raman, Marie Rutkoski, and Julian Winters. Vampires and merpeople, angels and demons—the stories in this anthology imagine worlds where the only thing more powerful than the supernatural, is love. A girl in a graveyard goes on an unexpected date, a shipwrecked sailor makes a connection on a forbidden island, a piano melody summons a soul mate. Creatures of folktales and legend, of land and sea, of centuries past and life after life, all wrapped into one spellbinding compendium. Once you sink into its pages, it’ll never let you go.

Amazon      AB      Apple Books     Kobo


Erin hasn’t been able to set a single boundary with her charismatic but reckless college ex-boyfriend, Silas. When he asks her to bail him out of rehab—again—she knows she needs to cut him off. But days after he gets out, Silas turns up dead of an overdose in their hometown of Richmond, Virginia, and Erin’s world falls apart. Then a friend tells her about Ghost, a new drug that allows users to see the dead. Wanna get haunted? he asks. Grieving and desperate for closure with Silas, Erin agrees to a pill-popping “séance.” But the drug has unfathomable side effects—and once you take it, you can never go back.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


In the wake of her mother’s passing, Layla Hurley unexpectedly reconnects with her mother’s sisters, women she hasn’t been allowed to speak to, or of, in years. Her aunts reveal to Layla that a Gullah-Geechee island off the shore of South Carolina now belongs to her. As Layla digs deeper into her mother’s past and the mysterious island’s history, she discovers that the terrifying nightmares that have plagued her throughout her life and tainted her relationship with her mother and all of her family, is actually a power passed down through generations of her Gullah ancestors. She is a Dreamwalker, able to inhabit the dreams of others—and to manipulate them. As Layla uncovers increasingly dark secrets about her family’s past, she finds herself thrust into the center of a potentially deadly, decades-old feud fought in the dark corridor of dreams.

Amazon     AB     Apple Books    Kobo


Alistair Lennox is disagreeable. Isolated and miserable, with parents who don’t care about him, his life has been equal parts privilege and loneliness. But when his parents die, his life is turned upside down. In order to gain his inheritance, Alistair is forced to attend a college he’s never heard of – for good reason. Misselthwaite College is a school for the magically gifted. Alistair has no magical gifts – unless being magically inept counts. What were his parents thinking? And what is the mysterious affliction plaguing William Carlisle, the affluent and arrogant heir to Misselthwaite? Is there a connection to the strange key Alistair discovers in a book, the stranger noises in the night, and, strangest of all, the multiple men who desire his friendship? Misselthwaite has no end of secrets. But if being disagreeable is good for anything, it’s for getting to the bottom of mysteries.   AmazonKU


When teenager Janet Ravenscroft is rescued from the night time streets of downtown Inverness by a mysterious man on a black motorbike, little does she imagine what lies in store. How could she know that this man holds the key to the mysteries that have plagued her life: her mixed heritage, her father’s casual cruelty, her mother’s absence, her sense that she’s never belonged? How could she know that her search for answers would lead her from the familiar environs of contemporary Scotland to the realm of faerie and that her life, her very soul, would be in jeopardy?     Amazon

RUST IN THE ROOT by Justina Ireland

It is 1937, and Laura Ann Langston lives in an America divided—between those who work the mystical arts and those who do not. Ever since the Great Rust, a catastrophic event that blighted the arcane force called the Dynamism and threw America into disarray, the country has been rebuilding for a better future. And everyone knows the future is industry and technology—otherwise known as Mechomancy—not the traditional mystical arts. Laura disagrees. A talented young queer mage from Pennsylvania, Laura hopped a portal to New York City on her seventeenth birthday with hopes of earning her mage’s license and becoming something more than a rootworker. But four months later, she’s got little to show for it other than an empty pocket and broken dreams. With nowhere else to turn, Laura applies for a job with the Bureau of the Arcane’s Conservation Corps, a branch of the US government dedicated to repairing the Dynamism so that Mechomancy can thrive. There she meets the Skylark, a powerful mage with a mysterious past, who reluctantly takes Laura on as an apprentice. As they’re sent off on their first mission together into the heart of the country’s oldest and most mysterious Blight, they discover the work of mages not encountered since the darkest period in America’s past, when Black mages were killed for their power—work that could threaten Laura’s and the Skylark’s lives, and everything they’ve worked for.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo

STOLEN CITY by Elisa A Bonnin

The city of Leithon is under Imperial occupation and Arian Athensor has made it her playground.
In stealing magical artifacts for the Resistance, bounding over rooftops to evade Imperial soldiers, and establishing herself as the darling thief of the underground, Arian lives a life wrapped in danger and trained towards survival. She’ll steal anything for the right price, and if she runs fast enough, she can almost escape the fact that her mother is dead, her father is missing, and her brother, Liam, is tamping down a wealth of power in a city that has outlawed magic. But then the mysterious Cavar comes to town with a job for the twins: to steal an artifact capable of ripping the souls from the living–the same artifact that used to hang around the neck of Arian’s mother. Suddenly, her past is no longer buried under adrenaline but intimately tied to the mission at hand, and Arian must face her guilt and pain head-on in order to pull off the heist. As Arian and Cavar infiltrate the strongest fortress in Leithon and Liam joins the Resistance as their resident mage, the twins find themselves embroiled in court politics and family secrets, and the mission becomes more than just another artifact theft. The target is now the Imperial rule, and Arian will go to any length necessary to steal her city back.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


A first mate needs to be prepared for anything…but is he ready for love? First mate Joey Carrigan is dedicated to his ship and his captain, including keeping the secret of his captain’s lover. When the lover’s former fiancée, Miss Celeste Brady, appears on the horizon, Joey knows it’s his duty to get the lady on board with helping the captain find answers to his current dilemma. Celeste doesn’t begrudge her former fiancé the love he’s found with another man. After all, she was the one who abandoned him the night before they were to wed, when her inner nature answered the call of the moon and the tides. The origin and existence of people like her are a secret her people have killed to protect—but the captain’s first mate looks at Celeste like he knows what she really is… and wants her anyway.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

THE WITCH AND THE TSAR by Olesya Salnikova Gilmore

As a half-goddess possessing magic, Yaga is used to living on her own, her prior entanglements with mortals having led to heartbreak. She mostly keeps to her hut in the woods, where those in need of healing seek her out, even as they spread rumors about her supposed cruelty and wicked spells. But when her old friend Anastasia—now the wife of the tsar, and suffering from a mysterious illness—arrives in her forest desperate for her protection, Yaga realizes the fate of all of Russia is tied to Anastasia’s. Yaga must step out of the shadows to protect the land she loves. As she travels to Moscow, Yaga witnesses a sixteenth century Russia on the brink of chaos. Tsar Ivan—soon to become Ivan the Terrible—grows more volatile and tyrannical by the day, and Yaga believes the tsaritsa is being poisoned by an unknown enemy. But what Yaga cannot know is that Ivan is being manipulated by powers far older and more fearsome than anyone can imagine.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Jade and Kaylen, childhood friends turned rivals, now race to find a portal located in an ancient library hidden from mankind for years that will either doom or save their world. To follow the king’s orders and regain all she’s lost, Kaylen must decide what, and who, she is willing to sacrifice. Can Jade, the dragon-taming witch Miria, and the pragmatic pod inventor Dan race against the clock and stop Kaylen from opening the gateway between realms before it’s too late? Packed with fast-paced action, Jade’s newest adventure introduces new friends and enemies, and magic obstacles beyond anything Jade has seen before. Hang on tight as mysterious revelations unfold about the Isle of Dragons and its inhabitants.      Amazon


Hope is a magical thief and there’s no better hunting grounds than the shanty-town set up for the upcoming Conjunction event. She thought she had earned enough to get out of the game forever, but a family tragedy drags her back for one last job. Galen is a skilled surgeon, but he’s hiding a terrible secret. He has delved into forbidden knowledge and put everything on the line for the chance to save his brother. There’s just one last missing ingredient: dream-steel, and it doesn’t come cheap. When Hope’s score goes wrong, she learns finders aren’t necessarily keepers, but you just might find something you weren’t expecting. Can Hope and Galen work through their differences and get his dream-steel back? Can they do it before a mad scientist harnesses the power of The Conjunction to bring the city to its knees?      Amazon KU

WATCHDOGS by Gale Stanley

When Ray falls for a cop he must hide his shifting secrets or the veteran hitman may become a target.. Cyclops (Watchdogs 1): Ray Miller was a misfit until he found his calling in the Army. But an explosion in Afghanistan took his left eye and ended his career. Set adrift, he turns to alcohol, until an old army buddy shows up and offers Ray a job. Then he falls for cop. How long can he hide his secrets before the hitman becomes the target? Remus (Watchdogs 2): Jared is having nightmares that seem all too real, and someone is stalking him. Ray suspects Sarge wants revenge, but he soon discovers a more dangerous foe is after them. How can he protect himself and Jared when their enemy is a wolf? Odd Man Out (Watchdogs 3): Ray dreams of his wolf every night, and lives in fear of the beast. Remus is the only man who can help Ray control his inner wolf. But if they connect will Jared become the odd man out?     Amazon     Kobo


Mitzy Moon loves everything Halloween. And she can’t wait to set up an elaborate haunted house to raise money for the local animal shelter. But when her celebrity chef turns up dead, she’ll have to act fast to save the event—and precious lives. With all the evidence pointing at Mitzy’s favorite patisserie owner, she races to clear her bestie’s name before the cookie really crumbles. But with dire warnings from Ghost-ma and her entitled feline heating things up, the proof might be sitting in a fatal pudding…Can Mitzy uncover the true culprit, or will this half-baked plan be her last?     AmazonKU


There’s a new Queen in town. Things were quiet for too long. As a new day dawns, a strange visitor arrives at the Nest. The young boy with a vacant look in his eyes and something crawling beneath his skin is there for one thing, and one thing only. To shoot and kill Eddy. The nurses wheel Eddy away, and Jasmine is left to deal with the problem. Strange, white, insectoid creatures with the power to control people’s minds appear from the crevices. Aided by her pack, Jasmine gets caught in a territorial rivalry as she races against time to protect her friends from this new threat. Thrown into a whirlwind of investigation in her effort to get to the bottom of a mystery that makes no sense, Jasmine follows a trail that leads her through encounters with old friends and creations of her father’s into the heart of the monsters’ lair, where she discovers a new enemy. The Queen.   AmazonKU

GRANVILLE’S FOLLY by Edward Kendrick

One: Granville’s Folly, a ramshackle, hundred-and-fifty-year-old Victorian house high in the Rocky Mountains. Two: Two men. Kieran, the owner of the Folly who plans to restore it, and Layne, who first saw the Folly when he was thirteen and has returned twenty years later to find out if it’s still standing. Three: Three ghosts. Granpa K, who built the Folly with his brother, Thom, and Thom’s wife, Lizabeth — with the help of freemen Granpa K released from slavery. Mix all these elements together and what could go wrong? Nothing, if you don’t count the fact that Kieran doesn’t want Layne, a professional photographer, to do a story about the restoration. Or that Lizabeth is bound and determined to play matchmaker for the two humans.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Kinsley Skeenbauer, owner of Summoned Goods & Sundries and Craft Donuts, believes Coventry’s upcoming food festival is going to be a weekend of delicious dishes, exciting entertainment, and festive frolicking. And it is… right up until she goes to pick up Lilith on the second morning and finds her dead. But, you can’t keep a bad witch down. After the funeral, Lilith turns up again. Except that she’s… different. She also can’t remember who killed her. So, she’ll be no help solving the crime. Or will she? Since Lilith is technically back, some members of the Coven want to put the whole mess behind them, but Kinsley can’t let it go. There’s a killer on the loose, and who knows who will be next? Couple that with Brighton’s sudden bloodlust for vengeance, and Kinsley has her hands full. At least Kinsley has her secret weapon. Meri won’t stop until the killer is brought to justice. He’ll help his witch solve the crime one spell at a time.     Amazon KU


The beautiful screenwriter who’s lost it all, finds the diaries of a long dead madman in her tumbledown mansion’s attic. The stories are too good to resist, and she turns them into screenplays that launch her to stardom. Dante, the subject of the films, is neither a madman, nor long dead. He’s undead. And the ingenue scribbler who’s gained fame and fortune by exposing his secrets to the world must be found and stopped. Permanently. But Dante isn’t the only one seeking Morgan. Vampire killer Frank Stiles is after her, too, in hopes he can find Dante through her. Her films aren’t made up. They are taken straight from the files of the dark ops agency he used to work for—before the vampires destroyed it. When Dante and Morgan come together, the a passion between them will not be denied, for it’s born of a preternatural bond they can neither understand nor fight. They cannot bear to be apart — but being together might cost them both their lives.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Rich man, poor man, freeman, or slave. When red fever comes calling, no one is safe. Captain Ezra Burton brings a ship load of problems to Bristelle and seeks Godwyn Bethwood’s help to soothe the way. If he thought he had problems when he docked, it soon gets worse. Godwyn is dead and now he must deal with his sister and the indomitable Evie Chester. Burton’s problems seep out on to the streets of the city. Sickness and infection spread unchecked whilst the medics and city men don’t even think there is a problem. Evie and Hesta know better. They cannot ignore the danger and must act to overcome the perils that threaten to overwhelm the city. When the city is overwhelmed and all feels lost, more extreme magical measures are needed to save them. It takes a summoner, a killer, a healer and a cleanser to attempt what no one has ever tried before. Yet there is a price to pay for this immense outflow of power. Which one of them will pay the price?     Amazon KU


The Doanhart Coven ancestors hail from the seven sisters of Pleiades. Centuries ago, they fled King Valdoor’s tyranny, sought refuge with the first witches, and created a realm tethered to earth, called the Waytherlands. The battle for control of the Pleiades raged on until Queen Octavia allied with the Black Flame Fae, and they drove Valdoor into exile. In return, he vowed to destroy the queen, the Doanhart Coven, and any magical being who fights for the Mage Alliance. Aster Doanhart is a gifted warrior and teacher. Her magical talents include the ability to absorb other beings’ supernatural powers. She accidentally bumps into Judson McKay in the charmed city of Wooddale, triggering an immediate mate reaction. She sets into motion the plans for an epic battle in Frostville, Valdoor’s new realm. One day a simple knock on the door changed Judson McKay’s life. Until that fateful day, he’d lived his life as a mortal. But Judson McKay is no mortal. He is Aster’s champion and must risk his life to save her. Judson may be the only one to unite the realms, the only one to save the Doanharts bloodline.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


In the third installment in the A Magical Bookshop Novel series, join Beth as she navigates the London Season through secrets, deceit, and a run in with the Bow Street Runners. After convincing her overprotective brother to let her join the London Season, Beth Easton is finally entering society together with her friend and chaperon, Anne Blakeley. When attending the first ball of the Season she meets the spirited Willa Balfour, the daughter of a marquis, who has no intentions of meeting the Irish duke her father arranged for her. Beth agrees to switch identities with Willa and meet the duke in her stead. Although Beth is supposed to drive the mysterious duke away, she cannot help but grow closer to him. Now, Beth has a choice to make; continue with Willa’s scheme or confess the truth. However, Beth is not the only one with a secret and the arrival of Melinda, the magical bookshop owner, raises questions for all.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Makena Landry has had just about enough of his brother and this pack. His brother Kahlil is the Landry Pack Alpha and exerts more control over Makena’s life than he can handle. He hasn’t been allowed any advancement, any freedom within the pack structure. He’s always the problem to the hidden and sheltered. When out running one night, he doesn’t know that his scent is picked up by another paranormal – a very powerful vampire from Savannah. Lucan Kelly is an infamous vampire coven Second. He is known by every supernatural in the area. Kahlil wants to hide his brother, but Makena’s wolf will not be kept away from his mate. Can these two come together and bridge the divide between werewolf and vampire? This is a world of old rules and old grudges. Together might be the only way they all survive. Tradition is everything in Georgia.      Amazon


Blair’s life hits crisis point once again when she and Nathan return from holiday to learn that someone has stolen a very rare and powerful object from one of the local witches. Unfortunately for Blair, the object in question is a portal that leads directly into the fairies’ realm… and the witch it was stolen from wants her to find it. With all the clues pointing to the portal’s thief being inside the town of Fairy Falls itself, Blair has little choice but to accept her offer. To protect the fairies who’ve made the town their home, Blair must contend with the paranormal hunters, scheming covens, and an enemy she thought was long gone.     Amazon KU


Mav disappeared before I could ever tell him about the child I carried. I’ve had years to get over him, and I’ve tried. But the second I see him again my heart lurches and it’s like all that time evaporates. I still burn for him, even though I know it’s a bad idea. I try to remind myself about the bad things: his possessiveness, his quick temper…but he’s different now. More mature. Protective. Settled. And hiding something. Something bigger than the child we share.      Amazon KU

SLUMBER (FAIREST OF THEM ALL BOOK 5) by Harper B Cole, Trisha Linde and Colbie Dunbar

Most days are pretty boring for alpha coyote shifter Metro. As a state trooper, it’s usually routine traffic stops or the occasional lost hiker, but he suddenly finds himself assigned to the most peculiar case: a wolf shifter who’s forgotten who he is—and forgotten the wolf that lives within him. An omega wakes up in the hospital after having a terrible accident. His head is throbbing, and his body is wrapped in casts and bandages. That isn’t the worst part, though… He doesn’t remember his name or where he came from, with no memory of what happened. Did someone hurt him? And if that isn’t bad enough, he doesn’t want to tell anyone, but he’s been hearing voices. Well, one voice in particular, and it just keeps chanting a single word: Mate. With nothing but a watch inscribed with the name Brett to go on, the two men work together to help recover Brett’s lost memories, but things keep getting more difficult. Not only is the magnetism between them impossible to resist, but someone or something keeps getting in the way of the truth, and although Metro knows they’re fated to be together, it doesn’t seem right to forge a mating bond when Brett isn’t quite himself. The omega needs a chance to discover who he truly is. There’s only one thing that could make this all more complicated—a baby.      Amazon KU


VS Note: A re-release. From AUG 29.

How much does a polar bear weigh? Just enough to break the ice! Navigating on-line dating is hard enough for a single mom and first shift baker, but Chloe has a whole new set of problems when her little boy suddenly changes into a pushy baby penguin. Clay doesn’t want to be the kind of guy who can’t respect boundaries, but when Chloe cancels their not-a-date, his polar bear insists that he ride to her rescue.      Amazon KU

MARRIED BY FATE by Jenny Hickman

Lady Roisin knew her fate was to marry a human prince, helping to heal the rift between the humans and the fae. Luckily, she fell desperately in love with her betrothed, the dashing heir to the Vellanian throne, Prince Alrec. One day soon, she will be his queen. A day Roisin has been looking forward to for as long as she can remember. As the king’s youngest son, Prince Caiman knew his fate was to live in his older brother Alrec’s shadow. One day soon, Alrec will be crowned king. A day Caiman has been dreading for as long as he can remember. When tragedy strikes the kingdom, Caiman is forced to ascend to the throne in his brother’s stead. But becoming King of Vellana means upholding the alliance with the fae by marrying his brother’s betrothed. And marrying a woman who has despised him for years cannot end in happily-ever-after.      Amazon KU


Made in her Image. Made from Magic. Made to Conquer. Made to Rule. My raw magic is gone…
I barely have a moment to get my bearings after the Battle in the Highlands before I’m thrust into my new role as Queen of the Dark Magic Covens. However, while I’m dealing with my sudden lack of power, and the crippling guilt I feel for those lost in the attack, questions are raised about my ability to lead. To fulfill the prophecy and my destiny, I need to find the remaining pieces of the blood oath, and secure allies in a brewing war that will shake the Kingdom of Magic to its very core. How am I going to do that? Great question.      Amazon KU


Grant Mittel is the Paranormal Probe‘s secret weapon for ghost hunting: he’s a medium. His ability to communicate with the dead is put to the ultimate test when the crew takes on an unprecedented challenge—living at the famously haunted Allan Hotel for three months to film the new season of their ghost hunting show. The hotel has many dark secrets, and some of the spirits here have been trapped here by an unseen malevolent force. Huck Sharpe is one of those unfortunate souls, and he’s been stuck here ever since he had an accident that may not have been so accidental. Along with a colorful host of other ghosts, Huck has been haunting the hotel for years, but Grant is the first medium he’s ever met. Huck finds himself drawn to Grant in a way he can’t explain, and there are instant sparks of attraction when Grant reaches out to make contact. Grant and Huck must navigate the complications of their unique romance and work together to unravel the strange mysteries of the Allan Hotel before the evil spirit here claims another victim.      Amazon KU


I heard the stories about Savage Ax. They’re whispered among vampires everywhere in the Hidden Realm. He’s dangerous, merciless, a predator even among monsters…but nobody told me that he was dangerously sexy, too. Now, on top of having to go searching for a vampire out there in the human world infested with sorcerers, I have to do it with him by my side. Handling Savage Ax didn’t seem like a big deal—despite his looks, our covens are sworn enemies. Despite his reputation, I have the green light to get rid of him if needed. And it’s all fun and games, empty threats and dirty words at first… But there’s a spark of madness in his eyes that draws me in. Something about the way he takes what he wants, even from me, and gives no explanation in return. Something about the rough touch of his hand that melts all the ice I’ve spent years layering around me. The farther away from home we go, the easier it gets to forget who he is. Who I am. Where we are. And that’s exactly where my real troubles will begin.      Amazon KU


My name is Tamsin Vale and things are going well. No, really! I know that sounds crazy after I broke down and couldn’t tell what was a dream or reality. But I have help. I asked for help which is hard for me. I have someone I can trust to get help from. All of that is progress for my life. Sad, but true.
It was a setback on a better path and those will happen. But people are stepping up to help and defend me. I don’t feel so alone handling too much. I feel like a real fairy most days and accepted.
And I have hope for the future. Things are great with Darby, and he’s happy about what comes next. School is better, and I’m enjoying that part of my life. Sure, I have no idea where I’m at with four of my mates, and I wish I could make it all better. I wish I could forgive them for their mistakes and move past what’s happened knowing we won’t have any issues again, but that’s not life. So I’m going to appreciate what I have before the next thing blows up because it will. Something always does. Artemis University is an ongoing, hot burning reverse harem, university-age paranormal academy series with darker elements, strong language, violence, and a heroine who follows her own moral compass of what is right… And who she ends up giving her heart to. *This book is part of a series and cannot be read as a standalone. Like all my books, this is not light and fluffy and includes dark themes and events some may find triggering. Reader discretion is advised.       AmazonKU


My storms brought only thunder and darkness. Until her. She is the lightning that charges my soul and tempts my body. I’m supposed to be composed and regal, a future prince of dragons. But a simple look from her sets the tempest inside me raging. I cannot be expected to control myself around her. I have needs, and they start and end with her. However, I must weather this hurricane of urges because my situation is more precarious than it seems. My clan has been absent from Earth for a long time, and if I’m not careful, we may end up head to head with the reason why …He hired me to clean. Now, he’s saying I’m a Princess. I only agreed to the job to help my dad after my mother’s passing. But things went sideways almost from the moment I arrived at his house in the country. First, I was conned into cleaning a freaking mansion. Then he asks me to have a luxurious dinner with him as if he doesn’t know whether I’m an employee or a guest. There’s so much more to him than I ever thought, and the more I learn, the more excited and terrified I am. The connection between us is electric. His every touch sends my heart racing. Not to mention what he does to the rest of me with little more than a look. I’m putty in his hands, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But that was before I knew the truth about him … and his family.      Amazon KU


VS Note: The cover was a little too scorching for my PG13+ blog but it’s well done.

Wolves, mages, ghosts, and more! These steamy stories will keep you busy for hours. If you love the paranormal, then this anthology is for you. Fire on Fire is a paranormal MM romance, limited time only anthology. Pick up your copy today and get lost in these stories of paranormal love.    AmazonKU


I’m not who I thought I was. Something has awoken inside of me. Something ancient and powerful. It sings in my veins a song of glory and pain. I see memories of a life long ago, that couldn’t possibly be mine and yet they feel like coming home. Just when I think I’m losing my mind I find the prophecy of the reborn that speaks terrifying words I know in my heart are true. I have been reborn. Yet I’m not alone. There is a man who emerged from the shadows and calls himself the son of night. He is dark, brooding, and sinfully delicious. His name is Thanatos and everywhere he walks the dead rise to greet him. He knows who I was, he knows who I am, and he knows who I’m supposed to become. While he promises not to leave my side until my memories return I’m desperately searching for a way to keep him with me forever. Olympus calls for me, I feel its power in the air I breathe and dirt under my feet. It is everywhere yet it remains hidden from my eye. My destiny awaits but in order to find my way home I’ll have to solve the dangerous hidden riddles left by the Goddess of Wisdom herself…me. This may be my second life, but I am Athena and this time nothing will get in my way.     AmazonKU


Panther shifter, Parker Dawson, is retired. Sort of. He’s barely in his thirties, but he needs a quiet life. Once he lays eyes on Jade Curran, Half Moon Key gets a whole lot more interesting. The small-town beauty has him at the palm of her hand and he’s not even gonna fight it. Jade Curran didn’t think she’d find love in the arms of the town’s handsome newcomer. But her body has dictated it now wants him and there’s little she can do. She can fight it, but when he shows her how caring, big, strong and badass he is, she’s not sure she wants to. When the Half Moon Key grid goes down, old habits die hard, and Parker insists on fixing the town’s security flaws. Unfortunately, nothing can prepare Parker for the danger waiting just outside of town. Half Moon Key might be secluded, but trouble has found it.      Amazon KU

VIRGO MATED by Laura Wylde

What is better than finding your mate? How about finding more than one. Jason, my Aries, with a body full of tattoos and a soft touch that dreams are made of. Laker, my daredevil Aquarius, who brings out my wild side with a single smoldering look. Arlo, my gentle Capricorn, who knows my needs as if they are his own. And Drew, my unaligned protector, whose arms support me and body worships me. They are mine as I am theirs. My mates, my lovers, my harem. Well, at least I used to have a harem. Up until the upcoming Astro Games that forced me to break it off with them. They understood duty better than anyone, but it didn’t make it hurt any less. As Princess, I am to marry the winner of the Astro Games. The strongest of clans that would keep the peace during our reign. Now, two months later, I am forced to sit and watch the men I love fight for me. If it weren’t because of the morning sickness, I would say the sight of them fighting each other makes me sick. Oh, yeah. Turns out they aren’t just my mates, but they are also the fathers of my unborn childIt is law and tradition that only one king can rule, something that can never change. Can it?   AmazonKU


How far would you go for your love? Silas and Dean Darkstar. Alpha & Alpha-mate of the Darkstar pack – Grand Master & Consort of the Council – Together they are unstoppable. The ultimate power couple. And they have plans. Continue to settle into their new roles – Continue to heal from their rift – Love each other completely. But things are never simple for Dean and Silas Darkstar, and soon they have problems to face. Shocking news that has them searching the earth, leaving no stone unturned. An unwelcome reminder of the past – Enemies at every corner. After everything they have been through, they are determined that they can face anything. As long as they face it together. But can love conquer all, when even death is trying to tear them apart?     Amazon KU


I’ve just moved to the legendary Haven Hollow to start the next chapter of my life…My name is Sydney Blackstone, better known as The Sandman. After losing my wife two years ago and getting lost in grief ever since, I decided I needed to start over. So, I find myself in Haven Hollow, where I plan to open my own mattress store, Sandman Syd’s. Almost as soon as I move to Haven Hollow, though, I realize my work is cut out for me—someone is having not only bad dreams but dangerous ones. As the Sandman, it’s my responsibility to relieve this sleeper of whatever night terror is after them. Little do I know the culprit is the infamous Jormungandr, the legendary serpent from Midgard. With such a powerful predator on the loose, I don’t have much time to ensure the citizens of Haven Hollow are safe and, more pointedly, one citizen in particular: Bailey Bennett. At the moment Bailey, a psychic from Spook Society, walks through my door, I have a feeling she won’t be walking out anytime soon. As long as I can keep her safe, that is.       Amazon KU 


VS note: Re-release.

Driven by rage at the death of his family, Blair dedicates his new life as a vampire to fighting evil. But when he fails to save a family from the fate his own suffered, he retreats to endure self-imposed starvation while he immerses himself in his art. Alone and penniless, May is hired to care for Blair’s country manor. She is soon infatuated with the handsome, tormented artist who has deeper secrets than she could ever imagine. The mysterious New Reign is seeking additional members. Their philosophy — recruit or destroy. Given the chance to resurrect his murdered first wife and children, will Blair now sacrifice the woman he loves — his wife and blood child, May? Scarlet Nights contains the previously published novellas Starving Artist, Hungry Novice, and Feasting With the Enemy.      Amazon     Kobo


Thade Maddock would literally rather die than spend four weeks aboard a cruise ship with nine hundred strangers in the middle of the Pacific. When it happens to be his best friend’s dying request, however, he can’t exactly refuse the invitation. On the bright side, the ship’s pool does offer some stunning views. Like the human male with fiery red hair and a smile to rival the sun. Although he wouldn’t consider himself naïve, Micah Francis has led a rather insulated life. Having had limited contact with Otherlings and little knowledge about the paranormal world in general, meeting a dragon shifter his first day on the ship is nothing less than magical. Tall and brooding with a body made for sin, Thade is everything he had imagined a dragon would be. He didn’t, however, expect to feel so obsessively drawn to the guy after just one conversation. But falling in love is the easy part. When Thade’s friend begins to deteriorate quicker than anticipated, the demon’s illness places the entire ship in danger. As pandemonium ensues and a multitude of dark emotions infects the passengers, happily-ever-after feels a long way off. Because unless they can find a way to bring order to the madness, no one is making it out alive.      Amazon KU


A Forbidden Love. A Broken Bond. A Secret That Could Destroy. Belle… the only child of aristocratic parents, but she wasn’t like the other dragons. However, Belle held her head and snout high, finding acceptance in the most unlikely place. Nikai…the first-born son of the King, and although he was a twin, their personalities were complete opposites. He has compassion for his fellow dragons, especially one pink dragon who has captured his attention, and his heart. A Choice…When Belle found herself in an unattainable position, there weren’t many options given to her. She was told to get rid of the precious child growing within her or be exiled from the only home she’s ever known. Nikai may be the future King of all the dragons, but she would never choose him over their child.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


As a hybrid vampire who not only works as a bodyguard for Scanguards, but also moonlights at the nightclub Mezzanine, owned by his father and Samson, Damian has his pick of beautiful women. But when chubby journalist Naomi Sutton breaks into the nightclub’s office while investigating allegations of supposed blood rituals at the club, Damian’s blood stirs in a way it never has before. But how can he keep Naomi from digging up his secrets when he wants nothing more than to make love to her and sink his fangs into her lovely neck? The disappearance of a bartender, a mix-up with his twin brother, and a theft throw a wrench into Damian’s life and might force him to tell Naomi the truth about himself. But can a reporter keep such a secret?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

MONSTER CABIN by Melody Rose

In 1986, Camp Blue Moon was destroyed by tragedy…Now, a photographer named Tess camps on its eerie grounds, intent on getting a leg up in her art career, but when they say art is pain, when they say art tests you, they don’t mean like this. Fueled by rage and hunger, the dark creatures lurking in the West Virginia forest are desperate for one last thrill before human expansion takes their home. With her body and mind pushed to their breaking points, will Tess survive against their plans, or will she be just another footnote in Camp Blue Moon’s lurid history? After all, there’s more than one way to be devoured.      AmazonKU


Finding out that I was about to give birth to our pup was a nightmare in itself. We were in danger. And now… I was bringing a new life into this world. Moving back home with my Alpha mate was when it all began. Danger surrounded us and there wasn’t a way to escape. We were being hunted down by humans – they were out for our blood. In the midst of it all, I found out I’m pregnant. Yes, our pack had fought and defeated demons and vampires. But this threat was unlike anything we’d ever faced. Our only option was to join forces with our enemies. The demons. I was skeptical, scared, and lost. At the same time, I believed in my mate. He would keep our pack and family safe. Trusting our enemies could’ve ended our lives… and the life of our pup. But maybe a giant leap of faith could result in a miracle.      Amazon KU



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Forgotten How to Report Weekend Writing Warriors

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

I’m now taking excerpts from my recently published book in the award winning Badari Warriors series, REEDE’S MISSION TO THE SECTORS. It can be read as a standalone (mild spoilers for first book, REEDE.)

The excerpt: I’ve gone a short way into the book, when Reede’s ship has been intercepted by a Sectors Border Patrol vessel. Fallyn Damara is Reede’s human mate and a Sectors Survey Scout. The not so warm welcome-to-the-Sectors continues. Reede and Walt are in a guarded conference room and Fallyn is meeting the captain of the ship they’re on.

“At ease.” The captain didn’t offer her a chair. He dismissed the other officer and as soon as the man was gone, Captain Ballard leaned back in his chair and eyed her. “You’re going to make my career, Lt. Damara, one way and another. Capturing a Chimmer ship is a huge win.”

“The Badari—Envoy Reede’s people—captured the ship, sir and converted it for human use. He’s prepared to donate it to the Sectors as a gesture of goodwill.” She kept her voice level. “They rescued me from the enemy.”

The captain made a dismissive gesture. “Put it all in your report. I’ll be sending notice to Sector Command shortly. I’m expecting orders to alter course and report to the nearest base. Don’t need to keep you and the other soldier on board any longer than necessary. Or this so-called envoy. Tell me about him, about his people.”

“With respect, sir, I think the envoy should be the one to explain.”

Slamming his fist on the desk, the captain said harshly, “You’re a scout, reporting on newly found sentients is part of your job, lieutenant. Tell me about these…Badari. Now. Or have you forgotten how to report properly to a senior officer?”

Fallyn and Reede had discussed what would be shared so reluctantly she launched into a bare bones summary. “The Badari are genetically engineered soldiers, created by a race of scientists known as the Khagrish, under contract to the Chimmer. My understanding is the Mawreg have taken a direct interest in the project but only Chimmer have ever been seen on the planet. The Badari escaped the labs with the help of a human woman, a retired Special Forces operator from the lost Amarcae colony actually, and are currently waging guerilla warfare against the Khagrish. They have no space going capability, aside from the ship I arrived in. They’ve rescued a large number of kidnapped Sectors citizens from the labs and are protecting them as best they can.”

The captain drummed his fingers on the desk. “How many soldiers can these guys deploy in the field?”

VS: And Fallyn is presented with a difficult choice now….more next week!


Reede’s people sent him to the Sectors on a desperate mission to beg for help against overwhelming odds in their battle to destroy the alien scientists who created them centuries ago. He knew the task wasn’t going to be easy but as a Badari Warrior, he vowed to do his best. When he’s arrested by the border patrol and thrown in the brig, things go from bad to worse. He faces difficult choices ahead and unimaginable obstacles to making his case to the authorities for help.

Fallyn is Reede’s human fated mate but also the active duty military scout who guided him to the Sectors from his own planet. Reede’s choices after his arrest put her in a difficult spot and his actions threaten their mate bond. Will she give up her career to help him and the Badari succeed in making a treaty with the Sectors?

The desperate attempt to find new allies takes Reede and Fallyn on a wild set of adventures across the sprawling interstellar Sectors civilization and places them, their friends and their love in harm’s way.

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Friday Favorite Scene PRIESTESS OF THE NILE Crocodile Attack

One in a continuing series of occasional posts talking about a personal favorite scene from each of my books. It may not be my most favorite scene, since that would probably involve spoilers, but I thought it might be fun.

Cover by Fiona Jayde

Taking my books in order of release PRIESTESS OF THE NILE was my first ever published work in January 2012. Carina Press had issued a call for ancient world romance in 2011 and me being me, I had to put a paranormal spin on it. I’d always been fascinated with ancient Egypt and I had the realization that Sobek the Crocodile God was a shifter and therefore could appear as a human…and fall in love.

I was told later that at the time Carina only acquired about 3% of the unsolicited manuscripts they received so I was definitely lucky! and I took Sobek as my informal patron ever since.

Merys is the last priestess of an abandoned templed to Sobek on the Nile in 1550 BCE and she has a beautiful voice, which attracts him. In the beginning she doesn’t know who he is – he calls himself Bek –  so one of my favorite scenes in the book is the one where she learns his identity in dramatic fashion.

The scene:

Merys stood carefully in one spot. She pushed her hair out of her eyes roughly and sighed in frustration, checking her neck one more time, not quite accepting the loss of her necklace. The slithering sensation against her skin as the old leather thong parted and the amulet fell had been so startling, she hadn’t grabbed for it in time. Peering uselessly into the murk of the Nile, Merys blinked back tears. The only possession of my great-grandmother’s I had left, the symbol of my being a priestess—gone. I’ll wait for the silt to settle and then hopefully I can find it. Taking a moment to enjoy the soaring flight of a flock of white ibis against the blue sky, she stood straighter, easing her muscles. I envy them their freedom.

The sky tilted and vertigo assailed her as her feet were violently yanked out from under her. A crocodile closed its mighty jaws around her ankle, ripping a desperate scream from her throat. The bone-crushing force sent a sheet of hot pain up her leg and through her body until adrenaline pulsed in her system.

The beast dragged her under the surface of the Nile, pulling her toward the center of the river. Cold water rushed over her face, into her open mouth. Merys gagged, tried to hold her breath, beating on the animal’s closed jaws with her fists, then trying to jab at the nearest eye. Her stomach heaved, nausea and weakness from the intensity of the pain in her leg spreading outward from her gut.

Author’s own collection

The crocodile rolled her over and over, tossing her like Tyema’s puppy with a rag doll. Black spots danced before her eyes and she scrunched them tightly closed against the dizziness. What do I do to get away before I drown? I have to breathe. My chest is going to explode. I’ve got to have air. Just as her lungs were bursting, something huge flashed by her in the water and struck the crocodile with enough force to shove it sideways a few feet against the current. The predator opened its jaws to deal with the threat and Merys floated free.

A tiny hope of survival bloomed within her. A spurt of energy sizzled through her nerves, giving her new strength. Kicking as hard as she could with the injured leg, heart pounding, Merys clawed her way to the surface. The water in her vicinity churned bright red. Something solid rose from the murky depths. Merys screamed and flailed, too weak to swim. A hard surface lay under her, lifting her completely out of the water, supporting her as if she were stretched out on a board or a raft. Thank the gods for helping me. Nausea and dizziness overwhelmed her and the world faded from her view.

When Merys regained consciousness, she was held safe in Bek’s muscular arms, nestled against his broad chest. Too exhausted to question the miracle of his presence she curled closer to him in relief while he strode across the beach toward her favorite spot under the palm trees. Tenderly he laid her in the softest spot, then bent to examine her leg.

Blood gushed from a long series of deep, serrated slashes, staining her dress as well as his hands and kilt. The crocodile’s teeth had shredded her lower leg from ankle to knee. The bone showed through. The pain was excruciating.

Merys leaned to the side and vomited river water that burned her throat while Bek held her hair out of the way. As she wiped her mouth, exhausted, he pushed her gently to a reclining position. Chanting something, he proceeded to run his hands over her legs. The pain spiked, then receded.

What is he doing? Some kind of healing, but how? Green light shone from his hands, radiating from his palms in a cold, numbing rush. The light brought blessed relief, mending her skin and bones in front of her eyes. Thank the gods.

When he finished, Bek sat on his haunches, resting his hands on his thighs, and scrutinized her. His face was lined, his eyes shadowed. He was dripping wet.

Another time I would have appreciated this view. But right now I need to understand what happened. “You saved me? How? How could you defeat a crocodile? And what did you do to my leg?” Wriggling her toes, Merys touched her shin hesitantly with the tips of her fingers. I’m safe in his arms. Her pulse slowed. The weakness ebbed away as she relaxed.

Bek gathered her in for a hug and she breathed deeply of his clean masculine scent. Crooning her name over and over, he buried his face in her hair. Then he pulled back, framing her face with both of his broad hands, and met her eyes. “I thought I’d lost you.”

She put a trembling hand on his cheek. “Who are you, Bek?”

“Sobek.” He cleared his throat as he stroked her back with one hand. She realized her soaked dress must be clinging to her as tightly as his wet tunic was plastered to his body. She leaned into the shelter of his mighty arms. Bek rested his lips next to her ear and whispered, “I am Sobek.”

New strength pumped through her, making her heart pound and sending a hot pulse along her nerves. “The Crocodile God?” I’ve been sitting and talking to the Great One all this time, treating him like a human man? I fell in love with him. How could I have been so blind? So stupid? “The Crocodile God himself?”

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RT Book Reviews 4 1/2 Stars

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

The Story:

Drawn to his abandoned temple on the banks of the Nile by an enchanting song, Sobek the Crocodile god is even more captivated by the sight of the singer herself. Appearing to her as a man, he learns she is Merys, a descendant of his last priestess. Though filled with lust, Sobek believes Merys deserves to be more than just his mistress. But the rules that govern the Egyptian pantheon forbid anything beyond a physical joining of a Great One and a human.

Merys is attracted to the handsome stranger, who arouses passions in her that no man ever has. But with no dowry and no hope of ever leaving her village, she dares not dream of the future—or love.

Sobek takes every opportunity to visit Merys, taxing his resolve to leave her pure. And when he saves her life, their mutual desire must be sated. But can a love between a human and an immortal survive the ultimate test of the gods?

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HQN does retain the rights to the audiobook. This was also the original cover, which I absolutely fell in love with, by Frauke of Croco Designs but they also retained the rights to the art so I had to get a new cover from Fiona Jayde, who does all my scifi romance covers.

Audiobook: Amazon or iTunes 

New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for SEPT 14

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 

‘AB’ denotes audiobook and the Amazon buy link.


VS Note: I love this series. an autobuy author for me (although I will note I received an advance copy of this book from MD). 

Fliss knows all about her ancestors, the Travelers, who were forced to land on Fjern thousands of years ago, but when it comes to the Gyr—the enhanced warriors who protect the people of Fjern from the monsters that inhabit the planet—she’s in the dark, even though she is one herself. There’s plenty of ceremony and arcane tradition set up around who receives the gyra—the nanotech that makes the warriors the super-protectors that they are—but Fliss doesn’t care about any of that, she just wants to brush off the dust of the tiny mining settlement she’s been protecting all her life and leave the combative relationship she has with her father far behind her. When the Gyr who offered her a way out of her old life dies in spectacular fashion, though, she comes to the attention of a host of powerful people, both the Gyr and the administrators from the institution that controls them, alike. Fliss is about to find out more about the Gyr—and herself—than she ever dreamed of. Gyr leader, Hannu Kardenian, thought he was being called to investigate the strange death of a fellow warrior, but what he finds instead is a woman who breaks every rule he’s ever lived by. Everything about her sets his own gyra on fire, and when she comes to the attention of Gyr Command—the institution that mandates the Gyr’s very existence—he is determined to make sure she never ends up in their clutches, even if he has to upend the very structure of Fjern itself.




VS Note: Not romance but I love dystopian/apocalyptic tales. Charity anthology for First Responders.
For those who put their lives on the line every day to defend and protect; to show courage in the face of adversity every day. It is the universal theme of Courage and Perseverance that lead to victory and heroism. Each story in this collection seeks to highlight these traits of Courage and Perseverance against all adversity. What drives these people to rise up and push forward? How do they overcome and transcend fears and suffering to survive and become the hero the world needs? Who will bring hope and salvation to the people? No matter if it is a catastrophic weather event or fire from the sky; the one thing these stories all have in common is an everyday hero who will make you laugh, cry, and think in these thrilling and heartwarming tales         .Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo
What’s got four arms, huge spikes shooting out of his spine, and is utterly insane? Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s the freaking alien gladiator who’s fighting in the games – for me – because I’m the prize he’s geared to win. How I ended up here is just as much of a mystery as is how I lost my memory. I’ve got no idea who I am, where I’m from, or why no other species on this diverse and chaotic planet look anything like me. But as the gladiator and I spend more time together, I’m starting to realize…yeah, he might be crazy, but so am I. And we may just need to put our crazies together if we’ve got any shot at getting off of this rock and out of this arena alive.      Amazon KU
VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.
Her city is under siege. The zombies are coming back. And all Nona wants is a birthday party. In many ways, Nona is like other people. She lives with her family, has a job at her local school, and loves walks on the beach and meeting new dogs. But Nona’s not like other people. Six months ago she woke up in a stranger’s body, and she’s afraid she might have to give it back. The whole city is falling to pieces. A monstrous blue sphere hangs on the horizon, ready to tear the planet apart. Blood of Eden forces have surrounded the last Cohort facility and wait for the Emperor Undying to come calling. Their leaders want Nona to be the weapon that will save them from the Nine Houses. Nona would prefer to live an ordinary life with the people she loves, with Pyrrha and Camilla and Palamedes, but she also knows that nothing lasts forever. And each night, Nona dreams of a woman with a skull-painted face.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo
Can an Assassin stop killing, the thought runs through Josi’s mind as she must do anything to save her kid sister. She was lied to and blackmailed to get her to do murder and other despicable deeds for a man of power in the military. Now is the time for Josi to get her revenge. First, she must kill the man of power; then, she must find and help her trainer/lover escape from an interrogator cell. With the aid of a pilot who steals a special spaceship, the three take off on a trip full of danger, death, and unexplained troubles as they try to save an exceptional leader from another assassin and still find her sister, who is lost among many civilized worlds.
Amazon     Note: Her other books are available on Kobo so I’d guess this one will be eventually.
VS Note: Not listed as a romance but a YA scifi/fantasy release of note.
Six years ago, seventeen-year-old Karalevine Ruzz watched the alien tyrants abduct her best friend as she narrowly escaped capture herself. Now the Arianyte Empire has conquered Earth and is searching for the most powerful weapons in the galaxy: children branded with the mark of creation. And Kara is one of them. Kara can’t let go of her rage, the memories of what the occupation took from her a wound forever left open, even as the rest of the world submits to the powerful tyrants and accepts their new way of life. She is so determined to track down her friend that she plans to abduct Arianyte’s second in command. But when Kara loses control of her volatile magic, she risks becoming a slave and the very weapon the empire wants most. To get what she wants and keep her freedom, it comes at an extreme cost. Kara must decide if she can keep her true identity hidden within Arianyte’s walls as the line between justice and revenge begins to blur. Every day she risks her life. Every day she wonders if she can keep the lies going and if she’s good enough to play this dangerous of a game, and every day she wonders if she’ll make it out of Arianyte’s clutches alive.    Amazon
Earth is a dystopian nightmare that’s going to be destroyed very, very soon. Nobody knows exactly when or how, but the threat of destruction looms in the background of everyone’s mind. Holly is ready to escape from her planet, but there’s a problem: only rich people actually get to leave Earth, and she’s barely got five bucks to her name. Enter the Grimalkin Bridal Exchange. The deal is simple: she goes to an alien planet, marries some random dude, and gets to live out her days in luxury and happiness. Only, the guy she’s paired up with doesn’t want to get married. And he doesn’t want to get married to her. In fact, he actually kind of…hates her.
Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo
RET (KADDIM BROTHERS BOOK 3) by Jessica E Subject
VS Note: I enjoyed snippets she shared from this book.
Ret Kaddim has the perfect life. He’s a space racer, the leader of the most popular team across the universe. Always planning, practicing, and racing, he has no time for a relationship, but finds plenty of willing partners who agree to his one-night-only rule. Because there is no way he wants to end up in a relationship and stuck with a family like his younger brothers. He’s having too much fun for that.
Ilam Nairan always dreamed of becoming a space racer. And thanks to a chance encounter with a retired racer, he is now living that dream. Far away from the mated and pregnant omega life his parents wanted him to have, he loves everything about his life. It’s perfect. But one night can change everything. Especially when too much alcohol is involved. Can these two teammates survive the resulting media storm? What will it mean for their careers? The future of the team? And for them?   Amazon KU     Author’s Universal Buy Link
My life is to be a toy for a Dark Elf. The only escape from the shame is death. They are monsters. Hypnotically beautiful, yet so evil. I let Ryn lead me to his bed. I gave him every part of me. He took it. Then…dumped me on the cold stone floor like a piece of trash. Used. Despoiled. Spent. There is nothing left of me but a husk of a body. The Dark Elf has taken it all. Some human women would never recover. Others would flee. But not me. Because as much as I try to deny him, every time I see him I become his. I’ve given this monster everything. Even my heart. Now it’s time to hope that he claims it.      Amazon KU
I used to believe in guardian angels. Human women can’t afford luxuries like that. On Protheka, everything beautiful is deadly. The vrakken are no different. When Raziel takes me away in the night, at first all I feel is fear. What horrible depravity will he do to me? But then I see this monster’s true beauty and the fear turns to something else. Desire. Raziel breaks every rule for me. He fights to keep me happy and safe. Even if it means being stripped of his coven and position. Because there is only one title he is interested in for me. One he’s given no other. Not his bedsport. Not his food. Not even his equal. But his mate.       Amazon KU
VS Note: Listed in Steampunk.
Yay first Queen’s Own case! Yay first international case! Blowing people up with bombs, not so yay.
This is supposed to be a murder-suicide but the case smells. And not just because the dead potion maker lacks knowledge about the cure he supposedly created. Jamie’s got a smoking crater of an office (and body), a queen breathing down her neck, a witness clinging to life, and no answers. One thing she knows for certain, however–this potion is a cure to die for.      Amazon KU
Lieutenant Tabitha Chiu is plagued by doubt and conflict. Still heartbroken over the loss of her AI companion and marooned on a faraway moon, the space marine and her ragtag team of super-powered civilians stand as the last line of defense against alien hunters. But when her powers pick up whispered threats of approaching invaders, she’s horrified to discover her own people have betrayed her squad. Barely escaping assassination, Tabitha and her fellow psionics flee the hateful moon to the sanctuary of a single surviving combat ship where she hopes to reunite with her AI friend. But when her newly resurrected acquaintance hijacks the craft, the nonbinary fighter is torn between protecting those she loves best and saving humanity from annihilation. Can this conflicted officer and her misfit allies defeat a formidable enemy intent on driving them to extinction?     AmazonKU
DORN (CYGNIAN 7 BOOK FOUR) by Cassandra Chandler
Amy Myers has dedicated herself to learning everything she needs to become a field agent and protect people. Martial arts, weapons training, strategy, whatever it takes. She will achieve her objective, despite her family’s objections. Discovering that her entire planet needs to be protected from hostile aliens after she’s nearly killed during an abduction attempt changes her plans—especially when the giant blue alien who took her from Earth claims her as his soulmate. Before he even met Amy, Dorn nearly lost his newly found soulmate in a brutal attack by the Tau Centauran Assembly. When he touched her broken body, he realized she was his. Their bond should draw her to him like the pull of a gravity well, but she’s convinced that he and his fellow Cygnian Warriors have abducted her and her sisters, and were behind the attack that nearly cost her life. Dorn knows the true enemy hasn’t stopped his deadly pursuit of the Myers sisters. The malevolent shape-shifting alien chasing them is still out there, and he will do whatever is necessary to obtain his new target—Amy. Can Dorn convince Amy that they are meant to be together or will he lose her forever?
Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo
REVELATIONS: THE ORDER BOOK ONE by Sandra R Neeley and Chris Storm

The Saurinai have lived on Earth since the dawn of humanity. They have been known by many names — gods and daevas, spirits and demons, and archangels from the heavens. While they may look like angels, these immortal aliens are from another world. They call themselves ‘The Order’ and they are all that stand between their own people and the destruction of mankind. Rhavele, First Archon of The Order, their leader and the most powerful of their kind, is slowly slipping into insanity, as so many of their people have done over the eons they’ve lived on Earth. The phantom that haunts his waking moments is a very real danger — if he loses control to the she-phantom stalking his mind, there is no hope that humanity will survive the coming onslaught. Aurora Rose MacKay is a proud Southern woman with a strength honed by generations of women before her and a heart as big as her home state of Georgia. She’s determined to make it as an artist in the big city, just as soon as she can stop bailing her baby brother out of trouble. Until then, she does everything she can to make everyone she meets smile a little more, feel they mattered to her for a little while. She’s a ray of warmth in a cold impersonal world. Her only respite is a fantasy man she’s dreamt of as far back as she can remember. Sounds innocent, right? What could possibly go wrong with a dream? Well, finding out he’s real, and you belong to him could put a new twist on things. But one thing is certain; as long as she’s in the line of fire, he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.      Amazon KU


Xianan Phares comes from a long line of bastards, and he doesn’t want to continue that heritage. But an accident in the mines sends Phares to medical where he learns that his injuries jump-started his Fever, and there is no way to control it. Though not many want to mate with the monstrous Xian, and he has no interest in finding love, Phares agrees to work with the Intergalactic Dating Agency to find a partner so he can quench his Fever and get back to work. After discovering her boyfriend’s horrible lies, Jana just wants to walk off her heartbreak in the park. The last thing she expects is to fall through an intergalactic portal and be thrown across the stars. Now she’s supposed to mate with this giant purple alien with bones sticking out of the top of his shoulders and piercing eyes that seem to stare into her soul. She’s never had the best luck with men, but seriously? A giant purple alien who treats her better than her boyfriend? She’ll be surprised if this ends well.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Phoebe Walden finally has it all. She’s met the love of her life, and she has a family she can tolerate, who accept her and love her no matter what. But there’s a darkness shadowing her, waiting to destroy her chance at happiness. Not on Phoebe’s watch. However it’s not just her happiness at stake, but all of theirs if she makes even one mistake. Scott Quinn has done the best he could, floating under the radar. Hard choices have made it difficult for him even to face himself in the mirror. But things finally looking up. He’s found the perfect woman, who seems to be into him as much as he’s into her. Yet Scott has secrets. He knows who he is and what he’s done will cause friction. And always in the shadows lurks the harsh reality that his freedom has been an illusion all along.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Bessie has become a planetary sensation, but she is still a slave on a backwater planet. Until one night at the Cantina that she sings for her master’s customers, a big, turquoise alien appears and whisks her from the danger that has appeared. Is he her freedom or just another slave owner there to exploit her talents…D’Art never thought that he would find his mate then he walked into a Cantina on Sia IV to deliver a message. There he saw her, his mate, on a stage singing to his heart. He rescues her from a dangerous entanglement, but can he protect her from those that would keep her enslaved and worse.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: Listed as scifi romance. Blurbs for earlier books in the series talk about an Earth colony on a barbarian world.

As a Di-ore, Anna was supposed to entertain. She hadn’t actually braced herself for an amorous king when she was sent to the realm of Anka, king of Charra. Anna had accepted that it might happen that she would be expected to grace the bed of the barbarian king—not that it would. But Anka was king and he did not give a flying fuck what the sky people expected to get out of their offer of a Di-ore. As soon as he had gotten his first, thorough look, he decided he wanted—and what he wanted, he took, and the hell with the consequences. What Anka had not expected was that he jumped so fast he not only took Anna’s breath away, he leapt right into the fire.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: from AUG 31

Sky survived the aftermath of an alien invasion by becoming an infamous warrior in a bloodthirsty warlord’s army. Then, to protect her brother, she deserted and her freedom hinges on her identity remaining a secret. When a rebel with an impossible mission blows up two invaders’ airships and crash-lands into Sky’s life, he thrusts her into a battle she doesn’t believe in, and draws more than the warlord’s attention to her. Pursued by deadly aliens and the warlord’s generals, they flee across a transformed land, but in this new world where the ruthless thrive and survival is everything, can Sky trust the rebel or will he prove to be the biggest threat of all?      Amazon KU


I hate to travel. Loathe it, in fact. I’m quite happy sitting at home with my dog and making custom embroidery to sell on Etsy. But when I win tickets to an intergalactic singles cruise, my sisters bully me into going. The next thing I know, I’m acting stupid over a shuttle pilot with brilliant blue skin and a smile that could melt the clothes right off my body. Then a freak accident strands us on a hostile alien planet and not only does it look like I’ll never see home again, but the locals are hell-bent on rutting with anything female. The only way to stop them is to let Tazhio claim me. And once he claims me, I’ll belong to him forever.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: Cliffhanger.

Lyra’s life growing up was a living hell, and it taught her not to trust others. Hunter, though, wormed his way into her heart. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and she’s determined to do anything to protect him…even from herself. So when she’s given a mission that will take her to space, she accepts. She only wants to give Hunter the chance to move on, but she ends up meeting their two alien fated mates. When her next orders come, will they choose to trust each other, or will betrayal destroy them all?      Amazon KU


Ethan – Life isn’t going how Ethan planned. He’s caught in an endless cycle with his on-again, off-again boyfriend Owen. The endless spiral that threatens to consume him is abruptly halted from a higher calling, something he never expected. It’s not just the ascension to a greater cause than his problems that gets him going. The lure of true love is what really draws him to his place among the stars. Groxun – Groxun’s plan for military superiority has brought him to a small planet in the middle of nowhere. Decades of research and abductions finally bear fruit in the form of Ethan. If the man is a true archon, the commonwealth of planets might stand a chance against the encroaching Gern Empire. Groxun’s heart, long-since hardened by constant combat and conflict, draws him to the mysterious archon. Will he see the Earthling as more than a tool, or will he fall head over heels in love?      Amazon KU


Tara Peterson is a curvy small town woman who lives with her teenage sister and works in a bookstore. Nobody knows she used to be part of the US military’s anti-alien abduction unit.
Tara finds herself captured by the aliens she fights against. They take her and other females to become servants or wives to breed and grow their alien clans. Garrus, an alien dragon shifter, wants to stop his clan’s extinction but does not want to abduct humans. Until he meets Tara…He yearns for her and decides to make her his wife. His only goal now is to keep her safe. But if he doesn’t follow orders and continue to hunt humans, his alien clan will kill him. As much as Tara despises aliens, she loves Garrus’ kindness to humans…. and his blazing hot body. She helps him hide on Earth, but betrays him when she discovers his involvement in a past massacre. Will Tara cause Garrus’ execution or will she realize her true feelings before it’s too late?     Amazon KU


“Please don’t call the police. I’ll do anything you ask.” I later regretted those words but by then it was too late. I could only wait and wonder if Ashem would really carry out his threat…To cage and breed me. It was the worst thing to ever happen to me… until I began enjoying it.      Amazon KU


Lily – It’s been almost two years since the collapse. Two years since aliens invaded, bombs were dropped, and earth was thrust into an apocalypse. Those of us trying to survive have bound together at the barracks, slowly trying to stay safe and rebuild. When three of our people go missing I am sent out as a rescue party. The last thing I expected to find was an alien, the last thing I thought I’d do is kiss one. Now we are working together to find my missing people. Can I focus on the mission and not the hot alien…I honestly don’t know. Rork – I was taken by the Vonti as a child. Trained as a soldier and sent on many missions. All I have ever wanted is to find my way home. When we were abandoned on a failed mission and left on an armpit of a planet I lost all hope. But when a little human kisses me I find that hope returned. Now I must help her rescue her people from a Vonti camp, and figure out what I am to do about my growing attachment to her.   AmazonKU


Kit – Of all the aliens in all the universe, mine had to be big, domineering, and stubborn. Yeah, that’s right, mine. Because apparently his race, the Xirashi, biologically mates with one person. Now he won’t leave me alone. Worse part is—I don’t want him to because I can’t stop wondering if what’s in his pants matches the size of his ego. I’m a woman who can handle myself, but the savage monsters at the fringe are worse than anything I’ve encountered. My initial plan to fake-marry for safety in the most dangerous reaches of the galaxy? A total bust thanks to the strange light he emits that has me electrified with need. Literally. Vorkul – Why is my mate this tiny, breakable human? Am I not the most fearless of our kind? What God did I offend to deserve this? Yet, I can barely control myself around her. She needs protecting. I do not understand what this “feykmari” thing is, except that it lets me be close to her. Perhaps if I tie her down in bed, she will stop throwing herself in harm’s way. Now I must fight my urge to touch her and make her writhe with pleasure.      Amazon KU


VS note: From AUG 22

“Time works within a precise set of rules. There are consequences to every single thing we do when surfing its waves. So, in order to protect Time, we must operate within those rules. And one of Time’s rules is that people should not be allowed to live out of their own time. Ever.” Out of time Novitiate at the Royal Academy of Time Surgeons, Mimi Wylde has just one thing on her mind. To save her family from the machinations of Sergei Ivanov. But Time is never that linear. Her family is not really her family. And the Russian is not all that threatens RATS. Parliament is meddling in the Academy, and when the Prime Minister sends in overseers to commercialise time travel, Time itself reacts. But can Mimi, Jack and their friends fight Sergei, the government, and Time all at once? Or will they run out of time before the battle ends? Time once lost is never found again. But not according to those brave souls who surf Time’s waves at RATS. The race is on for Mimi and Jack, but who will win the ultimate prize is far from certain.      Amazon KU


Bride.  The word alone sent shivers down her spine…No man had dared ask a woman to be his and his alone for centuries… and he hadn’t even asked. He’d just told her she was to be his his bride, watched her blush at the shameful term, then fisted her hair and pulled her in for a brutal, possessive kiss when she opened her mouth to protest.  A kiss that made it clear she had no choice and that even if she did they both knew she would choose to kneel at his feet, wear his ring, and bear his children. A kiss that said she was his already, and there was so much more to come as she learned what that really meant. She climaxed then and there as his tongue claimed her mouth. She didn’t say yes, because she didn’t need to. Her body said it for her.     Amazon KU


Welcome to the Vessel Games—where men fight to the death to claim a Vessel wife. After the Great War devastated the lands, birth rates sharply declined, and the world descended into anarchy. The Monarchy seized control, creating a stranglehold over the land and the few women left who can bear children. Now, only men who are strong enough to survive the Vessel Games can win themselves a Vessel, but Princess Chloe is determined to stop the bloodshed. Working in the shadows against her father, she teams up with a doomed criminal and a Traitor Caste girl. But death isn’t limited to the arena. With her enemies closing in, Chloe must unlock the secrets of the games before her dangerous plot, and even more dangerous secret, costs her her life.      Amazon KU


When the zombie apocalypse hits, Selina is all but untouched due to her family’s rural farm. Unfortunately, her hidden sanctuary is about to get invaded by brutal men. She can choose to give herself over to the intruders, or she can align with a very different kind of monster—one who makes his savage demands very clear.      Amazon KU

TEARING THE SKY by Viola Grace

She left Earth to survive as a labourer, but things changed, and she was swept up in finding a new life that made her old one look like purgatory. 
Getting herself and her sister through the end of the world would have been a lot easier if Lily hadn’t been at her high school reunion. Taking care of over a dozen whining women had grated on her nerves. Getting to the rescue vessels had been a relief. Iris breezed through the training and learned as many languages as possible. She made some friends outside her collected group, but none of that meant anything when she was bundled into a sleeping pod and launched into space with the rest. She woke up with her sister nearby, and the rest of her arrival day went in a blur. There was a rushed landing, a sandstorm, and then a man, who smelled like summer, rescued her from the new world that was trying to kill her. She was given a few scans, and he insisted she gets medical treatment for old injuries. Time went by, and when she was discharged from the med centre, she had an interesting diagnosis for her current status. She was a companion class Terran, and Yavor was a Hmrain in search of a companion. It was like he had this planned all along.

Amazon     Note: Her other books are on Apple Books and Kobo so maybe this one will get there.

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: Next on my Backlist is REEDE’S MISSION TO THE SECTORS, which is my most recent Badari Warriors release. I figured it was past the time we needed to see what happened when Reede went off to the Sectors to ask for help!


Reede’s people sent him to the Sectors on a desperate mission to beg for help against overwhelming odds in their battle to destroy the alien scientists who created them centuries ago. He knew the task wasn’t going to be easy but as a Badari Warrior, he vowed to do his best. When he’s arrested by the border patrol and thrown in the brig, things go from bad to worse. He faces difficult choices ahead and unimaginable obstacles to making his case to the authorities for help.

Fallyn is Reede’s human fated mate but also the active duty military scout who guided him to the Sectors from his own planet. Reede’s choices after his arrest put her in a difficult spot and his actions threaten their mate bond. Will she give up her career to help him and the Badari succeed in making a treaty with the Sectors?

The desperate attempt to find new allies takes Reede and Fallyn on a wild set of adventures across the sprawling interstellar Sectors civilization and places them, their friends and their love in harm’s way.

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******************************OKAY, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ONWARD WE GO!**************************************************


As an enforcer for the Lykosium, it’s Kit’s job to ensure the Were secret is safe, which is how he meets Penelope “Poppy” Smith. She’s a woman with secrets who flinches at shadows, and he doesn’t like that one bit—especially since she is his mate. Not that he’s about to join himself to anyone. Mistakes don’t deserve someone special like her. Poppy isn’t keen on helping Kit identify the man in her past who captured and abused her. She’s still reliving that torture in her nightmares, but how can she move forward unless she faces her past? She agrees to help, partially because she knows Kit’s her mate, even if he refuses to accept it. It’s been a while since she’s had to deploy her womanly wiles. If they fail, she can always resort to home cooking to change a stubborn fox’s mind. Accepting two broken people can have love isn’t the only battle they’ll face. When the past returns to threaten, they’ll have to trust each other if they’re going to survive.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Why choose one when you can have over fifteen superb PARANORMAL REVERSE HAREMS that will leave you begging for more. Binge read this set brought to you by twenty amazing authors that are sure to be your next favorite. This is a must read if you love: Fated Mates – Enemies to Lovers – Royalty – Second Chance Romances – Vampires and Werewolves (and many other paranormal creatures) – With everything from slow burn to steamy, you’re sure to find something for you.

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She needs an enticing story to keep her job. He needs a fake girlfriend to get his family off his back. Fox Mitchell has made a name for himself teaching high-octane survival classes to city slickers looking for adventure when he’s not busy as acting captain of the Estes Park Search and Rescue Squad. He’s happy being a loner, even if everyone around him is getting hitched. Please. No one is going to domesticate and neuter him, thanks. Especially not the irritating woman who tries to rope him into an interview for some magazine he’s never heard of. He’s about to send her packing when his family reminds him, he needs a date for a wedding and …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)     Amazon KU


When a warrior demon prince locks me in his dungeon, I never expect him to claim me…I’m a broke music student, only loved by my twin. After a raid on my human town, however, I wake up, staring into the cold, black eyes of the Demon of Air. He’s the mysterious, lethally gorgeous leader of the demon army, who’s also a winged wolf shifter. But if he’s my enemy, why does he keep saving me? He’s the beast who wants to make me his princess but keep me hidden and disguised. His sweet secret. But why? I’m trapped in the middle of a war, and no matter how much attraction simmers between us, I have one chance to escape. In this perilous battle, will only one of us be left standing?   AmazonKU


VS Note: From AUG 26.

Lookout, Dr. Frankenstein, because here comes Wanda Depraysie…It’s not as though I meant to create a life. I didn’t, but that life is still here, all the same. And the worst part? I created it with… sigh… my detested cousin, Maverick. Now, before you think I’m a double-timing, good-for-nothing witch, I’m not. It was all an accident. Swear. And the even craziest part? This little mixup isn’t even the worst thing that’s happened to me this week. No, that award goes to the invitation I receive to my own funeral—a party sponsored by the leader of the vampires, Rupert, featuring me as the guest of honor. Should be fun.      Amazon KU


The Fourth Gate of the Underworld is a landscape of ice and death…The first three gates were no walk in the park, but when I arrive at Gate Four, I face all new horrors. Led by the infamous Fallen God, Chaena, Gate Four is a land of neverending winter, of ice and snow amid a blizzard that could put Minnesota weather to shame. As if the weather wasn’t bad enough, this level of the Underworld is also guarded by ice fae, whose touch is lethal and who seem like they really want to touch me. At least I have the hunky Adonis by my side—a man who has become my friend, my protector, and my lover. Strangely enough, I’m starting to believe I might be able to add one other person to that list (er, not the lover part)… Hades, The Lord of the Underworld, the supreme god of this terrible place. Right. Believe it or not, Hades keeps popping in at the most unexpected moments to deliver me from whatever awfulness I’m facing. And he’s got a message for me: he’s rooting for me, whatever that means. I can only hope I survive Gate Four and Chaena’s deathly winter so I can make it to the Fifth Gate and finally face-off with Ares.       Amazon KU


Dylan’s life in the spellster tower has everything he should want: magical knowledge, safety from the King’s Hounds and frequent clandestine affairs with women. All at the cost of his freedom. So when the chance to leave the tower—even as a leashed weapon for the King’s Army—arises, he seizes it. When his first scouting mission goes awry, Dylan is left alone in a hostile world with the tower a distant beacon of safety. Only the flirtatious Tracker, an elven man whose very presence awakens Dylan’s long-repressed desire, can help him return to his old life before the crown discovers his unleashed status. But the risk of being branded a deserter may be the least of his concerns as whispers of an armed presence in the North threatens his home. Dylan must rely on Tracker to protect him even as everything he thought he knew begins to unravel around them.     AmazonKU


She’s a horsefly who bit the wrong person—and now something very strange is happening to her. Something very, very strange. Not only can she fly faster and see further than ever before, but she has a weird craving for blood. Her crazy new life has just begun. That is, until she gets caught in a sticky web and stalked by a massive spider… a spider that’s about to get the surprise of its life.    AmazonKU


Master Nicolo, a man also known as ‘The Terrible,’ lives up to his title and then some. As confidante, closest friend and protector to Prince Balduin, a man who would be king of the large and estimable Woodfall Gath, Nicolo is nearly untouchable. Throw in the fact that the man can fight like no other and seems to have a preternatural knowledge for detecting those who want to kill him, he’s a formidable foe and then some. But Nicolo didn’t always live such a favored life. Born the only son to a poor mother, his otherworldly violet eyes separated him from his peasant brethren, singling him out as someone or something to be feared and shunned. With no friends or money, Nicolo’s young life was a difficult one. Then came the day the queen and her entourage passed through his remote town. The ailing Prince Balduin who was struck with a strange sickness that was certainly killing him, played with Nicolo and…Prince Balduin’s health improved. And so began Nicolo and Balduin’s strange friendship—Balduin raising a would-be peasant to a station well out of his range, and in return, Nicolo’s constant presence healed Prince Balduin. Now the time has come for me to join the ranks of the kingdom’s servants, acting as maid during the day, all the while awaiting the cover of darkness in order to find Master Nicolo alone. So I can assassinate him.     AmazonKU


When it comes to true love, rules are meant to be broken …Dark forests and locked doors, poisoned apples and forbidden lovers … Bold heroines and swoon-worthy heroes break all the rules in this enchanting anthology of the fairy tales you thought you knew. Once Upon A Forbidden Desire features 20 enticing fairy tale retellings by a diverse selection of fantasy romance authors. From sweet true love’s kisses to sizzling passion, from the streets of Seattle to enchanted forests, and from poor scullery maids to a winged Prince Charming …If you enjoy spellbinding romance, enthralling new worlds, and stories with a taste of the forbidden, these happily ever afters will leave you spellbound. Give in to the temptation and grab your copy of Once Upon a Forbidden Desire now.

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Kardia Marway was sent to Howling Valley to live a peaceful life. As the granddaughter of a councilman, her life would always be in the spotlight and dangerous. She would be free to live as she wanted in her new town with her little secret. Kardia couldn’t shift. Her wolf refused to make an appearance. River Delacroix was a powerful witch and healer. The moment she laid her eyes on Kardia, she knew the wolf was in pain and needed her help. She was desperate to help Kardia. Everything she tried failed. She had to succeed because she’d awakened for Kardia. This wolf was the other half of her soul. If her love for the wolf shifter couldn’t fix her, how could they truly seal their bond?      Amazon KU

SANCTUARY by Holly Hanzo

Doctor Maggie Jacobs is finally content with her life. She loves her new job as a rural doctor in a 24 hour clinic and she can’t wait to help the small community. Her father and sister are finally getting along and she doesn’t have to run interference. Nathaniel Ridgeway hates playing politics, especially between humans and shifters. As an unmated male lion shifter, he was forced to give control of the pride to his mated uncle, Russell. Until Nathaniel mates, he’s stuck following his uncle’s decrees. Now, with his uncle deciding humans never need to know they’ve been living among shifters, Nathaniel needs to find a mate to take his rightful place in the pride. One night at work, an injured Nathaniel makes it to the clinic where Maggie works through the night to save his life. When he wakes, there’s an instant attraction. Add in Nathaniel’s meddling mother, his power hungry uncle, Maggie’s devastating cancer diagnosis, and Maggie’s clingy sister, the obstacles to their relationship keep adding up. As Nathaniel and Maggie grow closer, Maggie suspects there’s more to Nathaniel than meets the eye. They’re each hiding a life-altering secret. Can they put blind faith into each other, to become each others sanctuary?       Amazon KU


She’s caught between two clans. One says she’s their property, the other she’s the Fated Mate of the Alpha’s son. After hiding from shifters all her life, Mirabelle Beauchamp finds herself caught in a deadly rivalry between two clans. When sexy Alpha’s son Maxime Ducharme helps her fend off a shifter attack, she’s thrown into the world her mother shielded her from. Maxime’s rivals return, claiming Mirabelle is one of them, but she knows she belongs to Maxime and Maxime belongs to her. They’ll both have to fight for what they want. For the freedom to choose—and to love.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Hoping to minimize the death and destruction of the coming war, Princess Birgitta of Swaine leads the Dark Warriors as part of her brother King Canute’s efforts to take the throne of Norvegia. As she engages in a skirmish with a band of elite Knights of Brethren, she’s kidnapped by Kristoffer Prestegard, a cunning warrior. While searching for the holy lamp that can help defeat the Dark Warriors, Kristoffer realizes that Swaine has already seized the ancient relic. Since King Canute is fiercely protective of his sister, Kristoffer offers to return Princess Birgitta in exchange for the coveted holy lamp. While trying to keep his feisty prisoner from escaping, Kristoffer learns that his father and uncle have set in motion a scheme that would give him the kingship of Norvegia. Where will Kristoffer’s loyalties lie, and how will he choose sides without losing everything, including the princess he’s grown to love?      Amazon KU


Vampire Creed Lowell drifts from town to town working with the elderly as a night nurse and looking to avenge his harrowing past. His youth and vitality make him a favorite of his patients and his gifts bring them peace. At long last he’s arrived in the place where he hopes to find the truth about those who betrayed him…but first he finds an unexpected love with a man who might understand him—or end him. Grad student Roman San Angelo is struggling to handle his courses, teaching schedule, and research for his dissertation on an obscure cult. He spends every spare moment with his beloved yet demanding grandmother Frances who’s recently moved to an assisted living facility—and he’s fascinated by her night nurse, who is able to bring out the inner light which had faded during her battle with dementia. Something about Creed doesn’t add up, however, Roman finds himself fighting an undeniable attraction. His concerns multiply when…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo