New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for NOV 30

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 

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Sakkar – Memories of betrayal flooded my mind with glimpses of a past I didn’t recall living. I had wronged so many, not just my clan but all of Valose. I was not worthy to walk among them. Not worthy of the female who had breathed life into my ancillary heart. It was just as well. My spirit mate cared not for me. Her downcast gaze, always on her feet or the male with whom she had returned. A male from beyond the stars, and a sworn enemy of Valose. I was determined to redeem myself. To prove that I was worthy of the crown I was bequeathed and return to my rightful place as ruler of Clan Huren. Perhaps, if I was to shed this mantle of disgrace, I would be worthy of her regard. Layla – I was broken in more ways than one. Shame kept my eyes pinned to the ground. Humiliation over who I had once been haunted me. Captivity had a way of putting things in a new perspective. Now that I had seen myself for what I once was, forgiveness felt beyond my reach. Then there was the issue of the male who dogged my heels. A regal male for whom I had endangered other girls to reach. My sense of entitlement had blinded me to everything except my own desires. Now that I had been rescued and returned to the ones I had betrayed, how could I ever look them in the eyes, or feel worthy of the male who followed?     AmazonKU


Wrecked with love…Hyacinth of the Seventh House is promised to a prince, but in love with her guardian. Magister Locke traveled to her homeland to teach her how to live in her fiancé’s world, but over time his commanding voice, subtle kindness and dark good looks have worked their way into her dreams. Now touching him is all she can think about. But her wishes won’t matter when it comes to her wedding day. If she doesn’t marry the prince, her planet will be doomed. Viktor Locke of the Firmament traveled worlds to get to Hyacinth. His sacred duty is to instruct her in the ways of her fiancé’s people, in order to save her own. But, oh, the things he wants to teach her. If only he couldn’t read her emotions, then he wouldn’t know how desperately Hyacinth wants him too. The swift approach of her wedding date is both a torture and a relief. When the engines fail on the craft carrying them to the wedding, the two take an escape pod and end up on an uncharted planet, far from anything they know. With comms down, danger everywhere, and no one to rely on but each other, Hyacinth and Viktor will have to drop the formalities that have defined their relationship for years. Alone together, on a lush, unknown planet with wild animals and aggressive plant-life, the most dangerous thing they have to contend with now is their shared desire.

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The ultimate betrayal has left exiled alien prince Cyburn and his human mate, roboticist Carmela Cosgrove, in a life or death battle with the Empire. Barely escaping in an almost-destroyed ship, they hide out in an asteroid belt in hopes of outlasting their enemies. But the betrayer isn’t finished with them yet and ensures they’re found, adding further damage to the crumbling vessel and strain on Cyburn and Carmela’s relationship surrounded by an injured and untrusting crew. Their only hope is to retake the center of the Empire’s power, the city where Cyburn was once a prince, but that seems like an impossibility given both the state of the ship and the mental state of the would-be king. With their relationship and lives hanging in the balance, can Cyburn and Carmela work together to fix the ship and figure out a way to succeed in what seems like a destined-to-fail mission, or will they die trying?     AmazonKU


Cat’s journey aboard the luxury space cruiser isn’t going well, but things go from bad to worse when she’s forced to abandon ship. When her escape pod crashes onto a desert planet, she hopes for a rescue. She doesn’t expect it to be in the impressive form of two gold-skinned aliens.Dev and Trek are ready to find mates and join their Dothvek brothers on the bounty hunter ship. They aren’t expecting to find a human stranded on the sand dunes. When her pod is lost and the dangers of the desert threaten them all, the twins pledge to keep her safe. But can they quell their burning desire for the female who is able to sense their thoughts? Or does what happens on the sand planet, stay on the sand planet?      AmazonKU


In a bid to get the Zyrgin invaders off their planet, Amira had handed one of their warriors a cup of drugged wine. At the time she didn’t know her evil cousins would torture him. Didn’t think it would cost him his career as a conquest warrior. Now the Zyrgins had sent a governor to rule her planet. And he looked awfully familiar.



Sometimes, silence is just the quiet before the storm. When the Black Flag crew is assigned to transport a young Union ambassador on his first diplomatic mission, they’re promised a few weeks of quiet downtime. Easy money. What they find is a diplomatic quagmire. On one side is an untrusting, desperate, and dying world willing to do anything to anyone in order to secure their own survival. On the other is their thriving neighbor: equally desperate, but for entirely different reasons. And dead in the water, the Black Flag readies to weather the coming storm – weather it, or be swept away in its fury.      AmazonKU


This is a Happily Ever After, Galactic Cyborg Heat Series, Hot Romantic Fiction Novel. A tantalizing story of passions and desires, that brings two very different people together in a way they never thought possible. This is a standalone novel but can and is more complete by reading the series in order starting with Book 1 Rage. But not doing so, will not spoil your enjoyment.     AmazonKU


The Cyborg used in the captive wars as Bate, is now looking for his own.



Cassie: I say goodbye to the four other women I’ve travelled across the galaxy with to meet the alien man of my dreams and climb into my pod filled with my belongs. But something hits the ship. My pod is separated from the others, and it crashes onto the planet where I’m supposed to meet my mate. My first impression is I’ve landed in heaven—flowers are everywhere. But it quickly turns into hell. I’m now locked in a cage in a dingy alien bar full of dirty alien-biker gang members. I’m desperate to escape because the boss of the gang says I’m to please the customers any which way he sees fit to pay off the damage my crash caused to the drugs he was cultivating. Just when I’d lost all hope of ever getting out of here, an alien turns up at the bar and calls out my name. He tells me he’s here to rescue me, but he is not a humanoid looking alien like the other bikers. Should I trust him? Or is this a case of out of the frying pan into the fire? Capsi: I don’t know why but I’m drawn into the outskirts of the citydom to a bar that has a line of infamous gang members’ bikes parked outside and trouble written all over it. But I’ll do whatever it takes to …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)      AmazonKU


It is a truth universally acknowledged that alien pirates in recent acquisition of a hideout must be in want of consorts. I don’t care that the aliens who captured us look more like monsters. I care that their grumpy, Lovecraftian nightmare of a doctor keeps poking and prodding me like a science experiment. And I definitely am not enjoying it, no matter how much he keeps talking about arousal pheromones or whatever. When the aliens plug my brain into some sort of translator thing, the first thing they ask is how to mate a human. I don’t expect my offhand comment about historical romance to be taken literally. Next thing I know, they’re scanning my brain for context and throwing a regency-style ball. When Mr. Definition of Haughty himself asks me to dance, I laugh in his face. Maybe half because I’m terrified of the heat that rushes through me when we touch. I can’t stand how dismissive he is, even if I might have daydreamed about what that tendrilous mouth would feel like between my… lips.       AmazonKU


I agreed to be the First Mate on his ship…When all I wanted was to be the only mate in his bed. I was Taneil’s servant for years. And when I earned my freedom, he asked me to be by his side on his sailing vessel on his quest. What he seeks will alter the balance of power on Protheka, and save his race from eternal damnation. I agreed to help him and told him it was because of the job he offered me. But it was always because of him. I couldn’t leave him. And deep down, I hoped he didn’t want me to. His hot minotaur body creates sparks between us. Will we be able to turn those sparks to fires of love? Or will it bring his whole race down when we crash and burn?     AmazonKU


As a human on Protheka , I have three uses. Laborer. Bedsport. Entertainment. …and I’ve just outlived all of them. I’m too defiant to please my male customers. With a broken body and unyielding spirit, the dark elves are ready to rid themselves of me. But just before my miserable existence is ended, a dark elf named Etheron takes me as a servant for his house. Am I saved? Or have I been doomed to a new form of torment? A new toy for my master to break. No. Etheron has got a secret. He likes my fire when no dark elf should tolerate it. Many call the him mad, and maybe he is. But there’s only one thing that tames that bloodlust. Me. I’m the only one that doesn’t fear him. My mate may be dangerous, but he’s no danger to me. I’m different from the rest. Why? Because I’m his.     AmazonKU


The dark elves ripped everything from me. Now, I have nothing left to lose. On Protheka, the elves rule through fear. They take away our homes, our families, our freedom. They want to break us. Instead, they’ve created a monster in me. They want to see the world burn? I’ll show them real fire. I don’t expect to survive my attacks on the dark elf buildings. But Alastair surprises me. He’s supposed to be a ruthless Commander. Instead, he shows me one thing I thought was long gone. Love. Our bond isn’t enough in this cruel world, though. Not when Alastair’s father is his overseer. He’ll have to choose. Follow orders or protect me? It’s no contest. Because there’s one thing more important to Alastair than control. One thing that drives him more than his father’s fury. And I’m the only one that has it. My heart.      AmazonKU


All my life I’ve hated the snake monsters. Until I fell in love with one. I was a pet for a naga Prince. But I’d choose death over captivity. I risked my escape, only to run straight into the arms of Indus.
I wanted my freedom. Instead, I received a new naga master. He was betrothed, an arranged marriage to raise his status. But he still brought me back to his home to hide me away. I learned that he was nothing like my other masters. I was fed. Cared for. Protected. And I showed him what it meant to love. Now, Indus has a choice to make. To follow his heart or his duty? In the end, will he pick me? Or will I always be his dirty little human secret?      AmazonKU


VS Note: Authors states it’s better to read the series in order. Cliffhanger.

“She is poison. And I want it all.” If we knew that Spring Break on a tropical island would turn deadly, would we have still gone? That’s the question I’ve asked myself for two years. We came from the richest families in the world. We were supposed to be invincible. But the week we partied on Zion Island, the world was ravaged by a nuclear war. In the two years since, I’ve made Zion Island a safe haven. I lost people who loved me. I made a home for hundreds who hate me. I built a pharmaceutical empire that gives hope to future generations. Being a king is a solitary journey. To avoid insanity, I have to keep my mind at peace. But then I meet herKatura Ortiz. A beautiful spy, sent to my island by a Russian mobster. Her name is abrasive. She is abrasive. She makes me angry, gets under my skin, goes against the grain. But I can’t get her out of my mind. With all the money poured into this island, the place is a tropical gilded cage. But she… She is a breath of fresh air. And now her cover is blown. So guess what? She is my prisoner. She wanted to play? We’ll play. By my rules. Welcome to Zion, wild thing.      Amazon KU


When Shay and her family carried three hundred colonists to a new world, they thought they were leaving all the problems of Earth and the Klevian Cold War behind, until they arrive and are rammed by a Klevian warship. Now, stranded on a mountain and with their colonists in stasis in the forest below, they must turn to the Klevians for help descending the treacherous peaks and ice to save their colony and build their new home. When Galidin awakens it is to be told he is the enemy of the beautiful human he is determined will be his mate. Shay is small, but strong, determined but warm, a leader and everything he could ever imagine for the female he would spend his life with. But Galidin has no memories of his life before her and Shay is reluctant to touch, initiating the bond that will make her, his. With his ship mate unconscious and the ship’s AI, Jaras, determined to keep them apart, Galidin helps the humans down the mountain. But when they discover there are enemies to both their races on this new world, will the potential of their happily ever after come crashing down around them? And will Galidin still want the little human when he remembers what it is to be a Klevian Warrior?      AmazonKU


Archeologist Temperance Vale is hot on the trail of alien artifacts. She’s ready to make the find of a lifetime in an ancient temple—until she discovers her dig site is overrun by evil body snatchers and she escapes into the arms of a muscled alien warrior. Irax of the Apex’ir is the only one of his brothers who can enjoy no-strings attachments. Not that he’s interested. He came to earth to do one thing: kill his enemy, the infectious Fever. Then he saves Temperance. Brilliant and fiery, she’s like nothing he’s seen in a thousand galaxies—and she might be the distraction that gets him killed. On the run in the long-buried ancient temple and tangled in growing desire, they struggle to reach the heart of the temple before their enemies. That site holds the key to the Fever’s power. And if Temperance and Irax fail to stop them, the Fever will burn across the galaxy.     Amazon KU

IN THE CITY OF TIME by Gwendolyn Clare

VS Note: Not listed as a romance. Steampunk.

In 1891, Willa Marconi’s life falls apart when her mentor at the University of Bologna unexpectedly dies. She loses her laboratory access and her stipend, but she refuses to let anyone take her research away. While testing her prototype radio equipment, she detects a mysterious signal and pursues its origin. In 2034, a cataclysmic event has rendered the Earth uninhabitable, and humankind survives by living inside of artificial worlds. Riley would do anything for Jaideep, who lost his parents in the collapse of the Bay Area pocket universe—and anything includes building a time machine so they can travel back to the 19th century, prevent the destabilization of the planet, and rewrite history. But the experiment goes wrong, accidentally pulling Willa forward in time and stranding the three of them in a strange, seemingly abandoned city. Now they’ve got a glitchy time machine, a scary android time cop hot on their trail, and some tangled temporal mechanics to unravel. Can they save the Earth when the Continuity Agency is dead-set on preserving the current timeline?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


The Fire Lord of Ashmoor cordially invites you to spend the human holiday termed “Christmas” at Ashmoor Manor. Join us for a special Christmas Eve dinner held in the great dining hall promptly at sunset. Decorating an Earth-type cone-shaped tree with “ornaments” and the exchange of charming, wrapped human-centric presents to follow. Lively human species songs performed by Ashmoor staff. 
Keep this invite secret! This is a surprise “original planet” holiday recreation for all the humans and half-human offspring on Tarvos. Branches of the Earth plant “Mistletoe” will be provided to all males present for their females! Author’s note: This holiday novella is much more enjoyable if read as part of the Monsters Love Curvy Girl series!      AmazonKU


Caroline – I was going home when I was abducted by aliens. Then the ship crashed, and I found myself lost and alone on an alien planet. I’ve been running for two days. It seems that aliens of all shapes and sizes are after me simply because I’m… human. And a woman. They say human females are universal breeders, and that we’re extremely valuable. I won’t let them catch me. I won’t let them sell me. When I think I’ve finally found shelter, I fall into the worst trap. Then a brute of a man with sharp tusks and skin like ice shows up and saves me. His name is Ko’nar Eisvir, and he’s not who I think he is. He’s not my rescuer. He’s my new captor. Ko’nar – If I bring my king one of the universal breeders that have just crashed all over the outlaw planet known as Reazus Prime, I might be allowed to return home. It’s been three years since I’ve been banished, and I want to see my parents and my little sister. But I first have to prove to the king that I’m still useful to him. Maybe he’ll forgive me when he sees the human female Caroline, who can give him what the old queen cannot anymore – children. But Caroline is tempting. Curvy, feisty, and oh-so-delicious… I feel the urge to have a taste, and then keep her all to myself. I thought the reason I haven’t found my mate was because I couldn’t find her away from home. Now I look into her sparkling green eyes, and I find myself questioning that theory.      AmazonKU

THE RENTAL by Linda Mooney

In need of extra income, Dane Caravelle applies for a new program that allows other people to “rent” her and lets them essentially live her life. This groundbreaking scientific technology is meant to allow those who may be disadvantaged or disabled to experience a normal life. Although it requires rigorous testing to become a rental, Dane is ecstatic when she’s approved. She’s nervous in the beginning and is assured she won’t even know when her renter is observing her unless she checks the app, but that hasn’t been her experience. Nudges here and there. Feeling as if someone is watching her. And was that a man she saw reflected in her eyes when she looked in the mirror? The program promised only females would be paired with females. Who is he? Or rather, what is he? The nudges turn into phone calls, then voicemails, and she quickly learns that we’re definitely not alone in this universe. There are others other there, other species from other worlds, and they’re just looking to survive…or so she’s told. Despite warnings from her friends, she agrees to help the stranger. But is this “alien” real, or is she being led on? Either way, she discovers she’s grown to care for him. And that’s just the beginning of her problems.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Cameron Murphy is tired of her boring mundane life. Feeling like it’s time to shake things up and step out of her comfort zone, she drives to a lunar party in the middle of nowhere. Krix is an adventurous, ambitious male that steals his way into her world. He’s on a mission to explore the forbidden dimension and prove to his grouping that he’s a valuable member. The hand of fate puts things in motion, sending these two souls on a collision course. One big misunderstanding later Cameron is kidnapped and brought to a new alien world. As a rare and exotic female, she is now a prize that everyone wants. Add in a narcoleptic lizard scientist, three very sexy guards, a mysterious silent mercenary, a stolen portal crystal, and the alien mafia eyeing her home world, you have one heck of an adventure. What is a confused, lost Earth girl to do? At least Cameron can’t say her life is boring anymore.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Not listed as a romance although there appear to be romantic elements. 

The year is 2172. The world is mostly water. Marlin Paz and her pregnant girlfriend arrive in the harbor city of Brume after twenty-five harrowing days at sea only to find themselves forbidden to go ashore. In desperate need of food and a hospital, they try to come up with a plan and wonder: what happened since they lost contact with the land? Meanwhile, Axioma Nation, CEO of the world’s leading corporation, struggles to figure out how her biotech can solve the climate refugee crisis. But when an urgent message from a colleague overseas comes through, Axioma realizes that the climate is the least of her worries. And thousands of miles away, in the ravaged heartland of the State, Heron Howsley must reckon with her family’s legacy and her own demons while facing down tornados and discovering that her love for her hometown runs deeper than she knew.      AmazonKU


As a security officer of Earth’s first deep space vessel, I always believed there were aliens in outer space. But I never imagined they’d be total jerks. I might not have bought a ticket for the Space Z Pleasure Cruise, yet here I am, brought aboard as the…entertainment. Abducted and far from home, I must rely on new alien allies to escape my captors. A sexy Rhonar warrior might be the biggest wild card of them all. When our enemies set off the self- destruct sequence, we’re thrown into an escape pod together. Crash-landing on a distant planet was not part of the getaway plan. Alone with the big lug, he’s soon calling me his fated mate. Too bad I’m not the romantic kind. Yet, as we fight for each other’s survival I can’t help but be drawn to the alien warrior’s inner fire. And well, his outside is smoking hot too. Will we be able to find a path free of the planet’s twisted caverns? And do I dare trust in the cosmic bond pulling us together? Only the stars know.      Amazon


I’m trapped in an abandoned house with a backpack full of stolen weapons when ruthless scavengers break down the front door. What’s worse is my escape route is blocked by a seven-foot orc dragging a decapitated corpse. Three-inch tusks press into his curling upper lip and deep scars decorate his pale green skin. He’s got eight-pack abs, fists the size of cantaloupes and his heated gaze devours me. I make it out of there alive, barely. Then, the next day? The same orc that blasted my panties and made me wonder what a tusk laced kiss would feel like turns up at my festival booth sending all my customers running for the hills. I’m ready to blast him with both barrels but, before I get the first word out, he throws me over his shoulder. Now I’m wondering less about those tusks and more about what’s under that leather kilt he’s wearing. Soon, I’m falling hard for this primal monster. But, will the burning bridges between our two worlds keep us apart or will we forge our own path to our happily ever after?      AmazonKU


She’s a spy. He’s an alien cyborg who doesn’t like humans… What could go wrong? Hacker extraordinaire Raven lives in the shadows, making her living by rooting out secrets of the rich and corrupt. It’s a good setup, until her boss reassigns her to spy on the Lathar. All she’s got to do is break into their super-secure system and find out what they’re keeping from humanity. She’s going to have to go undercover working in the Latharian Mate Program to do it. There’s just one problem. The very dangerous, and very sexy Risyn B’Kaar. He doesn’t like humans, and he’s her new boss…War Commander Risyn B’Kaar doesn’t want to be on Earth, and doesn’t want to be part of the mate program. But he has his orders. At least all he has to do is set the draanthing thing up, then he can leave. He certainly doesn’t want a human mate of his own. No way, no how…But when the program matches him with Raven, he can’t let her go. Not even when she betrays him. There’s a greater betrayal at work though, one that might take his beautiful little mate from him. Can he save her from the forces that conspire against them, before it’s too late?      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

A RIVER OF ASH AND BONE by Wren Cartwright

Twenty-four years after the outbreak…River is shaken after her father’s death, adrift after the one constant in her life fell victim to the harsh landscape, just like so many others. She’s living day by day, dodging both the undead and the alive, and trying to find some sense of purpose or direction. A single decision changes her life…It should have been impossible for her life to get any worse, but upon scouting the city for resources, she finds herself in a situation that quickly turns sour. River commits the ultimate crime and, despite her protests, is brought back to a stranger’s camp in penance for her actions. For the first time in forever….She has friends, safety, and comfort. Can she really go back to sleepless nights spent alone, starving, and constantly on edge, when she’s found the shelter of her dreams? And what is she going to do about the four larger-than-life men that haunt her every move and make her feel things she never has before–the ones that took her in the first place? As her relationships grow and secrets are revealed, River is left with a huge decision, all while battling an even bigger threat looming outside the walls of her refuge. One that has the power to take away all she’s come to care about. *This is a dark(ish) romance where the main character will end up with more than one love interest*      AmazonKU


What do you do when your fiancé and best friend betray you and pick each other over you? You leave town and take up running. Sounds healthy right? Wrong. I’m on a run when I get abducted by aliens and wake up in a space dungeon with three growling Alphas on the other side of the bars. They keep calling me Omega. I don’t know what that means, but it can’t be good…can it?   AmazonKU

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: I’m in the mood for scifi romance gladiators today so here’s my most recent release in the series:


Talinn was a genetically engineered senior soldier in his Badari Warrior pack until unscrupulous laboratory guards faked his death and sold him into slavery in the galaxy’s hinterlands. Purchased by a nomadic warlord and forced to fight in games for the amusement of the crowds, Talinn has endured through sheer strength of will. He sees no possibility of escape but a Badari never gives up until the goddess calls him to the afterlife.

Bailey Kingsmere was a talented and ambitious entertainer on an interstellar cruise liner when her ship was destroyed in an accident. She escaped in a defective cryonic lifepod, which eventually drifted out of the Sectors entirely and crashed on a primitive planet. Superstitious locals decide to place her in the arena as a prize for a lucky gladiator.

Talinn needs only one look to know Bailey is his fated mate. He’ll do whatever it takes to rescue her from the other fighters and claim her as his prize but how can he ensure her safety thereafter? Since he’s not human and has alien reptilian predator DNA which gives him extra capabilities, will Bailey accept him as a mate? And can they ever escape their desperate situation and find a way to freedom? TALINN is the third book in the Badari Gladiators Series and can be read as a standalone. A steamy romance with fated mates this story was initially published in the Claimed Among the Stars Anthology (no longer available), but has been expanded here with an additional 15,000 words.

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******************************OKAY, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ONWARD WE GO!**************************************************


It’s almost Christmas, and a visiting lion prince is excited to go tree hunting with the Pride ladies. Only a mishap with a squirrel leaves the posh Felix snowed in with a honey-loving bear. Edwina, owner of Honey Pine Farm, is a bear with a serious sweet tooth who prefers comfort over style. She’s counting down the days until she can head south for Christmas, only to get snowed in with a lion prince. She isn’t impressed by his silky-soft mane, and he casts doubts on honey as a cure-all, yet as they spend time together, they discover they have more in common than expected—and a passion hotter than chestnuts roasting on a fire. When Edwina is put in danger during a beehive heist, he’ll do anything—even place his trust in the squirrel that almost killed him—to help save the bear he loves.

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The moment Meiling sees Gedeon she knows he’s a leopard shifter—just as she knows she can’t trust him. Meiling doesn’t take chances, life has taught her better than that. So why does she find herself rescuing this deadly, gorgeous man, when she knows she’d be better off leaving him to die? Gedeon is used to women throwing themselves at him, not throwing his injured body over their beautiful, deceptively strong shoulders and carrying him to safety. He might be embarrassed, if he wasn’t so aroused by the very thought of this feisty lotus blossom. As they strike up a working relationship that suits them both, Gedeon starts to rely on Meiling for just about everything. But when her hidden nature rises to the surface, the connection that links them shifts into an all-consuming desire. And neither will escape unmarked.

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Unlucky number seven. Nina Cole thought escaping a serial killer would be the hardest thing she ever had to face. When a reporter comes sniffing around wanting her to relive the trauma, she feels she has no choice but to pack up and move to a place where no one knows her. Starting over in her forties is easier said than done. Bad memories aren’t the only thing chasing her. The killer might be in jail, but now it looks like something much more sinister from beyond the grave is hunting her. Fortunately, there seems to be no shortage of magical assistance in Freewild Cove. But will it be enough? Can her new friends and a secret love interest help Nina survive the latest chapter in her unlucky life? Heather, Vivien, Lorna, and Sue are back! With the help of Grandma Julia’s ghost, they’re kicking supernatural butt and taking names.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


The Wild has always had its share of threats. For most of us, that threat involves a dental deformity, a hankering for juicy veins, and a superiority complex. But that all changes when one of the villages is brutally attacked. Once again I find myself tackling the region’s problems, along with my merry band of werewolves and powerful new allies. Throw a rogue zombie in the mix and we’ve got ourselves a party—except we’d like nothing more than to roll up the welcome mat. With vampires literally out for blood and a price on my head, I should be laying low, but the dire situation forces me to engage with Lord Doran, and I’m not sure either one of us is ready for that reunion. Even so, I have to set aside the past for the sake of the future. The fate of The Wild depends on it.      AmazonKU


Princess Jayne Frost and Prince Consort Sinclair Crowe have been called back to Nocturne Falls for Christmas so that Jayne can help out at the short-staffed Santa’s Workshop. Being back means seeing some old friends, but also finding new trouble that Jayne just can’t stop thinking about. Are the random break-ins really someone trying to ruin Christmas? Because as Santa Claus’s niece, that feels personal to her. But when the real reason for the break-ins gets unwrapped, Jayne decides to do everything in her power to put an end to the problem. Too bad it might also mean the end of her.

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Benjamin D’Angelo has officially replaced Ere the Black Dragon in the Jade Emperor’s mysterious quests. This time, Ere insists upon tagging along, for next to his Phoenix Mate Sorin, Ben is the greatest love of his life, and he just doesn’t trust anyone else to take care of his boy. As always, their success is limited by seemingly arbitrary rules and an even more arbitrary sandglass of time. The only things they can count on is that: 1) each of their quests takes them to a time in the past, 2) they will witness (and perhaps even enable) True Love along the way, and 3) the Universal Balance hangs in…well, the balance. Their sixth task is to retrieve the Stone Heart. Ben and Ere return to medieval Britain some years after Ere’s first quest, reuniting with old friends in the process. Meanwhile, Merlin the red dragon has escaped from the Celestial Realm to present day New York City. By luck or fate, he meets Anniea fire witch, in his human form, drawn to her unique light. The present and past collide in the discovery and recovery of the Stone Heart, old wounds heal, and new Bonds are forged. The end of the world may be just around the corner. Along the way, enemies may become lovers, reluctant friendships may form, and lots of hot, desperate, this-may-be-the-last-time-we-have-sex sex will definitely be had. And who knows, you too may help earn the…Heart of Dragons.



All the lines of fate have been pulling Edra Tendric to LA. It is the last place he wants to go, leaving his mate Inspector Jordan Kells in San Francisco to deal with a fractured mytho population and an increasingly tense political situation. Someone wanted Edra removed as Mytho Liaison, and they got their way. With the exposure of their relationship, Jordan has to negotiate the fallout at work and among the people he called friends. As the elves arm themselves and favors are called in, Jordan will need to decide where he stands because doing the right thing doesn’t always mean following the law he swore to uphold. Being a lesser dragon’s mate isn’t all mating flights and fun. Not when his mate is the Knight of a city on the brink of war.      Amazon KU


I’m a savage. Bred for war. But I never thought it would come to that. I fought to save my brother. I fought to keep my mate. The fighting isn’t over. The greatest battle has just begun. And the sacrifice—if I fail—is too great. We kept our enemies at bay for so long. And now they’re at our doorstep demanding everything we hold dear. My land, I will not relinquish. My home, I will not leave. My mate, I will not sacrifice. The consequences of my actions have caught up to me, but I’m not the only one with life-altering plans. I knew from the very moment I mated her, Celeste was a fighter. I’d give my own life before I allowed her to risk hers, but she has a mind of her own. Nothing has torn us apart despite the struggles, but the odds have stacked up against us.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Author states there is a “paranormal twist).

Mack Ravage is an outlaw with a bad reputation. I should know. I created him with every breath, wrong decision, and regret I’ve made over the last twenty years. That’s why I shouldn’t want her – the sweet, pretty, young single mom that walks into my clubhouse. I promise her safety. I swear the club will protect her and her daughter. Hell, I even let her stay and gave her a room. She’s too wide-eyed, innocent, trusting, and too damn adorable for her own good. I’m not gonna touch her. I swear I’m gonna keep my distance. And then her eyes rake over me and burn like hot coals over my skin. My Sergeant at Arms Valan thinks she wants him, but I know better. Her eyes only brighten when I’m in the room. Her smile grows broader when I look in her direction. And the heat – it cranks up a good ten degrees when our eyes meet. None of this matters when the past decides to show up at our door. The Ravage Riders won’t be bullied. This is our town. We own it, and we damn well do as we please. Valan? Our enemies? The age difference? Just a few details to hammer out. I’m the president of this club. I take what I want, and I want Charlotte. Nothin’ is standing in my way.   AmazonKU


VS Note: From the ebook seller’s page: “Please note not all stories are complete some maybe samples of stories yet to come!!! These stories will be RH, Poly and LGBT stories.”

This collection of holiday tales features characters and pairings from every hue in the rainbow as they celebrate the holiday season. From hockey players to monsters to naughty tops and bottoms, the stories in this anthology are short, steamy, and full of holiday cheer. Proceeds from this anthology will be donated to The Trevor Project.       Amazon


On the run with the new King of Cragspear and her shadow guardian, Ilsaletta must gather the seven swords and destroy them all or risk her rival destroying not just Cragspear but the world.
But something has changed with Ilsaletta’s shadow bodyguard and as he slips away, Ilsaletta must choose between the fate of the world and her own heart. Can she follow duty and good, or will she try to keep what was never hers in the first place? This is book three and the conclusion to the Seven Swords series.      AmazonKU


Hot chocolate, snowflakes, jingling bells, and… monstersThat’s what Christmas has in store for you this year! Add a little spice to your holiday festivities by diving into this collection of monster-loving heroines who find love in the most unusual of places.

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Revenge can be brutal, but nothing is scarier than a witch with a vendetta. After being body jacked by the legacy hunters last year, I’ve tried my best to move forward with my life, to lock the memory behind an indestructible wall. Only, that’s easier said than done. Charles, their leader, is dead and rotting somewhere, yet I still see his face when I close my eyes. Beyond seeing the dead, I’ve also been keeping a secret. ‘Contrary to what I’ve told my husband, I didn’t escape the ritual unscathed. It branded me with The Mark of Caine, the very curse that makes the hunters who captured me ruthless and causes their blood to sing at the thought of ridding the world of the paranormal creatures. For the most part, it’s just a jagged scar. Except, it’s linked me to the hunters. I can track them. I can stop them from transforming, and with it, I’ll get my revenge. Hopefully, Dax will forgive me, but I have to do this. I need the nightmares to stop and the only way that will happen is with every last one of the legacies dead in the ground.      Amazon KU


A year ago, we managed to escape the realm of monsters, unscathed. The mistake of trying to strike a bargain with the High King has been buried in the past…Or so we thought. Tensions rise when the people in our kingdom seek blood, claiming a beast massacred one of the villages around Hell Hold.
Pitchforks burn and the fine line between good and evil blurs until it’s nearly obliterated all together.
However, one thing is crystal clear. We’re not only gearing up for war with Heaven, but a civil war within Hell itself.      Amazon KU

COZY QUEER CHRISTMAS by K W Hether-Patterson

Featuring thee tales of love and holiday cheer, this collection of stories is sure to melt the coldest hearts. Grab your cocoa and coziest sweater for one gay old Christmas! From fairy-tales to contemporary drag queens, this has it all! Three Stories; A Cinderfella Christmas – Santa Sweetie –
A Drag Queen Country Christmas      AmazonKU

DEVOUR by Various

Devour is a collection of novellas by the cult, an insanely talented group of authors including C.N. Crawford, Linsey Hall, Jen L Grey, Amelia Hutchins and many more! With these brand new prequels, side stories, and standalones, you can reconnect with beloved characters and discover more about what your favorite authors are up to. And what’s more? None of these will end on a cliffhanger! If you love fantasy and paranormal romance in all its forms, Devour is for you. From enemies to lovers, to fated mates, possessive alphaholes to cinnamon rolls, there’s a story for every taste.      Amazon     Kobo


VS Note: This is a LitPRG, which I don’t often cover but this one sounded fun. Here’s the definition of LitPRG from The Emerging website: “…an emerging genre of fiction that combines the experience of digital role playing games with traditional narrative plotlines. It weaves a story around a protagonist that consciously immerses themselves in a virtual world to follow the quests and challenges set by the game realm. It is not to be confused with choose-your-own-path storylines or novels that expand the lore of existing RPG games. Instead, imagine you are the spectator to someone playing as their World of Warcraft avatar, witnessing their progression through in-game campaigns while observing their development through visible statistics such as health, agility, strength, or intelligence. “

Barbara Callaghan assumed she’d spend her retirement peacefully, playing bingo and babysitting her grandson. Not fighting giants and wrangling unruly gods. But when she finds herself the victim of a digital scam, trapped as a barbarian brawler in a game world generated from old Earth mythologies, she knows she will either adapt or perish. And Barbara has never been a quitter. To survive this harsh rendering of Midgard, Barbara must win the patronage of one of the Asgardian gods. With the help of her disloyal companion Carwyn, an elven NPC with more warrants out on him than coins in his purse, she seeks out Asgard. She discovers a world in turmoil, with powerful gods at each other’s throats, rogue giants causing chaos at every turn, and dwarven craftsmen at war with one another.
A world that needs the practical, no-nonsense touch of a grandmother—and the occasional brute strength of a barbarian.      AmazonKU


Good things come to those who bake. At least that’s what the sign hanging in Mistledough, the bakery owned by the gorgeous and mysterious Nyall claims. When reporter Aaron Newton is banished to Mistletoe Falls for the holidays and forced to provide fluffy and lighthearted stories without a hint of scandal, or else, he finds himself drawn to both the bakery and the sweet taste of the man who runs it. Aaron may not have come to the small Christmas town for love, but a little holiday magic is in the air, and the season may bring Aaron everything he’s ever wanted… if he’s willing to get whisked away by the handsome baker whose family has a secret to rival Santa Claus himself.      AmazonKU


Sleighbells are ringing and the snow is falling in Hemlock Hollow, Montana, but Sonya Michaelson is off saving newly bitten werewolves from losing their minds during their first change. That is, until she has to prepare the house for the visit of the werewolf parents of her hot professor boyfriend. Between that and holiday shopping with her best friend, the reaper of shifterkind, she will have her hands full. Can she pull off the perfect, Jólabókaflóðið, the Icelandic tradition of gifting books, for her boyfriend and his Icelandic parents, or will all her careful plans unravel?

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Hi, I’m Minerva Krauss. You’ve probably heard of me or read one of my books on curse breaking. 
Except an old friend with an exceptionally big mouth just revealed a big secret of mine to people I’ve come to care about. The drama has somewhat died down for now, so it’s time to tell my story from the beginning. And my story has a lot of beginnings and ends. I need to explain to Ravyn why I kept this secret from her and I should probably tell Ripley why I’m so obsessed with the werewolf erotica in her library (They are 6’3, 6’5, and 6’7 and they have names) I’m not angry about telling my story. I’ve had an interesting life and it’s about time someone got to hear the real story of Minerva Krauss.   AmazonKU


J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings on the Second Age of Middle-earth, collected for the first time in one volume complete with new illustrations in watercolor and pencil by renowned artist Alan Lee. J.R.R. Tolkien famously described the Second Age of Middle-earth as a “dark age, and not very much of its history is (or need be) told.” And for many years readers would need to be content with the tantalizing glimpses of it found within the pages of The Lord of the Rings and its appendices, including the forging of the Rings of Power, the building of the Barad-dûr and the rise of Sauron. It was not until Christopher Tolkien published The Silmarillion after his father’s death that a fuller story could be told. [SNIP] Now, adhering to the timeline of “The Tale of Years” in the appendices to The Lord of the Rings, editor Brian Sibley has assembled into one comprehensive volume a new chronicle of the Second Age of Middle-earth, told substantially in the words of Tolkien from the various published texts, with new illustrations in watercolor and pencil by the doyen of Tolkien art, Alan Lee.

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Being a forty-something, newly divorced, single mom is getting easier every day. Thankfully, so is being a witch, you know, when monsters and power-hungry sorcerers aren’t trying to kill me. And they aren’t the only ones who want to take me down. Too bad for all of them. I don’t die easy. Now that my nero-craft has been triggered, I’m off to the Iron Grove compound, along with my hot druid boyfriend and his violently awesome sister, to learn magic from the best of the best. Of course, not every druid or tru-craft witch is happy about me adding water magic to the earth, fire, and air magic I already wield. There is even talk of a test they want me to take that sounds about as much fun as an alien probing. No, thank you. I’ll have to rely on allies, old and new if I want to survive the incoming tide of enemies who want me to drown in my own magic. Literally.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Everett Fabré was thrust into a life not of his own choosing when his entire family and the majority of his pack were killed during a tragical attack on their ship during the Civil War. One of only a few survivors, he and the others set out to continue on his pack’s mission: help those in need. When fate decided to intervene and he finds himself an enforcer in the newly formed Paranormal Council, never did he expect to scent his mate during a mission. Jennings Williams’s birth pack…sucks, to put it nicely. They were the type of pack that made other paranormals immensely dislike wolf shifters. As the oldest and only unmated of his siblings, he decided it was time for a change and set out for Timber Valley to accept a position as a teacher in the new school for their shifter children. Finding a new friend in his next-door neighbor was only a bonus. But when his neighbor’s cousin returns from a mission, sparks ignite, and canines are involved. Everett and Jennings struggle with their bond, and it’s no secret that Everett can be difficult. Will the new couple strengthen their bond in time before it’s lost? When new information is brought to light pertaining to the Evergreen pack and their involvement in the kidnapping ring is discovered, it doesn’t look good for Jennings’s parents. Can Everett be there for his new mate?      Amazon KU


I’m going to kill my brother. But not before I kill Cole, first. Both of those idiots are the reason I’m trapped in Lucifer’s Army playing good little fallen angel. I have Kaito at my mercy—oh the irony. Lucifer doesn’t know about the chemistry between us. Or what happens when an angel and a demon decide to work together. I have a few frustrations to take out on my favorite Kami, though. Bring on the ruin. “Burn in Ruin” is Episode 4 in the Fortune Academy Underworld Episodic series. This is a short read of 5,000 words intended to be read after Fortune Academy: Year Eight, but can also be read as a standalone. Episodes feature Lily’s mates with all scenes written from the guys’ point of view. These episodes are M/M, packed with plenty of steam, and dangerously addicting!     Amazon

ONCE UPON A SHIFT by Sophie Stern

Three nights. Two dragons. One incredible romance. Joanna is as nerdy as they come. She’s obsessed with books, she loves comics, and she wears her hair in a ponytail. Draco is everything she’s not: cool, composed, charismatic. Despite the fact that the two of them have been friends and colleagues for years, they’ve never shared the fact that they’re dragon shifters with the other. When Joanna is tasked with finding a date to her parent’s annual Christmas party, Draco is the obvious choice, but what will he do when he learns her secret?

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Hi, I’m Shirley Chambers—perfection-obsessed housekeeper and mostly un-wicked witch in my hometown of Hex Harbor, Texas. Got a gruesome grime predicament? My company Mops + Broomsticks will sweep in and save the day. There’s no home too filthy. Promise. I clean werewolves’ dens all the time, and if I can wrangle that fur-flying mess, I can sure as heck handle any dust and dirt you dish out. I even have a side-gig, alongside my ex, solving crime in my not-so-sleepy little lakeside town. After jilting me at the altar, he’s come begging for another chance, and I have to admit I’m tempted. The jury’s still out on whether or not I’ll take him back, but when the crankiest werewolf in Hex Harbor’s poisoned, I leap at the chance to be the undercover witch on the case, cleaning and snooping my way to solving the crime. And then the bullets start flying at the BBQ.    AmazonKU


A second chance is more than she could have ever dreamed of…A young witch and a young wolf shifter become friends. They grow older, and with time, their friendship blooms. And when the time comes, the truth reveals itself, that the bond between them is deeper than anything they could have ever imagined. One spell and nearly two decades later…He’s big and he’s strong and he actually really loves flowers and he was a bit of a goofy looking kid, but he grew up good. And she’s a born witch and she inks tattoos and she’s edgy and sassy and okay she’s not really good at the whole growing herbs for potions thing, but…It’s a good thing they’re soulmates, right? Except… they haven’t seen each other in 15 years. And she can no longer control her magic.     AmazonKU


VS Note: No idea if any of these stories contain Fantasy/PNR elements but I thought the concept was intriguing and you know I love to support anthologies.

Once upon a time, a bunch of authors wondered… what would happen if Heart2Heart, the dating app responsible for pairing up the quirkiest, most perfect couples, brought people together by asking the questions they never knew they needed answered? From learning each other’s secret zombie survival skills, to disputing the greatest starship captain ever, to confessing their feelings about Cornish pasties, the characters in these fourteen brand new stories inspired by reader suggestions will learn that no matter how random the question… love is always the answer. And, as always, all proceeds from this anthology will benefit LGBTQ+ charities to ensure that love in all its incarnations will be celebrated and protected every day of the year!      Amazon


Marcel takes a big risk by telling Sofia his greatest sin. Can he trust her to keep it a secret? Or maybe it’s time to confess his crime and submit to whatever punishment Edna deems appropriate?
Three miserable centuries of living with guilt and remorse are long enough. Once the dust settles on the Kra-ell crisis, he will gather the courage to put himself at the court’s mercy.      AmazonKU


Don’t let the fluffy gray hair and flowery hats fool ya – little old ladies are evil! Things are clickin’ right along for Noelle and Hunter. They’re through a flurry of weddings, tourist season is over, and it’s finally time to settle in and enjoy the cooler weather of fall. They should have known no quiet moment goes uninterrupted, though!  While decorating for the annual Halloween festival, a close friend is found standing over the body of a member of the high-hatted Magnolia Club smack in the middle of the corn maze, murder weapon in hand. With the ladies of Keyhole Lake’s high society out for blood, Noelle and Hunter have to find the real murderer before the old hens flock together to send an innocent woman to jail.   AmazonKU


As a Gargoyle shifter of New York City, Roman and his four brothers sit on top of the city library all day in their stone form, watching and waiting. On sun down they come alive and that is when Roman feels the tug towards his Beloved—the woman who he will be united to. Christiana is a waitress in a dead end life. One night a man with silver eyes and the most incredible aura, walks into her restaurant and changes her life. She is thrown into a world with paranormal creatures she doesn’t understand, and a bond that is impossible to break. When the rogues come to destroy Roman and his brothers while defenseless and sleeping, will Christiana reach inside herself to protect the man she’s come to love?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


During the last attack on him and his brothers, Rafael Mansovich was turned into a monster. His face and upper body are badly scarred, and the PTSD of the attack has left him trembling at the idea of being frozen in his Gargoyle form every day. But he has no choice because as soon as the sun rises in the morning, he is transformed into a real, stone beast. Isabella is the head librarian at the New York City Library, and she loves her quiet life away from the corporate rat race. But when she meets a spectacular man with silver eyes and an attraction she can’t fight, she’s thrown into a world where winged creatures are being hunted, and shifters are a very real thing. Can Isabella’s love reach Rafael, or will her heartbroken beast not care if his attackers find him once more?     Amazon       Apple Books     Kobo


Her hair matches her temper; And her magic matches her spirit. Courtney was poisoned over a year ago, which was the catalyst to Bella bringing her into the Magical Realm. They saved her life, but her health has never been the same. Everyone, including her father, the most powerful warlock in all the realms, is at a loss of how to help her. The cure comes from an unusual angle, and from a man filled with incredible guilt. Will Courtney be able to forgive the people responsible for hurting her for so long? Or will her need for vengeance undo everything she’s built?

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Talia and Galen continue to fight the demons and fall in love.

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THREE KINGS by Freydis Moon

Ethan Shaw—lighthouse keeper and local witch—lives a charmed life in his chilly, coastal hometown. Blessed with a flourishing garden and a stable livelihood, Ethan can’t complain. But when his husband, Captain Peter Vásquez, brings home a wounded seal after an impromptu storm, Ethan is faced with a curious situation: caring for a lost selkie named Nico Locke. As Ethan struggles with the possibility of being infertile, insecurities surrounding his marriage, and a newly formed magical bond with a hostile, handsome selkie, his comfortable life begins to fracture. But could breakage lead to something better? With autumn at their heels and winter on the horizon, Ethan, Peter, and Nico test the boundaries of a new relationship, shared intimacy, and the chance at a future together.    Amazon     Kobo

HOUSE OF YESTERDAY by Deeba Zargarpur

Struggling to deal with the pain of her parents’ impending divorce, fifteen-year-old Sara is facing a world of unknowns and uncertainties. Unfortunately, the one person she could always lean on when things got hard, her beloved Bibi Jan, has become a mere echo of the grandmother she once was. And so Sara retreats into the family business, hoping a summer working on her mom’s latest home renovation project will provide a distraction from her fracturing world. But the house holds more than plaster and stone. It holds secrets that have her clinging desperately to the memories of her old life. Secrets that only her Bibi Jan could have untangled. Secrets Sara is powerless to ignore as the dark truths of her family’s history rise in ghostly apparitions — and with it, the realization that as much as she wants to hold onto her old life, nothing will ever be the same.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Mac – Mac looks nothing like other omegas. He is big, thick, and not delicate. Mac hates it because he doesn’t fit in anywhere. Worse of all, other omegas hate him. They bully him and want nothing to do with him. Not that Mac wants anything to do with them. Mac wants only two things – a job and to spend his heat with an alpha – just once. The latter is a sore spot; no matter how hard he tries he can never be what an alpha wants. After an embarrassing night with a beta, his brother promises to find him an alpha to share his heats. Mac agrees thinking his brother wouldn’t succeed, but he does. And the alpha he finds is none other than Deltta Kohle – the former Alpha King of the damn planet. His brother keeps this tidbit of information to himself until it’s too late – the alpha is already in heat.
Mac has no choice but to meet him, even though he knows he might not like him. On meeting him, Mac is not sure he can go through with it. But Deltta says something he never thought he’d hear an alpha say …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)      AmazonKU


Attacked during a mission for her increasingly secretive alpha, Grace finds herself separated from her shifter pack and in the company of dubious strangers. Now, she must sort friend from foe, try not to get eaten by a lunatic dragon, and figure out how much of her upbringing was a lie. And then there’s the minor matter of a mystery with world-ending potential to consider…Driven to end his curse and hunt down his mother’s killer, Arioch must form an alliance with a defective shifter he’s still not sure he shouldn’t kill. Grace is a thorn in his scaled hide, a thief unworthy of his trust, and the one person who can help him find answers. With everyone he cares about destined to betray him, can he keep his distance from the woman whose scent calms his beast? Setting forth on another hazardous journey, Arioch must rely on the direction of a questionable mentor, his staff of magical creatures, a traitorous gargoyle lieutenant, and the irresistible little wolf who could bring it all crashing down. Even the colossal strength of a dragon has limits.      Amazon KU


Even the wildest blaze, begins with the tiniest of sparks…When a reckless manifesto split the supernatural community in half, Rae Kerrigan and her friends thought things couldn’t get any worse. But as it turned out, the trouble was only getting started, because all those renegade agents were about to come back. Caught in the heart of the chaos, Rae tries to hold things together and keep the future of magic from tearing apart at the seams. But there’s nothing worse than a friend turned enemy, and Cliff Barnes has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Time is running out, as the date of a critical vote approaches. The gang tries desperately to mend fences, but there are darker undercurrents at play. Will it ever be possible to fit the two halves back together? How can a secret as big as magic, ever truly be contained? Can the friends unite the supernatural world once again, or will they be forced to learn a terrible lesson? Not all sins can be forgiven.    Amazon     Kobo


Omega reindeer shifter Davy Frost is all for peace between the two reindeer herds that live in Shiverfall and Winterpoint. The feud has gone on too long, it’s silly. Of course he wants a truce—Davy just wishes he wasn’t the one picked for the arranged mating designed to make that happen. Alpha reindeer shifter Lachlan Blizzard wants peace and quiet. He is beginning his teaching career and has a gig as a hockey coach that he has dreamed about his whole life. There’s no reason to settle down with a mate. His herd disagrees and selects him for the arranged mating and now he has no choice but to give up all he’s worked for to mate a stranger. Davy and Lachlan agree to go along with the mating for the sake of their groups, in a year or so, when the feud is forgotten they can go their separate ways. It all sounds great until that pesky little thing called love shows up and throws all their plans out into the snow.      AmazonKU


Some gifts don’t come in a neat little package with a bow on top. Donny was raised to help others. As an alpha reindeer and the top woodsmith in the village, he grew up always building for others and making sure they had what they needed. And he loved that. But as he’s gotten older, he’s realized that if he truly wants to be happy, he may have to put himself first once in a while. Chad loves Christmas time. The lights, the songs, the cookies–it’s everything that brings him joy in life. Which leaves him without much joy the rest of the year. As a single omega who isn’t getting any younger, he’s coming closer to accepting the fact that he’ll always be alone. And those few months of happiness are all he has to hold on to. But when a tragic accident takes Chad’s sister and leaves her baby in the custody of his birth father, Donny, everything changes for the two men. They are forced to take care of this baby but it’s not a burden for either of them. Despite being conflicted about their reasons, they quickly fall into a happily ever after that neither one of them saw coming.   AmazonKU


Tess was born a witch into a large family of witches. As the youngest of eight, she often felt disconnected from her siblings with the large age gap between them. During a visit to out-of-town family, she met the person who would become her ride-or-die best friend. Shaye was a human with no knowledge of the paranormal world, forcing Tess to keep her heritage a secret. Her magic has always helped guide her with nudges and the occasional premonition. When she discovers her friend has moved in with a vampire and that danger is approaching, Tess packs up and goes to Tennessee to check in. After years of having to keep her witchy secret, she is finally able to tell her friend everything about her life. She can only hope that Shaye will forgive her for not telling her sooner.
In Rockfort, she discovers a place that feels like home. As she tries to find her place in town, she meets her own mate, Sam. Their courtship is fast, as is often the case with fated mates. Sam and Tess begin planning what their future may hold, but when Sam is attacked, it will take the whole family to try to save him.      AmazonKU


Nova – Our pack is no longer viable. Too many left for other places, for the cities and towns and the modern entertainments and comforts they offered. Not every pack lived as we did, in the old ways, without electricity or running water beyond what the stream brought through camp, and our old alpha was stubborn and refused to allow any changes. I’ve heard of a pack that straddles the line between modern and traditional. The Triple L. Ranch has modern amenities as well as growing and gathering their food. They hunt and also raise livestock amid the beautiful mountain range. Maybe if we had such lands, we could have done better, but Death Valley is not a kind place. And our leaders were as hard as the desert itself. I’ve set off to find this pack, this Triple L. Ranch in hopes that it will be the home I’ve sought. I will approach their alphas and beg them…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)      AmazonKU


Convincing my pride to have a holiday celebration was supposed to be a fun way to bring everyone together. But my plan went awry when my younger pride mate convinced everyone I needed a kiss. I hadn’t expected Ash to volunteer. And I certainly hadn’t expected him to kiss me on the lips and… linger. Now, all I can think about is feeling his lips on mine again. Instead of planning gift giving and parties, I’m planning how to win Ash over. And what better way to convince him to spend time with me than to have him help me with my holiday plans? The holidays are coming to the Ono-Nai house, and I only have one thing I’m wishing for this year—AshA Holiday To Sustain Us is a fun 70K word MM urban fantasy companion story meant to be read AFTER A Purpose That Restores Us (The Magi Accounts 3). It’s from Charlie’s perspective and takes place between books 3 and 4 of the main series. This is a companion novel, NOT a standalone.      AmazonKU


I was lucky to find my soulmate. And cursed to have lost him so soon after…I thought Tarfu was my happy ending. Until he went missing in battle. At first I waited patiently. Then anxiously. Then finally, hopelessly. Three years have passed. Orc males in his clan begin to circle me. Looking to claim me. But if I know my mate, Tarfu will never stop till he comes back to me. He will always be searching for me. Always loving me. And when he comes through my door again, my face will break out in joy. And I’ll present him a gift for finally making it back to us. Our son.      AmazonKU


‘Tis the season to get furry! Join USA Today Bestselling & Award winning authors as we come together to celebrate the Howlidays with steamy Shifter Christmas stories just for you. Lions, Tigers, Dragons, Bears, Wolves, and more await you in this collection of holiday paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales. Naughty or nice, escape between the pages and get swept away with the new book boyfriends waiting under the tree. Stories guaranteed to jingle your bells. But you have to hurry, this anthology won’t last forever.     Amazon KU ??????


ust when Ervie was beginning to break free of the shadows that plagued her, the Gauls set her world on fire. With King Harald murdered, the warhorn calls for revenge. From Skagen to Grund, the Vikings will rally to avenge the heinous attack. Ervie will soon find herself in the middle of it all—even if her heart is still in the Myrkviðr. As war with the Gauls flashes to an inferno, the embers of a more serious problem smolder to life. Prince Hlod of the Huns is making plans of his own. Ervie and Loptr will soon find themselves on a collision course with destiny as they race to save the ones they love.   AmazonKU


Just a little Love Bite: An angel runs into a dilemma when the man he’s supposed to be helping is associated with his stella guida. As an angel, Mordecai has the ability to read the thoughts of others. Sitting in a coffee shop, eyeing the human he’s there to help—Charles—Mordecai listens to the man’s internal troubles so he can discern the best way to assist him. Mordecai hears Charles wondering why he’s agreed to meet his workout buddy, Jeffrey, for coffee… knowing Jeffrey intends it as a date. According to Charles’s thoughts, the human has never bothered acting on his occasional flash of appreciation for the opposite sex, and he doesn’t see the point in doing so now. Mordecai assumes that his task is to help Charles come to grips with his desire for the occasional male. In the past, he’s spent time talking with his assigned human, walking them through a bit of soul-searching. Mordecai doesn’t think anything is special about the assignment. He’s done it plenty of times before. Everything changes when Mordecai gets his first look at Jeffrey and meets the man’s gaze. The human, Jeffrey—Charles’s date—is his stella guida, his guiding star—the one human he can share a soul with. How can Mordecai help Charles come to grips with dating Jeffrey, when every instinct screams at him to take him for his own?       Amazon     Kobo


I must marry one of the fae, but the forbidden ice lord wants me. To secure a human-fae truce, I’m one of five women traveling to their magical kingdom, where we’ll be courted by fae aristocracy. We have one month to choose a husband from among them. Only Elion, the arrogant, beastly ice lord is forbidden. His torturous scars make the other women gasp. His icy words rip them to shreds. His touch is colder than frost. He lurks in the shadows, never coming out into the light. One stolen moment with Elion, and I’m intrigued. A kiss, and I’ll do anything to call this brutishly handsome lord mine. Then one of the women is found dead. When you’re next appears on my bedroom wall, written in blood, it’s clear there’s more going on here than solidifying the human-fae truce. If I’m not careful, I won’t become a bride of the fae. I’ll wind up dead.      Amazon KU


Jovienne and Andrei face a new battle —each other. Andrei has embraced an ultra-religious mindset and sees her magical power heresy. Jovienne feels so persecuted at home she leaves. She wants to build a new life, yet the Call continues. Whenever a demon arrives, she must slay it. Not all of the demons seem evil, though, and she struggles with the work. Worse, Lucifer still wants her for her strange abilities. She turns to a local occult shop for help understanding her power. Too late, she learns she’s put them in serious danger.     Amazon     Kobo


As demons infiltrate her zone and plot to harm those closest to her in order to force her into Lucifer’s service, Jovienne’s quest to understand her power leads her to a shocking discovery–one that will shake the foundations of modern society. This news makes her fight for freedom seem possible, but only if she’s willing to go to Hell to fight for it. Trouble is, the rift between her and Andrei has grown, and the plan cannot work without his help. Trusting him is as great a risk as facing Lucifer.      Amazon     Kobo


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Everyone knows a proper troll must never leave his post. Arlo is thrilled to have his own bridge to guard, though it’s a lonely job. A troll should enjoy being alone, but Arlo has never been very good at being a troll. He longs for companionship, and guards his secret as closely as he guards his bridge. Toby, a cheerful wolf shifter, serves as a messenger between villages. When his route is suddenly blocked by a fearsome troll, he must charm his way across the bridge. Little does he know, he’s charming his way into Arlo’s heart as well. But Toby has his own secrets he dare not reveal. As the seasons fly by and the holidays approach, their friendship flourishes into something more. But can Toby risk his heart for a troll bound so tight to duty? Will Arlo leave his bridge for love?   AmazonKU


I hate vampires….every single one of them. Life has become like hell for me. Every day is a struggle to survive and I know just who to blame for this mess, the vampires. Those blood sucking creatures who made me addicted to their venom and then left me to rot. So when one of them pushes back into my life and nearly destroys it, once again, I should be doing everything possible to kill him. I know that’s what I should do. So what does it mean that I am so drawn to those that I hate? What does it mean that I can’t stay away? *The reader should note this is book 2 of 3. The happy ending comes with book 3. You have been warned.*      AmazonKU

CAST IN ETERNITY by Michelle Sagara

When Corporal Kaylin Neya is assigned front desk duty—a task hated by every Hawk—the only thing she can look forward to besides an endless stream of complaints is visits from a dotty old woman. She always brings baked goods along with information passed on by her friends…who happen to be ghosts no one else can see. But then the old woman’s invisible friends have news about Severn Handred: his unusual weapon has caught their attention. Concerned, Kaylin accompanies the woman home because she has a few questions to ask these so-called ghosts. Sadly, Kaylin can also see them. And she can see other spirits in the woman’s house as well—four children who’ve been trapped there for decades. When Kaylin looks into the deaths in the records at the Halls of Law, something doesn’t add up. Factor in a building that isn’t supposed to exist, and nothing makes sense. But Kaylin is a Hawk, and she’s determined to free the trapped ghosts of the children, even if she’s suddenly landed in the middle of the bad kind of Barrani history. Someone doesn’t want the past to be uncovered, and they’re perfectly willing to destroy Kaylin if it preserves the secrets of the dead.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Bartholomew Hollen, professor of defensive magic at Utrecht University, just wanted a no strings, no feelings, no attachment hook up. Nothing messy like when his ex-boyfriend tried to feed him to a demon. Bart’s heart, however, has other ideas. But when he has a vision of the future and sees his hookup dying at his feet from yet another demon, Bart does the only sensible thing – he sneaks out like a thief in the night. Not like he’ll see the guy again. Caelinus Reinhold has done something no elf has done before – become the professor of creative magic at Utrecht University. His first day should be magical, except Cael can’t stop thinking about the hot mage he hooked up with the night before who then snuck out while he slept. Whatever. His loss. He’ll never see the jerk again, anyway. Things get awkward fast when the department assigns Bart to be Cael’s mentor. Despite their rocky start, neither can deny that Fate wants them together. But Bart’s premonitions all end in tragedy for the pair. No matter how he tries to change the future, Cael is always a casualty. How can Bart follow his heart when Cael’s death is sure to break it?      AmazonKU


“Love has a sound. It sounds like a thousand heartbeats happening at the same time.” Princess Annika has lived a life of comfort—but no amount of luxuries can change the fact that her life isn’t her own to control. The king, once her loving father, has gone cold, and Annika will soon be forced into a loveless marriage for political gain. Miles away, small comforts are few and far between for Lennox. He has devoted his life to the Dahrainian army, hoping to one day help them reclaim the throne that was stolen from them. For Lennox, the idea of love is merely a distraction—nothing will stand in the way of fighting for his people. But when love, against all odds, finds them both, they are bound by its call. They can’t possibly be together—but the irresistible thrum of a thousand heartbeats won’t let them stay apart.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


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When all is lost, look to the stars. Vega has lived in the valley her whole life—forbidden by her mother to leave the safety of its borders because of the unknown threats waiting for her in the wilds beyond. But when Vega sees an omen in the sky—one she cannot ignore—she is forced to leave the protective boundaries of the valley. Yet the outside world is much more terrifying than Vega could have ever imagined. People are gravely sick—they lose their eyesight and their hearing, just before they lose their lives. But Vega has a secret: she is the Last Astronomer—a title carried from generation to generation—and she is the only one who understands the knowledge of the stars. Knowledge that could hold the key to a cure. So when locals spot the tattoo on Vega’s neck in the shape of a constellation—the mark of an astronomer—chaos erupts. Fearing for her life, Vega is rescued by a girl named Cricket who leads her to Noah, a boy marked by his own mysterious tattoos. On the run from the men hunting her, Vega sets out across the plains with Cricket and Noah, in search of a fabled cure kept secret by the astronomers. But as the line between friends and protectors begins to blur, Vega must decide whether to safeguard the sacred knowledge of the astronomers…or if she will risk everything to try to save them all.

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“Why would I choose, when anyone can see the two of you come as part of a package?” That’s what she said. Those were the words that changed my life. Until then Jules and I were friends. Best friends only. Best friends since before we could remember. We had to be. We were the last two wolves born into an aging pack. Our pack was secretive and a little backward, but we had a great life. Sure, our alpha was a bit of a douche, but all alphas are douches. Everyone knows that. Thank God, Jules and I were both going to be betas. The night new-girl Storm refused to choose between Jules and I, changed everything. The way I looked at him changed forever. He went from my goofball best friend, to being the hottest creature I’d ever seen. At the time I thought it was the end of the world. It wasn’t the end of the world…It was just the beginning. Then our first shift happened, and confusion hit harder. Why was one of us acting distinctly douche-y? And why was the other running a fever and pleading for things only an omega would want? The First and The Last is a paranormal omegaverse MM romance. It features a bi-awakening that happens during a shared experience with a woman. It contains a dash of knotting, a pinch of gratuitous violence, and a heat that’s hot enough to put your eReader at risk of melting. This story does not contain MPREG.     AmazonKU


She was trained to please. He was trained to kill. Isabel Maddock is living a lie. She is betrothed to a man she loathes, living in a place she does not belong. But the home she craves no longer exists, and the people from her youth are gone. Or are they? The wastelands are calling, but they are not for the faint of heart. Luckily a certain defender is close by to keep her safe. Very close. Too close. Into the wastelands they go, equally unprepared for what they will discover…Ryder Blackmane is a defender for life. His comrades are his family, and keeping them safe is all he has to offer the world. So when they are sent over the wall to investigate happenings in the east, he goes willingly, immune to everything outside of his orders. That is until he meets Lady Isabel. She is a caged bird whose scars call to his. Best to ignore the calls and follow orders. Follow orders. Follow orders. Loyalty is everything, but the lines are blurring.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


August has a gift. At least, that’s what her grandmother called it, but when ghosts start following her around all the time, it can begin to feel more like a curse. She can’t tell her boyfriend, who is growing increasingly annoyed that she’s distracted. She grows closer to her best friend, a guy she met in the graveyard who died in the 80s. As their friendship grows into something more, she finds herself wondering, can you fall in love with a ghost?     AmazonKU

ENCHANTED BEASTS by Annalise Clark

Each year on Halloween night, when everyone in town was dressed in their favorite costumes, two beasts ran free. Without the worry of being caught, they could let loose and run, howl at the moon, and stretch their legs like never before. When the sun had fully set and the Hunter’s Moon rises full in the sky, they would shift from man to beast, from human to animal. It was an agonizing process of contorted flesh and cracking bones that would make a weaker person puke or faint. Coraline had one job: Keep the beasts safe when they turned and keep the humans safe from the beasts. This year would be different, however. Enchanted beasts from all over the globe begin showing up on their doorstep in search of Coraline and her help. Their Keepers have been killed and if they turn without a Keeper, it could mean death for them all. It will test her abilities as a Keeper and her bonds with her men as they all work together to save the beasts and fight the evil who wants to control them for himself. One by one, she works to save an endangered species and to repay her, they devote themselves to her fully – mind, body, and soul. To save them, Coraline might have to make the greatest sacrifice a Keeper can ever make.   AmazonKU


Slyvin’s never been much of a holiday sort of tiger. He’s usually too busy running around to ensure everyone enjoys their holiday. Well, that was the case before the War of the Wildlands. Now, his past few Yuletides have all been spent keeping folks safe. Still, it’s enough for him. It’s supposed to be the season of giving, after all, right? Haunted by a battle, he refuses to talk about Slyvin plans to charge headfirst into the holiday season this year and ensure each and every kid, adult, and visitor to his newly founded village enjoys this holiday season more than any previous one. Only he wasn’t counting on Ryder coming into his life and decking the halls of his heart. Omega lion, Ryder, feels as if he’s spent all his life running from danger. Growing up in the Wildlands, disaster really did lurk around every corner. Things only grew more dangerous after his parents passed, and he became the sole guardian of his younger brother, Bennie. Ryder dreams of living in the big city and putting his paws up to rest for a while. His first stop is a new village on the way to the Guardians of Glitter Bomb Territory. When his true-mate emerges from the woods, everything changes -inside and outside of him. He’s finally no longer alone in the world, even if he hasn’t made it to the big city yet. He’s finally home for the holidays in Slyvin’s arms. Only a dark secret looms above Slyvin’s head, and Ryder isn’t sure if it’ll swallow them all up before they ever have a chance for their own merry little Yuletide. Will love be enough to light up the Yuletide tree and their future together?     AmazonKU


Grimsal has always enjoyed life and the numerous pleasures it brings—perhaps more so than most. But when his hunger brings him back to the human world with a particular sweet tooth to satisfy, he discovers that coming into her fertile, sexual prime has brought new appetites to assuage. He craves something delectably sweet that can only be found with the right mate. Candy is all that, and with her love of horror, her fascination with the chase, fear and desire is his perfect match in every way. With Halloween in the air, he will use all the tricks in his bag to win his mate to keep! Candy is a woman with a passion for life, sweet indulgences, horror, and most especially when they come all packaged together in the fun of Halloween. Not to mention all dark decadence that the world has to offer. When her boyfriend dumps her right before her favorite holiday because he can’t appreciate her fascination with the spooktacular, Candy knows that this is her opportunity to really enjoy the festivities the way she wants to. She never expects to meet her perfect match in a mischievous goblin who takes it all to the next level and adores all that she brings. What can a girl do but fall in love?
Goblin Candy is a 46k Halloween novella set in the Monsterly Yours universe that is full of small spooks, graphic sex, and seasonal fun.      AmazonKU


A woman fated to die young, a man cursed to live forever, and a darkness that threatens to destroy everything they love. Cassie was never able to experience the life that many take for granted, the freedom to dictate her own journey. No, her life had been spent sheltered, protected from an inevitable fate that would come for her regardless of what anyone could do. After her medical condition goes downhill, she is left with a few years of breath in her lungs and a choice: die alone, without ever experiencing what it truly means to feel alive and free; or to find that light, that missing puzzle piece, that feeling of not feeling so alone in her final days. When Damien appears in her life, her world turns upside down when he shows her the hidden magic that lies in the shadows of her world and within herself. Suddenly plunged into a hidden war that has raged for countless centuries between gods and monsters, Cassie begins to feel the weight of her secret, which she has kept hidden all her life. Cassie must embrace the tragic, dark history that runs through the blood in her veins or risk her world falling into darkness.      AmazonKU


Flex has a hundred reasons not to get close to anyone, his Pack included. The Wolves of Piston barely know him, and that’s how he prefers to live his life. Secrecy is what keeps his inner wolf functioning. But when an old friend appears, dragging the ghosts from his past with her, she starts breaking down the carefully constructed walls he’s built over the years. His Pack is looking at him differently now, and this is exactly what he didn’t want. Kelli is vivacious and caring, forgiving and fun, but she also feels dangerous. She’s awakening a part of him he’s tried to keep tame for all these years. He’s not meant to open up, because then people around him will find out what really built him. Kelli Kash knew it. She knew …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)     AmazonKU


~This story is a novella. It consists of 37,707 words.~ Thorns of Blood is a reimagining of the classic childhood fairy tale of a beautiful sleeping princess and the handsome prince who awakens her. In it, you’ll see that not all beauty is good. Not all darkness is evil. And unfortunately, beauty can often hide evil. Morrigan is the beautiful Princess, cursed to sleep forever. Fairuza is the Faerie Queen, who has cursed not only Morrigan, but most everything surrounding Morrigan’s castle. Yet all is not as it seems, as Prince Alexi, pure of heart, soon finds out.     AmazonKU


Hundreds of years after a race of magical beings called dindeary have taken over most of the world Corporal Clark Jameson is graduating from the Human Empire’s military academy after four years of grueling work. As a common born orphan from a small town too close to the border for anyone’s comfort Clark knows that he doesn’t have many prospects until, on the night before his future unit is to be decided he meets a strange pair of men who belong to the infamous Squad 42: Adam Milson, a sexy blonde that makes Clark’s blood run hot, and Harry Browning, the mysterious swordsman carrying one of the 13 magical swords which the dindeary will do anything to reclaim. He never expected to see them again, especially considering Adam Milson was the heir to one of the most wealthy provinces but the next day he is called before all three of the members of Squad 42 and is offered the opportunity to try and wield Harry’s sword, Linsgarum. But Clark was a commoner, he couldn’t wield a sentient blade that burned any who were deemed unworthy, could he?



What her people need, or what her heart wants? Destined to unite the war-torn kingdoms of humans and Fae, Princess Sorcha must do her duty. But her heart has other ideas. The road to Fae-lands is long, and her Fae escort, Lord Conall, is handsome, dashing, and brave-all things a loyal knight should be. Yet no fae wants a human queen, and more war is on the horizon. Her betrothed, High King of the Fae, has secrets of his own, and she’s not sure that he’s her destiny. But her handsome knight and her heart will have to stand aside, for the princess has a duty-her people need this alliance. Until terrible secrets are exposed and the princess must choose between upholding her duty or following her dreams. One mistake, one wrong choice and it’s not just her heart that will suffer, it’s her entire kingdom.      Amazon KU


Jenee Lazaar, a successful dermatologist on a “girls’ weekend” in Manhattan with her two best friends, is snatched from the Metropolitan Museum of Art through a portal in a famous painting and finds herself in Paris, the City of Love. Jenee is shocked to discover that this Paris is nothing like the Paris where she was born and raised: the Eiffel Tower is painted yellow, there are horse-drawn carriages instead of sleek Mercedes, and the year is 1900! How will she ever find a way back to her life in the present? When Jenee meets the handsome police detective, Inspector Xavier Doumaz, a passionate attraction develops between them. But Xavier, investigating a terrorist cell, suspects the mysterious beauty might be a dangerous conspirator. Battling his own inner demons, Xavier is determined to find out the truth, no matter the cost. But Xavier’s investigation might be the least of Jenee’s worries as the famous Renaissance painter, Marco Allegretto, and his time-traveling muse, Iris Bellerose, enlist her help to recover Allegretto’s stolen painting and destroy a time-traveling serial killer before he destroys them. Can Jenee trust Xavier with the truth of who she truly is? More importantly, is Xavier, a man born more than a century before her, her true soulmate and destiny? If so, what price will she pay for loving him?      AmazonKU


Peter Zyra feels out of place in Pittsburgh. He followed his best friend, dragon shifter Dion and his new mate Ronin here to find The Dragon Circle and Dion’s heritage. He’s happy for his friend but feels like a fish out of water. An elf alone in the glossy glass tower surrounded by Hadden Vampires. He can feel their suspicion of his race and his magic. That is reinforced when several guards in the courtyard accost him for acting suspiciously. This brings him face to face with the beautiful, gorgeous, and terrible asshole Ivan Smith. One of Master Hadden’s elite guards, he can’t seem to stand Pete’s presence. If only everything else about him wasn’t calling Pete closer. He needs to get out. He needs to find his own people. Doing so will put him in the gravest of danger. Can Pete win the Vampire’s Heart and let Fate in? Ivan Smith has some regrets. He acted harshly, and now he’s paying for it. He wasn’t prepared for an Elven mate, especially one with magic. After everything the coven has had to deal with, magic is instantly suspect. But he should have acted better; he should have trusted fate and his vampire. Now he has to embark on a race against time to keep his beloved safe from a human and paranormal world where Elves are in constant danger and their lives threatened. Can he win his beloved’s trust before it’s too late? Ivan is offering his heart; will Pete offer his trust?   Amazon


I never should have taken that loan but my aunt needed the meds and they were too expensive for me to afford by myself. Now I’ve been sold to slavery and the Nightfall Queen’s guards have found out I’m not entirely human. I guess I’m lucky they didn’t kill me. The next thing I know I’m transferred to the Elf King’s castle to find out that he has bought me. It will take me five years to pay off the debt but I get to be his personal assistant. Personal assistant to the king. That can’t be so bad, right? Wrong. Oh how wrong I was. His council has tasked me with finding him a wife before they will fund his war against the Nightfall Queen. That part should be easy, he’s rich, disgustingly handsome, and smart to boot. The problem? He’s rejecting every high born female I send his way. The more time we spend together, the more we realize I’m not just some half elf. There is a deep power that runs through my veins, one that makes me a target. His solution? Enter into a fake marriage with him so that he can get the council off his back and I can get some protection. That’s a great idea, so long as I don’t fall in love with him. Should be simple enough.      AmazonKU


I’ve spent my life trying to create the perfect family. Now look at me, divorced at 44 with an empty nest, Spending my first Christmas alone. I just inherited my aunt’s winery up in Carlton, So at least I’ll have that to keep me busy. But when my high school first love shows up, Nothing can distract me from the feelings rushing back– Until reality smacks me in the face. Corey took off 26 years ago and broke my heart, Leaving me no choice but to move on. But now here he is with his same boyish charm, Asking for a second chance. As we go on some festive dates together, I finally start to let my guard down with him– Until I find out he’s been hiding a dark secret. He’s not only capable of morphing into a bear, He was under a feral curse for all those years. And when a wolf from his past comes looking for revenge, So much for a holly, jolly Christmas– I’m now caught in the crossfire between two vicious beasts.      AmazonKU


I’ve been running my entire life, and I never found a place where I felt safe. Until I found Snow Haven. Shifters, witches, and others have been trying to kill me my entire life – but not for anything I’ve done. It’s because of who I am. I’m a very powerful witch. Some want to capture me because they want to use me and use my magic for their own benefit. Some want to kill me because they are afraid that I will get in the way of their evil magic. One wants me out of the way because he thinks I’m encroaching on his territory – the alpha of the dragon clan. Snow Haven was supposed to be my safe haven, a place to hide until I turned twenty-one when my magical powers would grow exponentially and I would be the most powerful witch to exist in more than a century. The hunters have found me even here and they threaten the lives of those I love most — including Luke. Luke, the alpha of his dragon clan, saved me while I was being attacked. Then, he demanded answers. When he learned of the danger I was in, he appointed himself my protector. The chemistry between us was instant. His touch, his kisses, and his love were overwhelming. He captured my heart and my soul. Even as the rogue shifters, evil witches, and one very jealous dragon shifter try to destroy me and those I love most, I can’t make myself leave.      AmazonKU


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Christmas Eve 2022 – After her boyfriend breaks up with her and her job is downsized, Elizabeth thinks life can’t get any worse. That is until she gets the news of her beloved grandmother’s unexpected death. Instead of spending the holidays together, Elizabeth will be planning a funeral. Heartbroken, she makes a wish on the brightest star in the night sky: I wish I could see Grandma one more time. Christmas Eve 1957 – Ten-year-old Dodie is home caring for her sick little sister while her mother retrieves her father from the airport. At first all is fine, but as Betsy’s fever spikes dangerously high, a terrible snowstorm knocks out the power and phone. With her parents long overdue and Betsy nonresponsive, Dodie begins to panic. In the midst of this crisis, a woman comes to the door saying she’s lost. She seems vaguely familiar, and Dodie needs the help, so despite everything she’s heard about strangers, she opens the door and lets her in.     AmazonKU


When dragon shifter Nikolas Petrov finally gives in and lets his family hire him a personal assistant, he has no intention of bringing in someone he might care about. He needs someone efficient, hard-working, and unobtrusive. Too bad what he gets is Daniel. Daniel can work his butt off, and he knows he’s just what grumpy alpha Nik needs. He organizes Nik within an inch of his life, and when Daniel needs help, Nik knows he can’t just leave Daniel in a bad situation. The two of them become closer and closer, but danger rears its head, threatening their whole family. Can they pull together to keep everyone safe? This is a non-mpreg dragon shifter romance with knotting.       AmazonKU


Killian O’ Neill controls the pulse of the vibrant horse racing world in the Finger Lakes region of New York. He also has ties to a powerful Syndicate in Ireland. Carlyn Murphy is the investigative reporter who took comfort in his arms for one night and then walked away. On the trail of a story that could rock the thoroughbred racing industry and has far larger complications, a lone shot rings out, changing everything. Instead of it hitting its intended target, Killian takes the bullet for Carlyn. Saving his mate brings chaos, sizzling heat, and enough chemistry to melt both your panties and your kindle. The Syndicate Masters were assigned as Guardians by the goddess over six centuries ago. Each generation brings new and different challenges. These ruthless and wild dons are the protectors, the Guardians of their territories. On the Eastern Seaboard the Masters control horse racing, casinos, and gambling among other things. Get ready for over-the-top, possessive mob bosses who will do what is needed to find and protect their fated mates.      AmazonKU


When Paige’s sister confesses to stealing money from the mob, Paige wants to return it quick as a wink! But when the handover goes south and the mobster winds up dead, everyone becomes a suspect. But that’s not the only problem at hand. Paige must learn the truth behind her ghostly friend Snow’s death. Will she track down the one person who may hold the answers? And even if she finds the person, will they help her? Do they know what really happened to Snow? And more importantly, things between Grim and Paige are heating up. Will she finally crack his hard exterior shell and they will make a commitment to one another? Or will their relationship fall apart?      AmazonKU


Single dad and bobcat shifter Mason has moved to Virtue to raise his toddler in the safety of a shifter community. But minor catastrophe strikes when his daughter escapes to play in the woods, and the last thing Mason expects when she’s found is to meet his mate. His bobcat insists it’s meow or never, but Mason isn’t ready for the complication of a new relationship. Veterinary student Chrissy has always known about Virtue’s shifters, and even dreamed of finding fated love of her own, but that didn’t prepare her for a lost bobcat kitten who turns into an adorable little girl. She can hardly believe it’s fur real, but Mason really does seem purrfect. Mason needs to take it slow. Chrissy hasn’t yet wrapped up veterinary school. On the surface, it seems impawssible, but as they spend time kitten around, Chrissy and Mason realize they’re already building holiday traditions of their own, and that together, they’re going to have a very meowy Christmas.      AmazonKU


When Ethan is all but ordered to come home for Winter Solstice to the birth pack that kicked him out, his strained relationship with Jeremy is brought to the forefront. Can they, and their son, weather this storm or will they be separated for all time?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

CONSUMED (INERTIA BOOK 3) by Devyn Sinclair

I am haunted by a madman. Only my power can make him a god, and he won’t stop until I belong to him once again. And I will not stop until he is dead. My lovers and I are finally beyond the Emperor’s reach, but the danger isn’t over. If we ever want to be free, the task that brought us together must be completed. If it’s even possible to find a myth that may not exist. But the Emperor is searching too, and every second he gets closer to his goal: Immortality. And I am the last thing he needs. No matter how much I long for us to disappear and never return, one truth remains: I am the only true Inert alive. My Inertia is infinite, and the only way to destroy the power which will make a madman a god. But in the battle to save our world, infinity still might not be enough.      AmazonKU

UNTAMED by Lillian T James

Vera had always hoped to one day leave Matherin. To travel the world and escape a life that was never meant for her. Bhasura would have everything she could ever want. Freedom, respect, family, and her mate. Her aitanta. But behind the island’s beautiful cities and smiling citizens, she can hear the lies poisoning their stories. She wants to believe it’s all in her head, but a dark anger starts to grow inside her, and she can’t ignore the feeling that something is wrong. Something besides the vivid dreams that plague her sleep the moment she sets foot on the island.      AmazonKU


What’s in a name? Everything. When I left Sanctuary in a cloud of glitter, I thought I knew exactly who I was. But in the Celestial Realm, it’s clear I had it wrong. And so did everyone else. According to the shiniest of all the Celestials, I’m something new and unexpected. To my surprise, I also have a family. But their warm, naked welcome won’t matter, because I may have left a part of my soul back in Sanctuary, and I’m fading fast. All alone, armed only with an unusual gift from the Goddess of Glitter, I must sing myself across the void to rescue my nemesis/secret crush, the lost angel I’ve loved forever, my best birch’s mate-to-be, and the million-thread-count sheets I desperately miss. But to win against the Abyss, permanent, painful choices will need to be made. And this time, I’m not the sacrifice.       AmazonKU


I thought losing my job was the worst part. But getting played and duped by my ex-boyfriend really took the cake. Because of him, I’m back in this small town, trying to find a new job before Christmas. 
And the only person who can give me that job happens to be a sexy billionaire shifter with a history of being a playboy. He’s got his sights on me, and I can’t pretend he’s not the highlight of my new workplace. Maybe I’m wrong for not trusting him, but if there’s one thing I learned from my last relationship. It’s that snow leopard shifters never change their spots. Ever.      AmazonKU


She’s a human. Forbidden. My brother’s widow. But deep down, my wolf believes she’s mine. Before my brother died, he made me swear to stand by his human mate and their son. It’s been 10 years since his death, and I’ve done my best. I joined the military, got my sh*& straight. I sent money but stayed away from Julia and my nephew. Stayed out of their life. She didn’t need a screw-up like me hanging around. That was the lie I told myself. The truth was, I couldn’t resolve my attraction to her. And I can’t dishonor my brother’s memory by claiming his wife. But now her pup has entered puberty. He’s become a wolf. He needs me there to guide and protect him. Julia hasn’t forgiven me for the years I stayed away, but this time I’ll do right by her. I’d do anything for the two of them. But she’s the one I want to guide. Protect. Command. She’s the one I crave and will until my last breath.      Amazon     Kobo


After being called in the middle of the night to reset nearly every bone in a teen boy’s body, I found myself on their list. Three sexy shifters who know how to keep things warm as winter settles over the town of Manitou Springs. They all want a piece of me, the new witch in town, and they are all willing to do what it takes to make me theirs by Christmas. Little by little, they wear me down. Touch by seemingly magical touch, I give in. They all want me to choose one of them, but it’s an impossible choice. When we’re forced to work together to find a missing teen, one of the shifter’s brothers, who had run away, I learn we make a great team… together. As the holiday approaches, I’m given the greatest gift of all. A baby. The only problem is, I’m not sure who the father is. My only wish is that they will say yes, and be my Three Shifters for Christmas.      AmazonKU

OMEGA LOST: THE OMEGA WAR #2 by Evelyn Flood

When Ava is rescued from the cruel clutches of her alpha father and the omega compound, her future is already set in stone. Shattered, traumatized, and hurting, she hides away from the world with the help of the Grey pack. Max, Lucien, Nikolai, and Bastien have their own pain to heal from, but the tiny omega in their midst gives them hope for a better life. A new life. If only Ava could see that, too. When the darkness of their world threatens to destroy them, Ava must decide where she stands. With help from old friends and the support of her pack, it’s time to fight back and make her voice heard. But who will be left standing when the omega creed falls?      AmazonKU


When wolf alpha Nox Thryen’s brother and sister-in-law go missing, their toddler becomes his responsibility. What does a bachelor know about dirty diapers, snotty noses, and baby puke? He’s in deep doo-doo and totally clueless. He needs help. And when his eyes land on his new nanny, he knows one thing for sure, she’s his. After years of hard work, Kelli Wells now owns her own child-care agency. Receiving a desperate call from a non-client for help, she takes pity on him and agrees to assist until a proper replacement can be found. When he opens his front door, his gorgeous eyes make her think a substitute could wait—like forever. As his new nanny sweeps in and takes control of the situation, he realizes she’s more than just his mate. She’s beautiful, smart, and has a loving heart. So when she endangers herself to help him find the toddler’s parents, he’s frantic to save all of them now. If he can’t rescue his mate and his family from a psychotic slave driver, Nox and the little girl will find themselves both orphaned without the ones they love the most.      AmazonKU


VS Note: A re-edited re-release with “additional scenes”.

Jocelyn has chased his nemesis for centuries. He swore that nothing or no one would stand between him and revenge on the creature that destroyed his life. That same rival leads Jocelyn to the one person who can reconnect him to the human race. Art student Charlie has no idea that her family history binds her to a creature of legend–until he appears in the form of a tall, beautiful man with a thirst for revenge. The last thing she wants is to follow his orders, but if she intends to stay alive, she has no choice.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Amara St. Clair is just out for a rare night of fun on the Vegas Strip. But when she discovers her fun-loving side in the Glitter Palace casino, a life-altering altercation with a deadly ancient vampire leaves her lying unconscious in an alley near the famous casino. Doctor, geneticist and genealogy expert Dante Luceres, dedicated to research that will keep his fellow werewolves safe and healthy, is attending a mandatory yearly event of the House of Luceres. Coming across Amara, he saves her life, though vampires and werewolves are forbidden from interfering with each other in the supernatural world. There are dire consequences for interfering with another supe’ s domain, and he expects that soon both the vampires and the werewolves will be after them, but he can’ t leave the beautiful, vivacious little human to suffer alone. Drawn to each other, the pair must hide from the world. But with everyone against them, including Dante’ s clan and an evil vampire hellbent on having Amara for his own, how can they find a path to a shared future… and true happiness?     AmazonKU



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Her Own Interstellar Spaceship Weekend Writing Warriors

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

I’m now taking excerpts from my recently published book in the award winning Badari Warriors series, REEDE’S MISSION TO THE SECTORS. It can be read as a standalone (mild spoilers for first book, REEDE.)

Continuing with Fallyn’s quest to buy a used spaceship…

The excerpt:

With a mental gulp, Fallyn gave her final offer. The knowledge she literally couldn’t pull even one more credit from anywhere stiffened her spine and she hoped Damin was good enough at reading people to realize this truly was her bottom line. She had to keep a reserve to fund her search for Reede.

Slapping the desk exuberantly, Damin said, “Accepted! Ms. Damara, you’ve made a wise choice. Just paperwork and red tape to go through and of course the small detail of you transferring the credits to my business account and you’ve got yourself a ship.” He extended his hand. “Congratulations.”

Nevertheless the process of finalizing the deal took two hours and Fallyn had to remain on guard constantly not to be agreeing to any extras. She read the entire sales contract, lined out a few things, had to threaten to walk away from the deal entirely once and they were done.

She owned her own interstellar ship.

Dazed, she allowed Damin to escort her from the office to the groundtram stop. “We’ll have her ready for you by noon tomorrow,” he said, shaking her hand one more time before he ambled across the pavement to his place of business. “Get her off my lot or pay daily rent after that.”

“I’ll be here early,” she said, wishing she could simply take the ship now and be on her way. Red tape and paperwork was the bane of her existence in the military and as a civilian.

VS: Next week Fallyn meets the Roxy’s artificial intelligence…


Reede’s people sent him to the Sectors on a desperate mission to beg for help against overwhelming odds in their battle to destroy the alien scientists who created them centuries ago. He knew the task wasn’t going to be easy but as a Badari Warrior, he vowed to do his best. When he’s arrested by the border patrol and thrown in the brig, things go from bad to worse. He faces difficult choices ahead and unimaginable obstacles to making his case to the authorities for help.

Fallyn is Reede’s human fated mate but also the active duty military scout who guided him to the Sectors from his own planet. Reede’s choices after his arrest put her in a difficult spot and his actions threaten their mate bond. Will she give up her career to help him and the Badari succeed in making a treaty with the Sectors?

The desperate attempt to find new allies takes Reede and Fallyn on a wild set of adventures across the sprawling interstellar Sectors civilization and places them, their friends and their love in harm’s way.

Amazon     Apple Books     Nook     Kobo     GooglePlay

Star Cruise: Thanksgiving A #SciFi Short Story


One of my favorite representations of the Pilgrims, on a vintage plate

From the Archives…this short story is also included as an extra in the STAR CRUISE: A NOVELLA STOWAWAY WITH STAR CRUISE RESCUE AND THE GOLDEN TOKEN SHORT STORIES  Amazon     Apple Books     Nook     Kobo     Google

Veronica: I started thinking about when and where Thanksgiving might be celebrated in the far future of my interstellar civilization, the Sectors, and this little story came to mind. Complete here on the blog. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Chef Stephanie leaned back in her desk chair on board the Nebula Zephyr and stretched. Finally a quiet afternoon, now that the last gourmet tour group had departed the ship. Of course there were still thousands of passengers who needed to be fed, but her next group of foodies wouldn’t arrive for a week. Plenty of time to test a few new recipes and plan intricate tasting menus. Today maybe she could finally spare a second to get to the bottom of the inventory mystery – why were they carrying pounds of flour and sugar beyond what was required?

And who had ordered solidified vegetable shortening of all things? “Who cooks with that antiquated substance?” She looked at the records on her AI but the name of the requisitioner was missing. She raised her eyebrows at the cost of the small quantity of the rare ingredient.

“I have a healthy budget but not generous to this extent,” she said, doing a doubletake.

The com pinged. “Yes?”

The caller was Owen Embersson, the ship’s cargo master and from the look of his stern face in the vid, he was pretty upset about something.

“You and I need to talk,” he said, his voice deep and raspy. “Now.”

“Of course—“

“I’m afraid you’ll have to come to Cargo Deck A. Better bring someone to help you.”

“With what? What is that noise in the background?” She wondered if it was static on the com link, an oddly garbled noise like the call of an animal. “Is it your cat? Is she ok?”

“Moby’s fine. Your cargo may not be if you don’t get here in the next few minutes.” He signed off as the sound grew louder.

I didn’t order any special cargo. Annoyed but intrigued, she went in search of Richard, her Sous Chef de Cuisine. He denied all knowledge of any special deliveries but readily accompanied her through the ship to the cargo bay on deck seven.


As she stepped from the gravlift, her ears were assaulted by the loud animal noise, coming from multiple throats. There were feathers on the deck and a strange smell. Richard yanked her backward by the elbow as a large avian creature with a truly astounding fantail of brown and gray feathers ran by, squawking loudly, chased by both Moby and Midorri, the ship’s pets. Two of Owen’s crew were apparently trying to herd the creature into an empty crate, while the rest of the day shift stood by and laughed.

“Took you long enough,” Owen said. Fists on his hips, jaw clenched, he stared at the chaos on his deck caused by the still-fleeing bird. “You know you’re not allowed to bring livestock on board this ship without advance warning and proper documentation. What the seven hells were you thinking?  My guys opened the crate and these things burst out. We’ve managed to chase down three of them but this last one is wily.”

Stephanie stifled a laugh, positive that showing her amusement at the unfolding situation would send the cargo master into a tirade. “I sympathize but I certainly didn’t order them.”

“You certainly did.” He handed her an AI, with the bill of lading displayed. Her name was in the authorizing party and the deliver to boxes.

Tilting the AI to show her sous chef, who raised his eyebrows, she shook her head. “Something is very wrong here.”

Owen moved faster than she’d ever seen him do before and grabbed the huge bird as it circled around the deck again. Caging the creature in his arms, he strode toward the livestock crate while his crew applauded. “Tell me about it,” he said over his shoulder.

There was a ping in her ear and Stephanie heard Maeve, the ship’s AI, using the channel  only for senior officers.

“I can explain the situation to you and the Cargo Master,” she said in her usual cool tones.

Stephanie glanced at Owen, who’d handed his captive off to two crew members, and saw he was obviously receiving the same message.

“Not here,” Maeve went on. “In the kitchen. You’re needed there.”

“I have too much to do to take time off for a tour of the moon damned kitchen.” Owen’s voice was a roar as he brushed feathers from his uniform. “Do I look like a health inspector to you? Did someone assign me extra duties and forget to tell me?”

“This is essential or I wouldn’t make the request,” Maeve said, unfazed.

Stephanie held her breath, afraid to utter a sound.

Owen tilted his head and shut his eyes for a moment. “Essential.”

“Yes, Cargo Master.”

He called to his second in command. “You’re in charge. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Stephanie and Richard made their way to the kitchen, with the brooding bulk of the unhappy cargo master right behind. There was a small cluster of crew members waiting at the entrance to the food preparation area. They turned as Stephanie approached and she saw most were carrying odd parcels or items.

Owen sped up and cut around her, stepping to the side of his mate, Tyrelle, the  ship’s special hydroponics officer. She was juggling several orange vegetables that looked large enough to be sentient. “What are you doing here?” he asked, taking the two most unwieldy items from her and bending to kiss her cheek.

“I brought the chef her pumpkins,” Tyrelle said. “I’ve been nurturing them especially, so they’d be ripe on this date.”

Has everyone on this ship gone mad today? Stephanie put a hand to her head. “I don’t even know what those are, much less did I request you to grow them.”

Tyrelle frowned. “But yes, you did. You put through a special written order and the packet of seeds – such odd flat seeds – were delivered to me a month ago. It required much energy from me and special nutrients to bring the vines and the flowers and then the pumpkins themselves to maturity so rapidly. I believe they must normally use a hundred or more of your standard days to become ready for consumption.”

“Either I’m losing my mind or someone is playing a practical joke,” Stephanie said, running her fingers through her hair and then rubbing her left temple, where a headache was growing. “Do the rest of you have odd food for me as well?”

There was a chorus of agreement. Meg Thomsill raised her voice. “Actually I have the rare spices you requested. My father had to jump through some serious hoops to get the one called cinnamon. He’ll be billing the ship for the effort and cost, no way around it.”

“No more hoops than I had to go through to persuade the elders on my planet to part with three pints of cranberries. Those are sacred on our world,” said Quint, the shuttle pilot. “They came with the First Ship settlers, when the colony was founded centuries ago. They don’t grow much of anywhere else. It’s a good thing I like you so much, chef. But I’ll be calling in a large favor for this.”

“If you would all please move into the small conference room,” Maeve said, projecting her voice through the AI ganglions located in every corner of the cruise ship. “I can explain.”

“What in the seven hells is going on here?” Chief security officer Jake Dilon arrived on the scene, Dr. Emily Shane right behind him.

“Don’t tell me – you brought me some delicacy too.” Stephanie sighed.

He raised the package clutched in his left hand. “Dried Azrigone venison strips, the finest quality the Varone family supplies, usually to generational billionaires, not cruise ship galleys. Mike Varone and I go way back, were in hell week during Special Forces advanced training together so I was able to sweet talk him into sending me some for quarter price, plus shipping. Even with the discount, the credits mounted up.”

“Conference room!” Maeve’s voice was sharp.

Stephanie took her place at the head of the table since the meeting was occurring in her domain.  Richard took the seat to her right and the other crew members settled themselves, setting their bottles, packages and boxes on the highly polished Zulairian mahogany table.

Stephanie  knocked on the wood. “Can we have quiet, please? First of all, I did not order any of these rare and expensive foodstuffs.” She raised her hand for silence as there was immediate protest.

The AI ganglion emitted a sharp whistle. “Chef Stephanie is right. I used her name to request everything you’ve brought.”

There was a moment of silence. “Why would you do that?” Stephanie asked.

“I wish to recreate the holiday of Thanksgiving as a surprise for Captain Fleming.”

A little ripple of shrugs and puzzled looks around the table.

“I think I’ve heard of it,” Meg said. “In the ancient history books.  Some kind of celebration on old Terra?”

“Why would the captain care about that?” asked Owen.

“Captain Fleming is from an Original Colony,” the AI said. “The colonists brought many traditions and celebrations with them from the terrestrial home world, which are still celebrated even now, millennia later. I have prepared the menu and supplied recipes for the required dishes. They’ve been downloaded to your AI, Chef.”

She pulled out her personal AI and her sous chef peered over her shoulder as she read.   “Turkey, stuffing, rolls, corn, pemmican, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie. The list goes on.” Her voice trailed off and she flicked to the recipes. “How old were the documents you scanned? These instructions and ingredients are obscure, to say the least.”

Richard pointed. “Look, you need shortening for the pie crust. I guess now we know why we have a brick of it in stores.”

“Are those things in my cargo hold turkeys?” Owen asked, brow furrowed.

“Live turkeys?” Meg choked back a laugh. “Those’ll be hard to cook.”

“They are the closest living relatives to the terrestrial turkey, yes. I was unclear on the instructions for cooking but the record I chose began with instructions for handling the live turkeys of a certain size.” Maeve sounded stubborn.

“What’s pemmican?” asked someone.

Jake pushed his sealed packet to the center of the table. “It’s a form of venison.”

“I went to the oldest original source recipes I could find, in order to ensure the thoroughness and rigor of my research was complete,” Maeve said.

“It would be an exciting culinary challenge,” Stephanie said to Richard. “Recreating an ancient meal.”

“I can bless these turkeys for you and give them an honorable and painless death,” Tyrelle offered.

Jake raised a hand and the conversation stopped. “Captain Fleming is one of the most private men I ever met and the least likely to appreciate a surprise of any kind, let alone one relating to his home planet and costing the Nebula Zephyr thousands of credits. Why are we doing this, Maeve?”

Before the AI could answer, Stephanie spoke up. “We could make a trideo of the preparation process, put together a documentary special, if I could have some help from the social media staff person. Depending on whether we had leftovers, we could offer it as a special, one time only event on the next leg of the cruise. We are renowned for our cuisine.” Thanks to my efforts. “Recoup at least some of the costs, charge it to the business. The Purser would approve.”

“I could help with the trideo arrangements,” Meg said.

“I maintain my own account as a registered sentient,” Maeve reminded them. “I intend to pay my fair share.”

Jake was undeterred in his quest to get to the bottom of the situation. “But again, and with all due respect, why are we doing this in the first place?”

“Captain Fleming is a human being.”

“Well, yes that’s a given.” Jake sounded impatient. “And?”

“This crew is his family, in a sense, and the holiday is about family, as I understand the history.” Maeve fell silent. “I will explain further to Jake and Tyrelle alone.”

“All right.” Jake rose, taking charge. “The rest of you are dismissed. Please take your contributions to the kitchen stores, wherever Chef Stephanie wants them. The Purser will be in touch regarding reimbursement where necessary.”

“They’ll be invited to the dinner with the Captain,” Maeve said.

“Only if it isn’t going to be a career limiting event.” Jake’s voice was flat. “I’m not convinced yet.”

Stephanie stayed put. “I think since my name was used under false pretenses, I’m entitled to hear the explanation. And if I’m to cook a special meal for the captain, I need to know why. Cooking isn’t just a ‘follow the numbers, throw the ingredients in a pot’ process. Food is emotion, comes from the heart, at least when I’m preparing a special meal.”

“Stay then. I’m convinced.” Jake sat down and toyed with the personal AI, studying the recipes. The portal slid shut behind all the departing crew members and Tyrelle moved to sit next to Stephanie and him. “We’re waiting.”

“I will not breach the captain’s confidence nor tell his business,” Maeve said. “I am concerned about him, however. He recently received the news that his only remaining family member, a younger half-brother, was killed on active duty in Sector 112. The body was not recovered. There was no memorial service other than the ceremonial reading of the name at Special Forces Command. This has hit Captain Fleming very hard. You are aware, I believe, Tyrelle?”

Stephanie glanced at the officer, her curiosity aroused.

Tyrelle exchanged glances with Jake. “Based on the – based on certain indicators, yes, I have been aware. I believe the captain is stronger than you estimate, Maeve, but I’m supportive of this dinner idea. We can remind him he is cared for and in a family of sorts. The Zephyr has certainly become that for me as well, so I understand.”

Stephanie knew there were secrets about the Zephyr, things she wasn’t privy to. Truth be told, she really didn’t want to be. The kitchen was her empire and she was happy there. Obviously Jake and Tyrelle shared some of the darker knowledge.

“All right, then we’ll do it.” Jake flashed her a smile. “Assuming you’re willing to try cooking in accordance with those ancient recipes Maeve unearthed?”

“Yes, of course. Are we inviting anyone else to the dinner? How many am I cooking for?”

“I’ll give you a list,” Maeve said. “After Jake approves the names.”

He looked relieved at the AI’s compromise. “And we’ll tell no one else about the captain’s brother, not even the other dinner guests, nor will we indicate we know, right?”

“I keep no secrets from Owen,” Tyrelle said. “But he will keep this one to the death. He and I owe the captain everything.”

“And I’m guessing Emily already knows, as ship’s doctor, but of course she couldn’t tell me. I won’t need to discuss it with her. No problem.” Jake waved a hand. “Are we done here?”

“When does the dinner need to be held?” Stephanie asked.


“Why am I not surprised? At least we’re in between gourmet groups so I have my special kitchen crew available for the task.”

Next day…

“The captain is on his way,” Maeve said. “I told him there’s a tense situation in this room.”

Stephanie nodded in the direction of the AI ganglion and surveyed the table with a critical eye. She thought her staff had outdone themselves, figuring out how to make the ancient recipes work with modern techniques and substituting current ingredients where there was no availability of what the formula called for. The platters and bowls of food all smelled mouthwatering, and the pies waiting on the side table were beautifully formed, the crusts just browned to the perfect point.

The portal slid open to allow the captain to step inside and Stephanie led the small crowd in a cheer of “Surprise!”

Fleming paused in midstep, frowning, his gaze going immediately to Jake and Owen as the senior officers present. Stephanie and Tyrelle walked forward to intercept him.

“We’ve taken the liberty of preparing what we believe to be a fairly good reproduction of the ancient Thanksgiving feast served on your home planet. At least according to Maeve,” Stephanie said.  “As we understand it, this day is for gathering with friends and family and remembering the things we’re thankful for. We wanted to honor you.” When preparing her little speech, she’d decided the less said the better. Keep it simple.

She thought for a moment Fleming might retreat, his normal deep reserve threatened by this open display of caring from people on the crew who’d known him the longest, like Chief Takkei and Jake, and others who were newer to his command, like Tyrelle and herself.

Tyrelle extended one graceful hand. “Come, won’t you take your place at the head of the table, sir?”

He gave her a half bow and tucked her hand into his bent elbow. “I would be honored. Please, sit down everyone.”

Eyeing the dishes as he walked with Tyrelle, he said, “Is that turkey? And cranberry sauce?”

“A version of it, sir,” Stephanie answered. “Quint did his best to get real cranberries for us and Maeve found genetic descendants of Terran turkeys. Everyone  pitched in on obtaining the necessary ingredients.”


He helped Tyrelle into her seat next to Owen and waited for Stephanie to sit on the other side before he took his own place. All eyes turned to him as he cleared his throat for a moment. No one had ever seen him at a loss for words. “I haven’t seen a meal like this since I was a boy. I don’t think anyone has.  My family had a ritual, we’d go around the table and share what we were thankful for. I’ll start – I’m very grateful for this good ship and for the crew – and Maeve – who fly her with me. A man couldn’t ask for better comrades.” He nodded at Stephanie and she voiced her thanks for her staff.

So it went around the table and when Tyrelle had spoken her piece, thanking the crew of the Zephyr for saving her life and giving her a home, and it was Fleming’s turn again, he picked up the carving fork and knife and said, “Thank you to everyone who had a hand in putting this special meal together for us to share this evening. Now, the question is – white meat or dark?”

Copyright 2016 by Veronica Scott

Have you booked your STAR CRUISE yet? Info on the entire connected series here.


New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for NOV 23

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 

‘AB’ denotes audiobook and the Amazon buy link.



My new job gives me the chance to put my past behind me. Only one problem: I’m falling for my bad boy boss…After my ex dumps my possessions on the sidewalk, cleans out our bank account, and steals my landscaping business, I’m once again submitting job applications. It’s that or no roof over my head. With the Intergalactic Employment Agency’s help, I land a position as a gardener for the owners of an off-world alien castle. Other than needing to tackle a rogue vine infesting the front shrubs, it’s an easy job. Best of all, I work alongside Dekrin, a dirty-mouthed fellow gardener who enjoys rolling in mud and wearing low-slung pants. His gardening skills are impressive, but I’m even more impressed by his attempts to plow my personal field. I’m falling for him, so who cares if I ever return to Earth? But after what happened with my ex, trusting my heart to Dekrin won’t be easy. Do I dare take a chance with a bad boy alien who I suspect is cultivating a big secret?   AmazonKU


VS Note: Always exciting to have a new cyborg tale from Ms. Sax. Had it pre-ordered.

This cyborg will be the warrior his female requires. Cyborgs are designed to fight. That is their primary purpose and 98.2356 percent of the manufactured warriors enjoy battle. Tremendously.
Grin, a K model, is one of the rare exceptions. When he escaped his cruel creators, he set down his sword and allocated his processors to less violent pursuits. He projects he’s left his war-waging planet rotations behind him forever. Then he meets his beautiful, beguiling female, the one being he’s destined to protect, to claim, to love for all eternity, and his plans for peace are completely decimated. Mohini needs a ship. She has a dangerous mission to complete and the first step in that assignment is arranging transport to an enemy-controlled planet. The vessel she has set her sights on is guarded by the sexiest cyborg she’s ever seen. To gain access to his ship, Mohini is prepared to kiss, caress, seduce the muscular male. The mission is her focus. The pleasure she experiences will merely be a bonus. A female has to do what a female has to do to save the universe.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Can an alien commander allow himself to choose love over duty? Jessica’s orderly life changed forever when she became the guardian of her orphaned niece and nephew. She is still trying to learn how to be a parent when they are taken by aliens. After a desperate attempt to escape their captors ends on a deserted planet, she faces an entirely new set of challenges. The appearance of a massive alien warrior and his crew offers a chance of rescue, but she also finds herself irresistibly drawn to the stern male with the kind eyes. After the plague that devastated his race eliminated his hopes for a family, Captain Vadrar dedicated his life to preserving order in the Confederated Planets. When the pursuit of an enemy goes disastrously wrong, he is shocked to discover a small group of precious females and children fighting for survival. As they work together to find a way off the uncharted planet, he grows increasingly captivated by the alluring human and her enchanting children. His duty compels him to return them to Earth, but his heart tells him that Jessica and her children belong with him. Can he ignore a lifetime of responsibility and ask them to stay?      AmazonKU


I like things neat and tidy. Schedules. Lists. Hunky alien warriors aren’t on the agenda. I had a plan for my life. Being beamed away to an alien planet and offered up to an alien prince? Not part of the plan. Even if our chemistry is electric. The longer we spend together, the more I begin to wonder what’s under that bluff exterior. But someone is causing trouble from the shadows – will we have the chance to make a new plan together?      Amazon KU


VS Note: The Author has notified me that due to unfortunate circumstances beyond her control the book release will have to be rescheduled.


VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

It’s been 925 summers since the Jemen introduced zyme, a bioluminescent algae, into the world’s ocean and unwittingly triggered an Ice Age that has consumed most of the planet.  All but a handful of Jemen flew to the stars, but before they left, they recreated several extinct species that had thrived in the last Ice Age. After almost a thousand summers, the archaic hominins that struggle along the edges of massive glaciers are dwindling.  All they have to save them is a dying quantum computer called Quancee and her student, a Denisovan man named Lynx. When the last Jemen, Vice Admiral Jorgenson, tells Lynx he’s going to dismantle Quancee and use her parts to create a new computer, Lynx is stunned.  He can’t let Jorgenson kill Quancee! Meanwhile, in the lodges of the Sealion People, a sick boy on the verge of manhood hears voices. One is an old woman who sings to him.  When Jawbone goes on his first quest to find a spirit helper, the old woman finds him…While Lynx battles to save Quancee,  the quantum computer has other priorities.  Before it dies, it has to save a special boy who cannot save himself.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo

ALIEN’S HEART by Nancey Cummings

Perrigaul’s a survivor. He’s also a thief, a con artist, and very occasionally a murderer. What he is not is a nanny, yet here he is stuck with an impossibly tempting human female. Miriam is soft and kindhearted and completely unsuitable for this outlaw planet. How can Perrigal keep her safe from the worst the planet has to offer? How can he keep her safe from him?      AmazonKU


Hunter Thorn is on the run, living daily in fear of discovery and retaliation from the mafia leaders he once betrayed. Sanctum is a planet practically cut off from the rest of the galaxy, where ruthless people who can control the elements rule. The Emperor has turned his back on the people, more interested in lining his pockets than waging war against the Brumal mafia. Hunter once worked for the Snow family, but a threat against his sister forced him to choose a side, and in the end, he chose wrong. He’s been paying for that choice ever since, constantly moving, traveling across the planet in an attempt to hide. But everyone knows there’s no such thing as escape from a regular Brumal member if they want you, let alone from one of the Three. Odin Snow, the Dominus of the Snow family, had everything taken from him ten years ago. He’s clawed his way ruthlessly back…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)      Amazon KU


When tech scavenger Xích Si is captured and imprisoned by the infamous pirates of the Red Banner, she expects to be tortured or killed. Instead, their leader, Rice Fish, makes Xích Si an utterly incredible proposition: an offer of marriage. Both have their reasons for this arrangement: Xích Si needs protection; Rice Fish, a sentient spaceship, needs a technical expert to investigate the death of her first wife, the Red Scholar. That’s all there is to it. But as the interstellar war against piracy rages on and their own investigation reaches a dire conclusion, the two of them discover that their arrangement has evolved into something much less business-focused and more personal…and tender. And maybe the best thing that’s ever happened to either of them—but only if they can find a way to survive together.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Lucy – As an omega, I have certain talents—like dripping money from my ladyparts. Selling slick-soaked panties is my way to freedom, safety, and independence. Until a high-testosterone alpha more or less accidentally knocks my bodyguards out. He says I owe him money, but, the way I see it, he owes me a couple of good growls. After all, I have quotas to meet. And if I can get this massive cage fighter to work with me? I’ll get the money for a new nest together in no time. Tjor – I make my living in the fighting pits of Taril, where crime runs high, but testosterone runs higher. Omegas don’t come to this part of the city. Except for the crazy one who keeps following me around, babbling something about a business proposition where she should be running from me. The alphas who want a piece of her are aggressive, uncontrolled, dangerous. And I’m the worst of them all.   AmazonKU


VS Note: I always enjoy her books!

Prince Draxus of Tagra is the worst. Huge, charismatic, rich, and he’s decided I’m his good luck charm. Only one problem – I’m supposed to be his bodyguard, not that he thinks he needs one. Now we’re stranded in a deadly crystal jungle, dressed for an interstellar cruise, and pursued by vicious pirates. It’s my job to stay close to him, and that’s given him the idea that I’m interested. Which I’m not! Certainly, definitely not. … am I? Oh no. And worst of all, there’s only one tent.     AmazonKU

PANE by Bailey Elizabeth

VS Note: Listed as a scifi/horror novella but reviews do mention the sapphic romance.

Sam lives by her “try anything once” motto to a fault. On an otherwise normal night out, she takes an experimental drug from a stranger at the bar that lets her see into alternate timelines. When she witnesses her own murder in a parallel world, she realizes that the mysterious series of hit-and-runs plaguing her college town are anything but accidents. Sam and her friends decide to stop the killer once and for all, but time travel has unforeseen costs, and one of them will have to pay.      AmazonKU

WARDER (DERIDIA BOOK 8) by Catherine Miller

Wife. Daughter. Warder. There was a shift in the mountain. Where once creatures would ascend to the peak for the winter, now they hunted. With venom and claw, warders fell. Others of her kind had settled. Wives, mothers, they flourished in their freedoms. While Gwynn struggled with the worry, the strain that came from lonely nights without news of her husband’s wellbeing. A bargain. An entreaty. To train as a companion when the missions grew longer. To no longer be left behind. And if she should find some remnant of her kind, a hint of their history, then was that so very wrong? Of a people that were not merely slaves, but explorers. Whose ships traversed the stars themselves. She would be like them. Would see the world long denied to her, her husband by her side. Because the mountain was theirs. Wasn’t it?      Amazon KU


VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

In the city of Corcannon, everyone has a secret. Madeleine is planning her wedding to Tivol, but she’s really in love with Reese. Jayla has become the guardian of a child named Aussen, but she knows that Aussen possesses a mysterious and dangerous power. Brandon is a temple solider keeping the enigmatic Villette a prisoner in her own home, but finds himself risking everything to keep her safe. Pietro is pretending he’s surprised every time the city is wracked by tremors, but he’ll do anything to stop the devastation. Even Corcannon itself has a secret. It’s built on a lie, and that lie is about to come tumbling down.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Lerokan is a huge pain in my human butt. He’s cocky, obnoxious, and refuses to show me his face, hiding it behind a bone mask. He keeps saying he saved me from the battle. But all I see is the man who separated me from my friends. Luckily, he seems to find me just as annoying as I find him, and he agrees to take me back to my friends as soon as it’s safe. But then a sudden storm traps us in a deep, dark cave…For days on end…Together. LEROKAN – I’ve been exiled from my tribe for sixty-two days, all because I don’t want a mate. Well, that’s fine. I’ll wear the mask of an exile and remain alone out here if it means I don’t have to lose myself in the mate bond. Only, I’m suddenly not so alone after I rescue a small boy from a battle. Turns out, it’s not a small boy. She’s a female. I have now saddled myself with the strangest, mouthiest woman I could possibly imagine. The worst part? The longer we’re together, the more I grow to like that mouth. And those eyes. Her laugh. Her many, many frowns…Alas. Lerokan the exile is now Lerokan in love. But despite my obvious charms, all Priya wants is to get back to her friends. And away from me.      Amazon KU


They were phadrac—genetically engineered to be superior warriors for the E-Ridian Empire—given the task of removing the ‘primitive species’ in the way of the Empire’s colonization ambitions. It never occurred to their creators that they might question the prime directive. This, Taden and his Bi, Syln, thought, was no primitive world and the U-mans were not primitives. And a phadrac warrior did not make war on the weak and helpless. They captured Autumn to save her—in spite of every effort on her part to escape.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: LGBTQ scifi. Authors state “sparks of a slow burn, series-spanning relationship.”

Several months have passed since Blaze and the infamous Variant activist Shudder McKenzie helped Damien rescue the captives of the sinister Fredamine Project. Professionally, everything’s great. He’s back to working with Damien again and they have a new lead on the three kids who are still missing. Personally, not so much. Blaze has made his peace with Shudder, though nothing between them has even been easy, but his relationship with Damien has taken several steps back. Blaze no longer has any idea where he stands. Adding to the tense atmosphere are the anti-Variant members of legislature who have been slowly gaining popular approval, and the cryptic messages Damien receives from an unknown source. Shudder’s back to his old haunts and his old tricks, trying to raise public awareness of imperiled Variant rights…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)…      Amazon      Apple Books     Kobo


A Lothario alien prince. A magical human female. A determined alien hunter. As far as everyone else knows, I’m just an ordinary woman helping her mother run the family bakery. But the truth is I have magical powers and a discarded alien prince at home who also happens to be a dragon. He’s got the body of a Greek God and a panty-melting smile, so when he materialized right before me in the town park, my hormones took notice, and I couldn’t help drooling over his sharp features and stormy eyes. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one who wants him. And the alien hunter who’s just arrived on Earth is prepared to destroy the planet just to capture my new love.      Amazon KU


Dr. Mattie Porter has landed her dream job as a Xeno-Cultural Anthropologist with the Kindred, but she has one very big problem—a seven-foot-tall, grumpy, growly warrior named Grath. The huge Hybrid has been assigned to her as her Protector—a kind of bodyguard to keep her safe on alien planets. But he’s a surly bastard who won’t even talk to Mattie if he can help it! Grath is a Triple-Hybrid, a male with Beast, Blood, and Flame Kindred strains in his DNA. This makes him a formidable warrior, but also ensures he won’t be able to bond with a female, which leaves him with a problem—he’s desperately attracted to the tiny, curvy Earth female he’s been assigned to Protect. But he knows he has to keep her at arm’s length to avoid pain and heartache. It seems Grath and Mattie will never get along…but then Mattie needs a date for the Holidays. So now they’re going to her hometown to try and fool her family into thinking they’re engaged. But fake-dating during the Holidays isn’t without its pitfalls and neither of them knows that even in the quiet little town of Christmasville, danger is stalking Mattie.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Pia – I’ve got big dreams. I’m all set to become a pilot at the biggest interstellar space port I can find. So when my dodgy freighter ship crash lands on a mysterious planet, I’m just looking to find the fastest way off-world. Unfortunately the only person around for miles is Qol’rakii Protector, Volrai. Well, him and his not-so-tame dragon! I swear that dragon has it in for me. There’s nothing here but dirt and grass. Volrai is strong, capable and totally gorgeous, and I’ll admit I’m just a little bit curious about what he can do with that tail! But he’s taken a vow to wait for his fated mate. Could my luck get any worse? Volrai – Life as a Qol’rakii Protector can get real lonely. But tradition dictates that I must protect the most vulnerable creatures of my homeland from outside poachers. They’e hunted for the aphrodesiac pheromones they produce during mating season. Until I find my fated mate I must suffer through the rakii heat as best I can. When the fiery little human crash lands in the middle of my flock I instantly feel drawn to her. It can’t just be the pheromones. I know there’s something more. She doesn’t belong here. She couldn’t be the one I’ve waited for. But what can I do when the urge to claim my little shooting star becomes too great to resist?      AmazonKU


Oceane and Brea are two human women who volunteer for an intergalactic cultural exchange with the Nevali, the latest aliens to land on Earth. But partway through the journey, both women are woken from their sleeping pods and thrown into a locked hold with several other women. The cultural exchange is a scam. On a refuelling stop on a rustic planet similar to Earth’s ancient Rome, eight women are gifted to the alien gods of that planet as a rare, erotic delicacy. There, Oceane and Brea face the worst future of all when the alien god Summanus, the most savage, heartless, and perverted of the gods, marks them to serve as concubines in his harem. When he catches them trying to escape, Summanus orders the women be left for dead in the planet’s brutal southern desert. There, Oceane and Brea face two very different fates with two very different alpha male aliens. But when Summanus learns that they are both still alive, the hunt is on.      Amazon KU


VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

Fyve and Halo have never felt more vulnerable than when The Oasis becomes lost at sea. The ship was supposed to be a beacon of hope, a way to reach Tomorrow Land. But war is breaking out within its confines. Terra was never who they thought she was. And now the ship itself is dying. With no food, water, or fuel to power the ship, the search for Tomorrow Land has become futile. And now deadly. As lie upon lie is uncovered, they begin to wonder if the mysterious land they’ve been searching for even exists. When the sky turns black and a storm threatens, Fyve and Halo must face one final battle. The future they were promised may not exist, but there’s something more important to fight for…the truth.      AmazonKU

BESTIAL by Sarah Winters

VS Note: From OCT 31. Also listed in Erotic literature.

Having her ship hijacked by space pirates was bad. Getting thrown into a cage sucked. Being sacrificed to a crazed alien beast as some sick form of entertainment for those same pirates? Yeah, that’s the pinnacle of a shitty day. Kessia Donovan of New Terra is on the way to her next job when her life goes sideways. In the space of a few hours she’s been kidnapped, stripped and offered up to the mercy of a terrifying alien. Assuming she’s about to become his dinner, she’s shocked when this brutal giant vows to protect her. Stolen from his planet and kept like an animal in a cage, Baron is just waiting for a chance to escape. When it finally comes, he finds a female unlike any he’s ever seen. Small, soft and curvy with a scent that tantalizes and taunts his mating instincts. He wants her. But first he has to get them both out of this situation alive. With her brains and his brawn, they will form an unlikely alliance – and perhaps much more.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Jakari, an alien assassin, receives orders taking her to a primitive alien world. She expects the mission to be like any other. Get in, eliminate the target and get out again. Instead, when she arrives, she finds out that one of the leaders of the fascist Char Oram is there, seeking to turn the inhabitants into mindless soldiers that could tip the war in favor of the Char. Hayami Takahashi follows a strange woman down a dark street and all she wants is to make sure the woman didn’t wind up as the next victim of a kidnapping ring working the streets of Dallas. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of a civil war between two factions of shape shifting cyborg aliens. After Jakari saves Hayami from becoming a test subject in a Char lab, the two of them are working together to stop a war that’s been raging for nine thousand years.

Amazon     Kobo


The little human slave who’s crashed into my path better learn some things fast: Life is nothing but a con. Stay ahead of the game. Watch your back. Because as soon as I repay my debts, that lush body is mine…To sell. Of course. Except before long, what I want isn’t to sell her, but to taste her. To hold her. To keep her next to me. But I know the game. You don’t always get what you want. Until she’s tricked from my side, trapped and captured. And then I’ll tear the planet apart to get her back.   AmazonKU


VS Note: Not listed as a romance but seems as if there are romantic elements.

Blood, sex, and magic… Isn’t there a song that goes something like that? Or maybe that’s just what you get in a typical afternoon spent with a Vilaxian. Throw in a few loving mates, one that just so happens to have tentacles, a cyborg doctor with mad sex skills, along with a warlock hell-bent on protecting me. and you have a running episode of “Life with Lila.” With alien detainees, Celestian healers, and a mate challenge on the horizon it’s going to get even crazier as I navigate my new life in the Galaxy Circus. I’ve said it before, but it really is out of this world.      Amazon KU


I will gladly sacrifice eternal life to make her MINE! Gabby: How do you outwit the known universe’s notorious spymaster? Easy, you acquire something he covets and lure him in. What is a lot harder to figure out though is how to resist him. I wasn’t prepared to meet a man this refined, challenging and alluring. Aggamont: Human females, the bane of the known universe. And yet, hard to resist. I am in the middle of saving the known universe from a menace they don’t know anything about yet, I don’t have time to play with a human female. But Fate has obviously other plans, as she sends the most exasperating human female my way, intend on killing me.       AmazonKU

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: THe backlist highlight this week is THE FATED STARS, the fourth in my alien empath series. My daughters had been challenging me to write a female mercenary so for this book I made the alien empath male and the heroine is kickass mercenary Larissa Channer.

The Fated Stars – fourth in the series but can be read as a standalone

Larissa Channer, a tough no-nonsense mercenary in the Sectors, is celebrating success on her last job and a big bonus, with no slightest thought of taking on another assignment anytime soon. Out for a night of carousing with her friends at a third rate carnival on a backwater planet, she walks into the tent of a fake fortune teller and finds herself confronting the most intriguing man she’s ever seen. But something’s wrong, ominous currents lie beneath the surface of their encounter and Larissa can’t leave well enough alone.

Samell, a powerful, high born empathic priest, has been kidnapped from his own primitive planet along with a number of his people, and sold to the shady operator of an interstellar carnival. Kept enslaved, pretending to be a fortune teller while forced by his captor to steal information from the minds of all who come before him, Samell despairs of every breaking free.

Until Larissa walks into his tent and he recognizes the warrior who might mean the difference between life and death.

The situation becomes dire when Larissa and Samell come to the attention of the Shemdylann pirates who kidnapped him in the first place and the deadly Mawreg, aliens who threaten the Sectors. Can she save herself and the empathic alien noble, and derail the Mawreg plot against the Sectors? And will the soldier end up with her prince when all’s said and done?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo     B&N         Google

******************************OKAY, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ONWARD WE GO!**************************************************


Talamh is a land of green hills, high mountains, deep forests, and seas, where magicks thrive. But portals allow for passage in and out—and ultimately, each must choose their place, and choose between good and evil, war and peace, life and death…Breen Siobhan Kelly grew up in the world of Man and was once unaware of her true nature. Now she is in Talamh, trying to heal after a terrible battle and heartbreaking losses. Her grandfather, the dark god Odran, has been defeated in his attempt to rule over Talamh, and over Breen—for now. With the enemy cast out and the portal sealed, this is a time to rest and to prepare. Breen spreads her wings and realizes a power she’s never experienced before. It’s also a time for celebrations—of her first Christmas in both Talamh and Ireland, of solstice and weddings and births—and daring to find joy again in the wake of sorrow. She rededicates herself to writing her stories, and when his duties as taoiseach permit, she is together with Keegan, who has trained her as a warrior and whom she has grown to love. It’s Keegan who’s at her side when the enemy’s witches, traitorous and power-mad, appear to her in her sleep, practicing black magick, sacrificing the innocent, and plotting a brutal destruction for Breen. And soon, united with him and with all of Talamh, she will seek out those in desperate need of rescue, and confront the darkness with every weapon she has: her sword, her magicks—and her courage.      Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: She’s an autobuy for me.

At long last, Jakral Konyngrr—lowly sailor, gambler, and sometime rogue—has won the heart and hand of Princess Stella of Avonlidgh. Never mind that Stella’s mother is determined to make their wedding the event of the century, he’s happy to endure any trial to marry the love of his life and his guiding star. Very soon they can sail away together into the rest of their lives. Unfortunately the wedding becomes delayed for several months, until midwinter. Stella—sorceress, empath, and bearer of the mark of the Tala—has been through great trials. But nothing has tested her as sorely as her passionate and flamboyant mother planning their wedding. Even Jak’s steady love and companionship isn’t enough as Stella finds herself crumbling under the pressure of being snowbound in a castle with the press of so many minds and emotions. When she lashes out, she hits the worst possible target, jeopardizing her chances for happiness. With several kingdoms and a former enemy empire bearing down on them, Jak and Stella’s wedding on the longest night of year might not happen at all… Unless they can create their own happy ever after.

Amazon     Kobo


After thirty years, Matti has learned that the dwarven mother she believed dead might only be missing—kidnapped by those who want to control her ability to enchant powerful world-changing artifacts. But where is she now? And why is the elf assassin Sarrlevi so invested in helping find her? Matti knows she shouldn’t trust Sarrlevi, or be drawn to his dry humor and dark past. But he keeps standing at her side to battle enemies, and she keeps forgetting that he might be an enemy himself.      Amazon KU


How do you break a villain’s heart? The first step is to steal it…Join the authors of Once Upon A Wicked Heart as they detail the bittersweet, tragic, and sinister love lives of the villains we all love to hate! These twelve dark retellings of fairy tales and myths will leave you shocked, entertained, and hungry for more! a Faerie queen with a score to settle –  a jilted goddess who starts a bloody war  – a heart of ice that will either thaw or shatter  – a cursed maiden finds worth in her affliction –  a serial killer might have just met her match –  a nymph seems to have found true love at last…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)      Amazon      Apple Books      Kobo


Fallen angels deserved to be punished. But not like this. Sheriff Starlight is my worst nightmare. A harsh lawman ruling over a prison for divine deviants, he has me incarcerated. Sheriff’s got a reputation for being able to tame even the wildest of our kind, and though everybody says I am beyond redemption, he reckons he’s going to teach me a lesson. He thinks he is going to rehabilitate me. Make me a good little angel. But I am not going to make this easy for him. I refuse to submit. I won’t kneel. I won’t bend. If he wants to rule over me, he’s going to have to break me. Angel Breaker is a standalone spinoff of the Blood Brotherhood series     AmazonKU


Talyn is finally beginning to take control of her life in a new world. Learning that her problems aren’t natural is a first step, but before she can take true measures, her life takes a turn for the worse. Cast into the depths of Castra’s dungeon, she survives only on the sufferance of others. On the other hand, should she live, she will shake the very foundations of the city itself.     AmazonKU


After Mab’s escape to Fae realm, the only way to stop a war is to risk a war. With Nigellus poised to attack the Fae forces massed at Dhuinne’s gate, Neveah must decide what she is willing to sacrifice to alter the balance of power between long-standing supernatural enemies. Hell’s forces will soon spill into the human realm, and if the Fae queen gets her way, no safe haven will remain anywhere for humans, vampires, or demons. There’s only one possibility that might bring a halt to the encroaching madness. Neveah’s people washed their hands of the other races’ conflict millennia ago, but if she can somehow persuade them to help, they could put an end to Mab’s power-mad ambitions as easily as snuffing a candle flame. A famous queen in a book once believed six impossible things before breakfast. Neveah would settle for achieving one impossible thing before doomsday.   AmazonKU


Bite of Betrayal is book two in the Blood Oath series, which is set within the shared universe of Dark Imaginarium Academy.      AmazonKU


Lots of activity on Beach Drive, with wedding plans and preparing for the stork’s arrival. But it’s the new neighbor moving into Pearl’s house who has the neighborhood in a deadly uproar.

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THE NOEL BEFORE CHRISTMAS by Harper B Cole, Trisha Linde and Colbie Dunbar

Alpha wolf shifter Noel has always hated Christmas. Everyone just assumes he’ll be festive to the max, with a name like his, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. He can’t help but associate this time of year with sadness and loss, and he’d much rather just hibernate for the entire month of December. The irony isn’t lost on him, however, when he finds himself wearing a bright red suit, chanting ho, ho, ho. Omega fae Calen loves this time of year. The lights, the tinsel, the overall joy–it fills him to bursting with Christmas spirit. This is the exact reason why he’s always first in line amongst his coworkers at the department store to volunteer to work at Santa’s Workshop. The two find themselves working together, and while their personalities clash, Noel can’t help but feel himself being drawn to Calen. Will the grumpy alpha find a way to change his mind about the holiday season? It would be a Christmas miracle.     AmazonKU


Casting a Lure Weekend Writing Warriors

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

I’m now taking excerpts from my recently published book in the award winning Badari Warriors series, REEDE’S MISSION TO THE SECTORS. It can be read as a standalone (mild spoilers for first book, REEDE.)

Continuing with Fallyn’s quest to buy a used spaceship…

The excerpt (Damin is the salesperson and he’s just named his price for the Roxy):

With relief Fallyn thought she could negotiate his opening number down to a sum she could afford and countered. Damin pretended to be horrified she expected him to basically give her such a prime little ship and quoted his next price with much grumbling and practiced blather about how the fact she was a veteran and he respected her service was making him take leave of his senses. Negotiation was one of her core skills and Fallyn was at ease with Vallington so she ignored his hyperbole.

“Why do you want to sell her to me so badly? What’s the fatal flaw I’m missing?” she asked.

Eyeing her as he considered his answer, Damin nodded. “Fair question. Don’t worry, the Roxy’s not a clunker. Told you my reputation matters to me more than any one sale and I meant it. Honestly? The previous owner made so many damn customizations like the pretty rosebushes you were admiring in hydroponics and a few other much more serious idiosyncrasies—all of which are fully detailed in the information file I gave you access to—that my crew is going to have to spend a lot of time ripping out and redoing. No offense but more experienced mercs aren’t going to give the Roxy a second glance even then. She’s a good ship for a novice in the trade.” He raised one hand in case she was going to protest. “Not saying you don’t have extensive military experience but you are starting as a rookie mercenary.”

Not offended in the least, especially as she actually had no plans to pursue the mercenary career, Fallyn nodded and waited.

“So if I can turn her over right away, as is, it’s a win-win for me. I’ll make my month end sales goals too.” Damin sat back in his chair and waited like a fisherman who knows he’s cast an irresistible lure.

VS: And will Fallyn go for it? Next week we’ll see…


Reede’s people sent him to the Sectors on a desperate mission to beg for help against overwhelming odds in their battle to destroy the alien scientists who created them centuries ago. He knew the task wasn’t going to be easy but as a Badari Warrior, he vowed to do his best. When he’s arrested by the border patrol and thrown in the brig, things go from bad to worse. He faces difficult choices ahead and unimaginable obstacles to making his case to the authorities for help.

Fallyn is Reede’s human fated mate but also the active duty military scout who guided him to the Sectors from his own planet. Reede’s choices after his arrest put her in a difficult spot and his actions threaten their mate bond. Will she give up her career to help him and the Badari succeed in making a treaty with the Sectors?

The desperate attempt to find new allies takes Reede and Fallyn on a wild set of adventures across the sprawling interstellar Sectors civilization and places them, their friends and their love in harm’s way.

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Favorite Scene Friday Summoning the Snake Goddess DANCER OF THE NILE

One in a continuing series of occasional posts talking about a personal favorite scene from each of my books. It may not be my most favorite scene, since that would probably involve spoilers, but I thought it might be fun.

I’m working my way through my backlist pretty much in the order they were published so the next book is DANCER OF THE NILE and this couple – Nima the dancer and Kamin the Egyptian soldier – are two of my all time favorite characters. I have any number of scenes I relished writing in this novel but for today I’ll share the one where they’re on the run from their enemies and have to ask for help from Renenutet, the Snake goddess.

New cover SEPT 2019

The scene:

“Renenutet is a goddess of grain and harvests. Bread is the closest to a proper offering we can get on this rock.” Holding the bead carefully, Kamin rose and walked to the edge of the rock shelf, checking on the hyenas. A chorus of shrieking sounds rose as he peered over the precipice. “Still prowling. I have no real hope of their giving up and slinking away.”

“Sounds like they’re laughing at us,” Nima said, rubbing her bare wrist. “Like demons, enjoying our predicament. What do we do now?”

Setting the bread in the sunniest spot on the rock, Kamin laid the bead in the center, pushing it into the soft bread and coiling the broken ends of the black thong in a circle. “I need one drop of your blood, sweetheart, so the Great One hears the call through your bond with her—”

“I keep telling you there’s no bond, no link, nothing.” Nima held out her hand, closing her eyes. She gritted her teeth. “Go ahead, prick my finger.”

Nothing happened. Puzzled, braced for the pinprick, she opened her eyes to find Kamin oddly hesitant. Bewildered, she studied his face for a moment. “What?”

Pointing the knife at her ankle, he explained his insight. “I’m thinking a drop of your blood from where the hyena bit you might be better. Then the goddess would be aware of the black magic as well.”

Nima picked at the edge of the bandages he’d just applied. “You have a certain grim logic to this insane idea, soldier. Should I be concerned how much you know about black magic?” Removing the makeshift bandage, she gazed at him with a furrowed brow and wrinkled nose.

Wincing in obvious sympathy, he studied her foot as the bandages fell away. ”I’ll try not to hurt you.”

“The whole foot hurts and throbs, so don’t worry about one more prick.” She shut her eyes tight as he gently touched the tip of the knife to one of the angry, long, red slashes left by the hyena’s fangs and got a few drops of her blood on the blade. The black lines had not progressed much further up her leg, for which she was grateful, but they were a jarring, disquieting occurrence nonetheless.

Sharp pain for a brief moment, then Kamin stood. “I’m done. Cover the wound up again.”

Hastily, she wrapped the cloth over the gashes and bruises, tying a neat little knot.

As Kamin moved the knife slowly over the bead, Nima watched first one then two drops of the ruby blood fall onto the raised snake on the bead’s surface. The red ran to cover the entire bead without dripping off the edges. Kamin laid the knife aside and spread his hands out, palms up. “Great One Renenutet, we pray most earnestly for you to send us thy servants, the black cobras of the rocks, to kill the hyenas waiting below. The beasts were released to hunt us by priests of Qemtusheb, ruler of demons and enemy of Egypt. We ask for the one intervention Nima’s mother begged for, when she left your service so many years ago. Our need is dire, and Egypt’s fate may rest on our shoulders.”

Eyebrows raised, hand extended toward her, he nodded expectantly.

Pure panic froze Nima’s vocal cords for a moment. I don’t know any chants! What does he want me to add? She swallowed past the lump in her throat, licked her lips. “Please, if my mother meant anything to you, as a dancer, as your priestess, help Kamin and me now,” Nima said.

Riding the thermals overhead, the falcon let out a fierce cry and flew into the glare of the sun as she raised her head to watch him.

A thin tendril of black smoke spiraled from the bead. Kamin half lifted Nima away from the spot as first the bead, then the bread burst into angry purple-black flames. Writhing in the fire’s grasp, the leather thongs grew, splitting in two then splitting again, lengthening, fattening and spreading beyond the circle of the offering, in a tangle of tails. Nima screamed as eight black cobras raised their heads from the center of the fire circle, sinuously weaving and entwining around each other, red eyes gleaming, black tongues flicking. Hood pulsating, a ninth cobra, black like the others but with a golden head, reared four feet off the surface of the rock. The snake extricated itself from the tangle of lesser reptiles, slithering toward Nima, head weaving from side to side.

She scooted over the rough stone, heart pounding against her ribs, mouth dry, dizziness assailing her. Grabbing her by the shoulders, Kamin held her tight. “It’s the goddess, come at our request. Don’t panic now. You’ve got to face her, tell her what we need. Renenutet won’t grant any appeal just from me.” He gave her a little shake. “Falcons and snakes are sworn enemies.”

Plainly listening to his words, the cobra swung its head, studying him for a moment with cold, red-faceted eyes, then hissed loudly and continued to advance on Nima.

She shook in his arms, digging her nails  into him, but met the snake’s regard. “Please, Great One, we need your help to kill the hyenas waiting below, so we can escape before the enemy arrives. We must carry our news to the nomarch so he can defend Egypt.”

Advancing in tiny increments, the snake’s flickering ruby tongue touched Nima’s parted lips, the feathery touch leaving behind spreading coolness, a taste of vanilla and honey in her mouth. Then the goddess retreated, hissing and spitting, and slithered down the rocks toward the pack of hyenas, her minions going behind her like a rippling black brook. Nima collapsed against Kamin, trying to stop herself from trembling.



2014 Golden Quill Award Finalist

The Story:

Nima’s beauty and skill as a dancer leads an infatuated enemy to kidnap her after destroying an Egyptian border town. However, she’s not the only hostage in the enemy camp: Kamin, an Egyptian soldier on a secret mission for Pharaoh, has been taken as well. Working together to escape, the two of them embark on a desperate quest across the desert to carry word of the enemy’s invasion plans to Pharaoh’s people.

As they flee for their lives, these two strangers thrown together by misfortune have to trust in each other to survive.  Nima suspects Kamin is more than the simple soldier he seems, but she finds it hard to resist the effect he has on her heart.  Kamin has a duty to his Pharaoh to see his mission completed, but this clever and courageous dancer is claiming more of his loyalty and love by the moment. Kamin starts to worry, if it comes to a choice between saving Egypt or saving Nima’s life…what will he do?

Aided by the Egyptian god Horus and the Snake Goddess Renenutet, beset by the enemy’s black magic, can Nima and Kamin evade the enemy and reach the safety of the Nile in time to foil the planned attack?

Can there ever be a happy future together for the humble dancer and the brave Egyptian soldier who is so much more than he seems?

Buy Links:

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New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for NOV 16

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 

‘AB’ denotes audiobook and the Amazon buy link.



Things were improving between us… that is, until he got the bright idea to kidnap me. I never thought I’d be tricked into an arranged marriage with an alien warlord. Still, it’s been easy enough to keep my former gladiator husband at arm’s length. But once my translator starts working, the hulking himbo decides he’s tired of waiting and freaking kidnaps me. I wake in a picturesque seaside village, and the big lug is only too happy to inform me that it’s all part of his plan to give us time to fall in love. Strangely enough, it turns out he was listening when I told him I loved historical mysteries, because he’s brought me to Sueva’s own unsolved mystery: a once thriving town where all occupants vanished without a trace. My overthinker brain is all too easily sucked into the riddle— and maybe even the idea of Alvez. Except… the reason the villagers disappeared? It’s not stuck in the past, and we’re in trouble. If Alvez and I want to escape the same fate, we’ll have to rely on each other… and I’ll have to stop over analyzing my feelings about him.      Amazon KU


I landed on Brexos with fire in my heart and vengeance running through my veins. On that strange planet, I met its unofficial ruler—an alien who infuriated and captivated me in equal measure. Autocrat. Dictator. Control freak. Malakaz. We agreed to ignore this thing between us. Agreed to dismiss our chemistry and focus on all of the reasons we despise each other instead. But then I was taken. And for the first time in his life, Malakaz defied logic, ignored common sense, and came after me himself. I have to escape before Malakaz falls into their trap. And before the Grivath king goes through on his sick threats. Because he won’t kill me slowly. No, if I can’t get out of here my death will be broadcast across this galaxy and used to dissuade anyone fighting back against the Grivath. I’d never let Malakaz know it, but some days, the sound of his low voice in my ear is the only thing keeping me going. Because that future he talks about? I can almost imagine it. Can almost imagine being happy. With him. I just have to make the Grivath pay first.      Amazon KU


After a fateful meeting on a besieged space station, everything changed. What followed was an episode of crazy, post-danger intimacy with two insanely hot men. I thought they were alphas. It turned out they were something much worse—deltas. “Alphas are territorial toward omegas under their care,” Doctor Lilly said when explaining my fate to me. “Deltas are worse.” I read the information pack she gave me, filed an intergalactic restraining order, and fled. When they turned up at my practice seeking therapy, I convinced myself that everyone had gotten it wrong. They hadn’t. Now the two insanely hot delta males are determined to claim me as their mate.     Amazon KU

MIMIC by Yolanda Olson and C A Rene

The world died before I had a chance to take a breath. There’s a small number of survivors scattered around what was once Los Angeles. At least, that’s what I think this piece of land used to be called. I can only go by what I’ve been told, and the one person that guided me and kept me safe died seven years ago. With her last dying breath, she told me that I’m special. That I can fix this, and so I hunt. Scavenge for the scraps that haven’t been turned to poison, for the animals that can provide a meal for the ones I’m hiding in my home. But that’s a dangerous thing now. I’ve stumbled across a family that hunts more than just animals. Anything they see as a threat, they’ll take down. Find the cure or watch what’s left of humanity die. I have to take this burden on my shoulders because I promised her that I would. I just didn’t know how difficult things would get until I saw them. Because he has something I want, and I won’t stop until I take it from him.     AmazonKU


VS Note: I’ll have to reread book one before diving into this one. I do remember the first book frustrated me but I HAD to know what happened so I kept reading. Sometimes I love his books and other times not as much…Not romance but a scifi release of note.

Five years ago, ordinary Americans fell under the grip of a strange new malady that caused them to sleepwalk across the country to a destination only they knew. They were followed on their quest by the shepherds: friends and family who gave up everything to protect them. Their secret destination: Ouray, a small town in Colorado that would become one of the last outposts of civilization. Because the sleepwalking epidemic was only the first in a chain of events that led to the end of the world—and the birth of a new one. The survivors, sleepwalkers and shepherds alike, have a dream of rebuilding human society. Among them are Benji, the scientist struggling through grief to lead the town; Marcy, the former police officer who wants only to look after the people she loves; and Shana, the teenage girl who became the first shepherd—and an unlikely hero whose courage will be needed again. Because the people of Ouray are not the only survivors, and the world they are building is fragile. The forces of cruelty and brutality are amassing under the leadership of self-proclaimed president Ed Creel. And in the very heart of Ouray, the most powerful survivor of all is plotting its own vision for the new world: Black Swan, the A.I. who imagined the apocalypse. Against these threats, Benji, Marcy, Shana, and the rest have only one hope: one another. Because the only way to survive the end of the world is together.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


YVETTE – Of all the muscular purple warriors, I get stuck with the grumpy one. Stuck in the cliffside lodge for months, I’m going stir-crazy while all the other women get to explore with their mates. Even Judy has her biker beau. I need to get out of here, so I ask Bre’k to take me foraging. I’m not surprised when, yet again, he says no. At the clubhouse, after a freak storm cut the power to our lodge, one of the men offers to take me foraging. All of a sudden, Mr. Grumpy decides he wants to take me out after all! What kind of I-don’t-want-you-but-he-can’t-have-you-either bullcrap is this? I don’t think so, Grumpy. But, to stop a fistfight from breaking out in Gabby’s kitchen, I agree—for one trip. Too bad the mate bond has other ideas. BRE’K – She’s the sunshine that brightens our ledge. Yvette was terrified of all hunters when she first arrived on the ledge. Not wanting to scare her, I learned to limit myself to human noises. No growling, no snarling, and absolutely no purring. Desperate to keep her safe, I offer to look for the items she needs instead of taking her out foraging. I didn’t expect another male to offer to take her instead! After shutting him down, the goal is simple: get her items, then get her back in one piece. Too bad my purring chest, mouthy shuttle, and a badly-timed mate bond decide to complicate things.   AmazonKU


Being eighteen is difficult, especially when you’re a cyborg and heir to the entire kingdom of the Moon. Disillusioned with royal life, Princess Andromeda dreams of nothing but freedom and adventure outside the protective dome of royalty. But when her parents arrange her marriage to an Earthen prince, she is forced to put her kingdom before her dreams of independence. While traveling to Earth, Andromeda’s ship is attacked by galactic pirates led by her father’s sworn enemy, the Lord Captain Bran. Taken prisoner, Andromeda realizes that her captors are unaware of her true identity and sees an opportunity: To best her enemies, she may have to join them.     Amazon     Kobo

BABY FOR THE GRIMLOCK GENERAL (ALIEN BABY PACT BOOK 1) by Aurelia Skye, Juno Wells and Kit Tunstall

She’s been drafted to be a surrogate for the alien. Violet Jones discovers she’s been matched to a Grimlock general. She’ll accompany the huge alien general to his home world. She only has to give him a year to woo her and act as his surrogate before she can walk away. At first, she’s sure she can’t give the massive alien what he wants, but he’s completely contrary to what she expects. He’s tender, caring, and obsessed with ensuring her pleasure and ability to accommodate him. Soon enough, the idea of leaving him seems crazier than the possibility of staying. Seven years ago, the Faction agreed to save Earth from the Vorathan invasion in exchange for Earth women giving them one year of proxy rights to act as a surrogate, since the aliens of the Faction faced a dwindling population. With the Vorathans feared throughout the galaxy as bloodthirsty, vicious marauders, the Earth’s government agreed. That doesn’t mean the women did.      Amazon KU


Claim. Mate. Breed. After human females are no longer capable of becoming pregnant, I enter a program to be seeded by an alien male. But when the facility is attacked, I discover my mate is none other than Ezal, a powerful alien prince and heir to the Krev throne. I rebel against his tyrannical rules but he’s determined to protect and seed me, no matter the cost. And when I discover he’s tormented by inner demons and consumed by the need to control, we embark on a passionate love affair. When he touches me, I yearn for more. When he kisses me, I surrender in gratitude. When he undresses me, I ache to scream his name. And when he makes me fly, I soar higher than ever before. When Ezal warns me to keep my distance, it only makes me want him more. I discover my true desires, as well as the dark secrets he keeps hidden away from prying eyes.      Amazon KU


My happily ever after has never seemed so far away. Life on Strafor has been agonizing, and the only two people who’ve made it manageable are now bonded to me for life. I’m still struggling with that concept, and with being in a polyamorous relationship, but I could do a lot worse for myself. Wen and Olo are two of the kindest souls I’ve ever met, and they’ve saved me time and time again. I owe them everything. Too bad my little honeymoon doesn’t last. My “owner” has come to reclaim me. I truly feel like our triad could have had something, but now, I may never know. But it turns out Wen and Olo aren’t letting me go without a fight. As flattering as that is, I’m scared for them, terrified. If they get hurt, it’ll break me. And if I lose them, I’ll break this whole world.     Amazon KU


VS Note: One reviewer states the romance is a “strong undercurrent”.

A menace stalks the streets of Victorian Buffalo. Costumed like a medieval physician, it brings panic, sickness, and death to a city already in turmoil over automaton rights. Fresh off a boat from Poland, Kasper Czak can’t let politics or mysterious figures deter him. He’s willing to work anywhere for an honest wage, including as caretaker at the Lost Waifs Orphanage. Tori Anderson, a young woman with a withered arm, also works at Lost Waifs, where there’s never enough time, hands, or money for their young charges. Locked down at the orphanage with ailing children, cranky steam units, and the handsome Kasper, Tori wonders if she’ll survive. But when she comes face to face with the plague doctor, she discovers her true strength.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

STAR SEASON by Jove Chambers

A female rebel – I work for the resistance, and I need to get to a wrecked ship on this planet’s pole. I must retrieve schematics vital to our struggle against the evil alien overlords who terrorize our galaxy.
I’ll do anything for the cause. So, when this alien guide tells me that taking me up to that part of the planet will trigger what he calls a rut—a maddened mating instinct that his kind has left in their primitive past—and that he’ll lose control and, uh, take me, well…Acceptable risk. An alien guide – I should not take her up to the pole. It’s too dangerous, and I don’t want to risk violating her. I know there’s a good chance I’ll lose control. The thing is, this human girl, I’m reacting to her in a way I’ve never reacted to anyone. The way she smells is phenomenal. I know what the right thing to do is. So, why can’t I seem to stop myself from doing the wrong thing? Author’s Note: This is dub-con confetti, ladies! Just handfuls of raining dubious consent, all over your face. You’re welcome.     Amazon KU


VS Note: Reviews are mixed on ths series to date but the author does state the stories are ‘humorous’ and of course not everyone finds the same things amusing. Listed in Erotica.

Can Tavark rescue Zoe from the evil King Sloid and the dreaded Noids before they ruin his chances of prolonging the Disiac race? Zoe’s life is about to change forever. Her Mom is suffering from an overpowering Alzheimer’s disease, and her care home fees are extortionate. To continue the payments, Zoe must gain a promotion to sales director by convincing her CEOs that her new strategies will increase profits. So she does not need distractions today, especially tingly, toe-curling erotic dream distractions about a gorgeous blue alien whose …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)   AmazonKU

TO EACH THIS WORLD by Julie E Czernada

VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note this week.

Biologist Julie E. Czerneda’s new standalone science fiction novel, To Each This World follows a desperate mission to reconnect with long lost sleeper ships, sent centuries earlier from Earth to settle distant worlds. A trio of Humans must work with their mysterious alien allies to rescue any descendants they can find on those worlds. Something is out there, determined to claim the cosmos for itself, and only on Earth will Humans be safe. Or will they? The challenge isn’t just to communicate with your own kind after generations have passed. It’s to understand what isn’t your kind at all. And how far will trust take you, when the truth depends on what you are?

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Can you bribe an alien with a pumpkin pie? Kayla Chang would’ve been just fine staying on Earth without ever encountering a Xithilene warrior, but when her big sister Sam goes missing after traveling to Xithilene to meet her prospective mate, Kayla is almost certain that there’s trouble in paradise. When no one else will listen to her, she takes matters into her own hands. Fleet Captain T’xith of Vastiss has transported countless humans to his home planet, but hardly any of them ever seem to notice him. Even his crew doesn’t know the real man behind his rank. A soldier trying to navigate his new peacetime identity, T’xith feels as if he’s approaching a crossroads. He just never expected it to arrive in the form of a determined human woman. When Kayla shows up on his bridge requesting assistance, he has a decision to make. Helping Kayla will mean returning to a place that he promised himself he’d left behind for good, but if he doesn’t confront those bitter memories, they’ll have no chance of finding Sam. A trip deep into the remote jungles of Lisseethi pushes T’xith and Kayla even closer together. Add in a flower laden treehouse in the middle of a secluded forest village, a convenient lie about how Kayla might be his mate, and Christmas on the horizon, and they just might have the recipe for a real romance. T’xith and Kayla just need a little holiday magic to discover what really matters—and how to make a love between two planets work.   AmazonKU


VS Note: Reviews/ratings are mixed. This is not listed as a romance although there appear to be romantic elements but it is charting in SciFi romance.

It’s a mission fraught with danger and shrouded in secrets, but if it means a chance to salvage his disgraced military career, Captain Bradley Decker is on board. Armed with a sexy android first mate and a bumbling engineer, Decker sets out to find planet Seryph and uncover the remains of an abandoned colonization project. But the closer they get to their goal, the more they realize this mission is not what it seems, and Decker will have to decide if saving his career is worth risking the fate of the galaxy. Meanwhile, on Seryph, the threat of war hangs over the territories. Gemini Flynn wants nothing more than to escape her gilded cage, but leaving her home doesn’t go quite as planned. Marked as a target by an evil cyborg general, Gemini must convince the fierce warlord Jarrett Banther to protect her before she becomes the general’s next victim. But if help doesn’t show up when she needs it, will Gemini be strong enough to save herself? At this point, it will take a miracle to survive. Emissary is book one in the epic sci-fi saga Forgotten Planets. If you like political intrigue, military subterfuge, aliens, and blaster battles, all topped with a healthy dose of steamy relationships and comedic relief, download Forgotten Planets today and jump into the fight for the galaxy.      Amazon KU


Agatha – I don’t think twice about diving headfirst into a dangerous rescue mission, especially when it’s for the people who saved me. I’ll kick in teeth, swap uniforms, go undercover as a gladiator trainer. Nothing can throw me. Except him That man in the uniform has his eyes trained on me. And I’m caught off my guard. He’s a little older and he looks like a freaking gargoyle, but each look gives me shivers. I need to rescue these kids, escape. But it’s hard to think of a plan, when those gray eyes are always watching. Not everything is what it seems, and when changes come one after the other, I don’t roll with the punches, I might just fall straight into his arms. Sunder – There’s only one thing on my mind. Rescue my son. I’ve got a meticulous plan for that and I’m not about to let anyone mess that up. The stern faced, straight-laced teacher is the last thing I want to deal with, but she’s between me and my son. I shouldn’t find her attractive, she’s on a Crimelord’s payroll. Yet I can’t keep my eyes of her. She’s an unlikely ally I can work with, and beneath that stern exterior? She’s hiding a fire I shouldn’t want to tame, but I can’t seem to stay away.      Amazon KU


I’ve had dreams about her. I’ve never seen her but I can’t get her out of my head. She shouldn’t exist. This shouldn’t be a thing. But it is. She’s mine. My soul has marked her as such. I’m Kaze, the newly minted captain of a warship. I’m a warlord from another planet. A human cannot be my soulmate. So why is fate bringing us together? And why are my senses telling me she’s on a slaver ship? Lyric. That’s me. A human slave, captive on a slaver ship, held since I was a young girl, facing the most desperate time as one of my captors tries to take away my maidenhood. That’s right. I’ve never been with a man. I’d like to keep it that way if I can avoid the cretin who’s trying to change that. Until an alarm sounds. The ship’s being attacked. I’ve had a life full of turmoil and it looks like it’s getting worse.      Amazon KU


VS Note: Not a romance. Steampunk with – as one reviewer puts it – “a smidgen of romance”.

With the Engineers Order’s approval and an unexpected addition to the team to help them, airship engineer Jasper Kendall Asher and aeronaut Ivy Blackwell are ready to see their airship come to life. Or so they think – until a series of unsettling newspaper articles make their workers quit one by one. To make matters worse, a powerful contender for the title of England’s representative to the Engineers World Gathering not only challenges their project, but also throws Ivy and her airship into an unwanted race against time from London to the Australian colonies and back. When unforeseen events change the journey’s course, relationships and loyalties are put to test. With scarce resources and only a few months left until the most anticipated engineering event in the world, Jasper must find a way to protect his work and his place at the Gathering. Opening a case with Her Majesty’s Office of Classified Affairs seems a good idea for this purpose. So long as he follows the right trail.      Amazon     Kobo


Titans never got the mates they were promised. Solcrue and CSP have figured out CyberTitans can’t resist trying to rescue human females. If the Solcrue capture and decommission enough cyborgs, they will attain total dominion over the galaxy, which means humans will be forced to serve them forever. CyberTitans and humans have to work together if they want to survive.Redline: I assume it’s a trap. The escape pod that rockets across the sky is a Solcrue vessel. My scanners tell me the occupant is human. Savage warned me to be careful on our private channel, but my programming won’t listen. There’s a human in need of help. Everything I do is at maximum throttle. I race through the forest to the crash site only to discover I’m too late. Solcrue have found and captured the escapee. She’s in bad shape yet still stuns me into a full stop. The female fights hard, relentlessly…with everything she has. I’m overheating. I don’t think it’s because of the run this time. I’ve finally found someone else like me. Aniah: I thought with the alien Solcrue distracted by hunting CyberTitans that I had a chance of escaping the warship I was forced to serve on. But I’m not a pilot. When Solcrue shot at me, the pod’s autopilot failed. Now I’m stuck on a mostly deserted planet with a blazing headache from the crash, cyborgs, and Solcrue, none of which I like. It doesn’t take long for ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)      Amazon KU


I never intended to fall for an alien, but after a steamy session with the Warship’s Admiral, I didn’t stand a chance. We didn’t even know aliens existed before several giant ships surrounded Earth and requested ten thousand women. These women were to serve as companions for the advanced alien species called the Tal. I never thought I’d be chosen, but six months later, I woke up from cryogenic sleep in deep space. Admiral Arrens was the first to greet us when we finally arrived at the Warship. None of the Tal were what I expected, especially him. They were huge and muscular weirdest of all: kind. I just wanted to get through the five years I was supposed to serve on the ship, but how was I supposed to resist someone like the Admiral? My only problem was, did he want me back? Or was he only going along with our little relationship because his leadership told him to?     AmazonKU

DEFYING GRAVITY by Charles Payseur

Gravity has it pretty together. He’s got a nice apartment with neighbors who don’t mind him flying in and out at all hours and a superhero career that, while maybe not out of this world, keeps him busy and with enough of a following to crowdfund his living expenses. Until, of course, a strange man shows up hoping to be his sidekick. Bruce doesn’t seem like a bad guy (and he certainly looks good in tight clothes), but after he shows up Gravity finds himself suddenly getting trounced by villains he used to have no problem with. Is he just distracted by his growing attraction to Bruce, or is there something else going on that might explain why every villain suddenly has no problem defying Gravity?

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Love like you stole it. Jack Renfro lost his leg in a racing accident ten years ago. The cybernetic replacement he received from the Moon techies have increased his strength, stamina, and fortitude making him prime for racing. But the racing dome doctor says no, Jack’s implants are poisoning his blood and his body. If he doesn’ t get them fixed racing will be the least of his worries. Enter moon tech, Shannon Moore, a survivor of the Humans First Terrorist cell purge. She’ s known for her cybernetic work but finds the racers and their philosophies disgusting. Especially since she was born on Mars and is spying on behalf of the MacIntosh gang in exchange for her getting her betting debts paid off. Too bad close quarters make Shannon realize her and Jack have a connection far deeper then simply saving Jack’s life, and his Full Throttle partners are supporting a town not tearing it apart. When Shannon’ s secret unravels will the newfound relationship she and Jack have survive?   AmazonKU


She swindled money from people, which he abhorred. He kept meddling in her personal affairs, which infuriated her. But when their hands made contact for the first time, sparks flew in different ways. All her life, Aeryn was a con artist trying to make ends meet. She was a fake psychic, a fake real estate broker, a fake wife-to-be. When something real finally comes into her life in the form of a gorgeous skydiver, she’s scared to death. Kylo wants to revive his long-lost shifting ability since his space pod crashed on Earth. The curvy, strong headed fortune teller is the only one who made his dragon self resurface. But that isn’t the only reason he couldn’t stop fantasizing about her. When he finally moves on, his mission is to abduct her and bring her to his planet. Will they keep fighting their destiny or will they capture each others hearts?      Amazon KU


Who would fly across a galaxy pursuing love with aliens? 5 human women, that’s who! Ava: I’m about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Out of billions on Earth, four other women and I have been chosen to be the first ever women to be matched to an alien. We are about to cross the universe to meet alien mates chosen for them in an intergalactic match making scheme agreed by Earth with Vysarians, in exchange for their intellectual knowledge. Only things don’t go quite to plan. As we are entering Planet Vysarian’s atmosphere, something hits our ship. We all escape in our individual emergency pods, but that’s just the beginning of our battle to survive. I’m the first to meet the planet’s inhabitants, but the extraterrestrial I meet looks nothing like the grainy photos of the handsome alien that were shown to me. Is this her dream, or a nightmare? Aphis: My brothers and I crashed onto our neighbouring planet, Vysaria. Only, Vysaria is no longer only inhabited by Vysarians. My brothers and I were captured by the cannibal species, Badligons. I escaped, but I have just days to find a buried capsule and free my brothers before they are eaten. But I discover a female instead. I’m shocked. Females are rarer than gems. What’s even more astonishing is, she said she travelled here with four more females. I’ve promised to help her if she helps me find the capsule. That is, if I can concentrate on the job at hand, because she’s captivating.     AmazonKU

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: The backlist highlight this week is another one of my alien empath novels! I couldn’t resist the question of what such a person would do if she’d escaped the interstellar crime mob, was in hiding and confronted with a situation where only she could save another person’s life…but in so doing would blow her own cover. The risks for her are huge…but can she leave the handsome stranger to die?


Empathic priestess Carialle has escaped the evil Amarotu Combine, but she’s hardly out of danger. Not when she risks everything to rescue a drugged man from a crooked veterans’ clinic. By lulling the clinic staff to sleep, she reveals her powers. And once again, criminals are after her and her rescuer.

Marcus Valerian, a wounded Special Forces veteran, never expected to have his life threatened by the clinic that’s supposed to help ex-soldiers like him. But when he wakes from a drugged state to find a lovely woman urging him to run–he does. In his family’s remote fishing cabin, he suffers the agony of withdrawal, soothed only by her powers.

In their idyllic hideaway, the two also discover a nova-hot attraction flaring. But can they stay alive long enough for it to become more? Not if the Combine has anything to say–they are not giving up until Marcus is dead and Carialle is their weapon

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******************************OKAY, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ONWARD WE GO!**************************************************


This oversized elf is on a mission to save Christmas. The unthinkable has happened. Krampus has escaped his prison and is out for revenge. It’s up to Leif Blitzen, member of the Yule Squad, to locate the dangerous prisoner before anyone is harmed. His mission takes him from the North Pole to a small town with an interesting shop and an even more intriguing owner. Bella might be almost forty but that hasn’t diminished her love of the holidays. Filled with unique gifts and antiques from all over the world, her Christmas store keeps her spirit bright all year round. However, it doesn’t make her a sucker for the man with pointed ears who claims he’s Santa’s elf. Once Leif shows proof he truly does work for the man in red, Bella is ready and willing to do anything to help him against the coming evil, including offering herself as bait for a trap. What they don’t count on is Krampus coming early and taking her hostage. Now, Leif will do anything to rescue Bella—risk his own life, forsake Santa—because there’s only one thing this elf wants for Christmas. Love.

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The only one who can save Sera now is the one she spent her life planning to kill. The truth about Sera’s plan is out, shattering the fragile trust forged between her and Nyktos. Surrounded by those distrustful of her, all Sera has is her duty. She will do anything to end Kolis, the false King of Gods, and his tyrannical rule of Iliseeum, thus stopping the threat he poses to the mortal realm. Nyktos has a plan, though, and as they work together, the last thing they need is the undeniable, scorching passion that continues to ignite between them. Sera cannot afford to fall for the tortured Primal, not when a life no longer bound to a destiny she never wanted is more attainable than ever. But memories of their shared pleasure and unrivaled desire are a siren’s call impossible to resist. And as Sera begins to realize that she wants to be more than a Consort in name only, the danger surrounding them intensifies. The attacks on the Shadowlands are increasing, and when Kolis summons them to Court, a whole new risk becomes apparent. The Primal power of Life is growing inside her, pushing her closer to the end of her Culling. And without Nyktos’s love—an emotion he’s incapable of feeling—she won’t survive her Ascension. That is if she even makes it to her Ascension and Kolis doesn’t get to her first. Because time is running out. For both her and the realms.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo

TREAD OF ANGELS by Rebecca Roanhorse

The year is 1883 and the mining town of Goetia is booming as prospectors from near and far come to mine the powerful new element Divinity from the high mountains of Colorado with the help of the pariahs of society known as the Fallen. The Fallen are the descendants of demonkind living amongst the Virtues, the winners in an ancient war, with the descendants of both sides choosing to live alongside Abaddon’s mountain in this tale of the mythological West from the bestselling mastermind Rebecca Roanhorse.

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Seattle native Matti Puletasi has the strength of a bear, the stamina of an ox, and a magical hammer inherited from her dwarven mother. She’s happy renovating homes and occasionally thumping bad guys until she learns of a mysterious artifact hidden under the house she’s working on. Everybody from humans to orcs to werewolves wants it, and they’re willing to kill to get it. Things go from bad to worse when someone frames her for murder. The only person interested in helping her is a haughty elf assassin from another realm. He’s handsome, powerful, and deadly, but he’s got an agenda of his own. She dare not trust him—or be attracted to him. But if she can’t clear her name, the assassin will be the least of her worries.      AmazonKU


As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Selena finds herself soothing the nerves of her friend Josie, who’s now Globe’s newly minted mayor. Popular television preacher Aaron Galloway is bringing his traveling prayer gathering to town, and Josie is worried Selena’s New Age shop will attract negative attention. Josie’s concern is touching, but Selena can’t imagine her humble little shop being any more than a blip on the faithful’s radar. Still, she does a quick Tarot reading, just to be sure. To her dismay, the cards warn there’s trouble brewing. What kind and how deep it goes is anyone’s guess. Until Galloway falls over dead of arsenic poisoning — and Josie is accused of murder. Holiday plans are put on hold as Selena races to prove Josie’s innocence. And as she begins unearthing something rotten under the megachurch’s squeaky-clean veneer, the real killer is getting nervous…and determined to mow down anyone who gets too close to the truth.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Two women from different times, whose hearts beat with a single passion. In the 21st century, burned-out ex-cop Britt Halliday sets out on a tour of the west, hoping to reconnect with the stories of her childhood heroes. Outside of a ghost town in northern Wyoming she rushes to the rescue of a woman pursued by armed men, and finds herself whisked back into the real world behind her youthful fantasies. In 1887, Dr. Agnes Sheedy struggles to find a cure for the malady that ravages the mining town of Pigeon Point. The residents believe they are cursed, but Agnes’ crusade draws the ire of powerful enemies. Escaping an attempted abduction, she flees into the arms of a mysterious woman who appears out of a storm, on a railroad trestle that shouldn’t exist. One timeless love to protect Pigeon Point — and the world — from a gathering darkness.     Amazon KU


It was meant to be a joke – trying out a demon summoning spell from an ancient spell book. Callie didn’t expect it to summon one demon, let alone four. Now she can’t get rid of him. Grant Steel isn’t sure what’s worse – that Callie is a better Latin scholar than he is, or that he’s forced to protect her. But when a family wedding looms and Callie needs a date, she has no choice but to make a deal with Grant. If he pretends to be her fake fiancé for the week of the wedding, she’ll help him find a way to be free of the curse binding him. A lot can happen in a week.     Amazon     Kobo


She’s part Fae with sunlight in her veins. He’s a vampire with a soul. But as Avery’s fledgling power grows beyond control, a Dark Lord with a claim to her immortal soul may be the only one who can help. As Avery’s circle of friends grows, so does her power and desire to uncover who she really is. But with each secret she unravels, a new threat presents itself. With a potential war looming, headed by the Therians who want to take back what was stolen from them, even if it means destroying everything and everyone in their path, Avery is afraid she won’t be strong enough to protect those she loves. Oden, the Dark Lord of Nightmares, seems to be the only one who can help her find control. But the deeper she sinks into his domain, the further she drifts from the one she truly loves…Set against a backdrop that straddles the line between the mortal world and the land of Faerie, A Court of Blood & Bone is a dark and fantastical tale of power, war, and love as Avery finds her way in a dangerous world she feels bound to protect. If only she can learn to control her chaotic magic.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: Author states series is best read in order.

There’s no rest for the, erm… Well, for me. Or for Tae Frost. The world is spinning into chaos, calling out for a hero. Can I rise to the challenge, or am I doomed to linger in this darkness? I have to hold on to hope. I have to be strong. For Tae. For Fizz.  For the whole of my heart.     Amazon KU


The god of death is coming for me. He watches me through the eyes of a violent wolf—one who believes I’m his fated mate. He’s cruel and vicious… to everyone other than me. I know I should run, but I can’t deny the longing for him stirring deep within me. Just when I allow myself to trust him, he reveals his true nature. Enveloping me in his deadly embrace, he seeks to claim my soul. Despite my aching desire for him, I’ve made a vow to myself. Only I will be the one to determine my fate.   AmazonKU


I should have known the gifts Athena sends always have a price. I just didn’t expect the yuletide godsend’s arrival to herald a test of Archie’s loyalty—and of our family’s ability to unravel what the goddess is really up to. Opening the door to yet another gift from the goddess Athena, I’m not too worried. After all, she sent me my familiar, Archie, and I really love that owl. Most of the time. But when the unwrapped toy soldier strides up to my owl, points, and announces he’s here to test Archie’s competence as a witch’s familiar, I know we’re in trouble. As the yule celebration becomes a trial of wills, we grow increasingly suspicious. Did the goddess really send this toy to Archie for a divine trial, or is something else going on? While my sisters and I work to unravel the cryptic clues unlocking the riddle of the toy soldier’s arrival, ominous forces gather. In a desperate race against time, we’re faced with an impossible choice without knowing where those choices will lead us—or how we will survive it.     Amazon KU


VS Note: 10 short stories plus a New Year’s novella with two new characters.

The Creature Cafe Christmas Anthology has a short story for each novella in the Creature Cafe Series, with everyone the Barista has matched, along with a bonus novella with a new couple. Each story will have content warnings listened before hand.     Amazon KU


I’m Everly Abbott, and I work for one of the most dangerous vampires in the world. He’s known as Alexius, the Hunter and he’s also one of the oldest. We’ve been invited to a gathering of ancients like him, and we can’t pass on this opportunity. We’re hoping to gather information, anything that might draw us closer to the group behind Jacob’s murder, the events in Alaska, and the threatening email I received. However, we’re not the only ones attending with our own agenda. Ancient political rivalries and dangerous schemes wait for us in upstate New York. Even our host, Isaiah, Master of the Tribunal, is on edge. He has good reason to be. A gathering of ancient vampires can be a grand affair. It can also be a deadly one.      Amazon KU


When men fail, our monsters will satisfy…A primal growl. The rustle of fur. Eerie eyes peer out from the darkness. There’s no use resisting. They’ve been waiting, patient in their hunt. Now, they’ve come to corner you. Take you. Claim you. But beware… No man can compare to the savage love of a monster. Thirteen exceedingly sexy short romances that will give you goosebumps in all the right places. Reticent Desire Publications and the monster-loving readers’ group, Monsters, Demons & Knotting, oh My! is thrilled to present this limited-edition anthology featuring steamy encounters with creatures both paranormal and alien.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Cruel tyrant Taxian-jun killed his way to the throne and now reigns as the first ever emperor of the mortal realm. Yet somehow, he is unsatisfied. Left cold and bereft, abandoned by all he held dear, he takes his own life…only to be reborn anew. Awakening in the body of his younger self–Mo Ran, a disciple of the cultivation sect Sisheng Peak–he discovers the chance to relive his life. This time, he vows to attain the gratification that once eluded him: all who defied him will fall, and never again will they treat him like a dog. His greatest fury is reserved for Chu Wanning, the coldly beautiful and aloofly catlike cultivation teacher who betrayed and thwarted Mo Ran time and again in their last life. Yet as Mo Ran shamelessly pursues his own goals in this life he thought lost, he begins to wonder if there might be more to his teacher–and his own feelings–than he ever realized.

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Sometimes being naughty is very, very nice…Pamela has turned her life around for the sake of her son and the Maverick Pride, but is this reformed bad girl ready for more than one night of naughtiness? Her only focus is to provide her cub with the best life possible and she’s worked hard to mend her past mistakes. Forging relationships with her Pride mates is no small feat, but totally worth it. Especially when the Nari chooses her to represent the entire Pride at Uncle Uzzi’s Magical Holiday Ball. Javier Auberon is an Andean Bear Shifter who’s recently moved to the states from his South American home. Spending the holidays with his favorite honorary uncle, the owner of the renowned Magical Matchmaking Service, Uncle Uzzi himself, is a no-brainer. Javi’s Uncle Uzzi has been trying to get him to use his service forever, but the Bear had no idea he’d arranged for his fated mate to be at his famous holiday party. Can Javi make all of Pamela’s Christmas wishes come true?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Nothing can surprise this six hundred-year-old Dragon, except maybe her. After the fall of the Blackthorne Clan, Devine and his brother, Nicholas, find themselves in Falk Clan territory. Once they’d cleared up the little—okay, more like huge—misunderstanding, the two brothers are invited to stay with the Falk Clan to adjust to the modern world. What choice do they have? Vulnerable and without a home, Devine Graystone still had his brother. As the last of their line, they had a duty to carry on. But finding a mate in today’s world seemed an impossible task. Would loneliness be this QuartzDragon’s fate? Sunny Daye was as bright and perky as her name. But when a girl had hippie Werewolves for parents, she had little choice in the matter—uber cheerful was her norm. Always looking for the next adventure, she’s stunned when it comes walking through her shop door in the shape of a seven foot tall Dragon. Can this curvy Werewolf tame a cranky Dragon and change his outlook on life?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Cora has lived a quiet life up until a few days ago when she learned she comes from a long line of witches and her family is relying on her to complete the Trial of the Six Crystals and redeem the forgotten Lightheart name. The only problem is, Cora has no idea what it means to even be Magical. Thankfully, Cora has a crew. With the help of her cat Hades (who can now suddenly talk and has a lot to say) (like, a lot) and her new mentor Ali Kazam (who happens to also be her estranged aunt), as well as her best friend Ashley and her good friend (and crush) Lucas, she won’t feel alone. Between the five of them, Cora feels not only supported but like she can maybe take on this new challenge. Maybe being Magical isn’t so scary, and maybe this Trial of the Six Crystals isn’t so daunting, and maybe Cora really can do it. But right when she starts to feel comfortable, in comes Petrov Blackwell, an evil warlock with his own goals for the Six Crystals. Not only does she have Petrov and the crystals to deal with, but a death occurs. A man has fallen to his death. Was it accidental, suicide or murder? Cora and Ashley fancy themselves as Nancy Drews…even when they were youngsters, so this mystery draws them in. Could the death have anything to do with said crystals?      Amazon KU


VS Note: I pre-ordered this because the author is an autobuy for me.

Agent Dash Cooke likes simple assignments: annihilate the dangerous monsters and move on. He likes a simple life too: a furnished apartment that he switches out for a new one every few years and no messy personal connections. Then his boss gives him an assignment that’s not simple at all. Reports claim that a beautiful old house in Sacramento is haunted by a poltergeist, but Dash soon discovers a very different type of spirit. Henry will be destroyed if Dash evicts him. And suddenly Dash’s life has become very complicated indeed.      AmazonKU


What happens when Loki falls for the one woman immune to his charms? Val has spent the last hundred years doing two things, protecting Princess Sutrelle of Muspelheim from her father, and hating the Norse Gods who forced her and her Valkyrie sisters to fight in Ragnarök. When she meets the God of Mischief at a Speed Dating event, the last thing she intends to do is fall for the man-whore, woman-using, Trickster God. But getting away from Loki isn’t as easy as she had hoped because despite him being irritating, vain, and stubborn, he’s also kind, understanding, and hotter than Hell itself. Val has a decision to make—let go of the past and embrace what could be a fantastic future with a sexy, rich playboy God, or settle for someone that the Fates didn’t have in mind for her and save her heart from the possibility of the heartbreak of a lifetime.     Amazon      Apple Books     Kobo


Alpha dragon shifter Cooper Dawson didn’t plan on visiting Hellscape Holidays Resort. It’s not his fault he crashed on the beach, barely clinging to life after a battle. Saved by a witch, he owes her a life debt. The problem is, Cooper can’t stop thinking about her, and once Portia and Lou get involved, he might leave the resort with a whole other kind of life…Lone witch Alice Gatlin is in big trouble. She has pissed off one too many witches, and now, someone wants her dead. The only safe place for her is Hellscape Holidays Resort. Portia and Lou leap into action to help Alice. Their plan to save Alice from the assassins? Marry her off to the billionaire dragon she just happened to save! Married in Hellscape Holidays to fulfill a life debt, Cooper and Alice won’t know what hits them when love comes to the devil’s playground.        Amazon KU


Join a coven. Catch a killer. Get a makeover…? When his cousin is murdered, recently outed 16 year old Dane Craven, is forced to return to his unbearably small hometown of Jasper Hollow. It would be easy enough for him to keep his head down if it weren’t for three inescapable facts. One, Dane is a witch with fiery powers he can barely control. Two, he’s been claimed by a coven of fashion forward ‘mean girls’ desperate to give him a makeover. And three, Dane is pretty sure he’s responsible for the death of his cousin. Being the gay best friend to a trio of teenage witches was never high on Dane’s list of aspirations, but fortunately for him these girls have the necromantic powers he needs to figure out who killed his cousin. Plus, he could do with some new clothes. While on the hunt for his cousin’s killer, Dane discovers life in Jasper Hollow isn’t all bad. There’s the cute boy who works at the local coffee shop and enjoys long walks in the woods, for one. But when the rabbit-faced killer comes for Dane, he’ll be forced to come to terms with who he is and where he belongs before it’s too late for him and everyone in Jasper Hollow.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


The huge sasquatch says I belong to him. When I need a place to lie low for a while, my late grandfather’s mountain cabin seems like the perfect solution. That is, until I discover there are actual Sasquatches living in the forest. And my hover-truck just broke down. Awesome. Guess I’m getting kidnapped by a Sasquatch.

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VS Note: I had to go look up bugbear and the classic definition is a sort of hobgoblin/boogeyman.

Dan is a shift Manager at Hauntings&Company, and every Friday he goes to Mumford’s with his best friends for beer, wings, and games. And every Friday he sees the beautifully sad woman walk in with a large group of other businesswomen. One day he strikes up the courage to go out and say hi to her. Before he knows it, he’s giving her a piggyback ride through town, fueled by her laughter and beaming smile. If only he knew that the broken-hearted woman was the heiress to a fashion empire business full of old money. Cassandra hasn’t had fun in a long time. Between managing the King’s Fall shop for her family’s fashion empire, a failed engagement to a trash man her parents set her up with, and an overwhelming pressure to be perfect, she swore off love and fun. But then a goofy, adorably cuddly Bugbear shows her that it is possible to order your cake and eat it too.   AmazonKU

THE SYREN’S MUTINY by Jessica S Taylor

It’s frightful bad luck to have a woman aboard.” Brigid knew the superstition, but when her father tried to marry her off, she had no choice but to stowaway on a ship bound for Bhodheas. When she’s discovered and discarded, her fate seems sealed…until she’s saved by the ocean and its queen. Transformed into a syren and given new life, Brigid now has the power to seek revenge on those who wronged her. Caelum has spent his entire life trying to help those who couldn’t help themselves. After years suffering the cruelty of his pirate father, saving others from a similar fate was ingrained in him. But when he’s unable to save a young girl from being thrown overboard for hiding away, he’s devastated. Until one day, when he’s thrown into the water by unforeseen forces, he comes face to face with the past, and maybe, with his future. But there’s a darkness lurking on the seas they both call home. And Caelum and Brigid have no idea just how intertwined their stories really are.

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Declan – It’s really hard to pretend like life is normal when you’re staring a monster in the eyes, though he’s both tempting and irritating in his human form. I put my days as a hunter behind me, unable to cope with the death and pain anymore, to become an upstanding citizen and for what? To assist Lake, a man who claims he’s not a monster but keeps talking about me like I’m edible and–even worse–wants to woo me? Between my old organization trying to pull me in and Lake proving that things aren’t quite what they seem, I’m dragged back into this world of fighting the things that humans fear the most. Lake – The human is exquisite. The first moment he told me he was going to hunt me down, I felt my heart burst. He’s beautiful, sassy, angry, and going to be mine (even if he thinks he can refuse my charms). But what Declan doesn’t know about me is that there’s a reason I’m hiding as a human among monster hunters. And while he definitely doesn’t know why, he’s willing to work with me because the people around us strangely want Declan and me dead at the end of this (I mean, who would want to kill us? We’re amazing). But honestly… what’s more fun than dragging a hunter off to the dark side?      Amazon KU


Ash has been in love with his best friend since the moment they met, but he’s never done anything about it for fear of ruining their friendship. When Ellie is nervous about an internship interview, Ash takes things into his own hands and makes her croissants filled with hope magic. Can a shared moment in the kitchen finally take their friendship to a romance?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: A re-release.

As a soldier, Cole Granger fights to restore peace to a world divided by war and evil. His extraordinary talents are enlisted to prevent the president’s horrific premonition from becoming reality. Nothing—and no one—will stop him from fulfilling his duty. Especially the mysterious young woman who claims to be his comrade’s sister. Enemy or ally, he can’t yet determine. But one thing he knows for certain is that he must keep her close. Very close. Megan Fox’s quest to uncover a family secret leads her to the center of vampire riots in West Virginia. To find the answers she needs—and clear herself of suspicion—she must join forces with Cole. They work undercover to bring justice, but they can’t disguise the potent attraction and need that draw them together. Yet trust doesn’t come easily for Cole…and when Megan unearths the grim, dark truth, can she trust him to believe her?

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Immortality favors the gods of the blessed. For the goddess of the broken it’s an unending hell.
Tempest abandoned the land of the gods long ago. No longer willing to feel the damage from or fix their lies. The man she found left for dead bore one of the most broken souls she had ever felt. But to bring retribution on those who had wronged him means entering the very world she had spent her life avoiding. The goddess of the broken may be broken herself, but what could she be if she wasn’t?     Amazon KU


Lee, a librarian bored with his daily routine, knows better than to play nice with the mosquitos who rule his district. After mouthing off to one of these vampire flunkies, he loses the carefully crafted order of his life. Next thing he knows, there is Ira, a millennia-old vampire new to Lee’s side of the world with questions for which Lee has few answers. From the moment Ira steps into Lee’s library, the delicate balance of Lee’s life is threatened. Following the rules and keeping his head down gives him a measure of safety that helping Ira challenges, but he can’t deny his unwelcome attraction to the ancient mosquito. What game does Ira play? Lee’s curiosity, coupled with Ira’s irresisti-ble charms, promises an escape from routine Lee isn’t sure he is strong enough to deny. He might be able to help Ira uncover the answers he seeks—if they can learn to trust.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


The Bachelor meets the Hunger Games. Ten women. A deadly contest. Only one can win the Sun King’s heart. Lor has endured twelve long years of torment under the Aurora King’s rule. Her only desire is to get free and pay him back for every moment of misery she’s endured. When a surprise release finds her in the hands of the Sun King, Lor is thrust into the spotlight as she competes against nine other Tributes for the role of queen. If she wins his heart, she’ll earn her freedom and finally get her revenge. But Lor doesn’t belong in the Sun Queen Trials. Not only does she not understand why she was freed, she isn’t a citizen of the Sun King’s court. The other Tributes resent her presence and will stop at nothing to ensure Lor is wiped off the gameboard, permanently. Now Lor must win, because if she loses, she dies. Or worse, she’ll be sent back into the hands of the Aurora King.   AmazonKU


Sigyn: We survived Ragnarok and tried to usher in a new era. Now the realms consist of two minuscule factions encamped in the remnants of Asgard and Vanaheim. But the gods are greedy. Anyone not under Asgard’s control must fall. When they come, they’re going to win. The realms are empty. There’s no one left to help us. No one except the dead in Helheim. Loki: When I died, I took everyone with me. Almost everyone. I’ve waited for Sigyn every day, but she never comes. Never dies. Everyone down here knows what I did. Who I am. And I must live—exist—with the weight of that guilt, those scars. She’s going to come back someday, and I’m going to be alright. Be better. I’d do anything for her. I’d do anything to be with her. If only she’d ask. Epilogues for Lost Gods is a story about grief and healing, and is the final chapter of The Goddess of Nothing At All     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

SUSURRUS by Warren Rochelle

Varon Cambeul has made it to the top: Royal Magician of the Kingdom of Lothia, at the right hand of the king, who is his lover. He has always kept the promise he made to his mother and his apprenticeship master: he has used his magic for good. This promise is tested when the king asks him to make a curse that will be cured by the king so everyone will love him. Helping the king is using his magic for good, right? But is Varon doing this because he has fallen in love with the king? What about those who will suffer from the curse and slowly be transformed into ghosts, people like Theo and Russell in the town where the curse is released? Can Varon undo this great wrong? Can he save Theo and Russell and the others as they turn invisible? How can he love someone who is not doing good?

Amazon     Apple Books     Susurrus


From award-winning editorial team Sheree Renée Thomas, Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki, and Zelda Knight comes an anthology of thirty-two original stories showcasing the breadth of fantasy and science fiction from Africa and the African Diaspora. A group of cabinet ministers query a supercomputer containing the minds of the country’s ancestors. A child robot on a dying planet uncovers signs of fragile new life. A descendent of a rain goddess inherits her grandmother’s ability to change her appearance—and perhaps the world. Created in the legacy of the seminal, award-winning anthology series Dark MatterAfrica Risen celebrates the vibrancy, diversity, and reach of African and Afro-Diasporic SFF and reaffirms that Africa is not rising—it’s already here.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


I was incapable of imagining what I had never seen…Kaori and Kairi are the first twins to survive infancy on the ancient island of Mu, where gender is as fluid as the crashing waves. One was born of fire, the other of water. But there’s a reason why none have survived before. A prophecy that has haunted the elders since time began. A rivalry destined to sink the entire island beneath a twin catastrophe of volcano and tsunami. As hatred spills from the forbidden twins like the deadly poison of sacrificed sea snakes, they must decide what matters to them most…The fight for the island – for tradition and duty. Or the fight for freedom – for love and light. The Mu Chronicles is a visionary YA fantasy trilogy exploring the origin of gender and desire in an epic queer fusion of Japanese folklore and Egyptian mythology.

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There’s only one person I trust…It’s no secret that I’m hard to handle. People get annoyed by me. Sometimes they’re amused, but not for long. It’s not easy to deal with a paranoid conspiracy theorist, and I stretch everyone’s patience. Everyone except Wil. He was there at the beginning, when I left my old life behind, and he’s stuck with me since. He’s been my friend when no one else wanted to. Patiently taught me how to fit in. He’s the one person I know I can rely on. He’s the only man I can see myself ever being with. The only man I would want to spend eternity with. But when my past rears its ugly head and the stuff of my nightmares rises from the dead, the hope of a happy future rapidly fades. I need him more than ever, but I can’t risk him. I can’t let anyone use him against me. Torture doesn’t have to be physical to hurt. And I’m not going to let myself be hurt again.   AmazonKU


When psychic travel agent Leda Foley is approached by a man searching for his sister, she quickly agrees to help. The missing woman disappeared with a vintage orange car, a fat sack of her employer’s cash, and a grudge against her philandering husband—a man who never even reported her missing. Meanwhile, Seattle PD detective Grady Merritt has temporarily misplaced his dog. While he’s passing out bright pink “Lost” flyers at the Mount Rainier visitor’s center, the wayward pooch appears—with a human leg in his mouth. Thanks to DNA matching, Grady learns that the leg has something to do with Leda’s new client, and soon the two cases are tangled.

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The stunning sequel to Daughter of the Moon Goddess delves deeper into beloved Chinese mythology, concluding the epic story of Xingyin—the daughter of Chang’e and the mortal archer, Houyi—as she battles a grave new threat to the realm, in this powerful tale of love, sacrifice, and hope. After winning her mother’s freedom from the Celestial Emperor, Xingyin thrives in the enchanting tranquility of her home. But her fragile peace is threatened by the discovery of a strange magic on the moon and the unsettling changes in the Celestial Kingdom as the emperor tightens his grip on power. While Xingyin is determined to keep clear of the rising danger, the discovery of a shocking truth spurs her into a perilous confrontation. Forced to flee her home once more, Xingyin and her companions venture to unexplored lands of the Immortal Realm, encountering legendary creatures and shrewd monarchs, beloved friends and bitter adversaries. With alliances shifting quicker than the tides, Xingyin has to overcome past grudges and enmities to forge a new path forward, seeking aid where she never imagined she would. As an unspeakable terror sweeps across the realm, Xingyin must uncover the truth of her heart and claw her way through devastation—to rise against this evil before it destroys everything she holds dear, and the worlds she has grown to love . . . even if doing so demands the greatest price of all.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Felicia, Lizbeth Rose’s half-sister and a student at the Grigori Rasputin school in San Diego—capital of the Holy Russian Empire—is caught between her own secrets and powerful family struggles. As a granddaughter of Rasputin, she provides an essential service to the hemophiliac Tsar Alexei, providing him the blood transfusions that keep him alive. Felicia is treated like a nonentity at the bedside of the tsar, and at the school she’s seen as a charity case with no magical ability. But when Felicia is snatched outside the school, the facts of her heritage begin to surface. Felicia turns out to be far more than the Russian-Mexican Lizbeth rescued. As Felicia’s history unravels and her true abilities become known, she becomes under attack from all directions. Only her courage will keep her alive.

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LOVE AT FROST BITE: NICK (MATED TO HIS REINDEER) by Lorelie M Hart and Colbie Dunbar

Alpha reindeer shifter Nick has one last delivery before he can head home to see his family for the holidays. Or, that’s his plan until Mother Nature swoops in and thwarts it when “chance of a dusting of snow” turns into so much more. Unwilling to give up on his plans, he opts to risk it and make the trip anyway, which is fine and dandy until they close the highway. He heads to a local B&B, only to have his car get stuck at the side of the road. At least he’s got hooves if he needs them and won’t freeze to death. human omega Beckett volunteers to work over the holidays. He always does. Why take the time off when he is both alphaless and childless? Christmas is for kids, anyway. When the storm is reclassified as a blizzard, Beckett heads home to discover a car abandoned in front of his place. Only it isn’t as abandoned as it looks and he finds himself inviting the smexy stranger to stay at his home until a tow truck arrives. Little does he suspect the man is going to make all of his Christmas wishes come true, even those he doesn’t know he has.      Amazon KU


Five years ago, Nora Wilder disappeared. The older of her two daughters, Zadie, should have seen it coming, because she can literally see things coming. But not even her psychic abilities were able to prevent their mother from vanishing one morning. Zadie’s estranged younger sister, Finn, can’t see into the future, but she has an uncannily good memory, so good that she remembers not only her own memories, but the echoes of memories other people have left behind. On the afternoon of her graduation party, Finn is seized by an “echo” more powerful than anything she’s experienced before: a woman singing a song she recognizes, a song about a bird…When Finn wakes up alone in an aviary with no idea of how she got there, she realizes who the memory belongs to: Nora. Now, it’s up to Finn to convince her sister that not only is their mom still out there, but that she wants to be found. Against Zadie’s better judgement, she and Finn hit the highway, using Finn’s echoes to retrace Nora’s footsteps and uncover the answer to the question that has been haunting them for years: Why did she leave? But the more time Finn spends in their mother’s past, the harder it is for her to return to the present, to return to herself. As Zadie feels her sister start to slip away, she will have to decide what lengths she is willing to go to find their mother, knowing that if she chooses wrong, she could lose them both for good.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Victorian novelist Miranda Hastings is in London for a modern-day Christmas with the man she loves, and they want to see everything. Luckily, they have friends who are going to make sure they get their wish. They’re sent on a whirlwind holiday adventure, following their friends’ mysterious messages…until an encounter with a ghost who was part of an infamous gang of highwaymen. Murder, mystery, and a ghost in need? Now that’s Miranda’s idea of a holiday treat. Note: this is a holiday novella not a full-length book. This novella is also included in the paperback and audiobook compilation “Christmas at Thorne Manor”     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


It’s four days before Christmas, and Hackle County health inspector April Islip is up to her ears with super-spreader investigations. On top of that, her boyfriend Clay Nolan is adding to her stress by insisting she avoid confrontations that could send her through time. When an altercation at a suspicious gathering catapults her to 1972, April must face her family’s messy past and the real reason she avoids celebrations.      Amazon KU

A KISS FOR SANTA by Mia Monroe

One night every year, I deliver gifts to all the good people around the world. I have everything I could want—a beautiful private home, loving friends and family, and the most amazing job in existence. All my needs are more than met, and the other 364 days of the year are mine to spend how I wish. The only thing I don’t have is a love of my own. I’ve been hopelessly in love with Luca Vincent for years, watching him from afar, but he has a full life and it would be selfish of me to woo him away. Which is a problem because I have to be married soon or lose my Christmas magic to my brother. Neither of us wants that to happen, leaving me with two choices—let the Council arrange a marriage or find my own husband fast. With my looming deadline and Luca’s holiday cheer slipping away, I know the time to act is now. Somehow, I have to convince him to come back to my home with me. I’ll use every tool I have and plenty of holiday magic to make him mine. Maybe this Christmas, I’ll find a Kiss For Santa under the tree.   AmazonKU


Xae had spent over 200 years searching the Earth realm for his fated mate. At the very first time his eyes fell upon her, he knew it was her and he vowed to never let her go. It was because of this that he followed her and after she was kidnapped by some monsters who broke the sacred vow, he rescued her. But it might not be love at first sight for her. Will Xae’droth finally win her over and bring her home to rule with him? Or is he destined to spend eternity with only his succubus Lilith to keep him company?      Amazon KU


Am I a princess of the waters or is this my final siren’s song? As death and betrayal sweep across our ship to clash with the South Pacific tribes, their solution to our troubles is a tournament. The games for my hand are in play, but when the mate-song hits, it’s from an unexpected source. I’m in hot water and my body knows it. Midsummer looms high and time is running out to finalize peace. I know who my mates are, but are we destined to harmonize? Their attempt to bend the treaty may snap the ties that bind us. There’s only one who would dare to alter a contract. Our destination is inevitable with my last mate held where it all began—the Sea Witch’s lair. The sea witch has a lot to answer for, but so too do the rulers of the seas. I’ve played their part, been their bait, and lured the sea heirs in their game. Will the pod I formed shatter under pressure?      Amazon KU


Animus – No one gets Animus. In the eons he’s existed, Animus has been rejected by whole world. Mortals don’t revere him and his fellow spirits belittle him. Furious and hurt, Animus concocts a dastardly plan to get back at them all. Shifters are strongest when protecting their loved ones. What better way to incite that power by capturing one of their own? But there’s one big risk Animus never calculated: falling for the mortal alpha he kidnapped. Leveret – No one gets Leveret. He’s not like the rest of his family. He’s different. And that’s okay. What’s not okay is that his family expects him to be mateless forever. Just because he doesn’t express himself like everyone else doesn’t mean he wants to be alone. So it’s actually a nice change of pace when he gets whisked away by the dark spirit everyone’s so terrified of. Leveret thinks he’s pretty cute. Fated: Hare and the Spirit is ampreg book with an autistic hare shifter, a scorned spirit,sweet fluff and hurt/comfort, and an HEA as usual! This is the final book in the Pack of Heirs series and best enjoyed in series order.      AmazonKU


Gwyneth Camm has just inherited her great-aunt’s house in Salem, Massachusetts, along with an extensive collection of gothic romance novels. As a PhD student who prefers “serious” books, Gwyn has always avoided pulp fiction. Now, in honor of her beloved Aunt Ethel, she gives one of the gothics a try…and promptly falls asleep. When she wakes, she finds herself inside the story, thrust by forces unknown into the heroine’s role. There’s magic afoot, and the only way back to her own life is to play her part and solve the mystery. When fiction becomes fact, anything can happen.

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Can a good girl witch princess and a bad boy bodyguard fight their way from enemies to lovers and stop a killer? Good girl Prys Bane is the ultimate witch princess—titled, rich, beautiful, and from the best royal bloodlines. But the STEM genius would rather hide with her statistics and crush on a forbidden bodyguard than marry a proper prince. Better to guarantee that no one discovers her true magic—powers more suited to a storybook villain than any princess. Bad boy John Donovan has pretended to be a bodyguard while hiding his supernatural double agent status from everyone—even his own sisters who see him as the villain. Crushing on Prys seemed safe until he learns she’s not only the witch magistrate investigating a murder where his sister is the chief suspect, but Prys is also the matchmaker hired to force him into an arranged marriage. When John and Prys are pulled into a deadly mystery that comes closer and closer to the couple by the hour, they must work together. When Prys discovers John’s kink, these enemies quickly become lovers whose passions ignite. Can this princess and her antihero find happily ever after or will the killer be a best friend whose betrayal neither can survive?     Amazon     Kobo


The only thing more dangerous than the Wildness is the dark fae lord that controls it. Too bad by the time Aurra learns this, it’s already too late. Abused, mistreated, and neglected by the human parents who kept her true nature a secret, no one is more surprised than Aurra when the fae show up on her doorstep to sweep her away to a new life. Shiel, Zev, and Finch—three golden-haired warriors from the Western Court. They swear to protect Aurra at all costs, to carry her to safety where she can learn what it is to be fae. More than just any fae, however. They say she’s the true heir to the kingdom, a changeling switched at birth to protect her from the fae lords who would want to control her and the humans who would want to harm her. They warn her of the sweeping Wildness, the vast fae forests ruled by a lord perverted by a glamour so powerful that no one dares contend with him. Icarus—Lord of the Wildness. The Dark Fae of the Forest. There’s a problem with their warning, however. That dark fae lord, that winged creature of terrible beauty, already knows Aurra … intimately. Only one thing is certain in Aurra’s new world. No one is to be trusted, not even herself.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From OCT 26.

The fall season is in full swing, the streets of Conflict, Oregon festooned with displays for the annual Scarecrow Festival. But tattoo season is over at the Graphomancy tattoo shop, and apprentice Jen finds a side gig at the local haunted attraction to make ends meet.
Local crime writer Andy Cooper talks Jen and her witch-mentor Lilith into investigating a clue at the Luxe Theater. What starts off as no big deal suddenly blows up. Renovations have uncovered the lair of serial killer Peter Piper, and they aren’t the only ones aware of the evidence. Police are onto them, as well as the FBI. Worst of all, it seems the serial killer has come out of retirement—and he’s after Jen and Lil.      Amazon KU


One life-altering kiss sets our whole world on fire. Harlow – I’ll tell you what isn’t on my agenda for this century: finding my fated mate only to have him reject me. In fact, having a mate and tying myself down for eternity isn’t even a blip on my radar. But the moment I meet Bailey, there’s no denying he’s meant to be mine. Everything about the gentle Welsh giant calls to me, consuming my thoughts. The problem? He doesn’t feel the same way. One life-altering kiss has him running in the other direction, leaving me to watch over him from the shadows. When the opportunity arises to build a friendship, I grab it with both hands. Surely being his friend is better than nothing, right? It will have to be, especially with a clan of mages sniffing around and looking for trouble. Not unusual since I am an estranged son of Lucifer. But now that I have my mate to consider, things are a lot more serious. How can I truly protect Bailey when he doesn’t even know I’m a demon? Bailey – I learned a long time ago that relationships aren’t for me. Nobody wants to commit to a bigger guy, especially one who craves a different role in the bedroom. When Harlow sashays into my life, I can’t help but wish things could be different. Sure, he seems interested, but history has proven that eventually, everyone leaves me. There’s no way a vibrant firecracker like Harlow wants to be anything more than friends. But the closer we get, the harder it is to keep him at arm’s length. He tells me he wants a relationship, but how can I believe him when I know he’s hiding something from me?   AmazonKU

A VOICE IN THE AIR by Daryl Devore

VS Note: I’ve enjoyed the snippets the author has shared from this; put it on my TBR.

Leading an army of faeries and pixies into battle against mountain trolls was not what Cadi expected when she accepted the task of rescuing Ewen – the son of the Overseer of the Faeries. Squire Ewen followed his liege into battle with a head full of romantic notions of knights, heroics, and damsels in distress. Being captured by a troll, thrown into a cave, and awaiting a hideous death was not how he had foreseen his adventure to play out. Can Ewen stay out of trouble long enough for Cadi to rescue him? Will Cadi overcome her doubts and fears and bring her beloved Ewen home to Plucks Ridge?
Or will the petty evilness of The Scorned One defeat all and destroy the magickal realm?      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


My fortune’s been down, lately. Right until I met the dragon shifter. My family’s not well off. They’re the nicest people you’ll ever meet, but a lot of bad luck fell on them. They try their best though, and I want to help them. For me, that means risking it all. Going into the fight pits. A forbidden place of supernaturals, feral fighters, and people like me betting on the outcomes. A place normally off limits to humans. One person catches my eye. One name among the others. An alpha fighter with a cursed form, with a craving to win fights. A man with a heart of gold lurking under that toughness. A man, who, of course, my parents would love to have over for Thanksgiving.     Amazon KU


Against enormous odds, Clio Fathom has advanced to the next round of The Queen Trials, along with dozens of other women and girls… some of whom are already making plans to kill her. But first comes The Wishing Round, where three winners will receive the ultimate prize: the chance to make one wish, which King Ergondy is bound by duty to grant… whether he wants to or not. But not everyone is allowed to play in The Wishing Round, and those that do will learn…. be careful what you you wish for. It just might come true.     Amazon KU      AB


I was an alpha. A loving mate. A girl swept up in a cruel world.  escaped, but not without casualties. A determined force of nature, I’ve learned how to use my gifts. I’ve got an army of wolves willing to fight under my command. They call me their queen. My loved ones are in trouble, and it’s going to take everything I’ve got to bring them home. I’ve accepted my fate. Once a curse, now a leader. Once fear, now forever.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From OCT 21

Time-travelling to the Bronze Age Mediterranean was never part of Adrienne’s plans. Adrienne has been doing her best to adapt to life among the Minoans. But the language barrier is nothing compared to the cultural divide – and the ensuing misunderstanding that results in Adrienne falling for a man already promised to another. When Adrienne discovers that the famed Oracle on Crete might know how she can return home, she agrees to leave her newfound friends behind and embark on a dangerous journey. Will the Oracle give her the answers she seeks … or will she find her destiny is already written in the stars? Burn the Stars is the second book in the Dying Gods series. It is a slow burn historical time-travel reverse harem romance suitable for readers 18+. Contains mm. Author will be donating all pre-order proceeds to the Center for Reproductive Rights.     Amazon KU

HUNTED BY THE WOLF by Raven Willow

I thought he was just a myth. Then he took me as his mate. When her video blogging efforts brought her to Black Wolf Falls, Violet Batten didn’t truly believe she’d encounter the beast local legends claim prowls the forest… and she definitely didn’t expect to be dragged off into the woods to be mounted, rutted, and claimed as his mate. She could pretend it was all a dream if it weren’t for the wolf pelt he wrapped her in for warmth. Or the marks he left with his teeth…Maybe she could have gone back to her life and forgotten all about that night spent pinned beneath him, writhing in helpless ecstasy and screaming her surrender into the starry night. But the babies he put in her belly made her his forever.   AmazonKU


Born into the British nobility and married to a lord, he has never had to work a day in his life. Instead he drinks, parties and sleeps around. Much to his husband’s disgust. But Eban is a vessel, a person who grows and absorbs magic within them, and his husband is a mage. As with all mages and vessels, his husband takes his body, to take his magic. This arrangement, combined with Eban’s dazzling beauty, ensured that Eban’s husband tolerated his bad behavior. Until now. Alpha wolf shifter Bastion is happy to be paid a ton of money to keep a spoiled brat in line. Keep him safe. Stop him sleeping around. Make him behave. Easy money. He knows the brat seduced his last bodyguard and that he has been hired as no human would sleep with a dog, not even the reckless Eban du Fray. Bastion can take the insult for the money. Bastion expects to find a vain, selfish brat, bored in a loveless arranged marriage. He doesn’t expect to uncover something far darker, or that beneath Eban’s dazzling exterior is a soul that shines far brighter. But he can’t let himself fall in love. Eban is married to a powerful, dangerous man who is not going to let him go. Falling in love with Eban will only lead to tragedy and heartbreak. Bastion must resist, must stay strong. Or will he sacrifice everything for the man who is carelessly stealing his heart?       Amazon KU


We vowed to escape together. I broke that promise. Now the men I loved just might break me. There were six of us. Caged, turned into monsters, and tormented with brutal tests of our horrific emerging abilities. We had only each other to count on… until our escape attempt ended with one dead, the others recaptured, and me dragged away into a different nightmare. Now I’ve finally fought my way back to rescue them. Except the men I set free are hardened, beastly versions of the devoted boys I remember. They see me as a traitor and a murderer—but they refuse to let me go now that they have me back. They have no idea that the greatest threat may be the new darkness that’s woken up inside me. I don’t know how to control it. And if these men break me, I could destroy us all.    AmazonKU


Raven has come a long way since joining Keystone. She embraced her Vampire side, learned to work with others, and even fell in love. But how far is she willing to go for the greater good? When Viktor receives an anonymous tip regarding the whereabouts of the most notorious oligarchs in the Breed world, Keystone’s courage is put to the test. The stakes are high—one wrong move could have catastrophic consequences. In a shocking turn of events, Christian’s recent disappearance reveals secrets that could ruin him. The past is finally catching up, and Raven is faced with her greatest decision yet—one that could seal her fate forever. Will Keystone deliver the justice these men deserve, or will the cost be greater than the reward? Find out in this powerful conclusion to the Crossbreed series. The hardest demons to conquer are often our own.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


The Human Nurse – After my ex-fiancé lied to me and cheated on me, I left Louisiana for good. I moved far away from my home, all the way up to Anchorage, Alaska. Starting over was tough, but I was committed to my new life. I knew I could be happy without a man. But I wasn’t single for long. I met Knox when he brought his nephew to school. That gorgeous man was hot, and he was a loyal uncle, stepping in to help with his niece and nephew while his sister-in-law had a baby. He asked me out, and I said yes. In spite of my reluctance, I fell for him. But every now and then, I noticed that there was something off. I couldn’t put my finger on it. My gorgeous boyfriend had secrets. I just didn’t know what they were. Then I found out in the worst way possible. I was attacked by Knox’s enemy, and my boyfriend transformed in front of my eyes. He was not a human, but a wolf shifter. I could accept that, eventually, but I could never accept his deception. Now that he’d lied to me, could I ever trust him again?  The Wolf Shifter Playboy – My pack never had any faith in me. And neither did my parents. When I asked for permission to …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)   AmazonKU


Ara Starrin’s entire life has been a lie. Hidden in the shadow of her controlling father, General Evander of Auryna, Ara has never tasted true freedom. For most of her life, she’s been locked away in his estate as he is determined to protect her from the bloodthirsty Fae across the border. But as her twenty-sixth birthday comes and goes, he decides it’s time for her to marry, against her wishes and completely unbeknownst to her. Ara’s fate is sealed the moment he announces her engagement. Rogue Draki’s entire life has been a painful truth. Raised at the hands of his father, the merciless king of Ravaryn, Rogue has never tasted an ounce of kindness. Now that his father is dead, the crown has been thrust upon him, and it is his responsibility to save his people from the wrath of Auryna. It is for that reason he crosses the border into Auryna to spy on the court in the Capitol—for secrets, leverage, anything. Rogue’s fate is sealed the moment he lays eyes on Ara Starrin.   AmazonKU


Titan is second-in-command of the fallen sentinel angels, a fearsome group of earthbound angels who are tasked with protecting heaven from the demon charmers. The eternal struggle has cost many lives, one of which Titan still blames himself for six months later. But when a mortal woman becomes a target of his enemy, he saves her—only to discover she looks just like the woman he lost months ago. Not a day goes by that Rose Meyer doesn’t spend looking for her twin sister. With a newfound lead at her fingertips, she heads out in search of clues to her sister’s whereabouts. What she finds, however, is a frightening magic user intent on killing her—and a hulking angel of gleaming metallic titanium who shuttles her out of the kill zone. And refuses to let her out of his protection. Her touch has sparked a celestial power in him that has been lost since he and his brothers fell. But as Titan’s power grows, so does the mysterious bond between him and the woman occupying his every thought. When they learn that Rose unknowingly possesses what the demons are searching for, their deep connection is tested as tensions run high. Because this elemental angel refuses to put her in harm’s way. Even if it means shattering his heart in the process.   AmazonKU

THE SEVENTH SONS by Edward Kendrick

On his twenty-first birthday, Andre discovers something both amazing and terrifying. As the seventh son of a seventh son, he is now a werewolf. One of the relatively few in the world. If it hadn’t been for Mario, who was also a seventh son werewolf, being there for his first shift, Andre doesn’t know how he could have handled it. Now he has to tell Donal, the man he loves with all his heart, what he has become. It won’t be easy, but he hopes his long-time lover will be able to accept it — and him — when he learns the truth. Much against his will, Mario is left to watch over Andre until he gets a handle his new life. The only saving grace? He can spend his time at the same PI agency where Donal works. When they get a new case, Mario has no idea it will change his life forever … if he lets it happen.

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WIN A WILDERNESS LODGE! Ready for the chance of a lifetime? Enter now to become the new owners of the Timberwolf Lodge, located near Jasper, Alberta. You’ll have one year to meet the requirements, and the lodge will be yours! Small print (very, very, very small print):
Warning: Lodge may contain werewolves, fated mates, and tons of shifter pack drama. Good luck and have fun! Don’t die! The learning curve just grew fangs and claws…The out-of-the-blue opportunity to take over a wilderness eco-lodge in the Jasper wilderness is the fresh start Cassidy Rundle and her friends have been looking for. Except the roof of the grand Timberwolf Lodge needs fixing, the rental cottages need to be overhauled, and the seemingly incompetent caretaker who comes with the place is sexy enough to make Cassidy’s brain stutter. Still, she’s determined to ignore all distractions and make this work. When Jace Carter discovers his auntie has given him the Timberwolf Lodge property, but not the building, he expects mayhem to follow. Now he’s back home, dealing with memories, multiple cousins, and an outstanding death threat from the local Alpha. (Who is also a cousin. Go family!) But nothing can compare with discovering his new “boss” is a petite woman with enough attitude to take on a bear—and she’s his fated mate. Cassidy wants to reach for her dreams? Jace will be there to make it happen, even if that means taking over the Jasper pack leadership. Once he explains shifters to his very human mate.

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When Ros’s best friend offers her an all-expenses paid vacation to a cabin in the Northwoods, Ros jumps at the chance to get away from it all. Her apartment’s flooded, she lost her job, her boyfriend ran off to France, and it seems like her luck can’t get any worse… and that’s when the fire condors show up. The flaming deadly birds of legend have set up shop on the deck, and Ros’s only chance to get rid of them lies with an animal rescue specialist named Teagan Howell. She didn’t expect the fire condor deck party, and she sure as heck didn’t expect Teagan, big, blond, and with a smile that could melt winter itself. Eagle shifter Teagan was ready for trouble, but he wasn’t ready to find Ros, his true mate. Now all he has to do is tell her about shifters and how he’s completely hers before the fire condors set the Northwoods aflame.      Amazon KU


He’s waited years to claim her. When the time came, she slipped away …I was a Kilseleian princess until the hordes conquered and took over my father’s crown. Now I’m in the Summer fae Court, hiding from Father’s enemies, trying to figure out what to do with my life. Turns out life has a plan for me already. He’s tall, handsome, furry, and goes by the name Lenox. The attraction between us is undeniable, but then, at the public gathering, he takes me down in the dirt and bites me. He says the bite is a marking telling others I’m his mate, and now he wants to take me away from the only place that’s safe. He wants me in his lycan clan. And nobody gets in the way of a lycan and his mating claim. Not even the reluctant mate.      Amazon KU

FEMMES FATALE by Erik Scott de Bie and Amanda Cherry

This woman hurt Jaccob, and she’s Lady f***ing Vengeance. Vivienne Cain has come to Cobalt City for one reason and one reason only: to confront the villainous sorceress who broke her friend’s heart. Getting hired by said villain to purge her shiny skyscraper of an invading demon was not on her agenda, especially not given her messy past with possession. Nor did she anticipate exactly how hard it would be to resist a redhead bombshell in a green silk dress…The other other woman…? Of course Ruby Killingsworth is ready for her once-flame Jaccob “Stardust” Stevens’s dangerous goth booty call. But she isn’t prepared for exactly how good she looks in leather, nor for the demon that has made her tower its new feeding ground. If she’s going to get her tower and her empire back, she’ll have to make a deal with Lady Vengeance, one that involves both business and pleasure. Self destruction be damned… she wants this. It will take every ounce of knowledge, skill, magic, and trust the two can conjure to defeat their supernatural adversaries and save Cobalt City, the world, and each other. Femmes Fatale is the sexy, sapphic story of two women battling their demons, both within and without.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


More monsters? That’s the last thing I need. I’m having a hard enough time trying to figure out how to juggle my life working my day-job as a website tester from home, raising my two children, and figuring out how to once again resume dating as I train to become a full-fledged member of the monster-hunting squad headed up by the gorgeous, enigmatic Anson Bentley. So when I come up against werewolves running amok in my neighborhood big-box store? It’s more than I can deal with alone. But if I’m going to survive—and more to the point, protect the people I love—I have to keep a handle on the creatures attacking us. No matter how much they worry me.

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Samantha – When the Dark Wolf God threatened my pack, I defied him. His retaliation was quick and brutal. The ruthless god tore me from my life and imprisoned me in his kingdom. He’s convinced I have magic that will free him from a curse. He’s as powerful as he is sexy—but he’s also wrong. I’m just a wolf shifter, right? Cadean, the Dark Wolf God – I know the little wolf’s secret: she has the power to save me, or bring me to my knees. I need her help to protect my kingdom from the fae, but she thinks I’m a monster. The truth is far worse: I’m a brutal beast that will defend my people, no matter the price.  Could the woman who wields the power to undo me be my mate? If so, I’ll destroy the world just to keep her safe.      Amazon KU