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I’ve switched to my newly released paranormal romance DANGER ON THE NILE!

The excerpt, from close to the beginning of the book. Mayet, a new priestess, is in the inner sanctum of the temple, cleaning the altar when the high priestess stumbles in, gravely wounded: 

Terrified, Mayet rushed to obey the order, forcing the door to swing shut as fast as the mechanism would move. “What is it? What’s going on? Should I go for help?” she asked as she hurried to rejoin Inu, sandals slipping a bit in the trail of bright red blood on the black-and-white tiled floor. The high priestess was plainly not much longer for this world.

With a bitter laugh ending in a gurgling cough, Inu shook her head. “There is no help.”  She grabbed Mayet’s wrist with surprising strength. “You must get the sacred statue of the goddess away from here. The effigy must not fall into their hands.”

“Whose hands?” Mayet rushed to select a goblet of the wine which had been offered to the goddess the night before and brought it to Inu, kneeling and tipping the alabaster cup to her lips. “Take a moment, my lady, gather your thoughts and explain matters to me.” She hoped to assist the priestess’s memory. “You and the others went to the formal greeting ceremony at the mayor’s palace, to take part in the welcome for the delegation of the southern tribes—”

“It was a trick, a trap, the fucking bastards slaughtered everyone and then their soldiers poured through the city gates. We’ve been betrayed by false promises of peace and trade and now it’s a war. I managed to flee through a side corridor—I had guards with me but they were cut down.” Belatedly recognition dawned in Inu’s face how severely she was injured, as she glanced at the slashes in her dress and touched the one on her belly with a fingertip. “I’ll be in the Afterlife by sunset. Promise to sing the proper chants that I may pass to my judgment.”

Author’s own collection


1550 BCE. Mayet is a newly appointed priestess at the temple of Isis in a southern Egyptian border town. When enemies attack the city, she must flee alone with a sacred effigy to keep the invaders from claiming it and using it for their own magic rituals. Joining with other refugees from the stricken city, she has to hide the statue from curious eyes and comfort her companions as if she was a learned, senior priestess. They all look to her for leadership on their desperate trek north. With the enemy close on their heels, Mayet stumbles over an ancient, abandoned fort, where her party takes refuge. Surrounded and trapped by the invaders, she faces a bleak future.

Khay is a high-ranking Egyptian officer, sent by Pharaoh to negotiate treaties with various southern tribes. He and his soldiers narrowly escape an ambush at the city where Mayet’s temple was located and are on the run from the invaders when he sees the shelter of an abandoned fort. Now he and his men are also trapped inside the stout walls with no food and no hope of rescue. Yet he has no regrets for the priestess leading the refugees is the woman the goddess Isis has shown him in a vision, the one who could become his wife.

Together Mayet and Khay must find a way to bring their people to freedom. Will Isis listen to pleas from such a fledgling priestess? Khay comes from a famous family, smiled upon by other gods – will any of them come to his aid? As the pair struggle to stay alive and save the other Egyptians, attraction grows and unites their hearts. But is there to be a future in this world, or only in the Afterlife?

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I’ve bundled my three gladiator books into a box set and put it on sale for $.99 this month! Of course I’m hoping if readers like my gladiators they’ll want to read the ongoing, original Badari Warriors series too. And if you’re already a fan of one or both series, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

This Badari Gladiators box set gathers the first three science fiction romance novels from this series into one collection. Featuring genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then unscrupulous lab techs faked the deaths of a few men, smuggled them off the planet in cryo freeze and sold them to be gladiators. They meet their human fated mates in alien arenas and must fight to save themselves and their mates. Kyden is a Generation Five Badari whereas the main characters in the long running series are from a later time and are Generation Eight. This new series stands alone and you don’t have to have read any of the other books to enjoy this one. I couldn’t resist the temptation to tell a few other Badari stories, set in the galaxy’s Hinterlands, and who can resist gladiators? Please note each novel has been previously published on its own and all are standalone tales. No new material has been added, aside from a brief Author’s Note about why I wrote each novel.

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Profiles in SciFi Romance: Tasha Black Talks Babies, Rock Stars & More

NOTE: This post first appeared on the AMAZING STORIES MAGAZINE blog…

Veronica Scott for AMAZING STORIES: Welcome to my periodic series of author profiles. Today I’ve chosen Tasha Black, who has been writing heart warming and fun scifi romance stories for years now. She’s the first name which comes to my mind when the topic of babies in SFR arises. The cover for her book Tolstoy always sticks in my meory as the prime example of this trope. I’ve always been a huge fan of her books and was happy for a chance to interview her. 

VS for ASM.:What was the first scifi romance book you ever read and what did you like about it?

TB: The first SciFi Romance I ever read was actually Stranger in a Strange Land. It’s not a typical happily-ever-after romance, but it’s definitely a love story. A young man, human, but raised on Mars, comes to Earth as a diplomat, and learns about sex, laughter, religion, politics, and most importantly, love and family, under the tutelage of a wonderful, crotchety old man, a nurse, a journalist, a couple of space men and a bevy of women, all of whom find the man-Martian dreamy. It is truly the story of seeing human beings with all our selfishness, sadness and fury, and falling in love with us anyway. (I’ll let any interested readers enjoy the book themselves to find out why!)

Robert Heinlein wrote it before I was born as a provocative eye-opener meant to challenge societal norms. As a curious 14-year-old, wanting to rage against the machine, I ate it right up. And I swooned over Valentine Michael Smith, the man-Martian, and my first book-boyfriend!

ASM.: I read a lot of Heinlein as a kid too. I mostly remember Podkayne of Mars and The Puppet Masters! What was the first scifi romance book you wrote?

TB: My first SciFi Romance was Reconstructed, a billionaire romance with an easy-to-hate wealthy bad boy main character, who learns humility and heroism through adversity and the love of a no-nonsense woman. I love this story so much, yet it is the worst-selling series in my entire catalogue. Maybe I bit off too much trying to make an antihero like West Worthington into a cyborg superhero! At the time it came out back in 2015, superhero romance was not “a thing”.

Here’s the premise:

Some heroes aren’t born… they’re built.

Westley Worthington has it all. Piles of money, good looks, a head for business, and a seemingly limitless supply of women who want to please him. And that’s just the way he likes it. Until a brush with death causes him to rethink his priorities, and consider someone besides himself for the first time in his privileged life.

For a limited time, if readers would like a FREE copy of Reconstructed, and several other books of mine they can get one when they join my newsletter here:

ASM.: Which of your SFR books is the bestselling?

TB: My bestselling SciFi Romance is Noxx, the first book in my Alien Adoption Agency series. Noxx was published in January of 2021 and the series is ongoing, with a new hero and heroine finding a happily-ever-after in each story. Book 13 is coming out in September! My husband and I struggled with infertility, so stories about family-building are important to me, and I think they resonate with my readers too. This series takes place on frontier moons, where adoptive single mothers go to raise their little ones, each under the guard of a fierce dragon warrior.  I’m sure you can see where this is going! The small towns on the moons, fun side characters, and dreamy dragon guards all add to the wonder of exploring a new world and becoming a new parent all at the same time.

ASM.: None of us can ever pick a favorite book or character but if you had to go live in one of your own books, which would you choose and why?

TB: Oh wow, that’s a tough one! I think I would choose the world of Alien Surrogate Agency. These books, starting with Piper, are set on the sprawling campus of a massive fertility center where human women go to carry babies for single male aliens. The Midsummer Center is run by a computer called Oberon, who read thousands of romance novels in order to create a vision of the most romantic place in the galaxy, a place where no one could resist trying to conceive, even if you have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Of course, the fertility center in the stories has nothing to do with how actual “Earthly” fertility treatments and surrogacy work. But it was fun to explore theme of fertility and be able to give 100% happy outcomes to all my characters!

Some of the locations at the center include beaches, castles, roller-skating hills, ballrooms, mountain lakes, and unbelievably luxurious houses with pools, views, and of course someone else to do the clean-up and cooking!

ASM.: What was your most recent book and what was the story spark or inspiration for that story?

TB: My most recent release, Chloe, was a book in the Alien Surrogate Agency series and it’s about a teacher, named Chloe, and how she falls in love with a man she doesn’t know is an intergalactic rock star at the Midsummer Fertility Center. They solve a locked room mystery, hike a massive mountain, and there is even a high-speed roller-skating chase.

I come from a family of teachers. My husband was a teacher too, before he left his job to write with me! I feel that teachers are some of the most overworked, underpaid, misunderstood professionals in our society.

In the story, the rockstar was treated poorly by a teacher, and it takes a lot for him to let his guard down with Chloe, who may be the only person in the system who doesn’t realize he’s famous.

They each had to do a lot of hard work to get to their happily-ever-after, and it was so much fun to get them there!

ASM.: I do love a good rockstar romance for sure. Your own favorite tropes? Least favorite tropes?

TB: I love all kinds of tropes when I’m reading! But my absolute favorite trope to write is family building – whether it’s the story of a single parent, an adoption story, a secret baby, or even an infertility story, I’m happiest when I’m writing about finding home with a partner and a family.

ASM.: What’s next for you?

TB: Jhon, the thirteenth book in the Alien Adoption Agency series, is coming out in September and I’m in the middle of writing it now. This is the story of Ella, who quit school to raise her youngest sister when the local baby-care facility closed. Now she has left her whole family and everything she knows to adopt a baby on a frontier moon. She’s doing it because the adoption agency is also giving her a farm, and she hopes to be able to send money home to support her siblings. Heartsick and homesick, she never imagines that she will find, happiness, comfort, and acceptance, in spite of her lack of education, from the prestigious Invicta warrior who was sent to watch over her adopted son. Writing about the moment she meets her son, and the instant, gut-wrenching attraction between Ella and Jhon has been absolutely scintillating. I never want to put down my laptop to do anything else!

ASM.: Sounds good for sure! Counting the days till we can read it. What’s on your To Be Read List?

TB: I’m embarrassed to admit that I still haven’t read The Murderbot Diaries! Also on my list are new releases from Susan Hayes (the most recent books in her Crashed and Claimed series) Tamsin Ley’s Galactic Pirate Brides series, and your Star Cruise Star Song, Veronica – you KNOW I love rock stars in space!

ASM.: I can promise you the Murderbot series is terrific. And yes, we do share that love of rock stars in our scifi romance. Give us your short author bio and where you can be found on social media.

Tasha Black is a USA Today bestselling author of SciFi, Fantasy & Paranormal Romance. She’s an adventurous soul, who loves traveling, reading anything she can get her hands on, making up cozy, sexy stories, and sipping pumpkin spice lattes, even when she’s in warm climates!

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New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for MAY 24

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking quite a few as I prepare these posts LOL). 

‘AB’ denotes audiobook and the Amazon buy link.

NOTE: I’m doing my best to avoid listing anything generated from use of AI but it’s sometimes tricky to detect from the resources I have available.



I’m trapped on a distant planet with no way home—and a blue-skinned alien has claimed me as his mate. One second, I’m helping a patient at the hospital and the next, I’m standing on a grassy alien plain. A band of terrifying creatures with shredded skin and gleaming eyes races toward me—riding chariots. The aliens appear ready to run me over, which is bad news for me. Before they reach me, a muscular, blue-skinned guy with thick bands of hair that appear to move on their own leaps from below the ground. Taking Theer’s hand could pull me from the frying pan and thrust me into the fire, but who else can I trust? He saves me from the bad guys and shares that his ship crashed here over a year ago. Despite my determination to return to Earth, I can’t help falling for this lonely, stoic male who calls me his treasure. But when the terrifying aliens discover Theer’s hideout, we have no choice but to run. Can our love survive in this ravaged world?   AmazonKU


I need a deal to survive. But all I have to offer is… myself. On the station, humans are the lowest of the low. We take whatever jobs we can, scraping just to get by. Comfort is rare. Security a dream. And a real friend? Almost unheard of. So when my best friend goes missing, I’m desperate to find her. But before long my search leads me to the claws of the leader of the Vinduthi cartel. He’s terrifying. Utterly ruthless. He’ll help me find my friend, but can I pay the price he demands?     AmazonKU


A failing farm, a menacing neighbor, and an alien warrior in her barn…The farm Rosie inherited might not be much but it’s hers, and she’s determined to hang on to it. Unfortunately, her land-grabbing neighbor wants not only her farm – he wants her as well. The last thing she needs is a huge, wounded alien in her barn, no matter how attractive he might be. Or how convinced he is that she is his mate. Could her alien be the answer to her prayers – or just one trouble too many? This is a short romance set in the Seven Brides universe and can be read as a complete standalone. This sweet and steamy story is intended for a mature audience.     AmazonKU


Can a bookish scientist find the man inside the monster? Uncomfortable with people, Victoria spends her days – and her nights – working in her lab. When her funding is terminated, her only option is a dilapidated building in the tiny town of Screaming Woods. To her surprise, the town’s inhabitants prove almost as fascinating as her research – especially the massive creature living in the burned out windmill behind her lab. Everything about the big silent male captivates her and for once, it’s not a purely scientific interest. After the incident that turned Frank into a monster, he discovered in the most painful way how dangerous he could be. Now he remains isolated from everyone and concentrates on his woodworking. He is determined to not let anyone close to him – especially not the buttoned up little scientist renting his barn. She has far too many questions on those kissable lips. As things heat up between them, can he believe he’s more than just another experiment? Or will his past tear them apart?   AmazonKU


VS Note: Not listed as romance.

8 Authors taking you to all sides of the spectrums and dimensions of time and space.
Join – Linny Lawless, S. M. Revolinski, Eileen Troemel, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, F. East, Allie Harrison, Nathalie M.L. Römer and Kirby Lord.

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Lady Georgia Brunel, widowed a year, has been looking forward to her holiday in the Duchy of Venice with her companion, Millicent Brunel. The clockwork city’s annual art exhibition is in full swing, and old friends and new acquaintances make for an exciting social whirl. The married Sir Francis Thorne would pursue her if he dared. Several members of the nobility, including those with connections to Lord and Lady Dunsmuir, make entertaining companions. And Georgia will never admit that Dustin Seacombe, the disheveled and irritating Texican Ranger who steps on one’s gown and will not confide his business in Venice, is the most interesting of all. And then early one morning, the body of Sir Francis washes up on the water stairs at the Brunel villa. An empty gondola floats nearby. Many assume it is an accident. The Duchy police assume a lover’s quarrel, with Georgia as their suspect. For there are powerful factions in the city who want this case solved and submerged as soon as possible. Georgia and Millie must act quickly to clear her name and discover the real murderer, before Georgia finds herself dancing with death instead.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Major Tai Chang is an incredible pilot—one of the best in Sabre Squadron…the elite starfighter force in the Unitary. After finishing a routine patrol in a sector of the Milky Way Galaxy, she returns to the Aquila System to discover that the main planet, Aquila Prime, is under attack by the Unitary’s worst enemy, the Merkonians…All Dr. Lia Ketterman wanted was a few days on the orbiting Science Station 119 indulging in her hobby—studying stars, which was where she was when the Merkonians attacked Aquila Prime. To make matters worse, the Merkonians targeted the science station, almost destroying it and killing Lia. And that is how these two women meet…under rather harrowing circumstances when Tai rescues Lia as Station 119 is literally falling apart around them. Perhaps that would have been the end of their story. Except for one thing…It turns out that both Lia and Tai are assigned to the UCS Fordham—a massive new Unitary starship that is going to make use of Lia’s incredible invention to achieve something no starship has ever achieved before: travel to the Andromeda Galaxy and explore it.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Dystopian with zombies.

Khalil – It’s said that there is safety in numbers, but I call bullshit on that. Surviving is much easier as a lone wolf. No internal conflict. No compromise. No complications. Looking out for #1 is just better—and safer. Then she came into my life. I tried to kick her right back out, but it seemed the universe had other plans. The woman can’t keep herself out of trouble. I should just let her die. Survival of the fittest. Good riddance and all that. But why does she make me feel like killing everyone who makes her cry? In my heart, I know she won’t make it without me. But does that mean she’s mine? Zolimar – I’m going to kill this asshole. All he does is throw me around and leave me as food for the undead. I don’t need his help anyway. He needs mine. At least, that’s what I tell myself. We can’t stop crossing paths, and now we’re stuck with each other. How long before he decides I’m too much of a burden? When we’re caught in a situation that hides evil under the guis e of help, will my new companion and I make it out alive?     Amazon


An Entomologist. A Drotopian Warrior. And a Mission to set things right. Show no vulnerability. Protect the Queen. Fight to survive. That is the mantra Ayrin is taught to live by. When giant creatures settle in his home, one more rule is added. No going near the crushers. A rule he is unable to follow. The giant with long black hair and daily color-changing fuzz beckons Ayrin like the call of a deadly predator. What are these beings and why do they stomp around his home? And why can’t he seem to stay away from this one in particular?     AmazonKU


Engaged to a man she can’t stand, Kendra visits Club Zoom several times in hopes an Eleadian hunk will claim her and whisk her away from her looming arranged marriage. It’s a longshot, but it’s her only hope. Bialar watches the blond from the control room for several nights. He knows better than to approach her. She’s obviously wealthy and haughty. A handful. Not the sort of woman he should claim. Desperate and filled with despair, Kendra spends her last night at the club getting drunk. What difference does it make? Her life is over. When the woman’s stomach revolts in the club’s bathroom, her obvious anguish pulls at Bialar’s heartstrings. He can’t just leave her there. He’s drawn to her. Damn the consequences. She might end up being a handful, but if it’s meant to be, she’ll be his handful.     AmazonKU


RIVER – Being engaged to my adorable alien boo is a dream come true. Too bad there’s a target painted on my back. Come on universe, quit messing with true love! For reals. Kai and I need to plan our wedding—which is going to be hella quirky and fun, because I say so. Cue Shilgar the Deadly, who’s screwing up everything—what with trying to kill me and all. My life is becoming even more unbelievable than my fictional characters, Lord Vardox and Captain Starblade. There’s no way I’m not walking down the aisle with Kai, so help me! I fully intend to ‘get me to the church’—I mean Vegas wedding chapel—on time. This fool of an assassin thinks he can mess with my dreams of wedded bliss? I don’t think so. He’s about to learn he’s met his match in River Sullivan! KAI – My relationship with River is solid and wedding bells are in the air. Unfortunately, other parts of my life are…less stable. Between juggling a highly inconvenient Mating Fever that can strike at any time, and dealing with an investigator from Intergalactic Alliance Headquarters, I’m finding it hard to hold onto my usual equilibrium. When Shilgar the Deadly finally shows up on Earth, gunning for River, the control I cling to is stretched razor thin. I’m desperate to do whatever I can to keep my mate safe—but I’m not sure if I can. Yet things aren’t all that they seem. New secrets come to light and we’re all left reeling. Apparently, that famous Earthling playwright was correct when he wrote, “the course of true love never did run smooth….”     AmazonKU


VS Note: Not listed as a romance although romantic elements perhaps. A scifi release of note.

She’s a revolutionary. Humanity is running out of options. Habitable planets are being destroyed as quickly as they’re found and Naira Sharp thinks she knows the reason why. The all-powerful Mercator family has been controlling the exploration of the universe for decades, and exploiting any materials they find along the way under the guise of helping humanity’s expansion. But Naira knows the truth, and she plans to bring the whole family down from the inside. He’s the heir to the dynasty. Tarquin Mercator never wanted to run a galaxy-spanning business empire. He just wanted to study rocks and read books. But Tarquin’s father has tasked him with monitoring the settlement of a new planet, and he doesn’t really have a choice in the matter.  Disguised as Tarquin’s new bodyguard, Naira plans to destroy the settlement ship before they make land. But neither of them expects to end up stranded on a dead planet. To survive and keep her secret, Naira will have to join forces with the man she’s sworn to hate. And together they will uncover a plot that’s bigger than both of them.     Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: A re-release. Normally I won’t list anything that lacks a final cover on Amazon but in this case I’m aware of the problem the author is having with the platform and agreed to include the book with her “exclusive black cover”.

How do you choose between your people and your mate? Especially when you’re a Korthan cyborg captain and your human mate unknowingly holds the key to lasting peace or unending war? Korthan cyborg commander T’ren, two Mogha hellhounds, and the ancient, sentient Galaxy Ship usually evade the humans who want to destroy his people once and for all. When they discover an old human attack ship adrift with its pilot in stasis, Galaxy insists on saving the pilot. T’ren can’t deny the pull of the sacred mate bond with the human woman, but how can he be mated to the enemy? Vonda Rhodes fought in the long war against the Korthans, only to be stranded in space after the battle over an uninhabited planet. Putting herself in stasis saved her life, but …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)

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Hi, my name is Lila, and I’m an alien. I have two husbands and two fiancés. I also won two more mates in a kickass battle for supremacy, and I may have been seduced and had a crazy, sexy swim with a merman when he sang to me. Oh, and did I mention I have just hatched three beautiful but slippery kraken babies? And that was just in the first month with the Galaxy Circus. That’s enough craziness for one lifetime, right? Wrong! I still have to go to a desert planet to find a special flower to save my grandpa, track down one of the last remaining mimics so I can get a handle on my powers, and stay out of the way of some shady organization that wants the orb we protect. And we need to do all of that while still touring the galaxy and entertaining the masses. Nobody ever said life in the Galaxy Circus would be boring but some days I wish it was.      AmazonKU


For the most hated crew on Requiem, the only way out is up. It’s been four months since runaway heiress Asa crash-landed on matriarchal outlaw colony Requiem, bringing a nasty AI and host of deadly secrets with her. Now, she runs with almost-girlfriend Riven’s smuggler crew, stealing kisses between gunfights and heists. But when a mysterious hacker sabotages their latest job, other gangs turn against them, blaming them for the destruction the rogue AI caused. Nowhere in the city is safe. The only way to protect their crew is a series of trials for control of an underworld faction–and vying for a matriarch’s throne is a dream Riven can’t let go. But as the trials intensify, the saboteur hounds Asa and Riven’s every step, determined to kill Asa and right her father’s wrongs. When the saboteur reveals a horrific conspiracy threatening all of Requiem–one involving the crew member they thought they’d lost–the girls must decide whether to risk their own skins for a city that loathes them.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


I will make this warrior princess MINE! Brynn: As a human princess I have always known that one day I would have to marry for political reasons, not love. But when I meet my intended during a battle and he stops me from running the leader of our archenemies though, the cards for a happy marriage are not decked in his favor. No matter how good looking or charming he is. Especially not because of how good looking and charming he is. The last thing I can afford is falling in love with my new husband.
Garwayn: The last thing I expected was to find my querilly in my new, human mate. But once I recognize her, there is no stopping me from making her understand that she belongs to me. Neither her obstinacy nor her thickheadedness will stand in my way.   AmazonKU


Can finding a fated mate on earth stop the rage keeping Sinth isolated in their dimension? Shayla: Aliens are real. I never believed all those “woo-woo conspiracy theorists.” But it’s hard to argue with your own eyes. With an infectious disease spreading across the planet, my military unit received updated inoculations before our deployment. That’s when the veil is lifted from my eyes. Suddenly, I’m thrown into a conflict between warring aliens! The problem is, I’m going to have to pick a side. After three years in the service, am I ready to dig into the facts and discover where our government’s alliance falls? Fin: When Purlogh told me he needed help, I didn’t hesitate to join him on Earth. To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes of being able to stop the Wen virus sweeping across the planet. But as soon as I arrive, we discover the Taxin are here, and they’ve developed a technology to halt and expose our dimension phasing. They’ve accomplished what no one has before. Caging a Sinth. While we race to save Purlogh’s progeny, we stumble across not only Sinth, but humans being held. And a miracle happens when I’m drawn to an Earth female—stunned with the realization she’s mine…Or so I thought. When she introduces me to an Earth male she cares for, my world shatters. How can she already be mated? Could I be mistaken? I’m left devastated… unsure of how to handle this unwelcome realization. But I’m still more than determined to discover if she’s my fated mate.     AmazonKU


Everyone said to let her go. To let the devil and her dark masters take her. But he can’t do that. He just can’t. Everyone told him Cass couldn’t be saved. All of them, even Allie and Jon, Cass’s childhood friends, believe she’s too far gone. She chose the darkest of dark paths, betraying everyone who loved her, nearly killing her best friend, Allie, and destroying Allie’s mind in the process. After Cass became a minion of the dark being, Shadow, she nearly killed them all. After everything she put them through, the rest of their team mostly wants her dead. But Balidor can’t bring himself to let her go. Using his vast abilities and psychic training, he leads Cass through the darkness of her own mind, trying desperately to bring back the woman he loved before Shadow broke her.   AmazonKU

OMEGA RUN (RECYCLED SOULS BOOK ONE) by Viola Grace and Taryn Jameson

Waking in a strange body is the least unusual thing that Lyra’s new destiny contains. She is the only omega on a planet of alphas. No pressure. Lyra’s last conscious thought was being trapped under debris in a dam collapse. When her consciousness woke up, things were… different. She was in her sixth decade, but her body was slight and curvy, and she had a lot of blue hair in lieu of her normal mud brown. That was different. She meets the medical team, and they are aliens with pointy ears. Fair enough. She now has pointy ears as well. A briefing lets her know she is an omega. She is the only omega on the entire planet and the first of her kind to wake. What follows is a dizzying culture shock, a lot of firsts, and being the target of a mate-drive run that will see her with partners by the end of it. The first Omega Run since the natural omegas died. What could go wrong?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

SURVIVOR by Loki Renard

I kill humans. But this woman is different. She is strong. She is a survivor. She might wish she wasn’t. He kills humans. But the chemistry between us is undeniable. He is dangerous. He is dominant. He is my enemy. And we are falling in love.     AmazonKU


Skye is a twenty-year-old dark haired beauty who is bored to death with her life in 1907. She has always been a free spirit and challenger of what was expected of her. While growing up, she was difficult for her parents to control, because she tended to defy all the rules of etiquette for a young woman of her time. It was not surprising to her brother, Cade, when Skye asked if she could live with him in the city. She declared she would die if she had to stay another day in the country where nothing ever happened. Once Skye was away from her parents, Daniel and Virginia Kestler, she began to question who she was and where she had come from. It soon became clear that something was amiss. After much probing, she discovered she was a child of time travel and she was not from the century she was living in. She had actually been born in another year in the future, 2031, and Kestler was not even her last name. What were her parents hiding from her? Why had she never been told her real name and birth date? How would this new knowledge affect her going forward? And who was the persistent man who was pursuing her through time, from 1907 to 1957 to 1927 and back to 1907 again? The handsome Remington Hart, a member of The Red Guard, lives in the twenty-first century in the year 2051. His job is to find…(more blurb on ebook seller page)     AmazonKU


Christina Rushing, a baroness spy, is no stranger to the dark—her late husband can attest to that. But when she takes an espionage job for a shipping mogul, she ends up double-crossing an entire nation. What’s worse, the dead Baron’s name has appeared on an active shipping schedule, though he should be six feet under. Determined to solve the dangerous mystery and make sure the despicable man is dead, Christie heads back to the haunts of her childhood, followed by deadly shadows. There, she learns her scrappy and sarcastic old flame, Charlie Blackwell, may be at the center of the brewing trouble. As ballgowns and whispers devolve into bullets and secrets, the two gentry-turned-spies become spies-turned-pirates to try and stop the war before they’re branded traitors.   AmazonKU


In the year 2287, the United States is no more. In its place stands Tekano, a utopian society that seems to have solved all the world’s problems. But as Amara Pierce, Secretary of History and daughter of the Tekano president, knows all too well, there are always secrets lurking beneath the surface of perfection. Isa Adams, a Tekano Elite soldier, is the strongest and fastest in her unit. Her strength and skill are matched only by her stubbornness and the oversized chip on her shoulder. When the fate of Tekano is threatened by a group of rogue assassins fueled by their hatred for everything Tekano represents, Amara and Isa are brought together once again. Their unforgettable romance was cut short by Isa’s need to protect Amara, but when the stakes are raised, they must work together to save their beloved Tekano. With the help of time travel, they set out to find the rogue assassins and stop them from halting the progress of the technology that has enabled the Earth to survive climate change. As they face danger at every turn, Amara and Isa must confront their feelings for each other and decide if their love is strong enough to withstand the challenges that lie ahead.   AmazonKU

LEFTOVER by Linda Mooney

Confined in a small shipping container for weeks on end, Taru was starving, dehydrated, and close to death. When she was given the option of remaining in the container until her owner could turn her in for the reward, or being one of fifteen females going to a mining moon to pleasure the drillers who were willing to pay for her services, she chose the latter. At least there was the possibility she could escape from there and get back with her people. Kirby Luka agreed to pay the astronomical sum to have his own woman, if only to have a companion. Someone to talk to and maybe to share a bed with. He never expected to have to contend with having to take the last female in the group. What was leftover. A female Gyra who not only was a feared and dangerous humanoid, but a deadly enemy. Their initial meeting is contentious. But when a deadly disease infiltrates the close community, Kirby know the only way he and Taru can survive is to get off that rock. That means working together and sacrificing what they both wanted. They never anticipated the consequences of their actions.

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For the sake of her people, Princess Meriane must mate with an Earth man to bring more diversity into the gene pool. When she’s conceived a child, her mate will join the other males in the men’s colony. In this way, her culture has perpetuated itself in peace for generations after banning the hated Triani from their midst. Finding a proper bed partner shouldn’t be hard at Earth Con, should it? Zarim has been sent to Earth Con to masquerade as an Earther in order to worm his way into Meriane’s bed and her heart. When he finds himself falling in love with the virginal but feisty princess, he has to discover a method to make peace between their peoples. Unfortunately, his very identity makes him an outcast on her planet.

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*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: I’m working on my 17th book in the Badari Warriors series right now, if you can believe that! But AYDARR, the foundational first book, just got a really nice review from the Book of my Heart blog recently, so I’ll feature it today as my backlist entry for your consideration:


Jill Garrison, a maintenance tech at the Sectors Amarcae 7 colony, goes to sleep one night as usual only to wake up in her nightgown stranded in the middle of a forest on an unknown world. There’s no time to think as she’s stalked by carnivorous predators and rescued by genetically engineered warriors calling themselves the Badari. Turns out they and she, along with her whole colony, are now prisoners of the Khagrish, a ruthless race of alien scientists. Working for enemies of the Sectors, the Khagrish have created the Badari to be super soldiers.

Aydarr, the Badari alpha, isn’t sure he can trust Jill but his attraction to her is undeniable. He impulsively claims her as his mate to prevent her death at the hands of the Khagrish.

Can he continue to protect her from the experiments already underway? Will his claiming her put his pack in jeopardy from their alien masters?

As Jill searches for a way to rescue her fellow humans and get them all to safety, she finds herself falling for Aydarr, despite the secrets he’s keeping. She has a few of her own.

The situation becomes dire when Aydarr and his pack are sent offplanet on a mission, leaving Jill unprotected, prey for the senior scientist. Can she escape the experiments he has in mind for her? Will she be able to thwart the Khagrish plans and liberate humans and Badari alike? How will she and Aydarr reunite?

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A witch on the run who could save the world–or destroy it with one touch – I am who they fear. The Harvester Death Witch. The one who holds the power of their fate in my hands. Or at least…that’s what they whisper. The coven has fallen. The vampires are circling our den. And if we don’t find new allies, our Pack won’t be able to fight much longer. On my Alpha’s orders, I must find others who hide beneath the shadows for not only our protection, but theirs as well. Only I’m not alone on my mission. I brought Cruz back from death once before, and though I know the goddess forbids it, I’d do it again. Because he’s my mate. And my ending.       AmazonKU     AB


A werewolf, a gargoyle, a phoenix, and a demon walk into the bar…Yeah, it sounds like a set-up to a bad joke. But this is my life, and it just got weird. Jade: As a hopeless romance author, I go out to a local bar, looking for something to cure my writer’s block. When I discover four of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen in real life, this forty-year-old homebody finds all the inspiration I need. For my books, of course. But when I dare to take a couple of sneaky pictures with my phone, they catch me ogling. Now, I believe they are following me. Maybe they’re worried that I overheard something I shouldn’t have. From how shifty they were acting, they might be involved in shady dealings. Arran: The little witch was spying on us. I need to find out who she’s working for. Is it for the Witch Council? If so, then I don’t need to worry… much. But if it’s for our sworn enemy, then I’m not above a bit of torture so I can find out what she knows about our friend’s death. Either way, her mesmerizing hazel eyes or those lush curves won’t save her now. The four of us have been burned by a woman before. Never again.     AmazonKU


She’s meant to be ours …This feud between our packs has cost us the omega we love. We messed up. All six of us. And now we’ve lost her. Time to put our animosity to one side and work together. We’re going to win her back. The problem? Blazing through the city to rescue her is the easy part. Learning to get along? Convincing her we’ve changed? Proving we’re worthy? A hell of a lot harder. But hard work’s never stopped us before. It certainly won’t stop us now. Bea is meant to be ours.     AmazonKU


With Molly gone for good, Storm is looking forward to life calming down just a little bit. But she soon realizes not everything is over. Molly wasn’t calling the shots, and someone else wanted her family dead. At the same time, another murder in Golden Hope has the town gripped in panic. Will Storm and the rest of the Witches Murder Club be able to find the killer, who seems to be using magic to lure in their victims?   AmazonKU


Although Tarin’s long-term relationship ended recently, he still decides to go on the long-planned camping trip with his ex. Since the relationship had been comfortable but nothing earthshaking, they both enjoyed camping, and they’d moved back to just friends easily enough, there was no reason not to. But when he wakes up after an argument about sharing a bed, he finds his ex gone — with the car — leaving him miles from the nearest bus route back to Auckland and only his two feet to get him there. Despite detailed instructions from his hostess, Tarin gets lost on the unsigned, unpaved roads. With the approaching night shrouded in a thick, creepy mist, Tarin can’t believe his luck when he stumbles upon a nameless hamlet. But are the friendly, gorgeous men who live there his saviours or his downfall?

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Britain, A.D. 47 – All at once, everything changes. The rebellion of the Northern Iceni under King Caturix results in dire consequences for Boudica. Without Aulus Plautius’s protection, Boudica must face the new, more severe Roman Governor Scapula. Struggling to make their way in a war-torn landscape, Boudica and Prasutagus persevere, but fate has a way of undoing our best intentions. Catastrophic events take place undermining everything Boudica worked so hard to achieve. As the eagle betrays, the queen of ash and iron rises to protect all that she loves.     AmazonKU


He picked up the scent. Mate. Mine. He growled. The sound made him tremble with equal amounts of excitement and fear. When he glanced ahead of him, he saw her. She was stunning. All curves, blonde hair, and red lips. Mine. All mine. The wolf inside him growled so loudly that Blaze shook. But he kept his cool. He stared at her with every step she took into the club, his fingers begging him to touch her. Now they were in Midnight Mates, and Leo, the club’s manager, came up beside him. “Security says you brought a date?” Leo asked him, his voice incredibly chipper. “Not exactly.” He turned to go to the bar. “She’s here for you more than me.” No. She’s mine. Only mine. Don’t forget it. Every step he took away from her made the animal fight for control. He didn’t like it. And Blaze liked it even less.     AmazonKU


Just another day in the restaurant. That’s what Eliana thought, until a walking alpha god stepped into the room. Frozen in place, her heart pounded, and her head spun. She didn’t know what was happening to her. She usually rushed off to greet and seat the newest customers as they arrived, but this man, in all his chiseled, sensual deliciousness, had her spellbound. His dark hair, devastating eyes, and his sheer size reeked of alpha male energy. Eliana had never seen or felt that. Her pack members didn’t exhibit those qualities. Eliana was intoxicated by his aroma. Hot cocoa with roasted vanilla rose over the scent of the dark roast coffee brewing nearby. Sweet and tempting, she tried to hold in the burning desire to drink him in. He was a man on a mission, his stride smooth and confident as he approached the counter. Eliana’s heart beat faster with each inch he came closer. It hit her when he was about halfway through the building. Mine! Her animal demanded. No, no, no, not this. Not now. Yes. Now.     AmazonKU

THE COLORS OF MAGIC by Charles Payseur

Jamie, Diego, and Raven have run the gauntlet of magic school together, defeating ancient dangers and saving countless lives. For all the good they’ve done, though, the powers that be aren’t about to bend their rules to allow the three of them to become mages together. No, a mage needs a single partner, a single Complement to unleash the full potential of their magic. Or so the school authorities believe. What is written on the hearts of Jamie, Diego, and Raven might be enough to break not only the long-held traditions of the Hegemony, though — it might just break magic itself. Can the three find a way to avoid choosing one true pairing, or will they find that the colors of magic are a rigid black and white?    Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Miss Mary Falnor much prefers intellectual discussions to formal balls, and with her friends’ help, she finds herself able to attend and meet the dashing stranger who introduces himself as Stephen. Can she unravel the mysteries of his identity without losing her heart? The Falcon and the Bluestocking is a paranormal Regency romance with falcon shifters. It is part of the Shifter Season series. It has a forced proximity m/f romance and is Mary and Stephen’s complete story.

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A modern-day homicide detective is working as an undertaker’s assistant in Victorian Scotland when a serial poisoner attacks the men of Edinburgh and leaves their widows under suspicion. Edinburgh, 1869: Modern-day homicide detective Mallory Atkinson is adjusting to her new life in Victorian Scotland. Her employers know she’s not housemaid Catriona Mitchell—even though Mallory is in Catriona’s body—and Mallory is now officially an undertaker’s assistant. Dr. Duncan Gray moonlights as a medical examiner, and their latest case hits close to home. Men are dropping dead from a powerful poison, and all signs point to the grieving widows… the latest of which is Gray’s oldest sister.
Poison is said to be a woman’s weapon, though Mallory has to wonder if it’s as simple as that. But she must tread carefully. Every move the household makes is being watched, and who knows where the investigation will lead.

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The Fae Queen and the ruler of the Demon Council can agree on one thing. They want a war to end all wars, and they’ll flatten anyone who gets in their way. They’ve already crushed the demon spymaster Nigellus, while angel Neveah Lane barely escaped into hiding with her lover’s ragtag group of friends and allies. The three realms are in danger of collapsing into chaos as political tensions that have been simmering beneath the surface for centuries erupt into all-out conflict. In many ways, Nigellus has always been a cold-blooded, manipulative, underhanded bastard. He’s also loyal, courageous, self-sacrificing, and quite possibly the love of Neveah’s cursed immortal life. With reality crumbling around them, can she and the others rescue him from the heart of the enemy’s stronghold, and somehow stop the madness before it descends into unimaginable cataclysm?     AmazonKU


Romantic relations between humans and elves are strictly forbidden, punishable by death. But what if temptation is stronger than fear? When young baron James is attacked in his chambers, elf knight Raziel is assigned to him as his personal guard. Like all elves, Raziel must uphold his virtue, but he can’t help falling for gorgeous, intelligent James. With James’s safety at risk, Raziel insists on guarding him day and night. But with every moment they spend together, temptation mounts until they’re desperate enough to break the law and risk it all.     AmazonKU


Something’s got a spaniel familiar’s tongue…and it isn’t a cat. Charity Hughes is the first witch in more than a century to possess a gift like hers. She’s a “familiar whisperer” — someone who can communicate with other witches’ troubled familiars and resolve their problems. When Darla Fitzgerald, an influential but abrasive witch, brings in her familiar, Milo, Charity runs into a barrier she’s never before encountered. The spaniel isn’t talking. At all. And when a potion to reveal Milo’s thoughts doesn’t work, Charity calls Darla to get more information…only to learn the woman has been found dead. But that’s not the weird part. Though familiars always pass with their witches, Milo is hale and hearty. After something — or someone — attacks the dog, Charity desperately calls local vet (and secret crush) Noah Jenkins for help. Now Charity is walking a double tightrope: How to manage her attraction to Noah without revealing the world of witches right under his nose…while trying to figure out who would go to any lengths — including dognapping — to ensure Milo stays silent as the grave.   Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


When the light is trapped by evil, it takes an equal darkness to free it. As the executioner of Hell, Alastor condemns those who are damned to the fires of the Underworld. When he meets the damaged soul, Ariana Sanchez, at the Speed Date mingle, he’s taken by her, and Alastor has had zero interest in humans for most of his existence. What makes her different is what makes her special: their touch strikes a vision of a future he knows has to be impossible… because it’s a life with her. Will he allow himself the chance to love and be loved, or will he destroy her and claim her soul?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


We’re in enemy territory. I have days to fix this or it’s war. Things aren’t totally what they seem in the Seelie Court. Not everyone here is my enemy. Even people I thought were five minutes ago are actually on my side. This is really a wake-up call about judging an entire realm because their prince is awful and their king is an idiot. Alastair is on the run with my dad and Brock is rotting in a cell back on. The sharks are circling in the Seelie Court. A lot of them would see themselves on the throne and some of them don’t care about getting my father safely back. In fact, I think a few of them are hoping Alastair kills him and takes care of all of us because they want war with the Unseelie Kingdom. So while we are here, I have to rescue my father, get my revenge on Alastair, stop a war a small minority wants, and help the Red Queen change the Seelie Realm to what the majority wants.     AmazonKU


As a Dragon King, I should have little to complain about, but my life has become a monotony. I feel shackled to the throne, trudging through every day hoping for something to change. And then it did. While hunting a monster, I came across Shye. Utterly misnamed, Shye is anything but. He’s vivacious, bold, hungry for life, and never hides what he feels. He makes me laugh. I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so much or when I last looked upon my kingdom with wonder. Shye gives me that; he gives me everything. For years I’ve been surrounded by sycophants. Flatters come with the crown. I was wary around Shye at first, but I quickly realized that he means everything he says, just as he says it. I want to trust him. Still, strange things are happening in the crown city of Zasbara, strange and violent things, and they all began when Shye arrived. Is my lover my long-awaited mate, the only man who will complete my life? Or is he my worst nightmare, a monster who will destroy everything I’ve worked so hard to build?   AmazonKU


The Wolf Shifters of Valren have been allies of humans since before I was born. Their new King is known as a strong and fearless leader, and now he’s my only hope. Taken by slavers, I’m traded to the Orc horde as a war prize for their General. When King Lukas comes to negotiate peace, the moment his eyes meet mine something sparks between us. He claims I am his Fated One–his Lunara–and steals me from the Orc horde. Lukas swears he’ll keep me safe and offers me his hand. But when I look in his eyes, I see the dark and hungry wolf that lies just beneath the surface–fierce and untamed. And I worry I’ve only traded one monster for another. Now, I find myself wondering: Can I accept both the beast and the man who would be my husband?     AmazonKU


Everyone fears the Orcs that live beyond the Northern Wall. The Orc King is known as a savage and brutal warrior. When the Orc horde invades the kingdom, there is nowhere to escape. Captured and taken before their King, I fear for my life. The moment our eyes meet, the Orc King claims I am his Fated One–his Ash’kyra, and that our destiny is intertwined. Our people have been enemies for hundreds of years, but he refuses to let me go. Planning my escape, I must first earn his trust. But the Orc King is far from what I expected. And the more time we spend together, I find myself drawn to him despite my better judgment. He does not just want my hand, he wants my heart. And now I find myself wondering: What would it be like if I allowed myself to fall for him?   AmazonKU


In a world full of betrayal, my Elf Knight is the only one I can trust…Everyone knows of the Shadow Knight of Aerylon. Rhyven is the First Blade of the King—the most fierce and lethal warrior in the seven realms. As sister to the King, I was never meant to rule. But on the day of my betrothal, our kingdom is attacked, and my entire world is shattered in an instant. Rhyven rescues me, vowing to keep me safe from my enemies. Despite his icy exterior, I find myself falling for the man who is now my guard. I know I can trust Rhyven with my life, but now I find myself wondering: Can I trust him with my heart?   AmazonKU


My life is full and my product is famous. Well, famous locally… My Realtor swore I’d never find a piece of land with the zoning I needed and the water I wanted…but I held my ground and, after more than a year of research, they showed me to this hillside overlooking the national forest. The spring is more than ample for my needs and incredible to drink. The Realtor suggested I just bottle the water for sale, but that wasn’t the dream. I put my life savings into the property and the equipment and opened Cougar Brewers three years ago. And after all that time, I can finally consider a personal life. I’m looking for my omega. Someone to share and build a life with. Someone to have a family with. Someone to love and who loves me in return. A forever kind of someone. Giorgio and Stefano pointed me in the direction of The Male-Order Mates app. They both met their mates through the app. They also pointed out half a dozen happy couples eating lunch in their restaurant and bar, The Grizzly, who could also credit the app for their happiness. If my best customers recommended it, I was willing to give it a shot. But when I get to the train station, I get the surprise and shock of a lifetime. Two omegas standing there waiting for me— or are they waiting for each other?   AmazonKU


It’s the end of the world as you know it…At least it will be, if my dear despicable mum gets her way. I, however, happen to be quite fond of some of the toys I’ve discovered on this plane. Ma petite monstre, for starters. But the plague is spreading, taking no prisoners, and I’m trapped and at the mercy of a deal I made with Rosie. If Pestilence succeeds, I’ll lose everything I’ve rightfully stolen. What a waste that would be. Then I’d be left in the cold and my mate would end up with them. Her vampire duke. Her over-protective wolf. Her cocky shifter. Her human hybrid. That just won’t do. Not without her delectable demon topping the list. That’s right. Topping. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to redeem myself in her eyes, not after everything I’ve done. I am the villain of this story, after all. What? I did warn you. It’s not my fault you didn’t believe me. But I’ll let you in on a little secret about villains: They’re a whole lot of fun, and if you’re not willing to lie, possess, or steal for the things you want, well can you even say you deserve them? Unfortunately, if mummy wins, none of that matters and we all lose. So, I suppose I’ll have to do what I can to stop the Apocalypse if I want to enjoy the prize I worked so hard to claim. You don’t have to thank me. I’m not doing it for you.     AmazonKU


She is the wielder of blood magic, and she may end them all. “Monster…” Wren has never stolen a life, but that doesn’t stop her from believing her darkness makes her a walking nightmare. Harboring a power so lethal, unpredictable, and entirely forbidden by kingdom law, Wren’s spent her whole life hiding what she is—who she is. A bloodwitch. Meanwhile, a war is looming, and Wren’s feral magic may be the only thing that can stop the uprising from destroying the kingdom, her home, and everyone that stands in their way. After her sister is captured by the rebellion, Wren must seek help from the kingdom’s ruler who would sooner imprison her than offer aid. Except… Singard needs her, and when she volunteers the use of her power in exchange for his help finding her sister, an unlikely alliance is born. Forced into a reluctant compromise with the “white-haired witch,” Sin finds himself protecting Wren for his kingdom’s survival, but their star-crossed relationship quickly spirals into one straddling the precipice of hate and passion. As secrets are unveiled and loyalties are tested, neither are sure who they can trust. When hostilities deepen and war draws near, Wren is determined to rein in her wild magic and bind it to her will. With the lives of everyone she loves at stake, Wren must look within and decide if she is the monster she fears, or if there is light to be found in the darkest parts of herself.

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Human women are toys on Protheka. The trick is to never get old…When my daughter falls sick, I know that I must do anything to save her. So I take to the auction stage. Sacrifice myself to a dark elf that likes pain…But one that delivers pleasure, too. Our growing love puts not just our lives in danger…But my daughter’s life too. I’ve given it all up for Loer. And now he must decide what to do. Will his past be the death of me? Or will it be what pushes us together?     AmazonKU


As the heir to a powerful vampire gang, I should be a master thief by now. But my own abilities have always been flawed. I’m good at one thing, though—stealing. When my uncle sets his sights on a prized possession owned by Gothel, the ruler of the Sky Syndicate, I’m tasked with the job of taking it. Everything changes when I meet the captivating gargoyle. He offers to fix my broken magic, and his smoldering touch and commanding presence make me feel alive for the first time in years. But Gothel’s help comes with a cost. He demands my complete surrender. And when I discover just how good it feels to give in, it’s a price I’m willing to pay. Our dangerous game of seduction and submission leaves me yearning for more. But even as I give myself to him, I know the bliss is short-lived. I’ll learn from Gothel, and then I’ll steal from him. At least that’s what I tell myself. The more time I spend in the syndicate lord’s company—and over his knee—the more I wonder if I can rob the only male who’s ever truly helped me. When danger threatens to keep us apart for good, I realize I haven’t been learning to steal. I’ve been learning to love…and I’ll do whatever it takes to win Gothel’s heart, even if it means risking everything.     AmazonKU


If the ABI finds me, I’m dead. Agent or not, when your dad is the head of the most notorious arcane crime family in the country, no one believes you when you say you didn’t open that gate to Hell on purpose. Now, I’m practically glued under enough null wards to hide a god and stuck with a stupidly sexy shifter of a jailer who hates my guts. When my former employer comes sniffing around, not only does he keep me alive, but we find out that our pasts are far more connected than either of us realize. And the lies we’ve been told could kill us both.     Amazon


Dear Miss Emilia Whitehall,
Due to your family’s recent fall from grace and your inability to thus far to secure a match on the Marriage Mart, Her Majesty has deemed your Season a failure. With no further prospects at this time, you are hereby ordered to attend The Monsters Ball. A carriage will collect you, so as to ensure your safe arrival and attendance. After a family disgrace and a broken engagement, Emilia Whitehall wants nothing more than to hide from the prying eyes of the ton forever. Unfortunately, her scheming mother has other ideas. Forced to attend the Monsters Ball by both royal decree and familial obligation, Emilia swiftly agrees to a marriage contract with a charming marquess with whom she has intense chemistry. Unfortunately, things go awry when Emilia is whisked away by Jack D’Elope, the mysterious Earl of Ritchford, who insists her new fiancé is even less honorable than her previous one. Bent on revenge against the marquess, Jack holds Emilia for ransom. Furious, she begins hatching plans for her escape. But the longer she and Jack are secreted away in a cozy, romantic cottage, the more Emilia begins to question her decision …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)    AmazonKU


To avoid spoilers. I will not be writing a blurb for this book. If you read Ice you will know that this next story is about Ax. It’s time for the phoenix king to have his world turned on its head. I strongly suggest that you read the first five books in the series before picking this one up. It’s fast-paced, steamy and forbidden.   AmazonKU

A KIND VOICE IN HELL by Ames Mullery

What’s a few years of bloody gladiator matches and witchcraft-for-hire when the life of your most important person is on the line? Like most people, Lark doesn’t notice a problem until it reaches his own doorstep. Saving his best friend from the soaring costs of life-saving healthcare requires him to sign away everything he’s got—his body, his freedom, even his witchcraft—to a billionaire who plays at philanthropy for entertainment. Although Lark may have the heart of a saint, he doesn’t have the patience of one. It isn’t long before he begins to rock the boat and ends up threatening the very people he wants to save in his reckless heroics. A KIND VOICE IN HELL is a story about an occult-obsessed billionaire looking for away to bring gladiators into the twenty-first century, a trans man with a hero complex who has never known illness a day in his life, and the disabled people caught in the middle. It contains queer love, found family, and a hero who needs to sit down and shut up before he tries to help anyone. Follow Lark as he forges an unlikely alliance on the inside and weaves masterful spellwork in hopes of changing the world for the better.     Amazon


Growing up as the daughter of a magical librarian, I’ve lived a thousand lives through books. When I’m supposed to follow family tradition and become a cleric on my twenty-first birthday, the ancient library where I live mysteriously burns down and I’m named the main suspect. To keep me out of trouble, I’m sent away to the Andora Academy of Witchcraft. Cliques thrive at my new school, so of course, I’m at the bottom of the social ladder. But I have a much bigger problem than school drama. Something sinister is lurking in the shadows, something that wants to use me and my family for its devious plot. I’m not the only one who’s noticed, though. Theo, the popular witch I’m crushing on, knows too, and to my luck, he wants to help. Unfortunately, sifting through the academy’s secrets is proving to be just as hard as passing my classes. Scratch that—harder, and much more dangerous. The closer Theo and I get to answers, the more dark magic emerges. I may not have been able to save my home from the flames, but I refuse to let the academy, my family, and the truth all go up in smoke.     AmazonKU


Cori Munroe just wants to enjoy her life after her Draft service has completed. The kids are delightful, her home life is good, but as always, trouble finds her. Rips between Earth and the realms are appearing and she seems to be to the only mage that can easily close them. When Esmere calls her to attend the council, something she thought she was well clear of, she finds herself forced to take up a position as Lord of Earth. With the council expecting her as the Herald of Magic to stop the rips, Earth freaking out and preparing military responses to the rips, Cori finds herself caught in the middle between old friends in the structures of power and new friends in the realms. Can Cori find the answers to the Undoing and stop this before something unforgivable is done? Or will she and her family be caught in the middle of a war between Magic and Earth? How high will the cost get?     AmazonKU


There are a few things that could land a witch in hot water. One is having stronger magic than most. Like a Vanish Witch who can make not only objects but people disappear. Another is being in possession of amulets that contain ghosts whose touch is death. Kitaine Neris has both. But she keeps the flirtatious ghost hidden, stays off the High Coven’s radar, and keeps up appearances with her local coven while secretly using her magic to Vanish the corrupt and violent from her city. Until a hit goes horribly awry and Kit ends up Vanishing instead. She’s shocked when she ends up in a chaotic, parallel world, and realizes that everything Vanish Witches made disappear wound up there. Including her boyfriend, Marrik, who Kit never meant to make disappear at all. Kit and Marrik’s reunion is passionate, but they need to get back home. But that’s easier said than done when every bad soul Vanish Witches used their magic on are gunning for Kit, wanting their pound of flesh. When a mysterious and powerful witch presents a way home, Kit and Marrik will do whatever it takes to fulfill the conditions that will free them before the enemy enacts a vanishing act on them that sticks. Includes a bonus short story, Kiss and Vanish     AmazonKU


On the island city of Lenorum, Maeve serves the Sisterhood of Good Death, a convent whose purpose is to shepherd lost souls from one world to the next. But her life of devotion to the unquiet dead is upended by an encounter with the haughty poet Imogen Madrigal, who has mysteriously returned from beyond the veil, not in spirit, but in the flesh–and is determined to obtain justice, whatever the cost. Maeve agrees to help Imogen solve her murder, which propels her headlong into the hedonistic and heretical world of the extravagant and influential Poets’ Court.    Amazon     Apple Books 


I never thought I would fall for a raven shifter like him. Especially not when he’s the one who could destroy everything I love. He moves with grace and power, his ebony eyes flashing with a dark intensity that makes me shiver. His black feathers are smooth and glossy, inviting me to touch them. He is a raven shifter like my adopted mother. And she would never approve of this union. She had taken me in when I was a child, and saved me from a life of abuse and neglect. She is the strongest of raven shifters, and no one dares to cross her. But I can’t resist him. The scent of his skin was intoxicating, a mix of leather and spice. His lips are warm and soft on mine, sending a jolt of electricity through my body. I want him more than anything, even if it means defying my mother and risking my place in RavenStar. I’m not one to heed warnings. Fate pulls me into an uncertain future with the threat of being banished from RavenStar forever. He’s irresistible and I’m willing to risk it all in the name of love.     AmazonKU

TRIALS OF THE INNERMOST by Jonathan Fuller and Kristina Kelly

A cataclysm in Etherea’s past stopped its rotation, leaving three distinct realms: one of light, one of dark, and one of twilight. Years of war followed until the establishment of the Trials of the Innermost. A new set of six Truthseekers is chosen for this quest of learning and cooperation, but the fragile peace created by the Trials is crumbling even as they begin their first task. The group consists of each realm’s best and brightest, and their talents range from magic channeled through music to explosive crystals. They will need all their unique abilities to survive the Trials, which take them through scorched wastes, a wall of storms, and the shadowed Fellwood. Along their journey, a shared lost past is rediscovered, forcing the Truthseekers to question all they believed. As they grapple with their new reality, a deadly secret is unveiled. A fragment of an alien force called the Penumbra has possessed one of their own, granting him preternatural abilities. One realm seeks to control the entity, but the Penumbra has other plans. If it succeeds in reuniting its broken pieces, it will gain the power to consume Etherea’s abundant life force. The Truthseekers must overcome their differences and work together before they lose their friend—and their world—to the Penumbra’s hunger.
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Murder. Secrets. Sacrifice: Three women seek the truth of the empire’s past. And the truth they find will have the power to ignite a war, in the sequel to The Final Strife, the continuation of a visionary fantasy trilogy inspired by the myths of Africa and Arabia. 
Anoor is the first blue-blooded ruler of the Wardens’ Empire. But when she is accused of a murder she didn’t commit, her reign is thrown into turmoil. She must solve the mystery and clear her name without the support of her beloved, Sylah. Sylah braves new lands to find a solution for the hurricane that threatens to destroy her home. But in finding answers, she must make a decision: Should she sacrifice her old life in order to raise up her sword once more? Hassa’s web of secrets grows ever thicker as she finds herself on the trail of crimes in the city. Her search uncovers the extent of the atrocities of the empire’s past and present. Now she must guard both her heart and her land. The three women find their answers, but not the answers they wanted. The drumbeat of change thrums throughout the world. And it sings a song of war.
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How many babies are too many in the world of Tangled Tentacles and Assassin’s? Come join the fun as we step back into the world of krakens and their mates, finding out just how Markov and Cassius coped with an unruly kraken and the shock of pregnancy in An All-Knowing Kraken. How Magnus upsets the apple cart by not following along with his mate’s expectations in Magnus’s Way. What happens when two unsuspecting mates who head off to the mall and end up with an unexpected gift in Marvin’s Little Miracle? Will Victor and Azim finally decide if they want to join in the fun of baby making in Victor’s Dilemma? Last but not least, how will Teilo and Nico react when invited to a party with a difference in Baby Shower Delights? We hope you enjoy this catch up with our boys from Tangled Tentacles and Assassin’s to Order. The authors advise to get the best out of this book, read the other in the series first.
Being reborn as an immortal defender of the realm gets awfully tiring over the years—or at least that’s what Sir Kay’s thinking as he claws his way up from beneath the earth yet again. Kay once rode alongside his brother, King Arthur, as a Knight of the Round Table. Since then, he has fought at Hastings and at Waterloo and in both World Wars. But now he finds himself in a strange new world where oceans have risen, the army’s been privatized, and half of Britain’s been sold to foreign powers. The dragon that’s running amok—that he can handle. The rest? He’s not so sure. Mariam’s spent her life fighting what’s wrong with her country. But she’s just one ordinary person, up against a hopelessly broken system. So when she meets Kay, she dares to hope that the world has finally found the savior it needs. Yet as the two travel through this bizarre and dangerous land, they discover that a magical plot of apocalyptic proportions is underway. And Kay’s too busy hunting dragons—and exchanging blows with his old enemy Lancelot—to figure out what to do about it. In perilous times like these, the realm doesn’t just need a knight. It needs a true leader. Luckily, Excalibur lies within reach. But who will be fit to wield it?     Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo

he Battle of Tjarnnaast left its mark: Katja is adrift, haunted by her memories of the battle and dark visions of a desolate wasteland. Her only guidance is her parents’ cryptic messages from the spirit world. On their instructions, Katja goes south to track down her mercenary friend Tiernan. Maybe together, they can find the Rúonbattai’s elusive cleric leader, defeat their ranks forever, and end the war. Then Katja could finally go home — if she can decide where home is. Yet Tiernan is missing, and Katja’s best hope of rescuing him is by striking unlikely alliances — with untrustworthy acquaintances and new allies hiding dangerous secrets. Druids whisper of dry winters and warming oceans and the war-torn nation is a tinderbox ready to ignite. Katja must use everything in her power, from her water magic to her hand in marriage, to battle the growing flames. If they erupt into a wildfire, everyone and everything she loves will burn with them.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


From chudails and peris to jinn and goddesses, this lush collection of South Asian folklore, legends, and epics reimagines stories of old for a modern audience. This fantasy and science fiction teen anthology edited by Samira Ahmed and Sona Charaipotra contains a wide range of stories from fourteen bestselling, award-winning, and emerging writers from the South Asian diaspora that will surprise, delight, and move you. So read on, for after all, magic has no borders. A pair of star-crossed lovers search for a way back to one another against all odds . . .A girl fights for her life against a malignant, generations-old evil . . .A peri seeks to reclaim her lost powers . . .A warrior rebels against her foretold destiny.

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VS note: Partial cliffhanger.

Gryphon shifter Marc is back in his home in the LaSalles, working on his charity foundation and trying not to be jealous of his brother Quint, who finally found someone to love after centuries alone. He’s so wrapped up in business that it comes as a great shock when an old friend shows up at his home asking for a favor before she dies. Take care of her son, who is one of the rarest shifters in the world. A unigriff. Traian doesn’t want to be trouble, but his whole world has been turned upside down. Both of his parents are lost to him, and he’s been torn away from his home. The one good thing in the whole mess is meeting Marc, who he knows is special right away. But being part unicorn means everyone wants his magic, and they’ll use violence to get it. So he doesn’t want to lose Marc as well. When an attack comes to their door, Marc’s triplet siblings come to help, and they all face dangers they never believed possible while Marc and Traiain forge a new love. Can they survive the threat to their very existence?   AmazonKU


Though Jude never complains about her daily struggles in Screaming Woods, she’s happy to let her troubles melt away when she travels in her dreams to an Enchanted Kingdom to meet a magical monarch who adores her. The clues add up every morning, making her question if the passionate hours she shares with the affectionate horned king are more than wishes and hopes. Journey with Jude and her son to the world dreams are made of to meet blue King Sargon and discover the magical kingdom most people believe is only found in fantasy.     AmazonKU


Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can actually hurt you. When Tedi, the owner of the local haunted inn, attends Daisy’s birthday party, it’s crashed by an uninvited and unwanted guest. Stella Bowman has shown up and everyone in town is furious with her. She’s started a gossip blog, and no one is safe from her poison pen. When she shows up later that night dead with a knife in her back, the whole town is on the suspect list. Even Tedi herself. Then there’s the whole battle between good and evil that they’re fighting. Jack learns how to use the artifact, and they all plan to travel back in time to save his parents and balance the universe. What could go wrong?

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I escaped the wolves who are hunting me…But then a ghost returns from my past.



Brenna is a Valkyrie who has spent millennia drifting through time, alone and heartbroken but free. Reed is a lost soldier haunted by a desire for redemption. When a new race seeks vengeance and an old one fights for survival, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. The only hope for victory rests on the life of a child, the last Elvin Princess, and Brenna and Reed are determined to see it through. Their journey through the Roots of Yggdrasil is long, hard, and perilous. Fire Giants, demons, and an army of half-breeds set on destruction threaten to end the mission at any moment. Brenna knows that feelings don’t belong in such a dangerous endeavor, especially for a Valkyrie. But as they face one deadly challenge after another, Brenna and Reed find themselves drawn to each other. Their growing love is like a stubborn flower that blooms in the dirt, but their love is now deadly. Will they be able to put aside their feelings and save the world, or will their passion be their downfall?



I was a lone wolf without a pack–– could my fated mate be a human? I don’t know what it is about Cage Rucker that makes my wolf howl. Yeah, he has a body that’s been chiseled from marble, and a smile that melts my heart, but it’s more than that. There’s something about the way he smells. My wolf knows. Does that mean that this boy is going to fall all over himself to find out? No way. Cage has a girlfriend. I don’t fall for straight boy… anymore. I wouldn’t even have talked to him again if he hadn’t offered me an exchange I couldn’t refuse. And now that I’m seeing him every day and he’s making my wolf go wild, what am I supposed to do? I’ve worked tirelessly to suppress my wolf since it got loose and killed someone. Can I trust it now? Can I trust myself around Cage considering the way he makes me feel? Will I have a choice when I learn his secret? I used to think I’m the only wolf shifter in existence. Am I be wrong? Could Cage be my fated mate?     AmazonKU


He saw me first. But I’m not meant for him. Stolen from the human world, I’m brought to the kingdom of sky fae to entertain the king. With my memories taken, I no longer remember my past, but my future depends on gaining King Tiane’s favor and affection. Against my better judgment, however, it’s the attention of the morose and sarcastic High General Voron that I crave. As I try to fit in the glamorous yet dangerous court life, Voron is always there, lurking in the shadows. I believe he’s watching me as part of his duties. Then I realize he is watching over me. But even the mighty High General can’t predict what the king has planned. Voron is the only highborn without wings. I’m the only human in Sky Kingdom. We agree to hate each other, but when my life is at stake and I have no one else to turn to, can I take the risk of trusting him?    AmazonKU


The seas of Faerie and Albion need to be healed in order for magic to flow again, and it’s up to one surly fae king and a lighthouse keeper with a strange gift to get the job done. Mananan has to fix the oceans between Faerie and the human world to stop them both from dying. With a god killing sword and a willingness to use it, he’s more than up to the task of defeating any monsters their enemies throw at him. The problem is, he needs to find the altars that are sucking the magic from the sea, and he has no idea where to start looking. Ella’s magical talent for seeing visions whenever she touches something has ensured she lives in seclusion and privacy. That is, right up until a kraken attacks her light house, and she is saved by Mananan. Being indebted to one of the fae is a dangerous business, but Ella has no choice. She has a skill they need to find the altars, and there’s something about her that Mananan can’t resist. As they battle to save both worlds from a growing darkness, they’ll discover that their love for each other is the strongest magic of all.     AmazonKU


Three things guaranteed to turn a Mage Pageant deadly: _Contestants willing to do anything to win_Beautiful outfits and dazzling performances_A missing body When Ella goes undercover as a contestant in one of the most renown pageants in the magicking world, she’s expecting behind the scenes drama–but not a backstage murder scene. With Vanessa along as her trusty assistant and the dependable and handsome Vin watching her back as head of security, she has to navigate contestants with lots to hide and pageant staff with agendas of their own, all while maintaining her cover as a mage who wants to win the crown. Luckily, more surprise friends drop in to help. And she needs all the assistance she can get because while they know that someone was killed backstage…the body has disappeared.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


With the pack on the verge of war and its leadership in question, Tessa didn’t consider the necromancer she hired as anything other than a solution to the pack’s problem. So why can’t she stop looking at her or refuse the help she’s offered? Penelope shouldn’t have agreed to help Tessa, but she couldn’t turn down the money or the look in her eyes. Now she’s caught in the beginning of a war. So why did she offer to stick around and help? It might be her big heart or the way her pulse races when Tessa looks at her. With the clock ticking, can Tessa and Penelope pull themselves away from each other long enough to find the answer to the pack’s problems? And will bringing the pack together rip them apart?

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VS: Just a reminder I did have a New Release last week!

1550 BCE. Mayet is a newly appointed priestess at the temple of Isis in a southern Egyptian border town. When enemies attack the city, she must flee alone with a sacred effigy to keep the invaders from claiming it and using it for their own magic rituals. Joining with other refugees from the stricken city, she has to hide the statue from curious eyes and comfort her companions as if she was a learned, senior priestess. They all look to her for leadership on their desperate trek north. With the enemy close on their heels, Mayet stumbles over an ancient, abandoned fort, where her party takes refuge. Surrounded and trapped by the invaders, she faces a bleak future. Khay is a high-ranking Egyptian officer, sent by Pharaoh to negotiate treaties with various southern tribes. He and his soldiers narrowly escape an ambush at the city where Mayet’s temple was located and are on the run from the invaders when he sees the shelter of an abandoned fort. Now he and his men are also trapped inside the stout walls with no food and no hope of rescue. Yet he has no regrets for the priestess leading the refugees is the woman the goddess Isis has shown him in a vision, the one who could become his wife. Together Mayet and Khay must find a way to bring their people to freedom. Will Isis listen to pleas from such a fledgling priestess? Khay comes from a famous family, smiled upon by other gods – will any of them come to his aid? As the pair struggle to stay alive and save the other Egyptians, attraction grows and unites their hearts. But is there to be a future in this world, or only in the Afterlife?

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Pain, pleasure, trauma, and love—basic words that fail to capture the entirety of my disturbing and tangled past. I was created from malice and greed. After serving as Inferuna’s professional torturer for two millennia, I was betrayed and forced to either escape or forfeit my life. Before they could further blacken my demonic heart or steal my immortality, I fled from Inferuna to the human realm. Here, I found my second-greatest love to torturing lost souls… the pleasures of the flesh. I opened a special club that caters to niche interests and currently live life as its ruler… In simple words, my name is Mistress Mariax, and I run a sex dungeon for supernaturals. Earth has many vices, and I am content to play with them all. Ever since leaving Inferuna, though, the tingle of foreboding slithers down my spine. Something is watching me, and when it reveals itself, I’Il enjoy unleashing the darkness that slumbers deep within me.   AmazonKU


VS Note: Book is listed in vampire romance. Author states it cvannot be read as a standalone.

Division Chief Seraphine Thomas is tired of the men in her world making her life so much more difficult. From Brian getting promoted and bringing Murray into her life to Murray treating her like he’s her boss and she has to play along to set him up because of what Director Galvin wants. Then there’s Enzo’s plans and new crazy all the way up to the damn president. Seriously, she’s about to just beat all the men in the world if they don’t stop with the unnecessary drama. And apparently, Alena’s over it too. While she can’t change a lot, Sera never stops trying to be the best version of herself and is working on loads she can make better. Her drive and pushing through the bad inspires the supes who need her and see her as the hope we all need most days. Especially when there will always be monsters who live among us. Someone is killing in Chicago, and it’s a weird case unlike the FBI has seen. Handling a murder investigation shouldn’t be the easy part of someone’s life, right? Seraphine Thomas is a crime series filled with Chicago attitude and a strong heroine that pushes what most would think a female lead capable of, along with the heat being involved with several men brings while trying to figure out what she wants.     AmazonKU


I’m standing in an empty hall full of closed doors. Behind each one is an alpha I could bond with. I’ve never met any of them before. I don’t know their names. All I know is that they’re like me: a fox shifter without a family. Losing your parents is different when you’re a fox shifter. Our family chooses our mates for us. When my dads died, I thought I’d never get to have an alpha of my own. Then I found out about Snuggle Inn. It’s a place that helps fox shifters like me find a mate. Their services aren’t cheap, and there’s no guarantee it will work. The bonding process of fox shifters is precarious, even in the best of circumstances. I hope I don’t choose the wrong door.     AmazonKU


Jorian Tal has lived through every age of man, training great heroes and watching those he loved age and die, or worse, fall to darkness in countless wars. Disillusioned and out of faith in humanity, the last thing he needs is another student to train. Daughter of an ancient noble house, Sarannya Tatara’s path is already decided, and yet she dreams of forbidden things: swords, dragons, and a life she can never have—until the day she holds one of the General’s blades in her hand. As demons sweep over the land in a wave of darkness and corruption, Jorian has one last chance to right the wrongs of the past, and resurrect the ancient order of knights who once kept the world safe. If he fails, all of humanity will be lost. If he succeeds, his long life can finally end. The empire he helped build centuries ago is on the brink of collapse, and everything rests on the shoulders of a girl who embodies the spirit of his greatest failure, a wound he still carries in his heart. For Jorian and Sarannya, history is repeating itself—and he has already failed her once before.

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Please Note: This is a novella series with episodes coming monthly or more frequently! London, 1880 – PHILIPPA: I’ve returned to London with my proverbial tail between my legs. After the death of my beloved husband, I took my broken heart and retreated to Paris, where I’ve been living for the last year. But finally deciding I need to face the ghosts of my past, I’ve returned. And now find myself sitting in a jail cell in Scotland Yard, the precinct of the London police. I’ve been accused of stealing a diamond necklace. Really, there’s no mystery there—I’m guilty and I’ve admitted as much. But I’m only guilty of taking back something which was already mine to begin with. I can only hope Inspector Grant Stirling, a man as unfriendly as he is tall, dark and handsome, will believe me when I tell him …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)   AmazonKU


Helia is fractured, attempting to recover from tragic loss and shocking revelations. The lines between good and evil have become blurred and it is difficult to know who can be relied upon in this time of unrest. The continent faces ruthless attacks by the Horde while Helia is left reeling from an unsettling truth. Alliances must be made in order to survive the war, but all is not what it seems. Those who remain in Helia struggle to process their trauma. While some find solace in turning to their work, others struggle to find a semblance of normality finding nothing but pain. Ghosts from the past have come back to haunt them, and the only way to put them to rest is to face them head one. There is one thing known for certain: The Horde is coming and they do not know how to stop them. As our beloved heroes approach their final battle, relationships will be tested, and sacrifices must be made. Can Aethion be saved? Or will it all have beenin vain? This is the last stand, the bloody battleground on which good will face evil, and not everyone will make it out alive.     AmazonKU


Bad news always comes in threes. As do the hits that knock Keon’s perfectly laid plans into chaos. His no-good brother conducted a hostile takeover of their pack, became Alpha, and got killed in the space of a year. Grief has crippled their father, leaving Beta Weston desperate for Keon’s return, as Simeon’s last act as Alpha was to name Keon his successor. Leaving his friends is heartbreaking. Arriving home to a hostile pack is unsurprising. But finding a rival pack hovering on the boundaries of his land, vying for blood, could be a problem. With Simeon dead, they don’t seem to care which Alpha bleeds for the crimes. With no other choice, Keon shoulders the burden of being Alpha. Fighting, bleeding, and sacrificing. As a new Alpha, he needs to prove himself to get the respect needed for them to accept change…like dragging Vihaan into the 21st century. On the top of the list is finding a mate. But who would want to mate an Alpha whose own pack doesn’t respect him?



I’m supposed to marry the alpha. But he thinks I’m too young and inexperienced. The pack has announced that we’re a match, but he says I could never be his mate. But when my old flame shows up, he suddenly changes his mind. He gets protective of my curves and wants to make babies. I tried to oppose it, but the pack set me up on a date with him anyway. I’ve seen him a hundred times. There’s no reason to get excited. So why am I suddenly feeling sensitive and tender at the sight of him? Why do I want more when I know my attraction isn’t reciprocated? He says I can’t be his mate but moves me into his house anyway. He pretends he doesn’t care but get irate when my ex shows up. He makes me furious but his protectiveness turns me on badly. The tension hangs in the air, and I’m about to beg for release. What will the alpha do when he finds out I’m pregnant with his baby?     AmazonKU


I thought orcs were just a fantasy. But as it turns out, my billionaire orc boss is a fantasy alright…My fantasy. I came to Curiosity for a vacation. I didn’t expect to meet a tall, handsome, growler – a man and a myth in one. Just my luck, Hargoz is looking for a nanny – and that’s my speciality. But even if it wasn’t…I’d say yes to whatever gets me in his house. His kids warm my heart, but their father has started a fire in me that only he can soothe. And based on those bulging muscles I’ve seen, he just might have the endurance for it. I know that he has the size. For orcs, actions speak louder than words. And I’m ready to show him just how eager I am to please my new boss.   AmazonKU


There are many things that go bump in the night, and I am one of them. As a vampyr who was born to fulfill a prophecy, my life was planned before I was created. I obeyed every rule, and I became the perfect vampyr, but one night changed everything. Rejected by the man who was destined for me, who was supposed to love me forever, I do the only thing I can, I flee…Into the night, nursing my broken heart. Being a rejected mate corrupts the soul, however, and in this game of Courts and Kings, nobody wins. Nobody except the monsters in the shadows. The monsters that save me, welcome me, and make me one of them. Welcome to the Court of Nightmares, where all your wicked dreams come true.     AmazonKU


Christian Avery is not ready to move on. After his humanity was taken away, Christian has trouble adapting to his new life as a raven shifter. He feels stifled by his  overprotective flock mates. All Christian wants is one night to himself. That night ends in disaster when Christian is lured into a supernatural killer’s den. Just when Christian thinks death is ready to claim him, a gruff half-fae investigator surfaces to save him. Ford Benton is relentless. His sole goal in life is finding the creature who put his partner six-foot under. Meeting his fated mate is an unexpected surprise. When danger closes in, Christian and Ford agree to work together to bring a serial killer down. As Ford becomes closer to Christian, he realizes that there might be more to life than vengeance.   AmazonKU

FIERY FAE (THE NIGHT REALM: COURT MARKED BOOK TWO) by Chandelle LaVaun and Megan Montero

Chaos beckons me …I feel it in my bones. I hear it in the wind rushing through my hair. That veil has been lifted, the fog is gone. My magic is alive inside of me, burning and begging to be unleashed. There’s no turning this off and going back to the life I had. I know who I am now and I know what I have to do. But things have gone from bad to worse. It’s one step forward and two steps back. Except I’m not alone in this fight. The mages of Second Realm are right behind me, guiding me on this journey…and I have Bastien. Queen Tephine really hates that I have Bastien and I have every intention of rubbing that in her face. She tortured him for decades and now he’s going to be her demise. Because the one thing she never planned for was his betrayal. The Court is waiting…but they’re not near ready for me.     AmazonKU


VS note: Cliffhanger.

They call me their captive, their pet, their toy. One prince wants to keep me; another desires to steal me away. And a third? I think he wants to end my life. During the day, I’m kept by the possessive and alluring Prince Blaze and the charming Prince Treyton. At night, I find myself…somewhere else. There, I’m no less a prisoner than I am when I’m awake. The psychotic and deranged Night King wishes to clip my wings and keep me caged. Everything changes when Calan—the icy, aloof, and cold-hearted prince of the Winter Court—spirits me away to the overrun Summer Court. He hopes to use me to find the elusive Death Whisperer and get revenge on behalf of his brother. What will he do when he discovers the fae he’s looking for is none other than the servant he despises and desires in equal measure? With Day and Night forces attacking us from every direction, a mysterious assassin following in my footsteps, and a deadly virus rampaging across the territories, I’m not sure my powers to heal will be strong enough to save us. How can one female repair a world torn apart by war, bloodshed, and hatred? Death has whispered to me for years now, but I’m afraid of what will happen if I finally decide to start listening.   AmazonKU


She was willing to sacrifice anything for revenge. But she thought she was only gambling with her life… not her heart.Aerial performer Zita has dedicated ten years of her life to one thing and one thing alone: vengeance. Armed with an iron blade, she must take to the silks and give the performance of a lifetime to kill the notorious Prince of Monsters – the fae prince responsible for her sister’s death. But when Zita’s plan fails, she finds herself imprisoned, sentenced to be the prince’s “pet” as punishment for her crime. With cruelty as sharp as his claws, Sepher is everything Zita expected from her enemy. Yet he’s also patient and obsessive, particularly when it comes to his “pet’s” punishment. Nevertheless, Zita refuses to surrender – not even to a fae prince. Sepher may have collared her, but nothing can stop her from getting her revenge… not even at the cost of her heart.     AmazonKU


Koalas aren’t supposed to live here. Human omega Cameron is looking for a place to live away from the rat race that is the big city. When he arrives in the small town of Riverford, he decides to make it his home. But the garden in his new house is nonexistent, and when two men, one elderly and the other with blue hair, direct him to a local nursery, he heads straight there. Alpha koala shifter Gideon has always felt out of place. His father was mistaken for a wild koala, locked in a cage, and transported across the ocean to a zoo. He shifted and escaped, but in his search for somewhere to live, he mated, and they had Gideon. Now Gideon is an adult and alone in the world, he’s adrift, always searching, but never finding where he belongs. Until he meets Mr. Lucas and his nephew whose new business is running a nursery. While Gideon is browsing the eucalyptus, he makes an interesting discovery.     AmazonKU


Ellie Gleason has protected the town of Samford, Alabama for decades. It’s not as glamorous as her glory days as the WitchLight Hub, but it keeps her active during her golden years. Life is good. Well, it’s okay. Fine. It could be bloodier with a smidge more gore, but retirement is meant to be low-key. It’s not like her fragile bones could handle the strenuous hunt for monsters anymore, even if her current duties are dull as dishwater. But when her great-nephew shows up on her doorstep in tears—or is he her great-great nephew?—begging for help, Ellie straps on her beloved shotgun, Bam-Bam, and gets the coven back together. Sure, Betty just had a hip replacement, and Flo would rather flirt than fight, and Ida is busy with her anniversary plans, and Joan is…Joan. But Ellie is certain she can whip the girls into shape in time to defeat the creature preying on kids at a nearby summer camp. She might even have them home in time for dinner.   AmazonKU


Kinsley and Meri team up to investigate the mysterious theft of a powerful magical amulet. The charmed jewelry has the power to harm witches, so time is of the essence. They must use their combined knowledge of magic and detective skills to uncover clues, from a suspicious pawn shop to an old barn in the forest. Can they solve the crime one spell at a time?     AmazonKU


”Then, Samkiel, you will know this is how the world ends.”But it was not this world. No, it was mine. It was Dianna. The world quakes in fear as the last shred of Dianna’s humanity is ripped from her. As it should. Grief consumes Dianna, burning away any semblance of good within her and threatening the budding relationship between her and Liam. Now, Liam must pull her back from the brink of complete damnation before time runs out.     AmazonKU


Everyone has secrets, and growing up in the Wildlands has taught omega wolf, Nicky, that some secrets are meant to be taken to his grave. His life is looking up now that he’s part of the New Hemlock Wolf Pack, and he and his brothers have settled in. Nicky enjoys studying magic with his teacher, Starry, and being an uncle to Baby Astrid, but there are things not even his brothers know about him. While one brother enjoys his life with his newly met true-mate and the other daydreams about meeting his, Nicky is content to keep his thoughts, memories, and secrets to himself. Everything grinds to a halt when he meets Alpha wolf, Manuel, who has come to Heartville with secrets of his own, even if they’re more obvious than Nicky’s. Alpha wolf Manuel arrives in Heartville with a not-so-little secret. Baby Juliard is almost three months old. For reasons of his own, he kept Baby Juliard’s birth to himself and is now on the run from the baby’s not-so-happy grandparents. He wants to start over and carve out a peaceful life for himself and his infant pup, but the past has a way of dogging his footsteps. With their future hanging in the balance, will Nicky trust Manuel enough with his past to exchange the true-mate claiming vows that will surely expose his deepest darkest memories before Manuel’s past catches up with them?     AmazonKU


My mates have changed my entire world. The broken wolf. The protective dragon. The passionate griffin. The playful snake. Just when I let myself hope for a happy ending, everything comes crashing down around me. The fate of the world is in the palm of my hand, but to eliminate the threat I might have to sacrifice more than I’ve bargained for.   AmazonKU


I’m the girl who nearly killed her alpha. Fresh starts are for the deserving. After what I did, that is not me, so when an opportunity to start over comes my way, I decide to go lone wolf instead. Gavin Blackshaw, the shifter sent to take me to my fresh start, thinks I’m joining his pack in Colorado. I’m not. Gavin proves strangely resistant to the idea of me becoming a lone wolf. By resistant, he swears to chase me down if I even think of running. When we wind up sharing a bed in a motel room not once, but twice, it’s impossible to deny the simmering attraction between us.
Staying with him isn’t an option. Until a ghost from my past doesn’t just try to haunt me, it tries to kill me. Suddenly, leaving isn’t as clear-cut as I’d envisioned. With Gavin determined to fight this threat by my side, I’m tempted to let him. Can a stray alpha who doesn’t believe in fresh starts find one in Colorado with a shifter hell-bent on keeping her?     AmazonKU


Destiny isn’t for the weak. I’m broken. Broken, and I don’t know how to fix me. I only know that I had to walk away. Walk away from my love, my friends, my new life. But then the world starts falling apart. And in order to fix it—in order to save everything that is dear to me—I have to do the one thing I’m terrified to do. Embrace my power. Embrace everything in this new life I’ve carved out for myself. For if I don’t, all will be lost.     AmazonKU


Lost Past. New Powers. Time to fall in love. Destiny isn’t for the weak. There’s only one way to save Charlotte, and I’m it. But if I managed to do it, what will that mean for Triaten and my sister? I’m torn, and not in a good way. For if there’s one thing I’m starting to recognize, it’s destiny. And Triaten and Charlotte? They are destiny in the making. Heathens in the Shadows is a reimaging mashup of mythology and demigods in a fantasy romance with forbidden love, multiple POV, myths and legends, fated mates, amazing powers, morally-grey choices, twists, cliffhangers, spice, two kick-butt heroines and two tear-the-world-down-for-her heroes. Plus, let’s not forget the delicious, sexy angst.     AmazonKU


Grayson Cole is stuck: stuck with writer’s block, stuck with no love life, and stuck in a place he no longer feels is home. In an effort to free himself—and discover the mysterious reason he’s so drawn to his mother’s hometown—Gray travels to Scotland, hoping that the wild, beautiful scenery will relight his lost spark. Upon arrival at a picturesque Loch-side village, Gray quickly realises that the scenery isn’t the only beautiful thing the Highlands has to offer. Hamish Macleod, the fiery young Scotsman who runs the local museum is refreshingly blunt and as sarcastic as they come, and Gray refuses to ignore their instant chemistry . . . even if the lad is an avid believer in the Loch Ness Monster. They indulge in a no-strings holiday fling, but a series of increasingly vivid dreams—and some life-changing late night encounters—have Gray questioning everything he thought he knew about Loch Ness and its mythical beastie. He’s forced to admit that Hamish was right about the creature’s existence, but it turns out, the lad is hiding an even bigger secret, and when Gray finds out the truth, he’s in for a wild ride. In more ways than one.     AmazonKU

SIREN by R J Lewis and A R Rose 

Captain James Erickson was once a prince but is now cursed and bound to the sea. With a reputation for being fearsome and ruthless, he has weathered many storms. But nothing could have prepared him for the storm that took his entire crew—a storm conjured by a siren, a creature believed to be extinct. Consumed by revenge, Captain Erickson is determined to find the siren who destroyed his crew. But when he captures her, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. As they journey together across the treacherous ocean facing countless dangers, their forbidden love may be the greatest danger of all. Will Captain Erickson let go of his desire for revenge and give into his connection with his sworn enemy? Or will the curse live on?   AmazonKU


VS note: From APRIL 28.

Never trust a werewolf. I’m the weakest cartomancer who ever lived, but I can use Tarot cards to work magic. Most days. That makes me the natural prey of the Soldiers of the Light, the jumped-up werewolves who police the magic community. They’ve hunted cartomancers for centuries because of some stupid ancient feud. Never speak to a werewolf. I’m helping the local vampires track a rogue that’s menacing our little town when I knock a handsome stranger off his motorbike. He’s badly hurt but refuses medical help. So I take Mr Tall, Dark and Suspicious home—and find out he’s a Soldier. Because that’s just the kind of day I’m having. Never, under any circumstances, fall in love with a werewolf. He’s my sworn enemy, but sparks fly between us. Now I have a monster to catch and a town to save, all while guarding my secret—and my heart—from a man who would kill me without a second thought if he knew the truth.   AmazonKU


She is the love of his life; he is promised to another. Emma – I love my job. I love my boss. Then I meet my new boss, and he’s the sexiest man alive. I don’t plan to do anything about that attraction, but fate forces us together. We ar e attacked by lion shifters! He saves me miraculously, and I learn he’s not only a lion shifter himself. He’s a prince! When he tells me who I am, I am in disbelief. He’s here to save me, but we can’t be together. Unless I can figure out a way to change that. Caleb – Emma is breathtaking.
Her parentage shows immediately. She has no idea who she is. She has no idea why the rebels are after her. It falls to me to protect her. I’m good at my job. But I am also more than my job. I am heir to the throne of the lion shifters. And I am promised to another.
How can I put my love aside and do my duty?      AmazonKU

BROUGHT TO LIGHT by Eliot Grayson

A hitman and a fae walk into a café…Callum always gets the job done—whether he likes it or not—but this job isn’t like any other. The target’s too young and pretty for comfort, and the clients are offering more threats than cash. And either the target poisoned his hot chocolate or he’s going crazy, because magic trees are suddenly a thing. It’s really not his day. Linden’s on the run, and the human realm’s a good place to hide from evil sorcerers who think he’s the answer to a prophecy. But his enemy has found a way to send a very human and very dangerous assassin after him—a man who could kill Linden with one hand. He should be terrified, but his knees go weak for all the wrong reasons.
When Linden’s family is taken hostage, Callum ought to be the last thing on his mind, but Linden can’t resist the chance to fulfill his deepest fantasies before sacrificing his own life. Callum knows he should walk away—it’s not his fight. But the beautiful fae is under his skin and now protecting Linden and his family feels more important than his own survival. A human learning to feel. A fae learning to trust. Can two worlds merge into one true love?     AmazonKU


VS Note: Re-release of a Vella serial. From APRIL 27.

She fell in love with the charming lord. Now, she has to learn to live with the dragon. 
The revelations of Wylhier have Cera questioning the nature of her relationship with Isael. Meanwhile, Isael finds himself reevaluating his priorities as a figure from his past resurfaces. “The Future Aesolina” takes place after “The Elven Lord’s Concubine: Volume Three” and contains Episodes 52 – 77 of the Kindle Vella serial. It is 76,000 words in length and has a to-be-continued ending and contains themes of violence.   AmazonKU


The road to Hell is paved with Yellow Bricks – I was perfectly single and content up until the wild winds brought me to this strange world of Oz. Suddenly I’m a hero who killed a wicked witch, and my dog, Toto, is startlingly human: a tall, gorgeous, dark-haired one at that, who’s ready to ruthlessly protect me from all of the strange creatures along the Yellow Brick Road. Then the scarecrow showed up, a so called tin man, and a “lion.” They all want something from me, and I don’t know if I can give it to them. Not with the Wicked Witch of the West hot on my ruby red heels. My only hope is that this Wizard everyone keeps talking about will break all of our curses. If he doesn’t, I may just have to take matters into my own hands, Then they’ll all be sorry. At least I’ll be getting some cute shoes out of it.     AmazonKU


My world comes crashing down when I learn my mother is not my mother but a centuries-old spirit determined to possess my body. I do what anyone in my position would do: I run. But I can’t keep running forever, so I enlist the help of Redrock Protective Services. I expect to be partnered with one of the company’s gargoyle brothers but find myself face-to-face with a demon instead. (You know the type: horns, tail, devilish grin.) By the otherworldly glow in his eyes, it’s clear Eamon wants to do a lot more than just protect me. Wrapped up in the arms of my very own possessive monster, we search for a permanent solution to my problem. Can we find it in time, or am I doomed to lose myself forever?     AmazonKU


DELL – When the dust settled after the Halloween party that changed so many lives, I was left in the shadows. I watched the people I lived next to for years forget about me as they picked up the pieces of their lives. How could they find a new normal when I’m left no better than fog? Darkness and bitterness have become my constant companions and I have no doubt that’s how it will always be. Even though I’m angry, what else can I do but continue to watch from the darkest corners of Screaming Woods while everyone goes on? I’m not expecting a light to suddenly appear. Caroline isn’t all monster, but, as a child of our resident wolfman and his mate, she’s not all human either. As much as I want to give into the pull to her, I’ve spent far too long existing within the shadows. She deserves more, but that won’t stop me from watching her. CAROLINE – Finding my place in Screaming Woods hasn’t been easy for me. I’m not a monster, but I’m not a human like my mom. I’m something in between. I don’t know where…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)     AmazonKU


Reeve Lawson, reluctant werewolf and Supernatural Agent, is all about work. Until he meets Lord Rosewood and experiences an attraction unlike any he’s ever felt. He learns a werewolf myth may hold the answers. When Lord Rosewood is implicated in a crime, Reeve risks all to find the real culprit. Meanwhile, Lord Rosewood is hiding something that could change everything. Can the two overcome their issues and find their way to each other?    Amazon KU


When a true crime podcast turns into a true crime, Abby and her fellow FBI investigators are shocked when a young woman is murdered during a live broadcast. With no clue as to the victim’s identity or location, the team must rely on Abby’s intuition to hone in on the victim. When they discover the girl’s remains at the University of Texas, the team can barely catch their breath before another female student falls victim to the same killer. Knowing that it’s only a matter of time before her phone rings with another young coed’s pleas for help, Abby and her team must race to find a clue—any clue—that will lead them to the killer. Trouble is, Abby’s got a sinking feeling that she could be the next guest on the killer’s podcast.     Amazon


Centuries ago, humans waged a war with dire consequences against magical beings. They won and banished the vicious fae to another realm. Now, after years of waiting, the fae and the paranormal descendants they left behind in the human world are ready to rise again. When Cassidy Wright envisioned how her life would change as a newly divorced, single mom of 40, learning to navigate a treacherous world filled with monsters and magic wasn’t what she had in mind. She had no idea supernatural creatures or magic even existed until she inherited her late mother’s cabin in the heart of Silvery Pines, Colorado. Now, Cassidy’s seeing things she never believed possible: vampires, shifters, and a haunting power within herself. And as the banished fae, now known as The Watchers, return to seek revenge on the human world, Cassidy’s newfound abilities make her the target of their series of deadly games. To stand a chance at defeating a bloodthirsty horde of fae-descended vampires, Cassidy must learn to control her mysterious power before the first game at Winterball begins. The cost of losing is her life…and the lives of everyone she loves. Let the games begin.    AmazonKU

HALF WOLF MATE by Jennifer Eve

She’s my dirty little secret, so perilous that can destroy everything I have. Never did I need a fated mate, but she’s too alluring to resist, and also too suspicious to be claimed. Falling for a spawn of hunter is like blasphemy, which will make me the traitor to my pack and even a turncoat to all werewolves. I must be cruel and reject her, yet crazy in this game of love and hate we finally give in to our bond. Only by staying hidden can her life be saved, but she sneaks out and gets attacked. When she appears with my enemy, I’m told she’s pregnant and plans to skip town. After a night of revelations, I choose her over everything else, but determined to kill all shifters, human hunters won’t let us off. She wants to sacrifice herself while I’m ready for a fierce battle.   AmazonKU


Mage Jannick Pederson thought it was a simple assignment: help the gryphon leader find some missing human children and then go home. A noble cause, even if he didn’t much like the abrasive jerk. So why didn’t someone tell him he’d be working closely with the leader’s son instead? That hot piece of perfection could make even happily-single Jannick give up his no-strings-attached ways. Gryphon shifter Conall Arwan has simple goals for his life: get his PhD in pediatric shifter social work and stay off the radar of his disapproving father. When his father orders him to work with a hot but arrogant mage to find missing human kids, all Conall sees is how it pushes back his graduation date. Again. And even if the mage unexpectedly turns out to be not so bad—and maybe even a little sweet—there’s still no future for them. Conall’s dad has plans for him and they don’t include getting involved with a sexy, infuriating mage. But fate has other ideas.   AmazonKU


Rory and her magical family have been through their fair share of tribulations. The sudden reappearance of a hidden corridor in the library has unleashed a series of baffling riddles left by the library’s creator, but Rory’s deceased grandmother’s motives are as shrouded in mystery as ever. When a professor is poisoned to death at the local university, everyone thinks it’s an accident. Only Rory and her family know of a potential link with a notorious group of vampires who are tangled up with her family’s own history. Before she knows it, danger is afoot, and the past is intruding on the present in unexpected ways. Can Rory unearth the truth before she ends up consigned to the pages of history herself?     AmazonKU

THE BOOK OF G by Lily Archer

I have a glorious past full of achievement and renown. I mean, I feel like I must, right? The problem is, I can’t remember it. I can’t even remember my own name. I was found in a river, body mangled and face scarred, with nothing to identify me besides a single embroidered letter. My memory is a murky blur, but I have a quest, one that will give me back everything I’ve lost. The voice in the water told me so. But the voice seemed to miss a few important highlights—namely the woman who challenges me at every twist and turn of my journey. The woman who tells me I’m a villain. The woman who becomes every fervent whisper of my heart, and every last thought in my head. If I can complete my quest and recover what I’ve lost, she’ll see we’re meant to be.     AmazonKU


An Alpha will stop at nothing to retrieve his Mate. Even if it means being scorched in the wake of his own havoc. After Edwina is kidnapped by her crazy ex-boyfriend, Cody, Hardy puts pressure on the Rogues’ plan to take over Newham. Brimming with tension, he moves to attack the Highcrest pack as soon as possible, but nothing is ever simple. With new foes materializing, the stench of powerful magic in the air, and an unexplainable obsession from Hardy’s Mate’s ex, retrieving Edwina almost seems impossible. Almost. Through the strength formed from abandonment and leadership, Hardy will push through and overcome any obstacle to claim what is his. Or he’ll die trying. Edwina’s longing for her Mate is maddening. Her home is no longer her home. It is the base of the enemies. Plagued with doubt, betrayal, and anger, she decides to use her ex-boyfriend, Cody’s, obsession with her to get to the bottom of her mother’s disappearance, but at what cost?  When Cody finally crosses a boundary and Hardy is made aware, the roar from the Alpha of the Rogues can be heard for miles before all chaos ensues.     AmazonKU


Can repeatedly stabbing your fated mate be the way to his heart? After a rough break-up, omega Brady needs a cover up tattoo ASAP. He refuses to walk around with his ex’s name etched into his skin for one day longer, especially since it was the unfortunate result of a not-so-sober night years ago. But finding the perfect artist is harder than Brady thought. It’s only when he and his daughter Kiara take a wrong turn that Brady finds his perfect tattoo artist—and maybe something more…When a handsome young father walks into Heraldry Ink, alpha TJ nearly drops his tattoo machine. His long-buried shifter instincts awaken and he knows Brady is his fated mate. But Brady is human and TJ isn’t even close. Can TJ convince Brady that a human and a heraldic beast are meant to be—all while painfully stabbing him over and over?    AmazonKU


No. It can’t be. How did he find me? This isn’t him. It can’t be. I’ve covered my tracks. Done everything right. Kept moving so that he can never catch up to me. The magical ring on my left hand tightens around my finger. I almost hiss in pain. The burning sensation lingers as I bury my fear deep down. The man with the red eyes catches sight of me. It shouldn’t matter. I don’t look anything like he remembers. With a magical glamour wrapped around me, I am no longer the violet-skinned elven woman that was promised to him. Instead, I am a black woman dressed head to toe in leather, with white braids pulled up into a messy bun. Yet, he sets his sights on me as if he knows. I look back to the door and curse to myself. My target has slipped away. I’ll have to track him down again later. Right now, I need to get out of here before Arven D’Or of the Golden Elven Court realizes that he’s finally found his bride-to-be. Because there’s no way I am marrying that monster. Not after what he did to my family. No matter how persistent, how patient, how pretty appears, I know his true character. Don’t I?     AmazonKU


He used to bully me for having a crush on him. Now he wants me to play nurse for him.
I avoided him after he publicly rejected me, until we ended up working in the same office. We compete, we bicker, but then he’s bitten by a wolf and needs my nursing skills.
And suddenly, he turns into a huge beast and gets all protective of me…I don’t know if his savage wolf is dangerous and I don’t how to handle him. When I run, he gives chase, my scent in his nostrils. When I stop, he gets close and shifts back, his clothes torn and discarded. He says he needs to devour, to ravage, to tear into something. And that something is me. The atmosphere is stifling, and the adrenaline notches things into overdrive. It gets even worse when we’re locked into a room together, unable to leave. I can feel the animal within him, but I remember the man he used to be. The man who rejected me. The man who suddenly wants to protect me. Will this massive beast claim me as his mate?     AmazonKU


My mate and rival want me. As the Lioness of my dying pride, my mate Lanas helps me break free from my father’s constraints. We now look to find a new home for our people. On our journey to Orestes, we meet Mika, heir to another pride. We’re rivals at first, but I slowly start to see him differently. Every time he talks to me I can’t stop looking into his beautiful eyes. Lanas was always meant to be my mate. But my attraction to Mika creates a complex dynamic between the three of us. The love and attraction I have for both Lanas and Mika consume me. I need to figure out how it’s going to work with the two of them. If I don’t our pride could become extinct.     AmazonKU



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While science fiction romance is definitely my first love as an author/reader, I’ve been fascinated by ancient Egypt since childhood, when I read Mara, Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw. I try to write one new book in my connected Egyptian series each year and find it to be a useful creative pause from SFR. The muse likes to explore other topics every now and then!

I’ve had one scene from my new novel DANGER ON THE NILE in my head for years. Decades maybe even. It’s a dramatic chariot scene in front of the abandoned fort where the characters take refuge from invaders. But that was it, vivid as it was. No other plot, no backstory, nothing. Eventually I got another scene in my mind, which is the opening with the priestess Mayet and her desperate flight from the temple. Then I literally woke up one morning this year and had the entire plot in my head, ready to go.

Any time I get a gift from the muse that involves an entire book ready to be written, I sit down and I do that. So I set aside my next scifi romance and dove into ancient Egypt. I got to research all kinds of things from ancient forts to border disputes in the 1500 BCE era to dolls of the time and I wrote. Over the years I’ve researched many of the worldbuilding details of my books and can use what I learned previously in each book. I also based some of the descriptions of a certain old bed on my own up close inspection of King Tut’s bed when the traveling exhibit from his tomb came to LA.

It was so much fun and really refreshing to the writer in me to be back in ancient Egypt. Of course this is my paranormal version – since I wanted the gods to be involved in these novels I couldn’t exactly go the historical romance route and I like the freedom of introducing a few details that might or might not be accurate. And leaving out other things!

I’ve been wanting to write a five book series about the grown children of Nima and Kamin, from DANCER OF THE NILE and RETURN OF THE DANCER OF THE NILE, because they’re one of my favorite couples (but this book is a standalone) so the dashing charioteer/diplomat/military man hero of the book is their oldest son, Khay. Next up in this series I might write the book I’ve had percolating about his sister, who is a librarian at Pharaoh’s palace but we’ll see what the muse is in the mood for.

While I was writing the book at least two other solutions to the dire situation my main characters find themselves in occurred to me but since I wanted the goddess Isis to be heavily involved, I had to reject those helpful ideas from the subconscious.

Fiona Jayde, my cover artist, and I decided to go in a completely different direction for the covers on this five book series and follow the trend of using objects rather than people to catch the eye and draw the reader in.

And now I find my mind turning over sequel ideas for Sati, a charming young supporting character you’ll meet in the novel. Whether I’ll ever write her book, who knows but it’s fun to ponder.

Wishing you health, prosperity and long life, and happy reading if you decide to delve into DANGER ON THE NILE  or any of my ten other books set in the time frame.



1550 BCE. Mayet is a newly appointed priestess at the temple of Isis in a southern Egyptian border town. When enemies attack the city, she must flee alone with a sacred effigy to keep the invaders from claiming it and using it for their own magic rituals. Joining with other refugees from the stricken city, she has to hide the statue from curious eyes and comfort her companions as if she was a learned, senior priestess. They all look to her for leadership on their desperate trek north. With the enemy close on their heels, Mayet stumbles over an ancient, abandoned fort, where her party takes refuge. Surrounded and trapped by the invaders, she faces a bleak future.

Khay is a high-ranking Egyptian officer, sent by Pharaoh to negotiate treaties with various southern tribes. He and his soldiers narrowly escape an ambush at the city where Mayet’s temple was located and are on the run from the invaders when he sees the shelter of an abandoned fort. Now he and his men are also trapped inside the stout walls with no food and no hope of rescue. Yet he has no regrets for the priestess leading the refugees is the woman the goddess Isis has shown him in a vision, the one who could become his wife.

Together Mayet and Khay must find a way to bring their people to freedom. Will Isis listen to pleas from such a fledgling priestess? Khay comes from a famous family, smiled upon by other gods – will any of them come to his aid? As the pair struggle to stay alive and save the other Egyptians, attraction grows and unites their hearts. But is there to be a future in this world, or only in the Afterlife?

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The other books in my world of ancient Egypt:

Close the Door Weekend Snippet

(Pssst: I currently have a mega sale on my Badari Gladiators boxed set, books 1-3 – just $.99!!! Check it out below the post – scroll all the way down.)

I’m switching to my newly released paranormal romance DANGER ON THE NILE!

The excerpt, from close to the beginning of the book. Mayet, a new priestess, is in the inner sanctum of the temple, cleaning the altar: 

The sound of the heavy door opening caused Mayet to spin with a gasp. She wasn’t finished yet—the high priestess was early. Punishment for disappointing the goddess would be swift and Mayet would walk in pain for several days after the whipping she knew would be meted out. Or perhaps the priestess would be more merciful and spare the rod but put her on bread and water for a few days.

But the door seemed to be stuck, opening only a small way and Mayet heard whoever was at the entrance breathing heavily, almost gasping. She rushed to the portal, finding the high priestess clinging to the locking mechanism, her dress stained with blood, her wig askew and her eyes wild. Her elaborate makeup was smeared and the kohl left tearlike marks on her cheeks.

“Help me, child,” Inu said in a weak voice.

“What happened, my lady?” Trembling, Mayet supported the other woman and half carried her to the closest surface where she could sit. She glanced at the door, worried about the sounds drifting in from the outer temple area. Shouts, screams and the clang of metal. Swords? Here?

“Close the door quickly,” Inu said, slumping against the wall, smearing blood across the vivid paintings of the goddess in her garden as she moved.



1550 BCE. Mayet is a newly appointed priestess at the temple of Isis in a southern Egyptian border town. When enemies attack the city, she must flee alone with a sacred effigy to keep the invaders from claiming it and using it for their own magic rituals. Joining with other refugees from the stricken city, she has to hide the statue from curious eyes and comfort her companions as if she was a learned, senior priestess. They all look to her for leadership on their desperate trek north. With the enemy close on their heels, Mayet stumbles over an ancient, abandoned fort, where her party takes refuge. Surrounded and trapped by the invaders, she faces a bleak future.

Khay is a high-ranking Egyptian officer, sent by Pharaoh to negotiate treaties with various southern tribes. He and his soldiers narrowly escape an ambush at the city where Mayet’s temple was located and are on the run from the invaders when he sees the shelter of an abandoned fort. Now he and his men are also trapped inside the stout walls with no food and no hope of rescue. Yet he has no regrets for the priestess leading the refugees is the woman the goddess Isis has shown him in a vision, the one who could become his wife.

Together Mayet and Khay must find a way to bring their people to freedom. Will Isis listen to pleas from such a fledgling priestess? Khay comes from a famous family, smiled upon by other gods – will any of them come to his aid? As the pair struggle to stay alive and save the other Egyptians, attraction grows and unites their hearts. But is there to be a future in this world, or only in the Afterlife?

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My other ancient Egyptian paranormal romances…


I’ve bundled my three gladiator books into a box set and put it on sale for $.99 this month! Of course I’m hoping if readers like my gladiators they’ll want to read the ongoing, original Badari Warriors series too. And if you’re already a fan of one or both series, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

This Badari Gladiators box set gathers the first three science fiction romance novels from this series into one collection. Featuring genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then unscrupulous lab techs faked the deaths of a few men, smuggled them off the planet in cryo freeze and sold them to be gladiators. They meet their human fated mates in alien arenas and must fight to save themselves and their mates. Kyden is a Generation Five Badari whereas the main characters in the long running series are from a later time and are Generation Eight. This new series stands alone and you don’t have to have read any of the other books to enjoy this one. I couldn’t resist the temptation to tell a few other Badari stories, set in the galaxy’s Hinterlands, and who can resist gladiators? Please note each novel has been previously published on its own and all are standalone tales. No new material has been added, aside from a brief Author’s Note about why I wrote each novel.

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Profiles in SciFi Romance: Cara Bristol

NOTE: This post first appeared on the AMAZING STORIES MAGAZINE blog…

Veronica Scott for AMAZING STORIES: Welcome to my periodic series of author profiles. Today I’ve chosen Cara Bristol, who has written a wide range of science fiction romances, from cyborgs to futuristic reality shows and more. I’ve been reading her books since she first enticed readers with snippets from her hard hitting Breeder series. She’s truly supportive of other SFR authors and maintains a lively group on Facebook for readers and authors alike. 

VS for ASM.: Which of your SFR books is the bestselling?

CB: Breeder (Breeder 1) is the bestselling, but only because it’s the very first SFR that I wrote, so it’s been available the longest. It was first published by Loose Id in 2013, then re-released as an Indie publication in 2017. Logline: An Alpha commander rules over a violent planet until a lowly breeder slave changes his world. Breeder is intense and edgy. Ironically, Alien Mate (Alien Mate 1), which is light and funny and totally the opposite in tone, is my second-bestselling book. It was published in 2017.

ASM.:  I started reading your books with Breeder and was totally hooked. None of us can ever pick a favorite book or character but if you had to go live in one of your own books, which would you choose and why?

CB: The Alien Castaways series! Six aliens fleeing the destruction of their planet land in Argent, Idaho. Argent is a very small town (population 500) in the woods of northern Idaho, but the residents open their arms to the aliens and accept them unconditionally. Argent is fictitious, but I lived in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for nine years, and I drew from my knowledge of the area in creating Argent. Alien Castaways is a six-book series. Each book is titled after the alien hero and reflects a particular trait that the alien has: Chameleon, Wingman, Psy, Shadow, Inferno, and Tigre.

ASM.: It’s a terrific series and I love the way the small town trope fits into the scifi romance themes. How do you go about world building? Do you do elaborate planning, keep a big file, use post its, wing it – what method works for you?

CB: Ha. Ha. Ha. Like I would have a file. That’s a good one. I’m a total pantser. I make it up as I go along—everything, the world, the characters, the plot. I don’t know what I’m doing until I’ve done it.

ASM.: Well whatever creative inner process your muse has, even if invisible to you until it’s complete, sure seems to work! What was your most recent book and what was the story spark or inspiration for that story?

CB: Maelstrom (Cyborg Force 4). I’d written several alien romance series, a couple of which were set on Earth, so I wanted to switch it up a bit. I decided to write a cyborg romance set on an alien planet. I decided the planet in Cyborg Force would be covered with white sand. Then, I thought, what if the sand isn’t really sand? What if it’s a residue left by an ancient alien population that is now causing problems in the colonization effort? No, wait…what if the sand IS the alien?! Bingo! Each Cyborg Force romance features a different cyborg hero and woman who get their HEA, but the series subplot deals with the need to protect this unique alien species from evil government & corporate forces.

ASM.: Which book was the most fun to write and why? The most challenging and why?

CB: Darak: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides 1 was the most fun to write. It’s a short, light, fun and funny alien romance, about a woman who brings an alien as her plus-one to her sister’s wedding to shock her disapproving family. I knew exactly what needed to happen, and the story came together quickly and easily. Maelstrom (Cyborg Force 4) was the most challenging. It was the last book of the series, and the previous book, Vortex, was a reader favorite, so the pressure was on to ensure that Maelstrom was just as good. Maelstrom was my 61st book, and for the first time since I started writing romance (2009), I experienced major writer’s block. Some days I was lucky to squeeze out 500 words. But I finished the book, and the reviews have been phenomenal. Readers love Maelstrom even more than Vortex! Which goes to prove something I learned long ago—how you feel when you’re writing a book has little to do with its quality. It’s the writing that matters.

ASM.: Your own favorite tropes? Least favorite tropes?

CB: My favorite trope is enemies to lovers because of the natural conflict and story that arises. The challenge is how to make two people who hate each other fall in love! I also like forbidden love, forced proximity, and arranged marriage/marriage of convenience. And redemption is a theme that runs through many of my books. Often a “villain” in one book will be redeemed as the hero in another. He’s not “bad;” he’s just misunderstood. Lol. I’m not fond of any tropes in which hero mistreats the heroine. Bully romance, dark romance, mafia romance aren’t for me.

ASM.: Do you also write other genres? Which ones? How does writing a book in that genre compare to writing an SFR?

CB: I only write science fiction romance, although I have written a nonfiction sex scene thesaurus and writing guide called Naughty Words for Nice Writers. Published in 2015, it’s my number one bestselling book of all time. This book consistently sells with almost no promotion (once in a blue moon I’ll put up a Facebook post). Nonfiction has legs! 

ASM.: What’s next for you?

CB: Well, I have a new alien romance series. Alien With Benefits (Forbidden Bonds 1) just released.

The blurb:

A space cruise with her bestie seems like the vacation of a lifetime until Holly Winter gets abducted by aliens and finds herself on a slave ship. When the ship’s AI goes haywire and accidentally releases the prisoners from their cells, she makes a break for it—only to be kidnapped again by a huge horned and furry alien. Aeon claims to be a prince, but he acts like a royal jerk and refuses to let Holly go. However, she’s determined to locate her friend and somehow get home to New Terra.

Prince Aeon of Araset is enjoying his last breath of freedom from royal duties when he’s accidentally ensnared by slavers trafficking in alien species, including the protected but despised humans. At the first opportunity, he escapes in a tiny evac pod and lands on the nearest inhabited planet. In an impulsive act of sympathy, he takes a human female with him to save her from a fate worse than death. Now he’s stuck with the talkative, conspicuous nuisance. For her own safety, he can’t release her.

At odds, at first, Holly and Aeon quickly discover that on a hostile, dangerous planet, being friends and working together offers more benefits than fighting. But when friendship turns passionate, emotions remain guarded because both know they are loving on borrowed time. Upon their rescue, Holly must return to New Terra. A human would never be accepted on Araset, and Aeon must bond with a royal of his species to inherit the throne.

Can two lovers from different worlds defeat the forces against them and find happiness together?

The series will follow five women who won a prize drawing for a space cruise and got abducted by aliens. Each woman gets her HEA with an alien hero. I’m currently writing book two.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo     Author’s Universal Link

ASM.: Sounds good! What’s on your To Be Read List?

CB: Two SFRs set on Mars: Alone (The Mars Diaries) by Skye MacKinnon and Mars Ho! by Jennifer Willis. I like the idea of a sci-fi romance set on a real planet (other than Earth).

ASM.: Give us your short author bio and where you can be found on social media.

USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol writes science fiction romance about tough alien and cyborg heroes who fall hard for sassy heroines.

Cara is a homebody who married a wanderer. When she’s not writing or being distracted by squirrels cavorting outside her office window, she enjoys reading and traveling the world with her husband. Topping her bucket list is visiting all seven continents and petting a squirrel.


Reader newsletter:



LINKS TO OTHER PROFILES IN SFR INTERVIEWS (listed alphabetically by authors’ first names):

Anna Hackett

C J Dragon

Cynthia Sax

E G Manetti

Kayelle Allen

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Regine Abel

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S E Smith

Tiffany Roberts

New Releases in #ScifFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for MAY 17

I have a new paranormal romance release this week, DANGER ON THE NILE, set in ancient Egypt. (In the listings below…) It’s so much fun to write in that time period as a change from the usual far future…

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking quite a few as I prepare these posts LOL). 

‘AB’ denotes audiobook and the Amazon buy link.

NOTE: I’m doing my best to avoid listing anything generated from use of AI but it’s sometimes tricky to detect from the resources I have available.



VS note: Always fun to have a new one from PBJ!

How far will he go to save the one he loves? Mic, a cyborg with exceptional abilities, has spent far too long planet-side. Restless, he escapes into space aboard his newfound ship… and stumbles upon a dangerous threat that will change his life forever. Remi has followed in her grandmother’s footsteps. A brilliant and determined explorer, she has always dreamed of learning if there is life beyond her solar system. Her work as a crew member on a space station finally gives her the chance to explore the unknown… and search for answers about her grandmother’s lost spaceship. Mic’s appearance shakes Remi’s world. Not only is an alien cyborg flying her grandmother’s ship, he also delivers devastating news. Remi knows if she is to discover the truth, she must learn to trust Mic and join forces with him to stop the threat to her world and outsmart an enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy her people. Navigating the dangerous landscape of space, Mic and Remi’s feelings for each other grow even as the danger around them threatens to destroy their dreams. Will their love be strong enough to survive the challenges that lie ahead, or will they fall victim to the enemy’s wrath?

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I’m zipping across the ocean on an outer space jet ski above the mythical Lost City of Antheum when a freakish storm gathers so fast I can’t make it to shore. I’m knocked overboard by ten-foot swells and sucked beneath the waves. Terrified and about to take in my last breath, I’m rescued by an alien merman with brilliant teal eyes and shimmering scales covering his muscular body. Claiming he’s the prince of Antheum, Darthan sweeps me away to an underwater castle where he woos me while swimming through gardens brimming with glowing sea flowers. His seductive kisses and loving words are easy to fall for and lure me closer with each passing moment. I can’t find a single reason to return to the surface. But his mother, the queen of the underwater world, will do anything to control him, and human-Antheun mating is not only forbidden, it’s punishable by death. Dare I risk everything to stay with my alien merman? AmazonKU


A space cruise with her bestie seems like the vacation of a lifetime until Holly Winter gets abducted by aliens and finds herself on a slave ship. When the ship’s AI goes haywire and accidentally releases the prisoners from their cells, she makes a break for it—only to be kidnapped again by a huge horned and furry alien. Aeon claims to be a prince, but he acts like a royal jerk and refuses to let Holly go. However, she’s determined to locate her friend and somehow get home to New Terra. Prince Aeon of Araset is enjoying his last breath of freedom from royal duties when he’s accidentally ensnared by slavers trafficking in alien species, including the protected but despised humans. At the first opportunity, he escapes in a tiny evac pod and lands on the nearest inhabited planet. In an impulsive act of sympathy, he takes a human female with him to save her from a fate worse than death. Now he’s stuck with the talkative, conspicuous nuisance. For her own safety, he can’t release her. At odds, at first, Holly and Aeon quickly discover that on a hostile, dangerous planet, being friends and working together offers more benefits than fighting. But when friendship turns passionate, emotions remain guarded because both know they are loving on borrowed time. Upon their rescue, Holly must return to New Terra. A human would never be accepted on Araset, and Aeon must bond with a royal of his species to inherit the throne. Can two lovers from different worlds defeat the forces against them and find happiness together?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo     Author’s Universal Link


Asterius – I can’t allow my mating frenzy to destroy my tiny human mate. My ship malfunctioned in an unknown sector of a distant galaxy. Now I’m stranded on a primitive planet, desperately hiding from the native inhabitants who must not learn of my existence. As soon as I hear the enchanting voice of the human female, I know she’s mine. Her scent calls to me, rich and intoxicating, promising bliss between her thighs. Yet my huge alien features would terrify her. And my bulky body is far too big for her species. Giving in to the mating frenzy could spell disaster.     AmazonKU


Sexy neighbor is suddenly back after disappearing for five months? Attraction to sexy neighbor is hotter than ever? An aggressive stalker is upping his game? Not worth the time it takes to draw a check. Rinna Mackey can’t believe her across-the-hall neighbor Tristan magically appears like he hadn’t been mysteriously gone for five months. Though they’d never really spoken before, she noticed when his rock-hard body didn’t routinely appear outside her apartment door peep hole. Not that she’d listened for him to come home every night so she could look or anything… or, maybe she had a little. Okay, a lot. There was something mysterious about her neighbor, but she never had the guts to approach him and figure out what it was. Now he’s back and an aggressive stalker prompts Tristan to take drastic action. He keeps Rinna close, very close, and the attraction might be more than she can handle. That mysterious thing about him? It’s otherworldly…Tristan is personal servant to the King of Luxxor, his home planet, and he’s commanded to beam back in time for the royal indoctrination. But protecting his little human consumes him and he refuses to let her out of his sight. When he finds himself the unwilling focus of an underground freakshow, Tristan must decide if he’s going to break a cardinal rule of the Luxx—an action that will get him killed—and reveal his true identity. Beheading is worth it if it means keeping his human safe. Especially when she’s giving him the love he’s forbidden to have.     AmazonKU


I was a lowly human prisoner of the ice camps – He was the son of the Orc’s High Prison Commander.We were just children when we pledged our forbidden love to one another. It wasn’t meant to stick. But the Fates intervened and now the bond can’t be undone—even if I’d rather willingly go back to the ice camps than marry an orc. I’m not a child anymore. Now I make weapons that take down anyone who would dare again imprison me… including the one person who won’t let me forget that I’m promised to the orc.   AmazonKU


Mireya is back where she started, but everything is different now. She’s at the top of her class on the military base, her doting parents are actually proud of her, and she’s surrounded by the friends and classmates she’s known all her safe, protected, predictable life. Everything would be perfect if it weren’t for the troubling dreams and the occasional hallucinations she gets. Mireya knows the visions aren’t real, but they feel like memories. Of a life she never had. All the vivid images have two things in common—a disturbing sense of foreboding—and a gorgeous blue-eyed guy she’s never met. When she comes face to face with him, she’s in shock. Even more so when he insists she needs to flee the base immediately and make a new home at a mysterious place called the Haven. He tells her he loves her and warns that her life is in danger, and so are all her friends. Unsure what to believe and whom to trust, Mireya must decide whether to leave her home and lead her friends into the unknown. After all, her fractured memories include mentions of the Lost Boys… and everyone knows Neverland holds many wonders. And threats.     AmazonKU


Jori Harek is a loyal Synnr soldier. He’s determined to get to the bottom of Apsyn treachery and root out the rot before the enemies make any more headway onto his home moon. It’s a job he’s proud to do, but when he’s asked to infiltrate a gang of Apsyn sympathizers, his limits are tested. Hanna Karsyn is a reformed Apsyn spy. When Hanna finds out just how far her superiors were willing to go to win the war, she walked straight into the arms of the Synnr military… and straight into a holding cell. Her only chance at freedom lies in helping Jori infiltrate a gang and uncover a cell of saboteurs. Though there’s no time for romance, each moment Jori and Hanna spend together creates an unquenchable blaze between them – one neither can deny, even as their passion puts both of their futures at risk.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: A re-release.

A barbarian enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, steamy love story featuring an alien beast who is about to meet his match. He’s huge. Fierce. An apex predator. She’s tiny. Soft. Prey. He’s destined to vanquish, command, kill. She’s doomed to run, hide, die.
But when the most feared beast on the planet captures his war prize expecting his usual conquest, he discovers nothing is what it appears. For the first time, defeat might taste sweeter— and steamier—than any victory. If he can find a way to hold onto his prize.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


We’ve escaped with our lives, but we’re cut off. Alone. It’s time to bring the battle to the enemy. But can we defeat them without paying a terrible price?     AmazonKU


Dahr, Lord of the ancient and wealthy family Lhirandal, once rulers of planet Lumina, is dying too soon. He was poisoned a decade ago and has few days left. His once strong family is in tatters. Then Dahr has a vision. Or was it a visit from a long-gone ancestor? Welcome the outcasts back to the family. The Pardbloods, with their feline characteristics, will give the family a future. The ancestor shows him a secret lab, and an ancient nano-formula that will save him. It turns out to be real. He must save the family.Prenna’s life goes by in a confusing blur. She struggles to raise her son and nephew and appease her angry husband. She knows she is failing them all. Then one night a strange mist reclaims her mind, and her hidden Pard characteristics appear, as do the boys’. But her husband dies in the same mist. She learns her nephew is the Heir to the most powerful family on Lumina. Soon Dahr brings Prenna and her children into his world of luxury, power, and high technology as he rebuilds his family.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Emrik, Lunar Prime’s top covert agent, knows better than letting anything distract him from his objectives. And then he encounters Chloe Harlow. She is fearless, mouthy, and beautiful. He has never wanted anyone more. They seem to need the same things in and out of bed, but is she using their mutual desire to further her own agenda? They must figure out how to work together or the mission will fail and people will die.   Amazon

DUAL MEMORY by Sue Burke

VS note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

Antonio Moro lost everything to the Leviathan League. Now he’s alone in a city on an Arctic island fighting the ruthless, global pirates with the chance to be the artist he always wanted to be. Unfortunately, he thinks it’s a cover story for his real purpose—spying on sympathizers. When things look bleak, he discovers an unusual ally. His new personal assistant program, Par Augustus. It’s insolent, extroverted, moody, and a not-quite-legal nascent A. I. Together they create a secret rebellion from unlikely recruits to defend the island from ideological pirates with entitlement and guns, and capitalist pirates with entitlement and money.

Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Rescuing others has come down to me, the shy, quiet girl, and to do it, I have to give sexy Eoin a second chance. Tori – Stolen from Earth, my world is turned upside down when I have my unexpected, alien baby. Desperately shy, without to protection of my brothers, I struggled to find my place in this new world, and then he showed up. I thought he understood me, but he’s overbearing, overprotective, and after one night of passion? Downright impossible. I need to stand up for myself, so when we need to rescue two more humans, I leap at the chance to prove myself. Even if it puts me in danger. Even if it means giving Eoin a second chance. Eoin – After I’ve lost everyone I care about more than once in my life. Letting go is the last thing I’m good at, but it’s what my mate wants. The need to keep her, and her baby, safe is overpowering. Especially when we’re separated from our friends and tumbling from one danger into the next. To win my mate forever, I will do anything, even if the enemy I have to fight is me.     AmazonKU


After human females are no longer capable of becoming pregnant, I enter a program to be Seeded by an alien male. My mate is exotic, gorgeous… and heir to the Krev throne! He’s everything I ever wanted in a mate and pleases me like no other. But when another Krev turns up claiming to be the real Prince, I’m left not knowing who I can trust…When they touch me, I yearn for more. When they kiss me, I surrender in gratitude. When they undress me, I ache to scream their names. And when they make me fly, I soar higher than ever before. But after they discover we each share a part of the sacred Joisa tattoo, it can mean only one thing… That we’re destined to become fated mates. I discover my true desires, as well as the dark secrets they keep hidden away from prying eyes.   AmazonKU

RITE (DERIDIA BOOK NINE) by Catherine Miller

Emmaryn was to wed that day. To choose a man selected specifically for her, the arrangement a blessing to all of her kind. She had only wanted a moment in the Grove, to remember her parents and settle her anxious heart. She was not supposed to leave the safety of the Spiral on her own. And yet… she did. Someone was waiting. With intentions contrary to all of their ways. Elrik had tired of being alone. He’d forsaken his people, scarred and betrayed, with all their talk of sacrifice. He wanted something for himself. Someone. And he would have her. It would be the worst thing he had ever done. And he would spend the rest of his life more than willing to atone.     Amazon


Now I’m really in trouble. I’ve escaped from being trafficked only to find myself the not quite a captive of five monstrous Alphas who all want me for one thing – to tie them all together. The only Omega they all want, and I can have them all – I just have to claim them. I’m having trouble saying no to the idea. The only problem is that every other Alpha in the forest also wants a piece of me. I’m the only Omega around. So these men have to risk their lives to keep me safe and protected while I transform into the spicy beast that I always was deep down inside. It’s my turn to help them. It’s my turn to serve their needs. First, I need to go get them out of trouble as the big bad managed to get some new weapons through customs and he is dead set on eliminating all of us. Even though I’m getting used to my new body and its… needs, I have a mission to accomplish. Cause what’s a monster without a pack? I’m never going to be alone again as a Beast of Mars.     AmazonKU


I saved his life, but he thinks I’m trying to kill him. I carried the dead weight of a purple alien with his rattlesnake tail all the way back to my farm. He wakes up and chokes me alive. What is wrong with him? When he faints again, I can’t stop myself from helping him. There is something with him that draws me closer and closer, so close that his hot body burns me. But he is hiding something from me. For example, the reason his spaceship crashed. Something doesn’t line up, and keeping him around may bring its own set of risk.     AmazonKU


He made me his prisoner. I’ll never love a beast like him. As if my staggering debts weren’t bad enough, when I venture into the wilds of planet Atraxis, I find myself face-to-face with a wild beast. But just before I straight up die, a massive alien barbarian comes to my rescue. Taccit has tattoos, a tail, and a whole lot of attitude. He saves my life, claiming me as his fated mate. Oh, and did I mention he’s adamant that I’m his prisoner? I didn’t sign up for this. Too bad for him, I’m not one to back down. I will never submit to him—no matter how tempting he may be.     AmazonKU


It was never my plan to get married. Not to mention that I certainly wouldn’t have chosen a human bride. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to take Sara Asquith as my wife due to family commitments. I could probably get used to her curvy body and her surprisingly sharp tongue, but my future wife doesn’t want to get married at all and is—unsurprisingly—not exactly willing to compromise.

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ZIMON’S BRIDE (INTERSTELLAR MATCHMAKING) by Clarissa Lake and Christine Myers

Abby – A year after my fiancé died in an alien attack on Earth, I applied to Interstellar Matchmaking for a mate who would be 99.99% compatible. They matched me with my soul mate, Zimon, a gorgeous Narovian feline human hybrid. There is no going back when you meet your feline soul mate. We could not even be in the same room together, or our pheromones would drive us to mate almost immediately, bonding us for life. After our video meeting, I knew he was the one and agreed to meet in person.That meant committing to him and agreeing to live on his world, which was completely alien to me. Then I was kidnapped. Zimon – Human traffickers kidnapped my meomee, my soul mate, and sold her to alien slavers before we could meet. As an Alliance Defense Force operative, I went on a mission to rescue her and other abductees but couldn’t participate because she was meomee. I could not legally meet her once freed until she agreed because of the pheromone bonding issue. She did, and the carnal bliss we shared was beyond exquisite. As we continued to bond emotionally and intellectually, I couldn’t forget how I nearly lost her. I made it my mission to find them and make them pay.   AmazonKU


This world is full of deadly beasts. And I might be worse than any of them…I remember life before the solar flare destroyed society. And I remember pieces of the dystopian hellscape that followed. But my memories are fractured. Full of holes and inconsistencies. How I managed to slit the throat of a biker twice my size is a complete mystery. But I did. Easily and without thought. Now, the dead man’s four ruthless MC brothers want me as their captive plaything in the bedroom, and their assassin in the outside world. I should hate them. Fear them. But I don’t. My attraction to these sexy savages is as inexplicable as my nagging feeling that something—or someone—is coming for me. All I can do now is hope the sleeping beast inside me is ready to kill when I need it…and that the brutal men I’m falling for don’t get caught in the crossfire.     AmazonKU


No one can ever know the secrets an alien keeps under his kilt. Years of captivity on a hostile alien planet have broken my spirit. I have no fight left, so when a big goat of a man crashes in and sets me free, I’m forced to beg the grunty alien with pointy fangs and a pierced tail to take me with him into the wild unknown. As I get to know my reluctant savior, I discover that Tornoc Roth likes to take things that don’t belong to him, including my heart. …This human is an annoying distraction from my crusade of destruction. The curvy female deviously uses my weaknesses against me to compel me to help her. The rage monster within me wants to claim her, drink from her, hurt her, but if I give in to the pull of the bond, she’ll be marked for death. In the end, if I lose her, I’ll be the one destroyed.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Listed in Erotica.

Not only does Andromeda go where no man has gone before, she resides there. Boredom is null and void in her line of work — the entertainment of space marines who seem more than a little hungry for a warm and willing female form. Yet, something has been… missing. That something might have just strolled through the doors of her station…Warning: This is a Razor’s Edge Sci-Fi Erotica Story. Expect limited plot and character development, and lots of paranormal heat. If you’re looking for a lengthy plot driven erotic romance, this is not it!     Amazon      Apple Books     Kobo

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: Picking a book from my backlist at random, here’s one where I pulled on some of my own experiences with fast moving brushfires (and a lot of research – I also really had fun researching mobile medical clinics): 


When she came to Haven Two Dr. Saffia Mandell expected to grimly do her five years of medical service as the colony’s only doctor, work off her medical school debt and leave. Then she’d fallen in love, handled an epidemic and become an accepted member of the community. Now, in her second year, she faces new challenges as the tinder dry planet heads into a fire season and a mysterious food allergy threatens the local restaurant’s reputation.
Chief Ranger Micah Navonn of the Calinurra never expected to fall in love with a human woman but Saffia was a special person who captured his heart and now means everything to him. Not all of his people are as enthusiastic about the situation and his efforts to handle the politics are getting complicated. Add to that an infestation by insects from another world, causing portions of the forest to die off and his plate is full.
When the jet stream shifts course and the fires rage, will the colonists and the Calinurra set aside their differences? With Saffia’s life hanging in the balance, can Micah arrive in time to save her and the colonists in jeopardy? Life on Haven Two never lets up…
This is the sequel to COLONY UNDER SIEGE: INTERSTELLAR VIRUS, which told the story of Saffia’s first year at the colony, but can be read as a standalone. The story is set in my Sectors scifi universe.

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******************************OKAY, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT  (because my own books pay my bills) AND ONWARD WE GO!**************************************************


1550 BCE. Mayet is a newly appointed priestess at the temple of Isis in a southern Egyptian border town. When enemies attack the city, she must flee alone with a sacred effigy to keep the invaders from claiming it and using it for their own magic rituals. Joining with other refugees from the stricken city, she has to hide the statue from curious eyes and comfort her companions as if she was a learned, senior priestess. They all look to her for leadership on their desperate trek north. With the enemy close on their heels, Mayet stumbles over an ancient, abandoned fort, where her party takes refuge. Surrounded and trapped by the invaders, she faces a bleak future.

Khay is a high-ranking Egyptian officer, sent by Pharaoh to negotiate treaties with various southern tribes. He and his soldiers narrowly escape an ambush at the city where Mayet’s temple was located and are on the run from the invaders when he sees the shelter of an abandoned fort. Now he and his men are also trapped inside the stout walls with no food and no hope of rescue. Yet he has no regrets for the priestess leading the refugees is the woman the goddess Isis has shown him in a vision, the one who could become his wife.

Together Mayet and Khay must find a way to bring their people to freedom. Will Isis listen to pleas from such a fledgling priestess? Khay comes from a famous family, smiled upon by other gods – will any of them come to his aid? As the pair struggle to stay alive and save the other Egyptians, attraction grows and unites their hearts. But is there to be a future in this world, or only in the Afterlife?

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Nature nymph and hellhound breeder Caprice Hemera has been asked to be the maid of honor at her vampire friend’s wedding. She packs up her precious and rare hellhounds and travels to Cleveland, Ohio. When she arrives at the coven, she realizes two things: they’re constantly under attack from a crazy fae bent on revenge, and her truemate is somewhere nearby. Lake Robinson has spent the last couple of decades as a vampire, working for various coven leaders and trying to find a place to call home. He’s living in Cleveland and working as a guard, but he doesn’t feel settled no matter how long he stays. Just when he’s about to resign from the coven and find another master to ally with, he feels the presence of his truemate. And also the painful bite of her protective hellhound. During a mission to rescue a mistreated hellhound puppy, Caprice and Lake find themselves at the mercy of a crazy fairy who wants to make the puppy do her bidding. Can Caprice and Lake save the puppy before it’s bound to the fairy forever, or will they be too late and find themselves on the wrong end of a deadly beast?

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A dragonwoman who doesn’t know how to shift, a single dad struggling after an injury, and a student/teacher relationship that turns into something more…After spending seven years as a prisoner inside an illegal dragon research facility, Persephone “Percy” Smith is rescued by Clan Stonefire and taken back to their land. Everything she sees there contradicts what she was told growing up, and Percy realizes she has no idea how to be a dragon-shifter. To help her learn, she’s assigned a kind and sexy yet determined dragonman named Bronx Wells to be her teacher, along with his fifteen-year-old daughter. But she’s skeptical about everyone’s kindness, which she’s always viewed as a weakness. Growing up in an orphanage that forced dragon-shifter children to act like humans, as well as being sold at age thirteen to the research facility, she’s learned the hard way that caring about others only ever gets her hurt. To survive, she never, ever trusts anyone but herself. However, as Bronx and his daughter slowly teach Percy how to embrace her dragon and discover who she truly is, she wonders if maybe there are good people in the world—especially since Bronx gives her choices that no one else ever has. Soon, she starts to feel things she’s never felt before and wonders if she could ever trust him. Can Percy risk opening her fragile heart to Bronx? Or will she have to leave her first real home on Stonefire to protect herself?     AmazonKU


Astra Arden’s plans to enjoy a leisurely summer vacation with her sisters and bestie Emma Sullivan’s new baby are derailed when a strawberry farmer is found dead in his field, a magical symbol etched in the dirt beside him. As the prime suspect, the farmer’s daughter begs Astra for help in proving her innocence. With her talking owl sidekick, Archie, by her side, Astra delves into the secrets of the Forkbridge Farmers Market, uncovering a rivalry between strawberry farms and a decades-old mystery involving a stolen recipe for the world’s best strawberry jam. But as Astra gets closer to the truth, she realizes the killer will stop at nothing to keep the secrets buried in the strawberry fields forever.     AmazonKU


Persephone’s zest for life and love of bad jokes were quelled by parents who made her feel worthless. So she proved them right and became the angelic version of a rich mean girl. Until she trusted the wrong person and suffered wounds that’ll scar her for the rest of her eternal life. Urban used to be an angelic warrior who was equal parts work and play. One day he’d had enough of a certain spoiled angel and said something he couldn’t take back. And then he found himself standing over the beautiful female, who had injuries no immortal should suffer. During recovery, the warrior who’d verbally gutted Persephone stayed by her bedside. He even coaxed her to tell jokes again. He built her up instead of tearing her down. He helped her wonder what if. What if her parents and the rest of the realm were wrong? What if a privileged angel with no talent could make something of herself? What if she deserved love? Urban’s with her the whole way—until danger threatens the realm and he’s the one blocking her path.

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DIABLE by Pelaam

Sequel to Incubus – When Slayer Henri and his Intermediary Sébastien are sent to Paris to deal with attacks by vampires, they find the truth is worse still. They also find unexpected allies in a family of gargoyles who help protect mankind. Paris is under attack by demonic forces and it will take the united talents of humans, gargoyles, and vampires if they are to be defeated. Sébastien also finds that his mate is the last creature on earth he would have expected. When the time to fight comes, can Sébastien survive, or will his life be forfeit in the depths of the dungeons of the infamous Cardinal Richelieu?

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Lela finally gets a moment alone with hunky single dad Joseph and what should happen? A knock at the door. Of. Course. A man claims to be their dead father’s hereto unknown brother. Erm, what? Not even Bertha knew about this guy, so the twins dive into family research, both mundane and magical. It would be cool to have an uncle, but what if he’s a swindler? Unfortunately, magical family research isn’t as simple as it sounds. In the process of verifying their new possible uncle’s identity, Lela and Mae unleash something dark and deadly on Wears Valley. It’s not all bad, though. Ted and Mae grow closer every day, and Joseph has been so helpful with the new drama. Plus, little Eleanor is a delight and Lela is smitten with the girl. On top of everything else, they still need to learn more about the coins, break the curse on the cauldron, and send Florie to her peace. None of which will be simple. All in a day’s work for a granny witch.     AmazonKU


After solving the mystery of who killed the woman who previously owned my cottage, I’m hoping my life in the small and quaint English village of Morley-on-Avon will quiet down. But no such luck. And I’m not just talking about ghosts. I don’t know how it happened, but for someone who promised herself she’d avoid all romantic entanglements, I now have two men vying for my attention—the handsome and kindhearted blacksmith of Morley, Leo Tanner, and Morley’s own resident lothario playboy, Bastian Chambon. And there’s no dating one and keeping the other as a friend. So, for now, the choice I’m making is no choice at all. Now, for the ghost part. There are whisperings of a young man going missing, and right about the same time, a ghost sporting Regency attire pops up in a cornfield. Coincidence anyone? I think not. So, guess who’s about to plop on her detective hat to go prowling for clues?     AmazonKU


My name is Angel, and I’m the only Beta professional matchmaker. I should be getting my own life under control but instead, I’m helping rejected Omegas find their forever pack bonds. Even if I’ll always be alone. When I save a stunningly beautiful but broken male Omega, for the first time, I wish that I was an Alpha. But when I find a placement for the Reject movie star Omega with the Champion pack on their ranch, to my surprise, they claim us both. Will the two wealthy, traditional, and mysterious Alpha childhood best friends truly bond with me at the end of the trial period? Or will they only keep the cherished Omega, when my secrets are revealed?     AmazonKU


Zale wanted to see a dragon. He never expected a miracle. Zale Hagan is dying. He doesn’t have many days left, but he wants to see a dragon before he leaves the world behind. As a fisherman, he’s seen where land ends many times, but he wants to visit the town where the human realm ends and the dragon realm begins. Albus the Abomination is a blacksmith on Dragon Row. As a white dragon, he has no status and does his best to keep out of the way of the other dragons living there. But one day Zale steps into his smithy, and everything inside Albus catches fire. Albus can tell Zale is very ill, but he can’t let him die. Dragon mates don’t get sick, and they live for a long time. Albus tries his best to get one of the other dragons to mate with Zale, but when no one wants to, Albus is at a loss. He could breathe fire into him, but then Zale would have to live his entire life with a white dragon, and no one wants that, do they?

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My ex-wife is the only one that can save me. Guess I shouldn’t have eaten her favorite Girl Scout cookies…You know you’ve still got it bad when you haven’t taken the wedding ring off a year after the divorce. Andy has always been the only one for me. The brawn to my brains. The hot fudge to my vanilla ice cream. The… well you get the idea. But this isn’t the reunion I would’ve hoped for. With feral Orcs and a psychopath bent on world domination hunting us, it doesn’t exactly leave a lot of time to show her how ‘great’ I’m doing without her. Or to ask her why she left me without an explanation. Between the fights about who actually left socks all over the apartment (totally her) and who was the biggest workaholic (maybe a tie), we start to realize that the past isn’t going to stay buried. All it takes is one illicit moment on the back of a motorcycle for us to reignite the passion that used to burn so hot between us. Returning to a love that broke both our hearts isn’t going to help us survive. In fact it might just kill us. Problem is, we were never good at resisting one another.     AmazonKU


Lyra Clemmons is desperate for a job, so she jumps at the opportunity when she sees an ad for a nanny. Finding her employer to be a hot, single dad with an adorable infant was an unexpected perk. Of course, those hot glances he gives her have her wondering if there could be more between them. Timber Mahogany is the leader of the Montana Maul, a clan of bear shifters protecting what’s theirs. But it’s time for a rebellion when the antiquated bear council tells him he can’t have his fated mate because she’s a human. There’s no way he’s giving up his curvy goddess. Lyra knows a time will come when the love of her life will bring freedom to all the bears secretly living with human mates. But will he have to sacrifice his life to get what he wants? If the council has its way, both Lyra and Timber will be the prime examples of what happens when the law is disobeyed.     AmazonKU


One witch to rule them all…Lost in a realm full of monsters, I have only myself to blame. Allie and I are finally free to share our secrets and compare notes, but we’re running out of time. Pirates, demons, and hollows…how are we supposed to get back home? Dark Falls has fallen, and my unplanned trip to the Underworld will cost me more than I could ever have imagined.     AmazonKU


With an arranged marriage awaiting him back home, Eli has come to visit his favorite small town for the summer one last time. However, he never expected to find his true mate, especially in the handsome Alpha with the green eyes. Now Eli must choose between an easy life back home where he’s forced to be someone he isn’t, or a life with Nathan, the barista making his coffee each morning. As much as he knows he shouldn’t keep going after Nate, he can’t help himself. Something inexplicable is drawing them together. But when Eli’s fiance shows up, all hell breaks lose. Will he choose what’s expected of him or will he follow his heart?     AmazonKU


I wanted her. She was just two floors away from me here in my castle. And some piece of her—naïve and inexperienced—wanted me. The man who was doomed to die at her hand. I could mostly ignore that fact, now that I was used to her presence, and my intermittent lust. But I wondered if not telling her about it was a bigger betrayal than not telling her about my arrangement with her father. If she did manage her Ascension—and when she found out what that meant—then she would know the truth. That there hadn’t been a moment, ever since we met, that I didn’t see my death inside her eyes. I could only hope that the shame of her learning that would be absolved by a second realization: that I had loved her anyway.     Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo

AN OFFER TO THE ORC by Tracy Lauren

Spurned by her cruel lover, Rowena is left heartbroken. But she isn’t one to sit around crying. The young woman abandons all to search the Perished Woods for a curse that will right the wrongs committed against her. She’ll need help if she hopes to succeed; she’ll need someone willing to accept her offer. Arron has spent the last three years enslaved. Having lost all hope for liberty, he can hardly believe it when a beautiful human comes to his aid. In exchange for freedom, the girl wants more than a guide—what she needs is a husband. A tale of two kindred spirits on a journey of revenge, but the paths of the Perished Woods can be winding and they may find more than they bargained for at the end.     AmazonKU

OWNED BY THE ORC by Rena Marks

I refused marriage, so one was arranged for me. But he’s not human—he’s orc. Marriage between an orc and a human is forbidden unless your village needs the protection of the West Mountain Orcs clan, in which case they’re willing to sacrifice any maiden who refuses to do their bidding. Since my father is the lord overseer, I have no choice. I’m to be an orc’s bride. I am Lady Hannah Montierge, despite my title being stripped along with my dignity. Brun, son of Brachard: One human wormed her way into my heart as children. But she disappeared without a word. When I’m told I must marry a human, I never once expected it would be her. But Hannah pretends she doesn’t know me. She wants to believe I’m a savage beast and not the childhood friend who spent hours promising her we’d be together forever. I’m about to keep that promise. It’s her choice as to which.     AmazonKU


Larke risks her life when she flees into the Expanse. The orcs who roam there might be cannibals, but the alternative is worse. Her parents planned to auction Larke on her Bidding Day, but the warrior Orric rescues her, then shelters her in his mountain home.
She soon discovers the huge, green orc is not only the most honorable male she’s ever met, but his touch makes her pulse race with desire. Too bad her very presence endangers every orc in the mountain. Larke must decide if she’s willing to lose everything she’s come to love in order to protect the orcs who have sheltered her. Will Orric risk everything to keep her at his side? Will Orric risk everything to keep her at his side?     AmazonKU


Fall through an ancient Fae portal to a time when Orcs ruled the Irish countryside. Stumble into an arranged marriage with an Orc who wants you less than you want him. And when it’s all said and done? Frantically search for a way to travel through time back to his side. In the shadows of a dense forest in Ireland, near the Cliffs of Moher, a lone figure with dark green-gray skin, more muscles than seem possible, and multiple tusks protruding from his mouth, kneels before an ancient gateway — a portal — once used by the Fae to move between worlds, times, and realms. With a few splashes of blood and an obscure chant passed down through generations of his family, Ozaq, blacksmith to the Orcs of his clan, sends up a request for his anam cara, his soul mate, to be sent to live and love beside him. It’s been a very long time, centuries even, since the portal was active. And with no answer, comes the resignation that it’s too late to ask his ancestors to intervene. He’s waited too long. Dejected and leaving his dreams to die beside the now useless portal, he doesn’t think to close it as he stumbles back to his solitary existence. He’s not even aware he’s managed to open it. Until…Madelyn has almost completed the excavation of the ancient cemetery… (more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)   AmazonKU

HER ORC HUSBAND by Zoe Ashwood

This arranged marriage is my last hope for a better future. The city’s best matchmaker has all but despaired over me and my brother is threatening to throw me on the street if I don’t find a husband soon. But the revulsion I feel every time anyone touches me has made it impossible for me to find a good match. All men want a willing wife in their bed, not a wretch who cringes away from the slightest brush of skin against skin. The man who finally chooses me is not a man at all. He’s an orc with long black hair, green skin, and more muscles anyone could possibly need. He says I’m his mate. All my life, I’ve done what others wanted, but now I have a choice. To remain here at my brother’s mercy or leave for the orc kingdom. And for once, I’m willing to head into the unknown.   AmazonKU

THE AUTUMN LANDS  by J Scott Coatsworth

VS Note: A re-release.

Jerrith is running. Kissed by an elf, he can’t remain in his hometown of Althos any more. Not that he wanted to stay. Caspian still hasn’t figured out why he kissed Jerrith, but he’s running too. Since he was exiled from the Autumn Lands, his past has been hazy, and his future uncertain. But when a stray memory brings things into focus, the two decide to run toward something together. What they uncover will change how they see the world, and themselves, forever.

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Perfection is impossible, even for this collection of angels. Once esteemed immortals find themselves banished from the heavenly realm and condemed to a life on Earth amongst the mortals, unless they find a way back through the veil. Before they can find redemption they must first learn how to navigate their new life. Will they find a new appreciation for humanity and choose this life over the one they were created for?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Once thrown overboard, a woman could be saved – resurrected – by Poseidon. Once long ago, women were believed to be bad luck if on ships. A belief that led to their demise at the hands of men. Once thrown over, they drowned or, in some cases, saved by the God of the Sea. Granted a new life under the waves, these women could seek revenge and second chances. As times changed, any who found death under the waves could find themselves turned to life as a mermaid – or merman. That is where Songs of the Deep begins. With death, magic, and revenge. Dive under the waves with 18 tales of mermaid magic.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Winterfall Legacy is the third book in the Nightworld Academy: Winterfall series. Other books in the series must be read first. Now that the group are back together, they have new challenges to face—including finally confronting Gabriella. But what is the First and how dangerous is she? And what problems will Dorian Blackwood’s involvement create?


HIS DAMAGED PACK (ASILO PRIDE BOOK TWO) by Jenna Wade and Lorelai M Hart 

Asilo Pack lives in the shadows protecting those without a voice. My brother warned me to run—that Highridge was no longer safe for me, but I was stubbornly refusing to leave him until it was too late, our pack Alpha leaving him for dead and keeping me prisoner, help unable to get to me. Cooper came to the rescue, and I fell in love. My beast recognizing him as ours. The sexy old alpha kept me at arm’s length for our own safely. If Highridge knew what we were to each other, that would be the end of us. Leaving my mate was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I knew we’d be together again someday. And then I got what should be the happiest news of my life: I was pregnant. I needed to find Cooper, despite the danger. Our baby deserved both his fathers and I was willing to fight to make that happen. His Damaged Pack is a sweet with knotty heat M/M Mpreg Shifter Romance…     AmazonKU


Sometimes a pothole is exactly what you need. Human omega Brooks’s car is packed and he’s ready for the adventure of a lifetime. West Coast and new job, here he comes. Only a pothole in the middle of nowhere has other ideas. Now trapped on the side of the road with a broken undercarriage, Brooks is stuck in a rural town for who knows how long. His future will have to wait—or will it? Alpha bear shifter Castiel has always loved tinkering with motors. It’s where he’s most at home. When he gets a call from the man who mentored him as a teen, offering to sell him his shop, Castiel jumps at the chance. He longs to get out of the city and be his own boss. When Castiel gets a service call for a car on the side of the road, he plans to drive there, fix the tire, then be home for dinner. The last thing he expects is to come face to face with his fated mate. It should be the happiest day of his life, but the human is only passing through as his new life is on the other side of the country. He just wants his car repaired. If only it were that simple.   AmazonKU


When the Syndicate calls to collect their debt— Omegas are given no choice but to succeed…or die trying. Being a con artist—a highly talented con artist mind you—I’m not one who’s used to being on the flip side of a con. So when I wake up in a strange apartment, in a city I hate, being anonymously blackmailed… Not an experience that’s at all welcomed. The Underground Omega Syndicate needs me to pull a job whether I want to or not. They’ve uncovered every secret I have, and make sure I know it. If I don’t follow their orders they will destroy me in every way possible. A little overkill if you ask me, but who am I to talk? So now I’m the brand new executive assistant to the CEO of a security company. An attractive silver fox of a CEO I’ll have you know. And oh yeah…my first day is tomorrow. Not like the best cons take months of planning or anything. But the job isn’t the real problem. The Alphas I have to work with? They’re a bigger threat to me than the Syndicate. No matter what, I can’t fail. There’s no other option, especially when my life hangs in the balance. The real question is: Can I con my heart into thinking this is just another job? Or will my life be blown up, one way or another?   AmazonKU


Riddled with guilt over the crimes he was forced to commit, Mo-red is ready to stand trial and accept the death sentence he believes he deserves, but when the clan’s alluring psychologist offers a new perspective on his past and hope for a better future, he resolves to fight for his life.     AmazonKU


“She wants to cross my bridge… but not if I claim her first.” I used to have much more important things to protect, but now after sipping a strange drink at a party, I’m merely an ice troll guarding a frozen bridge. It’s not much, but it’s my duty. When I catch three thieves attempting to cross my bridge without paying the tax, they sacrifice one of their own to get away. The frightened but brave woman has never seen anything like me before. She doesn’t know what kind of monsters wait for her beyond the bridge in Screaming Woods. When she insists on going to the town anyway, I have no choice but to hold her captive with me. It’s for her own safety after all… and not because she’s melting my cold heart.     AmazonKU

UNDER KINGDOM by Christof Bogacs

School can be hard, and making friends can be even harder. Taking your mother’s place as the guardian of a secret subterranean kingdom of monsters just might be impossible! After the sudden disappearance of his mom, high school freshman, Shay, is thrust into a secret world of monsters that exists underneath his small West-Virginian town. With the help of his shapeshifting aunt Sa’Belle, he must search for his mother while doing what he can to safeguard the citizens of the ‘Under Kingdom’ and try to maintain his normal high school life. If that wasn’t enough, Shay’s no fighter but the Under Kingdom demands he take arms to protect his friends and family. Shay struggles to balance school, his new crush, and training to become a warrior. When an army of Dwarves declare war on the Under Kingdom, he will need to find a way to balance who he is with protecting all of monster-kind from war.  An epic adventure set in a colorful world full of mischievous sock-stealing imps, adorable dragons, rowdy orcs, and an endless variety of other strange creatures. Join Shay, Sa’belle, and friends in this heartwarming tale where kindness is proven more powerful than violence.

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When I escaped I never imagined that I’d find my fated mate, but I’m not safe yet. I’m playing with fire now. The pack I sabotaged is after me for revenge – revenge for stealing Devon, the alpha of a blood thirsty pack. But I have something the alpha’s daughter wants even more than revenge. She thinks I’m the one who could destroy her pack and her means to power. And now, my captors are determined to keep me. My fated mate is the only one who can save me from my old pack’s wrath. He’s powerful and full of dark secrets. He’s been searching for answers about the kidnappings, and my abduction may be his only chance to uncover the truth. Devon’s going to race against time to get me, if he’s still alive. I think I’ve proven I’m not good at being the damsel in distress. I won’t lose him again.     AmazonKU


Pet Mystery Week brings brisk business to Penelope’s Rhode Island bookshop, but a real mystery comes barking at her door when a lost dog turns up in a panic. Pen and her son Spencer follow the furry fugitive to a wooded area where the dog’s owner lies unconscious. Mrs. Cunningham is a warm-hearted widow who volunteers at the animal shelter and runs Buy the Book’s pet lovers book club. Why would anyone shoot such a sweet soul? The police believe it’s an accident, a shot by a careless deer hunter, but Pen remains skeptical. To straighten out this doggone mess, she whistles for the ghost of PI Jack Shepard, an expert in hounding as well as haunting. Jack has a dog story of his own, a case from the 1940s that may help Pen sniff out clues to her present predicament. Yet even with Jack’s hard-boiled help, Pen may not be able to stop the killer from striking again or letting this whole case go to the dogs.

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A pub owner. A witch with broken magick. A crew of unlikely criminals. And the greatest diamond heist of all time. Jonas and Yenna lead normal lives as a London pub owner and a journalist…but they moonlight as notorious thieves with their five-member crew of unlikely criminals. Since the night twelve-year-old Jonas and his feisty red-headed neighbor—who happens to be a witch—knocked over a corner shop, the two have been inseparable. Until Yenna’s magick breaks and the two of them have to face the traumatic after-effects. After years apart, Jonas brings Yenna in for one last heist—to steal a diamond from the Millenium Dome on New Year’s Eve 1999, just as the clock strikes midnight and the New Millennium is ushered in. But there is a new detective in town that has opened six cold-cases that are all too familiar…With everything at stake, the two of them must work together to stay ahead of the police, unravel the mystery of Yenna’s broken magick, and face the ghosts of their own past.     AmazonKU


When lion shifter and leader of his pride Edward learns about his fated mate, his life turns upside down. After losing the love of his life, his wife, he vows to never love again. but he does remarry, to give his infant son a mother. Too bad his new wife—now his ex-wife—was a raging psychopath. But when he meets Brian, a bunny shifter who’s nearly forty years younger, he’s sure there’s no way they can make things work… right? Brian knows things are a bit rocky with his current boyfriend, but there’s no way he’d tell the lion shifter who happens to be his fated mate. Instead, he uses his current relationship status—taken—as a reason to run from the lion. He’s not interested in predators. But Fate won’t be denied, and the pair are going to have to get over themselves, past their prejudices, and break the stereotypes forced on them if they’re ever going to find happiness.     AmazonKU


I can save the world. I just may have to ruin all of my friends’ lives in the process. Of all the people tasked with making sure the realms don’t burn and the worlds don’t end, I’m surely the most unlikely choice. Unfortunately for me, fate doesn’t care. Don’t get me wrong–I’m more than capable. But I prefer a direct approach. Unfortunately, I need the Unseelie King’s precious sword, and he would see my teeth and claws a mile away. So this will require precision. Somehow, I need to convince the bane of my existence to trust me enough to let down his guard. And then I have to betray him.     AmazonKU


Addie wanted a gosh-darn pizza. Lass wanted to avoid being cooked over a spit. Neither figured they’d end up with a one-way ticket to the end of days. Addie did not have “getting plucked from the 21st century and thrown into a rudimentary fantasy world” on her “fun things to do at 30” checklist. Yet here she is, struggling to survive in the hellscape known as Sakar, a place where Wraiths flame-broil humans and Celestial armies wage war with each other over a centuries-old spat. Thankfully, Cheriour, the hunky commander of the human army, takes her under his wing—although he’s allergic to giving straight answers. And talking. As Addie reluctantly starts to care for him, and the rest of the Sakarians, she also learns why she was sent to this world. And it’s a doozy…The violent society of Sakar is the only home Lass has ever known, and it’s been a wretched one. She has spent her life being tormented and twisted into an inhuman hybrid by the Celestials and hunted by the humans who fear her. But she finds solace with a cocky, blue-eyed boy who comforts her, even after she accidentally slaughters innocents. As Lass struggles to control her volatile powers, she slowly transforms into the monster the humans believe her to be. And even the boy she loves is in peril…At the end of time, there is only fire. And neither Addie nor Lass will escape unscathed.

Amazon     (Might be KU but at the time this post was prepared I couldn’t tell.)


Hide a witch. Find a god. While construction of the new council chambers is underway in shifter territory, relations between the members remain strained and controversial. The ancient evil plaguing our town attempts to subvert our highest members to create a portal and grant him access to our world. When I suspect my daughter’s unscrupulous boyfriend is connected to the mutated cult, I go undercover in the demon sex club. I learn more about my ex and his girlfriend than I bargained for as well as a lead on the ancient god’s new temple. As my relationship with my daughter disintegrates, I am tasked with a new position within the council. Do I accept and risk my relationship with Hunter or decline and risk the mutation spreading?     AmazonKU

THREE WISHES by Anne Shade

Since she took her first trip to the little island of Nosy Be off the coast of Madagascar, Elise Porter has been drawn back to it time and again. When a mysterious vendor sells her an antique, jewel-encrusted oil lamp, Elise is thoroughly surprised by the mystical appearance of a beautiful and scantily clad woman offering to grant her three wishes. Naima is a Jinni, and she has a wish of her own. A cursed princess’s spirit, who also happens to be the Jinni’s wife Aliya, has taken residence within Elise and needs to be brought forth to free them from their curse. When Naima is summoned by a human who not only possesses her lamp but also the spirit of her long-lost wife, she can’t believe her luck. After centuries dreaming of the moment when she and Aliya would be reunited, the reality of what freeing her could mean for Elise has Naima wondering if the price of freedom is worth the sacrifice. Elise and Naima must fight their growing feelings for each other as Elise wages an internal battle with Aliya, and they receive assistance from a very unlikely source.

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Want to know what happens to Ellie and her pack, check out book two of the Jaded Omegas Duet – This duet will be full of betrayal, moving on, steam, strong omegas, and will end with a HEA. This is an omegaverse world that includes male omegas, female alphas, a jaded pack that struggles to move on, and one omega who is tired of letting the world tear her down.     AmazonKU


I don’ t fight with my demons— I play with them. My first mistake was selling my soul. My second was falling in love with a bunch of devils. My third— and arguably biggest— was to utter a few stupid words— Let’ s overthrow God! My life isn’ t really going according to plan— I’ m dead, I’ m a Demon Lord, I’ m dating violent and dangerous men, and now I’ ve undertaken an impossible quest with those very men to change the entire afterlife. We’ ll have to cross the Path, a dangerous realm that has killed or driven mad every person who has entered it. Even if we can make it through, if we survive the traps and monsters standing in our way, if we can keep our sanity, and if we don’ t kill or betray each other first, we’ ll still have to face down the being who created our entire world. I’ d often wondered when I was alive why God hated me— well, I’ m about to give him a good damn reason to.     AmazonKU


The evil you know can’t protect you from the evil you crave…That’s what I realize each time I see Soren. I crave this vampire’s bite. His kind brings fear to the hearts of all living creatures on Protheka – even my dreaded dark elf masters. But he brings a different feeling to me. Not dread…but desire. He promises to lead my people to freedom. He promises to lead me to safety. He swears he will turn my tribe of humans into a vibrant nation. Yes, he can do all that. But he doesn’t realize that there’s only one thing I want to be for him…Bedsport.     AmazonKU

TO RULE THE DESERT by Monica Robinson

Quinn, a ghost of a woman who wanders the unending desert landscape, searches for a way to save herself from the truck driving highway (wo)man tasked with ferrying her to the land of the dead. She is the victim of an unsolved murder at a roadside motel, and has spent years roaming the desert and avoiding the dangerous creatures that lurk there, often unaware of the way these seemingly separate stories entwine with her own. After a perilous journey that brings new knowledge about the dangers of the desert and what is both buried and living there, as well as awakening old memories, which prove almost equally dangerous, Quinn arrives back at the site of her death to wait for her partner, Ava. Quinn and Ava must evade capture and true death as they weave through the path toward a simple life together, but eventually discover that they are missing a few sentences from their collective narrative, a startling realization which threatens to break them entirely as they learn the unerring truth behind Quinn’s murder and the actions surrounding it. This debut speculative fiction desert gothic novella from career poet Monica Robinson, thematically set along Route 40 in the American Southwest, loosely retells the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice through a queer women’s lens. Ava and Quinn find themselves at odds with the strange specters that haunt the desert during a roadtrip-gone-wrong and must fight across the dangerous landscape to find one another again.     Amazon


VS Note: From APRIL 16. Saw it recommended on Tiktok by Booktoker Broke_and_Books

Take a wild ride with Gigi, the former bride of Frank N. Stein, as she navigates the world of rat rod racing and explores the unfamiliar territory of understanding love. With a sassy rockabilly style and a lot of attitude, this stitched-up bad girl will capture your heart with lots of laughs along the way. Join her and her misfit friends, including an adorable Venus flytrap who can be a little naughty. Be careful and read the warning signs in the lobby – Molly Sue bites! Get ready for motor-revving action as Gigi discovers the truth of the lost romance of her human past, uncovering a hidden agenda for why she’s not like others of her kind. Made for humans and monsters alike, Frank-n-people are nothing more than entertainment and sensual gratification for their owners, created by a madman. Not accepting that as her fate, this undead girl is blazing a path of her own. With the mad scientist Victor’s decision to grant Gigi free will, she has mustered up enough strength to part ways with her abusive ex-husband, following a cataclysmic event that forces vintage horror monsters into the human realm. When she crosses paths with Fox Adams – a lonely human drifter, he wants to work alongside the beautiful, green-skinned drag racing icon in her infamous monster garage. Confused by the attraction to a man with dreams of racing stardom, it forces her to look into who her host body really is if she wants a future with Fox. Together, they form an unlikely bond that will show her she wasn’t just made to be a living Frank-n-mate doll. She was made for love.



Long before civilization, there were the gods. And before the gods, there was the earth, the celestial bodies, and air given flesh. They are the Anemoi—the Four Winds—and they have been banished to the four corners of the world. Brielle of Thornbrook has dedicated her life to the abbey. She spends her days forging iron and studying the Text, all in preparation of becoming an acolytea shepherd of the Father. Twenty-one years on this earth and she has never touched a man. And she never will.Yet dark things uncoil beyond Thornbrook’s high stone walls. A chance encounter with an alluring stranger leads Brielle to Under, where the air breathes rot and the roots grow black. Zephyrus, Bringer of Spring, with eyes of green. In Under, those Brielle can trust are few, least of all Zephyrus. But never has a man so thoroughly ensnared her. When faith and heart collide, Brielle learns how quickly threads unravel, even her most sacred vow: thou shalt not forsake the Father. For He is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory. Forever and ever. Amen.      AmazonKU


Lynn Smith is having a very bad day. Getting hit by a truck on her way to a job she didn’t even want was bad enough, but now she’s woken up—not as Lynn Smith, retail worker, but as Camille Shadowrender, the villainess of a popular fantasy novel who is doomed to die at the end of the story! Determined to change her fate and avoid a second terrible death, Lynn embraces her role as Camille, the last witch of the Darkwood, and sets out to right the wrongs of her character before it’s too late. First on her list: free the grumpy dragon shifter who has been enslaved to her family for 200 years so that he won’t have a reason to kill her in the climactic final scene. Unfortunately for her, Zynder isn’t so ready to forgive and forget! Now Camille has to write her own redemption arc while being pursued by a vengeful dragon who can’t seem to make up his mind if she’s his enemy, a stolen object from his hoard, or… something else. But Camille is soon going to discover that changing her own fate comes with consequences. Can she protect the things she holds dear while also saving her own life? Or is the only way to save the world to become the villain, after all?     AmazonKU

VENOM AND VOW by Anna-Marie McElmore and Elliott McElmore

Two enemy kingdoms are forced to work together to break a curse in this lush YA fantasy, featuring a transgender prince and a bigender dama/assassin in the lead roles. 
Keep your enemy closer. Cade McKenna is a transgender prince who’s doubling for his brother. Valencia Palafox is a young dama attending the future queen of Eliana. Gael Palma is the infamous boy assassin Cade has vowed to protect. Patrick McKenna is the reluctant heir to a kingdom, and the prince Gael has vowed to destroy. Cade doesn’t know that Gael and Valencia are the same person. Valencia doesn’t know that every time she thinks she’s fighting Patrick, she’s fighting Cade. And when Cade and Valencia blame each other for a devastating enchantment that takes both their families, neither of them realizes that they have far more dangerous enemies.

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These bear shifters HAD one rule: The first to mate becomes alpha. Now that’s done, and the rules have changed. If they don’t find their fated mate by the full moon, they could be lost to their inner beasts forever. Let the mating frenzy begin! Hawthorn never saw himself as the mating type. In fact, he’s spent a lifetime keeping females away from his clan for their own safety. But now they have an alpha and others will come. His people need him now more than ever, and that means he must take a mate himself. Ready or not, he accidentally finds her when brawling lands him in a human hospital. Sassy, smart, and so pretty he can’t ignore his bear’s claim. He knows they’re fated, she needs convincing. Her difficult past keeps her from trusting him, and on a scale of one to grumpy, she’s got him beat. But he knows there’s more to the jaded nurse who makes his pants tight and his heart want things he never thought he could have. He sees the tenderness she tries to hide when she looks at him. The way she craves more. And he’s ready to give her everything. But he’ll need to lower his defenses to get past hers, and show her when it’s right, falling in love doesn’t mean falling alone.   AmazonKU


This was ALL his fault, the puffed up, winged menace at my back! I wasn’t quite sure exactly how all of this fell upon his shoulders, but it absolutely did. Call it a gut feeling… but I was certain of it. My mudworm is going to run me down, sword in hand, if she ever discovers I’ve been withholding things from her, even if I feel the subterfuge is with her best interests at heart. My wily dragon bound is a sheila of a beast in her own right when crossed. It’s not without warrant, my secrets kept, but I don’t believe she’ll be seeing it quite in that light…Looking for Pim’s father is feeling more like a lost cause than an actual pursuit, but the pair are determined. They’d struck a bargain, after all, had they not? It was but one part of their quest to free Mort from his curse. It’s a dragon’s bargain in the process, a moonkissed human and her dragon bound stumbling their way through this whole mess and, even more importantly, their burgeoning feelings for one another.

Amazon     NOTE: Book one of the series is on Apple Books and Kobo


Could she be falling in love with a man who embodies her biggest fear, or is it only snake believe? CORA – Sent to Screaming Woods to write a magazine piece on its resident monsters, I’m ready to meet hairy beasts, ogres, vampires… Heck, I even have an interview scheduled with an actual invisible man. What I’m not prepared for? A snake man. I’m terrified of snakes. Now I’ll have to talk to a man-sized one on a daily basis, because he owns the motel where I’m staying and there are no vacancies elsewhere in town. Once the initial shock of coming face to face with a walking, talking snake passes, I start to see Leroy for the man beneath the monster exterior. And the more I get to know my snake man, the more I realize my biggest fear would be losing him. LEROY – At nineteen, I unknowingly drank the poisoned party punch that turned many of Screaming Woods’ residents into monsters. My future as a human vanished when I became a snake man. Twenty-plus years later, I wouldn’t change back if I could. I have the best of both species in me. My new anatomy has definite advantages, and because of them, I’m frequently propositioned. But that’s not the kind of proposal I seek. I’m the loneliest snake in town until the day Cora walks into the motel I own—and promptly faints at the sight of me. The lovely magazine reporter is only in town to interview monsters for an article, but I know from the first day that I won’t want to say goodbye to her. My charms have never failed me before, but I’m a one-hundred-and-eighty-pound embodiment of her biggest fear. That won’t stop me from trying. Anything is possible in Screaming Woods.     AmazonKU


Transness is as varied and colorful as magic can be. In Transmogrify!, you’ll embark on fourteen different adventures alongside unforgettable characters who embody many different genders and expressions and experiences—because magic is for everyone, and that is cause for celebration.

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Happily ever after isn’t part of my plan—Until fate steps in—and I lay eyes on doctor dreamy…My life revolves around one thing—running the local bed and breakfast with the other orphan wolf shifters in Hogan Falls. My friends are getting married and having babies. The joke is on them—their happiness will never last. The new doctor in town, Scott, delivers my friends’ twins. Everything I thought I knew about love and relationships fades away. We fall fast and hard for each other—But I’m reluctant. This can’t be happening. It’s too much too soon. The attraction is an undeniable magnetic force—I want him, and he wants me. And a connection to the past makes me realize we are truly meant to be together. Not everyone agrees and I quickly realize I can’t trust everyone who claims to protect me. If Scott and I are soul mates, it’s going to take a whole town of shifters to safeguard our love.     AmazonKU


A woman determined to discover her past…Adelyn, daughter of Lila and Latimus, has never felt quite whole. Although she loves her parents immensely, the origin of her lavender irises always remained a mystery. When she overhears rumors of a secret species of immortal who share the rare trait, she’s compelled to journey into treacherous territory to find them. A man destined to protect her…Leo, son of Kilani and Alrec, prefers solitude rather than the misery and exclusion he experienced in the immortal realm. When a gorgeous Slayer shows up at his remote cabin, he yearns to protect her, even if the stubborn woman drives him mad. A perilous journey… Incensed by the grumpy Vampyre, Adelyn vows to leave him behind. But the obstinate man insists on protecting her, and each day they forge ahead, she wonders if her heart might need the most protection of all.

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HARRY’S BEAST by Kat Baxter

You know what they say about satyrs…Jace – Like many of the people in Screaming Woods, I’m cursed. My plight goes beyond my hooved feet, horns and my tail. My problem–my curse– is a different kind of hard. The perpetually stiff kind of hard, if you know what I mean. Only true love can give me “release.” I know it’s too much to hope the pretty, curvy human is my fated mate. One touch and I could lose all control, and I can’t risk hurting her. Harriet – Ever since my best friend fell in love with a monster, I’ve wanted one of my own. I’ve gone out with a few, but no one gets my heart racing like the brooding, mysterious satyr. Jace refuses to give me a chance though. I know he wants me, I can see the heat simmering in his gaze. We just need some alone time. Yeah, kidnapping him might be an extreme, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.   AmazonKU


In becoming a vampire, I’m less than a girl. And more. Or maybe I’m becoming what I always have been, deep inside. A blade. When nineteen-year-old Fin volunteers to take her secret love’s place in their village’s Finding, she is terrified. Those who are chosen at the Finding are whisked away to Castle Courtsheart, a vampire school where human students either succeed and become vampires, fail and spend the rest of their lives as human thralls…or they don’t survive long enough to become either. Fin is determined to forge a different path: learn how to kill the undead and get revenge for her mother, who was taken by the vampires years ago. But Courtsheart is as captivating as it is deadly, and Fin is quickly swept up in her new world and its inhabitants – particularly Gavron, her handsome and hostile vampire maker, whose blood is nothing short of intoxicating. As Fin begins to discover new aspects of her own identity and test her newfound powers, she stumbles across a string of murders that may be connected to a larger ritual – one with potentially lethal consequences for vampires and humans alike. Fin must uncover the truth and find the killer before she loses her life…or betrays her own heart.

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VS Note: From APRIL 27

Love is a war Ren never expected to fight. When the council threw Ren into the Choosing, she intended to escape no matter the cost. The last thing she expected was that her struggle for freedom would deliver her into the hands of the resistance. If she plays her cards right, they could give her the revenge and freedom she desperately desires. All they want in return is for her to spy on the council. The task would have been simple if the council hadn’t caught her first. Ren is confronted with the harsh reality that the resistance and the council both see her as a means to destroy the other. Knowing she is only a tool to them makes it harder for her to keep her secrets, but she has no choice but to play the game if she wants to survive. When lines blur and friends become enemies, she realizes she can’t maintain her balancing act between the two factions for much longer. There are monsters and heroes on both sides. Can she gain the trust of the resistance without being labeled a traitor and take back control of her future? Or will divulging the truth cost her everything?     AmazonKU


Ara and her companions are separated, and the world is in danger. The evil Vokkans are continuing their conquest of Saetlund and the world Ara is meant to protect. The only thing that can stop the wizards and the destroyer, Vokk, is Ara and her Loreknights. But she still has many to find. Teth is captured—thrown into prison with none other than their betrayer, Prince Eamon. While he struggles with a shocking secret from his past, he must determine whether he can trust his former friend to help turn the tables on the dark wizards. Meanwhile, Eamon has to gather all his courage and wit to enact a secret plan to help his sister and redeem himself—no matter what. As a battle to save their world approaches, Ara and her friends must rally their forces—some more mysterious than they ever could have imagined—and take back their kingdom, once and for all. Ultimately, they will change the future of Saetlund forever.

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Let’s get one thing straight – Vanja Schmidt wasn’t trying to start a cult. After taking down a corrupt margrave, breaking a deadly curse, and finding romance with the vexingly scrupulous junior prefect Emeric Conrad, Vanja had one great mystery left: her long-lost birth family . . . and whether they would welcome a thief. But in her search for an honest trade, she hit trouble and invented a god, the Scarlet Maiden, to scam her way out. Now that lie is growing out of control—especially when Emeric arrives to investigate and the Scarlet Maiden manifests to claim him as a virgin sacrifice. For his final test to become a prefect, Emeric must determine if Vanja is guilty of serious fraud or if the Scarlet Maiden—and her claim to him—is genuine. Meanwhile, Vanja is chasing an alternative sacrifice that could be their way out. The hunt leads her not only into the lairs of monsters and the paths of gods, but also the ties of her past. And with what should be the simplest way to save Emeric hanging over their heads, he and Vanja must face a more dangerous question: Is there a future for a thief and a prefect, and at what price?

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OF TIDES AND SNOW by Darva Green

A runaway priestess. A pirate with a deadly curse upon her heart. Will they be able to save each other before the hourglass runs out in this steamy, sapphic Snow White retelling? Gwen – I’ve spent my whole life preparing for one moment, but on the night I’m supposed to commit myself to the Moon Coven, a murder attempt has me fleeing the safety of the only home I’ve ever known. I run straight past the safe cottage in the woods and right into the arms of a most unlikely hero—a ruthless pirate captain. As I board The Ruined Soul, I can’t be sure if I’m a passenger or a captive, but as the tides grow more dangerous, I begin to suspect there’s more to the cold-hearted captain than meets the eye. And my magic just might be the thing to help her thaw out. Morgen – The wall of ice I keep between myself and everyone else is meant to protect my cursed heart. No one can get too close to me. But my walls start to crumble when a runaway priestess stumbles onto my boat and into my life. I only need to remind myself that she’s a bag of gold to be protected at all costs and nothing else—I won’t give in to the temptation to risk my soul for a taste of her. With my crew of misfit pirates, we’ll make it across a sea full of monsters and get her to safety, so we can claim our sweet reward.    Amazon


My husband conned two barbarians out of ten chickens. Now they’re at my door demanding recompense. I’m sick of my husband’s nonsense and nefarious trading ways. Enough is enough, I’m set to leave him tomorrow. Only the barbarians demand a trade for their ten lost chickens. My scoundrel of a husband has just offered me.



Captain Ian Flynn would die for any one of his crew…if he could. Now he might have to. Because one of the only known weapons able to kill an immortal is missing. The Spear of Destiny—a priceless religious artifact from the crucifixion—is in the hands of his ship’s ruthless ex-captain. Now the lives of the Sea Dog’s immortal pirate crew are all at risk…along with the headstrong mortal Ian never should have fallen for. Writer Lily Bouchard isn’t sure what’s worse. That she fell for Ian Flynn only to get her heart broken, or that she romanticized the man like he was some gorgeous viking straight out of a movie. So when he shows up suddenly with some absurd tale of immortal pirates and mythical religious relics, Lily doesn’t know what to think. He’s always had a wildness beneath his well-tailored appearance…but how could any of this possibly be real? Now a centuries-old vendetta between two pirate captains has erupted, and Ian will do anything to keep Lily safe—even if it means risking everything. But she won’t give him up without a fight.
The only thing more dangerous than killing an immortal is falling for one.   AmazonKU


In order to rise from the ashes, one must walk through the flames. When Kiera found herself face to face with a dragon, she was certain her life was finished. The truth settled for a single moment, before her world disappeared in a cloud of smoke and flame. But fire was not the end of her story, it was only the beginning. After discovering a mysterious castle in the heart of the desert, the friends must race back to their homeland to warn the fae about the damaris and Sorne. But secret forces are conspiring against them, and it won’t be so easy to return home. After finding some unlikely help from a friend, the gang finally reaches the eastern shore, but when a disastrous turn of events leaves them stranded in the icy plains of the north, they find themselves in trouble once again. How many times can they roll the dice, before it catches up with them? Can they warn the rest of their world about the darkness in time? More importantly, how is Kiera still breathing? How does a person survive a breath of dragon fire…? Be careful who you trust… Even the devil was once an angel.

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Being a working mom chosen to save the world is going to take practice, courage, and a whole crew of creature companions as backup. The forest whispers to Kyra. Something is coming. The creatures are restless. Ash falls on their homestead. And Montreal ward is bursting with refugees. But Kyra doesn’t need omens. She has a direct line to Terra, the god who put humankind in their place once before and won’t hesitate to do it again. Unless Kyra finds and destroys a deadly weapon. A weapon that will bring the end of everything. A weapon that is now in the hands of Montreal’s oldest enemy, the vampires. Kyra and Mason have fought vampires before, but with Mason’s demonic magic threatening to push him over the edge, this time, the risk might be too high. Can Kyra appease an angry god, face off against the vampires and protect her growing family?   AmazonKU


Paris, 1823. Victor Beauchêne has led a stifling existence, unrecognized for both his cleverness and his gender, except in the pages of his meticulous diary. Abruptly cut off from his family’s fortune, he takes the opportunity to start a new life in a shabby boarding house with his beloved spinster aunt Sophie. There, he stumbles upon two kinds of magic: a pen with eerie powers of persuasion and a reserved, alluring art student named Julien. Brilliant, unconventional Julien is also Julie, a person whose magical paintings can transform their body or enchant viewers. Haunted by a terrible episode in their past, they’ve come to Paris for artistic success—the ordinary, non-magical kind. Victor, too handsome and far too inquisitive, is a dangerous distraction from their ambitions. Drawn to each other, Victor and Julie strike up a cautious correspondence of notes slid under doors. It soon unfolds into a passionate romance. Outside the bedroom, their desires clash: Julie wants to distance herself from the world of magic and Victor wants to delve deeper. When the ruthless abuser from Julie’s past resurfaces, he aims to take control of her powers and ruin more lives. Victor and Julie are the only ones who can stop him. Do they trust each other enough to survive the threat to their love and their lives? The Scandalous Letters of V and J is a historical fantasy romance with two nonbinary main characters, told primarily in letters and diary entries. It is approximately 100,000 words long and sexually explicit.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


How long can a vampire hold a grudge? The answer, it turns out, is an eternity. Aileen Travers is about to get a lesson in the nature of vendettas and how far some will go to avenge any slight. When a representative of the vampire council sweeps into town, he brings with him a deadly conspiracy that could wind up threatening the very foundation of Aileen’s life. With strange dreams plaguing her days and an ancient creature stalking her nights, Aileen soon finds the vampire’s motivations for being in her city are far more sinister than she could have ever imagined. An infestation of hunters points to a conspiracy whose roots lie in the far past. As the danger deepens, Aileen will need to unravel the mystery behind her dreams and their connection with her stalker or risk losing everything she’s built. One thing is clear—when you live as long as vampires do, you’re bound to make a few enemies.     AmazonKU


Thea knew going up for auction at aquatic Atlantis After Market that she’d have to fake her marriage for a whole year, but that was before she was won by the sexy, charismatic Trenton Baptiste who she soon discovered was a spoiled trust fund baby who’d never done an honest day’s work in his life. Four months was how long she’d lasted before the avian shifter wanted to burst out of the cage of her marriage, but the fine, fine print in the encyclopedic marriage contract means where she goes so does Trenton. Trenton is in love with his After Market bride, he thinks. He does know that every look of scorn from his wife’s beautiful brow is the kick in the pants he needs to get himself together to be the husband and mate she deserves. His past keeps coming back to haunt him, and drive a wedge further into the fledging relationship that was developing between he and his bride. Can Trenton mature enough to be the man and mate Thea needs? Will Thea take flight as soon as the contract expires?     AmazonKU


Death was all he deserved … Until it wasn’t. No sooner than I step out of sight of Death, and what our deal has wrought, do I regret the words I’ve spoken. My heart aches from the harshness of my tongue, and I wonder if I have made a grave mistake. And yet, I do not turn back. No. Instead, I harden my heart against these thoughts. Against my feelings. Sealing my fate with yet another mistake borne of disobedience … not only to my mother’s dying wish, but to the true desires of my soul. A fate that will force me to my very knees to save the ones I love. To save him. To save … us.    AmazonKU


Cyl Waterford hates Tampa. That she’s inherited a lighthouse there does little to change her mind. Of course, she’s going to sell as soon as she can and return to Colorado. If there are rumors the lighthouse is haunted, that’s something future buyers will need to investigate. Cyl doesn’t believe in ghosts anyway. When her deceased aunt’s friends Luna and Martinique convince Cyl to have a séance in the lighthouse, everything she thought she knew about the supernatural is shattered. A mystery she can’t ignore sets them all on a quest to find sunken treasure and a missing dead woman. Cyl’s in for more than an adventure as their quest reveals surprising attractions that have Cyl torn between returning home and following her heart.

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Single, female lycanthrope: check. Bills to pay: check. A bounty for the hottest single lycanthrope on the block: check. As the sole holdout of the corporate buyout of her apartment building, Joyce Gray is determined to transform her stubborn pride into a masterpiece in order to stay off the streets. Dipping her hands into the dark world of bounty hunting would give her the funds needed to find a new home, somewhere safe from the wolf who’d infected her with the lycanthropy virus. On the surface, the job is simple. For a period of three days, she must keep Wayne Barnes from returning to the New York City area. The owner of the corporation determined to reduce her apartment complex to rubble has a reputation of being straitlaced and playing for keeps. Worse, her virus is ready to roll over to have her belly rubbed and enjoy some positive and intimate attention. But with twenty thousand on the table and a chance to get ahead for once in her life, she’s prepared to get her hands dirty no matter the cost. What she doesn’t know will change her life and plunge her into the murky depths of the black market, where secrets are worth more than money, life is cheap, and anything can be purchased for a price.

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Have you ever wondered what your neighbors get up to after dark? Trust me. You’d rather not know…The small town of Curiosity is supposed to be about simple living. But after a string of disasters, it starts to feel like I’m too much of an outsider. And when I see my hot neighbor Chet in an alleyway one night, I realize why. He’s big. He’s bad. He’s a…wolf. But he won’t bite. Unless I ask him to. If you were me, you’d be begging for it. And the best way to conquer your fears is face them right? I might be the new girl in town, but maybe if I play my cards right…He won’t be the only one huffing, puffing, and blowing in his house till dawn.     AmazonKU


With a dragon, one rarely ever walks away. They get burned alive. The world was meant to be safer for people like me after the Veil fell – but it’s not. It’s taken eat or be eaten to a whole new level. Pinned against a wall beneath my powerful dragon shifter boss, I had no choice…He’s going to have me whether I like it or not. Holding my future in the palm of his hand, Markus strikes a deal with me. I can keep my job. But I get a new title. His toy. I didn’t know the monster I unleashed when I said yes. But being brought to the brink of death wasn’t part of the deal. As I’m edged closer with each attack, I can’t help but wonder—Is this what I get for playing with fire?     AmazonKU

A LONG TIME DEAD by Samara Breger

Somewhere foggy, 1837 . . .Poppy had always loved the night, which is why it wasn’t too much of a bother to wake one evening in an unfamiliar home far from London, weak and confused and plagued with a terrible thirst for blood, to learn that she could no longer step out into the day. And while vampirism presented several disadvantages, it more than made up for those in its benefits: immortality, a body that could run at speed for hours without tiring, the thrill of becoming a predator, the thing that pulls rabbits from bushes and tears through their fur and flesh with the sharp point of a white fang. And, of course, Roisin. The mysterious woman who has lived for centuries, who held Poppy through her painful transformation, and who, for some reason, is now teaching her how to adjust to her new, endless life. A tight, lonely, buttoned-up woman, with kindness and care pressed up behind her teeth. The time they spend together is as transformative to Poppy as the changes in her body, and soon, she finds herself hopelessly, overwhelmingly attached. But Roisin has secrets of her own, and can’t make any promises; not when vengeance must be served. Soon, their little world explodes. Together and apart, they encounter scores of vampires, shifty pirates, conniving opera singers, ancient nobles, glamorous French women, and a found family that throws a very particular sort of party. But overhead, threat looms—one woman who is capable of destroying everything Poppy and Roisin hold dear.

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I’m falling down the rabbit hole into Cheshire’s Den of Debauchery. I’m obsessed with my deviant desires and only one thing can bring me satisfaction—Caterpillar. Whether by luck or misfortune, he can be bought. I only need to make a deal with Cheshire…and his deals have the tendency to go sideways. They say curiosity killed the cat but I’m the one in trouble. I was the canary in his jaws the moment I stepped into his lair. And I just keep falling. Falling for them and falling to the bottom of Wonderland where the truth of my past lurks in the murky depthsWonderland bites and I fear I’ve been infected. In this story you’ll find: villain leads -ménage romance-peculiar anatomy-and so much more…Author Note: This is a monster retelling of Alice in Wonderland and is an extended version of the short story by the same title in the Into the Woods Anthology published April 2022.     AmazonKU


Death. Theft. Marriage. It’s an average day in the Other Realm. Someone keeps bludgeoning to death people in the Other realm. A couple of the murders were virtually in our back garden, so Emory has asked me to try and find the culprit. I’d feel better if I didn’t have Shirdal along with me, cracking jokes and on the verge of a deadly killing spree of his own. Plus there’s the small matter of the missing multi-million-pound Eye of Ebrel that I still need to locate. Having survived the challenges, you’d think I’d be welcomed by the dragons with open arms – but no, the Court is still full of intrigue and hostility. A few weeks ago we flew to Lucy’s rescue and made some questionable decisions and now it’s time for the consequences. The Elders are visiting Emory’s court and they’re here to decide his fate – and by extension mine. At this rate, I’m not sure we’ll survive long enough to get our big white wedding. Damn it, I was really looking forward to the cake.     AmazonKU


VS note: From APRIL 19.

Win the trials, earn a crown—or fail and lose everything. The heir of Embermere has unexpectedly died, and now a new prince and princess must be crowned. I’ve been hiding out with the dragons, but then mysterious fae show up at the dragons’ stronghold and abduct me at the King’s command. The royals of Embermere are hosting the Fae Heir Trials to find their successors. The winners will marry and become the next to rule the fae lands. Turns out I’m the King’s illegitimate daughter and the wicked queen intends to kill me off during the challenges. I find myself thrust into a barbaric tournament where death is all but guaranteed. I’m competing against the most gorgeous, deadly fae warriors of the realm. Determined, agile men who’ve been training to claim this chance all their lives—including clan leader Rush Vega. Rush Vega is the Crown’s favorite, devastatingly charming and dangerously tempting. His combat skills and dark secrets will be my undoing. With my survival on the line, my heart must resist his pull and those intriguing moonlight eyes. He’s the queen’s spy, and that makes him my number one enemy. My life might have become a game of savage brutality, but the Queen of Embermere underestimated me. I was born a fighter. And I intend to win.   AmazonKU


The Sleeping House was very much awake . . .Days after a tragedy leaves Marin Blythe alone in the world, she receives a surprising invitation from Alice Lovelace—an acclaimed horror writer and childhood friend of Marin’s mother. Alice offers her a nanny position at Lovelace House, the family’s coastal Maine estate. Marin accepts and soon finds herself minding Alice’s peculiar girls. Thea buries her dolls one by one, hosting a series of funerals, while Wren does everything in her power to drive Marin away. Then Alice’s eldest daughter returns home unexpectedly. Evie Hallowell is every bit as strange as her younger sisters, and yet Marin is quickly drawn in by Evie’s compelling behavior and ethereal grace. But as Marin settles in, she can’t escape the anxiety that follows her like a shadow. Dead birds appear in Marin’s room. The children’s pranks escalate. Something dangerous lurks in the woods, leaving mutilated animals in its wake. All is not well at Lovelace House, and Marin must unravel its secrets before they consume her.

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With the Imperium Trials over, and their verdict revealing shocking potential within Wen’s Unitas, it’s Wen herself who is exposed as the most unprecedented—and unsettling. Something lies within her that shouldn’t exist. Wen is barely dealing with the fallout of that revelation with Godric, her one craving, her mentor and tether in this tumultuous Afterword, only for a chain reaction of traumatic events to hit them, each further setting up the stage for a war. One between those coveting her unspeakable power, and those who believe it must be eradicated. With upheavals at every corner, Wen and Godric struggle to navigate their fateful bond and explosive passion, while racing against time to uncover the devastating secrets of her nature and past. At every discovery, the battle lines of the future showdown get clearer. That is, until everything overturns, and Wen can no longer know who to trust—starting with everyone she loves.   AmazonKU


VS note: From APRIL 10.

When self-professed hermit Theodora Edwards is attacked by a dark fae and infected with his magic, she finds herself thrust into the supernatural spotlight as the first possible changeling in centuries. As if surviving the transition isn’t hard enough, Theo has to deal with an attempted abduction by her newly turned vampire ex-husband, unwanted courting offers from salacious fae suitors, and her growing attraction to the guardian of the gate to Fairie. Caught in a cruel tug of war between the queen of the fae and a surly law-enforcement agent, Theo must find a way to free herself before she loses her hard-earned independence for good.

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Nash Hudson has done it. After years of being a bachelor werewolf, the Second of the Pack has finally used his one Turn to save the life of a quirky beauty he spent a fun night with, and now reality is setting in. She survived it. She really survived it, and now he and Summer have to figure out where they belong in each other’s lives. For the first time in three years, the Pack is initiating a new member, and what is supposed to be a big raucous party for Summer turns into a storm none of the Pack could see coming. And now Nash is going to see just how strong his new mate can be. Summer Dicarlo is ready to party. She’s aliiiiiive! She has spent years trying to recover from an illness, and now she is free thanks to the wolf Nash gifted her with. She’s powerful and ready to take on the world, and is appreciating every moment she has with her new friends and old. All she needs to do is get initiated into Nash’s Pack, and Change for the first time, and she and Nash can get on with life! But when Nash disappears on their first night Changed together, Summer has to go down a rabbit hole of mysteries to find out what happened to her new mate. The Pack isn’t what it seems, and neither is her new mate, and Summer is about to find out just how battle-tested she really is.     AmazonKU


My life was nothing but darkness and pain until he stepped out of the shadows to save me. Bowie – For years, I’ve struggled just to survive. Life is rough, but I keep on fighting, desperately grasping to a sliver of hope that someday, somehow things will get better. Between dodging the bad guys in the neighborhood and avoiding my uncle’s wrath, I do my best to avoid being seen. When things go from bad to worse, a dark angel appears, rescuing me from certain death. His name is Syn, and he sees me in ways no one else ever has. He’s a dangerous man, but somehow I know he won’t hurt me. When I find out that vampires exist, and even wilder than that, Syn believes I’m his fated mate, I’m offered a life I never could have imagined. If I accept his gift, he’ll be mine for good — my eternal Syn — and I can leave my old life behind for good. It’s a tempting idea. After all, only a vampire can truly love you forever.     AmazonKU


She’s a shifter fixer who can fix anything … except herself. Exiled from her clan, jaguar shifter Max is a P.I. who handles unique shifter problems. Incriminating photos, blackmail, mate problems? Max helps others solve their problems because there is no cure for her own loneliness. At least none that she knows. But she’s never had a problem like him before …He never had a problem he couldn’t solve … until now. After an unwanted shifter transformation, Gio is on the run, at the mercy of a shattered animal he can’t talk to, staying one step ahead of magical assassins who want to tear him apart to get at the secret inside him. He can’t fix this. But maybe she can: the beautiful woman with eyes he could fall into. The damaged yet kind and resilient woman that his unwanted, half-bonded lion keeps wanting him to touch. The only woman who can show him what it means to have a true mate—if he can protect her from the danger pursuing them both.     AmazonKU


The guards arrive at my humble cottage with a ridiculous offer: Come to an exclusive and mysterious isle to compete for the hand of a royal husband. Enjoy a week of glittering balls, dancing, ostentatious wealth…and a royal hunt. All I have to do is to get rejected by a prince, and I’ll be sent home with a pot of money. My father tells me it’s dangerous. He begs me not to go. But I’d do anything for him, I could change our lives with this money.
But when I arrive on the Roaring Isle, I meet the royals who ordered this marriage market. But there’s no prince charming here. These men are monsters. Powerful. Toxic.
Bloodthirsty. In the dark and treacherous wilderness, they are the hunters and me and the other would be royal wives… we’re the prey. Not all of us will survive a hunt so wicked.     AmazonKU

HEIR OF BROKEN FATE by Mads Rafferty

VS Note: From APRIL 30.

It’s exquisite to see, that something so beautiful, shrouded and hidden by darkness, can still shine bright. One hundred and fifty years ago the Fae race vanished. Along with their magic and creatures. With the fallen Fae lands the humans were soon to follow as corruption spread throughout the realm. Heir to the throne, Delilah Covington is forced to watch her people suffer under the sinful hands of her father, the king—while she herself suffers his cruel hand. Delilah has longed for change, her prayers going unanswered until she discovers salvation. Fae are alive. In desperation, Delilah flees her home and crosses the border, in hopes that the Fae will save her people. Yet she isn’t the only one who needs help. Caught in a web of lies and riddles Delilah’s only chance at hope is Knox, one of the irritating, yet frustratingly charming Fae kings. Together they’ll need to unravel the many mysteries to bring freedom to both their oppressed people, or damn them all.     AmazonKU

NEW BLOOD (THE GODBEARER BOOK FOUR) by L C Davis and Joel Abernathy

I know this will end the way it began: covered in blood. Too much? Me being a demigod now and all, I figure I can get away with a pinch of melodrama. I mean, have you seen Olympus? It’s a damn soap opera up there. One I’d rather be watching on the couch with popcorn than playing a starring role in. Not that things are much better down here. I’m still in denial over being madly in love with Cameron, the likely father of my twin babies and the far more evil twin of one of my three boyfriends. Because self-destruction is my brand, apparently. Fortunately, so is being a vampire-taming, totally badass witch, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to keep my weird little cult-slash-family safe. And convince Cameron he belongs in the circus with the rest of us. No biggie, right? (Jk, send help. And nachos. I’ve been craving those lately.)     AmazonKU


I swear this is the last time I come to Kira’s rescue. Not that she’s ever realized it, because my best friend’s little sister is too busy hating me to notice. And while she may be infuriating, temperamental, and unpredictable, my wolf felt her pain when her mate rejected her publicly. Now she’s determined to claw back her reputation by taking part in The Reject Project, an infamously dangerous TV show featuring irresistible bachelors. I’m not about to stand by and watch her being thrown to the wolves, and I’ve got to admit, the look on her face when she saw I was among the eligible bachelors was priceless. So is watching her pretend to be in love with me. Except when the competition turns nasty, my fierce protector wolf isn’t playing games anymore. This time, he intends to play for keeps.     AmazonKU


Ryder – I assume I live only for the next Wild Hunt. But all this time, I’ve been looking for her, waiting for her, craving her. I’m damaged, but I can’t let her go, not only because the gods’ curse will make me hunt her to the end of the universe. My dark soul craves her tender flesh and fierce passion. My beast and I won’t rest until I imprint her and make her truly ours. This is the final book in the Crown of Thorns and Sins duet. If you like a possessive and damaged alpha dragon, tough nerdy heroine, panty-melting heat in action, you’ll enjoy this series.      AmazonKU


Clay Bearly – When Bethany Sweet walks into my life, I lose my heart followed closely by my mind. To my inner bear’s horror, my mouth runs away without consulting my brain and I end up insulting my mate. It’s going to take a lot of begging for me to make this up to my curvy little mate but I’ll do whatever it takes to win her forgiveness and her heart. For starters, I’m going to take my inner bear’s advice and play on my strengths. As the shy, nerdy Bearly brother, I’ve always been much more comfortable with technology than people, so I’m going to use an unconventional method of wooing my mate. Text messages. Cora Sweet – I’m so shocked when Clay Bearly refuses to shake my hand that my mind goes blank and I totally miss the opportunity to nail the middle Bearly brother to the wall for daring to insult me in my brand new bakery. The shocks don’t stop there. Within a few days, I’m getting sweet messages from the grouchy bear shifter that are impossible to ignore. Before I’m able to stop myself, I start to fall head over heels for Clay but I’m not going to roll over and let him walk all over me. Oh no. Clay Bearly has his work cut out for him if he wants to win my forgiveness.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From APRIL 25.

Becoming Brimstone’s head chef is a dream come true, even though I’m the only human on the staff. Working for Chef Inzo Amoretti? Not so much. Sure, he’s a talented genius and distractingly gorgeous, but he’s also a demanding incubus with impossibly high standards, especially when it comes to me. It seems nothing I do in the kitchen is good enough for Chef Inzo. Yet he’s so sinfully attractive, I can’t stop thinking about him, even when he’s shouting at me. Falling for my boss is bad enough, but for an incubus? Is it worth putting my soul on the line for a little taste of heaven? Brimstone is the first book in the Culinary Creatures series. Each novella in this series is a standalone MM monster romance that features high heat, low stakes, and a delicious recipe you can try at home!   AmazonKU


In the second installment of theImmortal Throne series, Camille and Xander race against time to uncover the truth behind the Quiet King’s ultimate plan. Danger lurks around every corner, and nothing is as it seems. The stakes are higher than ever before. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, Camille and Xander find solace in each other’s arms as they delve deeper into a world of intrigue, deception, and dark magic. Can they uncover the truth to save themselves and their world, or will they fall prey to others’ deadly schemes?      AmazonKU


Have you ever had a position snatched from under you? Pay years of service to a company just to have the CEO position handed over to an outsider? To hate that outsider so much, you start tormenting him? Laylee – When the eerie new guy with gorgeous blue eyes stole my CEO position, I became a complete brat. Unfortunately, August had other plans. His retaliation was unorthodox, and now I’m thrust into a new world that was right under our noses this whole time. There are demons, vampires, werewolves, and who knows what other wild creatures… er, I guess not so wild since they might be our nextdoor neighbor. August – I knew taking this new position would upset a few people, but now I was a target of a corporate BRAT. Laylee, the woman who made the Devil shudder when her feet hit the floor. She rubbed enough elbows with the right people to safely secure her position at Solar Security. Meaning I couldn’t fire her, so I’d given her three chances to stop the name-calling, snide remarks, and overall sneaky behavior. Did she heed his warnings? No. Now she was mine forever, but what does that entail with Laylee Joseph?     AmazonKU


VS Note: Listed in BDSM Erotica.

Warning: This is a Razor’s Edge Vampire Erotica Story. Expect limited plot and character development, dubious consent and lots of paranormal heat. If you’re looking for a lengthy plot driven erotic romance, this is not it! Anika Van Helsing is the last of her line. With his dying breath, her grandfather demands she seek revenge on Count Vlad Dracula, who has killed six generations of her clan. Determined to confront the vampire who has haunted her dreams for years, Anika breaks into his mansion and finds his coffin. She prepares to stake the handsome vamp…That’s when everything goes wrong. Vlad Dracula is furious the girl he tried to protect has tried to kill him, and he means to punish her for her lack of gratitude. Her murderous clan has killed his wives, his mistresses and his friends, and he means to end the Van Helsing threat. But he wants a lot more from Anika than her death — or even her blood. Because Dracula has seen her most secret, shameful dreams. And he’s going to make them all come true.

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It’s complicated…Barik’s best friend, his person, will always be Daer. The man he was literally hatched with, and spent pretty much every moment of his first sixteen years with. Back then, he never envisioned that there would be a life without the man, but in the blink of an eye, it was all ripped away by the selfishness of another. They spent decades apart, Barik not even knowing whether or not Daer was even still alive, and missing him every single moment. It was another moment in time, the briefest, that Barik got his friend back… and caused the man immense pain. Daer hates that his lack of action, his inability to do what was right by his appa, nearly got Barik killed. He hates that Barik feels like he did something wrong by acting on instinct, when the whole thing was Daer’s fault, and even after their friendship resumes, it’s not the same. It’s a wall between them that keeps them from being as close as they once were…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)      AmazonKU


VS Note: From APRIL 21.

The billionaire alpha of this small town got me pregnant. He’s the most powerful wolf here. He says he wants to protect me. I felt our insta connection the second I walked into his pack, while on the run. I can see the future, but right now, all I see is him, me, and our baby… I just arrived in this mysterious small town full of paranormals and shifters. I’m running from something dark, and he was the first person I bumped into. He stares at me until something deep in my belly comes alive. He spoils me in his mansion, keeping me trapped in his grasp. He says he’ll protect me whether I want it or not. He won’t allow others to take me. According to an ancient prophecy, I’m a psychic with special powers. But prophecy or not, I have more important things on my mind. I’m carrying his baby. Will the alpha claim us both?     AmazonKU


I’m not the hero. I’m the rich villain…But hiding my identity will save my vampire baby. 
She speeds around the street corner, bleeding. I nearly expose my fangs before she passes out in my arms. Now that I’ve patched her at my nearby manor, she must leave…fast. But she’s still recovering. We butt heads constantly, and I try to keep a distance. She can’t discover what I am. Interacting with her is melting my cold heart, even with the walls I’ve put up. I want to feel her heat against my skin. One night of weakness, and now she’s carrying my vampire baby, And she has no idea I’m prophecized to kill her.   AmazonKU


Time is almost up…they’re almost here. With Mr. Black destroyed, peace has been restored to the Demonic realm…well, until a prophecy is given to me in front of everyone. A prophecy that reveals the truth to all present: the truth, that I’m a siren. So we leave and go to the one place where I can practice my magic safely and may just provide us clues to defeating the cosmic entities threatening everyone—the Eleven realm. But what happens when I learn more about my past than I could have ever thought possible? What happens when we have to go to the Kingdom of Day? The place that corrupts the purest of souls. As danger barrels towards us, there is one thing I’m sure of—my fractured soul may be the one thing that could save everyone.   AmazonKU


You’ve returned… good! Octavius Evander here, your lovable vampire detective. So, where we ended things last time, everything had gone horribly wrong. What can really be said, besides that change is a fact of life, and unlife. Turney, my love, my heart—unfortunately, he has much change to deal with. No matter, we will all get through it together! Some of us will be getting through it together, much closer than we ever expected, if you know what I mean. But, enough about that. On to the cases! We will have a new one come up, one with love and questionable family relationships, and even a murder! We don’t get to witness the murder, but we can’t always get what we want. Either way, it’s going to be fun. Lastly, I suppose there is also the old case looming over us. The ‘pain in the ass’ case. Prepare yourselves for pain, blood, betrayal, glitter, and devastation. No, hint’s as to whose…but remember, this is a love story. Stop worrying, you silly humans. It will be fine. CONTENT WARNING: This is an M/M paranormal romance book, with a little F/F on the side. There will be blood, violence, gore, mention of SA (no on-page details), and death. Please do not read if you find any of the previous situations triggering.     AmazonKU


Follow the ghost, they’d said. It’ll be fun, they said. Rain, Graham, Ezra, and Warren have been on the hunt for answers for weeks after learning that Rain’s brother is alive, and that Warren played a part in his disappearance. After facing off with the demon who took Rain’s brother, all of them nearly dying in the process, the woman in black leads them to reinforcements. The mysterious family the woman in black brought them to is willing to help, so long as they don’t ask too many questions. Like what they  are. Who they are. But Graham’s certain he knows exactly what and who they are. After all, he’s been praying to them his entire life.     AmazonKU


My nine-year-old daughter and I have just moved to an outpost of a Hollow called Misty Hollow. As a Bruja (a Latin-American witch), I’ve been hired by the mayor to help build the warding infrastructure for the blossoming town. But there are a few things I wasn’t aware of before I agreed to take on this job: * The mayor is a bloodsucking vampire, and as a witch, there’s nothing I despise more than the undead. * There’s something sinister going on in Misty Hollow, and, more specifically, that something sinister is located in the swamp. * The last witches who attempted to do this job left, and I’m not sure why. As if that weren’t bad enough, there’s the foreman, Smith. Look up ‘surly’ in the dictionary, and you’d find a picture of the man. Brooding, ornery, and always scowling, I immediately get on his bad side almost as soon as I set foot in Misty Hollow. Oh, and to make matters worse? Smith is my boss. While a smarter woman might tuck her tail and head back the way she came, I’m nothing if not stubborn. And as far as Misty Hollow is concerned—there’s a mystery here I want to solve.     AmazonKU


Bastien, half Dior dragon of the French Canadian clans and half coyote, has lived a life in quiet hiding, avoiding dragonkind for fear of the pressures put upon him and Dettes like him. But when two silver-ranked reprobate Drakes from the Loch clans catch his scent, Bastien realizes he wants to be part of their lives. When he finds they’ll do anything in their power to merely lay eyes upon him in brief moments, his inner beast declares them worthy.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From APRIL 24.

Otherworld feels shattered, but my mates and I are there to pick up the pieces. The memory of the Capitol still hangs heavy in the air, but my mates and I are prepared to do what we can to battle for what’s right. With all of Prime Academy behind us, and newer, more powerful allies, I’m finally prepared to take on the role of the phoenix. My song is powerful, my fire is fierce, and with four men at my side, men who would kill for me… there’s nothing that can stand in my way. But there’s something in the water.   AmazonKU


Demons don’t know how to love. And since I don’t mix summoning and relationships, that’s fine by me. But neither of those facts keep us from sneaking into each other’s bedrooms at night And day. And pretty much any time not spent tracking down Em’s killer. It was supposed to be a bluff. Going to them after they took everything–my apartment, my job–it was a power move. But now I’m here, living with three dangerous, powerful demons who can’t decide if they want to bone me or bury me. And as more bodies turn up, more secrets, and more powers show up too. They took everything from me but they might just be who’ll help me put it all back together.    AmazonKU


Damont Freeman, extinct shifter type, and owner of Ice Data Security was happy behind his computer screens. He didn’t understand people and preferred to stay away from them. So when he gets convinced to attend a professional appointment in town he goes… with misgivings. Walking in on something no one should be doing in an office, Damont runs for it… if only he could run from his feelings just as easily. Rebel Jackson, shark shifter and business owner, might have been late for his appointment but that didn’t mean he was going to let the coder run from him. The man smelled too good to let him get away. However, chasing him down wasn’t as easy as just running after him. Damont could run real fast, and even when caught manages to wiggle out of Rebel’s clutches. But the shark is on a mission and that means Catching Damont.

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Dr. Keira Wynter, an Anthropology professor and expert in the occult, agrees to assist with an investigation. An investigation that has her returning to a place she vowed never to set foot in again. In one night, Salem has lost its oldest coven and the only defense to keep the gates to Hell closed. The city, a haven for Witches, Vampires and Demons who hide in plain sight, is now under threat. No one is safe as the body count piles up, and Keira must work with Ryker Kincaid, the local sheriff, to find out who’s targeting the city’s most powerful Witches and why. As Keira and Ryker begin to unravel the mystery, they discover things are not as they seem. A deadly force in play; a force willing to sacrifice anything and everything that gets in its way. With each step closer to the truth, Keira not only needs to deal with the ghosts of her past, but also contend with her attraction to Ryker, the Vampire she is inexplicably drawn to. With time running out, can Keira and Ryker stop the killings before the Crossroads gate opens and save the lives of not only those they love, but the lives of eight billion strangers?    AmazonKU


Welcome to the Dragonfate Games! Will you win the dragon’s heart—or leave woefully unmated? Tigers are solitary creatures, and omega shifter Taylor is no different. After years of being unwanted by his family and any potential mates, all he wants is a quiet life alone. His two close friends and quilting hobby are enough to be happy… aren’t they? Crimson is one of seven unmated alpha dragon brothers—and most importantly, not the one with the lizard-brained idea to host the Dragonfate Games. As much as Crimson despises the concept of a cheap dating show as a ruse to find their fated mates, his brothers have a point. As alpha dragons, the instinct to find an omega to bear their eggs is impossible to ignore. But Crimson would never fall in love with the type of man who’d enter a dating show, for Holy Drake’s sake…When Taylor is tricked into entering his name into what he thinks is a quilting sweepstakes, he’s thrown into a ridiculous dating show. Taylor nearly walks off—until he locks gazes with a particular ruby-eyed dragon that changes his life forever.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From the blurb for book one of the series: “A mysterious curse on Nevermore brings infamous fictional villains from classic literature to life in the real world.”

Mina Wilde is thrilled to be invited to a prestigious writers’ retreat at Meddleworth House. Heathcliff, Morrie, and Quoth decide to come along to keep her company and indulge in some of the estate’s many activities. Mina is excited to get feedback on her first novel, but her dreams of writing stardom are shattered when the other writers tear her work to pieces. A little criticism never hurt anyone, right? Wrong. Their picturesque country holiday soon turns deadly when a violent storm closes in. As the writers gather around the fire to critique each other’s work, the power goes out. When the lights come back on, they discover one of them has been murdered by his own pen! The only people who could have possibly committed this crime were the other writers, and with no way in or out of the manor house, Mina throws herself into solving this locked room mystery. But as our favorite sleuth eliminates her suspects, she must face a terrifying truth. There are three other people who could have got into the room and committed the murder – her boyfriends. How far will Morrie, Quoth, and Heathcliff go to save Mina’s literary reputation?     AmazonKU


“You were supposed to forget about us. You were supposed to be—” Five years ago, I was rejected and exiled by my fated mate, the alpha of Pack Eclipse. Now an agent for the Society of Supernaturals, I’m finally starting to forget my past…Only for a mission to send me back home. The Society’s moles in Pack Eclipse have been killed, and rumors whisper that the pack is scheming for a war. To prevent bloodshed, the Society needs a spy with an excuse to join the pack. I’m their only option. … which means I can bargain. My pride won’t let me return to the pack alone, so if the Society wants to send me, they can give me a partner to pose as my new lover. Hey, maybe that will even distract me from my teasing handler, who probably tastes as delicious as he looks. Buckle up, Pack Eclipse. The last five years have honed my claws and whetted my rage…And I will make your alpha kneel. Shifter Rage begins the Wolf Desire trilogy; there is a light cliffhanger. MFMM.         AmazonKU


Damien has a secret. Actually, he has more than one. His entire life within the Kincaid Pack has been a lie. Now that the truth is starting to come out, he’s faced with accepting the consequences he set into motion years ago. And hoping his mate will forgive him.
Except the reckless actions of his past may prove to not only be his own undoing… but that of the pack he’s come to love. Carter gave up on finding his fated mate years ago. He has a medical practice to keep him busy, a pack he’d do anything for, and a family that’s always been a little too nosy for his peace of mind. Learning the witch he’s grown to admire and have feelings for has betrayed them all? Just proves he’s getting too old for the whole falling-in-love thing. It doesn’t matter that the moment he catches Damien’s unaltered scent he realizes another devastating secret the man has been hiding. The only thing that matters is saving the pack—and its alpha. With Rick’s life hanging in the balance and the pack’s enemies moving to strike against them while they’re at their most vulnerable, it will take every scrap of magic and bravery Damien possesses to prove once and for all where his loyalty lies.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From APRIL 21.

If cats have nine lives, then I’m down to eight. Barely surviving the loss of my witch, I awake to find Charlie, Zaide and I are captured, caged and filthy. We don’t know what the witches want with us but at least we are together as we plan our escape. Charlie is my new witch and our bond grows stronger by the hour but Zaide is distant, lost in his thoughts, and I worry that something went wrong when he saved me. When my dreams are invaded by the beautiful son of the gods, Baelen, he offers to help us escape. His red eyes enchant me, and his bite is intoxicating but he swears me to secrecy about his visit. As a last resort, I use my newfound power to save us, but cause calamitous consequences that work in the favor of our captors. A new evil rises. The supernatural community is under threat. And as secrets unfold, my past comes back to bite me… literally.     AmazonKU


There’s a lot of magic in the world, but a single touch from me and any enchantment is ashes to ashes, dust to dust. People want me dead, but the homeless are hard to pin down. At least that was true until I made a foolish mistake and rescued a caged mountain lion shifter. My null is no threat to him, but those who wanted him captured are after me now. Carlos didn’t realize the danger when he hired me to buffer him from magic that could put him back in a cage. I didn’t realize the danger of being part of a partnership. Sure, it’s better than being hungry on the streets, but it’s more dangerous for both of us. Carlos is strong and fast; I’m quick and sneaky. But will Carlos trust me enough to keep me hidden when he finds out what I am? And can I stay free long enough to protect him?    Amazon     Kobo


Detective Wesley Anne Kane has been after mad scientist turned hybrid shifter Ivan Cambridge since the day she became infected with the shifter virus. As CEO of Wolf‐
Bane, Inc., Ivan has been nearly untouchable, hiding behind his army of hybrids. But Wes is determined to stop him, no matter what he throws her direction…Real estate manager Reed Owens, on the other hand, has no idea that shifters even exist—until he comes face-to-face with the jaws of an angry beast during what was supposed to be a routine check-up on a property owned by his new boss, Ivan Cambridge. When Reed contracts the incurable Hybrid Shifter Virus just days before the full moon, Wes will have to step in to keep Reed safe or risk Ivan’s plans coming to fruition. But if Wes and Reed aren’t careful, their connection could be the very thing that destroys them both. When the shift hits the fan, they’ll either learn to work together—or die together.   AmazonKU


It’s time I wise up, before I’m buried in an early grave. Avenging my friend has never seemed more difficult. Things aren’t as they seem on campus. The killer picking off students wears a familiar face, but more sinister forces are at work while he distracts us.
I am uniquely positioned to save lives, despite being a freshman witch, as long as I can work together with three very different men. That’s so much easier said than done.
Ben, the liar, has a lot to answer for first. Dark magic continues to threaten him and his younger brother, whom he is determined to save despite the odds. Geo struggles with what it means to be a man when he has a heart of stone. Every time he takes his gargoyle form, I fear he will set his budding emotional growth aside in the name of duty. Phaeron fights a unique battle against corruption that could turn him against what he stands for. When he takes a professor’s position at Moongrove Library, suddenly he starts seeing me as the forbidden fruit which he craves to bite. And somewhere in this mess, I still need to pass my classes. Maybe I can convince Phaeron to offer “extra credit.”   AmazonKU


Hiding her wolf instead of embracing it, Blake has spent her life focusing on learning magic; witches and wolves are at war. After a massive Midwest blizzard, she relocates to California and her aunt’s coven for a new start. When one of the witches recognizes her as a werewolf, she fears exile from the witch community. Will the wolves accept her or will she be rejected by everyone? Now that the Coastal Pack has a sane leader, Maria can stop worrying about the pack and focus on herself. After a series of disastrous dates, Maria is ready to embrace the single life. Upon meeting Blake, who is both wolf and witch, she feels a spark between them. Despite some of her pack rejecting the idea of a witch joining the family, her connection to Blake keeps growing. If she dates the wolf and it doesn’t work out, will that create unrest in the pack?     AmazonKU


He’ll do anything to stop her… and she’ll do anything to survive. Titus is just trying to control his new power without losing himself to the darkness. Already cursed, and now suffering with noxious black magic, he believes his luck couldn’t get any worse. Until an assassin appears, ready to end his life. He never expected such an infuriating woman, and now he’s not sure what to do. Kill her before she can kill him, or give in to the intense desire that proves bad luck comes in threes. Rae is prepared for a typical hit. But when she can’t seem to eliminate her target, she quickly realises that it wasn’t only Titus who has a price on his head. Forced to work together, or risk both their lives, Titus and Rae must unravel the mystery of who hired the hits, all while fighting against a dangerous attraction that’s a frustration to them both. Can they trust each other to survive long enough to discover who wants them dead? Or will they end up killing each other instead?     AmazonKU


One demon. One angel. A relationship that’s failed so many times. Could it really be just one human they’ve been missing? Dagon – For centuries, Dimitri and I have tried to make it work. Each time we’ve been torn apart by our dominant natures, neither of us willing to back down. A hundred years ago, I thought he’d betrayed me in the worst possible way. In a fit of anger, we made a deal that led to my downfall. Now Dimitri is back in my life, reshaping our history with the truth. But love still isn’t enough to make it work, not when being together tears us apart. When he tells me he’s met our human mate, I can’t help but hope that Lucky will be the key to loving Dimitri the way I’ve always wanted. But with Hell knocking at our door and an uprising threatening us all, can we persuade Lucky to give us a chance before it’s too late? Dimitri – I haven’t given up on Dagon for one hundred years, and I won’t now. When Lucky crosses my path, I finally understand why Dagon and I have never quite worked. Fate never intended us to be a couple…we were destined to be a triad. Lucky is the piece we need to complete us…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)     AmazonKU


I’m immune to the vampire’s charm. My idyllic small-town life has been destroyed. Now it’s time for revenge. Using mysterious letters, I draw out the vampire prince.
Using my womanly wiles, I get closer and closer to him and his family. His easygoing smile and muscular body make something clench deep within me. I must remember, no matter how electrifying his touch feels, he’s the enemy. A vampire and a shifter. It would never work. Plus, I don’t need anyone. I’m my own protector. And yet, his lips ignite a fire within me. His arms feel like home. His mesmerizing eyes make me forget what I came for. Then he does the unthinkable. Forcing me to see him in a new light. Vampire king. Enemy. Yes. Lover? Maybe.     AmazonKU


I’m chaotic power and charmed trouble, Like a hell-broth that boils and bubbles…Sharp metal digs into my flesh as the man I love, the man who saved me countless times, locks me away in a prison cell, cutting me off from my magic, the source of all that defines me. He could at least look me in the eyes as the bars slam shut with a finality that clamors in my soul. My angel doesn’t. Alone and isolated, all I’m left to do is think and simmer in my anger, perhaps imagine my revenge. Yet with one visit from an old friend, I remember just who I am. One chaotic witch with the power of the universe at her fingertips. What happens when a chaos witch is backed into a corner? She comes out swinging. And if I deck a few of my mates along the way, so be it. They had it coming, and they have no one to blame but themselves. As we work through our issues and bond the way that fate planned, an unexpected twist threatens to rip everything apart. At this point, what even is happily ever after? More like chaos ever after.    AmazonKU


Sitri, The Prince of Lust was once one of the most damning sins. Twisting desires to his advantage. Now the prince of pleasure must find his way back into his power while teaching a Reaper the ropes. Will he earn back his power over passion? Or will lost love be his new damnation?     AmazonKU


The lycan alpha is my worst enemy. And my new arranged mate. Wolves can’t be trusted. Least of all their alpha. They’ve betrayed us dragons.
But we need to fight the demons together, so we make an alliance though marriage.
And before I know it the alpha owns my curves, and makes my belly grow with his seed.
I’m determined to hate him, to keep him beyond my self-built wall. But that wall is showing cracks where he touches it. Slowly, my resolve breaks underneath his exploring fingers. But still I refuse to fall for him. Our marriage is purely political, nothing else.
But he says we have to keep up pretenses in order to foster unity. And so we kiss in public and lie in the same bed. We live together in the palace. Soon our political kisses turn heated and his touch burns my thighs. How much longer before the lycan alpha claims me and his baby for real? The dragon leaders of Arcadia want it all: lands to rule, mates to claim, and babies to make. And what a dragon wants, a dragon gets, no matter the cost, consequences, and broken hearts.     AmazonKU


VS: My other ancient Egyptian Paranormal Romances! Available wide.



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Gladiators in SciFi Romance

NOTE: This post first appeared in the Roswell Daily Record…

Gladiators as a trope work quite well in science fiction romance and are a popular genre. Fighting for your life and also to save your human fated mate in an alien arena in the far future leads to fun story telling.

When I was a kid, I used to watch the old “sword and sandal” movies on the local TV station on weekend afternoons and I loved them! Something about the gladiators of ancient Rome really appealed to me and especially as a venue for telling good stories. In particular I loved “Demetrius and the Gladiators”, starring Victor Mature. I really imprinted on his dramatic red cloak and insisted my gladiators had to have the same on the covers of my books. I also ate up pretty much any version of “Last Days of Pompeii,” but especially the 1984 TV miniseries with Duncan Regehr as the gladiator Lydon. I hugely enjoyed the first season of “Spartacus” on the Starz cable channel in 2010. That one was almost too gritty for me but presented quite a picture of what the life was like.

The important thing to remember is that a gladiator wasn’t necessarily fighting to the death every time he or she stepped onto the sands. Yes, that did happen on occasion but gladiators were too valuable and too much was invested in their training to just kill off half of them every week. So based on the research I’ve done, I suspect many times the participants simply fought to a draw or till one was vanquished but not killed. Thumbs up.

Live to fight again another day!

I have a three book (so far) series featuring genetically engineered warriors, entitled Badari Gladiators (the box set is on sale for only $.99 this month) and I’ve greatly enjoyed plotting out suitable twists and turns for my heroes and their fated mates. In the first book Kyden the gladiator meets and falls in love with a senator’s daughter but of course she’s way above his reach in the social strata so the book works through their challenges. In the second book Rennyr a different man has just been sold from the lab where he was created to be a gladiator and has to adapt quickly to the brutal life and to save a human woman. I even have an arena scene in that one which was inspired by the awesome Triffids of classic science fiction. Finding different scenarios for my futuristic gladiators is a fun challenge.

Anna Hackett also had a very successful series, Galactic Gladiators, which begins with the crew of a human space station having been kidnapped from orbit in our solar system and auctioned off in a far distant place. In the first novel of the series, Gladiator, one of the unfortunate humans has been put in the arena to fight a well-known and deadly alien but a “former prince abandoned to the arena as a teen” who is now the top fighter, steps in to save her. The first book sets up the entire series and the author excels at adding twists with each book and providing different challenges for her couples to overcome. The series is complete at twelve books and came to a satisfying ending as far as this reader was concerned. There’s also a follow-on series, The House of Rone, which continues threads from the first set of books.

Alana Khan’s Galaxy Gladiators series opens with Zar, a half-lion, half-human alien fighter, who is given an abducted human as a reward and the pair are forced to become mates. Of course the action doesn’t stop there. As the author says in the series blurb: “If you like hot alien gladiators, kick-ass Earth women who mastermind insurrections, and sexy action romance”, then this series would be for you. One of the delights are the portraits of the various alien fighters on the covers of each of the nineteen books in the series.  The books follow different gladiator/human woman couples, although Zar and his mate do return to the forefront in book eighteen.

Ruby Dixon wrote one gladiator book (as far as I’m aware), which I greatly enjoyed. The book is Angie’s Gladiator (IceHome Book Five) and the alien in question is actually a clone, crashlanded and marooned on the Ice Planet. The main female character, Angie, is pregnant, not sure what the outcome will be, and feels quite isolated and apart from the other humans in the Ice Home settlement. Here’s what our hero, Vordis wants: “Cloned from the same matter as thousands of others, I am but one of many. Here on the ice planet, though, I can start over. I can become my own person, have my own needs, my own wants. I know what I want. I have known since the moment I arrived. Her name is Angie. She is human, with sad, lonely eyes and a very pregnant belly. To her, I am not just another clone. I am Vordis, the one who laughs at her jokes, tends to her needs, and makes her smile. I will do anything to make her mine.” It’s actually a sweet book in the series, not so much a gladiator book as there’s no arena and no staged fights, but Vordis’s past as a fighter definitely informs his present and how he approaches life.

Miranda Martin and James D. Horton bring the Gladiators of Krix series to life, beginning with Spthifius. Kidnapped human women are taken to a planet where the alien masters really only care about their gladiators and the women are pawns and prizes. In the first book, gutsy Savannah “cozies up” to one of the biggest, baddest gladiators, hoping he can help her contact the Free Movement and escape. He’s suspicious, concerned getting attached to her will break one of his two rules to live by, which he credits with keeping him alive as a gladiator: “One: Take what you want or have it taken from you. Two: Don’t let anyone close. You let them in, then they can hurt you.” These two come together and work through the misunderstandings and hidden motives to achieve the Happy Ever After ending they deserve.

Of course there are other series I didn’t have time to get to today as well. Action, adventure, romance and gladiators! Happy reading!

How Was the Date? Weekend Snippet

(Pssst: I currently have a mega sale on my Badari Gladiators boxed set, books 1-3 – just $.99!!! Check it out below the post – scroll all the way down.)

Taking a snippet from my scifi rock star romance STAR CRUISE STAR SONG. I’ve jumped ahead after Addy and Ryder spend a little time in his cabin, listening to music and talking. This is the next day and a nosy co-worker asks Addy how the evening went.

“So how was your date?” her mentor asked, pausing as she repacked the tool kit and raising her eyebrows expectantly.

With great difficulty, Addy refocused and tried to parse the question. “Date?”

“You know, Passenger Hottie who came to the engineering deck hunting for you.” Barbra chuckled. “So inquiring minds want to know how was the dinner?”

“Oh we uh, we ate and we talked. Then I went back to my cabin to study up for today’s work assignment.” Trying to edit her comments in real time, Addy said, “It wasn’t a date. He thought he owed me but all I did was help him get on board and avoid a crowd of paparazzi at the spaceport.”

Barbra’s eyes grew wide. “Even better, he’s a celebrity? Who?”

“This ship carries celebrities all the time,” Addy said, making a desperate effort to deflect the questions. “I read about it in the orientation materials. He’s a singer, or was a singer I guess. I never heard of him.”

“I like your discretion. When are you two going out again?”

“We’re not. It was strictly a one-time thing. My tiny brush with a famous person, I guess.”

“Yeah the upper deck crews and the stewards and stewardesses and officers have all the fun,” Barbra said, getting to her feet. “I bumped into the actor Kev Gordonn in the casino once when he was filming a big budget trideo on board but that’s been my closest brush with anyone famous. Well, doesn’t sound like you had a great a time either if the evening ended so early. Grab the cabling, will you?”


Here’s the official blurb:

Addy Tryndall is a fresh graduate from a highly respected engineering college in the Sectors, on her way to a plum job on the Nebula Zephyr cruise ship. She knows she’ll be on probation but she’s determined to succeed and nothing is going to distract her.

Ryder McRhodes is a has-been interstellar rock star, on his way to reunite with his fellow band members to see if the lightning of mega success will strike twice for them. He isn’t sure he wants to be in the spotlight again and he hasn’t been able to write music since the band broke up.

Addy has secrets. Ryder needs a muse to unblock the creative flow…could her tightly guarded past be the answer  to his problem?  When the two are thrown together in an attempt to avoid the interstellar paparazzi he’s intrigued. She’s wary.

And someone is sabotaging systems on the Nebula Zephyr. Addy unwittingly finds herself in the middle of the situation while juggling her increasing attraction to Ryder and her challenges on the new  job. Can she trust him with her secret? Or will he break her heart?

The danger on board comes ever closer to Addy as the cruise continues…

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BADARI GLADIATORS BOOKS 1-3 by VS Note: I’ve bundled my three gladiator books into a box set and put it on sale for $.99 this month! Of course I’m hoping if readers like my gladiators they’ll want to read the ongoing, original Badari Warriors series too. And if you’re already a fan of one or both series, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

This Badari Gladiators box set gathers the first three science fiction romance novels from this series into one collection. Featuring genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then unscrupulous lab techs faked the deaths of a few men, smuggled them off the planet in cryo freeze and sold them to be gladiators. They meet their human fated mates in alien arenas and must fight to save themselves and their mates. Kyden is a Generation Five Badari whereas the main characters in the long running series are from a later time and are Generation Eight. This new series stands alone and you don’t have to have read any of the other books to enjoy this one. I couldn’t resist the temptation to tell a few other Badari stories, set in the galaxy’s Hinterlands, and who can resist gladiators? Please note each novel has been previously published on its own and all are standalone tales. No new material has been added, aside from a brief Author’s Note about why I wrote each novel.

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Profiles in SciFi Romance: Regine Abel Talks Lizardmen and More

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Veronica Scott for AMAZING STORIES: Welcome to my periodic series of author profiles. Today I’ve chosen Regine Abel, who does amazing world building and brings her previous experience as a game designer to bear on her writing. She’s also created a hugely varied list of romantic characters from Lizardmen to outer space Dryads.

VS for ASM.: What was the first scifi romance book you ever read and what did you like about it?

RA: I can’t remember specifically which one was the first. I only know that it had to be between Laurann Dohner, Kaitlyn O’Connor, Angela Castle, and Jeanette Lynn. My gut says the first book was either Ral’s Woman or Fury (New Species) by Laurann Dohner.

I had read a lot of sci-fi and dystopian novels before, especially books by A.E. van Vogt, but never sci-fi romance. As a huge sucker for romance in all its forms, I got hooked. It felt like such a fresh take on it, not to mention discovering completely new worlds and species. No other genre offered that. The possibilities were just infinite. I was growing numb to all the billionaire and contemporary romance. None provided the kind of escape sci-fi romance does, with wondrous new worlds, unique species, and exotic cultures. And other authors in the genre continue to blow my mind with their creativity.

ASM.: What was the first scifi romance book you wrote?

RA: The first sci-fi romance book I wrote was Escaping Fate (Veredian Chronicles 1) a little over six years ago. I’d been beta reading for many authors (published and aspiring) for years. Often, I’d reflect to myself on the way they went about a great idea and how I would have written it differently. That planted the seed of me getting down to it.

One day, after I finished binge reading Tracy St. John’s Clans of Kalquor and then Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changelings series, I realized how crazy in love I was with both those worlds. I started thinking I would love to write a book that combined Tracy’s type of intergalactic political intrigue and “Mars needs women” trope, with Nalini’s psionic powers and societal conflicts. Then I thought why don’t I do exactly that instead of whining about how the authors I beta read for should have written their stories? That same night, I started outlining Escaping Fate. Five weeks later, I wrote THE END.

As a slave, Amalia’s unique psi powers made her Gruuk’s favorite pet. When she escapes to Xelix Prime, she meets her future husbands, Khel and Lhor. Together, they set out to destroy Gruuk’s slaves ring and bring back hope to both of their dying species.

ASM.: Which of your SFR books is the bestselling?

RA: When I published I Married A Lizardman (Prime Mating Agency) in May 2021, I never expected it to become my all-time bestselling book. It outsold my previously bestselling book three times over.

The funny thing is that it all started as a fluke. I’d seen a fan art contest about Meoraq, the hero of R. Lee Smith’s epic novel The Last Hour of Gann. I’m not an artist, but I make my book covers using photomanipulation. Therefore, I didn’t participate. After the contest ended, I wondered if I could have pulled off something half decent and decided to try to make a lizardman. By the time I was done, it had gone from a personal challenge into an actual book cover with a story I was itching to write. And thus was born I Married A Lizardman.

On a side note, the original title was actually supposed to be “My Alien Babysitter” and have a completely different storyline.

A marriage of convenience between a human female and a sweet but grumpy lizardman gives rise to some epic and funny awkwardness as they work through their differences and solve the danger that threatens their clan.

ASM.: None of us can ever pick a favorite book or character but if you had to go live in one of your own books, which would you choose and why?

RA: That’s a tough one. I can think of various worlds I would love to live in. But if I had to narrow it down to a single one, it would probably be Xecania, the homeworld of Olix in I Married A Lizardman. They have a very simple culture, but with a strong focus on nurturing everyone’s personal aspirations, a good work-life balance, a strong community while respecting each other’s independence and privacy, and a great respect of nature and their environment. Although they are primitive in many ways, they are open to technology and gradually integrating it in a thoughtful and prudent way, while remaining true to their roots. But then, the same could be said about Trangor from I Married a Naga. It was a really close runner up in trying to pick one.

ASM.: Both are such well-constructed societies that I can imagine living in either. Which leads nicely into our next question: How do you go about world building? Do you do elaborate planning, keep a big file, use post its, wing it – what method works for you?

RA: World building for me usually starts first with identifying the species of the hero. Then I will read up everything I can about the creature that inspired it. For example, when I wrote I Married A Naga, I read up on snakes.

I have an outline document in which I note that the traits that really stood out to me, including links to pages and videos. I have an images folder as well for visual references. Then I start figuring out how I would integrate or adapt those traits to my hero’s species, and I start answering questions related to that. How would that trait affect their lives and environment? How can I weave that into the story? For example, having a snake tail instead of legs affects their architecture, furniture, transportation. Since they don’t to eat every day, it changes the social dynamics of family dinners, going out to eat/drink with friends or for a date. Figuring out these elements is 60% of my world building and often inspires specific scenes in my books. The rest, I just wing it.

I don’t use post-its and don’t make fancy diagrams. I just have a whole lot of bullet points that I refer to when I start outlining the book.

ASM.: Which character in your books is either most like you or who you’d like to be and why?

RA: The character who is most like me is definitely Amalia from Escaping Fate. They do say authors write themselves into their books. As she was my first book, I can totally see it. She’s mischievous, has a potty mouth, can sometimes come across as immature in her playfulness, but she’s also super loyal to those she loves and will eat you alive if you cross her.

If I were to choose who I would like to be, I’d have to say Mercy from Ravik’s Mercy (Braxians 2). She’s totally badass and doesn’t take shit from anyone. She’s smart, powerful, beautiful, and fearless. She has a heart of gold, but if you mess with her, as she says, she only has one mercy, and that’s her name.

ASM.: What was your most recent book and what was the story spark or inspiration for that story?

RA: I’m a bit on a fence here as to how to answer this question. Technically, my most recent book was Bluebeard’s Curse as I more than doubled its length from the original novella which I had published six years ago. So does it truly qualify as the most recent? The folktale Bluebeard inspired that book. I love fairy tales, but I’ve always hated that women in classic fairy tales were often portrayed as weak, driven by their passions and desires to the point of obsession. And only a good, strong man could save them from whatever danger they had brought upon themselves because of said weaknesses. I liked the idea of Bluebeard, but not the fact that his wives died because they couldn’t control their curiosity, and that he cruelly set them up for failure. I wanted to give a plausible reason as to why a strong woman would struggle to resist temptation, and why he had no choice but to kill his wife if she failed.

But if we look at the latest book that I wrote from scratch (not an expansion), then it would be I Married A Dryad. For the longest time, I had wanted to write a Dryad in my PMA series (since each hero is inspired by either an animal, a monster, or a mythical figure). For this specific species, it was a TV show I watched as a kid that inspired it: Space Pirate Captain Harlock. The main villains were a humanoid plant species called the Mazone. I hated that they were villains and wanted to write my own good Dryad story. I had just struggled with making a book cover I loved ahah. As I had referred to Edocits (a Dryad species) in previous Prime Mating Agency books, I already had a basis for them. It was then just a matter of fleshing out their world. As I loved the movie “Avatar”, I wanted to include my spin on their spirit tree and of the symbiosis between the people, the creatures, and the land. The veris of my Dryads is my spin on the Tsaheylu of the Na’vi—the braid connection. Except my veris have a lot more different uses, including as weapons and communication tools.

ASM.: Which book was the most fun to write and why? The most challenging and why?

RA: It’s a coin toss between I Married A Lizardman and I Married a Naga in terms of most fun to write because of the cultural differences. In the Lizardman, it was all about poor Olix being traumatized about humans, whereas in the Naga, it was all about Serena freaking out about the Ordosians culture and anatomy. In both cases, I was cracking myself up just writing those scenes. But then I Married A Minotaur was also a blast because of the sassy banter between Zatruk and Rihanna.

Anton’s Grace and Raising Amalia were the most difficult to write. I was bawling my eyes out writing these books because there are some major tear-jerking scenes. But Anton would have to be the hardest. He’s definitely an antihero with a major redemption arc. The heroine, too, was challenging because she suffered from dependent personality disorder, which made her very different from my usually sassy, confident, and badass heroines. I find it unfortunate that readers sometimes just seem to want cookie cutter personalities. I can’t write the same heroine over and over again. Different personalities are just as worthwhile.

It was my first time writing a dark romance. Many times, I considered toning things down to make them more palatable to a greater audience, but then I wouldn’t have been true to the characters. Both MCs needed to be broken in order to be reborn, embrace their true selves, and grow together. In the end, they became one of my favorite couples. But you have to go into this book with an open mind and remember that they live according to very different social rules. What we humans would consider abhorrent is normal in their culture.

ASM.: I love the in-depth character analysis and I agree about not wanting to write cookie cutter indivduals. Which of your characters do your readers love to hate? Why?

RA: I would have to say Aleina from Twist of Fate (Veredian Chronicles 4) and Anton from Anton’s Grace (Braxians 1). I can’t go into too much detail about Aleina without giving major spoilers. But reviews and feedback about her really made it clear to me that there are double standards in what readers find attractive in a man but when done by a woman, she’s suddenly bitchy or unlikeable. Aleina is a very strong leader. She’s devoted her life protecting others. People felt she wasn’t sweet enough to the hero because she wasn’t submissive enough and clearly stated she didn’t need a man to protect her (which she genuinely didn’t). Although she isn’t the ruler of her people, she pretty much had the lives of her entire endangered species in her hands and put their needs and her duty before anything else. If I had written that exact same character as a male, they’d be licking him up lol.

As for Anton, he does certain things that would be deemed unforgivable by certain readers, but that’s because they look at him with human eyes and based on human standards. They judge the heroine just as poorly for not being a tough gal. But if you take a step back and look at them through the lenses of their world, you will soon realize she’s actually really strong, just not in a gunslinger way. And he has a heart of gold, but he’s just been beaten up so much growing up, he’s carrying so much trauma, and he’s so desperate to belong that he grows blind to the fact that he’s becoming the same type of monster who made his life hell.

ASM.: Key and important point about trying to view the challenging characters through the lens of their own civilization, culture and experiences. That applies in real life too, I think. Your own favorite tropes? Least favorite tropes?

RA: Mars needs women and fated mates are my favorite. It’s unfortunate that some people think that fated mates means instant love. It’s not the case. I don’t like instant love. I like to see the relationship develop between the characters, whether they were initially attracted to each other from the start or not. Most of my books are fated mates. In my Veredians and Xian Warriors series, one of the two MCs has a physiological reaction when they meet the one. So they know they have found their soulmate, but they still need to get to know them and fall in love. Someone realizing that singing is their passion and vocation won’t make them a prima donna overnight. They will still need to do the work for that to come true. It’s the same with my fated mate characters. They still need to build the relationship.

I don’t really dislike any trope although I’m not a big fan of slow burn, unless they are very well written. Often, I find the delays are artificial or caused by silly reasons to needlessly drag things on. But my biggest issue isn’t so much a trope as much as character behavior. TSTL (Too Stupid To Live)  characters are instant DNF (Did Not Finish)  for me, as well as conflicts that could be resolved with a single adult conversation, but the characters keep throwing hissy fits and walking away over a misunderstanding. I’m generally not keen on conflicts between the couple unless external factors are causing that conflict. But I love seeing them working together to resolve it.

ASM.: I’m in agreement with you on both sides of the tropes you mention. I have a similar thing in my Badari Warriors where the main male character recognizes his fated mate but the human woman often doesn’t feel it at first. And I’ve thrown books against the wall when the miscommunication artifice goes on too long! Do you also write other genres?

RA: I have a couple of paranormal romance novels. I wish I had time to write more of them. But they are a lot more challenging to me to the extent that they all take place on modern-day Earth, which is a bit more restrictive. With SFR, the sky isn’t the limit. There are no limits. If I can think it, I can write it. Who can argue that this world functions the way I wrote it?

ASM.: What’s next for you?

RA: My priorities for the rest of this year are writing the final book of my Xian Warriors series, getting back to my Veredians, and finishing (or getting close to finishing) at least one of the two graphic novels of my books that my artists are currently working on. It is a little challenging as I have so many irons in the fire at the same time, between writing, translations, audiobooks, running an Etsy store, and Patreon. But as I’m a sucker for punishment, I am also participating in my first book signings this year (three in total). So I’m quite the busy bee.

ASM.: Wow, that’s an understatement with all you have going on! What’s on your To Be Read List?

Honestly, I don’t even know where to start, the list is so long. But definitely high on my list, I desperately want to catch up on Opal Reyne’s Duskwalker Brides.

ASM.: Give us your short author bio and where you can be found on social media.

USA Today bestselling author Regine Abel is a fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi junkie. Anything with a bit of magic, a touch of the unusual, and a lot of romance will have her jumping for joy. She loves writing hot alien warriors meeting no-nonsense, kick-ass heroines. Her novels are steamy, action-packed, and with the twists and turns you never saw coming.

​Before devoting herself as a full-time writer, Regine had surrendered to her other passions: music and video games! After a decade working as a Sound Engineer in movie dubbing and live concerts, Regine became a professional Game Designer and Creative Director, a career which has led her from her home in Canada to the US and various countries in Europe and Asia.






Regine’s Most Recent SFR Novel:


He was her perfect match.

Fed up with the deadbeats and jerks infesting the standard dating pool, Maeve reaches out to the Prime Mating Agency, hoping to improve her luck. Her fear of ending up with some weird primitive alien is immediately alleviated when she’s paired with a stunning Edocit. Smart, funny, sweet, and as hellbent in protecting the weak and the oppressed as she is, Helio exceeds everything she ever dreamed of. If only she didn’t have to keep so many secrets from him.

Helio hadn’t been actively looking for a mate, least of all an off-worlder. But the moment he lays eyes on Maeve, he’s smitten… but also intimidated. Aside from the cultural shock their pairing is bound to give her, he’s a mere bounty hunter, while she’s a brilliant, high-ranking officer of the Enforcers, the elite intergalactic peacekeeping forces. Despite his insecurities, they’re off to a great start… until tragedy strikes.

With the lives of countless innocents on the line, will the clash of their respective worlds tear them apart, or will they overcome adversity to prevail against evil?


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