First Meeting: WINTER SOLSTICE DREAM Fantasy Holiday Romance

I’ve decided to change up these weekly snippets and go through my backlist, sharing the first meeting between the two main characters in each book. It’s always fun for me to revisit the books and I hope it will be for you too! Or if you’ve never happened to read a certain book, maybe I can entice you into giving it a try.

Can I tell you a secret? This is one of the books I’ve reread the most from my own backlist. I love the classic Cinderella fairy tale and this novella was inspired by the fairy tale. I have this entire fantasy world of Claddare created and stories to tell in that world but never enough time to get to it. However, the Female Main Character here, Nadelma, is the castle’s cook from The Captive Shifter (which is my other novel so far set in this world) and readers liked her and asked for her story. It’s also my winter holiday story! I will also admit to a mental picture of Navarre from ‘Ladyhawke’ when I wrote an earlier scene with Halvor on his horse…so in short, I love this story.

The excerpt – Halvor is a high born mercenary, come to Azrimar to fight for the king. Nadelma saw him and his people ride in a few days prior to this but they’ve never met. She’s been summoned by the king for a different reason:

Nadelma made a note to herself to find a regiment of suitable toy soldiers as a solstice gift for the boy, who was a great favorite of hers. “Will you be allowed time off to go home?”

“His majesty said I could go for a week if I wanted to.” The boy’s eyes were wide. “He said it would be hard but he and his lady mother would do their best to manage without me.” Chewing on his lip, Tabarus had a furrowed brow as if there were weighty matters on his mind. “I don’t want to leave them with a lack of service. They’re been so nice to me, not like…well, other people.”

“Sending you home to your family for a week would probably make both of them happy,” Nadelma said. “They only have each other and the king’s sister after all, so they want anyone from a large family to be with their kin at the holidays.”

He obviously liked the idea. “What about you?” he asked, with the bluntness of a child. “I’ve never heard you talk about your family.”

Nadelma barely felt the twinge of pain after all these years. “Don’t be worrying about me—the castle is my home and everyone here is my family. I don’t need anywhere else to go.”

Satisfied with her answer, Tabarus rushed ahead to announce her to the royals, dodging someone attempting to leave the chamber and scampering inside, out of view.

Nadelma followed him and ran right into a soldier who was exiting the audience chamber. She nearly fell but his hand on her arm kept her upright.

“Apologies, my lady,” the man said in a deep voice, the syllables accented with the lilt of the Dales. “Are you all right?”

“I’ve got my balance, thank you.” Flustered, she brushed her skirts and dropped a curtsey, realizing the man she’d collided with was the Dales lord, Halvor himself. “I believe I was the one at fault, sir.”

He laughed but kindly. “We’ll call it a draw.” Now he released her arm, nodded pleasantly and joined his waiting companion in the hall beyond.

Nadelma had to work hard not to pivot and stare at him as he walked away. He was a big man, even more massive than he’d appeared on the giant warhorse the other day, although his touch had been gentle, only enough to keep her on her feet. He’d smelled deliciously of man and forest greenery and a hint of musk and unaccountably she’d wished to move closer to him, not to retreat. Now she’d seen his face without the obscuring helm, she found him as handsome as she’d expected and his brown eyes were piercing in their intensity. The day old stubble served to emphasize the strong lines of his face and his sandy blond hair was cropped close, the better to accommodate his helmet no doubt.

VS: Don’t worry – they meet again soon…


Torn from her home in the Dales as a child, Nadelma has made a place for herself as the head cook in the Witch Queen of Azrimar’s castle. She stays in the background of the busy court and uses her gentle magic gifts sparingly to help others. More or less content, she’s made peace with the hard facts of her life. Romance, marriage, a family – all beyond her dreams any longer.

Then Halvor, an ambitious Dales lord rides into the city, bringing his mercenaries to serve the king, with the promise of a rich reward, including a title and an estate. The only catch? He has to marry a highborn Azrimaran noblewoman to seal the treaty.
Fate conspires to throw Nadelma and Halvor into each other’s company and the attraction is instant and deep but both resist the attraction. She knows she can never have him for herself. He must fulfill the treaty to secure a safe place for his people to live, since their holding in the Dales was destroyed by the black magic of the Shadow. Marriage to a noble damsel of the king’s choice is his fate.

Until he met Nadelma he thought his heart was frozen by the loss of all he cared for, back in the Dales. Now he knows better but his people must come first.

The situation is hopeless…or is it? For the king declares the city will celebrate Winter Solstice and hold a ball, where wishes and dreams just might come true.

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25+ SciFi and Paranormal Romance Holiday Tales

NOTE: Portions of this post first appeared in the Roswell Daily Record.

The past few years have seen a fun trend in scifi and paranormal romance – the holiday themed story. I had quite a number of new books to choose from for this column, if you want to mix your holiday with romance and aliens or shifters. (Full blurbs for all books are on the ebook sellers’ pages.)

The results are always terrific when a group of the top SFR authors comes together around a theme and the “Holidate with an Alien” collection sure supplies the seasonal and the romantic thrills. In Tinzel by Ella Maven a human and an alien on a prison planet make an alliance during a snowstorm to escape and find a Happy Ever After (HEA). In Ozias by Alana Khan a human woman is asked to be a matchmaker for an alien demon but the minute they reach his home planet, he decides he only wants her. (What romance reader didn’t see that coming?) It’s a classic friends to lovers tale to read by the cozy fire on any planet. Skruj by Honey Phillips artfully takes the old Charles Dickens tale and updates it, with the human woman working for a pinchpenny alien boss to support herself and her fragile little brother. The boss needs a companion for three events and the only person willing to go with him is his employee. Rixen by Ella Blake revolves around the preparations for a big holiday festival on an alien planet and the complications between a human woman who is only visiting the world and an alien who wants permanency in his HEA. Tana Stone takes the fake relationship trope to the stars in Yool with a human female fighter pilot who gets a smuggler to act as her date for a big event and then of course complications ensue. Sleye by Ava Ross revolves around a very forbidden relationship but the human woman knows what she wants and her hunky alien crush is happy to go along. Readers love the cover of Khane by Rena Marks because of the red stripes and the plot inside is red hot as well. The socially awkward daughter of the creator of a dating app of the future needs help from her royal alien neighbor when Daddy gives her a deadline to find a boyfriend. She needs someone by the time the big holiday party her father is throwing to celebrate the launch of the new version of the app and her neighbor is only too happy to help. And to keep all other suitable males away.

AmazonKU Series Page

Author Julie K. Cohen put a new twist on holiday SFR romance that I personally had never seen before – the Hannukah themed SFR story. Whisked away By the Alien features an alien hero who has been sent to New York to learn about humans as a cultural exchange and he’s arrived in the Birnbaum kitchen in time to observe Hannukah. When the daughter of the family arrives, she notices he doesn’t believe in clothing (but will wear an apron) and doesn’t know how to cook. The miscommunication trope gets a lot of play here but overall readers seemed to enjoy the growing feelings between the couple and the satisfactory HEA ending.   AmazonKU

Cyborgs get in on the holiday action as well, with Cyborgs Save Christmas: A Gay Holiday Romance by Toshi Drake, wherein a stranded alien needs the help of a kindly human to resolve his problem. There’s found family and miscommunications and of course a lot of holiday involved.   AmazonKU

In Vinder’s Christmas (A Cyborg for Christmas Book Three) by Christine Myers and Clarissa Lake, the authors mix vibes of the Old West with scifi romance, a cyborg hero, the local girl who needs help as the female main character and of course the holidays.   AmazonKU

Nine authors came together to write the Mated at the North Pole series of M/M paranormal romances, featuring nine men who shift into reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh. The team has been informed they need to take a mandatory vacation in order to get ready for the big night ahead and each shifter finds his own holiday adventure among the humans. As the blurb for Cupid by Aria Grace says in part: “Cupid features an alpha reindeer with a knack for matchmaking, a human omega who has no idea shifters exist, a beachfront cottage, Christmas magic, and the best kind of present ever—true love, fated mates, an adorable baby, and a guaranteed happily ever after.”  The other eight, including Rudolph will have similar romantic encounters in these LGBTQ holiday tales.

AmazonKU Series Page

Dragon Shifter Christmas by Zoe Chant offers three holiday romances. In the first story the Female Main Character hates Christmas and the dragon shifter is on a tight deadline to change her mind or he loses his inner dragon forever. No pressure at the holidays! The second tale uses the enemies to lovers trope to good effect, as does the third entry in the book, although in the latter the idea of a dragon shifter and a cat shifter trying to find their HEA is especially appealing.     AmazonKU

If time travel plus Christmas sounds good to you, there’s Christmas Village: Julia by Frankie Robinson which features a woman renovating a 200 year old Scottish mansion who encounters the ghost dwelling there. She gets drawn into his time, where the village is going all out preparing for the holidays and of course romance blossoms.     AmazonKU

Or you can visit The Enchanted Highlands book three, A Kilt for Christmas by Tricia O’Malley in which, to quote the blurb: “… a handsome American takes on a lonely Scotswoman in this stand-alone, small-town, Scottish romance. Wicked banter, a highland ghost coo (cow), and dogs dressed in kilts make this magical Christmas story the perfect happily-ever-after.”     AmazonKU

VS: I only have so much space in my columns for the RDR and quite a few more holiday books have been released since I wrote the original post for them, so let me add:

An Alien for Christmas by Margo Bond Collins –  a human journalist ends up running the Alien Bride Lottery over the holidays and hopes to find her own mate…

The three book An Otherworldly Christmas Series – How My Krynch Saved Christmas by Sandra R Neeley: mixes a throughly disillusioned human woman who doesn’t enjoy the season at all, a grouchy cat and a big green alien bounty hunter. How My Jingleballs Saved Christmas by Rena Marks:  an alien puppy who really isn’t a dog at all and the human woman who receives him as a gift. How My Alien Saved Christmas by Liz Paffel: a hot holiday party crasher is really an alien and “just might make all her holiday wishes come true”.     AmazonKU Series Page

A Tygerian Christmas (Mate of the Tyger Prince) by Shannon West: the human mate of alien royalty attempts to recreate the holidays for his family but things don’t go well. Then he’s allowed to see what his life would have been like if he hadn’t gone to this alien world.     Amazon

Horned Holidays: The First Collection by Honey Phillips: Three determined heroines, three unexpected heroes, and three sweet and steamy stories with all the warmth of the holiday season! ”     AmazonKU

Eat Your Heart Out Holiday Edition by Various: “Get comfortable by the fire and get your favourite seasonal snacks at the ready for this fun-filled selection of spicy food-themed romances from bestselling romance authors.”    Amazon      Apple Books     Kobo

All I Want for Christmas is Tentacles by Chloe Archer: An alien who’s watched a lot of human romcom flicks escapes his arranged marriage and goes to Earth where he finds just the right human guy to make his holiday dreams come true.     AmazonKU

Midlife Christmas Magic (Bearmates over Forty Book 8) by Aline Ash: a grouchy bear shifter and his son’s tutor make holiday magic.     AmazonKU

Wolf’s Christmas (Brides for Beasts:Wolves Book Five) by Kym Dillon and Candace Ayers: Those Christmas toys have to be delivered and a wolf shifter gets talked into flying the snowbound charity worker and her toys to LA. Many complications ensue!   AmazonKU

Tinsel and Tusks (Love at First Orc Book Three) by Ava Ross: another case of being snowed in with romance brewing along with the hot cocoa, this time with an orc businessman.     AmazonKU

Bah Humbug Mate (Mystic River Shifters Book Seven) by Delta James: “A new twist on a holiday story you think you know. Will a sham marriage lead to a real love story? Dash Samuels, a grumpy reindeer-shifter, is faced with an ultimatum: marry by Christmas Eve or lose his family inheritance. The holidays are his least favorite time of the year and now he needs to find a mate?”     AmazonKU

Dragons Don’t Do Happy Holidays: Christmas at the Lonely Tavern Book One by Harmony Raines: “Brooding dragon shifter Flint wants a new start. So, when he arrives in Wishing Moon Bay the plan is simple. Get in. Get out. And avoid the merriness as much as possible. However, with a dark past, and nothing to his name, getting any supplies for his journey is all but impossible-so much for the season of giving. But, as they say, when one door closes, another opens.” And just the right witch for him walks in.     AmazonKU

Kidnapped by the Krampis by Emily Shore: inbtrepid reporter determined to find out the secret of the reclusive CEO of Krampus World gets a little more than she counbter on for her holidays.     AmazonKU

Of course there are many other SFR/PNR holiday romances available, with more being released weekly but hopefully this sampling will start your season in a holy, jolly way! Happy reading!


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New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for NOV 29

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking quite a few as I prepare these posts LOL). 

‘AB’ denotes audiobook and the Amazon buy link.



Axlos – My people are fighting for their lives against a power determined to rip our planet apart for a valuable energy source. I am on the front lines, leading our forces. I knew this would be my fate if we went to war, and I don’t expect to survive. My only regret? Not telling Arria, the shy little human we rescued that I loved her. Now it’s too late. I’ve taken my last steps on my home planet of Heveia. I’ll fight to the end alongside my warriors to ensure that my people survive. That she survives. Arria – I may be one small, quiet human, but I have a knack for a few things. One of them is seeing patterns that even computers miss. When I unlock an enemy command cipher, I know it can help our forces, but the algorithms disagree and it’s deemed too risky to send me out in the middle of battle. Instead, I do the riskiest thing I’ve ever done and steal a shuttle with the help of a friendly cybot. When we arrive on Axlos’ ship, his feelings become crystal clear. Amid a battle that will end the war—one way or another—I learn if I can open my heart, or if the scars of my past will determine my future.     AmazonKU


Amber Last-Name-Redacted was perfectly content living alone in her cabin on Lake Ontario. After all, her BOB satisfied her more than her ex ever did, not to mention dating as a forty-something divorcee is not as exciting as it sounds. When a bright light crashes into Amber’s isolated life, she can’t help but investigate, only to find at the source of it all a hot, six foot two, purple scaled alien. Taking a strange being into your cabin certainly isn’t boring, especially with the AARO chasing down the spaceman of her dreams. Time is ticking on Amber’s resurrected love life. Will she claim Q’on for her own, or will the government goons win in this epic game of cat and mouse?    AmazonKU


‘Tis the season to get into the holiday mood, both real and alien, with a special holiday anthology from 11 amazing authors who love spreading good cheer—and great stories!
Join S.E. Smith, Jill Wallace, Eliza Sinclair, Kyndra Hatch, Candace Colt, Natalie Palma, Winnie Winkle, Electra Gajdos, Stephanie Harrell, Pauline Baird Jones, and Cassandra Chandler as they fill your holidays with 11 original, never-before-released spirited tales of family and celebration. Don’t miss out on this limited-edition anthology that will get you in the spirit! Coming to your e-readers on November 30, 2023 for a limited time only! Searching for Thanksgiving by New York Times and USA TODAY best-selling author S.E. Smith. Nothing is as it seems when the youngest dragonlings go on a mission to find Thanksgiving. ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas by USA TODAY best-selling author Pauline Baird Jones. She would rather fight than sing Christmas carols…(more story info on ebook seller’s page)



This masterful alien is going to tame me. I ran away from home and I almost died. But a massive alien saved my life. He nursed me painstakingly back to health. Them, when I was better, he put me over his knee and gave me the spanking of a lifetime. Kahn is strict, stern, and merciless. He’s an alien used to mastering humans. He takes our kind as pets. He breaks them to his will. And he says I need to be tamed. I resist his dominance. I refuse his orders. I fight to get my own way. But every time I step out of line he’s there dragging me back in, making me hot, sore, and sorry. And it’s not just my body he’s taking control of. He’s going to tame my flesh, my mind, and even my heart. That’s when things get really dangerous.     AmazonKU


Zacharia Coburn’s flight-state mushroom business barely makes a dent in the FTL industry, controlled by a few powerful, interstellar corporations. Starship pilots can take a dose of these ultra-rare mushroom strains to pull a ship into the jump plane and rapidly cross the stars. There’s no reason for anybody to ever notice the Very Good Mushroom Concern, the business Zach’s running with his partner, Anna Brooks. Organic. Homegrown in a barn in the northern Idaho territory. Made with love. They’re just a barnacle on the tail of a behemoth. Until their secret gets too big to control. Zach and Anna have cracked the code. Their mushroom strains allow the kind of jump distances pilots have only dreamed about. In a galaxy where commodities are king, jump distances control the market. So, when Anna goes missing, Zach isn’t sure where to start looking. Even with the best mushrooms ever grown at his disposal, finding Anna somewhere in the galaxy will be harder than locating a needle in a haystack. Try finding a needle on a planet covered in hay. The odds are against him, but giving up isn’t an option. Anna might just be the key to the entire galaxy: whoever gets their hands on her will have it at their feet. This is more than love or business. This is war.   Amazon


Hacker Bast has it all: a cushy condo, a sexy boyfriend, and a place among the wealthy elite. When his past catches up with him, he flees into the dreary and dangerous wastelands between domed cities. There he meets Delphi, who saves him, and Galeron, who runs a small town. He is anything but safe, however, as robotic “dogs” roam the countryside, looking for people to kill, and humans can be just as deadly. As Bast settles in to life in the town, he develops a controversial relationship with Galeron. They fall in love, but all is not well in their world. Can the two of them survive and reach the happy ending they long for, or will the wastelands take everything they hold dear?

Amazon     Kobo


Christmas was supposed to be simple: wrap up this assignment and head back to Earth. I never intended to participate in the Alien Bride Lottery. As far as I can tell, the Khanavai are nice enough on an individual basis—but their entire culture is macho, sexist, and retrograde. And yet, the Bride Lottery system was working. More or less. But then Vos Klavoii, the ex-Games Director, upended everything by finding a human mate and stepping down. The entire program is in disarray, and apparently, I’m the solution. As Earth’s most renowned vid journalist, I have a knack for getting people to open up—and that talent, according to the combined wisdom of the governments of both Earth and Khanav Prime, is exactly the kind of magic this show needs. So, up to Station 21 I go, hoping to set things right. Spending my Christmas holidays in this bizarre setup? Definitely not on my wish list. I should be excited—I’m both the first human and the first woman to run the Bride Games. It’s groundbreaking, yes, but all I really want is to fix the mess, find my successor, and leave. And if I can avoid getting tangled under the mistletoe with a certain pink, towering alien who’s always in my path, that’d be the cherry on the Christmas pudding. Is it too much to wish for a silent night and a completed assignment? Here’s hoping I can jingle all the way out of this.     AmazonKU


Anna-Marie and Ambrose have made a home and a new life for their ragtag family. No more scraping for food or patching over the patches time and again in their garments. All is bliss. Or it would be if not for the explosions in the upstairs ballroom, the continuous testing of Ambrose’s new abilities, and the newfound obligation they have as spies for Queen Victoria.      AmazonKU


She. Is. Mine. A criminal alien on the run…Belian – I know what they all think of me. I’m the bad seed, the gangster, the criminal mastermind. So why should I toe the line now and mate a human female as my father demands? But there’s no escaping fate. I wouldn’t call it kidnap exactly. But when my hostage opens her eyes I immediately know that she’s mine. A bond-mate that I would destroy planets for. But can I really trust her? A warrior for justice…Zara – I really thought joining the justice department on Eliopan would give me the chance to do good. Too bad I’m basically a glorified secretary. All I want is to help people. But there’s no escaping fate. When I wake up on his ship, I can feel that there’s something between us. Every cell in my body cries out for him. He says that he’s my bond-mate. But can I really trust him?     AmazonKU


VS Note: Not a romance but an SF&F release of note.

Niger, West Africa, 2077 – Welcome back. This second volume is a breathtaking story that sweeps across the sands of the Sahara, flies up to the peaks of the Aïr Mountains, cartwheels into a wild megacity—you get the idea. I am the Desert Magician; I bring water where there is none. This book begins with Dikéogu Obidimkpa slowly losing his mind. Yes, that boy who can bring rain just by thinking about it is having some…issues. Years ago, Dikéogu went on an epic journey to save Earth with the shadow speaker girl, Ejii Ubaid, who became his best friend. When it was all over, they went their separate ways, but now he’s learned their quest never really ended at all. So Dikéogu, more powerful than ever, reunites with Ejii. He records this story as an audiofile, hoping it will help him keep his sanity or at least give him something to leave behind. Smart kid, but it won’t work—or will it? I can tell you this: it won’t be like before. Our rainmaker and shadow speaker have changed. And after this, nothing will ever be the same again. As they say, ‘Onye amaro ebe nmili si bido mabaya ama ama onye nyelu ya akwa oji welu ficha aru.’ Or, ‘If you do not remember where the rain started to beat you, you will not remember who gave you the towel with which to dry your body.’

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My research on wormholes pays off in the worst way when I’m taken from Earth and thrown onto an unknown planet. Aliens with velvety green skin, heat-filled eyes, and gold-studded tails save me from the dangerous jungle world I’ve literally fallen into. They call me Omega. They tell me I’m theirs. That my body will accommodate them, but that can’t be true. Their loincloths do nothing to hide how—much—they feel about me. They’re not worried that I deny them because when I’m in heat, I won’t ask them to claim me. I’ll scream for them. We find our omega bound helpless to a tree in our lands. She’s an offering we won’t deny despite how much she tells us no. We’re patient males. She’s the only being who will soul-bond our pack. She isn’t any omega. She’s our completion. We must get her back to safety, but the jungle is unforgiving. When we’re separated by a freak accident and learn of the deception that has devastated our world, we will protect her with everything we can. Even with our lives.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


One minute I’m seducing the corrupt politician bribing my sister and the next I’m thrown onto an ice-packed mountain. Giants with ice-blue skin, shoulders for days, thick thighs and huge…packages, rescue me from certain death. They say I’m theirs to do with as they please. To pleasure. To claim. To breed. When I’m in – heat – I won’t stand a chance because I’m not human anymore. I’m something else. A rare omega according to them. Their…mate. I don’t have time for this. I need to get home and save my sister. She’s the one female who will complete our pack, but she rejects her nature. Our omega wants to go back to her planet, but soon enough she’ll see her true home is with us. We’ll do everything within our power to bring on her heat no matter how much she protests. She says she doesn’t know what an omega is, but she will submit. She is ours.

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He didn’t just come to ravage me. He came to claim me. After catching my jerk boyfriend cheating, I decided to forget all about him the way a proper twenty-ninth-century girl does. With my most shameful desires brought to life in a virtual world. But the too-sexy-to-be-real alien warrior who found me in my dreams did much more than just …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)     AmazonKU

BOUND (DERIDIA BOOK TEN) by Catherine Miller

VS Note: The blurb for the first book in the series references “desperate colonists landing on a desolate planet” where another race already lives.

Wren had not been asked to be born outside a mating bond. She had not asked for wings too small to fly. To be used as a cautionary tale to growing fledglings not to succumb to human temptation, since she might be the unfortunate result. She only wanted a quiet life. On the small acreage she shared with her assortment of creatures. Some wild. Some not. To be allowed to sell her wares. To keep out of trouble—a threat to none. She hated the market. Where gossip ran rampant, where looks were rarely friendly. But it meant coin for her suppers, and grain for her animals, so she went at every moon. Until an accident leaves her bruised and bloody. And her rescuer seems to be determined to make amends for his part in it. Above all else, Wren never asked for a mate. But he did.     AmazonKU


We’ve lost our war-forms because we no longer need them. We’re the monsters now. 
NightPiercer is under repair, but the ship’s soul may be lost. Lachesis’ survival came at a horrific, and terrible, price that has torn the ship apart. It was a price Tsu forced her to pay, and a price Tsu’s husband will never let him—or the ship—forget. Rainer and Lachesis struggle to hold the ship together as Bennett tries to tear it apart and rebuild it under his command. But what’s been lost, and what they’ve done to survive, might be too much to face. The final installment of the NightPiercer series. Dark space opera meets fated mate romance in a near-future were humans and werewolves cling to the edge of survival.     AmazonKU


A sheltered omega dreamed of the perfect mate. Elizabeth Cypress has lived her entire life under the shadow of an impossible destiny—she must become the perfect omega. But she never felt further from that dream than when she learned that the scarred and brutal alpha, Rill, was her fated mate. High up in the mountains, an alpha king ruled a crumbling kingdom. As soon as Rill saw Elizabeth, he knew she belonged to him. But after years of sacrificing his mind, body, and spirit at the altar of survival, does he have what it takes to conquer his soft, sheltered mate? Can their delicate bond survive the ultimate test? As threats to tear them apart come to the surface, Elizabeth faces a momentous decision that could change their lives forever as Rill dives into the belly of the beast to save his mate.     AmazonKU


All I want for Christmas is for my boss to be abducted by aliens. Being stood up at a fancy restaurant on Christmas Eve isn’t terrible. It’s the worst kind of terrible. It was my first opportunity to have somewhat of a social life in over a year, thanks to my devil boss who never gives me a second to myself. But then a hot, mysterious, absolutely clueless stranger crashes my pity party, agrees to be my date, looks great in a naughty holiday sweater, gets mistaken for a stripper, and goes with it (the man can work a pole!), tries to eat my rabbit, gives me the best present ever in the supply room AND…Just might make all my holiday wishes come true!     AmazonKU


Khan is the towering champion of the gladiator ring. His tattoos mark him as a fallen chieftain, reduced to fighting in the pits. Decades of battle have left their scars on his green, chiseled hide… and the pit master rewards his service with his pick of women. He buys me. I’m bought and chained to the beast. Khan is terrifying. A massive monster of an Orc who could hold me down with a single finger, with sharp fangs and hungry green eyes. But despite his rough exterior, I see more than just a monster in him. The scars on his muscled physique are nothing compared to the scars on his conscience. He failed his tribe, and he views his punishment as fighting in the pits until he dies. He has never tried to escape, never dreamed of life beyond the pits. Until the moment he saw me at the auction, when his nostrils flared and he tasted my scent. It drove him mad, his eyes rolling back with need as he turned savage with a single drive. To conquer me, and make me his. He thinks I am his mate, and we’re both trapped together. And unless I can give him something to live for, we’ll die as captives.     AmazonKU


Cut off the horns, unleash the dragon. Ajani – I’m stuck in a horrible situation, and my only way out is my grumpy blue guard who offers to sneak me out of this research facility under his cloak. To do that, I’ll have to wrap my arms and legs around him. As much as I want my freedom, I’m terrified to touch him, and I’ve been burned by his kind before. But Skoll makes me want to take crazy risks. Maybe even try something reckless like fall in love. Skoll – I cut off my horns and left the seclusion of my ranch to go undercover in the Dome. The anti-mating hormone I’ve taken should ensure I don’t bond with any of the females I’m attempting to rescue. But I’m caught unprepared when I encounter Ajani, a beautiful captive human who fears all physical contact. She’s asked me to help her desensitize so she can escape. If her training doesn’t kill me, fighting the bond just might.     AmazonKU


Blake has big plans for the holidays. With no skills at all in the kitchen nor in decorating, he still decides to try and create the “perfect Tygerian Christmas.” He orders a complete holiday meal—like the ones he remembers from Earth. His reasoning is that Tygerians have no idea what they’re missing, and they’d love Christmas and holiday meals if they were just exposed to them. He plans a big dinner with all the trimmings and plans to teach the holiday traditions to all his sons and create wonderful new Christmas memories. His plans begin to unravel when one thing after another goes wrong. No one seems to care, the food he ordered is all wrong and he loses his temper, along with the joy he used to find in the holiday. Davos is out of town, avoiding him, and none of his children seem interested at all in his plans. Blake’s hidden fears bubble to the surface and he wonders why he even tries. Frustrated and unhappy, he wishes he’d never come to Tygeria in the first place, throws a jar of gravy against the wall, and slips in the greasy mess, knocking himself out. When he wakes up, his whole life has changed, and he gets the chance to see what his life might have been like if he’d never come to Tygeria or met Davos or had any children at all. He learns that sometimes life is really wonderful after all, and it’s a terrible mistake to throw it all away. Because love, like the holiday spirit, can show up where it’s least expected. And maybe, just maybe, it’s been there all along.



– Nichelle –I was aiming a gun at a dragon. A dragon the natives just call ’the Curse’.
Then, suddenly the gun was in his hand and he was choking me for fun. Now he’s carrying me on his shoulder like hunted-down prey, sauntering through the deadly jungle as if he owned it. Giant alien dinosaurs flee wildly to get out of his way. His beauty hypnotizes me, terrifies me and makes me feel plain and small by comparison. But he keeps staring at me in the most invasive way, so he can’t find me that repulsive. The bulge in his shining, tight pants seems to agree. My mind is all muddled and twisted. All I want is to strip naked, throw myself at him and demand that he impregnate me. I have to control myself. My only chance of getting home to Earth depends on me killing him. But despite all his abuse and mean words, I’m starting to think that he’s really trying to be nice…- Betruchael – I can barely believe my luck. This small female of a lesser species carried gold. Gold from the hoard of another dragon, even. I will use this alluring creature to find the rest of the hoard and steal it. Only then can I leave this stinking swamp of a planet. And she will keep me company while I search. Judging from her luxuriously round shape and and terrified eyes, she will be unusually pleasant company until I dispose of her in the most entertaining way. Whether she wants to or not.     AmazonKU


Three determined heroines, three unexpected heroes, and three sweet and steamy stories with all the warmth of the holiday season! Book 1, Krampus and the Crone: Ostracized by the village, Jaelle poses as an old witch to eke out a meager living. When she goes in search of two missing children, she doesn’t expect to find a massive, horned alien – one who sees through all her disguises. Can they work together to grant two lonely orphans their holiday wish for a family? Book 2, A Gift for Nicholas: Jenna is a hard-working single mom with no time for fairy tales. She dismisses her daughter’s stories of a mysterious horned Santa living in the woods as no more than the imagination of a precocious child – until the day her daughter doesn’t return home. Her frantic search leads her to a crashed spaceship and an enormous horned alien warrior. He’s bossy, arrogant – and has a loneliness which matches her own. Can she show him the true meaning of the holidays? Book 3, A Kiss of Frost: When Katerina is faced with an unwanted marriage, she takes her younger sister and runs, only to discover a small band of misfits hiding in some ancient ruins. Their fight for survival grows even harder as the holidays approach – until a horned alien warrior appears in their camp. Can the warmth of the holiday season thaw his frozen heart?     AmazonKU


Kallista is the most celebrated pop star in the universe. And of course she is. She’s hot, has the voice of a siren, and the most addictive beats this side of the Milky Way. With a legion of adoring fans, a healthy bank account, and access to all the hottest venues, Kallista’s star couldn’t be brighter. But with fame also comes a dark side. Between the stress of the media hounding her with paparazzi bots, a rival pop singer looking to stir up trouble, and a few stalkers, Kallista is at the end of her rope and just can’t cope. After an unfortunate run-in with an overzealous fan, her manager hires a new bodyguard to protect her. Xavian is tall, incredibly handsome, and also an ex-bounty hunter. Red flags, much? With a resume like that, Kallista isn’t sure she’s comfortable being around the guy. But the more time she spends with him, the more she’s tempted to start up a little trouble of her own. Unfortunately for the two of them, there’s that pesky no-fraternization rule baked into his contract, which means mum’s the word. Will these two manage to keep their illicit romance under wraps? Or will the media turn their love into a circus?     AmazonKU


VS Note: Not listed as a romance. LGBTQ scifi release of note. From OCT 31.

In a world ravaged by the Collapse, a viral outbreak that turns its victims into flesh-eating monsters, eighteen-year-old Sadie Gallagher harbors an unshakable determination to prove her worth and help protect her community…until an unwelcome guest saves her from the hands of the undead, and her life takes an unexpected turn.
Standing alone in her belief that her heroine is innocent despite her leader’s insistence of something sinister going on, Sadie wonders if her faith is well-placed or if this stranger has a hidden agenda of her own. A revelation looms on the horizon—one that will unravel a conspiracy involving the virus’ origin and shatter Sadie’s world.   AmazonKU

3013 OBSESSION: A 3013 NOVELLA by Laurie Roma

As a former undercover agent for the Alliance, Zenix Li is used to living a life of danger. But as the new Chief of Security on Evo, he is ready for a little peace and quiet. However, his plans take a drastic turn the moment he meets his superstar mate, Ayla D’Nye.
D’Aire singer Ayla D’Nye has millions of fans throughout the known universe, but her celebrity status comes at a steep cost. While most of her followers are content to simply enjoy the music she creates, some of their devotion has taken a darker turn. When admiration turns into obsession, will Zenix and Ayla’s love survive the threat stalking them, or will the price of fame be their end?

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A12-04 – Two weeks ago, my opinions on leaving Earth changed drastically. I went from being terrified and worried to almost excited about finding a new home on a planet that only three other humans have traveled to. Love, happiness, and a family are all possibilities in this new place, and the closer I get to leaving Earth, the more anticipation I have. Three others have gone, and they’re all happy. Why shouldn’t I be eager to find that same happiness? From the moment I step through the portal into the new world, I can feel the other half of my soul, the person— the alien — who completes me. Now I just need to figure out why he’s rejecting just how perfect we are for one another. Dath – Yes, I want a human female to call my own. A small, soft human that looks to me for protection, care, and companionship. Of course, I want these things just as many of my brothers do. My brothers do not have the wishes of their long passed mothers directing them to mate one of our kind, though. When I try to explain to my mother that I wish to find a human female to be my mate, she brings the storms of lightning and thunder many days before they are meant to torment our lands. Now I am trapped inside with a human who calls to my soul, and I know I must reject her no matter how badly I wish not to. The goddess has abandoned me, my mother is angry with me, and the little human is tempting me. As though that’s not enough, my body is changing. My mind changing even more. The sweet, patient male I have always been is changing. He’s disappearing into a beast filled with anger and rage that seems to be soothed only when I think of the human I am trying so desperately to push away.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From OCT 31.

Tal is an intergalactic courier down on their luck and looking for a quick buck in a seedy bar at the edge of the galaxy. That’s where they meet Kate, an unexpected human who is seeking escape immediately, no questions asked. What Tal doesn’t realize is how dangerous it will be to have Kate onboard — not just to their livelihood, but also to their heart. The Last Place They’d Look is a spicy, spacy 7,500 word short story originally appeared in the anthology Binary Stars: Constellations #1 – Queer Sci Fi Romance. It’s a thrilling sci-fi adventure with a f/nb love story, no cliffhangers, HEA, from queer romance author Catherine Fletcher.     AmazonKU

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS Note: This is the second book in my Wreck of the Nebula Dream trilogy (“Titanic in space…” but can be read as a standalone. The trilogy is available as a box set as well.


The survivors of a terrible wreck meet again—but this time only one can survive.

The long-awaited sequel to The Wreck of the Nebula Dream

They survived an iconic spaceship wreck together. She never expected to see him again … especially not armed to kill her.

Twilka Zabour is an interstellar celebrity. She built on her notoriety as a carefree Socialite who survived the terrible wreck of the Nebula Dream, and launched a successful design house. But now the man who gave meaning to her life, then left her, is back–this time for the worst of reasons. Will he kill her … or help her survive?

D’nvannae Brother Khevan survived the Nebula Dream in the company of a lovely, warm woman, only to be pulled away from her, back into his solitary life in the service of the Red Lady.  Now Twilka’s within his reach again–for all the wrong reasons. Khevan will do everything within his power to discover why Twilka has been targeted for assassination, and to save her.

But Khevan is not Twilka’s only pursuer. Will allies Nick and Mara Jameson arrive in time to aid the couple, or will Khevan and Twilka’s ingenuity be all that stands between them and death?


Emily “Tock” Meyerson-Jackson is on a mission to rid the world of shifters trafficking humans for hunting and cash. And now that she’s narrowed down her suspects to a brutal coalition of male lions, nothing will get between this honey badger and her prey—not even a dog-loving Tiger with absolutely no time management skills. Doesn’t matter that Shay Malone is ferociously adorable. With a war brewing between cat families, Tock doesn’t have time to lounge around with a football-playing tiger shifter. But when she realizes the coalition is also responsible for the death of Shay’s father, she’s forced to partner up with the flirtatious feline. . . .Revenge is most definitely on the menu for Shay and his tiger shifter brothers. But when it comes to Shay’s alluring partner in crime-solving, so is seduction. Tock might be a bad-ass of a honey badger, but she’s awfully cute when she’s flashing her fangs, which she’s pretty much doing all the time these days. Good thing revenge is a dish best served hot. Because when it comes to Tock, Shay knows just how to turn up the heat.

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VS Note: Author sez: “Stings and Stones is a 67,000-word collection of Elemental Assassin short stories. Some of the stories previously appeared on Jennifer Estep’s website, while others have been featured in anthologies.”

Flash back to one of Gin Blanco’s many missions as the assassin the Spider. Learn more about Gin’s relationships with her mentor, Fletcher Lane, and her foster brother, Finnegan Lane, and see what trouble the other characters get themselves into when Gin’s not around. From a ghost’s lost love to a villain’s origin story, this action-packed collection has something for every urban fantasy and paranormal romance fan. The Stings and Stones collection features ten short stories told by various characters:
“Spider’s Bargain” — Gin Blanco; “Web of Death” — Gin Blanco; (…more details on ebook seller’s site)

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Their love makes them stronger together… Unless the world rips them apart – Jadren El-Adrel knows he’s a mess. He’s a cobbled-together monster pretending to be a wizard, still unable to master the magic that makes him pretty much immortal and is useless for anything else. Though he’s tried to learn to work with his familiar, Seliah, he’s still terrified to discover what might happen if he gives himself full access to the depths of her powerful magic. Some questions should never be answered. Seliah Phel got her happy ever after. Jadren loves her; they’re together in a safe and beautiful place; and they’re finally learning to work together as wizard and familiar. But even she must recognize that Jadren continues to stew in his black moods, brooding that only worsens when he receives a missive from home, his horrible family demanding the unthinkable: that they both return to House El-Adrel. As the denizens of House Phel fight an increasingly pitched battle against the enemies determined to destroy them forever, Jadren and Selly fight their own war—against the past and to overcome their own failings. To become truly stronger together.

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White No-Face’s mask is off, and the final conflict has begun. Deep in the ancient caverns and lava flows of Mount Tonglu, Xie Lian must face the one whose hatred has plagued him for centuries–but this time, he won’t have to do it alone. His beloved, Hua Cheng, has spent his long existence amassing the power to protect him, and now with their feelings for each other out in the open, they have all the more reason to fight for survival. In this thrilling conclusion to Heaven Official’s Blessing, can Xie Lian and Hua Cheng triumph against an all-powerful foe? Also included in this final volume are five bonus tales of romance, celebration, and adventure.

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Halloween is my favorite time of the year and its pumpkin spice everything. Not only is it tasty but all that cinnamon, ginger and clove is just the thing to keep away goblins and ghoulies. I should have known that everything would go wrong this Halloween when the pumpkins are sold out and I must substitute the traditional carved pumpkin for a fake one with a battery-powered candle and a prayer that it will be just as effective. A witch should know better—that even the best laid wards can go awry when there is other, powerful magic afoot. And magic will always have its day on Halloween night. I really shouldn’t have agreed to help out the magician with a bit of magic on Devil’s Night because now it has followed me home and there is no escape from what he summoned. But as the night wears on I’m more worried about whether or I even want to.   AmazonKU


A rare white hart shifter who was imprisoned in a cruel shifter zoo, Robert returns to the rebuilt Shifting Sands Resort to prove that he’s put his demons to rest and his memories of captivity behind him…only to meet a mate who doesn’t recognize him. Is he more broken then he knows? Felicity’s first week serving meals at the luxury tropical resort starts out perfectly, but how long can she hide the fact that she isn’t really a shifter and avoid being kicked out? Now she’s got to keep a gorgeous shifter giving her hot looks and a cold shoulder from getting sunburnt, and on top of that, someone seems to be out to ruin Christmas at the resort. Is it sabotage? Are ghosts or wild magic at work? Is someone trying to frame her? She’s not the only one at the resort who is trying to keep secrets, and her sleuthing might threaten more than just her job. Will Felicity’s secrets spoil her chance at happiness? Can Robert trust his hart…or his heart?   AmazonKU


She wanted a one-night-stand with her fantasy orc. He wanted a forever love with the mate of his dreams…When Poppy is stranded in a small town monster inn, a one-night stand turns into something more in this low angst, contemporary fantasy romance full of cozy vibes.      Amazon 


Welcome to Hemlock Hollow, where witchcraft bubbles beneath the surface. Blue Bell has spent years hiding her mystical talents while running her candy shop, Sucre Bleu. But when a dead body appears outside new neighbor Ethan Moore’s office, she finds herself drawn into a baffling murder. With help from her sarcastic talking cat Tiffany, quirky sister Pepper, and Ethan’s slick investigating skills, Blue follows the clues. Her supernatural gifts give her an edge, but she risks exposing her secret witchy abilities. Suspicion brews when the police suspect Blue could be the killer. Then it shifts to the victim’s wife, his lover, and a shady ex-partner as illicit affairs and dark secrets emerge. But when the investigation stirs up danger, Blue must tap into her full powers or end up in hot water. Can she catch the killer and clear her name without bringing her magic to a boil? Or will her hidden bewitching talents finally bubble over?   AmazonKU


*This is a lesbian omegaverse fantasy romance. Amaris Brimwood knows what’s expected of her. She’s the heir to the Seventh Star, and as her Sire grows closer to retirement, Ris’ time as Queen is fast approaching. Between honing her skills to lead her people and fighting the omega-leadership bias, her mother’s pleas to find a Mate before she ascends the throne fall on deaf ears. Ris is not looking for anything that will distract her from her duties—certainly not two Alphas nicknamed the Terror Twins. Yogi Sweetwater and Sage Starquist couldn’t be more different. Yogi is a walking tragicomedy, and Sage hardly takes a break from frowning to laugh at her best friend’s jokes. After returning from a two-year outstation posting along the borders, the Alphas find themselves in a distinctly uncomfortable situation with Ris in the center. The three of them are scent-compatible, and try as they might, the connection between them is undeniably electric. The only problem is—there’s never been a Royal Nest before. As the Mates try to navigate their relationship without exposing their newfound love, trouble brews in the Royal family. Ris is used to biased opposition from her court—after all, she’s the first omega Queen to ascend the throne. But when her opponent is her Alpha sister, things get a little more complicated. And a lot more heartbreaking.   AmazonKU


Souls flow down the Styx. Reapers gather. Psychopomps soothe. Hounds protect. It all runs smoothly until it doesn’t. When Thea’s partner Arshe inexplicably abandons her mid-escort, the blue-haired reaper finds herself lost in more ways than one. After a series of unexpected allies crash – in some cases, literally – into her world, she’s going to need all of them to find her friend and figure out why ‘pomps keep vanishing from the Under. A mystery? That she can handle. But the growing heat and tension with these otherworldly men? It might just be the end of her.     AmazonKU


I was supposed to choose one vampire suitor. But I’m falling for them all. As a rare vampire—born, not made—I’m a curiosity to the ruling families. They’re eager to find out what I’ll become when I’m bitten. And eager to marry my power into their family lines. I’ve always known I’d need to choose a fiancée, but three vampire men are moving into my house to court me, and in fourteen days I’ll have to choose one man to marry: River, who makes me laugh and swoon in equal measure. Claude, who’s ancient, lethal, and frantic to taste my blood. Or Silas, who hates my guts but can’t help becoming obsessed with me. But what if I don’t choose? What if I keep them all?   AmazonKU


We have ten days to break the curse, or my mates and I kill each other. Time is running out, and every day we come closer to the end. We finally have Wane back, but with the clock ticking down and grief eating me whole, it’s hardly a victory. Cronus has won, and he knows it. I can’t kill him when my world just collapsed. If the Labyrinth broke me, the Damned Realm crushed what was left into dust. Exactly like Cronus crushed my mate when he unmade him. Who cares what the prophecy inked on my back says? Or what great and terrible future I’m supposed to have? The only thing I want is to keep my mates and I alive. But with monsters freed from Tartarus, vicious gods in our way, and a titan hellbent on devouring me whole, I’ll need more than magic to break our curse. I’ll need a miracle.     AmazonKU

MER’S JOURNEY (PURPLE OASIS BOOK NINE) by Arizona Tape and Laura Greenwood

A journey across the sea will change everything. Frog shifter Ines is determined to return to her hometown, even if she knows there’s probably nothing left. Susie has been waiting for a chance to put her mer magic to good use, and now there’s a chance to do just that.
As the two of them bond on their journey across the sea, they realise there might be something more between them than just friendship.

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Welcome to Last Resort. Are you a rejected mate? Have you been searching for love only to have it slip through your claws? Are you just too busy to swipe right? Then look no further than Last Resort! Our staff carefully curates your likes, dislikes, and your paranormal needs, to find your perfect love match… or matches. Once found, you’ll be taken to one of our luxury rooms, where you’ll wait for your true love to walk through the door. Happily ever after is our guarantee, so come try this last shot at love! Last Shot at Love isn’t an anthology where you only get a few chapters of a story… oh no! This book featuresthree, complete, standalone, paranormal romance stories by authors Jade Waltz, M.J. Marstens, and Sedona Ashe. Each author will be writing as a different room number. All three stories will end with a happily ever after… no cliffhangers to be found here!     AmazonKU


VS Note: Author states there is a “slight paranormal twist”.

Never make a deal with the Devil. Manic: They call me a monster. A master of disguise. The phantom who travels within shadows. It’s been said that I can steal a man’s breath from across the room or slice his throat without lifting a finger. The rumors are true. I have a gift for dealing death, a hunger for bloodshed that blocks rational thought. And when something of mine is threatened . . . I unleash the beast, giving into his carnal, wicked appetite. There’s one soul on this earth that I crave, covet, and swear to protect at all costs. My pretty, perfect doll. A wicked biker like me doesn’t deserve her light, grace, or love, but that doesn’t stop me from taking it. Bianca is mine. Nothing is breaking us apart, even if I have to wreck everyone in my path to keep her. And selling my soul to the devil seems like a fair price to pay to ensure no one stands in my way. Reckless Mayhem is not a standalone. Manic Mayhem MUST be read first. A twist on the classic The Phantom of the Opera.     AmazonKU


As the caretaker of Selene, my ancient feline familiar, I’ve grown accustomed to dealing with her mood swings. But as Christmas approaches, Selene’s temperament gives Ebenezer Scrooge a run for his money, and it’s going to take my full effort to keep her off the naughty list. However, it appears Selene isn’t the only grump in town this year, and disaster strikes following the annual tree lighting ceremony. The Christmas market, a hub for local artisans, falls victim to vandalism and theft, casting a shadow over the town’s holiday cheer. Resolved to revive the true essence of Christmas, I embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries behind these disruptions. With a band of family and friends rallying behind me, we dive into a festive investigation. And Selene? Well, she’s bound to lend a paw… eventually.     AmazonKU


Kent – I’m the new boy in this tiny town, but only until I find my clients the lake house they’re searching for. Not that I can understand why anyone would want to live here. It seems like a place where nothing ever happens. So imagine my surprise when I stumble across a masked man spray painting a public building under the light of the full moon. Even in a mask, I’m struck by his beauty. Then, without warning, he approaches and does the last thing I ever expected. He kisses me. The moment our lips part, he’s gone, vanished into the night and I’m left with a feeling of excitement unlike any I’ve ever experienced before. But how do I find him again? Eoin: The moment I kissed him I knew he was my mate. Even though I don’t know his name, I know we were fated to be together, but I ran away before I could act on it. Then, by some strange twist of fate, he walks into my office the next day to hire me. He has no idea that I’m the masked graffiti artist or, more importantly, that I’m a werewolf. But now that he’s my client, I have to pretend to be just some boring realtor. However, when I find him waiting near the half-finished mural again, I can’t keep my hands off of him. For now, though, the mask stays on. He’s too straight-laced to turn a blind eye to my after-dark activities. How long can I keep up this charade?     AmazonKU

SPINDLE OF SIN (ONCE UPON A WICKED VILLAIN) by Candace Robinson and Amber R Duell

Welcome to the dark world of Grimm, where the villains are as wicked as their desires. 
Aura was always destined to become the Starnight Prince’s bride following her twenty-first birthday. Now that the day has arrived, she looks forward to wedded bliss—and their first night together as husband and wife. That is, until the savage dragon king from another court steals Aura away before the ceremony. Hellbent on revenge, the King of Sin has been making careful plans to ruin the Starnight Prince. For years, he used lustful dalliances to battle his rage and bide his time. With Aura in his possession—the key to his vengeance—he’ll use her however he sees fit. But whenever Aura is near, the King of Sin wants nothing more than to unlock her inner desires, make her crave his touch and long for the pleasure only he can give. No matter the sin. No matter what is to become of her. Spindle of Sin is a new take on Sleeping Beauty and the first book in a stand-alone series of spicy dark fairy tale retellings where the villain gets the girl in the end.    AmazonKU


Lily and Blair are not even kind of interested in getting involved with the branch of the government that wants to know about all things magical, no matter what Pearl says. They’d rather go on their ghost hunts, deal with their frustrating men and… wait, maybe a break from said men wouldn’t be such a bad thing. When a certain jolly elf, who is far hotter than his cartoon movies portray, shows up desperate for help finding his missing reindeer, the girls are more than happy to dive in and help. Just what they needed. No men, no government, just a good, old-fashioned reindeer hunt. Things never work out easily in Blair’s world, though, do they? Maddox is none to happy to meet hot Santa. Could he be, dare we say, jealous? Reed… well, Reed may need someone to calm his overeager butt down. And Lachlan thinks the whole thing is hilarious. Blair has to trust herself and her visions when Maddox disappears. If she doesn’t, things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better. With all of this going on, Blair still can’t complain about her life. Who else in the world gets to help Santa find Rudolph just in time for Christmas?

Amazon      Apple Books     NOTE: The other books are in KOBO so perhaps this one will get there too

RESTORING TIME (NIGHTSHADE GUILD BOOK 36) by Lia Davis and Kerry Adrienne

The Nightshade Guild: Chapter Three – The year the Guild was lost in time. The time scythe is gone and with it the mages of the Nightshade Guild. Scattered through the ages, the mages will have to use their wits and powers to survive the time period they were sent to and find their way home. With the mages gone, who will protect the world?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


The die is cast. The era of Spring is over. Riadne’s bloody coup on the Summer Solstice changed Arlo’s life forever. In one fell swoop and a fool’s bargain, she lost both her family and free will to the newly crowned High Queen. Now, with Arlo forced to use her powers as Luck’s Hollow Star to help summon the rest of the seven deadly sins, Riadne stands closer than ever to achieving her dark goals. And Arlo isn’t the only one trapped in a frightening new role. Her ex-Fury girlfriend, Nausicaä, is determined to do whatever it takes to stay by Arlo’s side, even if that means becoming Riadne’s pet assassin. Aurelian and Vehan, torn apart, struggle to survive on their own. Meanwhile, Celadon has been revealed as Riadne’s illegitimate son—and heir to both Spring and Summer, the ultimate offense in the faerie world. But the High Prince has secret plans of his own, plans made all the more complicated when the beautiful and deadly immortal Hunter Lethe takes an interest in him…Five budding legacies will need more than luck if they hope to stand a chance against the greatest adversary the Courts have faced. For nothing’s more dangerous than a faerie tale… except the one who tells it, and maybe what they’re going to need is no longer that story’s hero but its villain.

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The only guy in the world who could kiss me was about to become the one thing he despised. A Nightling. And it was all my fault. Fallon Bane thought that being cursed to feel pain every time she was touched was the worst thing that would ever happen to her. She was wrong. The worst thing was finding and falling for Ariyon—the only person in the realm who could touch her—only to accidentally trap him in the land of souls and swap powers with him. Now she must act as Maven healer to Queen Solana while trying to figure out how to sneak into the Realm of Eternity to save Ariyon. She drove me crazy, in both good and bad ways, and all I wanted to do was finally kiss her, hold her, feel her body relax into mine like it’d found its missing other half. Aryion Madden had enough to deal with: heir to the throne, Maven healing powers that meant he would die young, and orphaned by Marissa Bane. Then, he met Marissa’s daughter and fell in love, upending everything he thought he knew. Now, he has to fight for his life—and maybe his afterlife—against the undead using Fallon’s dark magic. And if that’s not enough to worry about, all the while, the prophesied Nightling war is approaching.     AmazonKU


The shift is hitting the fan…When Ivan Cambridge, CEO of WolfBane Inc., comes calling promising everything they’ve ever wanted, neither Angel nor Evie can resist his promises… even if they are too good to be true. Working for their new, shadowy employer does have its perks though—including a sizzling, magical connection that Angel and Evie can’t deny. If only they weren’t in the middle of a dangerous mad-scientist’s plan to create the perfect hybrid shifter army. Can Angel and Evie fight the monsters they helped create? Or will they and their magical connection become a monster of their own making?     Amazon


Magically compelled by bad guys, Arwen Forester shot her half-dragon ally in the thigh. She longs to make amends to him, but she’s busy with a new quest: Get rid of the tattoo that lets dark elves control her. Unfortunately, such magical marks aren’t easily removed. When the troll tattoo artist she visits is killed, she’s framed for murder. Soon, hired guns are after her, and the troll’s clan is trying to get Val Thorvald, the Ruin Bringer, to hunt her down. Arwen could use the help of a powerful half-dragon, but will Azerdash Starblade forgive her after her previous betrayal?     AmazonKU


Natalie Durham is sick of men. After her latest boyfriend cheats on her, she skips town to her aunt’s place in Boston and vows to burn all the things her exes have given her. Maybe she’ll even do a spell or two, since she’ll be close enough to Salem to venture over. Melissa Clarke is a former model now ready to live authenticity as both a lesbian and a foodie. She leaves her boyfriend, travels to her Boston home, and is determined to make the best Thanksgiving meal ever. When Natalie suffers car trouble, and Melissa steps up to help, it should be a brief encounter. But these women soon find out they have a lot more in common than they first believed, and it may be enough — with some magick — to change the rest of their lives.

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The search for answers may lie in dreams of the past. Anja has never been able to answer the question of what she is, but now she’s at Blackthorn Academy, she’s determined to find out—even if it means facing the dreams that plague her nights. The moment Cethin meets Anja, he knows she’s more than just a classmate, he just hopes that she can see beyond his twisted lineage and won’t run screaming when she discovers she’s his mate. Between the nightmares, the new class load, and the charming dark warlock plaguing her thoughts, there’s no doubt that Anja has her hands full, but can it help find her the answers she’s looking for?    Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


The last thing this witch expected was to find out that her hot boss was a literal god. Adelaide has always dreamt of working with animals in need of a safe place, making her new job at the Horus Sanctuary the perfect fit for her. The only complication is just how hot she thinks her boss is. Horus is content living a life dedicated to the animals at his sanctuary, but when a gorgeous witch starts working there, everything changes, and he discovers there might be more to life than just work. The workplace is heating up for them both, but will they give in to the temptation?

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Get comfortable by the fire and get your favourite seasonal snacks at the ready for this fun-filled selection of spicy food-themed romances from bestselling romance authors. Whether you want to be abducted with a mug of eggnog, trapped in a log cabin with a sexy woodsmen, or dig into a Yule log with your fated mate, there’s something for everyone in this collection of contemporary, paranormal, and sci-fi romances. All proceeds from the Eat Your Heart Out anthologies will be donated to charity.

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VS Note: “Revised and expanded”

Crown Prince Oliver doesn’t want his life to change. Despite sharing a border with Fairy, the kingdom of Bellemare’s at peace, and Oliver’s in no hurry to inherit the throne. He’d rather be an artist than a hero, and his fairy-companion Tirian is his best friend, who hardly does magic at all. But every heir to the throne must complete the traditional Quest to find their destiny, and it’s Oliver’s turn … and he’s starting to realize that he doesn’t want a destiny without Tir at his side. But Tir has secrets of his own, about his magic, his reasons for crossing the Fairy border, his feelings for Oliver — and a prophecy that could change the fate of two kingdoms forever … if Tir and Oliver can find their happy ending.

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SALT AND BROOM by Sharon Lynn Fisher

A gifted healer unravels the mysteries of a cursed estate—and its enigmatic owner—in a witchy retelling of Jane EyreSalt and broom, make this room Safe and tight, against the night. Trunks packed with potions and cures, Jane Aire sets out on a crisp, clear morning in October to face the greatest challenge of her sheltered girls’-school existence. A shadow lies over Thornfield Hall and its reclusive master, Edward Rochester. And he’s hired her only as a last resort. Jane stumbles again and again as she tries to establish a rapport with her prickly new employer, but he becomes the least of her worries as a mysterious force seems to work against her. The threats mount around both Jane and Rochester—who’s becoming more intriguing and appealing to her by the day. Jane begins to fear her herb healing and protective charms may not be enough to save the man she’s growing to love from a threat darker and more dangerous than either of them imagined.     Amazon      AB 


Magic has broken free, and the world is in grave danger. Jayne Thorne, CIA Librarian and secret operative, thought finding her father would solve everything. She couldn’t have been more mistaken. Henry Thorne is a prime target for all her enemies, and everyone around him is in danger. Though Jayne’s powers are reaching new heights, she must contend with her reluctant new Rogue, Vivienne, her inconvenient and growing attraction to her partner, Tristan, and a prophecy from an unnamed warrior goddess that warns her of the impending danger from the Torrent’s powerful hidden mage who is controlling her mother, Ruth. Not to mention face down an ancient secret society tasked with protecting a grimoire vital to their cause. Meanwhile, Jayne’s sister Sofia and her Rogue Cillian, along with other members of the TCO (the magical branch of the CIA), are searching for the newly magical children who are making news all over the country. But they are not the only ones with this mission. Sofia and Cillian must find, protect, and educate as many new Adepts as possible before dark forces steal their powers. With the help of her friends, family, and new allies, Jayne must decipher the prophecy, acquire the grimoire, and stop the powerful mage hidden in the Torrent. But even with their help, Jayne is not sure if she will be able to succeed. The enemies of the Torrent grow more powerful by the day, and they are relentless.     AmazonKU

ANYTHING WITH NOTHING (VALDEMAR ANTHOLOGIES BOOK 17) by Various, edited by Mercedes Lackey

This 17th anthology of short stories set in the beloved Valdemar high fantasy universe features tales by debut and established authors and a brand-new story from Mercedes Lackey. The Heralds of Valdemar are the kingdom’s ancient order of protectors. They are drawn from all across the land, from all walks of life, and at all ages—and all are Gifted with abilities beyond those of normal men and women. They are Mindspeakers, FarSeers, Empaths, ForeSeers, Firestarters, FarSpeakers, and more. These inborn talents—combined with training as emissaries, spies, judges, diplomats, scouts, counselors, warriors, and more—make them indispensable to their monarch and realm. Sought and Chosen by mysterious horse-like Companions, they are bonded for life to these telepathic, enigmatic creatures. The Heralds of Valdemar and their Companions ride circuit throughout the kingdom, protecting the peace and, when necessary, defending their land and monarch. Join a variety of authors as they ride with Mercedes Lackey to the beloved land of Valdemar and experience the many facets of this storied high fantasy realm.

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It’s been three months since their kiss on the beach and Max hasn’t heard a whisper from Jasper. With Christmas fast approaching, and despite vowing he would chase Jasper to the ends of the world, Max is ready to give up. Until Alpha Jericho announces he’s sending a select envoy of Elite Pack wolves to an allied wolf-pack stationed high in the rocky mountains, where they will bear witness to a Blood Moon. A week in a cozy ski-lodge sounds as romantic as you can get, so Max decides to give things with Jasper one last shot. But life in the mountains is rockier than expected and finding alone time with Jasper is harder than Max thought. Political unrest between the packs is galvanizing Jasper’s determination to keep them apart, and new and old suitors are emerging in the pursuit of Jasper’s affections. Running headfirst into snow storms, Max begins to question if the destiny he’s been chasing is what he really wants. And when the Blood Moon arrives, bringing irrevocable change that no one saw coming, Max and Jasper’s connection will be put to the ultimate test. Will they find the path between souls among the snow covered peaks or will the mountain roads lead them to an unexpected destiny?

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A witch. A priest. A few supernatural rebels. While visiting the cozy Village of Mystic Falls with Nishi and Faith, I assumed my biggest challenge would be finding the perfect gingerbread latte. But this festive outing has taken an enchantingly eerie turn and it will take all of us to save the holiday season. As supernatural forces converge on this merry town, and mundanes begin to exhibit extraordinary abilities, we must find the source before more innocents are harmed. We soon discover that an old foe has returned, and he has a permanent position on the naughty list. Will I be able to unravel the mysteries of Mystic Falls before malevolent forces destroy this mystical town or we are doomed to an eternal winter?     AmazonKU


Stolen from her bed in the middle of the night, Rimi is shipped across the ocean to a strange land and kept in a cage like an animal. She’s almost given up hope for escape when a good-natured, roguish troll is assigned to be her new caretaker. Lo’zar is a petty criminal, smuggling illicit goods from one place to another while enjoying his life as a carefree player. But when he’s tasked with transporting a human woman to a buyer, he wonders if he’s really doing the right thing. As Lo’zar grows fond of the clever, sweet Rimi, he knows he has to help her—even if freeing her means putting his life on the line. Can they survive the dangers of the jungle together and get Rimi back home?

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She’s mine. No matter how hard she fights. I wasn’t supposed to leave any witnesses to my massacre. The moment our eyes met, however, I knew. She was born to be mine. She will never escape. She knows that I’m watching. That I’m following her. She likes this little game we play. Likes that she’s consumed me. I can’t take my eyes off of her. But I’m not content just to look. I want to touch. To own. To stain. To break. She will never escape. But then again…She will never want to.     AmazonKU


When his parents try to coerce him into a marriage with an obnoxious, snobbish alpha, Ansel escapes to his granddad’s off-grid cabin. There he can gather the courage to make some tough decisions. After an unusually stormy night, Ansel ventures out to investigate the damage, and finds…a dragon. An actual, live dragon that crashed into the forest. Ansel fully expects to become the beast’s breakfast. Instead, the creature politely greets him before transforming into a naked man and inviting himself over for tea. At almost forty, Pascal would like to think he’s not reckless anymore. But when he goes flying without checking the weather first, crashes during a storm, dislocates a shoulder, sprains a wing, and lets a human see him in dragon form, he realizes he’s made a colossal mess. To top it off, his dragon-side decides that the little omega must be his mate. A nineteen-year-old sophomore! It’s pure luck that Ansel doesn’t study at the college where Pascal teaches, or he wouldn’t be allowed to even look at him. A young dragon mate before his first heat is a fragile being, and Pascal needs to tread carefully. Overbearing parents and an evil ex are going to be the least of his problems.     AmazonKU


The lost warriors are rising. Montana: Vengeance calls upon the wind. What Wolfe has done is unforgivable, and he’ll pay for everything he has taken from us. But after my choice was made at the ceremony, I’m now trapped with the prince I chose, and the path ahead is draped in peril. A wedding looms upon me, and if I can’t find a way to escape, I will soon be a monster’s bride. Erik’s promises fall like fire to ash, and I fear there’s no way out now I’ve chosen a life of chains in payment for those broken vows. But when the gods of old whisper of a new destiny, there may be hope in treading the dangerous road they’ve laid at my feet. Or perhaps this path is steeped in more danger than I’ve ever known. Callie: My choice has cost me everything. My will is bound, and my fate is no longer my own. In my loss, I chose the bloody path of revenge, so now I must make the most of these gifts I’ve been offered. My veins run thick with the power of the slayers, and uncovering each skill is like finding drops of sunlight in the darkest of nights. I must hold on to what these strengths can offer me, and not dwell on what they have taken. Magnar and I are held apart by the gods, and my want for him is ruled by Idun herself. We will never be together again, but I’ll pay that price if it leads me back to my sister. I just pray my heart can take another ruinous wound.     AmazonKU


For three thousand years, an ancient dragon god has protected the borders of the Sheltered Lands. In return, he makes only one demand: every one hundred years, the mortal ruler must send their heir to serve as his consort…for as long as they can survive. Sachielle of House Roquebarre is the thirty-first consort to be sacrificed to the monster who guards the mountain passes. She is young, beautiful—and she has three secrets. First: she’s a disposable orphan trained in seduction. Second: her handmaid, Zanya, is an assassin and the only person she has ever loved. Third—and most dangerous: she’s cursed. Sachi and Zanya have five weeks to murder the Dragon in his bed. If they fail, the mortal king’s curse will steal not just Sachi’s life, but her very soul. The Dragon has only one secret: he is nothing like what they have been told. And he will do whatever it takes to possess them both.     Amazon     AB 


Salem…the place where magic and mayhem meet. Charity Hughes is facing a twistier, turnier puzzle than ever before. As a witch with a peculiar talent for communicating with familiars, she’s used to mediating disputes between witches and their animal companions. Now, though, Charity must navigate the complexities of her blossoming relationship with handsome veterinarian Noah Jenkins while at the same time trying to keep her magical world under wraps. When Sela Warren, a witch from a neighboring town, entrusts her beloved hedgehog familiar, Lionel, to Charity’s care, it seems like a routine task. However, Charity’s intuition tells her that something is amiss, and her suspicions are confirmed when a series of mishaps begins to plague Lionel. It becomes clear that Lionel has been hexed, making him the target of dark magic. Determined to unravel the mystery, Charity enlists the help of her magical friends and dives into the secrets of Salem’s witch community, even as she must always remain mindful to must keep her investigations — and her witchy nature — hidden from Noah. And when she stumbles upon a hidden tunnel beneath her shop, it leads to a group of mysterious witches who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets. Will Charity’s unique gifts be enough to untangle the web of mystery and danger that surrounds her?

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Allen hasn’t always been on his own. He used to be part of a small pack in the mountains, but when a fire destroyed their home and everyone fled in different directions, he ended up far from anything he’d ever known…and with zero mating prospects for his future. As an older alpha, he was faced with a hard decision. Get on the matching registry or spend the rest of his days as a lone wolf. Jonah didn’t believe in marriage. He’d only seen bad relationships that fell apart as soon as times got tough. But he was lonely. And as much as he wanted to ignore it, his biological clock was ticking. He was getting more and more tempted by the matching registry…and when he finally takes the chance, he’s shocked to find an instant match that changes his life in every way.     AmazonKU


If he’s death, I crave oblivion. I’m a witch, cursed to kill with a brush of my fingertips. My worst fear is hurting the boy I care for—and my second-worst is the attention of the Order’s witch hunters. Maelor is their dangerous, beautiful leader. And now, he seems like he knows my secrets. When he arrests me, my only hope is to survive a series of brutal trials. Ninety-nine out of a hundred will die, and magic is strictly forbidden. Strangely, Maelor is immune to my touch. He claims to want to help me. But as I spend more time with him, I discover he has a dark secret of his own. Is he the reason bodies have been showing up around the kingdom, drained of blood? The more he wants me, the more dangerous he becomes. In a world where trusting someone can get you killed, will this beautiful monster help me survive?     AmazonKU


Wild things have tails, hatred always fails, and the forest knows me too well, that’s why I need this magic…Magic is a gift. A pretty miraculous one, in my opinion. It also comes with responsibilities – things like protecting the town that made this possible. Sadly, that means my last battle with the evil coven may have caused a tiny little problem. The spell that protects this place is fading. My power is fine, but a magical ritual like that takes six wixen to make possible. That means I have two choices: I can either let it fade or work with the assholes I just pissed off. Or, maybe I can find a third option? Because the old coven wants me gone. Worse, they’re after Zane as well. With the spell fading, the only safe place left is in the forest. And while my house is starting to get a little crowded, the things happening inside are a very different kind of magic. The kind that makes me realize all of this is worth fighting for. Who cares if I don’t like confrontation? If I want to keep the idealistic life I’ve been offered, I need to get over that. Otherwise, someone’s going to die – and it might be one of my guys. The battle lines are drawn. It’s my coven against theirs. So let it be.     AmazonKU


A globetrotting do-gooder home for the holidays walks into his bar and walks out with his heart. Dash Nichols is more jaded than jolly this Christmas. Surprisingly so, considering he’s Santa’s son. Against his better judgment, he volunteers to work the Friday shift at the bar. Just when Dash can’t handle the onslaught of holiday cheer anymore, in strolls an impossible-to-ignore woman wearing a delightfully absurd hat. Lina Schultz is nobody’s girl, footloose and fancy-free. Her merry flirtation with the bartender at her sister’s bachelorette party sparks the tempting idea of a naughty fling. But their meet cute takes a wrong turn, leaving Lina red-faced and too embarrassed to take the next step. Dash resolves to show her that their initial mishap is a minor setback to a romance written in the stars. Lina hesitates to embrace the magic of the season, torn between the allure of a second chance and her impending departure after New Year’s. Can Dash convince Lina to believe in fate, or will their shot at love vanish with the old year?

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Hollywood talent agent Switch is dragged to Salem while one of his biggest stars is filming there. From the shadows of the trees outside the House of the Seven Gables, he gets a glimpse of a witch and senses something amiss. Intrigued, he shifts into his feline form and curls his body around one of the man’s ankles—immediately realizing it’s his mate. Young witch Cassius Howe struggles to harness his powers. After a run-in with a black cat, he follows the creature, instincts firing. Rounding a corner, the cat is gone, and a gorgeous man is standing in its place. One look at Switch and Cassius is completely enamored. After a wild few days spent in bed, the men realize they have destinies that don’t seem to align. Can the two strong, stubborn men reconcile their dreams or is their mating not meant to be?     AmazonKU


Deeply conflicted about her feelings for two seemingly very different men, Celeste continues her fight against the Blight as Red Wolf recovers from his injuries. Desperate to return to her side, Red Wolf risks hurting himself further—all the while wrestling with the knowledge that the demon might not be as gone as they assumed. Meanwhile, Princess Brianna, Celeste’s alter ego, becomes the target of an assassination plot. Aidan is determined to keep her safe, even though nothing can protect her from what’s to come. Someone is lurking in the shadows, and betrayal will come from an unexpected source.   AmazonKU


There is a pale, penetrating loneliness etched into the walls of this forgotten place. A kind of loneliness made living… is this what it feels like to be a ghost, alone in some kind of half world? Taking shelter from a storm, Rose accidentally strays into a deserted fairy realm, and finds herself trapped there with only a mysterious talking beast for company. Although initially reluctant to befriend her strange companion, Rose quickly finds herself growing closer to him. She names him Thorn, and as the castle blossoms into a place of beauty, so too does their friendship. But something else lurks within the walls, a dark force that will stop at nothing to be free once more…If Rose is to survive and lift the curse placed upon the castle, she will have to face her fears and conquer the nightmares that have haunted her since childhood, as well as confront the terrifying creature that stalks the shadows in the night.      AmazonKU


There’s magic inside of me. Dark, insidious magic that wants to claim me—heart, body, and soul. At least I have my sister by my side. I know I can always count on her…right? So why do my body and heart crave the touch of seven nightmares? Why does my soul cry out for a shy, sweet incubus with red hair and earnest eyes? An incubus who claims to love me and says I love him in return…even if I can’t remember? My head tells me to forget Killian and the others. My heart tells me there’s something I need to remember, something important, something involving the seven men I’m supposed to hate…With new truths revealed, a past uncovered, and relationships tested, I’m beginning to wonder if my entire life is a lie. One thing I know for certain—a war is coming. I just don’t know what side of it I’m going to end up on.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Not romance particularly but I like to support anthologies for good causes.

Stories of joy, music, and community. Amphibian Press welcomes you to stand up with us as we support Club Q through storytelling. On November 19, 2022, an LGBT community hub and nightclub called Club Q in Colorado Springs was attacked. Five beautiful, vibrant people were lost. Someone silenced the music everyone in the club had come to celebrate with gunfire. We came together with a dozen authors from around the world to share a diverse array of characters and worlds: a found-family in the post-apocalypse; excited teen couples attending a hopepunk concert; the otherworldly experience of base-heavy queer club; a tender proposal almost-spoiled by hijinks; and a sci-fi medic trying to remember how to trust after a decade on the run. These are stories of queer joy, filled with gender and culture-diverse characters, found family, community solidarity, love, comfort and hope. We won’t let the music be silenced. All proceeds will be donated to the Club Q community via Colorado Healing Fund.

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Calladia Cunnington curses the day she met Astaroth the demon, but when he shows up memoryless, why does she find him so helpless . . . and sort of hot? Calladia Cunnington knows she’s rough around the edges, despite being the heir to one of small-town Glimmer Falls’ founding witch families. While her gym obsession is a great outlet for her anxieties and anger, her hot temper still gets the best of her and manifests in bar brawls. When Calladia saves someone from a demon attack one night, though, she’s happy to put her magic and rage to good use . . . until she realizes the man she saved is none other than Astaroth, the ruthless demon who orchestrated a soul bargain on her best friend.
Astaroth is a legendary soul bargainer and one of the nine members of the demon high council—except he can’t remember any of this. Suffering from amnesia after being banished to the mortal plane, Astaroth doesn’t know why a demon named Moloch is after him, nor why the muscular, angry, hot-in-a-terrifying-way witch who saved him hates him so much. Unable to leave anyone in such a vulnerable state—even the most despicable demon—Calladia grudgingly decides to help him. (Besides, punching an amnesiac would be in poor taste.) The two set out on an uneasy road trip to find the witch who might be able to restore Astaroth’s memory so they can learn how to defeat Moloch. Calladia vows that once Astaroth is cured, she’ll kick his ass, but the more time she spends with the snarky yet utterly charming demon, the more she realizes she likes this new, improved Astaroth . . . and maybe she doesn’t want him to recover his memories, after all.      Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


This gloriously transportive reimagining of The Nutcracker tells the tale of twin sisters, divided by envy and magic, set against each another one fateful Christmas Eve. Light and dark—this is the cursed birthright placed upon Clara and Natasha by their godfather, Drosselmeyer, whose power and greed hold an entire city in his sway. Charming Clara, the favorite, grows into a life of beauty and ease, while Natasha is relegated to her sister’s shadow, ignored and unloved. But Natasha seizes the opportunity for revenge one Christmas Eve, when Drosselmeyer arrives at the family gala with the Nutcracker, an enchanted gift that offers entry into an alternate world: the Kingdom of Sweets. Following Clara into the glittering land of snow and sugar, Natasha discovers a source of power far greater than Drosselmeyer: the Sugar Plum Fairy, who offers her own wondrous gifts . . . and chilling bargains. But as Natasha uncovers the truth about a dark destiny crafted long before her birth, she must reckon with forces both earthly and magical, human and diabolical, and decide to which world she truly belongs.

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SHARDS OF GLASS: A NOVEL by Michelle Sagara

The Academia, once an elite proving ground for the rulers of the world, has been frozen for centuries. Now its strange slumber has ended, and a new Chancellor, an orange-eyed dragon, has reopened its lecture halls and readied its dorms. In order to thrive once more, however, the Academia needs fresh blood—new students with a passion and talent for learning. One such student, Robin, has the perfect recruit in mind: his friend Raven, an orphan who lives in the dangerous Warrens. Robin grew up in the Warrens, and he wouldn’t have made it if not for Raven. He knows she’ll be safe at the Academia, where her unusual gifts can be appreciated. But when students start turning up dead, the campus threatens to collapse completely. Raven and Robin will not let that happen to their new home…if they can survive long enough to figure out who—or what—is trying to kill them.

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Heir to the throne of the elven court, Prince Orrin Nightstar has enough on his plate without an everchanging Guard. Having lost a record number of Guardians to the wiles of love, he’s beginning to think he might be cursed, doomed to lead others to happiness while never finding it for himself. It could be worse, though. He could be mated to the Guardian of the Underworld. Erus—not Eros, thank you very much—hasn’t guarded the iron gates for millennium. It’s cold. Dark. Lonely. And frankly, boring AF. Besides, why should he limit himself when he can outsource the job? Instead, he devotes his time to overseeing the Guardians who protect the royal families. And someone is screwing up the system. He never expected that someone to be his own mate. Nor did he foresee the chain of events their meeting would set into motion. After thousands of years of playing by his own rules, the consequences of his arrogance are finally catching up to him. Now that he has Orrin, the stakes are even higher, and unless he can restore order to the Underworld, his new mate will be the one to pay the price.     AmazonKU


Rory Hawthorn is in a bind – and not the sort that involves book pages. Her best friend has fallen into a coma, courtesy of rare poison without any known cure. The only source of information lies with the Founders, the knowledge-hunting vampires who want revenge on Rory for thwarting their plans – and to infiltrate the library and steal its secrets. A potential lifeline appears when a strange Reaper shows up in town with her ghostly brother, claiming to want to help a group of lost spirits that have appeared at the Founders’ old house. To help the ghosts and save her best friend, Rory walks a dangerous tightrope between the Reapers and the vampires as she draws closer to the truth. Can Rory survive long enough to pull off a miracle, or will the next lost soul to show up in the Grim Reaper’s domain be her own?     AmazonKU


Rosemary and Aaron Harker have been effectively, unofficially sidelined. There is no way to be certain, but they suspect their superiors know that their report on Brunson was less than complete, that they omitted certain truths. Are they being punished or tested? Neither Aaron nor Rosemary know for certain. It may be simply that they are being given a breather or that no significant hunts have been called in their region. But neither of them believes that. So, when they are sent to a town just outside of Boston with orders to investigate suspicious activity carefully, the Harkers suspect that it is a test. Particularly since the hunt involves a member of the benefactors, wealthy individuals who donate money to the Huntsmen in exchange for certain special privileges and protections. If they screw this up…at best, they’ll be out of favor, reduced to a life of minor hunts and “clean up” for other Huntsmen. At worst, they will be removed from the ranks, their stipend gone—and Botheration, their Hound, taken from them. They can’t afford to screw this up. But …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)

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TO KILL A SHADOW by Katherine Quinn

Jude Maddox knows nothing of love or even light. He knows only his grim duty as the Hand of Death, to lead the Knights of the Eternal Star into a land filled with nightmares and certain demise. It’s only when he sees her—a young woman with wild, amber eyes who’s as fierce, defiant, and swift as the shadow beasts themselves—that he feels the warmth of life in his blood…The other Knights may fear their lethal commander, with his hard, merciless demeanor. Outcast Kiara Frey sees only a leader, a man who knows how to survive. A man like her. But wanting him is as treacherous as the shadows themselves…and just as seductive. With a kingdom on the verge of collapse, the Knights must now venture into the darkest heart of the land and uncover the secrets of the misted shadows, where evil will prey upon their minds and feast on their flesh. It will betray their senses. It will surpass their nightmares. Most of them will die.
But they have no other choice. Because the only way to fight the darkness…is to become it.     Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


To repay a debt to an old friend, Breed vampire and former Hunter, Razor, has been drone surveilling a remote Colorado cabin for nearly a year, never imagining the beautiful woman he’s become obsessed with from afar is anyone but his friend’s lover, Laurel Townsend. When his mission turns urgent and Razor is tasked with retrieving Laurel from imminent danger, he arrives only to find the cabin destroyed and the woman inside brutally murdered. Vowing lethal justice against those responsible, Razor’s hunt collides with free-spirited Willow Valcourt, Laurel’s identical twin sister. Willow is on her way to visit Laurel when an immense Breed male mistakes her for her sister. Even more shocking is the revelation that Laurel has been murdered. The last person Willow should trust is a lethal predator like Razor, yet he is all that stands between her and the powerful, hidden enemies who killed her twin. A cross-country chase and cryptic clues left behind by Laurel send Willow and Razor on a journey that will take them from the twins’ tragic past to the threshold of an international scheme to wage a secret, final war on the Breed—with Willow plunged into the center of it. Drawn together by survival, haunted by loss, and surrounded by peril at every turn, Willow and Razor have only each other to prevent catastrophe. Yet as Willow surrenders to the needs only Razor can satisfy in her, and Razor vows to safeguard the true mate he never expected to find, their newfound passion will be put to the ultimate test that may cost both their lives.



Stuttering Maximilian Croyso spent a lifetime suffering the abuse of her cruel father, Duke Croyso. The Duke’s final act of cruelty? Marrying Maxi off to the war hero Riftan, legendary slayer of dragons. Now these two complete strangers have to try to make the arranged marriage that neither wanted work out. At first, the brooding Riftan and shy, nervous Maxi have nothing in common. But their dark pasts make them more similar than either could have anticipated and soon the two outcasts find acceptance in one another for the first time. Even deeply in love, Maxi realizes that she needs more in her life to be fulfilled. Riftan risks his life on dangerous adventures protecting the Seven Kingdoms while Maxi is left behind. Desperate to prove her worth, Maxi learns healing magic from the impertinent mage Ruth. But when Riftan discovers that magic is putting her at risk, he is against it. She doesn’t need to help him–her only responsibility as a lady is staying safely at home. What Riftan doesn’t expect is Maxi’s refusal to bow to her expected role, and instead determine her own fate. Maxi wants to use her growing skills as a sorceress to fight by his side, to protect Riftan as much as he protects her. Despite Riftan’s opposition, Maxi heads off to the Mage Tower to expand her skills and save his reputation….This volume collects episodes 82–124 of the Second Season of the web novel Under the Oak Tree.      Amazon


Only a couple weeks into the new year, and already the citizens of Enchanted Island are overwhelmed. The storm of the century is headed their way, and Alex, Shayla, Needles, and even Black Forest King are working hard to make sure all supernaturals and animals are prepared. But when a dead body suddenly appears, and one of the gang is targeted next…Shayla and Alex must race against the storm to track down the killer. Can the newlyweds face this next challenge together? Or will this be their first and last deadly storm?     AmazonKU


Karina is not like any of the wolves within her pack. She’s a human. The only human to be born of two wolves. When her father invites another alpha to take his pick of willing, single, consenting females, Karina has no choice but to be in the lineup. She is pack, she is single, and she knows she is not going to get picked. She is human, and any alpha would be looking for a wolf. Rage has no desire to take a woman from Westblood’s pack. He doesn’t need a woman to make an alliance against the rogue wolves that are deadly to all wolves. One scent of Karina, and all sense is lost. She is his mate. He doesn’t care that she’s human, all he knows, is that he belongs with her. Karina doesn’t feel anything for Rage. Even though he claims to be her mate, she doesn’t sense a thing. She has no wolf senses. She is weak. But slowly, little by little, she cannot help but be drawn to the new alpha. He doesn’t treat her with kid gloves. He shows her his wolf, and he is willing to explore with her. Rage has already figured out why Karina is human. He doesn’t care. She is his love and his soul mate, and he will never let her go.    Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: Re-release. Author states it has been “lightly edited and revised”.

He ghosted her years ago…Ana Cordona has been a strong leader for the lupine shifters who survived after half her pack was murdered. As tough as she is, her pack is vulnerable to a devious neighbor who wants their land—and Ana as his own. So when a ghost from her past barrels back into her life promising protection, it’s almost enough to make Ana forget how he walked out on her before—and reluctantly accept his offer to mate. Now he’s back. Connor isn’t walking away again. Ana has always been his mate, something his wolf accepted long ago. And the only reason he left before was for her own protection. Whatever it takes, he’s determined not to leave her side again—but danger is all around them in the form of a rival pack and a radicalized human element in town who wants to destroy all shifters. If they want a chance at a future—and to survive the deadly threats closing in—they’re going to have to learn to trust each other. Unfortunately, the danger is closer than they ever imagined.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Lucas Slater is coming home. His boss is the dragon who has been keeping shifters both in check and protected since they were forced to come out into the light all those years ago. Humans have granted shifters the freedom to police their own—Damon Daye is the judge, and Lucas Slater is his personal hand of justice. Born in the very mountains he has gone out into the world to protect, Lucas hasn’t been home in years. He is a different beast now than when he left these mountains as an adolescent gorilla shifter. Now he is a fully-mature, dominant silverback gorilla with years of fight training and no family group to anchor him down. Years ago something happened that catapulted him out into the world to find himself. Now that he is returning to Damon’s Mountains, everything he imagined is coming true. These mountains tug at his animal and press him to put down roots that could be the end of him. He is here to do a job, but when he saunters into a familiar trailer park and finds out the name of his next target, everything gets turned upside down. And even more unsettling? A ghost from his past has been brought in to test him, but for the life of him, he can’t tell if the gorgeous falcon shifter has been sent to trap him…or to free him. Jenna Brown is just doing what she’s been asked…(much more blurb on ebook seller’s page)     AmazonKU


Newly crowned as king, Keris has watched powerless as his forbidden relationship with Zarrah is revealed. But when Zarrah is imprisoned by the Empress, Keris knows there is only one way to save her: to ally with the kingdom he nearly destroyed. Imprisoned on the dreaded Devil’s Island, Zarrah faces two choices: prove her loyalty to the Empress who condemned her or die a traitor. Yet as she struggles to survive among violent prisoners, Zarrah uncovers a third path: a rebellion to overthrow tyranny entwined with a destiny she must fight to claim. While the Empress plots a war with devastating consequences, Keris and Zarrah must find their way back to each other. Yet their greatest adversary is the fiery passion between them. Unless they overcome the bitterness of betrayal, their love will not be the bringer of peace but rather the fuel that turns the Endless War into an inferno.     AmazonKU


People travel to the Enduar Mountains for two reasons: death or diamonds. Estela isn’t supposed to find love. As a slave to the Giant King, Estela’s life is an endless torment. Her sole hope is to escape with her half-brother and find refuge among the elves. Teo, the Troll King, is desperate. His people are dying, and he’s running out of options. When the giants come for diamonds, Teo’s crystal sings. The slave is the king’s mate, and with her comes a solution to save his people. Even after the king steals her from her masters, Estela’s one desire is to flee. She doesn’t see herself as the savior of the Enduar Trolls. She would rather die than be their queen, and, by extension, his mate. Any amount of time with him is dangerous. His stolen glances and longing stares won’t make her forget the truth—if she stays, she’ll still be caged.     AmazonKU


She sacrificed herself to save him. He’ll sacrifice everything to get her back. Davin wakes up after the best night of his life to find his fiancée missing, his cousin dead, and a murder accusation hanging over his head. He is determined to track Galina down, even if fleeing means he’ll take the blame for a crime he didn’t commit. But each step he takes after Galina brings him closer to unraveling the lies she left in her wake. Between the corpses left by the rebellion and the woman whose motives he trusts less every day, Davin will have to decide between saving her and saving his kingdom. Meanwhile, Galina is living her worst nightmare, ensnared by the monster she sacrificed her entire future to escape. Her only protection from the rebels who want to see her dead is a man who wants to own her – a man who may very well succeed. She is resigned to the choices she’s made to keep Davin safe until he catches up to her on the road, threatening to ruin everything she has worked so hard to preserve. With the secrets festering between them both and the Viper out to destroy everything they love, they’ll have to find a way to trust one another long enough to survive.      AmazonKU

KNOT A TRACE: PART ONE by Liliana Carlisle

VS Note: Cliffhanger.

My best friend is missing, and three Alpha detectives are my only hope. One minute, I’m running a macaron shop and nursing a broken heart, and the next minute, I’m holding search parties and raising reward money. But no amount of baked goods can bring her back. The Alpha Investigative Bureau is my last resort—three handsome detectives that are too busy to deal with one little Omega’s troubles. They’re strong, brilliant, chaotic, and everything I could secretly hope for in a pack. I’ll do everything I can to convince them to help me—including bribing them with the best cookies around. And if I end up with a new pack because of it…Well, I won’t complain.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Listed in Psychic Romance.

I used to be that girl. Before loving you. The daydreamer who believed in fairytales And I knew I was right to have faith when a moment of serendipity led me to both of you. The three of us were blissfully happy Until your lies were exposed and the dream faded Now I know that falling in love was just the point of impact, A single moment when life veered dangerously off course. Now I’m that girl. After loving you. The one you once made strong but left broken in the wreckage of our happily ever Yet here we are again in another time, in another place Only instead of taking your heart, I take a bullet. I should have stayed far, far away But how do I move on when all roads lead me back to you? Authors note: There are multiple love interests in The Wicked Sting, and even though you might want to throw a couple out of a moving vehicle, our leading lady does end up with more than one suitor in the end.     AmazonKU


Our lands are changing, three becoming one. Merged together by my sister and her monsters. The magic has returned and new life blooms, no longer are the Dead Lands dismal and gray, but not everyone welcomes the change. I expected to die when I threw myself from the Gilded Land’s tower. Instead, I find myself surrounded by the monsters I feared the most. I assumed they’d be feral and dangerous. I didn’t expect them to show me the world, to fill my broken, darkened soul with light. My name is Kai Black and I’m no longer the woman stolen by the Gilded King. I’ve been shattered and remade into something different. Something new. If only I had known that I would be re-born from darkness, the same darkness that the monsters find me in. If only I’d known who the real monsters are. Shadows save us. Shadows guide us. Shadows heal me.   AmazonKU


As friends become enemies and enemies become villains, the Ironside underbelly casts a very wide shadow over everyone within its walls. The academy that once promised Isobel Carter salvation has pulled back the curtain and revealed itself for what it truly is. A pretty little prison. She may have been reduced to a puppet behind a screen, but at least the Alphas of Dorm A are there to heighten her performances, quicken her breath, and flood her face with colour for the cameras. Maybe they will even catch her when she falls. Or maybe they have been pulling the strings all along. The bars of her prison may be gilded, but survival is a messy game, and what do Sigmas do when they can’t keep their hands clean? They get filthy. Beware the pretty monsters, because this social media game just got brutal.     AmazonKU


I’ve always wanted the small-town Christmas dream. Unfortunately, this Christmas, I might become a monster’s dinner. My Christmas dream involved a small town, Christmas markets, and maybe a handsome man who would sweep me off my feet.
But I was never very lucky. This small town thinks I’m wicked and After a series of attacks, they decide I’m the perfect gift to calm Krampus down. Krampus. Yes. That Krampus. I laughed, too. I even hoped this was all a prank. Spoiler warning: it wasn’t. Dressed in sacrificial garments, I’m paraded, tied up, and left for the beast.
And the beast comes. And the beast takes me away. This could have been the end for me.
But nothing is as it seems. Krampus has other plans for me. Plans that involve claiming me as his. And the more I fight, the more he wants to punish me. I know I shouldn’t enjoy this. I know wanting this monster is wrong. But I can’t help the way he makes me feel. Maybe I am as wicked as they say. And that might just send us straight to Santa’s naughty list.     AmazonKU


Marney – I didn’t mean to sign up for the Mail-Order Mating App. I swear. I was drunk, in my wedding dress, and my heart had been smashed into pieces by the man I thought loved me. Spoiler alert: he didn’t even bother to text to let me know he wasn’t planning to show up. Instead of the husband-and-wife hand-in-hand prance down the aisle, I did the walk of shame and horror. I ended up drowning my sorrows in whiskey and rum while spilling my heart to the bartender. She was the one who downloaded the app on my phone. I meant to delete it. But I’ve heard that shifters mate for life and that their mates are their first priority. I was never Claude’s first priority. Riggs – Ignacio and I have always known we would share a mate. But with our true natures being polar bears, we like to stick to our cabin in the mountains where the snow blankets are thick and there’s always a fire in the hearth. The only thing missing is a mate. We know she’s out there, but going to bars or dates is the last thing we are interested in. One of Nacho’s cousins suggested the Mail-Order Mating app. It was worth a shot.   AmazonKU


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First Meeting: STAR SURVIVOR #SciFi Romance

I’ve decided to change up these weekly snippets and go through my backlist, sharing the first meeting between the two main characters in each book. It’s always fun for me to revisit the books and I hope it will be for you too! Or if you’ve never happened to read a certain book, maybe I can entice you into giving it a try.

This week I’m doing STAR SURVIVOR, which is a sequel to my “Titanic in Space”  novel WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM. Readers really wanted to know what happened to the secondary characters Twilka and Khevan after the events in WRECK. (So there are some spoilers for WRECK obviously.) The couple were together when WRECK ended but as we learn in this book, subsequently Khevan deserted Twilka to return to the service of the alien goddess of flames whom he served. Twilka has done her best to pick up the pieces and embark on a new life…when Khevan reappears.

The excerpt: 

She’d known it was a mistake to agree to venture out of her cabin, much less to go to the casino, but her companions had been begging her to join them on this final night of the cruise. A woman couldn’t concentrate on business all the time, could she? Not even to avoid unpleasant realities. A migraine nagged above her eye, threatening to become full blown, and the loud thumping music in the casino aggravated the pain. Twilka Zabour paused at the entrance to the private, high stakes gaming area and froze.

Oh, yes, a major flashback was inevitable now. Not just because the lights and the music and the crowd were reminding her so forcibly of the last night on board the Nebula Dream, but because of the man standing in the center of a largely female, laughing group of passengers. He stood with his back to her, thank the lords, and all she could see were his broad shoulders and that glossy, unbound mane of hair, but the high roller running the table was a D’nvannae Brother.


The memories were a physical pain in her gut as the room spun around her.

“Drink. I need a drink,” she said, grabbing at the glasses balanced on the tray of a passing server. She didn’t care what they were, nor was she displeased to find the goblets contained two completely different feelgoods. Even as the waiter exclaimed in annoyance and her own companions exchanged astonished glances, she shoved the now empty glasses at the man, snatched a third from his tray, swirls of orange and green froth, and sauntered forward. Twilka headed to the table with a casualness she in no way felt, her nerves taut as a bowstring, her pulse pounding. The migraine took hold with a vengeance now, fueled by tension and the feelgoods. At least she’d worn a killer dress.

“Twenty thousand on the red,” she said, having seen his bet and choosing the opposite. “I’ll spin.” Sipping the abominable, too sweet concoction, she leaned over to spin the retro wheel, giving the room a full view of her cleavage, accented with perfume dust and temporary diamond-studded tattoos.

There was a growing silence around the table. She didn’t think the onlookers knew who he was—had been—to her. She was famous, her face appearing everywhere as the embodiment of her brand, but he was just a D’nvannae. In reality, Khevan could never be dismissed as “just” anything, could he? Her companions had caught up to her, Lissa and Jord standing at her side, slightly behind. Tossing her hair, she raised her glass as the croupier proclaimed her win. “Again.” She leaned over and licked Jord’s ear, caressing the outline with her tongue as sensuously as she could manage in her highly fraught state of mind. She’d taken him by surprise, but he played along, putting his arm around her waist and pulling her close, turning so her hip curved into his crotch, spilling the drink a bit as he nuzzled her neck.

“The lady wins again,” said the dealer.

“Your lucky night,” Khevan said, inclining his head to her slightly.

Lords, his voice was as deep and sensuous as ever. Twilka grabbed the table rail with her free hand. Did he know who she was? Of course he did, but the bastard was pretending not to recognize her. “Available for contract, I see.”

“Technically true, but traveling to an outlying temple for a required ritual,” he said. His handsome, tattooed face gave nothing away. “There would have to be an emergency for me to take a contract tonight.”

“Did you want to let the bet ride?” asked the croupier.

“No,” she said abruptly. “I don’t tempt fate too far any more. Cash me out.” Sick of the game, barely able to see for the lightning flashes in her field of vision caused by the migraine, she abandoned her drink and took Jord’s arm. “I think we’ve wasted enough time here, don’t you?” Beaming at Lissa, she added, “Let’s go to the cabin and start the party again.”

She stumbled ever so slightly as she spun around. Jord kept her upright and they walked away. “What the seven hells were you doing?” he asked in a low voice. “Did you know that guy?”

“It was him, wasn’t it?” High pitched and excited, Lissa’s tone betrayed her fascination. “Your D’nvannae?”

“Not mine, never mine,” she said, biting her lip as too much of the truth slipped out. Fearing he was watching her, dreading that he wasn’t, she kept walking until she’d put enough distance between herself and the high stakes area not to be seen.


The survivors of a terrible wreck meet again—but this time only one can survive.

The long-awaited sequel to The Wreck of the Nebula Dream

They survived an iconic spaceship wreck together. She never expected to see him again … especially not armed to kill her.

Twilka Zabour is an interstellar celebrity. She built on her notoriety as a carefree Socialite who survived the terrible wreck of the Nebula Dream, and launched a successful design house. But now the man who gave meaning to her life, then left her, is back–this time for the worst of reasons. Will he kill her … or help her survive?

D’nvannae Brother Khevan survived the Nebula Dream in the company of a lovely, warm woman, only to be pulled away from her, back into his solitary life in the service of the Red Lady.  Now Twilka’s within his reach again–for all the wrong reasons. Khevan will do everything within his power to discover why Twilka has been targeted for assassination, and to save her.

But Khevan is not Twilka’s only pursuer. Will allies Nick and Mara Jameson arrive in time to aid the couple, or will Khevan and Twilka’s ingenuity be all that stands between them and death?


By veronicascott Posted in Snippet

New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for NOV 22

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking quite a few as I prepare these posts LOL). 

‘AB’ denotes audiobook and the Amazon buy link.



Cyborg vs. Valkyrie – Blood will be spilled and hearts will be captured. Intrepid and his crew on the Dauntless guard the border to the cyborg sector. The D Model cyborg captain has dedicated his lifespan to protecting their homeland. He’ll do anything to secure the space and keep his brethren safe. That includes confronting a Valkyrie intent on vengeance. The female warrior is beautiful, brave, strong…and Intrepid’s genetic match. She’s the one being he is fated to claim. Her voice causes his circuits to hum. Her touch produces a passion he struggles to control. But if he has to stop her…permanently…to protect his kind, he will make that sacrifice. Olrun has been tracking the whereabouts of a one-of-a-kind object. The stolen item is critical to the safety of her Valkyrie sisters, and she’ll do anything to retrieve it. That includes waging war on a tall, broad-shouldered cyborg warrior sporting brilliant-blue eyes and grimly set lips. The male might…just might…have battle skills matching her own. And that excites the immortal fighter. She craves his rough handling, his punishing embrace, his stern words. But Olrun’s desire for the cyborg won’t distract her from achieving her goal. She will shield her fellow Valkyries from danger, even if that means ending Intrepid’s lifespan in the process.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Can an alien warrior and an orphaned infant provide a new beginning for a lonely woman? Tired of relentless hours, arrogant clients, and endless demands, Barbara is ready to abandon her career as a corporate attorney for a simpler life. She doesn’t expect that life to involve an alien abduction, an abandoned baby, and an all-too-intriguing alien warrior with a very friendly tail. Pralec, a Cire warrior from a dying planet, takes a mercenary position with an ambitious merchant house. Disgusted by their greed and cruelty, he does the unthinkable and forsakes his vow. Seeking refuge on a backwater planet, his solitude is disrupted by a fiery human woman and a ragtag group of castaways who desperately need his help. As Pralec aids Barbara and her companions in their quest to return home, he finds himself increasingly enthralled by the fascinating female and her adopted child. He doesn’t want to let them go, but assisting them raises the specters of his past. Can Barbara aid Pralec in confronting the consequences of his previous life? And is embracing a new life with a baby and an alien warrior really the change she wants?     AmazonKU


Time is running out for astrobiologist Harper Blackwell, until the sweet, lonely scientist receives an offer she can’t refuse: study the alien responsible for her terminal condition. The secretive government project promises a cure. But the massive, muscle-bound alien strapped to a table sparks an impossible yearning—how can she perform torturous tests on him? D’tan of the Apex’ir longs for a mate to spoil and adore—but hope vanishes when he’s captured by his enemies, the Fever. Stripped of his armor, his mating instincts being twisted, he’s desperate to escape. The warrior would normally fight any male who disrespects a female, but he sees only one way out: shove his morals aside and seduce the little human studying him. But the Fever wants him to breed with her. Worse, so does he. And Harper? She might not be human at all.    Amazon

EMBERS ORIGIN (ORCFIRE BOOK ONE) by Alana Khan and Aria Vale 

The arrival of five thousand Others onto the blazing sands of the Mojave Desert could signal the end of life on Earth as we know it. Clair – When I agreed to consult with the military on a top-secret project, I never dreamed my job would take me out of the lecture hall and into a world filled with orcs, nagas, and minotaurs. Ashok, the mysterious orc warrior blessed with the power to unravel languages at a touch, is the key to discovering why they’re here and if they plan to harm us. Though shocking, the liberties he takes with my body aren’t too high a price to pay to protect the lives of everyone on Earth. Except how can I pretend this is a sacrifice when I can’t wait for his next “download”? Ashok – The power of my magic is rivaled only by the intensity of Clair’s gentle touch. I’m drawn to her in a way I’ve never felt before until I discover she’s hiding plans to destroy my people. Although we may be enemies by day, by night she warms my bed and makes me forget everything but her.     Amazon


Patrick Smith is being punished. For letting a good man go free, for refusing to steal from a newly sovereign nation, for disobeying orders, but most of all for being a human in an alien army. Despite his decades of service and experience, instead of being on the front lines to defend his home against a strange new threat, he’s stuck commanding a squad of misfit soldiers no one wants and no one believes in. Fal’ran has always been nothing. Worse than nothing. The poor, uneducated, brat of a drunk from the Moon Projects. But with war comes opportunity. For the first time in his life, Fal’ran has a chance to prove his worth, fighting in the greatest military in the sector. Nothing and no one is going to stand in his way. Not his past, not his useless teammates, and definitely not his pathetic human commanding officer. That is until Fal’ran gets a whiff of said commanding officer’s mouth-watering scent and his entire world turns upside down. The simmering tension between them is undeniable. But it’s also unprofessional and unethical and acting on it is completely out of the question as far as Patrick is concerned. As a new species launches an invasion, Patrick must decide if his moral compass is really as reliable as he’s always believed, and Fal’ran must decide if what he’s always wanted is really what he’s always needed.     AmazonKU


Dragged from the world that I know, I am caught in the claws of a Naga Brute who just won’t take no for an answer. Kalani – Orphaned as a baby, I was forced to reinvent myself. I am Kalani the Tough and my purpose in life is to protect. When I am betrayed, my path crosses with the one opponent I can’t defeat. A monstrous sexy Naga brute who claims I am his fated mate. Iave – Cast out from my Clan, my only loyalty is to my two best friends. Until I lay eyes on my mate. To have a family again, to fill my life with her warmth and laughter. I would go to the ends of the world. I will destroy anything, kill anything that stands in my way until I can claim her.     AmazonKU

TWILIGHT DIVIDE by Melanie Bokstad Horev

In a post-apocalyptic world of scorching days and freezing nights, the fierce Nour and her younger brother, Malik, navigate a dangerous desert. They face threats from two opposing forces: the Day Blazers, ruthless beings evolved for sunlight, and the Night Dwellers, creatures adapted to darkness. Nour and Malik are Duets, capable of surviving both day and night, a rarity in this unforgiving landscape. Scarred by the loss of their family, they’ve learned to trust no one. But when the death of Synthese, the only person they have a connection to, sets off a chain of events, Nour faces moral dilemmas and choices that challenge her resolve.     AmazonKU


The Captain. Solgre, Captain of the Halo One took care of everyone else, it was never supposed to be the other way around. After his spaceship crash landed on Earth, his mission and its objective had changed. The new mission was to keep what he was a secret from the nosy upstairs neighbor. The second, was to stay alive until their rescue arrived.
Neither was easier as said. Despite him wanting to keep his distance from the beautiful and alluring neighbor, he couldn’t. Every day he found himself anticipating and waiting for her daily knocking at his apartment door. And the dying part? The hereditary disease ravaging his body was getting worse every day. The Agent. Special Agent Margie Santana was in the small town of Point Breeze, Minnesota for one reason and one reason only. She was on the hunt for the alien targets who’d crashed landed to Earth. Catching the aliens and learning the whereabouts of their spaceship was guaranteed to net her a big fat promotion. All she had to do was pretend to be her neighbor’s friend and gather evidence. Margie didn’t know when the lines had blurred. One day she was happily spying on her alien neighbors, and the next she was head-over-heels for their sexy as hell Captain. Can their love survive her betrayal?

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In the dead of night, soaked and desperate, I find myself once again in a world ruled by The Enhanced, captives of their iron grip. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a prisoner of men like them. But tonight, I bear a message—a message that must be delivered to these men, no matter the perilous journey. Meet Crew, Mace, Gunnar, and Ransom—Super Soldiers, born in a lab to be perfection incarnate. They are the epitome of strength and allure, leaving me both awed and wary. I need their help, even as my fear of them lingers. In their wild, untamed world, can happiness even exist? Will they join my cause, or will my pursuit of them lead to my undoing?     AmazonKU


When your brand-new “kind-of” puppy comes along with his own alien handler. 
Tabitha: My best friend gives me her adorable alien puppy. She won’t say why, but I suspect her crabby cat, lovingly nicknamed Satanic Sheila by me, wants to eat him.
He’s got the face only a mother could love. Poor little scrawny thing just shivers and shakes and buries his little face deep into my cleavage to hide. I have to ignore the strange barking noises that sound more like a man motorboating. Beloc: Her pet isn’t an alien dog—he’s my brother. Punished for a short time to navigate Earth, a species he publicly deemed no better than pets—what better punishment than to become a pet himself trapped in a shapeshifting change? Except J’ngal finds the most attractive, luscious female on the planet. He has access to her home, her body, her conversations. As a beloved pet, he gets to see her dress, watch her shower, tag along on all her dates. All the things I want to do and can’t. Two can play at that game.     AmazonKU


One bitter, disillusioned, post-menopausal human female who’s experienced so much pain that she can’t even enjoy Christmas anymore. One large, green, alien bounty-hunter with a no-nonsense attitude who wants nothing more than to slip onto the forbidden planet (Earth), capture his targets and get out before anyone notices he’s there. One very irritable, grouchy cat named Satan Claws, who tolerates no one but the woman who liberated him from the shelter. Can they somehow all manage to save each other, and maybe Christmas, too, while they’re at it? This is a fun, quick, Christmas story of only about 25,000 words that is meant to make you smile.     AmazonKU


In the savage jungle of Thodos III’s underworld, our passion was the rarest bloom…It was just supposed to be another job arranging flowers for a gala event. That’s what I did. What I loved. Even if the order came from Draven, the enigmatic owner of the Black Star casino. Tall, dark and dangerous. And terribly, terribly attractive. Despite my best efforts to push him away, I can’t get him out of my thoughts. When a mysterious flower arrives at my shop bringing danger with it, Draven is the one to save me. But can I trust the feelings that are growing between us? And will we even have a chance to explore them before being swept away in the impending storm?     AmazonKU


I was ordered to marry her, but soon she is all I can think about. DAMARIS: Married by proxy to Warlord Vandor to ensure the safety of my father’s kingdom, I’m kidnapped before I even meet my groom. But when he rides to my rescue, he is more than I could have ever dreamed of in a man, and I can hardly believe my good luck. But I should have known that there is always a price to pay for happiness. VANDOR: I never thought to find a worthy mate within the barely tolerated human species on our planet, but when I lay eyes on Damaris, my world changes. She is not only beautiful but also witty and resourceful and soon I can’t imagine a life without her. Our planet is at war though and evil forces try to drive us apart.     AmazonKU


When Dawn took over the management of the Braxian hybrid shelter on the sanctuary planet Haven, she never thought its last days would be marked by a series of gruesome murders against its patrons. With local law enforcement failing to capture the murderer, she makes a desperate plea for help to the Braxian Crown Prince, Keran Xeldar. Instead of sending a team, he comes in person. Like all purebloods, Keran is a massive beast of a man, with muscles for days, and brutish features that would set fear in the staunchest hearts. Even his smile is terrifying. And yet, she’s never felt safer than in his presence, or more drawn to a man. With his coronation only three months away, Keran isn’t thrilled about this impromptu mission. But in light of Braxia’s shameful past where hybrids are concerned, he owes them this much. The moment he lands on Haven, his entire life is turned upside down by Dawn Merrick. By human standards, she’s considered plain. To him, she’s the most stunning female he’s ever beheld. Her intelligence and selfless devotion to the welfare of the hybrids further draw him to her. But what should have been a simple murder investigation turns out to be a blood-curdling conspiracy none of them are prepared for. As they become entangled in a web of lies, deception, and manipulation, will Keran and Dawn survive this deadly game, or will traitors destroy the entire Braxian empire from within?     AmazonKU


VS Note: Not a romance. Space opera scifi release of note.

Spensa made it out of the Nowhere, but what she saw in the space between the stars has changed her forever. She came face to face with the Delvers, and finally got answers to the questions she’s had about her own strange Cytonic gifts. The Superiority didn’t stop in it’s fight for galactic dominance while she was gone, though. Spensa’s team, Skyward Flight, was able to hold Winzik off, and even collect allies to help with the cause, but it’s only a matter of time until humanity–and the rest of the galaxy–falls. Defeating them will require all the knowledge Spensa gathered while in the Nowhere. But being Cytonic is more complicated than she ever could have imagined. Now, Spensa must ask herself: how far is she willing to go for victory, if it means losing herself–and her friends–in the process.

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RARE PREY by Torah Channing

A world where humans and aliens live separately side by side. Just don’t get caught on the wrong side of the border. Meira had never seen an Avian alien up close until one captured her and chained her up in his cave. Death awaited her as punishment for crossing the border between the humans and aliens. How could she know that the pull she felt toward him would lead to a fated destiny? One that includes his best friend and his most hated adversary. A destiny that would have her hunted from both sides like the rare prey that she is. Being rare comes at a price. Reverse harem, forbidden love, winged aliens, mate bond, HEA guaranteed.     AmazonKU


Seasons greetings and alien abductions! Can two misfits find love together? It might just take a Christmas miracle! Let’s hope Santa doesn’t mind that tentacles can be both naughty and nice…Khephren – There’s no way in Helgar’s Nebula I’m marrying the candidate my parents have chosen for me. I don’t want to be the house-husband of some stoic warrior who only cares about training all day. Boring! Thankfully, I’ve learned a thing or two from all those rom-com human movies I’ve illegally downloaded off the intergalactic web. No one will see it coming when I pull a runaway groom maneuver on them! Once I make my escape, I can go on the solo honeymoon of my dreams—to planet Earth. It’s almost that wondrous time of year when they celebrate their holiday known as “Christmas.” Human Hallmark movies make it seem so magical. I want to experience it for myself! Now, I just need to find a human who can make my wish come true and help me have an authentic holly jolly time…Sasha – Scrooge was right when he said “bah humbug” to Christmas. This time of year sucks balls, and not the fun kind. I’ve just lost my crappy part-time job and I’m slowly sinking under a sea of student loan debt and crushed dreams…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)     AmazonKU


Celia Alvarez is engaged to one of the wealthiest men in the country—so why is she slaving away in the kitchen, making Thanksgiving Dinner for his entire family all by herself? Her future in-laws seem to think she’s either the cook or the maid and none of them has offered to lift a finger to help. Just as Celia is wishing for a change, Fate provides one. The doorbell rings and two huge Kindred warriors are standing there, claiming the she is their mate. Certain that there must be some mistake, Celia agrees to go with Holds Tightly and Fights Fiercely to the Mother Ship until the situation can be cleared up. She likes Hold at once, but she and Fierce are instant enemies. How could she possibly be with these guys for life? She’s certain a relationship between the three of them is impossible and promises herself to keep her distance and to not cheat on her fiancé, Peter. However, when the three of them are sent on a mission to collect a special glowing moss to decorate the Mother Ship for the Holidays, everything changes. A destabilized wormhole damages their ship and dumps them out into a galaxy light years from home. In order to get the ship fixed, they have to agree to join a sex cult and shortly after that, Celia’s plans to keep herself off the Naughty List this Holiday Season go right out the window. Can Celia, Hold, and Fierce escape the cult and get home in time for the Holidays? Will Celia’s wedding go ahead as scheduled…or will the time she spent with the two huge Kindred warriors change her life forever?     AmazonKU

THEIRS TO MATE (ALIEN OVERLORDS BOOK FOUR) by Taylor Vaughn, Theodora Taylor and Eve Vaughn

The rules of the accord between my humble human colony and our Xalthurian alien overlords are cruel but clear: Rule #1: Every human female the age of 21 must participate in a ceremony where she gets taken by the Xalthurians who want an heir. Rule#2: If the issue of the ceremony is a girl, we are allowed to keep the baby. Rule #3: If the issue of the ceremony is a boy, then the hybrid is taken away from us and sent to live with our alien overlords on their planet, never to be seen by their mothers again. I knew the rules when I submitted to the huge red Xalthurian, who gave me unexpected pleasure before returning to his home planet. I was aware I wouldn’t be able to keep my baby when I saw that “the issue” of our coupling was a boy. “Don’t fall in love with it,” I told myself. But when our alien overlords came for my baby, I couldn’t just hand him over. I ran with him. Then we both died. And, if you think that’s a crazy story, wait until you find out what happened after our resurrection.     AmazonKU


My friends and I are stranded on a prison planet. And it’s my fault. One day Kylie Summers is a college student living with her two best friends. The next she wakes on a spaceship. And it’s calling her name. Kylie always knew her long-absent father was bad news. But an alien involved in a criminal scheme to smuggle human women? That’s an unexpected blow. The ship crash-lands on a prison planet, separating Kylie from her friends, and now she’s trying to evade angry guards and her father’s goons. Plus, she keeps bumping into a tall, scruffy guy with russet-red skin, a glowing sword, and a deep dislike of all females, especially her, it seems. When Lir’s operation to free his brother collides headfirst with Kylie’s attempts to find her friends, resulting in a dramatic confrontation with a violent gang, Lir and Kylie suddenly have to work together to escape a fate worse than death. Lir doesn’t want to like Kylie—she’s a distraction he doesn’t need, and Kylie can’t trust Lir—this rogue is no white knight. However, on the run with villains on their heels, they discover maybe they have more in common than they thought. But rescue missions are no time to fall in love. Or to do . . . other things. Or maybe it’s the perfect time when you’re stranded on a prison planet.     AmazonKU


Caught. Caged. Claimed. After I’m Claimed by a giant alien demon from hell, I think I’m a goner. But when he takes me to another prisoner’s cell instead of his own, I fear the worst. He tells me I’m not only his fated mate but that we’ve enjoyed a passionate love affair for countless reincarnations… and he’s determined to make me remember them all. I rebel against his tyrannical rules but he’s determined to protect me, no matter the cost. And when I discover he’s tormented by inner demons and consumed by the need to control, we embark on a passionate love affair. When he touches me, I yearn for more. When he kisses me, I surrender in gratitude. When he undresses me, I ache to scream his name. And when he makes me fly, I soar higher than ever before. When he warns me to keep my distance, it only makes me want him more. I discover my true desires, as well as the dark secrets he keeps hidden away from prying eyes.     AmazonKU


VS Note: What I gleaned from the blurb for book one is that aliens come to Earth in search of their mates. Check trigger warnings.

Ansley was told the aliens would never find her at Still Water Farm. But they came for her anyway.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Very mixed reviews.

A snowstorm sends an annoying red ass to my door and I’m too nice to kick him out. Maybe I should be grateful that he delivered my groceries despite the bad weather, but this sexy red alien with horns keeps pissing me off. I don’t understand why, but he lights a fire in me that burns. When the snowstorm rages, we are stuck in my house. Annoyingly, it gets harder and harder to keep him away. Yet, I didn’t choose to work in the observatory in the mountains on my own for no reason. Is he a blessing for Christmas or is he a curse?    AmazonKU


Aurora’s idea of romance includes dodging meteors, not catching feelings. Marriage is the last thing on Aurora’s mind, especially when it involves a dominate jerk from a distant colony. Despite her seemingly idyllic life, she’s trapped in the shadows of her father’s privileges, yearning for the freedoms denied to her. Dragons on this alien planet are as egotistical as the human males she’s dealt with, pushing Aurora to her limits. Celebrating two centuries of colonization feels like a hollow gesture on a world not so different from Earth, a place she’s never truly experienced. Dreaming of breaking free from the confinements of domed cities, Aurora dreams of escape. The catch? The only path out is by mating a dragon, an option she’d rather not. Even when one claims she’s his fate. Amidst meteor showers and soaring emotions, Aurora must navigate between a future planned for her or one she never saw coming. She will have to choose between tradition or embracing a connection as fiery as the stars.      AmazonKU

SOULMATCH by Nicole Pyland

As long as people look for love, someone will be there trying to make a profit on it. SoulMatch promises people soulmates created just for them. The person simply needs to tell them what they want, give a little DNA, answer some questions, and in twenty-three years, a soulmate who loves them and is perfect for them in every way will be delivered. As people start creating soulmates for their children so that they don’t have to go out and find love themselves, the industry is booming. But Theodora knows she wasn’t made for the man she’s supposed to marry in a few short months. She knows that because she doesn’t and can’t love any man – she was meant to love a woman. When one day, her best friend goes missing and a new student of SoulMatch School shows up in her place, everything changes fast for Theodora. Avalon knows the secret of SoulMatch. When they’d tried to get her to conform, she’d resisted. Now, she’s the only one who can bring them down. She just needs a little help, and she thinks she can get it from the one person she’s been told to trust. The fact that Avalon is falling for that person and not for the man she’s meant to marry soon only complicates things further, but Avalon will have her revenge. Avalon and Theodora will bring SoulMatch down because lives are at stake, and not just their own.     AmazonKU


Author of strange steampunk and inverted fairy tales, Kelsey Josephson’s stand-alone fairy-tale retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in a fantasy world with steam-powered airships, sentient automatons, and slow-burn romance. An unconventional beauty, a tormented beast, and the ether that binds their fate…After her own father sells her to the Ringmaster, Belle thinks she’ll spend the rest of her days performing strongwoman stunts until she succumbs to her ether-poisoning, a deadly condition that has disfigured her appearance and given her unnatural strength. A chance encounter with a beast by her solitary campfire changes everything. With fractured memories of the horrific experiments that transformed his body, Beast’s only desire is to escape his creator. When he encounters the camp of the Circus Illume, a strange but kind woman awakens what’s left of his humanity…and unwittingly leads to his capture. Belle hatches a daring escape plan to free them both, but freedom is fragile. With both the Ringmaster and Beast’s creator pursuing them, Belle and Beast must learn to trust strangers and the complicated desires of their hearts.     AmazonKU

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: We’ve had some small, positive progress in my brother’s illness this past week, so there’s cautious optimism. As the medical staff said though, “He’s a long way from even talking about going home.” Thank you again for all the good wishes, prayers and moral support, which are so encouraging!

For my backlist highlight this week, another book my brother is fond of, which features an alien walking stick as a pet. It also happens to be a rock star romance!


Addy Tryndall is a fresh graduate from a highly respected engineering college in the Sectors, on her way to a plum job on the Nebula Zephyr cruise ship. She knows she’ll be on probation but she’s determined to succeed and nothing is going to distract her.

Ryder McRhodes is a has-been interstellar rock star, on his way to reunite with his fellow band members to see if the lightning of mega success will strike twice for them. He isn’t sure he wants to be in the spotlight again and he hasn’t been able to write music since the band broke up.

Addy has secrets. Ryder needs a muse to unblock the creative flow…could her tightly guarded past be the answer  to his problem?  When the two are thrown together in an attempt to avoid the interstellar paparazzi he’s intrigued. She’s wary.

And someone is sabotaging systems on the Nebula Zephyr. Addy unwittingly finds herself in the middle of the situation while juggling her increasing attraction to Ryder and her challenges on the new  job. Can she trust him with her secret? Or will he break her heart?

The danger on board comes ever closer to Addy as the cruise continues…

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1806: Astrid Poole sits in her bridal clothes, overwhelmed with happiness. But before her marriage can be consummated, she is murdered, and the circle of gold torn from her finger. Her last words are a promise to Collin never to leave him…Graphic designer Sonya MacTavish is stunned to learn that her late father had a twin he never knew about—and that her newly discovered uncle, Collin Poole, has left her almost everything he owned, including a majestic Victorian house on the Maine coast, which the will stipulates she must live in it for at least three years. Her engagement recently broken, she sets off to find out why the boys were separated at birth—and why it was all kept secret until a genealogy website brought it to light. Trey, the young lawyer who greets her at the sprawling clifftop manor, notes Sonya’s unease—and acknowledges that yes, the place is haunted…but just a little. Sure enough, Sonya finds objects moved and music playing out of nowhere. She sees a painting by her father inexplicably hanging in her deceased uncle’s office, and a portrait of a woman named Astrid, whom the lawyer refers to as “the first lost bride.” It’s becoming clear that Sonya has inherited far more than a house. She has inherited a centuries-old curse, and a puzzle to be solved if there is any hope of breaking it.

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VS Note: Apparently the ending is cliffhanger-y, per the reviews I saw.

Bolivian-Argentinian Inez Olivera belongs to the glittering upper society of nineteenth century Buenos Aires, and like the rest of the world, the town is steeped in old world magic that’s been largely left behind or forgotten. Inez has everything a girl might want, except for the one thing she yearns the most: her globetrotting parents—who frequently leave her behind. When she receives word of their tragic deaths, Inez inherits their massive fortune and a mysterious guardian, an archeologist in partnership with his Egyptian brother-in-law. Yearning for answers, Inez sails to Cairo, bringing her sketch pads and a golden ring her father sent to her for safekeeping before he died. But upon her arrival, the old world magic tethered to the ring pulls her down a path where she soon discovers there’s more to her parent’s disappearance than what her guardian led her to believe. With her guardian’s infuriatingly handsome assistant thwarting her at every turn, Inez must rely on ancient magic to uncover the truth about her parent’s disappearance—or risk becoming a pawn in a larger game that will kill her.

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Jasmine just wants her mom to get a break from working, so in her Christmas letter to Santa, she requests a vacation for her mom at a nice bed and breakfast and a playful kitten for herself. Unfortunately, Jasmine’s letter is misdirected and ends up headed south. Starlight may be human, but she lives in Zero, Kansas, which means she’s gotten quite the education about the paranormal world this year. So she’s not even fazed when Christmas morning dawns bright and hot in Hell or when her daughter’s Christmas kitten displays some very demon-like qualities. Maximus has been unsuccessfully courting his human mate, Starlight, for the past six months. When she disappears and all evidence points to her being in the Underworld, Maximus doesn’t hesitate to follow her. He’s prepared to go head-to-head with Satan himself to win back his mate. Unfortunately, Starlight’s not exactly in a hurry to leave. Turns out, Hell just isn’t that bad, at least not for tourists. Sure, it’s a little hot, but for once, someone else is doing the cooking and the cleaning and Starlight is loving it. In fact, life is pretty damn good down south. The matchmaking cats of the goddesses have managed to work their magic in the most unlikely of places for humans and paranormals who were truly unmatchable. However, to save this match, they will have to somehow navigate the underworld and avoid the Demonic Unravelers who specialize in destroying matches. It’s going to take a whole lot of work to make this match pawsitively purrfect.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


After a fake psychic scammed her mother out of her retirement, Cynthia Clarkson has made it her life’s mission to expose every single one of those charlatans. So when she hears a rumor that a group of women in Freewild Cove is claiming to help loved ones move on after death, she’s all over it. Josh is just the latest in a long line of victims. Cynthia is determined to help him see the truth, and falling for him isn’t part of the plan. She thought she’d seen every trick in the book, but there are some phenomena she can’t explain. These women are good, but she’s better. Even if it kills her, she’s going to get to the bottom of the mystery. Unless, of course, the demon they claim is after her kills her first.

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The fire rekindled. After two years of peace, Ruethwyn and her friends have graduated from Tyrness Academy, yet darkness looms on the horizon. Sinera has consolidated her control over the Golden Dominion, and Selwyn is threatened by Rue’s former mentor.
In her search for more information regarding her art of atavism, Rue has learned of similar practices once practiced in the nation of Corval, and she sets out with her friends in the hopes of gaining an edge over Sinera. Unfortunately for her, Sinera has not forgotten Rue, and has forged an alliance with some of her old enemies. Unfortunately for the worshipers of Larimos, what they don’t know about Rue can certainly hurt them.   AmazonKU


Brown bear-shifters are known for their strength and resilience. Their wildness and ferocity. No bear-shifter embodies these attributes more than Chief Leona. She’s strong, confident. A force to be reckoned with. She plans to use her strength to win the upcoming Bear Festival; the centennial contest where shifters compete to be deemed worthy by the Gods. The prize? The opportunity to guard the bear-shifter’s most holy relic. This year is different. Not only are there forces at work in the world at large, but her Clan Elders are pressuring her to choose a mate. The candidates? Twin brothers, polar-bear shifters from a neighboring clan. Too bad for them, she has no interest in taking a mate, no matter how much she may be attracted to the youngest twin. Zandros fell into lust as soon as he laid eyes on Leona. She was fierce, unexpected, and everything he thought he hated in a woman. The more he gets to know her, the harder he falls. He quickly learns his practiced flirtations and decadent kisses aren’t going to win her, so what will? What would convince her that he is the man for her?     AmazonKU


Sixteen-year-old Caitlin Drake is stuck with disturbing psychic talents. The hardest trick is acting normal. But when her ability to find lost objects makes it look like she stole them, Caitlin realizes she has to keep her powers secret. No one can know.
Wait. Not even Brandon? He’s been there for her since her sister was killed. As her best friend, he’ll notice if she acts odd. He may be clueless about romance, but he’s not dumb. So when her telepathy reveals her dead sister may be alive and imprisoned, Caitlin has no choice but to enlist Brandon’s help. But Caitlin’s heritage –the Amber Amulet– has dangerous, unknown powers that she’s afraid of. It will take persistent study and unwavering fearlessness to harness the magic of the amulet. Can she do it and find the truth about her sister?     AmazonKU


Can the season of goodwill thaw Nelson’s ice cold heart and lead him to the love he thought he didn’t deserve? Loretta – A year ago, Loretta left her teaching career to cover her father’s medical bills and became a live-in tutor for Orrin, a charming boy. The arrangement felt like a dream come true, despite having to deal with Orrin’s father, an intense and affluent bear-shifter. Nelson’s rugged exterior conceals painful secrets, and Loretta can’t resist his raw charms. She’s drawn to him, and when he asks for her help to become his fake mate, Loretta reluctantly agrees. But as the line between fact and fiction blurs, is she ready for the rush of emotions waiting to flood in? And what will happen when the pretense is no longer needed?  Nelson – Nelson’s past extends far beyond mere missteps. ..(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)  AmazonKU


They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…unless you accidentally marry a mothman. My name’s Tripp Powers, former NHL star, notorious playboy, and aspiring coffee connoisseur. My plan? Open a chain of coffee shops to brighten everyone’s day. All of that was going according to plan until I woke up in bed with a man. And not just any man, but Nicola Lightwing, a mothman! It’s a mistake we’re both keen to undo as fast as possible until we realize we have a lot in common. Nicola is smart, suave, and almost as obsessed with coffee as I am. With his help, I might even be able to make my coffee shop dreams into reality. There’s only one problem. Until today, I was sure I was straight. Yet I can’t help but want to drink Nicola up, especially when he’s promised he’s good to the last drop. Can I resist his bold advances? Or is a lifelong romance brewing?    AmazonKU


They were right to call me a thief. I stole the king’s magic and made his power mine. 
The day I claimed the magic, I was cursed by an ancient prophecy, binding me to four others—a beastly gambler, an honorable slave, the Shadow King’s deadly general and a mysterious aristocrat. Every time I use my new power, we’re tangled more tightly togethe. Now our survival hinges on us outwitting the cunning Old Gods who brought us together in the first place. They say our curse is unbreakable, that we’re doomed to become monsters like them, but I don’t believe their lies. All I know is, we’re the only ones standing between our world and the dark magic prophesied to destroy it. There is nothing I won’t do to save my males. And they’ll burn this world to the ground to protect me. I say, let the biggest monsters win.     AmazonKU


An unexpected betrothal leads the rebellious Shifter Heir to sneak out to a ball and meet a handsome Count. Josephine, the Shifter Heir, knows that she is expected to be perfect at everything, and that includes marrying the man her parents pick out for her. But when that day comes, she realises that she wants to go to at least one more ball first. The Count of Strizenzia has been sent to England to marry, the only problem is the enchanting tiger shifter he meets by chance in the ballroom. Can Josephine and Otto find a way to be together or does fate have other plans?

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Cornbread dressing, candied yams, and creamy mashed potatoes are just some of the delicious side dishes that will be served at the table this Thanksgiving holiday…and you’ll also want to get ready for Leo’s mystery dish! Unfortunately, no one counted on a taste-testing judge keeling over after sampling the cranberry sauce in a side dish competition held days before the grand holiday meal. Raven, Mr. Leo, and the gang might need to call upon the new coven members to help figure out this murder mystery!   AmazonKU


Leaving Walden to escape the sight of his beloved imp in his rival’s arms changes Colin’s life forever. Visiting his cousin was an excuse to get away from the strain of seeing his beloved with someone else. Colin never dreamed that he’d wind up saving a plump human’s life… or that the human would also be his beloved. He saves the human, Reggie, but knows their lives will never be complete without his imp, Zander. When he learns Zander’s been attacked and nearly died, he brings Reggie back to Walden. When Reggie learns Colin’s a vampire, he runs away right into Zander’s room. The two discover they share a connection. Reggie and Colin are beloveds. Zander and Colin are beloveds… But after being hurt by a vampire, can Zander ever trust Colin—or any other vampire—ever again? Perhaps the three are fated beloveds… or maybe fate’s playing a cruel game. *Can be read as a standalone, but is better if read after reading The High Garden Dragon Series     AmazonKU

STARLIGHT HOLLOW by Yasmine Galenorn

Welcome to Starlight Hollow, a small town on Hood Canal, Washington, where dreams become nightmares, and nightmares become reality. My name is Elphyra Woodbriar, and I was born into a lineage of Witches from thousands of years back. The women of my family have always been guardians on the Steppe of Magic–the place where magic and the world collide. We guard over towns and villages, we’re found in cities and the country, and each of us is charged with keeping the monsters at bay–using any means needed. Most of us have a few close friends from both humans and Otherkin, and they help us shield the world against the chaos that lurks in the shadows. But sometimes, the monsters get through, and that’s where I come in–protecting Starlight Hollow with my magic and my wits. Meanwhile, together with Fancypants–my dragonette–and my circle of friends, I muddle through life, love, and danger, as best as I can. Starlight Hollow has a new resident–Faron Collinsworth, the King of the Olympic Wolf Pack has moved in, along with a few of his subjects. I can’t stand his arrogant smirks…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)

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Eve Darrow seeks to take the throne in a kingdom where women aren’t permitted to rule.
Split into three kingdoms, the continent of Aestera is divided by more than just geography. In contrast to her southern neighbors, the kingdom of Darkegrove has not seen a ruling queen in five centuries. Following her father’s unexpected death, Eve aims to turn a kingdom resistant to change on its head, whether they agree or not. Her path is fraught with danger, and a mysterious warrior is called upon to protect her. Callan Thorne, answering a plea for aid that he is bound to answer, finds himself protecting a princess determined to make history. Unexpected danger lurks around every corner, challenging even his resilience. As she finds even people she trusts stand against her solitary revolution and will attempt to deter her by any means necessary, she must rely on the mysterious warrior summoned to keep her safe. Friendships are made, secrets are revealed and hearts are broken. On her quest to forge her own destiny, Eve will discover that none can stand against fate and that not everything is as it seems.   AmazonKU


Alejandra Ruiz is a young witch plagued by the disappearance of her best friend, Violet. In a desperate bid for clues, she strikes a dark deal with the enigmatic Knowing One—the Prince of Lies and Shadows. But the power she needs to uncover the truth about Violet’s disappearance comes at a staggering cost: the heart of the next person who falls in love with her. As Alejandra delves deeper into Violet’s case, the mystery takes an ominous turn, revealing a truth far more dangerous than she believed. With no choice but to make an ally of an enemy, she finds herself caught in a dangerous dance with the Knowing One, their attraction a sinister force of its own. Alejandra must navigate treacherous alliances, deadly betrayals, and sacrifices that blur the line between salvation and damnation. And as she uncovers the depths of her new power, her destiny intertwines with the fate of the Knowing One’s realm.     AmazonKU


All of Charlotte’s previous experience working as an apprentice veterinarian at the Griffin Sanctuary is put to the test when a massive collection of illegal mythical animals is dismantled. Unicorns, kitsunes, dragons, griffins, and many more all need new homes. She’ll have to work together with friend and frenemy to make it happen, not an easy feat when everyone is already overworked, tired, and has their own motives for which animals they want to keep. ****The Griffin Flock is book 6 in the Griffin Sanctuary series about apprentice veterinarian Charlotte as she learns how to care and handle mythical animals. Every book has a new animal case and can be read out of order. The series contains a slow-burn sapphic romance.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Snowed in with Santa’s hottest helper. Shall I share my toys? ‘Tis the season for charity gift-giving. A freak blizzard leaves me and my SUV full of Christmas gifts snowbound in Mystic Hollow. Enter Tavion, a sexy wolf pilot who volunteers to fly me to LA to spread holiday cheer. Tavion’s skilled hands guide more than the plane. His kisses hold worlds of promise. But it’s when he calls me his fated mate that my icy heart melts. Too bad he’s one man I can’t have. It really is too bad. Because resisting Tavion’s charms? That may take a Christmas miracle.     AmazonKU


Nolan Bankston isn’t just a cocky gunslinger with a badge and secrets tangled up in my family’s worst tragedy. He’s a wolf shifter and my fated mate. No way this will end well. Three years ago, a rogue wolf shifter slaughtered me and my family. I swore a blood oath to serve an immortal Fury straight out of mythology in exchange for a second chance at life and brutal vengeance against anyone involved in my family’s murder. Nolan, a wolf shifter who thinks he’s the gods’ gifts to women, needs my help. Only he’s more than a marshal—he was the best friend of the dead wolf who murdered my family. Except he has proof the real killer is still alive and here in Syn City. I’m a mortal Fury, a divine dealer of execution for crimes that must be avenged. Even if the signs point to the killer being my fated mate.     AmazonKU


A grumpy human servant. An arrogant bodyguard. The scoundrel that broke my heart…I’m queen of the ashes… Now what? My kingdom is in ruins, and I have to find my way back to my throne and my people. To take back control of the night court, I need my men by my side. All three of them, though they’re not exactly on board…yet. The crown of shadows doesn’t care for love, only blood. Love…is dangerous.     AmazonKU

RISE (WINGS AND WANDS BOOK TWO) by AJ Sherwood and Jocelynn Drake

For the record, putting the Sousa clan to sleep for five hundred years is not Amaru’s fault. At least he’s found his two, count ‘em two sexy, hunky, adorable, overprotective dragon mates because of it, and they’ll help him wake up his clan. So why. Are his mates. AVOIDING HIM? Especially Luka. This should not be as hard as they’re making it. What’re the proper tools to fix relationship problems? Is it screwdrivers?   AmazonKU


What if Beauty seeks out the Beast? What if he wants her to leave, but she refuses? What if neither of them are looking for love, but find it in the most unexpected place? A tale as old as time, told with a few new twists.     AmazonKU


Expelled from the Imperial Assassins for a murder she didn’t commit, Dhani Karim is granted one shot at redemption: spend two years as a lowly covert operative in the Empire’s Secret Service whilst she tries to clear her name. Partnered with Parvan Gorshayik, a former spy with a mysterious and brutal past, Dhani is sent to a far-flung mountain town on a routine intelligence gathering mission. But when Parvan’s obsession for revenge leads to an artifact with the power to unleash an ancient evil, Dhani faces a devastating choice. Captured and savagely tortured, she’ll need to sacrifice her one chance to rejoin the Assassins just to stay alive. And though brutally injured, the take-no-prisoners assassin uses her old skills to escape… only to run headlong into an uneasy alliance with the enemy of her enemy – the Yargans. Agents from the Yarga—a powerful military nation—are also seeking the artifact, and will stop at nothing to secure it for themselves. Yet, without the Yargans’ help neither Dhani nor Parvan will be able to hunt down the group who’s stolen the artifact…or defeat the powerful magic the group possesses – a magic that shouldn’t exist.

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I thought I was going to be killed. Instead I was claimed. Death might have been preferable. My world shifts in a heartbeat when Valkus rescues me from a brutal assault. But he’s no knight in shining armor. He’s a predator, and I’ve become his prey. Valkus needs a mate. His offer? My hand in (fake) marriage in exchange for his protection. It’s risky, but what choice do I have? But the lines quickly blur…What was meant to be a deception turns dangerously real. I’m falling for him – a forbidden, fatal game. Any deal with a dark elf is a high-stakes gamble. It could cost me everything. But I’ve already bet my life, and now, I’m ready to risk even more. My heart.     AmazonKU


When the last dragon in all the kingdoms, Pax, wakes from his centuries-long slumber, he seeks adventure again—by finding a worthy mortal to gift three scales which will grant three wishes. When the wishes are completed, he plans to move on and never return to the Gemstone Kingdoms. For now, he craves experience—and a new partner in his bed. He chooses Bertram, the recently crowned Emerald King. It’s been thirty years since the Gemstone Kingdoms entered a new golden age, but the peace proves fragile. With opponents of magic reappearing, Bertram doesn’t know what to do… except to wish that he knew what the future might hold if he never became king. Bertram and Pax embark on a journey through time, across kingdoms, and into their own hearts to learn what they’ve been missing and what they might want of a different future together. Be careful what you wish for—especially from a dragon.     AmazonKU


I’m snowed in during the holiday season with a gorgeous but grumpy orc businessman. Can I make his heart jingle all the way? When the blizzard of the century hits my small New England town, I’m stuck spending Christmas in my tiny home with only Milo, my mischievous pup. My kitchen’s full of cookie dough in need of baking, and my holiday cheer is melting faster than the mini marshmallows in my mug of hot cocoa. Until Milo leads me on an icy slide down the driveway and straight into the arms of Vestalon—a gorgeous orc businessman who crashed his truck into a tree. I offer him shelter from the storm, and soon, we’re snowbound together. As the fire crackles, Milo plays matchmaker, ensuring heated moments with Vestalon beneath the mistletoe and an unexpected surprise in the shower. But when the snowflakes settle and the storm subsides, will Vestalon return to his bustling city job, or will he choose to stay in this winter wonderland with me and Milo?     AmazonKU


Can an ex-Alpha and his housekeeper find common ground when the kids are all grown?
The Barvale Clan Den has been a place of refuge for all members of the Bear Shifter Clan in good standing since Iggy Devlin’s great-grandfather built the place. But with his cubs all grown, and his retirement kicking in, the old Black Bear just can’t seem to settle. It doesn’t help that wherever he goes, she’s there! Always underfoot, er, claw. Clary Aylin has been the Devlin family housekeeper since her mate died when she was barely out of her twenties. With no cubs of her own, watching those boys grow and having a hand in raising them was one of the greatest pleasures of her life. She’s kept her feelings for their father under wraps for decades, but what’s she going to do now that the kids are all gone and all that’s left is the sexy, growly curmudgeon of a Bear himself? Iggy Devlin has never looked at her as anything other than a maid. Is he capable of change or are some things too ingrained? Clary has a decision to make. Tell him the truth or quit her job.
But will leaving prove unbearable for this smitten Sow?

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Hear no evil. Philomena thought she had luck on her side when she became a young widow and was fortunate to inherit her late husband’s wealth. Her life was a comfortable dance between parties and tea, a menial pattern that afforded her freedoms most women only dream of. Until she wakes up six feet underground. . .Speak no evil. The first death is as easy as it is traumatic. She claws her way up through the mud only to find a confused Reaper waiting for her. The second death makes her realize that something bigger is going on. By the third, she’s had enough. See no evil. Four monsters are claiming she’s the reincarnation of Lilith, and with each death, she’ll grow closer and closer to fulfilling a prophecy, but Philomena had not claimed her freedom only to lose it. No matter how tempting the monsters are, she will choose her own destiny. Even if she has to rip it from fate’s dirty hands with her teeth. Be no evil.

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For more than a year, Gabe Callan has known Riley Irving is his mate, but Riley isn’t ready. He stumbled into Gabe’s bakery one night after having left his abusive ex, and he’s still dealing with what he’s been through. Gabe knows he needs time, but he doesn’t know how much longer he can wait. All Riley wants is a safe, slow, boring life. He doesn’t want any adventures other than those he reads about in romance novels. But maybe he’s read too many paranormal books because he’s imagining the guys at the bakery growling, and sometimes he believes he sees their eyes shift color. Maybe he’s going insane. Gabe is scared to tell Riley the truth about what he is. If he waits too long, Riley will feel betrayed. If he tells him too soon, he will run away, and Gabe isn’t sure he can survive without Riley. How do you tell your skittish human mate you’re a bear shifter?

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In the bustling Kingdom of Erishum, where the city walls protect the denizens from the Dying Wilds, lives Nyssa, one of the kingdom’s many mudlarks. Each day, she ekes out a meager living by scavenging the muddy banks of the River Assur. When she unearths a mysterious but valuable object that could buy her a ticket out of the slums and fulfill her dream of a baking apprenticeship, she accidentally sets on a path of unseen threats, deceit, and political intrigue. Through lively marketplaces and clandestine dealings – all the while evading the menacing Enumerii priests and the king’s shrikes – Nyssa’s survival instincts as a gutter rat are put to the test. Could this object put everyone she cares about in danger? Against the backdrop of an opulent festival and familiar city streets, Nyssa is pulled into a world of danger, betrayal, and sacrifice. Soon, Nyssa must make a choice: save her future or save an old friend.     AmazonKU


Beatrice Bird is haunted by ghosts—a gift she’s had since she was a small child. Unfortunately, it’s an ability that has now grown more intense, shifting from flashes and feelings to physical manifestations she can’t escape. In a desperate attempt to find relief, Beatrice flees her home, her partner, and her psychology practice in San Francisco for a remote island with only nuns and a few cows for company. She doesn’t call home. She sees as few people as she possibly can. Then she meets Anne Iredale, a timid woman who has lost everything that matters to her. For the first time in a long time, Beatrice’s gift will be called on to help someone in need. But the ghosts have taken on an even darker edge—and there is something sinister lurking in the shadows. Beatrice may not be enough to stop what’s coming for them.     Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


There is no peace in the season of the Red Emperor. Traumatized by their escape from Bassa, Lilong and Danso have found safety in a vagabond colony on the edge of the emperor’s control. But time is running out on their refuge. A new bounty makes every person a threat, and whispers of magic have roused those eager for their own power. Lilong is determined to return the Diwi—the ibor heirloom—to her people. It’s the only way to keep it safe from Esheme’s insatiable desire. The journey home will be long, filled with twists and treachery, unexpected allies and fabled enemies. But surviving the journey is the least of their problems. Something ancient and uncontrollable awakens. Trouble heads for Bassa, and the continent of Oon will need more than ibor to fix what’s coming.

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All Colson did was write his crush’s name. Now, he belongs to Bel. He’s been in worse spots. When a stranger approaches Colson in a club, he doesn’t hesitate to follow his instructions. All it took was the promise of being given his crush’s name. He never expects one tiny act to change the course of his life forever. But Colson will do whatever it takes to hang onto his new blessing, even if that means he’ll spend eternity in hell.
Bel felt his future shift the moment Colson signed his name. Demons aren’t supposed to be blessed with a soulmate. Yet it seems to happen more often every day. Still, Bel shouldn’t have received one, even if he tricked another demon lord into helping him achieve that goal. As one of the demon lords still serving in hell, one signature from Colson dooms him to the same fate. Now all Bel has to do is convince him it’s real.   AmazonKU


I’ll do anything to prove my love for the alpha…I thought escaping my abusive ex was the only thing standing in between my love for Cole and his son, Noah. But with Cole intent on forming a pack and being an alpha, it spells trouble for us in more ways than one.
Anti-lycan groups and pro-wolf extremists are demonstrating together to protest interspecies relationships. I’m sick of being caught in the middle and am beginning to think seriously about becoming a shifter. There’s just one catch—the lycan gene therapy is extremely dangerous and there’s no guarantee I’ll survive. When it becomes clear that our enemies will consider me an abomination if I go through the transformation, and Cole is adamant that he loves me just the way I am, I don’t know which path to choose. I’ll do anything for Cole and his son, but I’m sick of being weak. I want to prove how strong my love is for the alpha. Even if it kills me.     AmazonKU


I’ve given my dragon shifter boss my heart. Now all he has to do is claim me…Falling for my dragon shifter boss was easy, but being a human in a shifter’s world is difficult. Especially when Evan’s daughter is still at risk from her evil grandfather, Tomas. Evan is determined to bring down the powerful enemy alpha, and it means trusting someone in Tomas’ inner circle, which is a deadly game to be playing. To make matters worse, Evan’s growing jealousy is becoming harder to ignore. With each passing day it’s getting harder to deny the truth—if he doesn’t claim me soon, he could lose control completely. Yet something is still holding him back and I’m afraid it’s because I’m human. When we learn that Tomas is hiding a horrible secret, we have no choice but to try to stop him once and for all. Even if it could result in tragedy.     AmazonKU


A new twist on a holiday story you think you know. Will a sham marriage lead to a real love story? Dash Samuels, a grumpy reindeer-shifter, is faced with an ultimatum: marry by Christmas Eve or lose his family inheritance. The holidays are his least favorite time of the year and now he needs to find a mate? Panicked, he devises a plan to marry a woman to play his wife for the ten years needed to secure the inheritance. But what he never anticipated was the whirlwind of emotions that would follow or that fate was going to play a hand in this pretense. Noel Brooks, a spirited dreamer agrees to Dash’s unconventional proposition out of necessity. Her origin herd is struggling to make ends meet, and this will set them up for life. The holidays are her favorite time of the year. As they embark on a charade filled with misunderstandings, holiday traditions, and undeniable chemistry, their carefully constructed façade begins to crumble, revealing the cracks in their hearts. Dash needs to get from a grumpy humbug to a believer if he is going to catch his fated mate before it is too late.     AmazonKU


Jameson Rudolph is not the red-nosed reindeer, thank you. He’s a flight trainer for Santa’s reindeer, and he’s tired of all the reindeer games the new recruits are up to this year. So when he gets a notice that it’s time for a mandatory vacation, he decides to hit the road and go off the grid for some relaxation. His fellow reindeer seem to want to go somewhere warm, but not Jameson. He wants to go somewhere cold that doesn’t have twinkly lights and perfectly manicured candy cane trees…Roe deer shifter Magnus loves his home in the Scottish Highlands, and he’ s keeps it by renting out the antique cottage on his property as a vacation home to other shifters. Every so often it gets awkward when a predator thinks he might be tasty, but he’s a roebuck who can take care of himself despite his small size. When he delivers muffins to Jameson Rudolph, though, it’s more than awkward. It’s hot as heck, and Mags decides to see if James is interested in a little holiday fling. But when it turns to more, will they be able to handle it?   AmazonKU


Brooding dragon shifter Flint wants a new start. So, when he arrives in Wishing Moon Bay the plan is simple. Get in. Get out. And avoid the merriness as much as possible.
However, with a dark past, and nothing to his name, getting any supplies for his journey is all but impossible-so much for the season of giving. But, as they say, when one door closes, another opens. He just didn’t expect them to open by themselves. And before he knows it, Flint finds himself tending tables in the strangest tavern in town – The Lonely Tavern. This isn’t the future he envisioned…even when she walks in. Liselle wants a new start. So, when she arrives in her hometown of Wishing Moon Bay the plan is simple. Forget about her cheating ex-husband. Build a new life for her children. And make as much merriness as possible. With nothing to her name, except for the support of her family and friends, Liselle knows that almost anything is possible. Because, as they say, when one door closes, another opens. And this door leads to the strangest tavern in town-The Lonely Tavern. Luckily, potions aren’t the only thing this witch can brew. This isn’t the future she envisioned, but she knows she’ll do whatever she must for her family…even when he walks in. But can opposites truly attract? As Flint wrestles with the demons of his past, and Liselle questions if she can ever trust a man again, they might just discover that sometimes, dragons and witches make the most magical of pairs.   AmazonKU


In 2023, newlywed heiress, 27-year-old Gillian Woodruff, and her husband, Richard Woodruff, are honeymooning on their private yacht. Richard is hiding secrets and is not all he seems. When the boat encounters a strange, violent storm, it is struck by a towering wave, and Gillian is hurled into the sea, washing up on a rocky, deserted Massachusetts beach, close to death. She’s found by the brooding and handsome lighthouse keeper, Ethan Burke, and learns she’s living in 1900. While struggling to recover and adjust to the shocking truth, Gillian falls for the mysterious, handsome loner. Love, mystery, and deadly secrets collide against the backdrop of the sea, 1900 New York City, and Gillian’s family’s corruption during the Gilded Age. Gillian must decide if she will change her family’s dark past, a change that could prevent her own future, or let the man she loves be killed, forcing her to return to the future without him.   AmazonKU


Marriage isn’t always sunshine and unicorns . . . sometimes it’s monsters and necromancy. It’s been almost a year since Logan ‘The Bear’ Theaker hung up his axe and settled down with his sunshiny bard husband, Pie. But when Pie disappears, Logan is forced back into a world he thought he’d left behind. Logan quickly discovers that Pie has been blackmailed into stealing a powerful artifact capable of creating an undead army. With the help of an old adversary and a ghost from his past, Logan sets out to rescue his husband. But the further the quest takes him, the more secrets Logan uncovers. He’ll need all his strength to rescue his husband – but can he save their marriage?    Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


The unimaginable has happened, And none of our lives will ever be the same.Surrounded by enemies, I’ve never been further from my crown…Or closer to death. Amidst a betrayal we couldn’t have anticipated, I’ll do whatever it takes to find my way back to Lorian – before his fury lays waste to this continent. Alliances are being forged and broken, our enemies are unifying, and Regner’s spiders are closer than ever before. We have only one chance to prevent him from attaining god-like powers and enslaving every human, fae, and hybrid across the four kingdoms. Meanwhile, the human king believes I’m trapped here, yearning for my death, and waiting for Lorian to save me. But Regner hasn’t yet realized that I’ll stop at nothing to free my people. And he’s the one who should be afraid of me.     AmazonKU


Addie Swanson, pop singer extraordinaire, is used to being at the top of every chart. But lately, belting her heart out in front of large crowds hasn’t been fulfilling. Then, the enigmatic Gerri Wilder claims to have the perfect solution to Addie’s blues. She just didn’t expect the solution to come wrapped around a big, growly and muscular body with arms straight out of her hottest dreams. King Mahes of the planet of Nova Aurora is a simple lion king, and right now, he is completely satisfied with his life. Maybe at times, he can be an ass and a bit demanding, but he’s not that bad of a person, right? Besides, he’s a royal lion bachelor. Then he meets Addie…the one person who doesn’t care about his fame or fortune. His beautiful, strong, kind and seductive mate. Addie makes Mahes face his demons. The king’s enemies are emboldened to strike, and if they can’t get to him one way, then they will the other. The other being through his mate. Mahes needs to be a disciplined leader if he hopes to keep his fated mate alive. If he doesn’t, she might not survive, or worse, go back to Earth without him.     AmazonKU

BAIT AND WITCH by Clifford Mae Henderson

Zeddi’s cursed with bad luck. A housing shortage in the Bay Area’s Tres Ojos has left Zeddi and her nine-year-old daughter, Olive, living in a van. Working as a housekeeper, trying to save money, Zeddi worries about Olive’s welfare. When she finds her friend and housekeeping client Mags dead—and something about her death doesn’t sit right—she faces her biggest worry of all. Mags’s longtime lover, Ida, confirms her suspicions of foul play, revealing that Mags served as high priestess to a dwindling coven of old witches—who are positive that Mags was murdered. Zeddi owes it to Mags and Ida to uncover the truth, but the more she digs, the more she fears that Mags’s love for Olive may have unintentionally made Olive the killer’s next target.

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NOW AND THEN: A TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE by S L Carpenter and Sahara Kelly

There’s never a wrong time to fall in love…2023 – Noah Diddeys is a practical kind of guy, dealing with the will of his late, much-loved grandmother. He has inherited her home and all her belongings, including some old cherished bits and pieces in her attic. Alone there, with a beer and his memories, he decides it’s time to start reviewing his Nana’s treasures. One of them, a small notebook, catches his attention…1813 – Lady Abigail Chatham has been quite brutally relegated to the Dower House by her late husband’s selfish uncle, and is now living in a great deal more modest style than is her due. She’s doing her best to settle into the less than luxurious house, and is almost reconciled to her fate. She reads a lot, and spends quite a bit of time working on a daring project – a novel. She’s filling up those notebook pages with her story…but one thing is missing. A hero. Is it the hand of Fate? A meteorological anomaly? Or just some odd hiccup in the intestines of the space-time continuum? Who knows what it is, but it dumps Noah practically into Abigail’s lap. And that’s when the fun begins.   AmazonKU


In the cozy lakeside town of Eagle View, Stacey runs no ordinary bookstore. A legacy from her late Aunt Jayne – whose spirit now guides her in the form of fluffy feline, AJ – the bookstore beholds a secret. Beneath the store is a magical spellroom, where AJ returns to human form and Stacey develops her newfound witchcraft and psychic powers with the help of a crystal ball. A shocking murder disrupts their tranquil world, drawing Stacey into a labyrinth of buried secrets within a group of gossipy book club grannies. Each harboring grudges and emerging as prime suspects in the graveyard murder mystery. Stacey uncovers a sinister past and battles formidable witches. In a daring move, Stacey confronts twin witches, Esma and Eve, determined to uncover the truth as the clock ticks and her safety at risk. In this spellbinding tale of murder, magic, and self-discovery, Stacey’s journey challenges the limits of her newfound powers and sleuthing skills. Will Stacey and AJ unearth the truth and protect their town, or will sinister forces prevail?     AmazonKU


Fenrir, ancient Norse god of wolf shifters, has had more centuries than he could count to become set in his ways. Can a cute little cat shifter from Vegas make him want to change them? “Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no. I think I might have just punched my mate in his furry face. I’m so sorry.” Dorian was on a great adventure in Montana when his campervan runs out of gas, and he finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere. He didn’t expect to find a wolf, he didn’t anticipate hitting said wolf who had startled the living daylights out of him, and he definitely wasn’t prepared for when that same wolf just disappeared. “It can’t be true. It just can’t be true.” Fenrir was the first to admit he was set in his ways. It’s what made him dependable, reliable, and comfortable. He saw no need to change his ways, even after his pack deserted him. Coming across a cat shifter was a mild excitement in his day, but that didn’t mean he had to claim the man. The Fates work in mysterious ways, but not even they were prepared for how stubborn Fenrir could be. It could take the efforts of Loki and Anubis, plus a spot of advice from Claude and Poseidon, to get these two on the path of Fated Mate happiness.

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What happens after happily ever after? After falling through time itself, modern-day Lucy Merriweather finds purpose in her new medieval life with her husband, Lord Blackford. But when a cryptic note costs her dearly, Lucy risks all to protect those she loves. As villains and explosive secrets emerge, Lucy must draw on courage she never knew she possessed, facing impossible choices and vengeful forces determined to destroy all she holds dear. Callan Graham, a mysterious highlander with secrets of his own, offers to aid Lucy as they race to save her family before it’s too late. This Halloween, the past will return to haunt the present in this thrilling tale of love, trust, and shocking revelations.

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Holiday Hills has a bit of a situation on our hands. Our cranky health inspector finally quit, and a new-to-town friendly witch named Ronnie Daniels filled the spot. Health inspections improved, business owners worried less, and Ronnie had become the most popular witch in town. But the cauldron boiled over, and it didn’t take long for her true colors to show. Nobody likes a fake. Disappointed by inspection reports, local business owners petitioned to have Ronnie fired and banned from Holiday Hills. Only someone took matters into their own hands. Ronnie’s demise initially pointed fingers directly at our beloved bakery owner, Charity Rutherford. Thankfully, the actual cause of death surfaced, and Charity Rutherford was determined innocent. But that only made things more suspect. Someone had gone to great lengths to frame her. But why? Was she the true target, or was she simply a pawn in the killer’s game? If it was an intentional setup, then Charity was in danger, and the killer needed to be found pronto. So, there I was yet again, sticking my nose into my significant other’s business, snooping and questioning suspects as usual. Little did I know things would take a menacing turn when the killer caught wind of my investigations, and I’d find myself squarely in their sights.   AmazonKU


Endless twilight is an apocalyptic sign, and the sun just refused to set. I’m still reeling from the death of my second in command when Artemis informs me that the human realm was breached by another god and there are catastrophic consequences. In the wake of this revelation, we are all surprised by the arrival of a new council member and the dark faction associated with him. But I am tasked with tracking down an artifact tampering with our world while fighting my growing attraction to the fae representative. Will I accept help from a royal advisor to end this threat, or am I one soul surge away from destruction?     AmazonKU


For nerdy bookworm Devon, agreeing to become the villainous werewolf warlord’s mate isn’t just a matter of self-sacrifice–it’s living the dream. Unfortunately, his new life in Grayridge isn’t quite like his fantasies. Constantine is so much colder than he was in the dreams that summoned Devon to him, and his ruthless, militant packmates aren’t exactly accepting of the outsider. Especially when Devon himself suspects he might be a defective omega. But after spending most of his life in his brother’s shadow, Devon isn’t about to let his Main Character Moment ™ pass him by without a fight.   AmazonKU

MONSTER PUCKER by Clio Evans and Ashley Bennett

Getting stuck in the hockey locker room was not how I envisioned catching my next story. After a fateful encounter with two of the hottest players in the NMHL, I’m swept into an unforgettable first date. Klaus is a famous Krampus, one of the biggest players in the league. He’s gruff and hot, with a teddy bear heart hidden underneath. Frank the “Flurry” Murry is an up-and-coming Yeti who dreams big and loves hard. These two monsters make me feel things I’ve never felt before. After a night the three of us can’t forget, we want more. The only problem is—someone is out there, trying to ruin it all.   AmazonKU


It is said that the Neverseen King comes for a bride every hundred years. I thought it was only legend . . . until he came for me. I am one of twelve assassins forced to compete for the hand of our unseen king, who I’m beginning to doubt is even human at all. Why he needs a bride, much less one who wields a blade, isn’t any of my business. All I’m trying to do is get out of here with my life and my heart intact. I don’t want to care about the mysteries I begin uncovering about the king, about why he never shows his face, about his palace that turns into a nightmare after dusk. I’m just trying to escape. But apparently, my choice is to win this competition or die. I’m not dying. And I’m definitely not falling in love with the Neverseen King.     AmazonKU


After the sudden death of her husband, Hope finds herself reeling from the loss in more ways than one. First a young wife and now a grieving widow, she feels like fodder for never-ending town gossip. But when Hope meets Will, a screenwriter back in town to run his family’s inn, she sees in him another resident oddball. And like her, Will has been navigating a loss of his own. As Hope falls for Will, she seeks out another enigma in town: Maeve, an eccentric woman who makes healing teas and communes with the dead. Some of the townspeople think she’s a grifter, a fake. Will, too, is skeptical. Hope yearns for closure and forgiveness, seeing in Maeve the chance to trust herself again—and in Will, a chance to rediscover the enchantment in the world around her…And the courage to build a bigger life than she ever thought possible.     AmazonKU     AB


VS Note: MM Vampires romance

I was looking for a fake husband, but what I found was so much more. Something was in the air the night I walked into the club. It was like the clouds parted and there he was, the most stunning man I’d ever seen. He looked like he could be fun for a few hours, but as night turned to day, I proposed to him. If I wanted my inheritance and to take my rightful place in my family’s business, I needed a husband, and Raphael seemed like the right man for the job. When my family finds out, all hell breaks loose and long-hidden family secrets tumble out of the closet, putting me and my burgeoning happiness in danger. But Raphael has secrets of his own, and when he’s forced to reveal them, I’m faced with a life-changing decision. If he’s telling the truth, our meeting wasn’t a coincidence at all. I was only looking for a fake husband, but maybe this thing with us isn’t fake at all. Do I follow the path I originally set out on or listen to my heart and embrace a future that is Endlessly Raphael? Endlessly Raphael is book four in the Immortal Assassins series, a contemporary setting, MM romance featuring vampire assassins finding love with their fated mates.     AmazonKU


Single motherhood isn’t for the weak, especially when there’s not just one but two children with the sole intent of making you absolutely crazy. It’s chaos running a successful business and raising twins who act feral more often than not, but Calliope is doing her best to make every day better than the last even after the man she loved tore her heart to pieces. Her fresh start at life in a new town is full of experiences she never would have imagined, including the realization that magic is real and not just something you see in movies and read about in books. Almost everything she dreamed about having when she was with Beau has come true, but she has to find a way to be content without him. Beau Tulok is a man with secrets, and those secrets ripped apart the relationship he had with the woman of his dreams. Now he’s trying to survive without the other half of his soul, but his future looks bleak without Calliope…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)   AmazonKU


Welcome to Broomstick Bay! Here the electricity is glitchy, the townsfolk are witchy, and Ruby has a catastrophic secret that is clawfully twitchy. The Crosswells are celebrating Grandy’s birthday (we don’t discuss her age unless we are willing to be cursed with warts in unspeakable places) with a big party at Coven House, and I’m in charge of the cake.
My name is Ruby Crosswell, and I’m a newly re-practicing witch. Not only that, but I can turn into a cat. It’s one heck of a trick, but don’t ask me how I do it. I’m still working on the logistics. When a vampire interrupts the celebration, the sweet and powdered festivities turn bloodsucking. The vampire, Christopher, demands that Grandy right a spelled wrong she cast five decades ago. If she doesn’t, he’ll kill all of the town’s witches. But Grandy can’t remember what she did, and the vamp refuses to enlighten her. When our coven leader is found dead and drained of their blood, Sheriff Wolfton is sure Christopher did it. But how does one stop a vampire? Turns out it isn’t easy. A stake to the heart is messy but not fatal. And then the vampire does the unthinkable and asks me to help prove his innocence. In return, he’ll reveal how to fix my cat problem. Reluctantly, I agree. But it’s a good thing I have seven lives remaining. I have a feeling my cat is going to need at least one.     AmazonKU


TWYLA – Is Krampus real? That’s the question burning in my investigative journalist mind as I sneak into Krampus World to learn the truth about the eccentric CEO who always wears the monstrous holiday costume. I’m definitely making the naughty list for this. After sharing a drink with the mysterious and quiet CEO, the last thing I expect is waking up with no clothes in the most beautiful winter castle. This horned heartthrob billionaire kidnapped me! Despite the language barrier, I soon learn that his punishments are hot enough to melt the North Pole. And there are far worse things than being treated like a Christmas princess in a Yuletide-themed castle. As I unwrap the layers of this hooved and horned enigma, I suspect the monster may be as real as Rudolph’s red nose! And I might be falling for him faster than Santa coming down the chimney. Well…. Monster romance is trending after all! KRAMPUS – Don’t show them your tongue. Don’t growl. Don’t urge them to check your body for some nonexistent zipper. Don’t wag your tail. Don’t show them how well you dance in hooves. After a century of failures to find true love, Twyla is my last chance to break the curse before the clock runs out. I will do whatever it takes to keep my little star, my light in the darkness. It turns out this naughty girl may love my monstrous punishments and the magic of my realm. It’s not long before Twyla tangles around my heart more than twinkle lights. But can she believe a monster is her happily ever after? Will she save me from my icy fate? Or am I doomed to be the demon of Yuletide with a frozen heart forever?   AmazonKU


After the harrowing events aboard the ghost train, Detective Ronan O’Mara is excited to reach the Double D Ranch in Deadwood, South Dakota. He plans to immerse himself in the old west by learning to ride horses, panning for gold and attending a rodeo. It’s the perfect mix of rest and relaxation he so desperately needs. Psychic Tennyson Grimm also plans to take full advantage of this well-deserved downtime, but a visit to the famously haunted Bullock Hotel changes everything. Ten and Everly encounter a spirit desperately searching for her lost baby. When questioned, the woman can’t remember who she is, only that her missing daughter’s name is Madeline. With the help of a local historian, Ten is able to determine the spirit is Grace Bailey, a southern debutante who’d fallen on hard times, dying in a brothel fire in 1894. When the ghost of Grace’s scoundrel husband appears, he has information that could solve the mystery of the fire and what happened to Madeline over a century ago, but the selfish man isn’t talking. Who started the fire? Why? More importantly, what happened to baby Madeline?     AmazonKU


Can her sunshine melt his frozen heart this Christmas? Gargoyle security guard Grayson Lightfoot never celebrates Christmas. It brings back too many bad memories. Besides he’s got a job to do—watching over Motham City 24/7 from his rooftop. Maisie doesn’t celebrate Christmas either. Orphaned at an early age, she’s a sensible human with a mission—to earn enough money to open up a drop-in centre for street kids in Motham. So naturally she jumps at a lucrative holiday contract to work as a housekeeper for Grayson. Except Maisie hasn’t factored in what a total grinch Grayson is. And sure, he may be handsome, but when her cheery presence meets with stony silence and a granite stare, Maisie’s good nature is tested. But when Maisie suddenly gets sick and Grayson flies down from the roof to nurse her, she gets to see a very different side to the grumpy gargoyle. As for Grayson… could Maisie be the Christmas gift he’s always secretly longed for?     AmazonKU


The ghosts lurking in Bellmore Castle are out for blood. After surviving one of the worst investigations of their lives, Brea and her group are ready to finally take on another big haunt. When they are contacted to explore a modern day castle they don’t hesitate to accept. It’s in an idyllic town, the location is gorgeous, and the best part? There’s snow. If only things were that simple. They quickly realize that something dark is roaming the halls of Bellmore. Between near death experiences, crazy visions, and the conflict between good and evil, the team realizes they may be in over their heads. Can Brea’s abilities help them cleanse the castle of the dark entity, or will this be the first investigation they have to abandon for their own safety?     AmazonKU


I was a fool to try a mountain climbing expedition all alone. But when this man protects me and saves my life, I know it will turn out to be something amazing. I never expect that to mean a baby! SIENNA – “…Perhaps there is another man in this world who’s larger than life the way Drake is but it’s hard to believe anyone could possibly compare. He’s tall. He’s muscular. He’s got eyes that I’m certainly see right through me. It’s like this man is magical, not just an ordinary man. It’s like everything about him (from his handsome face to his sexy body) is designed to make me desperate…” I can’t believe how Drake saves me. He’s perfect. He saves me on the side of the mountain and then spirits me away to his cabin. And I change my vacation just to spend it with him. Everything about this is wonderful. Two weeks of pure perfection. But I have to go home, to get back to the real world. And then the real world gets some ideas of its own. Because the doctor tells me I’m pregnant!     AmazonKU


Yuki – Accidentally summoning a sexy demon at work totally isn’t my fault. It’s because of that new addictive soap opera, The Young and the Monstrous, I tell you! They just had to introduce a new mega-hot demon character, so of course I needed to do some research! But my insatiable librarian curiosity has gotten me into hot water, because now I’m magically shackled to a demon who claims he’s my mate. That can’t be a real thing, right? It’s got to be some kind of demon trick…Kassiel – Being summoned is every demon’s fantasy. Some wait centuries for the momentous occasion. At barely two hundred years of age, I get my lucky day! The Interdimensional Gong of Demonic Destiny rings for little ole me! Wooing Yuki should be a walk in the park, but my trusty seductive wiles aren’t working on my prickly mate—and the clock is ticking. I only have two weeks to convince him to accept our bond or it will be permanently severed. My work is cut out for me, but I’ll do whatever it takes to sneak into his heart.   AmazonKU


What happens when a good angel goes rogue?When our dependable angel friend, Finn, vanishes into thin air, leaving behind his dragon hatchling, concern ripples through town. But when Finn resurfaces, he’s not alone—he’s accompanied by the man who once abandoned him due to his angel-demon heritage — his biological father. Finn is overjoyed by this reunion, but I harbor doubts about this newcomer’s intentions. He’s pure demon, as are his friends, and where a troupe of demons treads, trouble inevitably follows. Our fears are confirmed when a desperate cry for help from Finn reaches us. His father is dead, and all signs point to Finn as the culprit. With overwhelming evidence, Finn wounded and suffering from memory loss, and the weight of a murder accusation hanging over him, I rally to his side, enlisting the aid of my wonderful witch companion, Zandra Crypt. It’s a baffling mystery that challenges everything we know about Finn’s character. As we sift through suspects, decode clues, and prowl for evidence, the finger of blame relentlessly points at our beloved angel, threatening to unravel our faith in his goodness. Is Crimson Cove on the brink of losing Finn? And what will become of his spirited dragon hatchling if he’s imprisoned? These questions haunt our every step. But fear not, for amidst the chaos, there’s an angel wedding to celebrate. If we can only solve this mystery in time!     AmazonKU


Micah and I, wolf shifters, had gone through a betrothal ceremony when we were barely out of diapers. I quickly forgot about it as I planned out my life. I had a degree in social work and was making a difference with troubled children and families. Then, one night, my past caught up with me. The elder and alpha visited me and reminded me of the betrothal. Now, as Micah was about to be made alpha, they demanded that I make good on the promise. I already had my life planned out, and it didn’t include going through the mating ceremony with my good friend. Overwhelmed and needing to clear my mind, I left home and found myself in Ivy Springs, Colorado. It was a beautiful city, but it had a dark undercurrent. The billionaires, whose roots went back centuries, had declared war on all shifters. Micah tracked me down, determined to make me fall in love with him. Our good friend, Dean, soon followed. Dean was also about to become alpha and wanted me to be his mate. None of us could have predicted the trouble we found ourselves in.
Would we even survive long enough to find true love?     AmazonKU


As a witch, I have a healthy dislike for the undead. While they can turn a human, their venom kills those of us with power. At least that was true until I was attacked by a rogue and transitioned into a vampire. Now the entire supernatural community wants answers, including the vampire overseer who had a surprising reaction to my unnatural rebirth. In addition to my sexy undead leader, I am assigned a death dealer mentor to investigate the reason I was targeted and protect my family. When we discover there is a conspiracy at play, will I accept my new life or unleash an unholy monster that could destroy humanity?     AmazonKU


Jeremiah has better things to do than babysit the bratty crown prince of the Sirens. His personal protection agency is the best though and the king and queen won’t settle for less. Being a practically invulnerable Hellhound doesn’t hurt either. Remi’s selfish and uncaring attitude drives him crazy and confirms his suspicions about the prince being nothing more than a spoiled man-child. He doesn’t care that the more time they spend together, the more possessive his Hellhound becomes of the little princeling. Or that it turns out first impressions might be misleading…Falling for a client is the last thing he can let happen. His name and his company’s reputation are on the line. He won’t be led around by his… instincts. When things begin to heat up between them though, he can’t deny their connection might just be destiny. One thing he knows for sure? Fire and water will always make steam.     AmazonKU

SANTA PAWS by Amelia Hopegood

A nurse who hates Christmas because of her past. A wolf-shifter avoiding Christmas because of his guilt. A stage set for a unique and captivating story of two lives forever entangled. Caitlin Walters keeps an emotional distance from others to protect her heart, a lesson learned painfully over her thirty-five years. She certainly doesn’t believe in Christmas miracles, despite the teasing Santa she encounters, who promises her a very special gift this year. Jack Marshall has let his family down in the worst possible way, and he can’t face them over the festive period. Instead, he pursues a renegade pack, unaware that the task exceeds even his exceptional abilities, placing his life in jeopardy as the rogue wolves close in. A fateful encounter with Caitlin presents a new array of complications, compounding his already perilous situation. His driving force now is to protect his mate. Whatever the cost. Unable to deny their instant soul-deep attraction, Caitlin and Jack are about to discover that Christmas is a time for love, second chances, but first they must survive the threat to both their futures. Luckily there is a whole lot of extra special Christmas magic around to help them along their way.     AmazonKU


I didn’t mean to wake the god of the underworld, and I never meant to lose my heart to him. Too bad good intentions aren’t enough to save innocent people. But maybe I’m not as innocent as I thought. With a flick of his powerful hand, Hades sent Ashlyn home. However, nothing’s the same as it was. She’s hunted. Marked by the God of Death because her life is connected to Hades, and her death will return things to the way they were. But Hades isn’t done with Ashlyn. She’s given him the one thing he’s never had. Love. And he will damn all the rules to keep it even if it means shattering his tether to the underworld and destroying the world.

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Cyran – The elves frown upon the idea of falling for humans. But Ivy makes me ache for a companion. The moment I spotted her asleep by the tree on Christmas Eve, I knew I had to keep her forever. Perhaps I was too hasty when I magicked her away in my toy sack. Certainly, Santa Claus won’t approve when he learns what I’ve done. Let the law come down on me. Ivy is mine. She’s simply … mine. Ivy – As much as my humdrum life sucks at the moment, I never asked to be spirited away in my sleep by a weirdo who thinks he’s a Christmas elf. Well, Cyran can go peddle his North Pole baloney somewhere else, because I’m not buying it. His brooding good looks, chisled jaw, cozy cabin, comfy bed, and delicious food have NO effect on me whatsoever. I’m getting the heck out of here … right after I have another snack.     AmazonKU


Philip Meade has always been the oddball in his pack. He’ s the pampered child brought up with wealth and ease but who wants more out of life than an easy ride. He loves decorating and when he’ s given the opportunity to work on a family property, he jumps at it. Getting dirty with Walker Ray is an added bonus. Walker Ray has been friends with Philip’ s half-brother for years and isn’ t afraid of shifters, but he’ s not good in relationships. He’ s not rich and likes to work with his hands. The moment he meets Philip and he’ s tasked with working with him, he realizes he’ s in over his head. He can’ t take his eyes off the sexy shifter. The wealthy shifter and the rugged builder just might make it, if they’ re willing to work together.

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I’m entering an arranged marriage with a possessive alpha wolf. He’s twice my age and a rude biker to boot. I’m nervous of what he’ll do to me when we’re alone. I’m still a virgin, but my psychic visions tell me I won’t be for long…He never wanted a mate, let alone one as young and inexperienced as me. I want to be strong, but he intimidates me. He tells me that he’ll come for me when he needs me. He says I should be ready for him at any time. His distant attitude makes me feel lonely and hurt, but I won’t show it. When he touches me in the dark, our bond forges, whether he wants it or not. His touch gives me visions of what’s about to come. His kiss tells me that he’ll claim my body until I’m exhausted. Do I dare surrender to the rude alpha?     AmazonKU

HOWLING HOLIDAYS by Autumn Daniels

A city girl with icy-blue eyes is about to unravel my life, and the ancient curse that binds me and my pack. As alpha, my life’s been a solitary one, scarred by loss. But all that changes when I rescue Emily, the fierce beauty with hair like spun gold. Her fiery spirit and determination thaw my frozen heart. As a journalist, she’ll stop at nothing to uncover the truth, a truth I must protect at all costs. Our fates are entwined, and the pull between us is undeniable. But I fear the darkness lurking, and the ancient curse that hungers for her. I’m torn between love and duty, as Everwood’s secrets threaten to consume us. Will our love be our salvation or our undoing? The fate of the town, the wolf shifters, and our hearts hang in the balance.     AmazonKU


A malignant blight ravages Tearmann, wreaking havoc on the lives of the Danú. If Tadhg and Keelynn cannot find a way to stop it before it reaches the castle, there won’t be anything left for them to save. While the blight rages on, Aveen and Rían face troubles of their own. Between confronting ghosts from the past and fending off the Phantom Queen’s thirst for vengeance, peace and happiness seem too far out of reach. It isn’t a matter of if the Princes of Tearmann will fall, but when. Because the Queen is coming for them all…And the cost of crossing her may finally be too high to pay.     AmazonKU


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First Meeting: STAR CRUISE MYSTERY DANCER SciFi Romance Take on Anastasia

I’ve decided to change up these weekly snippets and go through my backlist, sharing the first meeting between the two main characters in each book. It’s always fun for me to revisit the books and I hope it will be for you too! Or if you’ve never happened to read a certain book, maybe I can entice you into giving it a try.

I took on the challenge of trying to retell the legend of the lost Grand Duchess Anastasia and whether she had survived or not, and recast it as a scifi romance, set in the far future on my Nebula Zephyr luxury cruise liner.

The excerpt: Liam is a security officer on the ship, attending the planetside auditions for new dancers for the Comettes troup. He was a judge and is now signing on the chosen dancers. Tassia is desperate for a way off the planet as there are assassins on her trail and has successfully auditioned for the shipboard dance troupe.

Liam made quick work of the new employee processing. The girls were tired but excited and several attempted to flirt with him as he checked their travel papers, guild memberships and the like. He stayed politely distant, in professional mode. Most had worked a cruise liner before so they knew what he needed and supplied the information without prompting.

When Tassia came to sit in the chair across the table from him, she sat straight backed, outwardly serene and composed.

“Congratulations,” he said. “Tough process the Comettes management put you through today. I was pulling for you.”

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity.” She brought out the folder with her papers, which she retrieved from a ratty backpack across the room in a pile where all the other girls had stacked their bags.

He raised his eyebrows a bit. “Actual paper? Haven’t seen this in a long time.”

“It’s all in order and has the proper holo seal.” She tapped one finger on the spot. She watched him, her amazing blue-and-copper colored eyes wide. He had the feeling deep inside she was terrified, and he wished he could reassure her.

Liam examined the documents once and then a second time. On the surface they appeared fine. The Sectors allowed for identification to be presented in all forms as long as the required holos were present. Some star systems were less technically advanced than others. Others had religious reasons for presenting ID one way versus another. But all his well-honed instincts from years in the military and working security details told him these were fake papers, this woman was in a lot of trouble, and he probably had no business allowing her onto the Nebula Zephyr.

Now is not the time to react to this woman. But he was, despite his misgivings. He’d admired her pluck all day, dancing in that worn, threadbare garment in the midst of the peacock finery of the other professional dancers, not to mention her obvious gifts as a dancer. To buy himself time to think, he asked, “No guild card?”

“Is one required?”

He heard the slightest hint of a tremor in the question. “I believe you can acquire a card on the ship.” He raised his voice. “Director Cartajj? Question?”

Walking as gracefully as any of her decades-younger dancers, she came to where he and Tassia sat. “Yes?”

“Does she need a guild card?”

“I can issue you one,” Riall said, glancing at Tassia. “It’s not a problem. Since we have a private moment, I wanted to let you know I expect to upgrade you from alternate shortly, once you’ve learned our routines. We run two full casts, with three swing girls and, while I don’t experience much turnover, there is the occasional vacancy.” Lowering her voice and bending over the table, she said, “I believe there might be at least one girl leaving us at the next planetfall, going to be married, so I’m thinking ahead.”

“Thank you for taking a chance on me at all,” Tassia said.

“Your solo was magnificent, even if not in our style of dancing. Clearly, you’ve been well trained. I’ll have to consider where we might be able to use you as a featured performer eventually, assuming you can pick up enough of what we require for showmanship. Have you ever done antigrav aerial work?”

Tassia shook her head and the beautiful curtain of shining black hair moved like liquid silk over her shoulders, catching Liam’s attention again. “I have not, sorry to say, but I’m willing to learn, of course.”

Driven by an impulse he didn’t stop to question, Liam asked, “Are you allowed to do a salary advance, Madame?”

The director didn’t miss a beat. “Yes, of course. I’ll make sure the ship’s account shows a week advance. Now if there’s nothing else, I should be conferring with my staff about rehearsal plans. Will we be leaving soon, Liam?”

“Almost done.” He grinned and made a few entries in his data pad.

“Thank you again,” Tassia said as the director walked away. She bit her lip. “I—I am rather tapped out for credits, and I’ll probably have to buy new workout clothes on the ship.”

“No problem, just routine.” He was lying, but he didn’t want to embarrass her. She looked flat broke and starved to him. He assumed the director had seen the same picture since she agreed so rapidly to the unusual wage advance. Employees ate as many free meals as they wanted on the Nebula Zephyr, food available at all hours due to the many shifts running in different departments, so this Tassia Megg girl certainly wouldn’t go hungry, but he suspected she might need other things long before the first paycheck credit would have been issued.

Tassia lingered, surprising him. “Could I ask one more favor? Could I possibly travel to the ship with all of you now? I don’t have anything else to pack before I go and no one to say goodbye to. It’d be easier for me to take a shuttle now.”

Taken by surprise, he said, “There’s no rule against it. We do have room today. Sure, why not?” He rose, closing his datapad, and addressed the small group waiting for him. “All through. We can leave anytime you’re ready, ladies.”

“I’ll get my things,” Tassia said, “Please don’t leave without me.”

Princess or Imposter? Depositphotos


First published in the Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3 anthology…

Tassia Megg is a woman on the run after the death of her elderly guardian. She needs to get off the planet in a hurry when chance directs her to an open dance audition for the luxury cruise liner Nebula Zephyr’s resident troupe. One thing Tassia can do is dance.

Security Officer Liam Austin is suspicious of the newest performer to join the Comettes. She shows all the signs of being a woman on the run and seems to fit the Sectors-wide broadcast description of a missing thief, accused of stealing priceless artifacts. As he gets to know Tassia during the cruise, he starts to wonder if she’s something more – a long vanished princess in hiding from deadly political enemies of her family perhaps?

And what’s the story with the three eyed feline companion other crew members swear Tassia brought aboard the ship? Does the animal even exist?

As the ship approaches its next port of call, all the issues come to a boil and Liam must decide if he’ll step in to help Tassia or betray her. F’rrh the alien cat is the key to the mystery and Tassia’s fate.

A science fiction romance take on the Anastasia tale…

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New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for NOV 15


Getting abducted by aliens is not the worst thing to ever happen to Millie Rogers. The lowest point in her life comes after the rescue when she’s forced to deal with himNadir, the alien man tasked with ensuring the abducted humans get home to New Terra. He’s made his contempt of humans blatantly obvious—so why does he keep dogging her? The caped, horned, furry alien is the most supercilious, fascinating, obnoxious, handsome, condescending, rugged jerk she’s ever met. She can’t wait to see the last of his muscular backside. As the Advisor Most Loyal to His Majesty the King of Araset, Nadir faces some difficult assignments, but none so challenging as shepherding the human female, Millie Rogers, back to New Terra. The smart-mouthed spitfire with the lush body seems to go out of her way to bedevil—and beguile—him. Despite her rudeness, he can’t seem to stay away from her. Luckily, she’ll soon be home where she belongs—and away from temptation. Just as it seems they’ll get their wish to never see each other again, Millie’s repatriation is put on hold. The king’s son goes missing, and Nadir leaves in search of him. What he doesn’t count on is Millie accidentally stowing away on the shuttle pod and the craft crashing in a war zone. Forced to trust one another, they set aside their differences to battle insurgents and unexpected threats in a dash for safety. But as desire flares, will their forbidden bond prove to be the biggest danger of all?

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He never expected to lead a rebellion. Metatron has been by God’s side for eons. A leader in battle. A loyal and unflinching servant until he finally sees the cruelty in some of his commander’s orders. When he discovers a lost colony planet, his only thought is to help save its inhabitants from the threat Hell poses. Only, demons aren’t the only thing he must guard against. His heart becomes involved when a vexing Templar Knight questions everything he’s ever stood for. Francesca isn’t about to let God—or anyone for that matter—dictate how she should live, or who should die. She’s ready to fight in the coming battle, not just against Hell but Heaven too, and the angels must choose a side. Metatron can only hope humanity is right when it claims love conquers all.

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Tired of sitting back while their borders are being attacked regardless of peace treaties signed, Amalt Paya decides to take it upon herself to investigate anyway, in spite of the punishment she knows she’ll face for defying direct orders not to. Her people are dying. What she and her fellow Ree warriors soon discover is worse than she thought. Entire towns are being razed to the ground. But how? And by who? Their enemy is not who they once thought. Ivan Mandrake, a lieutenant colonel in the United Planetary Forces, is tracking a race called the Ya that is destroying planets. Following the Ya to a planet the UPF isn’t allowed to touch, he and his group come across a legion of winged warrior females. ..(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)
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HE’S HER MR. RIGHT, BUT SOMEONE ELSE CREATED HIM – Can’t find Mr. Right? Why not create him? MedAct is the company that can make all your dreams come true! Just give them a call and let them create the perfect man for you. But remember, you can never give him up. It will kill him, literally. The Fighter Heaven can’t feel emotions. He turned them off to save himself when his bound one died. Now, he’s stuck in a world of logic, a world where everything is either black or white. His trust in Nightmare, the leader of the Fighters, is set in stone because he fights for the truth. That’s why Heaven sacrifices himself at the warehouse when cyborg soldiers attack them, so that the others can get away with the wounded Nightmare. He’s brought to XenthAid, a place where all malfunctioning cyborgs are brought, and is put in the hands of Doctor Emma Moore. He quickly learns Emma dreams of creating her own cyborg, and she’s been drawing him for many years. Heaven finds the information irrelevant, until he sees her drawings, and realizes he’s the spitting image of that cyborg.     AmazonKU


VS Note: I have been so impatient for this book! I love Murderbot! Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

Am I making it worse? I think I’m making it worse. Following the events in Network Effect, the Barish-Estranza corporation has sent rescue ships to a newly-colonized planet in peril, as well as additional SecUnits. But if there’s an ethical corporation out there, Murderbot has yet to find it, and if Barish-Estranza can’t have the planet, they’re sure as hell not leaving without something. If that something just happens to be an entire colony of humans, well, a free workforce is a decent runner-up prize. But there’s something wrong with Murderbot; it isn’t running within normal operational parameters. ART’s crew and the humans from Preservation are doing everything they can to protect the colonists, but with Barish-Estranza’s SecUnit-heavy persuasion teams, they’re going to have to hope Murderbot figures out what’s wrong with itself, and fast! Yeah, this plan is… not going to work.

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Talos is unhappy working aboard the Comet Stalker with a mixed crew of Leonids, Felids, and humans. Leonids and other Felids live in prides and packs, but Tigerites are solitary creatures who long to find just one soul to share their lives with. The problem? The female he’s fallen in love with is terrified of him—and she’s a human. Wendy survived a horrible ordeal back on Sapien-Three. Nightmares still haunt her, even though her adopted family aboard the Comet Stalker promises she’s safe. When Wendy’s troubled past invades her mind, she can’t believe aloof, taciturn Talos, the Tigerite who can barely stand to be in the same room with her, is the one who offers her a way out. Can a journey to the remote jungles of Tigerite-Seven heal Wendy’s broken mind—and Talos’ broken heart?     AmazonKU


VS Note: The blurb for book one states aliens have invaded Earth so…

The Infernal Legion demands an offering, and I’ve been chosen as this year’s Yuletide feast…The great white north was forsaken by the Heavenly Host years ago, and here, horned, red devils rule supreme. We don’t know where they came from – hell or a distant galaxy – but we know one thing. Every year, their Holly King is given a Snow Queen…and she’s never seen again. So when I’m given to the Holly King, Ulfric, I’m terrified. But that’s because I don’t know what pleasures await.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Listed in erotica.

Mari is a famous star in her intergalactic troupe. As headliner at the Comet Canyon Saloon, the last thing she expected to go wrong was being lassoed off stage by a chaps-wearing outlaw. Raider’s name has been tarnished by his good-for-nothing brother. The only way to clear it is by kidnapping the precious burlesque gem, Little Miss Mercury. After being stranded together during a desert storm, Mari and Raider discover that there’s more between them than a hostage situation gone wrong…One pleasure-inducing stinger, two souls roped together by fate, and an affinity for boots—they’re in for a Wild West ride. Will Raider and Mari claim their cosmic love? Or will they be whisked apart by the villain that wants to stop them?     AmazonKU


Olivia never made it home ….Olivia was attending a house party at the bunker her friend Terry had just completed when the aliens arrived. When she decided they’d left again, she headed for the barn, but it was a different world from the one she’d left so many months earlier. And the aliens hadn’t actually left–with their entire army. They had left a standing army to make a final sweep for the umans they knew were in hiding and Olivia became one of the hunted. Until they captured her.

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Abducted. Abused. Sold. Reece Halliday will find a way back home, even if it kills her. Abducted from Earth and auctioned off on the other side of the galaxy, a scarred starship XO buys her as a birthday present for his boss–as a pleasure slave. Ruthless starship officer Calin Aubron will do anything to climb the ranks of the Mendovan Alliance and regain the respect stolen from him. Life has taught him a harsh lesson: there is only duty, position, and honor. Neither Reece nor Calin expect to find a deep, abiding solace in each other’s company, a solace that leads Calin to dig deeper into Reece’s background and her claims of kidnapping. But the Rathian slave traders behind the kidnappings refuse to let one small, worthless human derail their lucrative income stream from reaped worlds. They will kill her first.     AmazonKU


The captain of a ragtag mercenary ship is given an offer she can’t refuse by the ruthless head of an intergalactic noble family. The only catch? She’ll have to team up with his son–an upsettingly competent hardbody with his own agenda–to get her reward. She’s got a ramshackle spaceship, a misfit crew, and a big problem with its sexy newest member…Temperance Reed, banished from the wealthy and dangerous Fifteen Families, just wants to keep her crew together after their feckless captain ran off with the intern. But she’s drowning in debt and revolutionary new engine technology is about to make her beloved ship obsolete. Enter Arcadio Escajeda. Second child of the terrifying Escajeda Family, he’s the thorn in Temper’s side as they’re sent off on a scouting mission on the backwater desert planet of Herschel 2. They throw sparks every time they meet but Temper’s suspicions of his ulterior motives only serve to fuel the flames between them. Despite volcanic eruptions, secret cultists, and deadly galactic fighters, the greatest threat on this mission may be to Temper’s heart.

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HELLWEG’S KEEP by Justin Holley

VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note. I like this kind of tale so it’s on my TBR list.

Thirty-seven miners disappear without a trace within a Titanium mine, Hellweg’s Keep, deep within Zeta One, a moon orbiting the planet, Terra. When FBI agent Kendra Omen arrives via the spaceship Marietta, strange phenomenon begins to manifest…suicides, shadows a shade darker than the shadows they move within, disembodied whispers, and Kendra would swear she catches a glimpse of her own deceased daughter walking the dimly lit halls of Hellweg enterprises. But that’s impossible. Isn’t it? As evidence of occult practices at the mine emerges, Kendra realizes the answers they seek, and hopefully the thirty-seven miners, will only be found underground in the claustrophobic labyrinth of shafts and natural caverns within Hellweg’s Keep.

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Finding an alien cyborg in the town park wasn’t something Tobias Prince figured on. He was only taking a breather from family drama when he discovered the spaceship hiding. He hadn’t counted on the giant robot following him home either. But when Malik Io took off his powersuit and revealed the person inside, Tobias was smitten. Malik Io crash landed on a planet distant from his own. His only hope at survival is reliant on the kindness of strangers. When he meets a young man tired and exhausted, he is struck by Tobias’s reluctant kindness. He knows that anything more than friendship is dangerous, considering that remaining on Earth is dangerous to his health, but Malik can’t help falling for Tobias.     Amazon


Alone and pregnant in a space colony far from home, Linnaea didn’t think her life could get worse…until she gets stuck in hospital. After Tariq lost his family in the attacks on Tito, he buried himself in his medical studies. Now as Dr Dark, he has a new mission: saving lives. Even if he’s resigned to spending the rest of his life alone. Until a chance encounter throws Tariq and Linnaea together. Dare they hope for a brighter future?

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Time has met its match in Beryl Blue – Six months after feisty librarian-turned-time-cop Beryl Blue’s last adventure with the gruff and sexy Tom ‘Sully’ Sullivan, she’s back in 2133, chasing time-traveling thieves and other temporal miscreants for the time tourism company, Time Scope, Inc. She misses Sully terribly, but fate has cast a deadly shadow over his future, and until she can find a way to fix that fate, she knows they can never be together. Beryl’s also on a desperate hunt for the man who murdered her parents. A new lead sends her on a journey across the centuries, to the Old West, Prohibition Chicago, and the swinging sixties, before she lands back in Sully’s arms—with no way to return to her own time. The longer they’re together, the more they tempt fate. Sully’s willing to put his life on the line to protect Beryl, but she refuses to accept that risk. It’s a race against the clock as Beryl launches a bold plan to catch a killer, defy destiny, and to save the man she loves.

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After escaping the government lab where they had spent most of their life with Chase’s brother and three powerful young girls, Daniela and Chase are on the run while the world burns down around them. They’re safer than they’ve ever been but that could change at any moment when Daniela decides to save a strange man from being killed by a group of aliens. Prince Garrath was his father’s youngest child, his only unblooded son still in line for the throne. When things go horribly wrong on his first mission planetside he’s left stranded with a group of people who have no idea what he is. His father’s agents will find him eventually but before he even has a chance to breathe he’s plunged head first into a fire fight with a shady government agency. Now all the three of them have to do is avoid getting attached.     AmazonKU


Earth has been nothing but bad luck for Mia Ambrose. So when the opportunity arises for her to be a nanny on a different planet, she jumps on it. But she should’ve researched her new employer a bit more. When he turns out to be a strict, super hot and stuffy military commander, she wonders if her bad luck followed her. Tharon is the highest-ranking commander in the Tor’vian military. And he has no idea how to take care of his children, a set of eight-year-old twins. Help comes in the form of hiring a nanny from the planet Earth. Mia isn’t exactly what he expected in a nanny. She’s beautiful, strong and loves his children, but is he strong enough to resist the attraction to the little earthling? However, not all is perfect on Tor’via. Tharon and Tor’via have enemies. Enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy the planet and its highest-ranking military official. Tharon must discover who wants his innocent, loving nanny dead before he loses his second chance at finding love and gaining his family back.    AmazonKU


VS note: What I gather from the blurb for book one is that these zombies can shift from human to zombie.

What will happen when the confident Jaden, the eldest Royalty brother, meets the insecure girl who’s spent her entire life hiding herself away? Tisha I’ve been a follower of Jaden’s since he appeared on TikTok, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the moment I saw him in real life for the first time. The boy is fine, but it’s not just his looks that have me feeling a way now. There’s something else, something deeper, something I can’t explain. I just need to get over this excruciating shyness so I can actually talk to him…Jaden – I was hooked the moment she walked into the cafeteria, wearing mom jeans and an oversized hoody, making every other girl I’d seen before her look basic. She was different, and she made me feel different; like something in her soul had gripped mine fiercely. But my family’s a mess and my abilities are weakening, so I need to be careful. If I can.     AmazonKU


A desperate woman. An alien warrior whose craving knows no bounds. A passion that will change the fate of humanity. In a world where humans have been hunted to near extinction, Rose is captured and on her way to be sold on the lucrative black market. Seizing her only chance, she escapes and finds fate waiting for her in the form of another captive of terrifying strength: a legendary Eok warrior. Together, Rose and the Eok warrior Karian will fight for their survival – and ultimately for the fate of the entire human race.During that fight, a dangerous attraction is born. Karian, the unyielding Commander in Chief of the Eok armies, feels his control fading a little more every time he looks at the fragile but headstrong human. Soon, the call to make her his mate torments his body, turning his desires into an imperious craving. She seems to want him, too, but she has no idea of the consequences for her should he claim her. Will Rose accept him as her bloodmate and seal both their destinies, before everything is lost?   AmazonKU


Jean – I’m stuck with Mr. Grumpy. Captain super-focused on… who knows what? Out of all the alien dragon warriors, why does he have to be the one to guide me on my mission to fix the life support? The only thing keeping us from roasting alive. Cekpet – I am the only one taking the threats we face seriously. My brothers may think we have escaped, but I understand the danger the Order still poses. So I focus on our defense until I am ordered to take the human female, Jean, on a mission. We must embark on a treacherous journey across the deadly desert, seeking a crucial piece of the humans’ crashed ship. As we traverse the unforgiving terrain, the line between my mission and the allure of a life with this female blurs. She causes too many distracting “what ifs”, and it puts the survival of both our races in jeopardy.     AmazonKU


VS Note: A re-release.

What do you do when your monster wants to be Santa CLAWS? Orvos is probably the grumpiest Gryn on Ustokos. The grouchy healer spends his time growling at any warrior who enters his domain to be treated and his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. He’s also not prepared to let me help, at all, despite my medical qualifications and his haughty behaviour and dismissive attitude towards me mean we’re hardly the best of friends. And then I go and open my big mouth to say we should share the celebration of Christmas with the Gryn. There’s only one problem, we need a Gryn to be our Father Christmas. So it comes as a huge surprise when Orvos actually offers to play Santa for all the younger Gryn. Admittedly, the big grump thinks he’s going to be Santa Claws, but as no one else is offering and Christmas is quickly, it looks like I don’t have a choice, even if it means we’re going to have to work closely together. The more time I spend with Orvos, the more I can’t ignore my growing attraction to the big, burly but oh-so-gentle warrior turned healer. But as soon as we get close, he pulls away. Now, not only can I not lose Orvos, I have to save Christmas too, because a Christmas without Santa Claws is no Christmas at all.     AmazonKU


The gorgeous alien stole my heart…and left me in a family way. When Zair sauntered into the casino where I worked his charming ways were impossible to resist. I thought I found happiness. Until the casino turned my life upside down. It was either flee at a moment’s notice or be sold to the seedy flesh clubs. My heart broke as I fled my fated mate. But I couldn’t risk it. Until I realized…I was carrying his children. Now I’m on the run, alone and pregnant with twins. I miss Zair more than ever. He once told me our bond transcended time and space. That he’d find me no matter where I ended. Well, the bad guys who bought my contract are looking for me too. I hope he finds me first. Because he won’t just find his mate. But his two kids, too.     AmazonKU


Rose Bearen is fed up with being a living ghost. Sure, it’s kind of fun to be able to walk through walls, float up through ceilings and down through floors. But when no one can see you, or hear you, or feel you, floating through walls loses its appeal in a hurry. Yes, it’s good that the house of horrors called a laboratory on Rogan was successfully raided and all of the prisoners, including Rose, her sister, their daughters, and a thousand other women were freed. And yes, it’s good that they’re onboard the Pharaoh and headed for home. And yes, it’s better than good that Riley successfully soul-linked with her Rami and is now strong and healthy. And yes, it’s enormously good that the little blue thugs called Doftles are no more. What’s not so good is … (a LOT mor blurb on ebook seller’s page)     AmazonKU


 know this alien’s off-limits, but she’s worth breaking all the rules for. As a billionaire astronaut and a rogue, I’m not afraid to break the rules, especially when exploring new planets. But when I meet Gaia, an interplanetary creature with hidden powers, I find myself breaking the most important rule of all: my heart. Gaia’s everything I’m not: pure, innocent, and kind. But she’s also incredibly strong and resourceful. She challenges me in ways that no one else ever has. I’m drawn to her like a moth to a flame. But there’s one problem: she’s forbidden. My cousin has warned me not to break her heart, but I can’t resist her. I’m falling for her, and I’m afraid that if I tell her the real reason why I want to explore her planet, she’ll never forgive me. When we reach Gaia’s birth planet X, I’m met with a powerful goddess who’s not too happy to see me. Now, I realize I made a terrible mistake by bringing Gaia home and now the goddess has plans for us both.   AmazonKU


This hot alien Santa’s in for a wild sleigh ride when I meet the captivating Noelle. My candy cane rises for this beauty with boundless passion. Despite the challenges, our forbidden desire proves too powerful to resist. Noelle’s creative spirit and sultry skills leave me eager for her toymaking talents. When we come together, our love feels naughty and nice. Noelle completes me in ways I never imagined possible, awakening needs I cannot ignore. Our passion blazes out of this world. With Noelle by my side, every day is full of sexy surprises. Our love delivers joy beyond measure. My Christmas wish for Noelle? To be jolly with her every night. This Mrs. Claus makes Santa’s spirit very merry indeed.     AmazonKU


VS Note: A prequel short story. Steampunk.

Georgia Brunel, Lady Langford, boards the transcontinental airship Juno with her late husband’s aunt, Millicent Brunel. They are looking forward to nothing more dangerous than a painting holiday in the clockwork city of Venice, but trouble soon finds them in the person of Millie’s nemesis from her long-ago schooldays. Old grudges have not been forgotten. Old hurts have not healed. Will an old feud finally be resolved … in murder?


ALIEN VAMPIRES by Crymsyn Hart

Charmed by the Alien Vampire Firemen (Alien Vampires 1) – When Ember’s apartment burns down, two alien firemen offer her their guesthouse. As love grows between them, the world closes in. In order to save them, she will have to give up everything she knows.Serenaded by the Alien Vampire Rock Star (Alien Vampires 2) – After Irene accidentally discovers rock star Ace Hendrix’s big secret, she wakes up in his bedroom without any memory of how she got there. Ace knows they’re meant to be together. He doesn’t care what the paparazzi says, he has to have her in his life no matter the cost…(More story details – 4 stories in all –  on ebook seller’s page.)

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*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: As many of you are aware, my brother has been in the hospital for nearly two weeks now with a very dire prognosis. We just got some good news of a little progress – my brother is a fighter! (And thanks for all the good wishes, support and prayers!). This week I picked STAR CRUISE TIME LOOP from my backlist to highlight because there’s an alien turtle in the plot, which was a tribute to my brother and his lifelong love of turtles. He even does turtle rescues nowadays in his local area, including several baby snapping turtles. So he was delighted when I wrote this book and even got a T shirt with the ‘turtle’s’  image.


VS Note: I always wanted to write a Groundhog Day style story because I love them and here it is!

Raelyn Cantorini, senior stewardess on the interstellar cruise ship Nebula Zephyr thinks the alien artifact she bought on the last planet the ship visited was just a pretty glass orb…until her pet Eyn knocked the ornament off a table, shattering it and sending her into an infinitely repeating time loop. Stuck reliving the same day over and over, Raelyn has only hours to try to save the ship and everyone on board from dying in a terrible catastrophe. As she tries to solve the mystery of what happens to the ship right before midnight each time the day repeats, Raelyn meets Kev Gordonn, the former Special Forces soldier turned actor and finds herself falling in love with him. Each time the day repeats, she learns more about him while he has no memory of her. Can she persuade him they’ve met before? Will he trust her enough to help stop the Nebula Zephyr’s destruction? And if they do save the ship, will that reset time for Raelyn? This is a lightly edited rerelease of my novella from the Pets in Space 6 anthology. No new material has been added.

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******************************OKAY, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT  IF YOU DECIDE TO CHECK OUT THE BOOK  (because my own books pay my bills) AND ONWARD WE GO!*********************


A cursed goblin sorcerer. The human female he’s waited an eternity for. A secret that could tear them apart. A quaint cottage in a Scottish forest seemed the perfect place for Kinsley to start anew. But when a tragic accident leaves her isolated and dying, her new life is over before ever beginning. Until a dark, mysterious being emerges from the night gloom and offers to save her—for a price. With no other choice but death, she accepts. She awakens to find herself bound to an ancient, powerful goblin who is equally terrifying and intriguing. He’s terse, demanding, brooding. Despite that, Kinsley is drawn to him, captivated by his sinful crimson eyes, craving his every wicked touch. But what will happen when he discovers the truth? What will happen when he learns that Kinsley cannot fulfill their pact? What will happen if she lets this goblin claim her heart along with her freedom?     AmazonKU


Arwen Forester may be a socially awkward introvert, but she’s an expert tracker, archer, and forager who has a pickling recipe for every vegetable in the garden. Unfortunately, none of these skills earn her a lot of money. And when the taxes go up on her father’s farm, she’s not sure how to help him keep the property. Then someone offers her a lucrative new gig: Hunt down a haughty half-dragon criminal with the power to incinerate those who irritate him. Normally, Arwen would reject such a suicidal mission, but with the farm at stake, she’s desperate. Besides, all she has to do is tag the half-dragon with a tracking device. How hard could it be?     AmazonKU


Twenty-year-old Ash’Arah is forced from her home as payment for the cure that healed her city. She will train to become a conduit, wielding magic for the good of the isle in Felgren Forest, led by the very man who took her. She refuses to go quietly, however, taking every opportunity to show Baron Heimlen that she does not intend to stay, no matter how powerful her magic appears to be. But when a closely guarded secret is revealed, she cannot deny her role as the forest’s savior any longer, nor her newly ignited passion for Heimlen’s successor, Baron Revich. Karus is a woman who wanders the forest in an endless string of days until she discovers a stone embedded in a fallen tree. Holding it, memories of her past awaken, and she is forced to confront what her heart has tried to hide and the secrets withheld from her. And as the fate of the forest falls into question, these women must face the truth of who they are, who they are destined to become, and who they love before they are consumed by the weight of what they have been chosen to bear.     AmazonKU


Snowed in for the weekend with her dragon stalker…Ivy’s cute dragon neighbor offers her a ride on his motorcycle when she needs a quick getaway after a bad breakup.
Turns out, he’s maybe been respectfully stalking her for years! Will their holiday hookup in a quaint cabin turn into something more? This bite-size festive novella features a monster hero, a swoony fated-mates love story, and plenty of cozy Christmas steam. It’s just the right length to read while your pie is in the oven.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From OCT 13.

In A World…Where purgatorian shifters cause chaos and secrets reign under the shadows, I discover a shocking truth that turns my world upside down. My destined mate is none other than the President’s daughter. Before I can get to her she is taken from me unexpectedly by a shifter assassin who claims the life of the President and steals his identity along with his daughter. To save her I’ll have to navigate my way through the shifters’ treacherous game of deception and danger. I’ll stop at nothing to take him down, restore the natural balance of this realm and reclaim my mate. I’ll be tested to my limits to prove that love can defy even the darkest forces. Can I save her or will we be consumed by this web of lies and betrayal?     AmazonKU


VS Note: From OCT 16.

Mantus – I have a job to do. I don’t like it, but that doesn’t change anything. Find the shifters and send them back to hell. That’s the work. It’s not as if I have a choice. I’ve been tracking this last assignment for nearly a month. He’s a crafty one. I’ve got him pinned down at a fancy wedding venue when I’m stopped at the door by a woman who clearly doesn’t know who I am or have any instincts for danger. As my prey disappears into a crowded dance floor, I’m struck by just how perfectly beautiful this party planner is. Felicity – I don’t care how big or how beautiful a wedding crasher is, no one uninvited gets in on my watch. It doesn’t matter that my lady parts are on fire from the moment I see him. He’s imposing and grumpy, but I can’t take my eyes off him. For the briefest moment when he stares into my eyes, I think I’m too weak to stop this giant. Then I remember I’m the wedding planner and two can play the intimidation game.   AmazonKU


VS Note: From OCT 20.

When I see a boat approaching my private island, I swim out to investigate. No one can invade my sanctuary. I plan to throw them off course–until I discover what’s happening on board. A man is accosting a woman. I shift into a giant sea serpent and destroy his boat in my fury. There’s something is different about the woman I rescue. I can’t hear thoughts the way I do with other humans. It’s refreshing after all the selfish nonsense I’ve had to endure from others. I bring her to my island and discover she’s my fated mate. When she recovers, our connection is strong. I invite her to stay and explore, and she agrees to do so for a few days. That’s not long enough. She’s the one–the one who can free me from my obligations to hunt. She can’t leave me–even if I have to force her to stay.     AmazonKU


Artemis Lake: Breaking down in Magic, Wyoming is an eye-opening experience. The biggest surprise? Shifters are real. The second? They’re supernatural but they can be killed. I can’t erase the twisted image of a hapless shifter dying by something’s hand. Something that I can’t explain to the Sheriff. Fleeing, I stumble across Radric. The huge monster of a man refuses to let me go. He claims I’m his mate and he has to protect me. From the faceless, dangerous entity that I saw or from him… a demon who has to kill to stay alive? Radric: I go by many names but all of them are feared. My mission is to hunt my target down and destroy it. Drag it to hell or just plain kill it. Then I find Artemis and a fierce hunger runs through my body, pushing out all thoughts except those about her. She’s my future but she’s also the present target of the beast I hunt. I’m no saint. Far from it. My job is to kill and this one is going to be a necessity to protect my mate. Nobody threatens what’s mine. Not unless you want to die.     AmazonKU

VENARI: DEMONIC DISCIPLES by Magnolia Montgomery

Earth. Each time I step foot in this realm it reeks of desperation and greed. Where I come from, one is a weakness, the other a Mortal sin. Yet here, they intermingle and inspire a vicious cycle. Here, they’re fueled by insidious manipulation. Shifters are a nefarious race that delights in the upset of balance in the mortal realm by creating chaos with neutrality. My brothers and I have been tasked with hunting these Shifters to protect and restore the universal balance. Venari. My name means Hunt, and it’s what I was born to do. For centuries I’ve hunted Shifters, tracking them in any form they take, sparing no mercy in my quest. Legend says that a demon’s mission is complete when their fated mate is found and bonded during the next blood moon. In all my years, in all my travels, I’ve never found a trace to suggest my mate exists. Until a trail leads me to Memphis. Southern hospitality and shifter threats aren’t the only things vying for my attention here. Miss Adelaide Morgan fell into my arms, literally, and I’ll move heaven and earth to get her back there again. Soon.     AmazonKU

TO CATCH A CAT by Elva Birch

VS Note: A revised and expanded re-release.

When her cat escapes out into the snow, Brittany goes to ask help finding her from the hot and reclusive woman next door. Anja knows that her new neighbor is her fated mate the moment she sees her, but destiny doesn’t always come with directions, and she isn’t sure how to break the ice until a feline rescue turns into something even more. To Catch a Cat is a funny and sizzling lesbian romp with fated mates, cozy comfort, and a very ungrateful lost cat.     Amazon


A sizzling sapphic collection of magic and enchantment! Ten tales of lesbian love to dazzle and delight, whether you’re looking for modern fantasy, Victorian steampunk, fated mates, forced proximity, or secret crushes, you’ll find a favorite in these pages. From flash fiction to long novellas, each piece is a satisfying story of women loving women, set in a vibrant world woven of dreams and desires. This set includes three novellas—Fire Control, All Manner of Hats, and To Catch a Cat—and six short stories: Memories of Magic, Slippery When What? Sleeping Arrangements, The Garden Spell, Dragonfly Days, Living Alone, and New Girls, each previously published individually, in the Prompted collections, in Her Wild Soulmate, and in Her Magical Pet under the names Elva Birch, Kalikoi, and Zoe Chant.     Amazon

GEMINI WILD by Laura Navarre

Only I would start my new semester at the dark witch academy with a kidnapping (mine) on dragonback and end the night with a marriage proposal I don’t want from the King of the Dark Fae. My intense and sinister kidnapper. Suddenly I’m not only Zara Gemini, the celebrity bad girl and wild rebel queen of the witching world. I’m the misfit new student at the Avalon Academy for Promising Royals of the Faerie Court. And the unwilling future bride of Zephyr, the Dark Fae King. He claims our union is his last chance to break this curse that’s destroying his realm. Plus I’m already up to my royal neck in dangerous warlocks who’ll kill to rule at my side. Sounds delish, right? Not so much. See, the enchanted secret world of Avalon has a dark side, and so does this Hades-Persephone fairytale. Sure, Zephyr’s the sexy-pretty hottie every Fae at court is jonesing to snag. Turns out he’s also broody, tortured, and twisted, with a shattered heart behind his savage surface. Let’s just call Zephyr…a fixer-upper. Now I’ve got a curse to break, a warlock to tame, and a kingdom to save. Plus I still need to pass my midterms.   AmazonKU


Forget snowflakes stinging my nose and getting into my eyes…Bring on the Alphas and their…holiday cheer. I could take that to the face and ask for more. Big knots on Alphas and nesting with pillows. Bite marks and claiming and pack mates that glisten…These are only a few of my favorite omegaverse things, especially during the holidays. Don’t miss out on this limited run holiday omegaverse anthology where it’s not over until something is stuffed and eaten. There’s something in here for everyone to devour.   Amazon


Knotty is definitely the new nice. Forget everything you think you know about the holidays. These Alphas aren’t here to just spread yule tidings, they’re also here to bring you scent-tillating, growly, and possessive heat that you just want to wrap yourself in. Just like a classic festive sweater. Bask in the holiday essence as it coats every available surface. With holiday shenanigans, heats, nestings, and knottings, there’s bound to be something in here to tickle your…. fancy. If you want something other than coal stuffing your stocking, make sure to not miss out on this limited run, PNR, holiday anthology!   Amazon


Heather’s cozy life with her cryptid boyfriend just got a little more complicated. When 23–year–old Heather started dating Mothman, she anticipated a few surprises. Getting transported to the faerie realm he was banished from? Yeah, that was a surprise. Heather was sure dating a forest monster meant she wouldn’t have to impress his family, but faced with the royal court of Eclipsica, she realizes things might not be so simple. The former influencer must trade her quiet #cottagecore aesthetic for a lavish #royalcore week in a new world filled with creatures, ballgowns, and secrets. With Moth’s family to impress, old friends resurfacing, and his memories returning, Heather begins to question their future. As the grand ball gets closer and Moth creeps out of bed in the middle of the night, Heather can’t help but wonder: can their cozy cottage in the woods compete with a castle?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Ziry, daughter of the South Dakota pack leaders, has worked as a detective her whole life. Before she takes over her territory’s pack, she head’s to Santa Cruz to help find and eliminate the black witches. There’s a war in California, and she’s ready to help in the fight. She agrees to join in this battle because it is the right thing, for her lifelong friendship with Tamsin, and pack solidarity. What she doesn’t expect is to find passion with a coven witch. Rho, one of the local coven witches and a private investigator, has been asked to help with the black witch plague infesting the city. Will her ability to infiltrate enemy territory threaten to sway her to the other side, or will her new found passion for the South Dakotan wolf be enough to ground her away from temptation?   AmazonKU


Elisa, the only vampire ever born, is hoping all can remain quiet in the City of Chicago in the wake of a destructive attack by an ancient demon who broke the city’s defensive magic. Still, she and her friends, including shifter Connor Keene, know they need to be ready for anything. Everyone is working as hard as they can to repair the city’s wards, but unwelcome creatures are slipping through and Elisa soon finds herself caught in the middle of a magical turf war with roots that go back generations. She knows she will have to take a stand, but retaliating threatens to reveal her deepest secret.

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A lost princess. Two dragon princes fighting for her heart. A love that will either destroy their kingdom or save them all. Raised in a world where humans are oblivious to magic, I always thought I was ordinary. Until a breathtakingly handsome stranger pulled me into a world where creatures of unimaginable power reign, hidden from mortal eyes. The whispers in my mind? They weren’t madness. It was the voice of my inner beast. It turns out I’m not a human at all—I’m a dragon princess. My infuriating captor claims it’s my destiny to marry a prince, to become the savior of an ancient dragon race, and end a curse that’s left them barren. But Draconia, the isle of dragons, is a maze of ruthless royal courts, treacherous lands, and dark secrets. With each passing day, my heart is tossed in a tumultuous storm between two princes: the charming future king—my betrothed, and his mercurial brother, who ignites a fire that could raze the entire kingdom. And I desperately need that inner fire because it’s the key to surviving the deadly Imperia Trials. In this brutal contest, the last dragon standing will reign over our divided kingdom. Beyond love and duty, it’s a battle for survival. But how does one choose between heart and soul when both could mean certain death?    Amazon


Retired Navy SEAL James Morton is an expert in security and protection. When his cousin asks him to provide his services to the staff at Havenhart Academy—a boarding school for child victims of trauma—he doesn’t count on working alongside folks who don’t operate in his reality, like librarian Morgan Forrester. She’s gorgeous, funny…and a witch? James deals solely in facts, science, and rules of engagement. There is no room for woo-woo in his life, but she knows things about his missing daughters. When he receives a mysterious phone call about his eldest, he’ll have to look past his beliefs and accept that even a natural-born Protector needs to ask for and accept help, and that sometimes opening yourself to new possibilities can bring about great rewards…and love.     AmazonKU


Good news, turns out the assassins weren’t after me after all. Bad news, they were after my friend, and now they have him. In other good news, my sister is now awake. And in other bad news, everyone is treating her like a bomb about to go off. Well, except for the people who seem to think we’re both some kind of saviours, while I’m not sure I can save even one person right now…But Viktor is counting on me, and I refuse to let him down. If you love kick-ass heroines and magical adventures, you’ll love STORM, the fifth book in L.C. Mawson’s new F/F urban fantasy series, Daughter of Nature.

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Evelyne, a disowned noblewoman, and Annika, a peasant girl with unusual powers, made the choice to be together in a kingdom where men make the rules. Now the Temple elders want Annika for murder and mercenaries want Evelyne for theft. But when Evelyne is abducted and Annika believes she has been abandoned, they must risk everything to find each other again. Annika discovers the Temple has imprisoned children with abilities like hers, and she alone stands between them and death. She’s forced to face her fear of her own powers and soon learns to use them with the help of Zuri, a former slave who is also gifted with magic. Evelyne, no longer entitled to the favors and respect bestowed on the nobility, must convince her beautiful captor to help her return to Annika. Doubt and questions plague them both, but one thing is for certain. The Temple has a long memory, and a familiar foe is coming for them.

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A collaborative anthology of romance short stories and novellas to raise money for Maui – All royalties earned from the sale of this book will go to UHF – The University of Hawai’i Foundation. This is a respected organisation that has been working for decades to assist all citizens of Hawai’i. UHF is co-ordinating and delivering thousands of meals per day for people affected by the horrific fires in early August 2023. All money raised will directly benefit the people of Maui. Contributors have donated all stories, formatting and artwork in order to raise as much money as possible to go where people need it most.
The romances in Love For Maui are sorted by genre and heat level. Inside this incredible collection are contemporary romances, historical romances, science fiction romances and shifters too.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Potent in magic and pure of blood defines the power of Castle Astaseul, but decades of exile shadowed their existence with an obsession for vengeance. A sinister mating ritual with the demon of lust unlocks the key to their rampage of revenge, but they soon find out that every dark compromise comes with a heavy price. Meanwhile, the kingdom that banished the twisted royals faces dark corruption of its own; lust, greed, and power will not only threaten the future of humanity but also of the gods that created them…When the darkness creeps forth and drags you into its depravity, how do you expel its corruption? “I’m stronger than you’ll ever be.”      AmazonKU


Can a globe-trotting fox alpha settle down with a fae omega? Calum Ward is torn. He loves his job and discovering new things from times past, but after spending an extended vacation with his family in Montana, his desire for a mate and children of his own has become too strong to deny any longer. But can he give up the life he loves to settle down somewhere? Asher Brooke wants nothing more than to feel like he’s wanted. He desires more than what he has in the fae realm and wonders if there’s ever going to be a possibility that he will find not only an amazing mate but adventure as well. When he’s visited by the fates in his realm, he jumps at the chance for a new life in the shifter realm, despite not knowing what he might encounter. Between an unusual storm, unexpected visitors knocking on the hotel room door, and complete lack of privacy, Calum and Asher wonder if they’ll ever find a place to finally be able to claim each other. When the ideal house becomes an option, will Calum and Asher claim it and each other?   AmazonKU


VS Note: Listed in erotica.

She thought camping with her besties on Halloween would be fun. She thought her biggest concerns would be bears and bugs. She thought tying her food in the trees and sleeping in a tent would protect her. But there are monsters lurking in these woods… and we’re hungry. My brother and I want more than a taste. We want to savor her screams. Consume her slick. Gobble her fear and pleasure. All it takes is the pull of a zipper to expose our next meal. We can’t wait to feast.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


From the demon-infested shadows of an enchanted house, a sorcerer plots the downfall of the crusader kingdom…and his greatest act of vengeance. Jerusalem, 1186: They call her the White Watcher, the warrior saint guarding the beleaguered kingdom of Jerusalem with her invincible lance. But Marta Bessarion doubts she’s anything special – and all signs warn of a coming disaster. Now allied with the demon Lilith, the cunning and ruthless Countess Sibylla is poised to seize the throne. In Damascus, Saladin has sworn to conquer the crusader kingdom. And at his side, the sorcerer Khalil plans to take his revenge on the Bessarion family once and for all. War promises Marta a long-awaited chance to confront Khalil, but in order to defeat him, she must first uncover his darkest secrets…and venture to the heart of his power. Some battles can’t be won, even with a magic lance. Sometimes it’s the weak things of the world that put the mighty to shame.

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Welcome to Starry Hollow, where spells were made to be broken. It’s Christmastime in Starry Hollow and Ember is not full of good cheer. Instead of indulging in spiked eggnog by a cozy fire, our favorite descendant of the One True Witch is busy helping Aunt Hyacinth contend with three persistent ghosts just like dear Scrooge, along with another, more threatening ghost from the past. Can Ember save Christmas or will it all go to hell in a one horse open sleigh?     AmazonKU


Cupid’s arrow has Christmas plans of its own this season…For as long as there have been Santas delivering presents on sleighs, there have been reindeer to pull them. Arrow’s family of shifter reindeer has been part of the tradition from the very beginning. He loves being on the team and all the joy he brings to children at Christmas time. But there is another part of his legacy that takes an even bigger toll. As an alpha with the Cupid surname, he also carries a bit of magic for matchmaking. It just comes naturally to him and he’s able to connect those who are looking for love on the regular. Too bad he can’t make that magic work on himself. Jude, a human omega, is finally ready to admit that keeping the oceanfront beach house he recently inherited might be over his head. He moved in and was able to fix it up, but the property taxes are due and he isn’t sure how to make the payment. When his cousin suggests renting the place to tourists as a short-term rental, he agrees to give it a shot. He has no idea that his first and only renter will end up piercing his heart in a way he never expected.     AmazonKU


Donner makes a living delivering Santa’s gifts. He never expected to be one. Omega Donner heads logistics for Santa’s trek across the world, but he can’t figure out his work/life balance. When Santa demands he take a mandatory vacation, he throws clothes in a suitcase and picks his beach destination. He’s ready to put vacation in the rearview ASAP and get back to work. Santa’s more prepared than he is! Magical intervention gives Donner the outfits he needs to tackle the nightlife head-on. Too bad it tackles back…Alpha eagle shifter Beau is a bouncer at a rooftop club. When he sees a hawt omega hurt in an accident his workplace should have prevented, he makes it his goal to protect Donner at all costs. When he and the club disagree on how to handle the incident, Beau quits his job. Now, he has all the time in the world to spend with Donner and ensure he has the best vacation ever! That isn’t what Santa had in mind … or is it? It’ll take a Christmas miracle to bring these fated mates together forever.   AmazonKU


An Alpha reindeer + a human who hates the holidays = a recipe for disaster – Blitzen: Santa says I need a vacation. I know if I stick around home I’ll find myself back at work in no time, so I head to a human vacation spot instead. New Orleans, LA is thick with humidity and full of holiday cheer. It’s the perfect place to blend in while I try not to think about how many days there are until Christmas. Perry: I can’t stand this time of year. All the false joy and greenery gets me grumblier than a gator chasing a swamp boat. All I want is to have a peaceful holiday season where I can avoid all the happy people. Too bad for me the guy who rented my spare room for the week is Christmas incarnate.   AmazonKU


War is coming…and Prince Vaniell is willing to do whatever is necessary to protect the Five Thrones. He’ll even entrust his life to a former enemy as he attempts to gather allies against the looming threat of Garimore’s armies. From Iria and Eddris to the distant mountains of Farhall, he’ll risk everything to bring the Thrones together, desperate to save Abreia from the cruel realities of war. But he must do it without Karreya. Her mission is to infiltrate Hanselm, the capital city of Garimore, and confront the man she knows as Father. It is a daring gamble that hinges on his own pride and ambition, and Karreya believes she can provoke him into acting before he is ready. But nothing could have prepared her for seeing her father again—for the secrets that would come to light, or the truths she would discover about herself. When her hopes and plans lie in ruins, she must decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice, and how far she’s willing to go to protect the gray-eyed mage prince she has come to love. Armies are on the move, and under the shadow of dragons’ wings, the Five Thrones wait to learn whose hand will direct their future. Will the tyrant, Melger, fall? Or will Vaniell and Karreya fail in their quest to save the ones they love? Bonds will be tested. Hearts will be broken. And by the choices of a destined few, the fate of the world will be forever changed.   AmazonKU


Eight holiday tales in the magical town of Cat’s Paw Cove – FAMILIAR BLESSINGS by Candace Colt – A gifted medium, Theo Blessing renounced her magic, tired of being hounded by the greedy dead. Former Army Ranger Ethan Cooper promised to repay a debt to a man whose wise counsel brought him out of war’s dark shadow. Ethan appears on Theo’s doorstep with a puzzling letter. If what it says is true, the reluctant medium and skeptical Ranger must travel back to 1720 to save a young boy from the gallows. CHRISTMAS AT MOON MIST MANOR by Kerry Evelyn – Lanie and Matt Saunders return to Cat’s Paw Cove two years after their first disastrous Christmas there. When a mysterious kitten leads Matt back in time, can he right the wrongs of the past and give his expectant wife the perfect Christmas?…(more story details on ebook seller’s page)   AmazonKU


As Annani and Syssi set out to unravel the mysteries of Syssi’s visions about the gods’ home world, the long-awaited wedding cruise sets sail with Aru, Gabi, and Aru’s teammates on board. While the gods find themselves surrounded by immortal clan ladies eager for their affections, they soon discover that destiny has a different plan for them.     AmazonKU


VS Note: LGBTQ Horror.

Aboard the ship Scylla, there is no future or past. Jaq, her fickle lover Lily, and their all-female crew exist in an endless present. It’s better this way. At least it keeps Lily by Jaq’s side, where she belongs. But the meddling gods care little for Jaq’s longing, and despite her protective rituals, their punishmentarrives all the same: A man, adrift on the open ocean. Delivered to snatch Lily from Jaq’s arms forever. Jaq knows what to do. She’s lost Lily before. Her lover will return-when this interloper, this distraction, is snuffed out. But Jaq’s murderous schemes may not be enough. The intruder’s presence infects her crew with a plague her spells cannot cure: memory. And as the women recall how they came to Scylla, their minds bend one by one towards revenge.

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What happens after the happily ever after? Wyatt and Kate were just kids when they mated. Time passes by and life gets comfortable. Sometimes too comfortable. One too many poker nights with the boys. One drunken, passion-filled nightcap. One irreversible, unexpected pregnancy. They always thought they’d face everything in life together. But this changes everything. Kids were never part of the plan. Can they overcome the biggest surprise of their lives?     AmazonKU


Legend has it that wishes made at the standing stones during Christmas come true. 
As if. Maisie Barron is over it. A small-town girl with big dreams, her frustrations lead her to make a silly wish at the standing stones outside Loren Brae. Little does she know, the magick found there will transform her wish into a catastrophic event that threatens the upcoming Christmas Book Festival. Weston Smith needs a break. Burnt out from his tenure-track professorship, he decides that a holiday in little Loren Brae, Scotland, will be the perfect escape he needs to recharge his batteries. The last thing he expects is to find the woman he’s been waiting his whole life for. With the over-zealous help of a gaggle of elderly book club members, West finds himself on a real-life mission to woo the woman of his dreams. There’s more than magic at play when sparks ignite. Snowed in, with an undeniable attraction brewing, only West and Maisie can save Loren Brae from the snowstorm of the century.     AmazonKU

BEWITCHED BY THE BEAR by Jessica Coulter Smith

All Amara wants is to live a life of adventure, without being tied down. With the dark fae relentlessly pursuing her, she needs a place to hide. Her gram’s cottage seems like the perfect spot, but the old witch’s words leave Amara unsettled — What you seek is in Cutter’s Creek. Alpha bear shifter Hale is determined to safeguard those closest to him. His life takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with a captivating witch. Enchanted by her very presence, he’s unable to banish her from his thoughts. As destiny ties them together, not even the dark fae will destroy their newfound happiness.

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VS Note: LGBTQ Fantasy.

In this land where stories are as much a currency as gold or silver, secrets–the stories you don’t tell–also have their price. Nivvy the thief keeps many secrets, having left his home for the Thieves Guild, then having left the Thieves Guild–involuntarily–for a life alone. His fortune changes the day Bella, a mysterious woman in an ancient dress, hires him for a nigh-impossible theft: to steal back the kingdom she claims is her own. If Nivvy is equal to this epic task, surely he will be admitted back to proper disreputability in the Thieves Guild. But Bella has secrets of her own, and her quest is not what it appears to be. As Nivvy uncovers some of the truths behind what he’d dismissed as ancient stories and Bella’s improbable connection to those tales, he realizes that this journey is more dangerous than he could have dreamed. If he survives this adventure, merely stealing a kingdom couldn’t hold a candle to the rest of the story.    Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

DO YOUR WORST by Rosie Danan

VS Note: I saw one reviewer describe this as “lightly paranormal”.

Riley Rhodes finally has the chance to turn her family’s knack for the supernatural into a legitimate business when she’s hired to break the curse on an infamous Scottish castle. Used to working alone in her alienating occupation, she’s pleasantly surprised to meet a handsome stranger upon arrival—until he tries to get her fired. Fresh off a professional scandal, Clark Edgeware can’t allow a self-proclaimed “curse breaker” to threaten his last chance for redemption. After he fails to get Riley kicked off his survey site, he vows to avoid her. Unfortunately for him, she vows to get even. Riley expects the curse to do her dirty work by driving Clark away, but instead, they keep finding themselves in close proximity. Too close. Turns out, the only thing they do better than fight is fool around. If they’re not careful, by the end of all this, more than the castle will end up in ruins.

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The regulars at the magical Café Funiculi Funicula are well acquainted with its famous legend and extraordinary time-travel offer. Many patrons have reunited with old flames, made amends with estranged family and visited loved ones. But the journey is not without risks, and there are rules to follow. In the tradition of Toshikazu Kawaguchi’s sensational Before the Coffee Gets Cold Series, readers will once again be introduced to a new set of visitors: the husband with something important left to say; the woman who couldn’t bid her dog farewell; the woman who couldn’t answer a proposal; and the daughter who drove her father away. Featuring signature heartwarming characters and wistful storytelling, in the beautifully haunting Before We Say Goodbye, Kawaguchi asks: Who would you visit if you could travel through time?

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Siyon Velo might be acknowledged as the Alchemist. He may even have stabilized the planes and stopped Bezim from ever shaking into the sea again. But that doesn’t mean he has any idea what he’s doing—and it won’t be long before everyone knows it. To make things worse, mythical creatures once confined to operas and myths are spotted around Bezim. A djinn invades Zagiri’s garden party, and whispers of a naga slither across Anahid’s Flower district card tables. Magic is waking up in the Mundane. It’s up to Siyon to figure out a way to stop it, or everything he’s worked so hard to save will come crashing down.     Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


A new threat from the past is rising, and only a handful of heroes remain to fight. Pursued by dark forces, Will and his allies must leave the safety of the Hall and travel to the heart of the ancient world, making new and dangerous alliances, and revealing the shocking secrets of the past. But Will is carrying a dark secret of his own—his true identity. Drawn to the beautiful and deadly James St. Clair, Will is pulled ever deeper into the web of the past, and finds himself tempted by the darkness within. As the ancient world threatens to return, can Will and his friends fight their fate? Or will the truths they learn tear their world apart?    Amazon      AB    Apple Books     Kobo


Auris’s adoptive sister Char has always been the baby of the family—a position that grates on Char, especially when everyone insists on telling her exactly what to do and how to do it. But Char is certain that her headstrong, impulsive behavior, the quality her family sees as her greatest weakness, is actually her greatest strength: the willingness to instantly brave danger and leap to the rescue when anyone she loves is threatened.
Char knows she will never grow into the woman she was meant to be under her family’s loving but repressive eye, so a month before she turns fifteen, she runs away and joins a Human pirate crew in the warm southerly regions of her world. Then, three years into her pirate career, her captain—the man she is convinced she loves—is captured by the leaders of the slave trade he has been fighting. When Char leaps in to rescue him, she finds herself thrust into an adventure that will uncover secrets she never suspected about herself, one that will maybe, finally, teach her to look before she leaps.

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A vanished star. A haunted film. A mystery only love can unravel…1968: Gemma Turner once dreamed of stardom. Now the actress is on the cusp of obscurity. When she’s offered the lead in a radical new horror film, Gemma believes her luck has changed—but her dream is about to turn into a nightmare. One night, between the shadows of an alleyway, Gemma disappears on set and is never seen again. Yet, Gemma is alive. She’s been pulled into the film. And the script—and the monsters within it—are coming to life. Gemma must play her role perfectly if she hopes to survive.  2007: Gemma Turner’s disappearance is one of Hollywood’s greatest mysteries—one that’s captivated film student Christopher Kent ever since he saw L’Étrange Lune for the first time. The screenings only happen once a decade and each time there is new, impossible footage of Gemma that shouldn’t exist. Curiosity drives Christopher to unravel the truth. But answers to the film’s mystery may leave him trapped by it forever.

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VS Note: A re-release.

Dear Diary, Tomorrow is the big day! Life is thrilling! All of my dreams are coming true… except the one where I ride off into the sunset with Prince Charming on a snowy white steed and inherit an adorable brownstone on the Upper East Side with a doorman named Jeeves. Well, one can’t have everything, can they? Fingers are crossed—all of them—that my first big fashion show goes off without a hitch. Never in my wildest wizard dreams did I imagine that my designs would be headlining New York Fashion Week. As long as the models show up and my darling undead assistant, Helen, doesn’t cry happy tears of blood all over the frocks, I’m confident my caftans will be a huge success. Who knew shapeless bodywear could be the next big thing? Me, that’s who! And I’m manifesting my dreams into reality. Anyhoo, wish me luck, Dear Diary, and thanks as always for lending an ear… or a page, to be more accurate. xoxo Johnson Jones

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BURIED SECRETS by Sheri Lewis Wohl

Tuesday Johnson spent her career helping the Spokane, WA, community as a probation officer and a search and rescue K9 handler. After suffering a career-ending gunshot wound, all she wants is to heal and spend quiet time with her mother during her last days of battling cancer. Instead, visions of murder disrupt her hopes for peace, and family secrets shake up everything she thought she knew. After twenty-five years of searching, private Detective Addie Caine has all but given up hope of finding her brother alive. When the last known sighting brings her to Spokane and a routine search uncovers a decades-old burial ground, the hunt for her brother means pursuing a serial killer. Tuesday and Addie, along with Tuesday’s dog, Tripper, struggle to solve a twenty-five-year-old mystery while searching for love and redemption along the way.   Amazon


Amara’s journey has taken her far; from enslavement in Pompeii’s wolf den brothel to her new life as a high-powered courtesan in Rome, but her story is not over yet. While Amara plays for power in Rome’s imperial palace, those dearest to her remain in Pompeii. But it is 79 CE, and mighty Mount Vesuvius is about to make itself known.

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IN THE PINES by Mariah Stillbrook

Two witches, two secrets, and a curse that could tear a family apart. Olivia and Ellie have lived their lives knowing a dark entity is stalking their family, determined to kill them all. After the death of Olivia’s son, she abandons her magic and her family, leaving Ellie in a nightmare of heartbreak, her marriage crumbling and her sister gone. Determined to save their mother Arianna from a spell that left her comatose, the two sisters must come together to unravel the riddle of the curse that has haunted their family for generations. But as they delve into the past, the truth they uncover is more twisted and treacherous than they ever could have imagined. Will they be able to break the curse, or will it consume them all?

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The search for the Ivory Key has brought royal siblings Vira, Ronak, Kaleb, and Riya closer than they have been in years as they try to restore magic and stability to Ashoka. But despite finally getting their hands on the long-lost key, uncovering its cipher has proved more complicated and dangerous than they ever expected. Their missions force them to split up and disperse them across Ashoka and beyond. When a rash decision by the council strips Vira of her power, her journey to reclaim her throne takes on new meaning. Kaleb travels to the neighboring country of Lyria to uncover its emperor’s motives and meets a prince seeking answers of his own. Ronak’s efforts to escape his arranged marriage and exonerate his brother lead to a series of risky deals that only bring him closer to what he’s running from. And Riya’s newfound power has turned unpredictable, but her search for answers only raises more questions. When their attempts at decoding the key release an ancient power, the siblings must align to face the past and save their future once and for all. In a quest that culminates in a deadly labyrinth, there’s only one way they will succeed: together.

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Eternity is a long time, but for Serenity Debrek, immortality has been one long party. As little sister to Byron Debrek, the leader of the Debrek vampire clan, Serenity has never wanted for anything. If only she could be useful to her sister and be taken seriously, especially as she accidentally endangered the clan during their last encounter with the dark witch Anka. Bhal has lived all eternity serving the Debreks. She has only one rule to avoid inevitable tragedy: never fall in love again. But Serenity haunts her dreams. Bhal shouldn’t love, and Serenity hates her it seems. When Serenity falls into a path of self-destruction, only Bhal can save her and show her she has everything to live for. But in the end game of good versus evil, will they be able to find reasons to live, and love?   Amazon


Kitaine Neris is a Vanish Witch who fell victim to her own magic. Fortunately, her disappearing act didn’t stick. After escaping Elsewhere, a chaotic pocket world full of violent criminals, Kit and Marrik return to their lives and try to heal their fractured relationship. But they have to contend with Marrik’s witch-hating family, who want Kit out of his life. And after her failed attempt to Vanish a high ranking, corrupt witch, Kit is in the crosshairs of the powerful High Coven. To keep her safe, Kit and her tale of Elsewhere are thrust into the spotlight. Kit’s heightened visibility makes the High Coven hesitant to retaliate, but stirs up anti-witch groups especially because, thanks to Kit, witches can now become stronger. Not only that, a disruption caused by a magical surge will bring a disaster down on Kit’s city. With her stronger Vanish magic, Kit is the only one who can stop it. But saving her city will be easier said than done when the anti-witch groups zero in on Kit. And when they unleash a devastating strike, no matter how strong Kit’s magic is, it might not be enough to stop her from losing everything.   AmazonKU


In Season of the Dragon, readers meet the reluctant hero, Quen, and a cast of memorable characters, gods, and creatures great and small. The Saga of Ilkay and Collected Stories is a “replica” of Quen’s favorite storybook which was destroyed by dragon fire. Containing new illustrations, detail maps, and two new short stories, fans of the Dragos Primeri series can extend their adventures in the world of Season of the Dragon.     Amazon


Chestnuts are roasting. Jingle bells are rocking. The halls are about to be decked. In other words, Christmas is about to hit Hemlock Cove. Hard. There’s just one little problem…or maybe two. Okay, there are three big problems plaguing Bay Winchester before she can enjoy the holidays. The first is that the warden who lost his job thanks to a prison break weeks before is determined to stalk Bay until she magically fixes his life. He keeps showing up in the oddest of places and making the sort of demands she can’t fulfill. The second involves Aunt Tillie, who has decided to gift her nemesis Margaret Little a special spell rather than a lump of coal this holiday season. It involves her Christmas decorations taking on a life—and voice—of their own. The spell, however, isn’t nearly as contained as it was supposed to be. When a body shows up at the local private school, that means it’s one problem too many for Bay. And she doesn’t know which problem to solve first. The headmistress of the school was involved in a convoluted affair with father of one of her students. The list of suspects who wanted her dead was long and sundry, however. All Bay wants is to surprise her husband with a dog for Christmas and to eat her weight in cookies. She has to save the day first, though. Murder, mayhem, and mistletoe are on the menu.     AmazonKU


Everything should be fine. The Brid is dead. I’m the new seelie king. And Lonan is with me, safe from the unseelie queen—his mother—and terrible brothers. But it’s not fine. Nothing is fine. I can’t seem to let go of my old life, even as this new one—and my new responsibilities—overwhelm me. Something is wrong with Lonan—he’s closing himself off even more, he’s quiet and distant, and every day the rift between us seems to get bigger, no matter what I do. I know he wants to go and take his crown. I know he doesn’t feel right here, in this place that’s too hot and too crowded and too different from his home. But I can’t bring myself to let him go. I’ve already lost everything once. I can’t stand the thought of losing him. But something is happening to me, and I don’t know how to stop it. I can feel myself changing. Becoming something uglier, darker, further and further from who I once was. Lonan is the only thing stopping me from getting swallowed up completely by whatever now possesses me, but my desperation to keep him close just seems to be driving him further away. And that scares me more than anything.