Signed Bookplates

I’m making a slow but steady effort to get my books back up in paperback, on Amazon only. I looked into selling the signed books from my webpage but it’s just not going to be possible for me at this time – sorry.

At the moment I have KYDEN, RENNYR, AYDARR, JAMOKAN and TRATUS in paperback. I don’t do my own formatting so I can only afford to do a couple each month. I’m working my way through the Badari Warriors series and then we’ll see what I decide to do next.

Amazon does seem to have some backstock of other books left over from the days of CreateSpace but it’s a random selection.

What I can do is send you a signed bookplate (to be clear, a sticker I’ve signed which you then put inside the book). If you send me your name and address and which book you’d like ‘signed’, I’ll mail you the bookplate. Please use my “Contact the Author” form on this blog. For now I’m willing to do this at my own expense, anywhere in the world, but reserve the right to revise my plans if it gets to be too expensive on my end.

Thanks for all the support!