Six Sentence Sunday!

From Warrior of the Nile, currently out on submission

(Khenet, a warrior of  ancient Egypt, is assigned by Pharaoh to journey down the Nile as bodyguard to Tiya, a noblewoman who has been selected by the goddess Nepthys to help her put a stop to black magic threatening all Egypt.  Tiya is to die in the attempt and Khenet will also perish.)  During the voyage Khenet discovers that his growing feelings for Tiya are affecting him, changing how he views the world, want he wants.

Khenet sat, uncomfortably aware of Lady Tiya by his side. He didn’t dare look at her. It was obvious to him and every other man in the room that the dancer on the small stage felt she was performing for him, seducing him, the high ranking visitor.

The dancer was exactly the kind of woman he’d enjoyed back in Thebes, uninhibited, well formed, sensual. The Red Heron’s innkeeper had found the right entertainment for him.

         Or rather, for the man I was before meeting Tiya.


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  1. Kerrianne, Taryn, Ranae, Carrie Ann – thanks for the comments, glad the feelings came through. Meeting Tiya does throw Khenet into a whole other state of mind that takes getting used to for a warrior! And the dancer doesn’t help!

  2. I really liked how you showed his transition, from the man he was to his realizations that things have changed (possibly for the better 😉 ) – because of Tiya. Very nice six. 😀

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