Six Sentence Sunday

From Warrior of the Nile, currently out on submission

(Khenet, a warrior of  ancient Egypt, is assigned by Pharaoh to journey down the Nile as bodyguard to Tiya, a noblewoman who has been selected by the goddess Nepthys to help her put a stop to black magic threatening all Egypt.  Tiya is to die in the attempt and Khenet will also perish.)  During the voyage Khenet discovers that his growing feelings for Tiya are affecting him, changing how he views the world, want he wants.

I’ve been doing intense snippets – here’s a more light hearted moment between the two:

Khenet leaned against the bulkhead and watched as she quickly drew a sketch of the ship’s cat, capturing the animal’s essence, battle scarred ears and all, adding a border of whimsical fish.

“Do you like it?” she asked the cat, who merely yawned and strolled away.

Khenet examined the likeness more closely. “This is good.”

“You sound surprised.” Raising her eyebrows, Lady Tiya plucked another small blank papyrus from her box and smoothed it against her thigh.


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  1. Excellent read, Veronica–thanks for sharing it. I’d love to read more (huge fan of the ancient world), so best of luck with the submission process!

    • The Ancient Egyptians had red, green, yellow, blue, white and black primarily, which came from various mineral, plant and insect sources. I visualize Tiya having one of those beautifully made, inlaid wooden boxes, with little alabaster pots of color and her drawing implements inside. Thanks for asking!

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