Six Sentence Sunday

From a WIP in process short story, set in Ancient Egypt:

               Kai threw his shoulders back, stood at attention and stared straight into Pharaoh’s eyes. “Sir, my mother is sick and we have no deben for a healer or medicines. My sister has sold all our possessions already and now the landlord threatens to take her as a slave in payment of our mounting debt. Young though I may be, I’m the man of the house, it’s my job to provide for my mother and sister, so I thought – “

“You thought soldiering was an honest profession and pays a fair wage,” Pharaoh said, picking up his crook and flail. “I am pleased to accept the oath of service from my newest recruit.”


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30 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Cool! I’m so glad the Pharaoh accepted Kai into his army (is that the right term?) Anyway. Really enjoying this story as it’s unfolding. I like the unusual historical milieu. Great six–can’t wait for the next!

    • So glad you’re enjoying the story! Actually Pharaoh is going to send him to more school, not make him a warrior *right* this minute. A lot more stuff to come, hard to limit to six sentences!

  2. Well that’s one way to solve his problem. Just like in modern times, people sometimes have to make big sacrifices to provide for their families. Some things haven’t changed over the millenia.

  3. This is very intriguing and definitely perked my interest! Ancient Egypt has always fascinated me 🙂 This sounds like a great story! Thanks for sharing!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog today 🙂

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