Christmas After the Action Report from Our House – Happy Holidays!

And suddenly it’s the Day After Christmas and a Monday and it kind of seems where has all the magic gone? We spend so long in preparation for the big day and then it’s over! But there’s always next year.

I hope the day was a good one at your house? We had the fun, early morning present opening – my grandson is very efficient, opens them all, starting with his stocking that I made him the year he was born, and working steadily through, then demanding everything be removed from the boxes so he can play. Major hit this year – a child sized “man chair” to replace the really beat up one in his room and a Cars 2 racing track from Great Uncle David in AL. But he also never let go of the Slinky my brother sent, which goes to show the classics are always in favor!

My favorite gift was a “I Can Haz Cheezeburger” daily calendar  for work. I adore the LOL cats, love cats anyway and the pictures and captions are so hilarious. I also loved my Roman centurion action figure (got the Ancient  Egyptian action figures last year!).

Best gift in the entire household was a Dr. Who Tardis stuffed pillow that my older daughter made my younger daughter from scratch, no pattern, no nothing. Or possibly even better – the cat ornament she also made free hand, matching her sister’s cat (who was totally unimpressed with any attempt to capture his uniqueness in felt).

We’re pretty disciplined at cleaning up the paper, bows and boxes as we go, and about putting away gifts. Each day this week I’ll make another bit of the holiday disappear – the stockings, the cards from friends and family, the wreath, the tree itself on New Year’s.

Just as I don’t do Black Friday shopping, I don’t go into the December 26th retail frenzy. I’ll venture out in a day or two, gift cards in hand. Need a new chair for this writing desk! But today I’m editing a WIP that has been requested for submission (fingers crossed!).

Off to snack on some delicious leftovers from yesterday’s turkey dinner, just wanted to check in, say hello and wish everyone a very happy last week of December!


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