Six Sentence Sunday – Priestess of the Nile

My final excerpt from Priestess of the Nile, out from Carina Jan 23rd TOMORROW!!!

Next week I’ll move on to  another WIP…

Sobek the Crocodile God is doing his duty, maintaining the Nile, far from the village where Merys lives, but he can’t shake an ominous premonition...

Something is wrong.

The feeling persisted until at last he had finished,
and the Nile flowed serenely on its appointed course
again. Bek shifted from his crocodile form and stood
on the bank as a human, trying to understand where
this foreboding came from, what it could possibly
signify. He eyed the skies above, sent his thoughts
questing along the channels linking the world of the
Great Ones.


Only one thing in my life might affect me in this
fashion—a threat to Merys.

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  1. I’ll bet you’re jumping up and down right about now. 😉 Happy release day to you (a little early!)

    Interesting shifter form–a croc. I like! Nice combination of worry and yearning in the hero. Great six!

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