Six Sentence Sunday

Today’s excerpt is from Dancer of the Nile, a new WIP in my connected series. It’s close to being ready for submission but not…quite…there. Yet!

Nima, the dancer, has been kidnapped by the enemy Hyksos during a raid on a border town. She finds she’s not the only captive they’re taking back to their fortress. This is from the opening scene of the novel, as the column has stopped for a brief rest:

                  Nima lifted the cup to her dry lips and then stopped, gazing over the edge of the unglazed mug to where the other prisoner knelt in the sand, head down, shoulders slumped, arms bound. They don’t offer him water?

                  Inwardly quaking, she took a few tentative steps in the direction of her fellow Egyptian, growing bolder and hurrying the last few paces.

                “Here, drink quickly,” she whispered, preparing to hold the mug for him.

He raised his head and she recoiled from the intensity in the soldier’s unusual hazel eyes. However defeated he may appear, this man isn’t giving up.

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