Six Sentence Sunday

From A Work In Progress, Dancer of the Nile

Nima the dancer and Kamin, the other Egyptian prisoner, have escaped the Hyksos in a stolen chariot. The  chariot crashes and their pursuers will be upon them any moment.

Putting his hand under her elbow, Kamin pulled her to her feet and gave her a gentle push toward the overturned chariot. “Crawl under there and stay put, you hear me? They won’t be able to get at you without fighting their way through me and I won’t die easily.”

                Nima scrutinized the oncoming chariots, hearing the guttural war cries of the Hyksos warriors. “You can’t possibly defeat all those men – “

                He stopped her with a kiss, tugging her body against his for a brief moment, as he said, “If I’m fighting for you, I can.”

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