Six Sentence Sunday – Dancer of the Nile (WIP) Excerpt

From a WIP entitled Dancer of the Nile

NOTE: Next week I’ll be switching to excerpts from my soon-to-be-published SF Wreck of the Nebula Dream for a while

The drum beat faster and she twirled, cymbals chiming on her fingertips to punctuate each movement and then suddenly the climax was reached, the dance was done.

Head bowed, Nima  sank to the floor, one arm extended to him palm up.

All his senses on fire, Kamin surged from the pillows, bending to take her hand and pull her up into his arms. He kissed her, crushing her body to his, hands roaming over her back, the perfect curve of her butt.

“Gods, woman, you’ve driven me insane.”

“Did my dance please you then?”

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