Six Sentence Sunday

Switching gears for a while, leaving Ancient Egypt for the far future – here’s an excerpt from my new book Wreck of the Nebula Dream, science fiction with romantic elements, coming out in early March. Nick Jameson, Sectors Special Forces, has unexpectedly wound up traveling to his next assignment via a new luxury liner. The ship has had problems already on the voyage but now has suffered a catastrophe of Titanic proportions:

For the second straight night, Nick was awakened by a ship malfunction, hurled abruptly out of bed, landing halfway across the cabin, instinctively curling to break his fall even as he transitioned from sleep to full wakefulness in midair. The deck pitched violently underneath him and Nick was thrown the other direction, fetching up against the bed platform shoulder first, with bruising force.

The flickering holo image of Captain Bonlors appeared, still projecting unshakable calm.

“Again, I must apologize to you, my passengers,” the image was saying. “We’ve experienced a small malfunction – ”

“Not from where I’m standing, pal,” Nick said grimly, “Small is not the word for it.”

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  1. OOooohhh! I love Sci-Fi! Lois McMaster Bujold was my first foray into Sci-Fi with romantic elements and she totally hooked me. I’ve been on a PNR/UF binge for awhile now but you’re definitely got my attention here. Great snippet. 🙂

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