Six Sentence Sunday

Here’s the last excerpt from my new book Wreck of the Nebula Dream, science fiction with romantic elements, available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Thanks to everyone on the Six Sentence Sunday hop for being so wonderful & supportive!

The situation: Nick Jameson, Sectors Special Forces, has unexpectedly wound up traveling to his next assignment via a new luxury liner. The ship has problems early in the voyage but then suffers a catastrophe of Titanic proportions. The excerpt comes after Nick and Mara and their party have been through a lot (no spoilers so I can’t explain why Nick’s voice is raspy but trust me, the man has endured a harsh ordeal)… but still aren’t safely off the ship.

“This is one weird damn voyage,” Nick said, his voice raspy from the hours of tortured agony.

“I certainly never had any other business trip like it, ” Mara agreed, with a small smile. “Even if we don’t make it out of here, I’m not sorry I took this journey with you.”

He gazed at her, a matching smile spreading itself across his face. Just looking at this woman makes me happy – I don’t care if that sounds hokey.  “Neither am I, lady, neither am I.”

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    • Oh, thank you so much! Always nice to hear! I really have to stop myself from posting excerpts out of this book or else why did I publish it, you know? I will have published the whole novel in 6 sentence bites eventually 🙂 LOL! But I SO enjoy sharing the characters every week….

  1. Thanks everyone, I tried to pick a scene that gave a little closure to these six sentence excerpts I’ve been running from WRECK, as far as Nick & Mara, although I PROMISE you there’s a lot more action to come in the novel itself, after this scene. 🙂 I so appreciate the comments!

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