Veronica Answers the Woman’s Magazine Interview Questions

I was reading the latest issue of a very famous woman’s magazine interview with some celebrity mother or other this morning at breakfast and answering the questions  along in my head, for myself – I always do that, don’t you? Then I decided since this magazine will probably never interview me, I’d just answer the darn questions here (added one or two of my own) and invite you to answer your favorite question too!

What’s the best part of your day? I have two actually – first, when I walk out the door at the day job  after my eight hours, even though I have an hour+  commute ahead of me. I’m FREE and I can think about my writing. The second time is when I walk through the door at home in the evening, say hello to the family and have a few hours to do stuff until bedtime. (Hmmm, maybe my third best part of the day is a weekend morning when I wake up and don’t have to go to work LOL!)

Is there a parenting rule you never break? When my daughters were younger, it was always homework at 7PM. Now it’s “don’t offer motherly advice unless asked”. Or if I totally can’t bite my tongue!

Is there a rule you always break? I was way too indulgent, I know that. And I still am with my grandson!

What’s your beauty must have? It used to be mascara but now it’s moisturizing cream…

What’s always in your bag? Migraine medicine, which is sad to admit but the headaches are so debilitating, I don’t dare go anywhere without it. Having said that, I also carry my iPod and my kindle – music and books – what else does a person need?

What’s always in your fridge? Nonfat milk! I still love it. Frozen sweet potato fries, berries, melon, carrot sticks…sounds so wholesome, doesn’t it? Unfortunately I know that the grocery store always has my favorite luscious chocolate cake in its fridge!

What book are you reading right now?  Rereading A Night to Remember by Walter Lord

What are you reading with your kids? When they were young, we always read at least three books each weekend morning – everybody selected one book and I’d read them out loud. My grandson likes to be read to and prefers anything with sharks!

Three words that describe you as a mom. Loving. Fierce. Softie.

Do you still find time for girls night out? One of my very best friends and I made a pact 20 some years ago that we’d have dinner once a month, and we did, year in, year out – but she just moved several hours away. So no more dinners – I miss you, B! I still have lunch once a week with my other best friend and we’ve been doing that since 1989.

What’s your best housekeeping tip? (Warning => Housework is not my thing) Have a vacuum strong enough to suck up ANYTHING and keep going!

In one word, how do you use your downtime? Reading!

OK, that’s me, now what question are you dying to be asked by a women’s magazine)  and what’s your answer?

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  1. Great blog. I found myself nodding in many places – I think we must be quite similar 🙂

    I’ll answer the Do You Still Find Time For A Girl’s Night Out!? The answer is yes, my best friends from school are still my best friends and we have three or four girly nights out a year (not bad considering we’re all mum’s now)!

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