Nine Favorite Iconic Movie Dresses

I’ve picked out the first nine that come to MY mind anyway, not saying they’re the Top Five in all moviedom – let me know what your favorites are!!

1. Dorothy Gale in Wizard of OZ

2. Galadriel in the Mirror Scene, Fellowship of the Ring

3. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

4. Belle from Beauty & the Beast

5. Rose’s red and black beaded dress from Titanic

6. Since I can’t stop with just five, Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, one of her many gorgeous outfits from the movie

7. When I was a kid I always loved this dress from Rogers & Hammerstein’s  Cinderella:

And on the totally opposite end of the spectrum (is this even a dress?) Leia’s ahem outfit:

And as a parting nod, yes, I remember Vivian Leigh’s green velvet dress from Gone with the Wind, but I really remember Carole Burnett’s spoof of same!

So what’s your favorite movie or television dress?

3 comments on “Nine Favorite Iconic Movie Dresses

  1. I almost picked one ofr Arwen’s dresses – she had such gorgeous costumes as well – but Galadriel’s came to mind first. That scene where Arwen is weasring what you described, and she has the vision of the little boy, is one of my favorite scenes in the whole trilogy!

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