Six Sentence Sunday

Going back to my SFR , out on submission now, set in the same universe as my recently published WRECK of the NEBULA DREAM. Andrianda (Andi) Markriss, a planetary representative for Loxton Galactic Trading, has been spending a lazy summer with her best friend in the highly exclusive summer compound of the planet Zulaire’s ruling nobility, networking. On a day when a number of strange  and disturbing things have already happened, Captain Tom Deverane, Sectors Special Forces, unexpectedly shows up with a troop of soldiers and demands she leave with him. Immediately.

Andi doesn’t take this very well….in fact, she refuses to go. Later in the evening, all hell has broken loose, as the captain predicted.
Trying to avoid spoilers here, after certain “events”, she and the soldiers are on the run. In today’s scene, they’re camped for the night beside a lake. Deverane has the middle of the night watch and since Andi can’t sleep, they’ve been having a peaceful conversation. Deverane is speaking as the snippet starts:

“Special Forces duty burns you out but I’m not interested in a rear echelon desk job on some cushy planet.”

Andi laughed, then clapped her hand across her mouth, mindful of how sound carried at night. “No, I can’t see you sitting behind a desk, not at all.”

Tipping out the remnants of his coffee, he said, “I could retire, try ranching on a frontier planet maybe, I don’t know. “

Wow, is he kidding himself if he thinks he’d be any happier farming than at a desk job. Guess I was right, here’s a guy who has to stay in constant motion – why does that disappoint me so much?

I LOVE and appreciate your comments….

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  1. I love that these are different worlds with same issues–desk jobs and farming. Can’t wait to get a look at this world first hand. Oh, and late night conversations are always stimulating. Something about the darkness that makes you feel comfortable to speak.

  2. Yes, I decided when I did the world building that coffee grows only on Old Earth, is a highly prized item and the military gets first dibs on it! (Although they do share LOL)

  3. I love the world building elements you’ve integrated into their conversation. I like how they are getting to know one another in a quiet moment. I have a feeling he wouldn’t tell too many people about his thoughts for the future (no matter how much his farming plans don’t seem like an real option).

  4. Lol, I don’t think ranching would fit him well either. It’s more physical than a desk job, but I think he’d miss the adrenaline of being special forces. I love the lead in to her emotions. It won’t be long before she starts to figure out why that disappoints her.

  5. Okay, this is my first visit here, so I’m know there’s some things I’ve missed about this couple. I imagine the fact he’s not willing to settle down into a slow paced life means that secretly, she would want that from him. It sounds like she’s surprised herself with that revelation! Good six! Will be back to see what happens next!

  6. I’m glad this scene seems to work for people! Tom and Andi needed a quiet moment in the midst of a lot of “events”….and I too like the intimacy of sitting and talking in the middle of the night so I figured out where that could fit in the novel. Really appreciating all the comments 🙂

  7. Great six, Veronica! I like his attitude about not wanting to be stuck with a desk job on some comfortable planet, though ranching on some backwater planet might work for him. And Andi wondering why his being in constant motion disappoints her is a great touch to end this snippet with.

  8. Lol, he sounds like a go-getting Alpha male through and through! The story sounds fascinating – I’m always in awe of sci-fi writers, don’t ever think I can world-build like you guys do 🙂 Keep it up!

  9. *sigh* Deverance is just…yummy. And I like this little island of calm in the midst of the chaos. It really reveals a lot about both characters. I couldn’t wait to get caught up today so I could drop in to see your six.

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