What’s In Your Purse?

What’s in your purse? I always enjoy looking at the celebrity ones in various magazines, all that high end stuff spread out so neatly and beautifully photographed as if it just fell out of the purse that way. LOL! If I tip my purse over, there will be a flurry of mini dust bunnies, pennies, an odd aspirin or two, Ralph’s receipts and THEN the actual contents. Nothing high end. The key to my Honda Civic, the day job badge (with its very old and out of date photo), a checkbook, although I hardly ever write actual checks any more…not all that long ago I did get organized and put most of the small, annoying loose stuff into color coded mini purses, mostly so I can find my asthma and migraine medications fast.

I’m not going to add a photograph of my purse hoard to the thousands of google images (wow, had no idea how many people had shared theirs until I went looking today!). You can probably imagine what it all looks like. Recently  I was at a baby shower where we played a “What’s In Your Purse” game, with different numbers of points attached to items. I scored 201 points, out of a possible 671, which is 30%, so I guess I’m kinda average.  Alas I had no rock, no spoon, no baby food – all of which were worth 20 points each. I always used to halfway fear I’d somehow end up on “Let’s Make A Deal” and be unable to win anything, for lack of the variety in my purse.

I did have a mini screwdriver and two flashlights, which weren’t even on the list.  If I’d had a photo of the mother-to-be, that would have been worth extra points but alas, no. Don’t normally keep photos of my co-workers in my purse. I do have a photo of the character Ardeth Bey from “The Mummy” and one of Aragorn from LOTR. It’s a family joke between me and my daughters, although it was bit embarrassing once when someone asked me if I was related to them. Ummm, no.

Before motherhood, I used to carry a really small purse, or sometimes would even just go with keys, cash and driver’s license but somehow over the years my purse has morphed into something closer to Mary Poppins’ carryall than a Judith Lieber minaudiere. (ALWAYS wanted one of those, the glittery-er the better). I also carry this fantastic Betsey Johnson bag (found at Ross Dress For Less) to and from work daily, with my lunch, my kindle, my notepads for writing in case inspiration strikes on break or at lunch…

Maybe the best purse I ever saw though was the one in “My Stepmother Is An Alien”, pictured above at the start of the post In that 1988 movie with Dan Ackroyd and Kim Basinger, The Bag could whip up diamonds and designer dresses and just about anything else on demand. There were some odd cultural challenges and I think it kinda turned on the heroine toward the end as I vaguely recall. Tried to destroy the Earth maybe? The worst thing my purse does is get caught in doorways or lose things in the tiny black hole I know it’s hiding in the very bottom. Otherwise it’s very well behaved!


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  1. Love this! In my purse, I have: wallet, keys, bag with “school supplies” (a la Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret), tissues, hand sanitizer, bandaids (yep, I’m a mom), folding toothbrush, toothpaste, tylenol, chapstick, work badge, two phones (mine and my work one), coupons. It weighs a freaking TON. 😉

      • Get out! I’d never survive without a purse. My favorite was a small backpack…loved that one. Have to find a new summer one. DH said “don’t you already have a summer one?” Silly boy. 😉

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