Wednesday Whimsy – Please Close the Refrigerator Door!

You’re letting all the pingpong balls out! At least that’s what we say in our household, based on  a VERY old Southern California Edison TV commercial where – you guessed it – someone left the door open on their fridge and thousands of pingpong balls (aka the cold air) fell out everywhere.

My autistic spectrum grandson is very cavalier about closing the refrigerator door…but the Japanese have solved the problem with a set of adorable “talking fridge pets,” who will scold you if you leave the door open too long! (although I’m afraid my grandson would want to stand and converse, and probably still leave the darn door open).

If that isn’t whimsical, I don’t know what would be! Happy Wednesday (and close the door!)

4 comments on “Wednesday Whimsy – Please Close the Refrigerator Door!

  1. but where is the commercial?? Trying to tell my grandchildren about this and we can’t fid the commercial !! HELP !!

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