Six Sentence Sunday – More Science Fiction Adventure!

Still sharing my SFR , no news as yet on the R&R, status unknown but fingers crossed!

Set in the same universe as my recently published WRECK of the NEBULA DREAM. Andrianda (Andi) Markriss, a planetary representative for Loxton Galactic Trading, has been spending a lazy summer with her best friend in the highly exclusive summer compound of the planet Zulaire’s ruling nobility, networking. On a day when a number of strange  and disturbing things have already happened, Captain Tom Deverane, Sectors Special Forces, unexpectedly shows up with a troop of soldiers and demands she leave with him. Immediately.

Andi doesn’t take this very well….in fact, she refuses to go. Later in the evening, all hell has broken loose, as the captain predicted.
Trying to avoid spoilers here, after certain “events”, she and the soldiers are on the run. 

We’ve been through Tom’s near fatal illness, his recovery (but no spoilers about how that was accomplished)….(did teasers about their romantic encounter LOL)

If you were here last week you know Andi was imminent danger of death at the hands of the rebels and Tom had just arrived to try to save her. The leader of the rebels is speaking:

“Throw down your weapon, captain, follow me as I walk with Miss Markriss to my vehicle, slow and easy. I’ll release her to you, and drive away unmolested, agreed?”(He) exerted a fraction more pressure on the knife, the edge digging into Andi’s skin painfully until warm blood trickled down her neck. “I’m not ready to be a martyr – I do my people and my cause no good if I sacri­fice my life for the pleasure of killing this worthless woman.”

Straightening out of his combat stance, Tom clicked the safety on his blaster and dropped it to the parched ground by his feet. Bouncing once, the weapon came to rest against a clump of stalks as he put his hands up.

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  1. Wow, he didn’t even think twice! And put on the safety….hmm….interesting. Well, we know he cares about her enough to risk his own life. Hope he thought it through! Wan’t wait till next week!

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