Why Do I Have A Drawer Full of Yellow T Shirts???

We’re busy packing up the household to move this month and occasionally you open a drawer that’s rarely opened, only to surprise yourself with the contents. Last night I opened such a drawer and was confounded to discover I was the proud owner of no less than eleven yellow T shirts, in all variations of the color.

Why the surprise, you may well ask? Yellow is a perfectly lovely color – think daffodils, the sun, scrambled eggs….well, yes, but I NEVER wear yellow. You know how there are certain colors you just don’t wear, for whatever reason? Well, red and yellow are on that Don’t Go There list for me. I tend to be more of a lavender, pink, turquoise, maybe even peach-y girl. So WHY on Earth the eleven T shirts?

See that striking black/white/yellow floral print in the photo? Well, that’s this really nice skirt I bought from Dillards’ a long time ago. LOVE that skirt. Apparently I decided that a yellow T shirt would complement the outfit to perfection and then set about trying to find the perfect matching yellow. And failed. Eleven times!

Goodwill is going to be the fortunate beneficiary of nine yellow T shirts today. I’ll keep the two that come closest to matching the skirt and just live with the slight variation in color from skirt to T. After all, no one is going to come running after me with a handful of Pantone paint chips, yelling “Wait, the skirt is Dandelion Yellow but your top is Taxicab Yellow!” At least I HOPE not!

This matchy-matchy desire is a holdover from childhood, I know that. My mother was pretty – dare I use the word – obsessed with things matching and while I’ve stepped away from that imprinting to some extent, obviously the tendency does creep back in when I’m passing a well stocked table of T shirts at Target or Penneys! Desire to find that elusive perfect match just sweeps over me…

Do you have colors you don’t wear? Or conversely a drawerful of T shirts all in one color?

Back to the sorting and packing….sigh!

6 comments on “Why Do I Have A Drawer Full of Yellow T Shirts???

  1. Ha! That’s great. I avoid orange (think pumpkins) and pink, but somehow I have a drawer-ful of both. My husband gets them for me, hoping I will like them so much, I will just abandon the darker colors I tend to wear everyday. Iguess it’s the thought that counts. And this is one time I don’t mind my daughters wearing my things.

    • So amusing he buys you those colors! I have one pumpkin orange T shirt, which comes out only for Halloween (altho I do have a few pale peach ones)…and at one point I was dating a man who loved green so even though it isn’t exactly my best color, I did end up with a drawer full of variations of the color green. Yes, you’re so right, it’s the thought that counts LOL!

    • Three weeks – wow! I must agree…..I tend to “collect” the ‘good’ black skirts too, until I realize that’s what I’ve done and I do some pruning. But only a little pruning – hard to have TOO many good black skirts LOL!

  2. I no longer work out of the home, so I have adopted a “uniform” of white t-shirts and navy capris. Mostly because my dogs love to greet me in the morning by jumping on me and I didn’t want to ruin other clothes. But, I do love white shirts. I think my closet has an assortment of thirty white blouses (sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4, and long sleeve) and I probably have about 15 white tanks and tees. I just love a white shirt and jeans! I do have some other colors thrown in there, but white stands out! lol


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