Wednesday Whimsy – The Ying & Yang of Kittens

So here are the first photos of my new kittens – Jake and Keanu, who are somewhere around eight months old.  I adopted them from the local animal shelter about three weeks ago and they are so different!

Jake is all soft fur, purring, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-his-mouth sweetness. The shelter dubbed him an interesting color they called “Cameo.”  Everyone else tells me he’s an orange tabby, which is only significant because for years I’ve sworn I’d never have an orange tabby. (Even my grandson, when asked, said Jake was the same color as his cat Carrot, who is – you guessed it! – orange.)  He’s Jake because he seemed so laid back…which he IS…when he’s not being WILDLY mischevious.
As you can see, Keanu is more of a long drink of water, his own cat, reserved, cool, with a kink in his tail……he’d been at the shelter so long his time was about up. “Waiting for me,” I said!

All my cats since I was age 5 have been brown or gray tabbies. In fact, here’s a little kitten statue I bought on vacation in Brattleboro, VT, at age 7,  to remind me of my cat at home:

Do we perhaps see some resemblance to the present day Keanu LOL?

They get along wonderfully, even though they’d never known each other before I brought them home.

And they’re terrific companions!

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