Six Sentence Sunday – What Says Defense to You? Science Fiction Cliff Hanger

(The novel is still out on resubmission, might hear something by the end of October.)

Set in the same universe as my WRECK of the NEBULA DREAM. Andrianda (Andi) Markriss, a planetary representative for Loxton Galactic Trading, has been spending a lazy summer with her best friend in the highly exclusive summer compound of the planet Zulaire’s ruling nobility, networking. On a day when a number of strange  and disturbing things have already happened, Captain Tom Deverane, Sectors Special Forces, unexpectedly shows up with a troop of soldiers and demands she leave with him. Immediately.

Andi doesn’t take this very well….in fact, she refuses to go. Later in the evening, all hell has broken loose, as the captain predicted.
Trying to avoid spoilers here, after certain “events”, she and the soldiers are on the run. 

Finding a massive roadblock ahead of them, they’ve taken shelter in a rock formation, and are fighting a gallant last stand. Tom agreed to Andi’s demand take part in the fight and for now they’ve beaten the enemy back. (Skipped ahead a bit from where we left off last week – you guys can only take so much tension, right?) The alien enemy has arrived on the scene, however, and is applying its unique mental powers to kill Andi. Tom wants Andi to attempt her own mental defense.

Obediently she shut her eyes, ignoring increasing pressure in her chest and flashes of pain in her head from the Betang’s mind scan. What says protection to me?  A wall, as he’d suggested – no, walls crumble or fall down. Fire? Shivering, Andi remembered what it had been like, caught in the burning Tonkiln mansion. Definitely not fire.

Stay tuned next week…will she figure out a defense before the Betang succeeds in killing her? (Well, there IS an HEA LOL) What would you visualize to defend yourself?

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27 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday – What Says Defense to You? Science Fiction Cliff Hanger

  1. It would be so romantic if it ends up being HIM she focuses her mind on. (I’m a sucker for romance, LOL!) And…excuse me, still tense!! GREAT six! I hope you get this pubbed soon. Would love to read it beginning to end.

  2. No more tension, HA! 🙂 There was fabulous tension here, love it. I’m on pins and needles to read what she’ll pick next and whether or not she’ll throw the idea out too. Fab.

  3. Went back to catch up on last week’s! Dang! Much tension? And you nailed the way it feels, waiting for an attack. This week? I love her trying to find what will work to block the mind probe. I wonder if Monica is right? 😉

  4. She can build protection with her mind!? Terrific premise. Maybe it will be Tom or maybe Andi’s strong enough on her own? Except where’s the romance in that, lol?

  5. Thanks to everyone for the feedback and comments! I will say it’s not going to be Tom she visualizes…although that’s a great idea. wish *I’d* thought of that LOL! But it’s going to be something else….

  6. Maybe she can mentally visualize herself in another place as she thinks up a plan of attack. I know how to punch with both hands, but that probably wouldn’t be a good enough defense against aliens!

  7. I’d visualize french vanilla coffee. I know it SOUNDS innocent enough, but that’s how I get through day after day of homeschooling six kids. There MUST be something to it! ;c) (PS … don’t think you toned down the tension much, lol.)

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