Meet the Author – Toni Anderson – DANGEROUS WATERS

It’s my pleasure today to host Author Toni Anderson, whose most recent book is DANGEROUS WATERS, out November 20th!

Please tell us a little about yourself: Firstly, thanks so much for having me here today, Veronica. I’m honored. I write Romantic Suspense novels and my fifth book is about to come out, Nov 20th. I’m a mom, wife, gardener, animal and nature lover. I’m a former Marine Biologist who now lives in the Canadian prairies (yeah—now that’s irony!).

 What prompted you to start writing? I was always a voracious reader. I think that feeds naturally into someone eventually wanting to write their own stories and expand their own ideas.

What’s the trait you most deplore in yourself? Insecurity. I try and ignore it as much as possible and just concentrate on all the things I can control. Some days it’s hard. A writer’s insecurity is part of the deal. “Is the book good enough?” “Will anyone read it?” “Do I even want anyone to read it?” I just tell myself I can’t control much of that and the only thing I can control is the writing. So I write the next book and go through the whole thing all over again J

What’s your favorite vacation? We don’t really do vacations. We tend to travel with work. I think the only vacation we’ve ever taken was about ten years ago when we took two weeks at the end of a work trip (for my husband) to Australia. We went to Northern Queensland and then the Red Center and Sydney. It was FANTASTIC and I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Which word or phrase do you most overuse? Still, just, but, and. *pulls out hair* VS sez: The word “that” is my most overused!

What’s your most treasured possession? My wedding ring.

Do you have a personal motto? NO SURRENDER (another Springsteen tune) Actually the Anderson clan motto is STAND SURE. Very similar …


Favorite TV Show: THE GOOD WIFE

Favorite Movie: LOVE ACTUALLY

Cats or Dogs? DOGS

Favorite Flower: PANSIES

Tea or coffee: TEA

Boxers or Briefs: BOXERS

Sweet or spicy: BOTH

Morning person or evening person: NEITHER

Favorite food: PASTA

Favorite time of the year: SUMMER


What are you working on next? A follow up featuring a hero who first appears in DANGEROUS WATERS. It’s less of a mystery and more of a woman-in-jeopardy Romantic Suspense. It’ll be out next spring.

What one question do you want to ask your Readers today? What do you want in a Romantic Suspense story? Are you put off by graphic violence or sex?

Where can your Readers find you online? I have a website and Amazon Author Page with a list of current titles, a blog and Facebook Author Page for writing news. I also send out a very infrequent newsletter with special announcements. If you like dogs or weather talk there’s my personal Facebook page, and Twitter for up-to-the-minute nonsensical chatter. I’m also on Pinterest.

 Buy Links for book:

Pre-order (print, digital, audio) from Amazon USA or UK. Also, Canada, France, and Germany.

Also in print from Barnes & Noble (US) and McNally Robinson (Canada).

2 comments on “Meet the Author – Toni Anderson – DANGEROUS WATERS

  1. Great to see you here Toni and to find out more about you and your fab books :). I can safely say I *expect* graphic sex and violence in my romantic suspense *g* but of course there are all kinds of both books and readers.

    And so good to find another Good Wife fan! I’m totally hooked 🙂

  2. Clare–TGW is so well written, I love it 🙂 LOL@ sex and violence–I expect it too. People keep telling me it’s a new thing. I’m thinking, well, that might have been true in the early nineties, but not in 2012 🙂

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