Six Sentence Sunday – Science Fiction Happily Ever After

Still no word on whether the publisher considering this SF novel will be making an offer for it…but I realized I’d drifted into pubbing the entire book here in six sentence increments LOL! So I’ll leave the exact details of how Andi and the urabu fight the alien Betang for the book, whenever it sees the light of “published day”. To close out this series of Six Sentence Sundays, here’s a piece of the HEA and thanks to everyone for all the encouragement along the way!

Tom is speaking as the excerpt starts:

 “Does everything on this planet happen so fast? Ten days ago ago you were only an obscure name in a pre-mission briefing.”

“And now?”  She held her breath for his answer.

 He gave her that genuine smile, the one that reached and warmed his eyes as he said, “I can’t live without you.”

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  1. I figured Tom and Andi deserve a sweet moment at the end, after all the hard times, near death experiences and other adventures they go through in the book! There are additional developments as well but I figured this was a good place to close the door, as far as doing excerpts. Thanks again for all the good wishes – I appreciate the support SO much!!!

  2. Daring question. I’m glad she got an answer everyone can love. 😀 (Hope you hear good news soon!)

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