Six Sentence Sunday – Back to Ancient Egypt

I’ve been missing my Ancient Egyptian paranormals while doing Science Fiction excerpts these past few weeks so here’s a selection from  WARRIOR OF THE NILE, about which I hope to have good news to share in the not too distant future! But for now, it’s an unpublished manuscript.

Khenet the warrior of the title, and Lady Tiya have just been through a meeting with the goddess Nepthys. Khenet was sent to wait in the outer courtyard while the goddess spoke to Tiya alone. Now the lady is rejoining the warrior:

Closing the door to the inner sanctum, the young woman paused for a moment, head down, hand clenched on the ivory handle.

Nephthys must have told you the details of just what our task entails. With a twinge of sympathy, Khenet scrutinized her face, gone pale under the kohl, rouge and malachite eye shadow. Not what you expected when you volunteered, I’ll wager. I wonder if she told you any more than I know, anything I should know. “Are you ready for your audience with Pharaoh?”

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  1. If I excerpt this one again next week, I’ll be sure to include the story blurb…it’s a matter of life and death and black magic…with Egypt’s fate in the balance. This story was really fun to write!

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