Six Sentence Sunday – Audience with Pharaoh

six sentence sundayReturning to my Ancient Egyptian paranormal book WARRIOR OF THE NILE, which I can now announce will be published by Carina Press in September 2013 SQUEEE!!!!, Khenet the warrior of the title, and Lady Tiya have just been through a meeting with the goddess Nepthys. Khenet was sent to wait in the outer courtyard while the goddess spoke to Tiya alone.

Next they meet with Pharaoh for some final instructions about their curious quest:

Regal in pleated linen robes trimmed with gold, Pharaoh swept into the room, wearing the ancient double crown, carrying the golden crook and flail. Behind Nat-re-Akhte marched his guards, taking positions at the doors and beside the throne as he sat. Two burly fan bearers rushed to their station behind the throne, sending the close air of the room into motion with ostrich plume fans, each fan having the ritual seven large feathers set among smaller fluffy feathers, all bound to a stout pole with golden ribbon.

Bowing low, the chief scribe handed Pharaoh a scroll, which he read over rapidly. Raising his head, kohl-rimmed eyes narrowed, he said, β€œLady Tiya-ami-kitara, this document is a contract of marriage between yourself and Lord Smenkhotep of the Viper Nome. It’s my understanding you’ve agreed to this union?”

The story briefly:

The goddess Nepthys informs Pharaoh he must send his best warrior to accompany a young noblewoman on her journey to marry the ruler of an Egyptian province – a man who is experimenting in dangerous black magic. Nepthys plans to use the warrior and the lady to defeat the schemer but the successful outcome of the magical struggle will also mean their deaths. Khenet, the warrior, takes an oath to accomplish his mission, while secretly hoping to find another way to achieve what the goddess wants without either Lady Tiya or himself perishing. And of course it never crosses his mind how much Tiya will come to mean to him on their voyage down the Nile and across Egypt – he despises high born Court ladies. But even when his heart has become involved, can he trust her? Will they survive, while still saving Egypt?


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    • Probably not, I’m with you there, but it’s been strongly suggested by my editors that it’s better to use the contractions since the *Readers* aren’t in Ancient Egypt. Thanks for the good wishes!

  1. Oooh, we just went to the Tutankhamun exhibit yesterday! And this feels “genuine.” Terrific and intriguing six, Veronica!

  2. Thank you again for the good wishes on the sale of this next book – I’m thrilled because I love writing in the Ancient Egyptian time frame (with a paranormal twist). I’m glad today’s excerpt met with approval – all comments are MUCH appreciated! I’m going to really miss Six Sentence Sunday when it ends – such a great chance to interact with everyone and see who’s writing what…I’ve bought more books that way LOL….see you next week πŸ™‚

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