One (or Two) Last Things!

You know me and how much I enjoy answering the questions posed to celebrities in various magazines! (No, not the ones about who they’re dating or their latest embarrassing social faux pas LOL)  Here goes with a quiz on “Last Things”:

   028 029Last thing I purchased: Disney Mickey Mouse Ears Aurora Ornament (I want them ALL; so cute and clever!!!)

Last thing I prepared in the microwave: hot water for my tea which I drank at breakfast in this seasonal cup! I got the cup years ago at a charming local store, Turnabout Tea Cup, which alas, no longer exists. (But that’s probably good for my budget!)

Last playtime with my grandson: yesterday, as we celebrated a belated Christmas. And wouldn’t you know it, his very favorite toy was an M&M’s filled light saber that I picked up on an impulse, for next to nothing!

Last book I read on the kindle: Christmas Bliss by A. S. Fenichel.

Last book I read in paperback: Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank – one of my all time favorites about the End of the World As We Know IMG_4765It.

Last magazine I read: InStyle (Reading an old issue of  Oprah’s O  currently)

Last time I was starstruck: When Ken Wahl Favorited one of my tweets!

Last indulgence: homemade pumpkin pie yum!

Last reality show I watched: Top Chef Seattle, last night. Tonight Project Runway All Stars! (Go, Anthony Ryan Auld!!!)  Over the past weekend I watched a marathon of season one of Undercover Boss. As an author, that one strikes me as the age old myth about the king who goes among his subjects disguised as a peasant and then showers riches on the heads of those who were kind to him. I have to admit I cried a few salty tears over a couple of the episodes, especially Mr. Roto Rooterguy.

Jeremy-Renner-as-Aaron-Cross-in-The-Bourne-LegacyLast movie I watched: “Bourne Legacy.” Jeremy Renner. Sigh. But wow, did that endless motorcycle chase remind anyone else of “Terminator”? Had to remind myself Jeremy R wasn’t playing John Connor!

Last movie I saw in the theaters: “The Hobbit.” Love Middle Earth but missed Aragorn and Eomer….

Last song I couldn’t stop humming: “Anything Goes” from the 1930’s musical. Saw the current road show last Saturday at the Ahmanson Theater with my younger daughter and my best friend – wow, that was GREAT. I love tap dancing!

Famous last words: “In a hundred years this won’t matter…” Or as Jake the kitten sez, “Is it all over????”017

Hope your 2012 will be ending on a high note and that your 2013 will bring lots of good things!

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