Six Sentence Sunday – Science Fiction Princess of Shadows

six sentence sundayI’m changing pace, leaving Ancient Egypt (temporarily) for science fiction romance. Here are six more (well maybe seven) from my current WIP PRINCESS OF SHADOWS (title subject to change!).

Shalira’s father, the dying emperor, has just revealed to her some new facts about the marriage he’s arranged for her, with Bandarlok, chief of the tribes threatening the borders of his empire. Shalira is speaking:

“I don’t understand, are you telling me he’s already married?”

            “Surely you didn’t think a powerful man like him was going to take a blind woman past her prime as his chief wife? Not even with the lavish dowry I sent,” Kajastahn said with an acidic laugh that turned into a hacking cough.

            It never entered my mind that I’d be one among many wives. He makes it sound as if Bandarlok had to be paid to take me off his hands.  She’d been so proud to have the marriage arranged for her, to be serving a critical diplomatic purpose for her father – how little she’d understood. Forcing herself to remain seated, Shalira waited for the next blow to fall.

Here’s the book’s blurb:

Blind since childhood due to an attempted assassination plot, Princess Shalira is more or less resigned to an arranged marriage with a warrior chieftain… until she meets Sectors Special Forces Major Mike Varone, sent to the planet Majumdar to investigate a crashed spaceship, lost in the planet’s mountains.  After Mike saves her from another assassination attempt, she persuades her father the Emperor to order the offworlder to join her caravan, going to meet her bridegroom.

 Mike resists his growing attraction to her but the pair bond further as they work to retrieve sacred artifacts from her mother’s tomb, narrowly escaping another ambush. Mike offers Shalira the opportunity to escape with him, but she insists on carrying out her father’s wishes. Heartsore, Mike promises to deliver her safely to her bridegroom and walk away.

 But when they reach the mountain camp, the chieftain is revealed to be a brutish thug, with no intention of honorably marrying Shalira (even as a secondary wife). Can Mike rescue her, will they win the race against time to accomplish his mission, escape the hostile warriors hunting them and make it off the planet?


I LOVE and appreciate your comments….only one more Sunday left of the official Six Sentence blog hop but I  plan to keep posting excerpts anyway…

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  1. The Emperor *thinks* he’s protecting her from what will happen after his death (but he doesn’t care all that much)…next week, for the last official Six Sentence Sunday I’ll post a happy moment for Shalira, I promise. Probably featuring Major Mike…thanks for the comments and encouragement!

  2. What an unfortunate turn! And now she awaits the next blow to befall her? Tragic yet she seems resourceful. I hope she finds a way out. Great story and characters!

  3. Love this premise! So romantic. Your six, however, is definitely on the prose side of reality. Poor Sharlira! What an awful arrangement! She needs to turn it down!

  4. You’ve set up a chilling scenario and I can only imagine how horrible it would be to be blind AND have an arranged marriage to a stranger. Gah! Great six.

  5. Wow, well done, Veronica! You pulled me right in–emotionally! This book sounds great! I need to know when this one is published (you referred to it as your WIP). It’s my go-to genre for entertainment. We have to stay in touch when SSS ends!

  6. Thanks again, everyone, for weighing in on the situation for my Princess Shalira. She’s got a lot of hardwon inner strength and the next set of sentences is where she asks her father to order Mike to accompany her on the journey…I do promise a happy excerpt next week to close out Six Sentence Sunday! And I’ll keep posting even after SSS ends. Best wishes to all!

  7. I just love the premise to this story. Something I would definitely pick up if I saw it on a shelf. Can you believe next week is the last SSS? I’m going to keep posting something on Sundays too. Maybe I’ll call it “Short N Simple Sunday” or something like that.

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