Six Sentence Sunday Science Fiction Princess Of Shadows continues

six sentence sundayI can’t believe this is the last official Six Sentence Sunday! My special thanks to the wonderful people who created this blog hop and kept it going for so long. I met tons of wonderful people, bought a LOT of good books, enjoyed all the thoughtful comments on my little snippets…You’ll be MISSED!

I do plan to continue posting short excerpts every Sunday and if another “official” hop starts up, I’ll certainly join in.

Last week I promised that today, for the end of Six Sentence, I’d jump wayyyy ahead and post the HEA for Shalira, my  Princess of Shadows. (I’ve jumped over a LOT of plot to get here, folks LOL). It’s also more than six sentences but if we can’t get away with that today, on the final day, I guess I’m out of luck. The scene is at the end of the novel, taking place on the Sectors battleship Andromeda, whose captain is an old friend of Mike’s. Best Man  Johnny is Mike’s cousin and fellow Special Forces operator:

Looking like he had stepped from a recruiting holo, Mike stood at the altar in his blue dress uniform, flanked by his best man, Johnny, who had never – to anyone’s recollection – worn a dress uniform before.

Mike took a deep breath, hoping to calm the butterflies in his gut.” This waiting is worse than any mission behind enemy lines, ” he said. “You’re sure you’ve got the ring?”

“I’ve got the ring, Mike,” Johnny whispered. “For the tenth time, I’ve got the damn ring, okay? And no, I won’t drop it.”

Now, the ship’s AI to began playing a processional from the days of Oldest Terra, which Mike’s ancestors had carried with them to their new home world.

Shalira appeared in the doorway on her elderly guardsman’s arm, her beauty taking Mike’s breath away.

There’s more the wedding scene of course  but you get the idea – HEA!

Here’s the book’s blurb:

Blind since childhood due to an attempted assassination plot, Princess Shalira is more or less resigned to an arranged marriage with a warrior chieftain… until she meets Sectors Special Forces Major Mike Varone, sent to the planet Majumdar to investigate a crashed spaceship, lost in the planet’s mountains.  After Mike saves her from another assassination attempt, she persuades her father the Emperor to order the offworlder to join her caravan, going to meet her bridegroom.

 Mike resists his growing attraction to her but the pair bond further as they work to retrieve sacred artifacts from her mother’s tomb, narrowly escaping another ambush. Mike offers Shalira the opportunity to escape with him, but she insists on carrying out her father’s wishes. Heartsore, Mike promises to deliver her safely to her bridegroom and walk away.

 But when they reach the mountain camp, the chieftain is revealed to be a brutish thug, with no intention of honorably marrying Shalira (even as a secondary wife). Can Mike rescue her, will they win the race against time to accomplish his mission, escape the hostile warriors hunting them and make it off the planet?

Waving goodbye to all my Sixer Friends (but I know we’ll meet again LOL)…


I LOVE and appreciate your comments….Please go to to find all the other great excerpts on this final day.

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  1. How, how cool! Love a wedding. There is a link to the new 8 sentence Weekend Warrior sign-up on my blog, Veronica. Plus I think Sci-Fi Brigade were planning something. Haven’t heard yet if Skye Warren was going ahead with her list.

  2. How lovely! I love the ending of this snippet – it’s so true to life! Every groom I’ve ever watched when he sees his bride appear at the top of the aisle has their breath taken away, often coupled with a goofy grin 🙂 I’m glad they get their HEA ending. Great snippet and I hope you continue posting in the future.

    Skye Warren is setting up an unofficial six sentence sunday to carry on. You can sign up here if you haven’t done it already!

  3. *Sigh* Great wedding scene. I’m glad we met up here on the SSS meme! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your snippets. Wishing you much success and many sales in 2013!

  4. Thanks for the kind words – I’m really going to miss going to everyone else’s blogs on Sunday and reading my fill of intriguing, romantic, sexy, scary, TERRIFIC snippets! I’m still revising this book at the moment so it felt very odd to jump to the wedding scene but I did promise an HEA for today. Hugs to all!

  5. The strongest of men go weak with nerves when they’re waiting for their HEA and you portrayed this scene beautifully. So sweet and it gave me a chuckle too. Thank you.

  6. Lovely–especially the best man being seen in a formal uniform for the first time. Right now I’m leaning toward Weekend Warriors, but at any event I’ll keep posting snippets. May be a double post weekend after next, as I’m doing a longer excerpt for the Year of the Snake.

  7. I love an HEA and this sounds like a good one. So glad to have met you and read your work through SSS. I hope we’ll meet on another meme with more great snippets!

  8. Love the humor and detail in this snippet. A best man whom nobody recalls seeing in a dress uniform before, is a nice touch. Great story and six!

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog every Sunday, Veronica!! I’m hoping we’ll join in on other memes and see each other there.

  9. Yay! I love HEAs! I love how Johnny’s character is so easy to read from those few sentences. It’s a lovely six. I’ve enjoyed visiting with you on Sundays. 🙂

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