Weekend Writing Warriors – Lady of Dreams New Short Story

better wewriwaSo this past week I had a new short story published in an anthology…it’s only 1500 words so I can’t excerpt too much for you but here are eight sentences (and I did another quick excerpt on Valentine’s Day here). My heroine works in a museum and has a crush on an extremely handsome Egyptian warrior, the only problem being he’s a 4000 year old statue:

“Good night, warrior,” she murmured. It was time to go home to her lonely apartment and her microwave dinner. Nursing her elderly, widowed mother through her final illness had drained her savings and cost her a place in the Egyptology PhD track but at least she still had the museum job.

As she entered the foyer of the Egyptian Treasures wing, a shiny dime winked at her from the floor.  Chuckling at the sheer whimsy of the idea, Sara snagged the coin and made a wish–Someday I want to know more about that statue– before pitching the money into the fund-raising Fountain of Isis.           

 Crack! Sara flinched as a rapid series of bangs echoed through the marble pillars, accompanied by screams. Gunshots?

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five minute love stories

Here’s the pretty cover for our Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA) anthology, FIVE MINUTE LOVE STORIES,  just out this week, with 21 other short stories besides “My Lady of Dreams.”

54 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Lady of Dreams New Short Story

  1. The amount of setup you’ve done in these few sentences is amazing. I hope the noise is what I think it is (though I’d certainly share her initial thoughts … yikes!) ;c)

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the premise of this story! So excited to see where it goes. I wrote a story set in a museum too, only mine was an…um, penis museum. *nods* They really exist, ya know. There’s one in Iceland. I had fun researching that one, let me tell you. lol

  3. Wow! I want to read this story! When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an Egyptologist–I read everything I could about Carter and the King Tut find. Haunted me for years! Thanks!

  4. I hope it’s the statue coming to life and not actual gunshots. I’d ask who would shoot up a museum, but I’m not sure I want to know the answer. Awesome eight, Veronica!

    P.S. I love the fundraising fountain of Isis! Fantastic touch!

  5. Terrific set up and even better turn on that dime. You’ve got me on the edge of my seat, Veronica. 😀

  6. I sense time travel here. And by the way – Egyptian men have long eye lashes (I just visited) and a film the maiden hiest is about security guards in a museum falling in love with paintings – so this is very plausable 😀

  7. Really appreciating all the comments – thank you everyone for stopping by! I have to say it was a fun challenge to get a story down in 1500 words…used to having 60,000-80,000 to play with.

  8. I love the museum setting. Sometimes statues give you more than reality. I’m wondering if there is a connection with the coin landing in the Isis fountain? I’m on edge for the next part. Teresa had a good idea to download.

  9. You managed to fit a lot of back story into those 8 sentences. I expect that this story might prove the old adage… be careful what you wish for. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, yup that was about the only place in the whole 1500 words I could put ANY backstory and believe me they tried three times to edit it out but I wanted at least a *little* insight as to how she got where she was.

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