Veronica Finds Another Magazine Quiz!

If you stop by my blog often, you know I love finding new magazine quizzes and answering them! (I’m sure the celebrity answers are more glamorous but hey, I have fun.)

shagThere’s a scene in the 1989 movie “Shag,” which always reminds me of this habit of mine – the four girls on a holiday in the 1960’s South are answering the quiz in a Cosmo-like magazine and the question is some long, complicated thing about how the captain of the football team finally asks you to the prom but then he breaks his leg so do you (a) sit home with him and let your pretty new dress go to waste (which Veronica sez if he’s the captain of the football team, he’ll have SOME fun ideas even with a broken leg)…(b) go to the prom with his best friend but don’t dance (and so do what??!!)…(c) go by yourself but don’t dance?  I forget what they pick – I think the ‘bad girl Melaina” gives them some totally other outrageous answer and off we go. There’s a whole recurring theme of answering ridiculous magazine quizzes during the movie, just part of the fun. I guess some things never change.

(And the shag being referred to is the dance BTW)

So, the new quiz I found:

What’s your guilty pleasure? The one I’ll tell you about is French vanilla creamy yogurt with a spoonful of nutella. (Don’t judge!)

When did you last google yourself? Today, actually! I’m normally googling a lot of other things, mostly about Ancient Egypt.

What did you have for breakfast today? Old fashioned oatmeal with a sliced up banana and three little boxes of raisins. Hot tea with milk and three teaspoons of sugar in a reproduction Titanic tea cup.

M_Biehn_corporal_HicksWhat movie have you re-watched the most?  “Aliens”. Although last night I did watch the best cgi parts of “2012”, where LA basically slides into the Pacific Ocean, and my three favorite parts of “Wedding Date” and…oh, is this answer getting long? Watching “Argo” tonight after Project Runway.

What’s your favorite reality show? Well, I think I just gave away that it’s Project Runway. The reality show I watch in fascinated horror: “Hoarders.” (Followed by a LOT of housecleaning action.) LOVE “Say Yes To The Dress” marathons!

What’s your porn star name? (First pet + childhood street): Meadow Northcliffe.

What’s your go-to karaoke song? I’ve never done karaoke but the song that comes to mind first is Backstreet Boys  “I Want It That Way”. a323backstreet-boysPreferably with them singing backup, ok?

Well, that’s it for this quiz. Of course I left out a few questions, like five words to describe me without clothes (I’ll leave that to your imagination) and when I had my first hot romantic encounter and the last celebrity I texted because unfortunately for me I don’t know a whole bunch of celebrities TO text…now on twitter – that’s another story LOL! (The quiz doesn’t ask if they tweet back.)

And I would stay home with that hot, hunky football team captain! How about you?

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