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I’m still doing excerpts from my SF novel WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM until April 14th, the 101st anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking but after that I’m switching off to something else. I appreciate all the comments and feedback! I solemnly promise only 8 sentences this week and thanks for letting me cheat by 2 sentences last week!

Last week our hero Nick woke up in the middle of the night to find the spaceliner’s engines off.  After some conversation with the Ship’s AI and also an officer Nick had met previously, he goes back to sleep. Now it’s the next morning and the engines are running again when Nick awakens.

 “There’s a message,” the ship announced, detecting his wakeful state. “It is a priority message on all my internal com queues,” the AI offered, raising the volume slightly.

            Giving up, Nick threw the pillow aside, and said, “Play the damn thing.”

            The smiling visage of the bearded and somewhat portly Cap­tain Bonlors appeared in holographic form across the cabin. “To all my passengers,” he began, voice deep and warm, “let me extend my sincere apologies and those of  SMT President Gordis Yankuri, on behalf of the SMT Line, for any inconvenience you may have experienced during the night while we performed routine engine maintenance procedures. I know there’s been concern ex­pressed regarding our arrival time at Sector Hub, and I want to assure you we still anticipate an early docking.”

            Running one hand over the stubble on his chin, Nick nodded. The man is smooth, not surprising SMT put him in charge of their newest, most luxurious ship.

Of course Nick doesn’t believe all these smooth assurances (and neither should we LOL).


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WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM, a 2013 SFR Galaxy Award winner,  is available for kindle, as an audio book or a paperback at Amazon. The audio sample is here.

46 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors No Need For Concern Says the Captain

  1. This snippet reminds me of the time we sat on the tarmac in a jet while an electrician worked on the main electrical panel, right in front of us. The captain was so smooth when he came on the P.A. and said, “Minor problem, folks. Pretty sure we’ve got it corrected.” Really inspired a lot of confidence for the trip. LOL

  2. I don’t believe it for a second! 😉 But man, he is pretty smooth. You’re taking us on such an exciting journey here, Veronica. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

  3. Nice excerpt. I know the ship wrecks eventually but because this is a spaceship and you have different personalities from the Titanic passengers, this is definitely more interesting to me than a simple retelling using an ocean-going ship. I love most sci fi 😀

    • Thanks for the comment! Yes, I based the book very loosely on Titanic, hints here and there where I could but just the nature of the situation, being in space, made the story take other twists and turns. And Nick and Mara and the other characters put their own spin on the action.

  4. I’ll be doing two more excerpts from this novel, ending on Sunday April 14th, which is the 101st anniversary of the Titanic hitting the iceberg. I know many people have already read the novel, which I appreciate SO much! I don’t want to get *boring* here on Weekend Writing Warriors LOL. Maybe we’ll switch off to one of my Ancient Egyptian paranormals next for a complete change of pace.

  5. They always say there’s nothing to worry about. I wonder how many lives could be saved in this world if those in charge would stop trying to hide the facts in situations like that.

  6. Well I hope you’re not basing this on the real Titanic – a disaster that could have been prevented. And yes, way too smooth, trying to cover his ass.

  7. Yeah, this is the kind of message that makes me think, sure, they could dock right now, if they crashed into that small moon over there . . .

  8. I think my warning bells would be going off anyway, smooth message or not. Great snippet, Veronica. 🙂

  9. Loved that the description of the captain of the Nebula is the same as the captain of the Titanic. Portly with a beard. Love little details like that. I need to get this book. I’m really hooked. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, I tried to layer in as many small things from the actual Titanic as I could…the two children characters on the Nebula Dream are my tribute to all the Third Class children who didn’t survive Titanic. Nick and Mara and the others make every effort to save these two…

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