Weekend Writing Warriors Who Was Here?

better wewriwaI hate to say it but we really do have to leave Nadelma’s kitchen this week and move forward in the unedited Shifter & Girl-With-A- Secret paranormal story I’ve been excerpting…but thank you again to everyone for the kind words about the Cook! Caitlyn has left the kitchen herself and is going about her assigned duties when…

She felt a shift in the air, a perturbation in the currents of magic swirling around the Witch Queen’s palace. Seized by a compulsion to hurry, she followed the invisible thread to the throne room. Standing on the threshold of the deserted chamber, Caitlyn furrowed her brow – why had her instincts brought her here? But the otherness of the magic that had called to her echoed in the room.

“The audience is done, girl,” said a gruff voice behind her. “If you wanted to see them, they’re already gone. A fine sight they were though, I must say.” 

Turning, she bumped into Quarl, sergeant of the guards. “See who? Who was here?”

Leaning on his spear, he whispered, “Shapeshifters, from the north.”


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42 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors Who Was Here?

  1. Oh, how intriguing. I like the way you’re describing the magic, Veronica. (Probably for the best we left the kitchen. Those one’s made my hungry.)

  2. I’ve looked forward to your snippet all week. And more enamoured than ever. Really how many could use the word perturbation and followed the invisible thread – yes magic is seen as threads. But I want to know–why were the shapeshifters, from the north no less, visiting??

  3. I enjoyed this 8. I loved the flow of the words. Perturbation was used with gravitas and it seemed like such-the-perfect word.

  4. Caitlyn must have my timing. I always seem to miss the good stuff. But if she can still feel it, I bet something or someone is still there. Perhaps shifted into the shape of a chair and biding his or her time.

  5. I appreciate everyone’s remarks…we do see Nadelma again in the course of the novel but not in the kitchen….posting these excerpts and getting the positive feedback is making me really impatient now to have time to pick this novel up again and finish it!

  6. Oh, wow! I’m not sure which group I’m rotting for (if either), but at this point I kind of hope the witches try to pull an arrogant, bonehead move and get swatted for it!

    Please finish this, Veronica—it’s terrific!

  7. I love the way this plays out with the differing magical sources and the excitement Quarl displays, and especially her tentative approach in the scene. Great excerpt!

  8. Shapeshifters from the north. Hmmm. I wonder what kind of shifty people are from the south then. 😉 Another fantastic excerpt from you! Can’t wait for more!

  9. She seems to be mystical – perhaps magical, herself. This is the 1st time for me to be part of the Weekend Warrior Writers, so I’m picking your story up in the middle… but it does draw me in, and I wonder who and what the shape-shifters are!

  10. Oooh! Now I’m intrigued. I want to know the differences between our heroine and the shifters from the north. Great work!

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