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“The women in Wreck of the Nebula Dream are strong in spirit and character.” I hope you’ll forgive me for quoting from a 5 star Amazon review but this was perhaps one of the comments about my book that pleased me the most.  I’ve always enjoyed strong female characters in my science fiction, from Lessa of Pern to Ripley of Aliens. Even in the original 1951 version of “The Thing From Another World,” the character of Nikki may have been the scientists’ secretary but she had guts and grit and would have been in that final battle toe to toe with the alien if the 1950’s guys would have let her. She did participate in one of the early battles with the creature.

I like to think that if I were to find myself in one of those do or die situations, I’d say “Hand me a pulse rifle and get out of my way while I kick some alien butt.”

So when I sit down to write science fiction (or anything else for that matter), I definitely want my story to feature strong female characters.

Now the story in “Wreck” is told entirely from the main character’s POV and he’s a Special Forces guy of the future, suffering from some PTSD, drinking too much, a bit lost…until the spaceliner disaster strikes and he takes action. But Mara, the heroine, is not there to be rescued by him. She makes that clear early on when she refuses his order to get into one of the few lifeboats, but rather insists he come with her to rescue some trapped children…she’s going to accomplish the rescue with or without him. She’s an intergalactic business executive, who came up the hard way and hasn’t forgotten any of the knowledge she acquired. Mara constantly surprises Nick, the hero, with what she knows, how she acts under pressure and how fast she thinks on her feet. (He’s a good guy, honestly, he just assumes civilians won’t be as effective in a crisis as his former military comrades would have been. By the end of the book, he’s thoroughly convinced otherwise and grateful.)

There are several other female characters who play key roles in “Wreck,” including a three year old. I had fun writing them all. The novel is a very loose reimagining of the Titanic disaster and as I was developing the plot within that setting, I tried to imagine who Nick might encounter on a luxury cruise liner of the future.  I like to think Twilka, the Socialite, is maybe the most amusing character (although she frustrates Nick for most of the book) – she’s pretty clueless but even she has her moment to step up and be the crucial link to saving the day.

So what’s your favorite aspect of science fiction? Characters? Setting? Plot? Please leave a comment to enter my own drawing for one $25 Amazon Gift Card.

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Baba Ghanoush, Winter in Paradise, Once Upon a Time in Space, the
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Bonus books – Ghost Planet, The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy and
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31 comments on “SFR Brigade Out Of This World Blog Hop COMPLETED

  1. I like being able to lose myself in another world. One that’s different from mine. I think characters and plot are what keep me reading but since its science fiction I expect it to be set either in the future on earth or off-world. I don’t require the level of technical details that many SF readers do.

  2. I love reading sci-fi romances! I like that they’re set in an imagined future. Love your post and thank you for the giveaway!
    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Futuristic Titanic-like story? Sounds intriguing. Book is now officially added to my TBR list, Veronica. My favorite part of SF is of course the cool universe settings, but what most fascinates me is how society and humankind is depicting. Sometimes it’s very Trek, sometimes very SW, but always interesting. Probably reveals more about the author’s perpectie, but still interesting.

  4. I love reading about sci-fi characters because its interesting to see what each author can come up with outside of the human norm.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  5. I love seeing how other people imagine the future or other worlds or alternative universes 🙂

  6. I like the possibility! You are in a world where all things seem possible and there is so much ahead and open to you!

  7. I love the way some things stay the same but other things have endless differences. I can lose myself in other worlds while I read and that is what I love.


  8. Hi! I think my favorite aspects of SF has always been the sense of possibility. The tech, the exploration, the new worlds. I like characters a lot too.

    doxisrcool at aol dot com

  9. That’s a tough question, but it has to be the characters. You can have as fantastical a universe/world and as much advanced tech as you like, but it’ll all fall flat if the characters don’t have depth and realism.

  10. It is all very important to a story. I ‘ll just have to say the characters, because you get involved in their life. Thanks for the giveaway. I am looking forward to reading your books. evamillien at gmail dot com.

  11. What I like about SF is reading about a world that is different from mine. It is almost always fun to read what came out if someone’s imagination and how far the concept(s) can go.

  12. I think it is the combination of all three, character, setting, and plot that does it for me. They all have to fit well together to give a total out of this world experience.

  13. I love the way everything is portrayed, it’s not just confined to one thing, it’s where imagination is limitless!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Everthing’s important — but I want characters I care about, doing interesting things, in a world that fascinates me.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  15. I love strong female characters as well and try to write them in my own work. Yours sounds terrific. There are many I like, making it hard to pick just one. Hope you are enjoying the blog hops.

  16. Characters and setting are important but plot is the most important to me. A book who’s main objective is to get the characters from one bedroom scene to the next is boring to me. I want romance but I also want plot.

  17. I like the unique settings. All of my favorite series have detailed world-building in common.
    Mara sounds really awesome. I love strong characters.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    pinkbonanza{ AT }gmail{ DOT }com

  18. For me it is the plot, the characters are very important also.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  19. I can’t just pick one thing! I think in sci-fi it’s the characters and the world. Love the sound of the Wreck of the Nebula Dream! And here is to strong heroines (that’s how I write them as well!)

  20. Futuristic cruise liner? Sounds fascinating!

    My favorite part of SF is the world building. I love stories that really immerse you in the author’s vision of life in colony X or aboard spaceship Y. How would the technology and new discoveries impact society?

    dancingcelt at gmail dot com

  21. Hi! Awesome post! Your book sounds great!! I cant pick just one! I love everything about them! The characters, different worlds and cultures, etc. Loving this hop! So many awesome authors! 🙂 Thank you! Have a great day!

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