What’s On Your List?

???????????????????????????????Whee, another magazine quiz – it’s been awhile since I found one I wanted to answer! This one asks all kinds of “What’s on your…” questions so here we go:

What’s on your…:

Last credit card statement: Lots and lots of Amazon ebooks for my kindle, gas for the car and a new dress…

Grocery list: avocados, bananas, cat food (two kinds), chicken and this scrumptious yogurt I love with vanilla and chocolate swirls

???????????????????????????????Nightstand: the aforementioned kindle, cell phone, 3 old ACE SF paperback novels, the Bible, eye drops and a cat (at the moment)

Future Vacation Agenda: going to New Orleans for RT next year!

Perennial To Do List: umm lose weight? Clean my room? Dust? Wait, no, I never dust!

Go To Menu: pizza with black olives and mushrooms. Or Panda Express!

Go to Menu if I’m Cooking: turkey dinner with all the fixings. Or dessert. (I don’t bother to cook much anymore, can you tell?)

Must-See-TV: Project Runway

List of charities (most recent): ASPCA, Rainbow Acres, Operation Supply Drop, Goodwill opsupply drop

Qualities-in-a-Friend List: good listener, nonjudgmental, gives advice gently, sense of humor, likes hugs

???????????????????????????????Kitchen Counter: purple toaster, stacks of magazines to read, vintage sugar bowl, Titanic tea cup (reproduction), bananas, blue & white knickknacks and dishes, a cat (at the moment), my iPad

Workout regimen: Is there one? Mostly I walk. Mostly.

Quotes to Live By: In a hundred years it won’t matter.  Never boring. Never give up. Count to twelve (because I’m impatient and counting to ten isn’t long enough for me LOL)

Bucket List: See one of my books made into a movie. Go to Ireland and Australia (maybe not on the same trip, however; that would be some serious jet lag!).

List of Regrets: I try not to have regrets. I try to own my choices and not let moments pass me by.  I’m only going to live once!

Mind: Finishing the WIP I’m working on and getting it submitted, so I can clear the decks and do edits on Dancer of the Nile, so I can then finish Magic of the Nile so I can work on the sequel to Wreck of the Nebula Dream…a writer’s work is never done LOL but I LOVE it!

We’ll leave “what’s in your wallet” to Alec Baldwin and the credit card commercials (or maybe another blog another week!)


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