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???????????????????????????????Revisiting a post from last summer, on Ancient Egyptian board games, which is timely again because I was talking about my novel WARRIOR OF THE NILE, which was out on  submission at that point. This is the new book I now have coming out from Carina Press in September – SQUEE!.

Here’s how the blog post began (and then there’s an excerpt from WARRIOR, although it may have changed somewhat in final edits) ….

“The Ancient Egyptians worked hard, but also loved to play. They had many leisure pastimes, with board games high on their list.  One of the most famous games is senet, invented over 5000 years ago.  Played with two sets of pawns, some kind of dice and a board with thirty holes, the game was symbolic of the journey of the dead. A player who did really well at this game was considered to be under the protection of a major god or goddess. We don’t know the actual rules any longer, although various scientists have put a lot of effort into coming up with reasonable ideas.

In a [WARRIOR]… my heroine discusses playing senet with the goddess Isis herself (although the movie still below involves Hounds & Jackals).  Please travel here to read more about  the board games and the excerpt from the novel…..

Ann Baxter,actress,movie still from The Ten Commandments

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