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PicturePerfectWeddingFCTwitterI’m very pleased to have Fiona Lowe as my guest today, talking about her newest book PICTURE PERFECT WEDDING! 

Thanks so much for having me here today, Veronica.

  1.       Which part of this book was the most challenging to write?

Every book has its challenging moments and what I find interesting after having written 24 novels is that that challenging part is different with every book. The challenge with PIcture Perfect Wedding was two fold. 1. I was writing it during conference season and I flew to the USA for 12 days and then was home nine days and then flew to Queensland to the Australian conference. I’m not complaining about any of it but it wreaks havoc with concentration and connectedness to the story. I forget what my characters are doing and I have to re read everything to get back on track. By that point in the manuscript, I had to read 80,000 words!

My family will tell you I tend to make grand announcements such as, “The book will be finished by Friday” and the following Tuesday I am still going. Picture Perfect Wedding was just like that. With three story lines and weaving in the threads for the final book in the Wedding Fever series, it was the book that would never end as I tied up all the loose ends.

2.       How do you celebrate when you finish writing a book?

Usually by running around an invariably empty house yelling, ‘it’s done, it’s done’ and getting strange looks from the cat. Then I call my husband and that night I have a glass of champagne.

3.       What subject would you want to teach (and why), if you weren’t a writer?

Actually I have taught in my other life….Adolescent education which used to be called sex ed. Teaching 11-14 year olds about their bodies, providing them with strategies to deal with peer pressure and stuff like that.

4.       What’s on your writing desk? (Or in the space where you write)?

Oh good grief! As you can see, way too much “stuff”!!  A computer screen, keyboard, mouse and pad, reference books, stuff I can’t work out how to file, ‘to do’ lists, notes scribbled on the back of grocery store printouts, ideas about the current book and invariably the family cat, Pekoe. (see photo)

5.       What’s your most treasured possession?

I’ve spent a lot of time traveling and I have lived overseas using all second-hand stuff and yes, I have had moments when I lamented the fact people were coming to dinner and none of the glasses matched while I had lovely stuff back in Australia but it’s just ‘stuff’ that can be replaced. My most treasured possession is my family.

Some book information:

Saved by The Bride OUT NOW!

Picture Perfect Wedding (August 12th)

Runaway Groom  January 2014

 Boomerang Bride Out Now in Print in USA!  RITA®  2012 Winner, R*BY 2012 Winner

The books are available at:

Carina Press             

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Booktopia   (Aust & NZ) 

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