Interview with Djet the Cat From Warrior of the Nile

???????????????????????????????One of my author friends,  Jody Wallace & her cat Meankitty (don’t ask!) have interviewed the cat from my latest Ancient Egyptian paranormal romance, WARRIOR OF THE NILE.

Here’s the first question:

1) So, nameless cat in Warrior of the Nile (whom I’m going to call “Djet” because reasons…and because the author told me it’s your secret cat name as well as the name of an ancient Pharaoh), what do you look like?

I’m a one-eared black tomcat, proudly wearing my battle scars, won in fights up and down the Nile. No sissy harbor cat is going to beat me. I’ve got one green eye and one yellow eye, sharp teeth and claws like knives. No vermin on my ship!

For more of this catseye view of the action in the journey down the Nile segment of the book, please go visit Jody’s blog!

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