Eye Candy ~ Outrageous Earrings

???????????????????????????????Wore these to work today – no, I’m not a Las Vegas chorus girl, I promise. I wish I was that tall! did you ever see “Honeymoon in Las Vegas” with Nic Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker? The scene where she dresses as a chorus girl to try to hide out from the infatuated mobster? And the other dancers are all like seven feet tall and she’s this petite little thing? Well, that would be me.

But I loooove outrageous earrings and I’ve  been acquiring a few new-to-me pairs, so I thought I’d share today. Years ago I established at the day job that long, whimsical, fancy earrings were my thing (well and big rings but that’s a topic for another blog) so no one thinks twice when I show up with 5″ bling on my ears.

Aside from the pink peacock bling above, these are all vintage Lunch At The Ritz, which I’ve mentioned before. A herd of Pegasus (Pegasi? Pegasusses?) and a Carousel…



Castle Tintagel, love the tiny dragon!

???????????????????????????????A gathering of butterflies:

???????????????????????????????And this pair is entitled “I Know It’s In Here Somewhere” which is my constant problem with all my overstuffed purses!

???????????????????????????????But the pair of earrings I’d love to own – or even try on once –  are a few thousand years older:





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