Veronica Does the Dreams for 2014 Magazine Quiz

Found another magazine quiz to answer! Actually, Marie Claire magazine (one of my favorites to read) conducted an interesting reader survey “What You Dream About For 2014” and published the results in their January issue. (OK, so I’m running a little behind….what?)

Who would be the best celebrity life coach? The MC readers picked Hilary Clinton and Kate Middleton as the top 2 from the choices given. I think I’d want several, for all the different aspects of my life.  But for now I’ll go with Author Nalini Singh for advice on doing complicated, totally fabulous book series, Sandra Bullock on successfully navigating Hollywood (I can dream, can’t I?) and Tim Gunn on my wardrobe. And maybe George Clooney on my dating life…we’d have to go out a few times for him to give me proper advice, right? I can be arm candy…

Dream big. What award do you win in your fantasies? MC’s readers picked the Nobel, any flavor thereof. My mind goes straight to the Oscars. Not sure how I’d achieve that lofty goal since I don’t write screenplays but maybe one of my books could be made into a movie and I could at least attend the ceremony…where of course we’d totally sweep all the categories, right down to best song LOL. Can Beyonce sing that, pretty please? And everyone would thank moi.  Well, they said to dream big.

Would you rather snap your fingers and change (salary, weight, zip code, credit score)? Salary was tops, weight second. I can’t really argue with that…but once I had those magic snapping fingers (is that like jazz hands?) then I’d be using them on the housework as well…

You would rather be…the top two choices selected by Readers were “on the cover of Time magazine” followed by “in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.” I say be on the cover of Time in your Victoria’s Secret wings and diamond encrusted lingerie!  Go big or go home!

Which power player do you want to do lunch with? Michelle Obama was an overwhelming first choice in the MC survey.  I’m not sure who I’d pick. Let me get back to you on that one…

What is your social media goal for 2014? To not let it take over all my free time? To have my cats suddenly develop amazeballs skillz and film viral videos? I don’t know, I kinda like my social media the way it is. I am trying to understand google+ circles a bit better so we’ll go with that.

What would make you feel like a rock star? The MC Readers picked “Speaking Many Languages”. I go for “having my book made into a movie”, which ties nicely to that whole “being thanked at the Oscars” thing…and George Clooney could be my arm candy….

And their last question was Road Trip! Which celeb do you want calling shotgun? Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were in a near tie among the magazine readers…I’d want Charlie Hunnam, thank you very much, and  Jennifer Lawrence. Now about the car…..

I LOVE magazine quizzes!

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