Having Sci-Fi Encounters at USA Today Happily Ever After

HEAI love exploring the worlds of science fiction and fantasy (SF&F) but especially those stories with a good helping of romance. I’m  super excited to announce  Joyce Lamb, Curator of the Happily Ever After (HEA) blog  at USA Today, invited me to write a twice-monthly column revolving around (drum roll!) => science fiction & fantasy romance books! Sci-Fi Encounters 🙂

Starting today, I’ll be giving a “signal boost” to SF&F romance in my new column and hoping Readers will weigh in too. I’ll try to provide a mix of news, author Q&A, reviews and reader views, with my opinions sneaking in on occasion. I’ll have fun talking about a mix of established authors, small press and self published.

Hunters claimMy first special guest  at HEA is S. E. Smith, a USA Today and International Best Selling author of science fiction romance. If you look at the Top 100 books on Amazon right now, her novel Hunter’s Claim is #1 for books and kindle in SFR and she has four more books in the Kindle Top 40 for that category as well. Tons of 4 and 5 Star reviews…S. E. was fun to interview! So hop on over and read her answers to my questions, find out why I named the column “Sci-Fi Encounters”, and check out a few fairly new titles in a variety of science fiction romance “flavors”. I even have a movie recommendation.

Going forward I’m planning to devote columns to specific topics, like steampunk or cyborgs or post-apocalyptic settings for example, as well as more general discussions. If you want to send me suggestions for “Sci-Fi Encounters” please use the scifiencounters at gmail dot com address. Don’t forget to check out the lists of new releases that Joyce posts for you weekly on the HEA blog – my column can only hit a few highlights of all the many books that come out every month.

It’s a new opportunity for drawing Readers’ attention to the genre, in addition to the excellent coverage being done already by such blogs as The Galaxy Express, Smart Chicks Love Sci Fi, Contact – Infinite Futures, Science Fiction Romance Brigade, Space Freighters Lounge and others.

Still here? Well, let’s walk through that Stargate and be on our way over to HEA!


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  1. It is you! An expanded article was posted on paranormal unbound and of course I recognized the name. Wow – USA today – very impressive

  2. Yes, tis I LOL! Thanks for the kind words 🙂 I’m very excited about being able to highlight some science fiction & fantasy romances (and a bit of paranormal here and there)…on such a big platform. Fun stuff!

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