Veronica Answers More Last Thing Questions

???????????????????????????????(Why yes, I am faffing around before working on the WIP, how did you know?)

(Random photo from my archives, randomly selected because I love sequins and bling and it’s colorful…)

It’s been a while since I did a magazine quiz and I love the “One Last Thing” quizzes in People  magazine, so here goes with a few more:

Last sport I played: Volleyball at a party given by one of my co-workers. This was a few years ago, not the world’s most athletic person here. But as Readers of this blog may recall, I had a killer year at volleyball in the ninth grade, my team winning a school championship and everything so…let’s just say I was a total ringer at this work-related party and my co-workers were blown away by the mad volleyball skillz I dredged up. Pick me last and see what happens, mwahahahaha!

Last thing I misplaced: Hmm, give me a moment while I try to remember…never my keys. I ALWAYS keep them in the same, sacred spot precisely so this will not happen to me. At work I wear the key to my office on my badge lanyard so I don’t lock myself out, which would cause much amusement to my co-workers because I am the Keeper of the Keys to everything. So I can’t lose one. I’m afraid the last thing I ransacked the house searching for has escaped my memory so…moving on LOL.

Last time I cringed: April Fools Day actually, when one of my co-workers (hmmm, is this actually the Co-Worker Blog today???) played a particularly dumb and not-well-thought-out joke on the entire organization. Repercussions to come, I’m sure and a lot of “what was he thinking?” type conversation. Can’t say any more on that!

Last time I danced: I’m assuming this question isn’t asking about the time I did some sashaying and hip swinging in the aisle at the store because the muzak happened to be playing something I like…have you ever seen that commercial where the lady in yellow goes full out Broadway chorus girl in the frozen food aisle? Yeah, that wasn’t me. Actually, I danced at my younger daughter’s birthday party last year, which was held in a swing dancing venue and it was my first ever dance with my grandson, who was then eleven, so it was a very special moment. Still waiting for the waltzing Duke…

HunnamLast Celeb Crush: Charlie Hunnam in “Pacific Rim”…or maybe Idris Elba in anything….

Last Adventure: I was standing in the Forbidden Valley next to Pharaoh and Sobek the Crocodile God, fighting an evil sorceror – oh wait, no that wasn’t me, it was the heroine of my last book…..ummm, I don’t do adventures much, not on purpose. They sort of find me, not the other way around. Probably the last big earthquake I was in, because you never know if this will be The Big One and All The Things are going to fall down on your head.

Last Diva Demand: to be moved to a different table at our favorite restaurant because I can’t sit and look at venetian blinds – the stripe effect gives me vertigo and then a migraine. I don’t think the server believed me!

And on that note, I really do need to get back to the WIP. Happy Friday!




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