F is for Fairies or Flowers or Both

???????????????????????????????Hmmm, I seem to have a few too many stream of consciousness ideas for my letter “F” in my ongoing attempt to work through the A to Z challenge!

Let’s start with fairies though, since that came to mind first and I had fun playing with a set of Schleich figurines to illustrate this post! They could be fairies or elves or Other, not sure and the company just says “fantasy”, which covers it all, I guess. I take my grandson to the local toy store to get him dinosaurs and other animals for his pretend zoo that lives in my spare bedroom, waiting for his visits. Sometimes I do succumb to the temptation to pick up an interesting item or two myself. (Never mind the three dragons and a fairly aggressive griffin on the side table…..we writers must have our action figures!)

Once, long ago, I gave into the temptation to order a set of three Flower Fairies from ???????????????????????????????an ad in a magazine. They were lovely. Imagine my surprise when – not having read the fine print – I discovered I had ordered the series of charming Flower Fairies, who showed up at regular intervals, three to the box, ???????????????????????????????at an incredible lofty price until I managed to get the order cancelled (which the company is question did not make easy). We have a few of my favorites remaining now but they tended to be fragile and didn’t transport well whenever we moved.

I love flowers and buy them for myself at the grocery store pretty often.  Why not? The one thing I do miss, living in a condo rather than my own house these days, is having a garden of roses and iris. Those are the only two kinds of flowers I can grow successfully, for some reason. They must be very hardy!

But a flower has to have fragrance to make me happy. Nothing worse than a gorgeous rose that has no scent.





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