K is for Keanu

speedStill working my way through the A to Z challenge here…going by my “what comes to mind first keanucatltrule”, Keanu  is at least one of the first things I thought of. Of course the original owner of the name is the very easy to look at actor Keanu Reeves. But I also named my rescue cat Keanu because he’s a cool cat, with a kink in his tail from some kittenhood accident before I knew him, who wants affection when he wants it and otherwise he’s fine, thanks.

Keanu the Actor really hit my radar screen with the 1994 movie  “Speed.”  (“Get Ready for Rush Hour”) What’s not to love? Especially as a Southern Californian, I could really relate to the challenge of keeping that bus moving at no less than 50 mph on our  streets and freeways. I wanted to have hair like Sandra Bullock’s and dress like her….well, none of that exactly worked out but still…the beginning, with the people trapped in the elevator about to fall – have I mentioned I have an elevator phobia? So I was riveted during that whole sequence. And when the bus jumps the 50′ freeway gap (is that a spoiler 20 years later? really?) – WOW.

Of course he’d done a lot of acting by that point (Babes in Toyland, Jack B Nimble anyone?) and I did like “Point Break” quite a bit. I thought his coolness played well off Patrick Swayze’s incredibly charismatic Bodhi…

I saw the first “Matrix” and was astounded by the concepts and the world building, so different at the time…much copied, parodied and meme-d now. I enjoyed “The Lake House”, although it wasn’t quite the Reeves/Bullock reunion movie I could have wished for…I really enjoy “The Replacements”, partly because I like NFL football so much and the movie does have a sense of humor about it (to put it mildly)….love how they cast a leading lady in that movie who could not so subtly remind us of Sandra B.

There was a great Buzzfeed post yesterday “Can You Guess Which Keanu Reeves is Older Keanu Reeves?”  – try it, you might be surprised. (Of course one commenter thinks the results are skewed by what and how much of certain substances might have been partaken of at any given time…but as they say, never read the comments on the internet.)

I think he’d be a very interesting person to meet. You’d either have the best conversation of your life or else there’d be awkward silence, I’m guessing, depending on the day and the time and how the world seemed to him and to you……

K can also be for king, kumquat, Khufu (but I’m trying not to overwhelm my readers with Egyptian references in this Challenge), Kleenex, key, koala….

Now to start pondering the letter L!

keanu facing awayalt




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  1. I so loved The Replacements movie – NFL with humor! It was on this weekend and I watched it while doing some editing. Keanu was awesome in Speed and the Matrix, both kick butt movies.

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