She Went to Sea In A Sea Shell 1800s Cards

???????????????????????????????Continuing on with my new Wednesday Whimsy posts, here is a charming set of three Victorian t???????????????????????????????rade cards that I thought had sort of an almost-steampunk feel – the ladies are so intrepid, setting out across the ocean in a shell or a bowl or on a banjo! (Yes, I do realize that other than binoculars there aren’t any specific steampunk elements.)

These are from a shoe and shoe repair store, “Repairing neatly done.”

I also liked that one lady brought along her cat and her dog, and a good book to read! I’d be too nervous to read, out there in the middle of the ocean, in a glass bowl so I admire her fortitude.

And  then the third card in the series:

???????????????????????????????I also found the charming trade card below, which carries on the ladies at sea theme in a somewhat more alarming manner – three undersea bathing beauties have been caught in a net. This one is from a Parisian corset and lingerie maker!


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