Veronica Takes A Magazine Quiz

high schoool musicalIt’s been a while since I did a magazine quiz and today I’m in the mood. I started off inspired by OK magazine’s interview of Vanessa Hudgens in their August 4th issue.  I did star (and wrote) my senior play in high school but alas it wasn’t a musical. I did marry my co-star, in real life! So maybe Ms. Hudgens and I have more in common that you might think? No? OK, on with the questions!

The biggest misconception about me is…probably that I’m shy and quiet all the time. Hey, I can be loud and rowdy and bust a move! Just not that often….

The number one thing on my bucket list is….ok, you’ve heard this before so I’ll say it fast – to have one of my books made into a movie. Or a TV movie. Or a TV show. Or a music video. Or……I want  to see my characters live on the screen! I will say my two science fiction romance audiobooks narrated by the wonderful actor Michael Riffle (and actress Mary Fegreus with him on the latest one, Escape From Zulaire) are nearly as good. Michael brings my tough-but-sexy special forces guys of the future to life perfectly, and then he goes on to do all the other characters as well. So much fun!

If I had a Magic 8 ball, I’d want to know…Ms. Hudgens didn’t want to know anything. I’m thinking maybe I’d want to know what the hottest trends in romance novels will be in about two years. But that might be beyond the scope of a Magic 8 ball!

steampunk selfiealtMy style icon is…not sure I have one? I like to do my own thing and wear what feels good to me, and gives me confidence in any situation. I do like long and flowing and I loved my steampunk cowgirl costume for the recent costume event at the San Antonio Romance Writers of America Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter. I’ll put one of the selfies in here. Lots of black lace and purple and sparklies! Ooh, wait a minute, I think my style icon is Georgina Chapman of Marchesa. I love her clothes. When I go to the Oscars for that mythical movie of my book, I want to wear a dress by her. I also love Cavalli but….and then too, some Jessica Simpson dresses are really cute!

One celeb I’d love to go shopping with…Tim Gunn of Project Runway! Although he’d probably disapprove of my desire for ruffles and lace and etc. But he’d be fun, yes? Vanessa picked Ashley Tisdale, no surprise there as they’re always out shopping together.

Selena Gomez is…um, I don’t know her outside of magazine pages so I don’t feel qualified to comment! I’m sure she’s a lovely person and good friend. If I could meet any celebrity…well, that changes from day to day, depending on what I’m reading or watching. Today I think I’d like to lunch with Helen Mirren. Her recent movie “The Hundred-Foot Journey” was excellent! But her calendar for today is probably full…

Love doing these quizzes alongside the celebrities, hope you had a little fun asking yourself the questions too!


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