Veronica Found Another Magazine Quiz!

This one’s adapted from the August 25th issue of People magazine and they were interviewing singer Rita Ora. All answers below are mine alone!???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????Describe your style in three words: long and flowy.  Wait, do conjunctions count? Where’s an editor?  OK, try: Long, flowy, lavender? Actually, I have different styles depending on whether I’m at the day job or at home. We used to have to wear business suits, very proper, except we looked pretty ridiculous in meetings with the scientists who were usually in shorts, T shirts and sandals. Now anything goes, more or less. I usually wear a dress and an open front cardigan or very rarely a jacket. On the casual days, I wear a denim skirt with a blouse & Tshirt, often Hawaiian floral, but sometimes cat-themed. And I do have some vintage blouses. At home I like denim skirts, or long cotton skirts in bright colors, T shirts….but always the long, blingy earrings.

What was your first perfume? Toujours moi, as I mentioned in a post recently.

What’s your favorite smell of all time? Vanilla! when I’m baking, I just breathe in the vanilla scent for a few minutes. Too bad it tastes so awful. Well actually good, or I’d probably drink it by the tiny bottlefull.

What do you splurge on? Books. Movies. Oh wait, this was kind of a clothes-and-makeup kind of quiz so….either mascara because I’m ALWAYS looking for one that will make my eyelashes amazing but not clump, or fingernail polish because I love the colors.

What’s your favorite city to shop in? I’d probably love Paris or Portobello Road in London but as I’ve never been to either, let’s go with Main Street in Disneyland. So that would be Anaheim apparently.

What’s the last thing you bought? My fabulous steampunk costume for the Fantasy Futuristic & Paranormal Gathering at the RWA Nationals. Tied for 4th place, thank you very much. Lots of lace and purple and sparkles….

???????????????????????????????Is there an item in your closet you wear over and over? I do tend to have favorites that I  wear a lot just because I always feel good in them. I have this one black dress for work with a pink and creamy white flower print that I gravitate to for difficult-meeting days. At home, I love my Target T shirt with Sesame Street characters on it. (Shrug, what can I say?)

When did you fall in love with red lipstick? On me? Never. I’m too pale for it. I admire it on other people though.

What was your biggest makeup mistake to date? My daughters keep telling me I cannot wear turquoise eye shadow. But I sneak some on anyway, just a tiny hint…

And the magazine quiz didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway, the oldest thing in my closet is actually the blue sweater my late husband wore when he asked me to the Senior Prom (All together now, “Awwwwwww.”) Which was oh, a few years ago LOL. The oldest thing of my own, besides my wedding dress, which is actually in the cedar chest with the aforementioned sweater, would be some Carole Little skirts from the 1980’s. She had the best fun, colorful prints, lots of cool trim, tiers…long and flowy!


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