Does He Have the Ring? MISSION TO MAHJUNDAR Weekend Writing Warriors

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Doing excerpts from Mission to Mahjundar, which has been Released and is now available… I’m going to give you one last excerpt from this novel, no spoilers because we know it’s a romance, hence there will be a very hardwon  Happily Ever After!

As captain of the battleship, Nikolai was authorized to perform ceremonies from christenings to weddings to funerals.

Mike stood in his blue dress uniform, grinning from ear to ear, at the far bulkhead, beneath the stunning vista of the galactic star fields projected by the ship’s AI.

Feeling a little foolish, as if he’d stepped from a recruiting holo since he was wearing a dress uniform, he was flanked by his best man, Johnny, who had never—to the best of Mike’s recollection—worn a dress uniform before.

And we’re both as nervous as we were on day one at the Academy and boot camp. Mike took a deep breath, hoping to calm the butterflies in his gut. This is worse than any mission behind enemy lines.  He nudged his best man in the ribs, “You’re sure you’ve got the ring?”

“For the tenth time, I’ve got the ring,” Johnny whispered,displaying the jewelry in question for a moment, before stowing it back in his pocket, “I won’t drop it.”

So you can imagine the rest of the scene playing out, with what I hope are some nice twists….I’ll have to move ton to excerpting something else next week.

I’m just home from three days in the hospital after  a sudden and very serious medical event so I may not make it around the loop this week. I’ll see how I’m doing…just didn’t want to leave the Weekend Warriors with no excerpt…

MissionToM2-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700The story:

An attempted assassination left Princess Shalira blind as a child and, now that she’s of marriageable age, her prospects are not good because of her disability. She’s resigned herself to an arranged marriage rather than face life under the thumb of her cold stepmother. But then she meets Mike Varone, a Sectors Special Forces officer sent to Mahjundar by the intergalactic government. After Mike saves Shalira from another assassination attempt, she arranges for him to escort her across the planet to her future husband. She’s already falling hard for the deadly offworlder and knows she should deny herself the temptation he represents, but taking Mike along to protect her is the only way she’ll live long enough to escape her ruthless stepmother.

Mike, for his part, resists his growing attraction to the princess; he has a mission on this planet and rescuing the vulnerable but brave princess isn’t it. No matter how much he wishes it could be.

But what should have been an easy trek through Mahjundar’s peaceful lands swiftly turns into an ambush with danger around every turn. Shalira’s marriage begins to seem less like an arranged union and more like yet another planned assassination. The more they work together to survive, the harder it becomes to stop themselves from falling in love. Caught in a race against time, can they escape the hostile forces hunting them and make it off the planet?

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As always, I love your comments and feedback. Even though this book is now published, the input helps for the future!



30 comments on “Does He Have the Ring? MISSION TO MAHJUNDAR Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. Veronica, sorry you had a medical problem! Sending “be healthy” vibes and good luck hugs your way.

    Lovely excerpt 🙂 It just makes me go “awww!” with a big smile. You left out a lot, lol! But am excited to see the next thing you share with us.

  2. Gorgeous description of inner thoughts and dress uniforms followed by the fact that you’ve been hospitalized. Both of us ill once again with what I call going in for emergency repairs.
    Be well, dear friend. We are survivors.

  3. Mike is absolutely adorable. In a manly, warrior-like way, of course. 😀

    (According to our best man, my husband asked him seven times about the rings in under an hour. The last time, which was when they were waiting for the bridal march to start, our friend replied, “What? Oh, the rings. OH! THE RINGS!”

    I should really use that.)

  4. So sorry to hear you’ve been in the hospital, Veronica. I hope you’re on the mend now. Sending tons of healthy vibes your way. I’ve so enjoyed reading the snippets from this book. Looking forward to something new next week! 🙂 *hugs*

  5. Thanks for all the good wishes, taking it slowly, getting back into the swing of things after all that health excitement. Sending hugs to everyone, all the support MUCH appreciated. And thanks for the comments this week, even though I wasn’t able to reciprocate. I’ll be BACK!

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